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"For more than 20 years, we have been facilitating legal access to free sheet music. If you appreciate and use, please consider making a donation."

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About was launched in 2000 and offers free access to 185621 pieces of music : 365047 PDF, 154727 MP3 (37057 interpretations, 35290 Play-along , 81631 digital]) 36162 MIDI.

We provide contemporary, classical, and educational sheet music for all instruments, free of charge. is a free and legitimate platform for composers, arrangers, and publishers. It is important to always respect the rights of use of these scores, so please read our
Licence page.

Free-scores offers free streaming and media hosting for composers, arrangers, and publishers. It helps musicians connect with each other and keep track of the audience of their musical works. Musicians can also record and upload their interpretations on the site. Additionally, we provide a directory of free sheet music websites.

You can support this project by leaving comments and reaching out to the artists, as well as recording and sharing your interpretations (both audio and video). Please make sure to purchase the necessary licenses, and you also have the option to make financial donations to and to members who have enabled this feature.

You will also discover on the website an excellent buying guide for musicians including sheet music, methods books, digital sheet music, accessories and musical instruments. It is organized in a way that ensures an uninterrupted service. To help sustain this website, please link or embed “Free-scores” for all your online musical purchases.

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Member testimonies
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Miles Thomas
milesthomas1 english, Bournemouth , 19 May 2022
"Only just started exploring this fascinating website, but at least it’s a place I can obtain an arrangement for piano of Isolde’s Liebestod in downloadable form. I’ll keep you posted. "

Daniel–Omicrón Rodríguez García
omicronrg9 spanish, Fuenlabrada, 13 May 2022
"Free-scores is epic. There are just countless hidden gems made by (sadly) unknown wonderful composers, and there are features for any user at hand to just discover new pieces every day. It's even addicting, plus it is really nice to get some feedback from your own works! My sincere gratitude to the owner of this site for keeping it alive. "

Bruce Goodman
bruceg New Zealand, Te Popo, 27 Apr 2022
"After several rather harsh critiques from "musicologists" I have never dared too much to share my compositions. With free-scores it is wonderful! If someone dislikes your composition they move on; if someone likes it they linger and listen! I am enjoying listening to and playing lots of music I never would have heard, and I am enjoying sharing mine. Thank you Free-scores!"

"Merci à free-scores pour cette première année de partage."

App Sonatico
sonaticoapp canadian, Toronto, 26 Jan 2022
"This is a great opportunity for musicians! Account settings are amazing and look promising. I hope to share our product among music teachers, students, and succeed! Thanks for this website!Cheers,SonaticoApp "

Bruno Bizzarri
brunobizzarri italian, Ascoli Satriano (Foggia), 05 Nov 2021
"I just want to say that I really appreciate all the care is taken to make possible that Free-scores works so well. Free-scores is a splendid site and a great resource for musicians that can publicize their own work as well as know the work of others. As a new member of Free-scores, I must say that I'm sincerely grateful to founder Victor Reny as well as to the members that sometimes interpret my scores and, obviously, to all the visitors that listen and download my music. Good luck and "musical greetings" to everybody!"

Richard Dingle
r2warrend english, 28 Sep 2021
"Thank you for the Hymne National du Bresil. I was very pleased to find it for my study. Thank you for the good arrangement on your site."

Bunne Bride Moses Beade Bloom
bunnebeadebridemoses American, 16 Sep 2021
"So glad to be able to retrieve complimentary compositions for the piano with this address. Thank you for all the patience & work given to share music with everyone in any place. "

Jose José Antonio Mora Solano
josemoso Costa Rican, 21 Nov 2020
"Agradezco enormemente el facilitarme la partitura de O Holy Night para utilizarla en la labor con mis estudiantes."

Seraphim Ophiuchus
antivenom Philippines, 12 Sep 2019
"Thank you for your very helpful and wonderful site! I have benefited from it for years, and thus I want to donate now. Even if I am cash-strapped and poor right now, I see that I have always been, and there is no better time to donate than now. However, I saw that there is no option in the donation page for my country nor my currency. Can this be remedied somehow? Thank you and I hope to hear from you. You may contact me at"

magataganm American, SierraVista, 23 Aug 2019
"A fantastic site that has managed to excel where others have failed. Free-Scores has served me well for almost 10 years now; by keeping free music free."

