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4th subject. (4) wood band. 501 per second respectively, 5,040 changes 51st psalm sung; in the (5) an organ stop, or rank of pipes. (5) by its adhesion to, or neglect of, the |5=eebg_juj tjyjim 5 inflatilis 5. intervals (5) military band. (5) perfect time. 5th and 3rd. (5) the name of a clef in old mensurable (5) the normal sound (ger.normalton), (5) the virginal, or spinet, used a long 5th perfect, or dimi,, 5ths as an abomination. 5th string (5) to foot, to dance. (5) without valves 6. 7. from j. s. bach's, 371 vierstimmige 6 (8 ve twelfth) 31-020 (6) a cadenza is 6. a tritone (or augmented 4th) should be 6 circumflexa 7 muta. 6 inches c 6i*o2=diff. of g'--tf (6) that which cannot be 6th becomes 6th century, but (6) the key-note of the major scale, having 6th modes. 6th string 6/x6(j>wrog. 711, i, t, flat. 72 and 73). clearly he was a greek. but even 7, 5, of that fundamental bass. =77 rrtseesj-eajj-l ( 7.) before explaining the #7%hr7^g?##fpag (7) implying that the quality of tone is 7. knowing the velocity of sound in air 7 octaves upwards and 12 fifths. 7th and 8th modes. (7) the name given to the 7th in which a leading note appears. 7ths, octaves, gths and ioths 7 tons. 80 chorus singers, male and female, about 8 bells, 40,320 changes 8 feet in length. 8ft. pitch. 8 in 1 that 8 parts sing 8. of the three kinds of ( 8.) on pressing down a manual key, (8) shows a canon 4 (8ve. lower (8ve. lower;. 8ve lower. 9 a form of the 4th. 9 bells, 362,880 changes 9th and 12th. ( 9.) the draw-stop handle acts upon the 9yft a, and so on. a. arytenoid cartilages a back choir organ, a back-fall, a kind of abacus (lat.) &(ia (gk.) any square a badly woven string, a bad performer with stones." a ballad, properly speaking, a bar's rest in time. a bassoon a baton in france. a battement. [a battuta.] abbandonamente (it.) with self-abanis abbandonarsi abbandono, con abbassamento abbassamento di voce, a lowering of the abbellirea abbellitura(7y.)ornament, embellishment. abb. (i) of pedal. in pianoforte abb. of fortissimo. abb. of tasto abb. of trillando abb. of una corda. abb. of violoncelli. abb. of violoncello. abbreviare abbreviated, abbreviated thus, m. d. and m. g. -abbreviation. abbreviation of (1.) memo destra abbreviation of main gauche (fr.), abbreviation of piano, abbreviation of pizzicato. abbreviations of abbreviations of the word. abbreviature abcidiren {ger.) (i) to use a system of a beat in abed a being the key note a bellows, abendglocke abenteuerlich(ge/'.) strange and uncouth. abgeleiteterakkord (ger abhd. pp. abkiirzungen (ger.) abbreviations. able ably." abnehmend(g^r.)le7.takingaway,rffc/'. about about. about 1 120 feet per second. about 1720, but from the mention in bach's about 495, received assistance from his (about life-size.) about the year 1677, about twenty-five years ago. the dancers above above, above. above alluded to, pp. 184, 185. (above fenestra ovalis) above is followed. above mi will stand fa, above scheme be considered without above the dominant. above the nazard or twelfth. above the third (ex. a bow. a brace, uniting several a brass instrument of deep a break in the time of abrege (fr.) shortened. a breve. a brilliant cadence. abrupt modulation. a sudden change absatz (ger.) cadence. [cadence.] abschnitt (ger.) section. [form.] absent in most seals, the absetzen (ger.) 1 to render music 'stac- absolutely a absolutely unknown. absorbed. abstossen(ger.) a bulb (hence the a "burial service" is a a burmese harp. a burmese violin academie de musique academie royale de musique academie spirituelle (fr.) academy or school for singing. a canon is said to be a canticle. [a cappella.] " a catch." acathistus. a hymn of praise, sung in a cavity which is not accarezzevole accarezzevolmente accelerando accelerando. [accent.] accent (2) of metre. [accent, 4.] accent, and rhythm. accented note accented portion of the bar. accent (fr.) a sign used in old french accent is of two kinds, vocabular and accentuare accentuation. (accentus) accentus ec[accent, 4.] accessories. accessory. accessory ideas, accessory portions accessory stops and movements. acciaccatura(/.) ashortappoggiatura,e.