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Labrecque, Samuel: Kingdom of Dreams

Kingdom of Dreams
From the Harmonic Suite
Samuel Labrecque

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Kingdom of Dreams
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Compositeur :
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Editeur :
Samuel LabrecqueSamuel Labrecque (1994 - )
Instrumentation :

Piano seul

Genre :


Date :January to March 2010
Droit d'auteur :Samuel Labrecque © All rights reserved
KINGDOM OF DREAMS is the overture of the suite. Well, actually, it?s more than that. It is what we call ? I think ? program music ? but I prefer to say that it is a soundtrack without movie!

It starts with a little prelude (8 first bars). Then the first melody arrives. We are in in the kingdom?s meadows. No one could ever think about something going wrong. It?s a bit the ?dreamed world? and I?m not kidding (?dreamed world? fits with KINGDOM OF DREAMS and gives a very boring joke).

So, let?s continue. At bar 41, everything changes. We are no longer in that hopeful ambiance. No way. The sorcerer who lives in the Dark Forest has destroyed happiness.

Fortunately, this part of the song is not very long. At bar 57, we?re entering in the kingdom?s fields, the agriculture lands. So the lyric part comes back with a new melody (in 3/4 this time). But this part isn?t long either. At bar 69, we?re changing again. There is no melody in this fourth part called ?Preparing the Battle?. It has been done to link ?The Fields? and ?The Sorcerer Approaches? together with a dramatic interlude. The military style of this segment shows that the army is very strict on the rules. Everybody MUST follow the rules! Understand?

Then ?The Sorcerer Approaches?. The fifth part of the song is a reprise of ?The Sorcerer?s Shack/The Dark Forest? (the second fragment of the piece). It shows that slowly, the sorcerer comes near the battlefield. Between bars 107 and 110 (the 6/8 part), the music is accelerating, telling that the wizard is ready to fight the king?s armies.

Then the battle begins. It lasts only 4 bars. It is short, but so sanguinary. On the first beat of bar 115, the sorcerer is killed. Then we can gather the corpses.

The intensity of the song grows slowly and at bar 154, we have the final Grandioso part. ?The sorcerer is dead, hope, happiness, love and friendship are back!?
Ajoutée par samlab, 16 Mar 2010

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3 commentaires

Par jason (visiteur), 15 Mai 2010 a 00:00

i love your song
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Par Bart (visiteur), 01 Mai 2010 a 00:00

I don't like this....
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Par stefan-diehl , 19 Mar 2010 a 00:00

Beautiful themes and modulations with a happy-end in C-Major.
The music tells exactly what is said in your description.
Execellent !
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Cette partition est associée à la collection de samlab :
Harmonic Suite for Concert Band

Here you'll find the three songs which are part of the suite
("Kingdom of Dreams", "Nightmare", & "Running Out of Time").
Both of the versions, piano and orchestral scores, are available
here. The orchestrations of the Finale (Running Out of Time)
have been done by Samuel Labrecque and Charles Michaels
(now that he has a Free-Scores account too, it is important to
mention it).

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