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Daniel–Omicrón Rodríguez García

Daniel–Omicrón Rodríguez García (2000 - )
Espagne Espagne, Fuenlabrada
Inscrit sur le site depuis 14/08/2017
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Average, amateur composer, arranger, accordionist and pianist.

• I have more arrangements here:
• I participate and review pieces on the Young composers forums (it's as great as this site, but free-scores is better to store and find others' scores):

My music is entirely playable, though it is not often easy as I have been told...

I do enjoy reading everyone's feedback & criticism as well as I do enjoy diving in free-score
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My piano nocturnes

Paul F. Page s Sonatinas
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Website created!

Ecrit le 2022-10-27 par Daniel–Omicrón Rodríguez García
Hi again. I have found the time to make a simple website in google sites that will act as a provisional place to put my accordion and piano arrangements. Some cannot be uploaded here properly (I had no luck trying, I don't know if it's copyright or what, but they are original arrangements and I give proper credit to the authors of the original piece) so they will stay here. They are mostly arrangements of more or less popular or folk pieces for various accordions. Additionally, it is fully in Spanish, a language not supported here, so I believe it will be a good complement for my profile here.

Here it is: omicronrg9/

Kind regards!

My website
First set of nocturnes finished.

Ecrit le 2022-10-10 par Daniel–Omicrón Rodríguez García
I hardly believe anybody will read this but I just found this option and thought giving it a try wouldn't be a bad idea. I'm leaving these comments for the record.

So, today, after delaying it too much, I have finished my first set of nocturnes. 20/23 are already published here and the 21st is under review right now. I never thought that what I started around March 2022 as a pair of pieces for my friends to practice would end in an entire set of nocturnes.

22nd and 23rd costed me too much time. I suppose that a mix of weariness, things happening in real life and the feeling of being overwhelmed by my own creation (the 20th nocturne) and hence kind of empty in terms of new ideas delayed months what was supposed to take a week or two.

But it's done. It's finally done, and I somewhat feel exhausted and confused. I did have plans on what to compose after finishing with this set but right now I don't see them as clear as before.

To whoever has read this and very likely has listened to any nocturne (or other piece) of mine, thank you. I hope you found it decent. Regardless, I will keep composing. It seems like a never-ending trip that I enjoy a lot.

Kind regards,
Daniel–Ømicrón .