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PRONIN YURY (1938 - )
Chile Chile, Temuco
Registered before 2010
About the artist
Was born in 1938, the city of Leningrad (Saint Petersburg), Russia.
Composer, professional musician qualified in «GNESSINS» Conservatory (Moscow, RUSSIA)
1953 - 1958 Studies at the "Gnessins" conservatory in Moscow musical theory and composition specialities Obtains the title (degree certificate) of teacher and composer under the direction of the master Mr. Dimitri Shostakovich. Post degree: Composition studies at the "Gnessins" Musical Academy.
In the USSR was exposed to constant prosecution from state security service (KGB), including two years of imprisonment as the political dissident.
Since 1992 lives and works in Chile
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Informations of PRONIN YURY
The comment:
Written on 2009-01-17 by yury-pronin
The comment:

As far as I can judging by interest (to quantity of downloading and listenings to my work "Children's Album" and other my works presented on the site, me it would be desirable to see the professional review concerning my music from musicologists, in particular, experts of pedagogical repertoire for pupils of musical schools, and also, responses and opinions from another professors and musicians (and no musicians). In case any musical Publishing house will become interested to publish my works (on a paper), I agree to conclude the corresponding contract. My data, my e-mail and phone for contact - are popular.
Yury Pronin
El comentario:
Segun el interés (a la cantidad de descargas y de escuchado) de mi obra "Álbum infantil" y otros mis trabajos presentados en el sitio, a mi sería deseable ver una reseña profesional respecto a mi música de los musicólogos, en particular, los expertos de repertorio pedagógico para los alumnos de escuelas musicales y, también, las opiniones de los profesores y de otros los músicos (y no músicos). En caso si un Editorial musical se hará interesada para publicar mis trabajos (en papel), acepto concluir el contrato correspondiente. Mis datos, mi correo electrónico y teléfono para el contacto - son alcansable para toda la comunidad.
Yury Pronin
The project
Written on 2009-01-14 by yury-pronin
The project
Didactic Musical concert For Children
This one projected search by means of the instrumental practice padagogica insentivar to children in the field of the music. The composition is named ?CHILDREN'S ALBUM?, which tries of the day of a child from the awakening until the hour of sleeping. It is a cycle of 10 short pieces it is characterized why every piece has a simbologia of the routine character of the small child (it mother, father, grandmother, toys, etc). The initial work (the cycle) is composed for piano in a basic technical level for the small students of this instrument. Other versions of the same music are for difertentes instrumental sets from quartet of wooden winds, brass quintet, strings orchestra, jazz sextet and the last version is for juvenile symphonic band, also in basic technical level to execute. In 7 versions - variants in entire sound 70 different pieces, so that the children could appreciate the different instrumental tones and different styles of the music. In continuity of the concert teacher - guide makes to compare to the children of the public that the initial music interpreted in a beginning for piano, with last version executed now for symphonic band, which presents the same principal image in a major extension.
From another aspect, also each one can use piece of the cycle in any instrumental variant, like a pedagogic material in the ordinary teaching process.
General target:
To wake up the interest to the children to exercise the music.
Specific targets:
To announce the children as it is possible atravez of the musical art to express different images and feelings. To announce different stamps and possibilities of varied musical instruments (piano, wooden winds, brass winds, the arches, etc). Since it is possible to express the same image in different styles (classical, modern, jazz, etc.)
Yury Pronin