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Fauré, Gabriel Gabriel Fauré
France France
(1845 - 1924)
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Partitions Hautbois Hautbois, harpe Gabriel Fauré
Fauré, Gabriel:

"Romance Sans Paroles" for Oboe & Harp
Opus 17 No. 3
Gabriel Fauré

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Compositeur :Gabriel FauréGabriel Fauré (1845 - 1924)
Instrumentation :

Hautbois, harpe

Genre :


Arrangeur :
Editeur :
Gabriel FauréMagatagan, Mike (1960 - )
Date :1878
Droit d'auteur :Public Domain
When Gabriel Fauré was a boy, Berlioz had just written La damnation de Faust and Henry David Thoreau was writing Walden. By the time of his death, Stravinsky had written The Rite of Spring and World War I had ended in the devastation of Europe. In this dramatic period in history, Fauré strove to bring together the best of traditional and progressive music and, in the process, created some of the most exquisite works in the French repertoire. He was one of the most advanced figures in French musical circles and influenced a generation of composers world-wide.

Issued by Hamelle in 1880, the three Romances sans paroles—a graceful nod to Mendelssohn's Lieder ohne Worte—are Fauré's first published piano music, though they probably date from 1863, when the composer was still a student at the École Niedermeyer. Their early gestation makes them all the more remarkable as, already, they possess a unique look on the page and a distinctively fluent feel beneath the fingers. If the opening Andante quasi allegretto and final Andante moderato sound like salon fare, they are already superior salon fare and, though simple, fraught with persuasive charm and recognizably Fauréenne felicities. The central Allegro molto, on the other hand, recalls the playful airiness of Mendelssohn, as well as that composers ardent brilliance. Once known, the set proved sufficiently popular to merit an arrangement for violin or cello and piano by Jules Delsart, published by Hamelle in 1896. Nos. 1 and 2 were given their official premières at a concert of the Société Nationale de Musique, February 25, 1881, by Pauline Roger, while the third waited until an SNM concert of January 19, 1889.

I created this arrangement for Oboe & Concert (Pedal) Harp to create a romantic ambiance and highlight the delicate arpeggios.
Source / Web :MuseScore
Ajoutée par magataganm, 12 Aoû 2016
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