^-.: accidental accidentals. accolade accolade (fr.) accommodare accommodates accompanied accompanied by instruments. accompanied with accompanies accompaniment [accompaniment.] accompanimen t. accompaniment. accompaniment ad libitum. accom\ accompaniments. accompaniments was accompany accompanying accompanying chords. accompanying harmonies " accompanying harmonies to ditto." accompanying voices or parts. accomplished church accordamento accordance with probability to accordando accordant accordare (it.) to tune. accordatitra accordato (it.) tuned. [accordatura.] accordatura (it.) [accord.] accord de sixte ajoutee (.fy.) the accordeur (fr.) a tuner. according according as it was strung. according to according to engel,as below according to percy the word according to ritson, one who according to some, according to the according to the account (according to the best according to the picture [accordion.] accordion, accordion kind. accordion more acceptable. accordions. [accordion.] accordoir (fr.) a tuning key or hammer. account for this custom, unless account here account, or even accresciumento clar accurate. a celebrated player of that name. a cembalo, possibly from its a cento a certain a certain limit, acetabulum. a chamber organ. a choir a change a change concerning a change of key. a chaplain or singing a chord a chord of g. a chord of the a chromatic fantasia, &c. a chromatic fugue, achtelnote (gcr.) achtel-note (ger.) achtelpause a church. a circle. a circle of small " acis -- "a citole acknowledgment of the a clapper in the inside. a clear tone. a clefs (fr.) a keyed trumpet. a closed organ pipe. a collection of players a com- a combination of the a common a common start-point. a complete change of time or key. a composer is best shown. a composition a composition for ten a compound a compound is the passing a concluding voluntary; a piece a concord, the other a conductor, as an a convivial character. a coquettish a coranto. a cord or tape a counterpoint a country a course [acous- acoustics [acoustics, [acoustics.] acoustics. acoustics." [acoustics, 16.] [acoustics, 19.] [acoustics 3.] [acoustics, 3.] acoustics involved. [acouswhich harmonics are generated. ac. paranete (beside nete). acquired at puberty. acquisition to literature, across a tortoiseshell. [act.] act. (acte, fr.; action action." action in action was still clumsy. act iv.) active. act. iv. sc. 1 act music- actor actor. actors established at rome, in 1264, who acts as a sound-board. act tunes. [playhouse tunes.] actual length of the string. actually required. actual sound g| actual use. [acutae claves.] (5) acute. acute harmonics. acute, high. adagio (it.) slowly also a name adam of bremen, who says that, about 1067, adam, thomas, offenbach, a dance, a dance in triple " adaptations, added motives added passing-notes between -added sixth. [added sixth.] addison's description ** addit. addition addition. additional chorus additional soprano addition of additions. addition to minor scales. address, authority. addressing the auditors. a defect in the a delicate combination of a demi-voix,' avec ironie,' but these may [adeux.] a deux mains, for adfigendis acquiescerent." adiaphonon. a diatonic fugue, in which a diatonic interval is one a diatonic melody is a dictionary a dimension of space. ad invicem habitudo." a direction in lute playing. a direction that a direction to a direction to play on a direction to resume the pace a direction to the a division of time a division or " adjecit et ad lib ad libitum. ad libitum are addi(3) accompaniments ad libitum (lat.) at admit its body. adolphe a dome. adopted. adopted) adopted, is daily losing ground adorn amento adornamento (it.) an adorned. a dot a dot was called the a double flat, !?!?. a double octave. (2) an organ stop, sounding a double-root-chord, and a double sharp. (ad placitum). a drinking song. a drone bass, a a drum. a drum player. ad sal-van-dum nos a due corde(/r.) a duet for these advantage to english musical advent advice would be superfluous. aevi a female singer. affabile affannosamente (it.) restlessly. affannoso (it.) mournfully. affected, coquettish. affecting affection. affectionately. affections, affetto, con (it.) affettuosamente affettuoso .affettuoso affinity. affix jubilee afforded into the larynx (fig. 5). affrett' affrettando .affrettando affrettore a final cadence, &c. a finite canon a first appearance. a fish has no neck, a fixed organ. a flageolet or whistle. a flat in the lower range. aflat"=|jx a flat stringed a flower, xtyw, a flute a flute a bee. a flute made a flute or pan-pipes, made a foot consisting of a foot consisting of three a, for instance, a foursided body, thus a fourth. a compound fourth. a free fugue. a free style. a fret a fret upon a guitar 01 (a). from the word antiphon, after (after after. after a lively, brisk, or gay manner." after carissimi, after disturbing influences. 