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SOLO VOICE (ACCOMPANIED) › Piano and Voice (4215)› Lead sheet (1502)› Voice and Orchestra (810)› Lead sheet (with lyrics) (480)› Voice (261)› Voice and Organ (258)› Voice High and Piano (232)› Voice Soprano and piano (196)› Voice, piano (or organ) (192)› Guitar, Voice (182)› Voice medium and Piano (134)› Voice bass and Piano (130)› Voice Tenor, Piano (112)› Voice Mezzo-Soprano, Piano (79)› Voice Soprano or Tenor and Piano (56)› Voice Baritone and Piano (55)› Voice, guitar and/or piano (50)› Vocal solo (48)› Voice, Guitar or Piano (37)› Voice, piano or guitar or organ (35)› Voice Soprano, Orchestra (35)› Voice, piano or organ (34)› Voice Sopran (or Tenor), piano (or organ) (33)› Alt voice and piano (27)› Voice, Cello, Piano (26)› Voice and harp (26)› Voice, Basso continuo (25)› Voice, Strings ensemble (22)› Voice, guitar, bass, Drum, piano (22)› Voice Soprano and organ (21)› Voice, Violin and Piano (20)› Voice, flute, piano (19)› Voice Soprano and guitar (18)› Strings ensemble, Voice (17)› Piano, Guitar, Voice (17)› Voice Soprano, Strings, Basso continuo (17)› Voice, Guitar, Double Bass, Piano (16)› Flute, Voice, Piano (15)› Voice Tenor and Orchestra (15)› Voice, violin, cello, piano (13)› Guitar, voice, piano (13)› Voice Alt or Bass, piano or organ (13)› Voice, Guitar, Double Bass, Sax, Piano (12)› Voice Low and piano (12)› Bass voice, orchestra (12)› Alt or bass voice and piano (11)› voice, violin, guitar, bass, drums (11)› Voice Soprano, Basso continuo (10)› Voice, harpsichord (10)› 1 voice,1 flute, 4 E-pianos, E-bass, drumset (9)› Voice Soprano solo (9)› Voice, Strings, Organ (9)› Voice, organ, flute (8)› Voice, Guitar, Double bass (8)› Voice, Guitar, Harmonica (8)› Flute, Voice (8)› Voice Alto, Strings, Basso continuo (8)› Female voice and piano (8)› Organ, Violin, Voice (7)› Voice Bass, Strings, Basso continuo (7)› voice, flute, guitar (7)› Voice, Clarinet, Piano (7)› Voice Soprano, Cello, Piano (6)› voice, string quartet, piano (6)› voice, violin, guitar (6)› Voice, 2 Violins, Organ (5)› voice, flute, violin, cello (5)› Voice, Piano, Double basse, Drums (5)› S/Tsolo (5)› Voice, Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar, Bass (4)› Voice Tenor, Basso continuo (4)› Voice Tenor, Strings, Basso continuo (4)› Voice, Mandolin (4)› Voice Soprano, String quartet with Organ (4)› Voice, Violin, Piano and Organ (3)› Female voice solo (3)› Lute, Voice (3)› Voice and violin (3)› Voice, Banjo, Piano (3)› Voice, Harmonium (3)› Voice, Horn, Piano (3)› Voice, bassoon, 2 trumpets, bass trombone, guitar, piano, carillons, strings (3)› Voice High (3)› Voice, piano and recorder or flute (3)› Voice Tenor, Violin and Piano (3)› Voice Bass, Basso continuo (3)› Voice Baryton and ensemble instrumental (3)› Voice Baritone and basso continuo (3)› Vocie Soprano, Oboe, Violin, Cello, Harpsichord (3)› Voice, Strings, Continuo (3)› Voice, Harp and Organ (2)› Voice Mezzo-soprano and Organ (2)› Voice Soprano, Viola da Gamba, Basso Continuo (2)› Voice Soprano, flute, violins, cellos, guitar, bass, drums (2)› Voice Soprano, Harp and Celesta (2)› Voice Mezzo-soprano solo (2)› Singer, Keyboard, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon (2)› Voice and Clarinet (2)› Voice Soprano, flute, violin, viola, cello, piano (2)› Voice and recorders (2)› voice, flute, clarinet, trombone, guitar, bass (2)› Voice Bariton and piano or organ or guitar (2)› bassoon, piano and voice (2)› Voice Soprano, Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Percussion (2)› Voice Alto, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums (2)› Voice Mezzo-soprano, Cello (2)› Voice Soprano and violin (2)› Alt or bass voice, guitar and/or piano (2)› Vocie Soprano, Bassoon (2)› Voice, 2 clarinets (1)› Contralto and Organ (1)› Voice and Piano quintet (1)› Clarinet, Piano, Cello, Doublebass, Voice (1)› Contre-tenor, piano (1)› Voice Soprano, 2 Violins, Basso continuo (1)› Voice Soprano, obbligato instrument, Basso Continuo (1)› Voice Soprano (or Mezzo-Soprano) and Wind Quintet (1)› Voice Mezzo-soprano, Flute, Violin, Cello and Percussion (1)› Voice Baritone, Mandolin, Violin, Viola, Cello (1)› Voice, oboe (or other instrument), Piano (1)› Flute, Voice, Guitar & Violoncello (1)› Orchestra, voice and solo cello (1)› Voice Mezzo-soprano, Violin, Viola, Cello (1)› voice, flute, mandolin, guitar, bass (1)› Boy Soprano, Violin & Piano (1)› Voice Soprano, Flute, Cello and Piano (1)› Voice Mezzo soprano, Flute, 2 Cello, Piano (1)› Voice, Clarinet, 2 Guitars, Cello (1)› Voice Mezzo-soprano, Violin, Clarinet, Trumpet, Vibraphone, Percussion (1)› Voice Tenor, Bassoon, Strings, Basso continuo (1)› Voice Baritone, flute, bass clarinet, violin and percussion (1)› voice, flute, accordion, guitar, upright bass (1)› Voice Soprano, Violin solo, Orchestra with Organ (1)› Voice Bass, Viola, Bassoon, Basso Continuo (1)› Voice, recorder, bass clarinet (1)› Voice Soprano or tenor, guitare and/or piano (1)› Voice Soprano, 2 oboe, 2 violins, violone, organo (1)› voice, banjo, guitar, bass, drums (1)› Voice Soprano, Violin, Violoncello, Harpsichord (1)