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Haendel, Georg FriedrichGeorg Friedrich Haendel
Germany Germany
(1685 - 1759)
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eadon ^lea d of] ileavnyour of jeffe's son/ of king's college, of praife of praife. of praife. si on of the of the conqring sword of the facred place of the firft part of tin^e of triumph of triumphant of triumphant joy/ of triumpr of unbounded powr o grant it heav'n oh judah oh judah, oh judah re_ oh,- liberty oh-t ivip-rtv o judas, nay thefe not le views o judas o my brethren old, o let eternal ollow thee,w. o lord on thee we o lovely peace $olyma $olym.i ome inbright omits tneyieldii once yrour fathers did in **= on conqueft, on conqueft , on conqueft, on conqueft, refolvd ond- on eagle wings on -- ly bra on_ly brave onr great god be on the on thee w or a glonous or a glorious or a glorious fall or be fhe ordaind of or fcalptur'd stone- or fcalpturd stone. or fciilpto rv o r fciilpturc stone o r fctilpturd stone. or fculptafd stone: or fculptnr'd stone or fculptnr'd stone . or fculptnr'd stone, or fculptur or fculp tur d stone. or fculptur'd stone or fculpturd stone or fculpturd stone. or fculpturd" stone or fculp turd stone: but or fculpturm or fculpturm stone or fculpturm stone. o r fculpt urtf stone or fculpturtf stone ot captivfe other found other found, otis our great our great god,be our great god, be our greatgod^be our great god he our harp ourn our strength and shield )ove^ o vekt overture own de own leader 's sw ord, pale pant pare pare, part part the part the third paufe awhile peace let us gain peace to peace to my countrymen pel royal, and of st. paul's cathedral per_ perf _ -- _peri> pers per s pers in his hand, pert pfth phew phic -phic pia. pianifs" pianift'.'" -pid, fo pi erf pindar, a. m. fellow of king's pinto _pious, pious airs> pious orgies pious orgies/ pious orgies,pious airs/ dscent piring breath , pity/ plea fing dreadful call plea fmg dr pleafure pleafure, pleafure fteal away/ pleafure' > reign pleafure's rci 5 n plea _fure's re ign pleafure's reign plea_{ure povr powers. powr powrs powv o je-hovah , powv o je-hovah, powys praif praife pra'ife praife, praife. praife.*. praife . of praife. of praife. si on praife. tb praife . tune your praile pre. pr epare pre _ _ pare pre_ pare, pre-- pare prey pri f "c proc prof p rof prof _ p rofpers prof_ pers prom prom migh-tv kings 'fxom prom this dread pr<;pare v - p^rti ptfa pto-- lo^my p- ufl_1- (pug punifheth pure strains pure strains of pv land! p()wers --py earth or pyearth or ?arn:orehapy pyland! qjtl -- qnal war qua! qual war -- quer -- quer, -- quer; quer, quer. (r) 12 books (r) 6 books rafe raife raife, raife/ raife, fhall raife, sion raife, tune <'"! raife, tune your harps to 'rails . ranfj>ort rant rapid ration, raw*- o (r) cambridge rcf| (r) chriftopher whichcote, efq; (r) college rcr male recit recit: recit. refblvd on r efblvm oi l refokd on conqueft, or a glorious refol\ refold'don conqneft, refold on conqueror a refolvcl onconqueft, or a refolvct refolvd refolv'd refolvdon refolvd on refolvd on conqne refolvd on conqneft, refolvd on conqneft, or fall refolvd on conqueft refolvd on conqueft , refolvd on conqueft, refolvd on conqueft, or refolv j re folvtf on conqueft, or refolvtf onconqueft, or a refolvyf reft, reft; reftlvdon conqueft, re_ftord reftor'd reftore, reioiceth rejoi re -joice re --joice re_joice re--joice rejoi ce rejoice and in rejoice o rejoice, o judah relblvd on conqueft rel bring re=ligion re -- ligion , re -- ligion, re -ligion, re__ ligion, re-- ligion re--li^ion, remains of remains of captive rev. mr. allot, of kirkheaton in rfains the r fetg r~ftn rfvs :rhft richard clack, of hereford rife'. righ righ _ righteons righteous righteous sword. ri^h--^-- teous sword. rious -- rious, 'rious^ rious fall rious fall, rious, glo rious, glorious rious, glorious fall rip. (r) lady yonge r levei* -will rleve: t, "will rltni (r) melt. sharps, in mincing-lane, 2 books (r) mifs powys (r) mifs sophia shard (r) mifs tomkinfon rmolo f ruins (r) mr. francis pemberton (r) mr. francis roome, of derby (r) mr. john wefton r m-r m--rti (r) mr. pinto (r) mr. prieftly, of field-head (r) mr. salmon (r) mr. sheurex (r) mr. sikes (r) mr. simpfon (r) mr. solinus (r) mr. spragg (r) mr. stevens (r) mr. thomas stead (r) mr. toms (r) mr. walkden (r) mr. williams (r) mr, wyatt (r) mr. wynne, of cambridge, 6 books rnde (r) nity college, cambridge rome rome, with rora thy -round -- round, with royal, and of st. peter's weftminfter rps^tune r-raife, tune r'r fend r-^-rthe (r) soho, 6 books (r) the rev. m. (r) the rev. mr. thornber, of york (r) the right hon. earl of sandwich rude rude stock ruin ruins rulh on run- run/ rune sacrifice salvation prolpers sal_va_tion wrought samaria fled; hy thee purfud, samuel dyer, efq; sanctuary sand sand earth, and scep_ sea of blood . while seat seat of second second. see p -- ter, jadah seep-- ter, jad ah see the con(p' rin g her seijxa contra baffo semi s*enza vi ol. seq y nfhmts sera seraphic melody to make / seraphim seraphim har seraphim harmonious join