'after every pauan we vsualy after her. after his residence in after its describer. after marbecke's book, which after singing a high note. after stedman (1640) is, in after the after the advanced age after the district in after the gradual after their inventors; as after the production after the restoration. after the slow movement. after the third collect. after this, endeavour to bring afterwards abandoned. afterwards called dorian, mode. afterwards modified into the afterwards, through the musical after which after which, after which he introduced a fugue by contrary motion a fugue-subject or a fugue with a funeral song of the afz'ra gestorum again " contrapuntal devices should be again, more. against false relations against modern extravagance, but those against note. against the lip, a b against time. again, we a gavot [gavot]; tempo di marcia, in a general a general name of a general publication. a general term agevole (it.) agile. agilita, con (it.) agilite (fr.) lightness and freedom agilmente (it.) \ cheerfully, in a lively agilmento (it.) ] manner. agit agitamento (it.) restlessness. agitated. agitate the sides of agitation. agitazione, con. agnus dei (lat.) agoge (gk.), aywyri. a gothic poet, priest, a gourd at each end. [bina]. a graceful a grace, roulade. fiorltura. agreeable sounds by combination. agreeably, a greek flute, agreement with another. agremens a guitar or lute having a a gum, a halling. a halving of the pace of the music. a hammer. a hand-mirror was a hindoo instrument of the a hollow a humorous melody a hymn aid of music. aigu ai-je compte, volage, a ioth, an interval of a [air.] air, air. air and water. air by the most convenient air in the air is forced, air is supplied air or theme in airs, air through free-reeds. air to leave the foot in air to solids. air to suit his ais (ger.) the note a sharp. a^j^rpj ^sjsajs* a key-board for the system a key-board of 84 keys to the a kind a kind of a kind of guitar akkord.] akt, gcr.; atto, it.) alamoth (hcb.) this word occurs in a lamp, which may or may not be furnished a large kind of oboe. alarum, all'armi a latinized synonym of diaphony alberti's alberti, the alberti, who died in 1739. albinoni [1674-1745], whose sonatas were alcuna licenza, con aldhelm, who was one a leathern bag, and au\de, alessandro a lever which controls the alfieri, " alia breve." alia breve (it.) [alia mente.] alia mente [it.) alia riverso (it.), alia stretta(/7.) bringingcloserand alia vibrato. alien to the spirit of the work. alike as to subject and movement. aline drawn through a figure aliquot tones. a list of the shakes a little more. a little organ which alive, brisk, lively, animated. all animals, even all' antico (//.) in the old style. allarecit., all are tuned a fifth apart. -alla stretta. allegorical characters assumed. allegramente allegrettino .allegretto allegri, who died in 1652, composed a .allegro allegro. allegro agitato allegro {it.) (lit. joyful.) quick, lively. allegro moderato. allegro, rather allein (ger.) allein, soft stops only. allemande- allemande. allentamento allentato allernande all his biographers alligators. allison, allonger l'archet all our knowledge on allowed a pension of 2400 fr. campenhout allowed to vibrate, and thus the pitch all parts of the world. all, the all the intermediate all their all the known keys. all the parts all the parts are all the roundel lustily, all these all these animals all these laws and many allusion to the ally of a almighty power." almond is mandola. almost almost coeval with a lofty jumping or a leaping round, alone. alone, as sanfte stimmen alone is flat, alone will stand in a long " in modo perfecto " was along the a loud noise which may never occur. alphabet in use then as now alphorn. alpine horn. already described. already enunciated. already in use. al rigore del tempo al rigore di tempo (/*.) al riverso [al rovescio.] al rovescio al seg .al segno [al segno.] al segno also also, also 2 in also abb. also any also applied to certain de- also approximately also called a bind, also called a cadent. also called beaujoyeux, who came to also called spiccato. also changed to do (france excepted) also claim credit for being also find also given to account- also indicated by the sign ^=. also known as the chord of the also known in france (chants also, notes with also the also the introduction of also urged that the lower also used to indicate the also, victorinus says also was noted for his skill. alteiation has been alter- alteratio alteratio (lat.) in mediaeval music, the alteration alteration of key. alteration of the alterations alterato altered, augmented (with altered by other signs. altered for the purpose. alternamente (it.) ~\ changing by turns. alternando alternate alternativo alter the altgeige (ger.) although although cadenzas were although doubtless of although high in pitch. [larynx.] although it seems although the greeks had although these would of course combine " although they have the altieramente altissimo (it.) the highest. alto [alto.] alto a second alto-basso alto clef alto clef, altogether. alto part alto singer. alto violin. [alto voice.] alto voice. alto voice will alt-posaune altschliissel (ger.) alto clef. altus, medius, and bassus altviole (ger.) [alto viola.] altzeichen always, ever, continually always find always stated, as a lyre. this word was formerly a lyre with an open back could alzamento di mano [it.) raising the alzando (it.) amabilita, con a major semi(gk.) 'a-oro/o). a major tone. a male singer. a male singer with a a. malleus. a manner a man's work should be " dedicated " to god, a manual or clavier. a march. amarevole (it.) sad, bitter. amarezza, con (it.) with sadness. amarissimamente (it.) tt amarissimo [amateur.] amateur (fr.) a lover of music; one a may song. ambitus ambo ambon ambroise thomas has a ambrose. ambrosian ambrosian hymn. ambrosian te ambrosian te deum. [ambubajae.] ambubajae (lat.) companies of immoral ambubajje ambulant (fr.) a measure a mediaeval sign or a melody sung in the a membrane amen amen. a metronome in a minor third. a mixed company, " would you a mixture-stop a mode. a modern a modulation. [modupassing note. among among a chest of among modern among modern poets, but when such a lack among mohammedan among most of the european among other works, tallis and byrd's among other writers, dante amongst amongst which among the among the former, the among the greeks, the unison, among this second among whom a moorish tambour. amore, con (it.) with love, affection, a more decent form. a moresco (//.) in the moorish amorevole (it.) affectionately. amorevolmente (it.) tenderly. amorosamente (it.) lovingly. amor-schall. amount a moveable piece of metal or a movement a movement of the voice amphibia. amphibians which amphibrach. amphioxus or amples amplified. amplitude of vibration. the distance ampoule * ampulla of semi-circular canals. amrantc, similarly written a ms. probably of the gth century. a muscle situated in the amusement a music book. an accessory part, in a fugue. an accidental, that an account an adagio in an affected an air in a graceful, anakamptos. (gk.) [anakampsis.] a name, apparently a name formerly a name given to the an ancient greek trumpet an animal with moveable ears, an anthem an antiphon sung while the an apby eight fifths anaploke an approximate an artifice an artist who an assortment anatomic" von anatomie," part i. p. 582 an authentic an bout. ance [anche.] ancient celts. ancient metrical hymns, ancient nations," pp. 12, 13. ancient scandinavian trumpets. ancient supremacy, and there (ancient systems ancient than his date. ancora (it.' again, once more, ancor piu mosso (it.) still =\ and "and and" and 10th. and 13th. and 2nd, and 2nd." and 2nd modes. and 32 and (3.) the madrigal accompanied by and 4th modes. and 74 of bach's passion (st. matthew). and a bass trombone and ability of an artist. andacht (ger.) andachtig (ger.) and a few and after that and after this was ended, and a half octaves. andai-e in tempo and a lamp burning with a and all the and also and also, and also the and another having four notes and another was, and answer. and answer in a stretto. and answer (simply or by augmentation .andante andante. andante con moto. with energy or andantemente andante non troppo. andante sostenuto. and archaeology and are therefore and arm in arm and arranged by w. chappell, and at about and at another a dulcimer. and at one time, and avrevippti/ia of the and b, and backwards. and baryton. and beauties and became the and before the and began dancing and bell-shaped metal end. and below and besides them, and boundless, and cambridge are the subject of special and catching and chaucer in england." and citizenship of the people. and closed with a and compass. and compound. and compound vibrations of light. and connected. and consecutive and consequently no middle and contempt. [dance.] and dale, music primer.) and dance." and depression marks.) and describes and difficult." and diminished and diminished, and diminuendo. and distant and distoned from melodie.'' and divide it thus and dominant; and dominant harmony. and double-bass. and du cange quotes (verbo motulus) a and e, and effects can and embellished style. an der petri kirche, leipzig, 1831. no. 6 is and even and even- and even beyond these and, even in canticles and ex. and expression, and expression. and extraneous, &c, &c. and " five pair of double regalls." and flute a chciuinee and formerly employed and forwards. and fourth and fr.) and from and from the and fuga incomposita was when the and full grand. and further, and further, as many and generally in two and german than and gives a twig and ground-note, and guinea. and guitar and had to be struck sharply. [organ.] and hare and harmonic and has consequently been found and have no membranous part. and hence and hence it is and hintersatz coupled. and " hluddra sang." and hypo-ionian and hypo-lydian. and i2th modes. and i am sure that the and if the and if you love me, love me now; and in 1627 hilton's ayres or fa and in ex. 2, and (in old music) other parts. and into related and is present in all but two frogs. and is slower in pace than the jig. and it another on c be found, and it has thus much and junk in arabic. the negroes and justly, and lyons (for basses). and major semitone and minor keys and more and movements acting only on the and moving, and is admirably adapted and musicians, when they set and next to it and " notation and notation.] and not by and now, and now, quitting the diatonic and nvkvbt and octave and octaves, and of 16 ft. pitch on the manuals. and of beats. and of mrs. todd, and of public and private musicians and of the chief and one short syllable -- -- and only "inscribed" to a fellow-man. his and organised arrangement. and organ (ugab)" (genesis iv. 21). the and organum, which consisted entirely of and other celtic melodies. and other countries and others. and other works sufficiently prove. and out the aperture. and pan's-pipes. and passing events. and "passion music." and phorminx (fopmyt,) the and phrasing notes with the voice. and pillers." many cities and towns, both and pit-a-pat make our knackers ring." and places where and played and played thus and plays in it himself. and pleasure. and powerful sound. and practice their guide. and practised personal skill and privileges and probably the ugab of the and 'pt]rirr), gum.) and quiet character. and rapid series of notes. and reed, having tubes twice the normal and reflection.) and return backwards and r is inside and ritorncllo. and roulade is generally and saints, and martyrs. and satisfactory performance. and scherzo of no. 9). and schncibel, or beak, and semitones and seven and shade and shakespeare and shepherds and short (breve or brief), " mensurabilis and should learn how to use. and shrillness and six parts, made by matthew and sixth and so and so it and sometimes and sometimes followed by one, and sometimes four parts. and songs among "the king's and so on. and so on. in other and so on. it will be and so on. [pitch.] and so on through and sorrowe make." and spaces. and spaces is and special (and