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Rebecca Kaiserin

Rebecca Kaiserin
Hong Kong Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Inscrit sur le site depuis 28/09/2016
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Sociétaire : CASH | code IPI de l'artiste : 27403309
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Informations par Rebecca Kaiserin
New Album Released!

Ecrit le 2023-04-05 par Rebecca Kaiserin
My new album "Unlock the Blessings" is now available on Spotify! Come to check it out! Thank you!
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Check out my new Japanese song "Salute to Your Golden Tomorrow" on Youtube!

Ecrit le 2023-01-09 par Rebecca Kaiserin
I have a new project this year! It's a Japanese project! I want to send this song "Salute to Your Golden Tomorrow" to everyone in the start of this new year. I hope everyone will have a year with full of love and hope!
For everyone's enjoyment, I added English translation to the video. Enjoy listening!

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New Album Released!

Ecrit le 2022-05-03 par Rebecca Kaiserin
My new album "A Moonlit Night" has been released! Thanks must be given to my producer Denis Couture for the birth of this album! It was he that convinced me to start this project. We are both passionate musicians who want to spread love to this world through our music. Whether the music is happy or sad, we would like to "Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep."

This is an instrumental album which originally consists of 12 songs. But later on we added 2 more songs to it, so there are 14 songs in the latest extended version of this album.

May everyone enjoy the soothing and expressive music in this album!

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