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Leonard Birch
Leonard Birch (1964 - )
Australia Australia, Albany
Registered since 01/13/2011
About the artist
I Leonard Birch began Piano Accordion Lessons at the age of six, I then progressed to the Guitar, but as the years went by, I neglected my love for music, mainly the classics and returned thirty years later. And here I am back composing for a number of different instruments for my friends on to view. I hope to place one score in my site weekly, for either the Accordion, Cello, Clarinet, Classical Guitar, Saxaphone, ect, ect.
My dear friend Len, has placed a number of mp3's on my site as well and his interpretation is excellent. I hope you will find the time to have a listen as well.
I would also appreciate comments regarding my scores as this is the only way I may learn and compose better works. I will value and answer all of
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Informations of Leonard Birch
DésoléWritten on 2013-05-31 by leonard-birch
The other day I placed two files on and they were incorrect. Obviously, I must have uplaoded the wrong files and I am sorry. They have however, been corrected and available for your use.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Thank you
Written on 2012-11-12 by leonard-birch
I would like to thank all the people who have contacted me regarding playing some of my works. I am honoured that people of all ages are playing my scores for concerts and events.
I do have a great number of easy Piano scores to place on free-scores and will hopefully put them on soon. I really need to check them first and put correct fingering on the notes to be played.
Hope you all had a great weekend?
Leonard Birch
Greetings from Australia
Written on 2012-08-02 by leonard-birch
Hello to everyone,

It has been an exiting week. I have placed a number of easy scores on and I am hoping that everyone has had a wonderful time playing them.
I am now going to work on a number of harder compositions that I have written and will hopefully place them on this wonderful site ASAP.
Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback regarding my compositions. It will help me with future compositions.
All the best for the coming weekend.
Written on 2012-07-28 by leonard-birch
Hello everyone,

I have been away for some time, but I thank everyone who gave advice and feedback of my scores.

I see that I have had a few downloads and I thank everyone for this too. I only hope you have all had a wonderful time playing my compositions and will hopefully put more on soon. I am looking at a few of Piano scores that range from 2 - 5 pages in length.

Take care everyone and thank you.

Written on 2011-11-21 by leonard-birch
I do appologise for not uploading 'Prelude in D minor'. I had a listen and a play and found that I was not quite happy with it. I will try and place it on my site shortly or as soon as I satisfied with the score.
Kind regards
As Promised
Written on 2011-10-29 by leonard-birch
Hi, as promised, I have uploaded a score, however I had two new scores written, so I decided to give you two instead of one.
I do hope you enjoy these pieces and would love to have feedback.
The first I uploaded was 'Left-handed man', for piano solo. The second is a guitar duet, 'Breakdown (Highway Chaos).
Tomorrow, hopefully, I will be uploading a beautiful score I wrote called 'Prelude in D minor' for Solo Piano. This piece was written in 2010 and took me several weeks to complete. It is 18th Century style and I was inspired by the great Beethoven. He and Mozart were in my eyes, the true masters of the classical era.
Thank you and enjoy.
All in a day
Written on 2011-10-20 by leonard-birch
Hello, I have been away for some time, but now that I am back, I will be hopefully placing a composition on once or so per week. I hope that you will enjoy my compositions and leave a message on your thoughts regarding the piece. It would be most appreciated.

Already, I have uploaded an easy tune for the Accordion (solo) and hope those that download it, enjoy playing it as well.

Take care

Leonard Birch
Written on 2011-04-19 by leonard-birch
Well, this week has been great. I have made another great friend in the States and he has done Mp3 interpretations of my compositions for Cello. I thank him kindly. They got me thinking why not try to compose scores for the Alto Sax and the Clarinet and his advice has been wonderful.

Also, I have progressed a little further with the 'Mass in A Minor', but today I have come to a complete standstill, yet again, on where to go from here. It is an exciting piece and I'm looking forward in completing it to share with the many people who have visited my site. Many thanks!
Thank you
Written on 2011-04-13 by leonard-birch
I thank you to the person who left a comment regarding the score'Insomnia'. It is very rewarding in hearing how they found my score. I have progressed a little further with the mass and am also at present writing for Alto Sax, but still need to have it checked and validated that this piece is correct.

I hope everyone who logg onto free-scores are well and I hope you are all enjoying my Scores and the Mp3's I have uploaded.

Making progress
Written on 2011-04-08 by leonard-birch
Hi all, well I have finally added two scores with Mp3. I do appologise for the first, 'Insomnia' for Piano. For some reason it would only recored 60 % of the the composition.

Anyway, I have made real progress on the 'Mass in A minor'. 'Kyrie' and 'Gloria' are complete, with words and of course music. The best thing I ever did, after years of trying desperately to get it, was 'Finale Software'. I am shortly going to place an score called 'The Haunting' on to this wonderful site, which is has been written for a small Orchestra. It is not like my other pieces and it also includes the use of a percussion instrument.

Thank you all and all the very best