Donna Merrifield
mrsmsmusic canadian, 09 Feb 2019
"This is the first time I have used Free Scores and am quite pleased. I will now be able to follow a good clean and clear score when listening to music and this will allow me to teach my students and hopefully inspire them. Thank you"

Naomi Haworth
naomih english, 17 Dec 2018
"Amazing! Thanku for what you do! I was looking for a particular piece of piano music..and found it here... 'Saved by Grace' by Fanny Crosby and music by George Stebbins. Thank you for the great service that you offer at Thanks and blessings! :)"

Claudia Clavel Diacodavid
csdavid5938 Philippines, Abu Dhabi, 16 Oct 2018
" This website is by far the best one that i have used because i can access any score from piano to orchestral work and can even view the video or audio without any charging fees. "

durko elena
partiturali mexican, 15 Aug 2018
"Thank you for this open , free work. You are helping me a lot with the material provided in this database and hope to have some material in return to provide you also."

Haniah Harrigan
bellaria American, Yuma, 16 Jan 2018
"Hello, everyone! I am Bellaria, and I just want to say that Free scores has helped to majorly changed the way I play music. It's free, and I never need to worry about whether the music I download is arranged or not{thanks to our fellow users who kindly tell us if, or if not it is arranged}.And bonus, it generally comes with audio, or video, or both. Thanks & many kudos to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! "

rubio olga
oro argentinian, 23 Apr 2017
"I´m very happy you let me in your page, and want to thank you for my first free sheet that have just downloaded It´s a canzonetta from Salvator Rosa I want to learn properly ... Star Vicino Thank you"

David David Griffiths
davidgriff australian, 19 Apr 2017
"I just want to convey my appreciation of "Going home"(Dvorak version. All the suggested setting are very helpful to a rank-amateur such as myself. The clarity of the finished product is beautiful. I have a Yamaha PSR S970; I tell people I can't play it; I play WITH it. I am not a musician by any description, and thus contributions be me will probably be non-existent. However I find music very meaningful and emotional, and a site such as yours will provide much pleasure, and I hope, inspiration. "

Afonso Sassa
afonsowaco Angola, Luanda, 21 Oct 2016
"We, as musicians, need to live united. Sharing a music does not make you worst, but the best. Knowing that music save life, heal souls and transforms the saddest listener to be happy and enjoy life. I have found all this combinations in this web site and I hope we continue sharing the best gift of the world - music. Regards, A.Waco Sassa"

Miguel Angel Labolida
labolida argentinian, Rio de Janeiro, 21 Oct 2015
"Congratulations on the initiative of a wonderful site support to the sublime Art. I am grateful for the opportunity to disclose my humble work."

Johan Titus Vries Bak
titusbak dutch, 30 Aug 2015
"beautiful site with many possibilitys for professional and amateur musicians. I like it very much and enjoyed the compositions of the nowadays composers. And also play some of theirs compositions. A few of my compositions you can find under "titusbak" musical greetings, Titus"

M Museus
museus greek, VERIA, 02 Jun 2015
"Free-Scores is a great and friendly site. It gives the pleasure of offering and accepting. Music is just this."

Soundararajan John Barathi
johnbarathi indian, Chennai, 15 May 2015
"I am so glad when i come to know that someone has downloaded, seen and tried to play or sing the sheet music which i have uploaded. And I thank God,,,,, but will be more happy.... and sure it help me to improve what i'm doing if i hear from you if you had used my sheet music, and am so thankful to God and for giving me this opportunity to share my hard work to be fruitful. "

Wagner Ortiz
flautawag bresilian, Santo Andre, 03 Feb 2015
"O site Free-Scores é o melhor para promover o encontro de músicos de todo o mundo, isso é um modo inteligente de viabilizar novas obras, isso é oferecer oportunidade a todos talentos. Espero que nunca acabe! Parabéns pelo trabalho! Free-Scores website is the best to promote the gathering of musicians from around the world, this is a clever way of making possible new works, this is to offer opportunity to all talents. I hope it never ends! Congratulations on the job! "

Jose Welligton Sousa de Castro
welligtonsousa bresilian, Pindoretama, 23 Jan 2015
"Through the Free-Scores, my songs were played in different parts of the world. This was very important for my development as a composer. A great incentive."

Tomas Friberg
minimalistmusic swedish, Stockholm, 25 Nov 2014
"Over the last two years my music has been performed in Finland, Denmark, Singapore and the UK. Maybe more places but those are the one I am certain of. And it's ALL thanks to (well, maybe also because it's good music). But I am very grateful that this site exists. Thank you!"