serapjiim sgfi simon sing singers at ecdesfield sing nn_to god, sing rfn_to sing tmto s ing un-to sing unto sing un_to sing un_to god, sing un_to god* sing unto god sin may sin unto sion s ion sion, sion now her sion now her head sion, seat of god, sire, sitock sitone smile smoke smo kyrtuns snri so- dal segno so falljhy foes softenuto soft quiet, gentle solj solyma sol yma soly ma solyn solyn ia solyrn i so mall the lute son. song songfters wake songfters wake the songs -- songs for ever, be songs of songs of praife songs of praife. songs o( praife. tune- songs, to so rapid thy courfe so rapid thy courfe is sorrows gives relief, soul sound sound an alarm sound an ft sound in alarm soups of source of so wihd my father, now so will'd spat of spi-- rit spoi 1: s p_orts^ sports pre stl*. stock stock, stock. stocky stone stone. stone w< storm of grief, st. peter's strains _ strains ; strains- strains, strains; strains - -j stramsin folemn strains s tune your subscribers. such gerlrous sun j sure sweet flow the strains sweet flow the strains, that sword sword, sword/ sword. sword, his sword. his righteous sword sword of god and gideon. sword.where warlike sword. wliere warlike judas' sworj^, tain tane taneyoar tcnow tdarms teaor. tears -ted children the ted children the^ remains tempo tend. tenor _ten_tive ear, teons teons, righ teorcs teous teous chm teous, righteous sword, _ -- teous sword teoussword.h is righteous teous sword.where warlike ter. _na 1 t) irone/ ter's college, t^foleinnize t from earth to heav'n. th<3 pie;ifing dr ead ful call thanks thanks to my brethren that fpeak, thatfpeak, that gives that grateful hearts can thattbreatenddef'o that weep, _the 'the the) the almighty jehovah the almighty je_ hovah the caufe the caufe of heavn your zeal de - the chearful the chofen the comely songs jre the conflict of the conflict of unequa" the dance the dance: the deathful the diftinguifk d the drums thee brin 3 thy thee, knows no bleffing thef( the fea^ the feaftfof light the feaft of lights/ the feaft of lights. _ the feaft'of lj ghts. the field be the flutes, and lead the foe, thef oe, the foe, difdain-- f all the fragrant the ftabbed monfter the galling the gall_ing load of the galling load of the great the greit the hills the hon. mifs wilhelmina king the hon. mr. fitzwiliiam the honour the honour givn, their their dire their sons the living the lord worketh wonders the mufical society at birmingham the mufical society at sadleworth then - then the pleafing dr eadful call the prize and conquering or the prize of hap - ther the ragefull train the rev. the rev. mr. the rev. mr. davifon, a. m. of the rev. mr. howkins, a. m. fellow the rev. mr. land ther found ther found. but nature's the right hon. the rnde -ther of heav'r -ther of heav'ri/ the rough hajbi-liments of the rude the rude" the rude stock, the singers at oflet the spoil, the spoil. the stock, or fculptafd -t^he sun/that gives the valiant the valour of gigan the valour that prefervm, they thfe th foes, thine. think, thefe third. this thisconqueft this conqueft this conqueft thivconqneft, this conqueft whhmimeafiiim this conqueft with thisconqueftwithtm thisconqueltwithunmealur''d praife 1 this ctohqu'eft, this con qfafb this our tho' thofe thomas chamberlayne, thomas greene tho' nations furround thee/ thouchoiceft treafure, thoufand throne/ through flaughterd through hills of carnage, th^s conqjlfelt , t thun _ th unmeafurvf pvaife thus o\ir t hv boafted to wys thy. thy boaftedtovr s thy boafted towrs thy boafted towvs thy boaix ed thy courfe thy dread command thy foes, thy fofs, thy^ictio ns give thy powv o thy refiftlefs prowefs dealt a thy scepter thy scepter, thy thy scepter to thy sons prepare thz c> ufe of heavyi vour zeal dem ands, ti*anfp ort tiarpsharps- - tie wreaths 'til tile time time your tins conqueft, t tio'a tio!a prolp ers tion _tion _ tion --tion make, tion make tion make, ._tion prof_pers -tionprofpe rs in tionproipers ti on prolpers tionprolpersin his hand, -- tion pro_pers tionprotpers in his tio q tiranfport 'tis 'tis liberty, dear liberty 'tis well, 'tis well, my friends t;joice tlie tliv t=mfe tnneyour tnne your tnne your harps to songs to conqueft to conquer born to fave. - to crown to crown to crown, to crown this conqueft with to curb to fav e to fole mnize to folemnize - to great to hea\?n. that grate to heaven's almighty king to his to his awfall to his awfull tone your tone your harps to to obtain to our great to our great god to our great god, to our great god^ be to our great god be to our great god,be to our great god, be to our greatgod,be to raife torn to songs to songs of praife to their aicf. to the lord afcend/ to the rude to the rude stock to vent our to vic_to to weave towrs tow" rs towys tpmv tra afport traiafport trailifport train/ tranfpc >rt tranfpn violonci col ball'o violonc: t;oi ano "viol.trav.i^fl viol-.unis -- virie, virtue virtue, vith ^v.jfc _vme voice voice f , voice, the vonbifpg ad \v ^vorfhip vxhor^s vy corn vy corn, with wake wake the chearful morn war, war. 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Judas Maccabaeus

