Nathanael Smith, Nathan Nathan Nathanael Smith
États-Unis États-Unis, Fresno, CA
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Partitions Chorale Choeur 4 voix Nathan Nathanael Smith
Nathanael Smith, Nathan: God Gave to Men and Women Life and Breath

God Gave to Men and Women Life and Breath
Nathan Nathanael Smith

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Compositeur :Nathan Nathanael SmithNathan Nathanael Smith (1978 - )
Instrumentation :

Chœur 4 voix

Genre :


Auteur/Parolier:Nathanael Smith
Date :Fall 2012
Droit d'auteur :Nathanael Smith All Rights Reserved
Ajoutée par nathansmith, 18 Fév 2013

God gave to men and women life and breath
But by sin we became the slaves of death
God became man for our sins to atone
He was crucified, forsaken and alone
And every sorrow or trial that we face
Hunger, hatred, betrayal, the firing squad
Was suffered by the Savior of our race
As He made us members of the Body of Christ our God.

He sowed the seeds of everlasting love
And His messengers everywhere were sent
As wise as serpents and as meek as doves
They amazed the people everywhere they went
It was a scandal that they were so bold
They feared nor gods nor Caesars, scourge nor chain
Slaves and philosophers entered the fold
And a world grown ancient in its sins was made young again.

Like dice upon a tavern table thrown
Thrones of tyrants clatter to the ground
He was the Freer of captives and the Stone
That the prophet told would tear earth's kingdoms down
He made the slave the equal of the king
And made the meek and lowly heirs of all
It is His pleasure to give us everything
If we but acknowledge our emptiness and heed His call.

If we remember the teachings that He taught
We can to no righteousness pretend
For who will claim to be living as he ought
When perfection we've begun to comprehend?
But let us hasten to give joyfully
Of all we have to the needy and the poor
We can't deserve what God gives us for free
But by giving, treasures in heaven we'll lay up in store.

How shall we stand with the angelic host
And not wither in that holy light?
We were as insubstantial as a ghost
Had not Christ restored to us our lost birthright.
For endless ages we shall praise His name
We sons of sorrow will make the angels glad
Emmanuel has wiped away our shame
We will walk the streets of gold with glory and honor clad.
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