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 Edward Weiss
Edward Weiss (1962 - )
États-Unis États-Unis
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Edward Weiss is a pianist/composer and webmaster of Quiescence Music's online piano lessons. He has been helping students learn how to play piano in the New Age style for over 14 years and works with students in private, in groups, and now over the internet. Visit now and get a FREE piano lesson and book!
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Coral Reef
Edward Weiss
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Ajouté le 23-03-2011
Forest Piano
Edward Weiss
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Ajouté le 26-10-2011
December Rain - New Age Piano
Edward Weiss
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Ajouté le 04-01-2012
December Rain
Edward Weiss
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Online Piano Lessons? Unique ?New Age? Approach Appeals to Adults

Ecrit le 2012-01-16 par Edward Weiss
Most courses of instruction for piano require years and years of study. This is a well documented fact. If you want to play the classics, expect to spend at least 5 years in intensive twice weekly lessons.

But the classical approach isn?t the only one and pianist/composer Edward Weiss has developed a ?new age? method that allows the complete beginner to quickly play chords and improvise. The course now has over 1000 subscribers and is continuing to add new ones on a daily basis.

Here?s what course creator Edward Weiss has to say about the lessons:

?So many students instantly go the classical route because they?re not aware of alternatives. There is an alternative way to play piano - one where you can just sit down and play off the top of your head.?

The ?new age? piano lessons offered by Weiss?s company Quiescence Music are all online and there are now over 100 of them. A video and step-by-step instruction are given so students can learn quickly.

Weiss adds:

?I took a community college piano class once and that lasted about 3 months. I learned how to play triads which I already knew how to do. With my method, students are introduced to something called the open position chord which allows them to play modern sounding chords right away with both hands.?

A free piano lesson ?Summer Morning? which shows students how to improvise in the Key of C Major and a free report ?5 Secrets to Playing New Age Piano' are available at Weiss?s website at http://www.NewAgePianoLessons. com

Online Piano Lessons by Quiescence Music Kicks Off Spring with Free Lesson and Book!

Ecrit le 2011-03-23 par Edward Weiss
Spring is finally here. And to celebrate, the online piano lessons site is giving away a free piano lesson and book that promises to teach adults how to improvise and compose their own music.

The website, owned and operated by pianist/composer Edward Weiss has been a steady staple since Weiss launched the site in 2000.

When asked about his free giveaways Weiss responds:

?I want as many people as possible to sample the beautiful style of music known as New Age piano. What better way than to give away a free lesson and book.?

The free lesson is titled ?Summer Morning? and promises to show students how to improvise something in the Key of C Major. According to the site, no experience or talent is required and anyone can take the lesson.

The free book Weiss is giving away is called ?Free to be Creative at the Piano? and was an #1 bestseller it?s first week in print. It?s 342 pages and contains Weiss?s philosophy on piano playing.

Here?s what this pianist, composer, and teacher says about the book:

?The book is a collection of essays on my approach to piano playing. It?s really different in that I place priority on the experience you get while at the piano and I emphasize that in the book. In it, students learn all about improvisation, composition, and more!?

The free lesson and book can be found at Weiss?s website at http://www.NewAgePianoLessons. com

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