spirited. and superior ear-bones or and tenor c and that and that all and that name i take and the and the 5th above and the bass part. and " the believing soul." and the crozier and the curved and the external ear, and the gift is and the masses and " the mythical and then, after as, e poi la and then decayed, " and then to sigh, as't were and the old rules with regard and the only and the player blows and, therechords of and there was an and the right will not expire and the same thing, and the strings and the student and the syrinx of the greeks (pan's-pipcs), and the thyro-hyoid. and the tongue and the wood-louse) and they have also found their and they lived and they wrote down music in the and third bars of ex. and third books were published in 1608. no and this departure increases by .01955 and three and to and tortoises we and transmits vibrations and triple forms mixed. and ultimately the and universally adhered to. and upon and upon the two-octave lyre. (and usually black) keys of the pianoforte. and valved. and valves and very smoothly. and violoncello, and vocal range. and vocal sounds. (2) method of producing and voyces" (1606), describes and voyces," as in alison's and wandering dance, and was especially favoured by that and we have and what is there in and when and when it and when, on the and which by and which here follows. and which, when moved up or down by and with extra complexity. and, with the last named and with the same facility. and wood's and worked the bellows. and works please to protect and yet, with all the an ear for an early instance of an easy one. it was called "quadrating"' an e horn, a minor sixth an eisteddfod as an eleventh. anelito an embellishment, a anemochord. an episode an even tone in quick passages. an example of an example of an episode, an excellent breast." an excerpt. an extended composition. an extract anfangs-ritornel (ger.) angelica angelica. angelique angenehm anglaise (fr.) l anglican chant. [chant.] anglican church were chosen by the anglican pointing, anglico anglo-saxon chronicle we anglo-saxons, anglo-saxon term angore angosciamente (it.)) sorrowfully, angosciamento (it.) j anxiously. angoscioso (it.) anxious, painful. (ang.-sax.) anguish, anhang (ger.) a coda. [coda.] an harmonic an honest robe, shoes, "an howres animals (fish). animated, animated character, moving animated, with greater spirit. animato (it.) lively, animated. animato, rather animated animo, ccn (it.) with courage, spirit, animo corde (it.) [anemochord.] animosissimamente (it.) animosissimo (it.) an indian drum. an ingenious contrivance an ingenious machine, an instruchiroplast. an instrument an instrument. an instrument having a an instrument having two an instrument of an instrument of ancient an instrument of the guitar an instrument of tine an instrument somewhat an interesting an interval. an interval of a fourth, as an interval of five whole an introductory voluntary. an inversion. an invitation to praise, an italian fretted anlage (ger.) anleitung (ger.) anmuth (annales ecclesice, an oboist an obsolete instrument, in an obsolete instrument of an octave higher. an office celebrated on an officer in a anointed. an old an old english round an old german guitar an old lively dance performed an old name an old song of the time of an old term for an open air morning con- an open metal flue pipe an opera, an opera. one of the most an oratorio in english, composed by mr. an orchestra an orchestra. an organ an organ flute-stop. [flute.] an organ), including both reed and an organ in which a an organ or pianoforte. an organ sonata. an organ stop con- an organ stop, con- an organ stop of 32-ft. an organ-stop, the pipes an organ-stop, with two an ornamental an ornament consisting an ornament in harpsiof" a note a note, a note accompanied a note signifies that another another common instance of another edition by j. buckland in 1746. another explanation another in g. another instance another line of the text another name for the laudi another prolongation another sheba queen. another view regards an oval tympanic membrane is fitted. a novelty. an overture. ans. anstimmen (ger.) anstimmung (ger.) answcrhcre modulates answer answer, answer. answered by a answered by dominant, answering an asu answering the stringed answers al rovescio are found answer shows answers is called the exposition answer with antecedent, &c. antecedents, the subject of a anteriorly by the cochlea (fig. iv. 6, 7, 8), anterior, posterior, [anthem.] anthem. [anthem.] (2) anthema- anthema (gk.) avde/xa, short poetic form [anthem.] [madrigal.] anthems. anthems of the present anthems, the exigencies of the anthologium anthropoglossa anticipated anticipation, anticipation. antico (it.) ancient. antidotum tarantula. antienne (fr.) ) antifona \ 7 ^} antifonario -antiphon. antiphon. antiphonaire (fr.)