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About / Member testimonies License:
Choose a license, which allows you to monetize or grant permission for public performances of your compositions while maintaining free and open access to your sheet music. Clearly inform visitors about the requirement of a license for any use of your sheet music outside of a private setting.

We offer two license categories:
Public Performance License
(for concerts and live shows)

Educational License
(for teachers and musical institutions)

For sheet music contributors:
With licenses, establish a clear framework for all musicians wanting to perform your compositions in public or in an educational setting. Our platform streamlines the interaction between composers, arrangers, and musicians by providing a transactional tool to issue these permissions.

For sheet music users:
By opting for our licenses, you ensure that you have the necessary permissions from rights holders. Following each transaction, provides a certificate, confirming your rights to use the sheet music, whether for presentation to a jury or any other authority.

Benefits for the seller:
- We provide an integrated system for selling your licenses.
- Set your own prices and receive 70% of each sale's total.
- Earn your revenue from the very first license sold.
- You have the choice to either sell or offer your licenses for free.
- Your sheet music remains freely accessible on
- We issue a certificate to musicians, serving as evidence for bodies like competitions.

Requirements for the seller:
- Offer sheet music on for which you hold the rights.
- Have an active PayPal account (not needed for free licenses).
- Ensure your PayPal account is verified (consult paypal about this).

Examples :

- Here is example of sheet music page offering paid licenses.
- Here is a PDF preview page with a cover page (it is important to enable cover page with the licenses because it reminds offline existence of the license.))

Frequently Asked Questions:

Copyright and uses

You'll find on copyright notices :

- Personal Copyright : This copyright notice relates to sheet music added by composers, arrangers, and publishers who use for sharing their works. It is shown as "Copyright Composer name © All rights reserved" or is announced by an equivalent sentence. The use of the sheet music is only allowed in private area. All other uses by the musicians must be authorized provided by the beneficiary of the sheet music. can deliver these authorizations via our License. The license comes with a tool that allows to make free and commercial transaction between composers and musicians in the context of public performance and/or teaching exploitation - see Further up this page for information on license.

If the composer is associated to an authors' society, concert organizers are required to report the songs played in public. For more information about Authors' societies.

- Public Domain - Any music in the public domain is either entirely out of copyright, or has been placed in the public domain by the composer/arranger/editor. You can basically do what you like with this music - print it out, sell it, change it, distribute it, record it, and perform it, etc.

- Creative Commons licence - A Creative Commons (CC) license is one of several public copyright licenses that enable the free distribution of an otherwise copyrighted work. A CC license is used when an author wants to give people the right to share, use, and build upon a work that they have created. For more information, see the Creative Commons website at:

- Free Art License: More information about this coypright on :

- CPDL copyright license: This is a type of open-source license which allows users to download, print, copy and distribute a score freely. The only restriction is that, if any changes are made to a score or text, the subsequent modified version must still be released under the same license conditions.
Full licence text available on :