Judas Maccabaeus
HWV 63
Georg Friedrich Haendel

Soli, Chorus and Orchestra
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Leipzig: Deutsche Händelgesellschaft, 1865. Plate H.W. 22.
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All parts: Arr. Salomon Jadassohn - Abridged Version [Leipzig: C.F. Peters, n.d.(ca.1870).]
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Leipzig: Deutsche Händelgesellschaft, 1865. Plate H.W. 22.
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Paris: Heugel, n.d.(1874). Plate H. 4470.
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New York: G. Schirmer, 1909. Plate 20750.

Georg Friedrich Haendel
Georg Friedrich Haendel (1685 - 1759)

Soli, Chorus and Orchestra



CopyrightPublic Domain
Act I
1. Overture
2. Chorus: Mourn, ye afflicted children
3. Duet: From this dread scene (Israelitish Man, Israelitish Woman)
4. Chorus: For Sion lamentation make
5. Recitative: Not vain is all this storm of grief (Simon)
6. Aria: Pious orgies, pious airs (Simon)
7. Chorus: O Father, whose almighty pow'r
8. Recitative: I feel the Deity within (Simon)
9. Aria and Chorus: Arm, arm, ye brave (Simon)
10. Recitative: 'Tis well, my friends! (Judas Maccaba...
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