Pedro Luis Martínez Milian
pedroluismartnez cuban, CiudadPanama, 22 Aug 2014
" Excellent Web for musical creators. Very fectivo for promotion of the personal work.on."

Minh Tu Tran
tranminhtu Viet-Nam, Hanoi, 15 Aug 2014
"It is a nice place to share sheet music among music lovers and musicians."

Marcelo Torcato
torca-marcelo bresilian, Pauliceia, 17 Jun 2014
"Uma forma de compartilhar e conhecer novos compositores, músicas, poder tocar e ouvir, isso é uma vantagem do Free-Scores, assim como faz aproximar, músicos distantes, mostrar a ideia de cada um, e evoluir junto. É muito bom estar junto neste site."

Moses Nonge
mosesnonge"I am greatly restrengthened when I can sit back and click all because of free-score. Acquisition of music materials has not only been expensive but also rare to come by. With the help of this cite the impossible is now possible. I hope to complete my course in choral directing and music technology with much easy."

olamuyiwa esther
estherolamuyiwa english, london, 10 Jun 2014
"it does give you the satisfaction that you want"

Peter Hrodebert
kelvin-fts Malaysia, KualaLumpur, 08 Jun 2014
"I start composing music since I'm 10 years old, when I'm 12, I found a platform,"" to share my music compositions. Now, I have a lot of fans, and I also founded my music band. Thanks to "Free-" for giving this platform to share the music. LONG LIVE MUSIC, and "Free-" too."

Lindh Tobias
tobiaslindh swedish, Bors, 23 May 2014
"Great site! Always reliable. I can access my scores wherever I travel."

Johanna Bunn
johannapiano" is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in any type of music. Searching for a piece of music is made easy by being able to clearly specifying the composer, title, instrumentation and more. While the collections for each composer are far from complete, there is a good amount that will satisfy anyone looking to explore or enrich their music knowledge and library without any cost. Though they may not find a certain piece they look for, there is always a suprising, enjoyable musical discovery to make at"

Cuong Do
dokiencuong Viet-Nam, 08 May 2014
"Thank you FREE-SCORES. This is very nice service for musicians. I love this website. "

Tarkan Songur
tsongur Turkey, 29 Nov 2013
"This is a very Good project Thank you!"

Breck Breck Knight
brknight"I have found many useful pieces for guitar in solo standard notation. Free-scores has been a great find for me as a performer. I like to add the unusual or something others may have forgotten or never considered adding to their repertoire. I have run into something that has me confused. I found the pieces "Danny Boy" and "Irish Lullaby" both in dropped D tuning. I don't recall which category-maybe Romantic or Traditional. At any rate I cannot find them again. I have found many other versions and arrangements of "Danny Boy" and for all types of instruments but none for solos guitar-standard notation. Also, I can't find the arranger Gordon Gibson. brknight"

Anton Verschäupen
anton-verschaupen"Free-scores is a revolutionary, innovative media that combines social media with music appreciation (from Visitors to the site); the artists' commune (much like our 19th-Century artists were seeking to develop & maintain); and a platform for both fledgling & experienced musicians and composers, to publicize their own work as well as promote the work of others---and all at no cost! The genius behind, Victor Reny (an accomplished guitarist himself) has really proved to be pure synergy in uniting artists with audience; and deserves laurels for his brainchild. Bis, M. Reny. Et merci beaucoups pour toutes les musiques."

Jonathan Sargent
noviceindisguise American, NA, 06 Sep 2012
"It was in June, 2012 that I discovered the invaluable site, and since then I have used it in so many ways. The number of free sheet-music hosted on just this one site is absolutely amazing! I have been able to find just about everything I have looked for, and have discovered some other pieces that are truly amazing.
Another aspect of, is that one can become a member / contributor, and post their own compositions and audio files, which gives beginning composers like myself a chance to be noticed, get advice, and be encouraged, while doing the same for other members yourself.
Thank you, Victor Reny, for this useful tool!
NoviceInDisguise ~ Music ~ Photography ~ Graphics"

" is a fantastic site. There are a lot of classical scores and everyone can add his own sheet music! is the chance of a life for a composer and a big library for every musician.
Thank you!

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"For over 20 years we have provided legal access to free sheet music without asking anything in return.
This was made possible through internal funding generated by our buying guide sheet music, accessories and musical instruments and the advertising. But today we need also your contribution however small it may be.

If you use and like, please consider making a donation. Your support will enable us to continue providing free scores to all. "

20 February 2015
Victor Reny, founder of