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Peter Hrodebert
Peter Hrodebert (1998 - )
Malaysia Malaysia, KualaLumpur
Registered since 06/17/2012
About the artist
Peter Hrodebert (previously Sonic Hooves)

Birthday : 6 August 1998
Language : Chinese & English
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Aegean Sea
Written on 2015-11-28 by kelvin-fts
Imagine the azure purity sea jumping like the music notes,
Imagine the cerulean sky is so luminous like the reflection of Sapphire,
Imagine there is a sanctuary fulfilled with mysterious legend,
Imagine how the majestic statue shines like the golden rays,
Imagine the Aegean sea fulfilled with a thousand years of myths,
Imagine the majestic building with the statue of a thousand gods,
Imagine walking through the beach at the starry night with blowing sea breeze,
Imagine there was a white lofty sanctuary passing through thousand ages.

If there is a day,
I forget what is love,
I forget what is imagination,
I forget the whole world,
Remember that,
The sea is always being there,
Where the ship has no chance to stay,
Before I am gone,

Call my name again.
Seams of clouds
Written on 2015-03-19 by kelvin-fts
Always felt that,
Winter cloud is particularly clean,
Like wearing the wedding dresses,
Specially for every meter of sunshine.
The taste of the wind has changed,
But the wind is still.

I leave a seam in the curtains,
Let the sun shine on the heavy diary.
Peeping across the glass ,
Longing for a kinder, gentler world.
But everyone knows the outside world,
Is it really still a kind and gentle world?
Written on 2014-11-26 by kelvin-fts

Through the gap of leaves,
And sprinkles the silver light.

The Crickets,
Stopped their singing.

The Star is looming,
And shining the hope.

I did not immerse,
Just enter the meditation.
Written on 2014-10-12 by kelvin-fts

Sunset stained the hills,
The advent of the night,
Gradually wiped out the blood.

I am a black hideous bat,
Always active in the lonely air.

Perhaps I can open my wings,
Only in the darkness.

Maybe once I like a devil,
Broken through the lonely heart,
By a miserable cry.

The time accumulated my loneliness,
Like only being a bat,
In the suffocation midnight,
Singing the broken music pieces.

In the dark kiln,
Who is hanging,
Desire the brightness,
But powerless soul.
The Dark Shadow
Written on 2014-08-26 by kelvin-fts

I hide in the bright corner,
Awaiting for the dark shadow.
I hear the cold wind outside the window,
Blowing fiercely,
The leaves tapping through,
Outside my window,
Just like the calling of the darkness.

When the darkness falls,
I hide in the dark corner,
The shadow,
Is calling me.
I looked at the shadow,
But there is just,

The scare, emptiness,
Fulfills in my heart.
I can’t find the dark shadow,
Because it hides in,
The room,
Fulfills with,

The cold wind,
Is stop blowing,
The world soaks into silence.
Except, I kept hearing a sound,
Coming out of nowhere,
That is the sound of dark shadow,
Calling me.
Written on 2013-08-31 by kelvin-fts

Frost does not melt,
The candle is extinguished,
And the lamp oil is depleted,
The nightingale cries in the darkness.

The painting is still here,
But you're already gone.

The time are corroding the poems,
Like a glass,
Broken on the earth,
Bury into memories.

Piano, flute,
Playing an elegy.

Who are listening to this song?
This song is like crying.
Who are playing this song?
It is appearing me a trace of memories.

This is a melancholic night.

Why make this ending,
Become a farewell,
Too poignant scene,
Written with tears in my eyes.
Wars of the roses
Written on 2013-07-07 by kelvin-fts

Later in afternoon,
When I close the last window,
I saw a beautiful rose,
White - covered with red blood.

When the summer arrives,
I’ll give you my life.
Rain has washed your face,
While tears are washing the sky.

Too close to the death,
Distance makes me fear.
Asked you where we lay,
And my last pray.

But I imagined your shiny hair,
Under the shiny crown.
Now’s just blood on the crown,
I wish it won’t be long.

How can you leave me here,
My heart is just a mess.
Like someone else know,
And just let it go.

Ending the day,
Kill me somewhere.
This day who cares,
Just you and I.

As all the tears,
Have been dried by the wind.
The rose,
White like bones, red like blood.