\ [antiphonary.] antiphonal song. antiphon. [anthem.] antiphonarium [antiphonarium.] antiphonary. 1 a service book of the antiphonasque cantarent." antiphoner. j roman church, which antiphon. (i) in ancient greek music antiphons sumitur" antiquity antiquity. antispast (iambic & trochee). antispastus. antistrophe antistrophe. antoine verard, 1490, in which a ms. note antwerp, mechlin, bruges, ghent, and a number of intervals such, that a number of musicians an undecided manner. an under-part. an undertone an unpretending character. an unrelated key. [modulation.] an up bow in violin anvers, 1579, in which, kissing the whole of anwachsend any authority any chink remains any composer. any extent. any mechanical contriinstrument. any membrane conducts sounds any more compressed air by bb. any movement which recurs any musical sign. (2) in particular, the any other plan. any other science. any point by the use of a sign any prescribed form. any regard to form any subject any subject chosen for con(3) anything, entirely new anything with frequent any time of the any unseemly clamour any way resembling the lyric any wind aoidoi (gk.), plural ofdoisoe. minstrels, a " pair of virginals." a paper by de morgan (cam. phil. trans. apart and depressed. apart, as the case may be. apart, thus temporarily opening it. a pathetic manner. a pause. a pedal register a peg of a violin, &c. a people of a different a people possessing a perfect a performer; a a performer who a peu (fr.) apfelregal (ger.) a reed stop in the apfiovia apfxottuiy a phrase. a pianoforte, to apices apposed 'api^oi'iag ? fiiytdog a pipe. fistula ditlcis, a pistons (fr.) a plagal tone a plaintive, sorrowful style a player. a player on a plectrum like a cithara a poco piu mosso (it.) apollo-lyra. apolutikion (gk.) airdkvtikiov. a portative organ. a portative organ was often a portion a portion of a post a postman's horn. [apotome.] apotome pythagorica a pot-pourri. a power, apparent. apparently appassionatamente appeal to imperfect judgment. the word is, appearance," dasmusikalische kleeblatt" of appearance of the appearance the pianoforte, but appears thus appenato appendix. [applause.] applause. applicable applicatur applied having little or applied to applied to many things of a curved shape, applied to organ or applied to texts of scripture applied to the applied to the canto primo. applied to the increase of time appoggiando appoggiato appoggiatura, beat. appreciated. apprestare approval of the elector of saxony. approximate formation approximate harmonic seventh. april 9, 1870), the divergences of the later a programme. a prose. a [a. proslambanomenos. a proverb current in the a psalter, generally a psaltery. [nebel.] apud gerbert's (apuoviki)) apycni a quadrille. a quartet. a quatre seuls (fr.)") t, r a quaver j* a quaver ^(lat. chroma). a quaver s the hooked a quaver w> a rapid triple measure a rattle, arbitrary laws of rhythm. arbitrio arcangelo arch archbishop alfric wished arched archicembalo archiluth archlute, archytas. arciliuto (it.) arco arco, or simply arco. ardently. ardently, eagerly, arditezza,con (it.) with boldness, energy. .ardito ardito (it.) bold and ardour, desire, fervour, ardour, desire, longing. are, are: a real fugue are as follow : are as follows are based upon are chiefly are confessedly ignorant are covered strings. are easily distinguishable. a reed-flute. a reed-instrument of powerful tone. a reed instrument of the a reedy quality of tone. are employed. are fixed. are forbidden. are generally are generally about 3 are generally as follow are given through the are harsh and shrill. are hence called finger-cymbals are imitated throughout. are, in all are interested in the subject. are introduced are irregular or non-periodic. are largely used. are made perfect. are made with the knuckles are minor. a remote antiquity are no longer simple but compound are not greek. are not objectionable in are occasionally absent. are of excessive difficulty are of general appli- are of " very ancient " origin.* are perfect. are placed. are pleasingly effective. are plucked with the right hand. are produced by the forcing of are rarely reached. are similarly shown. are situated three small are sometimes used. a resonance-box. are spoken of as the choir. are, strictly speaking, are struck. are struck, e and e (or ft)) are sufficiently distinct. are synonymous. are the dis- are three manners of ways in playing." are thus produced. [aretinian sylguidonian syllables. [aretinian syllables.] aretinian syllables. aretino, are to are to be are to be discovered by filling up the are to be observed are to play the bass part. a return to the original are two kinds of arsis. are very difficult a reward of praise. are wholly conjectural. aria d'abilita (it.) aria di bravura (it.) a melody with aria-parlante or monody, which was aria tedesca a riddle-canon. [arietta.] arietta (it.) ariette (fr.) a ring. aristides aristides quintilianus, (ed. meibom. p. 28) aristoxenus aristox. p. 24, lines 17 to 19. + aristox., p. 28. arist. quint., p. 17. arithmetical armarius, primicerio armoneggiare armonica armonica-- arrangement. armonista armonista. armonya rithmica arms. arms folded during the time the army) a rod a round may a round piece (arpa doppia) with arpa (it.) [harp.] arpege (fr.) arpeggiando arpeggiatura arpeggio [arpeggio.] arpeggio.] arpeggio (it.) arranged. arranged" music. in 1795, j. w. holder, arranged with arrangement [arrangement.] arrangement of a arrangement of the same arrangements arrow, &c. [arsis.] [arsis. j art, artery ; c. styloid process art-flbte art (ger.) species, kind, sort, as auf arthropoda, the sub-kingdom containing article " article forbid article " galliard." articles articulation. (1) in singing, the art of artis artists. art of art of dancing. art of fugue arts. a russian instrument, a rustic dance, of english aryteno-epiglottidean arytenoepiglottis arytenoid cartilages, arytenoid cartilages are fixed). arytenoid cartilage; tc. arytenoid muscles arytenoids are also bony. as above. as accompaniments. a sacred sonata. as a discord, it as a double as, a fugue in as, allegro as a material in bow-making. a sambuka or large harp. as, an encore, to as an example as a poem, the ballad has as applied to intervals. as are also the mouth-pieces, by waxed as a serious side. as, a simple tone. as, assez lent, as assigne of thomas morley as a toy, but the introduction as a well-known case. as being a kind of ballet. as being redundant. as benedict viii. was pope as both pitch and lead ascaules (gk.) aaicavxtjc, a player on ascaulos. ascaulos (gk.) aaxavkoe, a bagpipe, from ascaulus (arrkavxoc) of the ascended the tetrachord by ascending ascending sounds. ascending the scale ascer- a school for teaching as constructed by different makers. a score. a score in which all the a scotch dance in duple as, csatto in- as dur as dur. a secondary meaning of the word, a secondary negative system. a second dot follows the a second edition a second was published as egyptian dates can be a semiquaver a semiquaver. a semiquaver rest. a semitone. a series of a series of small a series of valves as estives de a seventh. a seventh by inversion, &c. (as far as the music as, festtresanp, as first laid down. as, flauto as follows as for as gabriel me bereth witnesse." as generally called perfect. as gli stromenti, the instru- as, handel's ashantee trumpet ashantee trumpet. a sharp third. as he could guess. as he does " a shepherd's pipe ash-hadu as, high, low, &c. as his libretto, he a short a short allegretto movement. a short musical a short note, a duple measure of 2 a short poem intended for a short, simple air, implying or as if reciting. a simple tube. as in an organ, &c. as in a pianoforte. a singer named campenhout. as in modern music. as, inter aliquant as interesting. as in the above groups of semiquavers. as in the french horn and trumpet. as justesse de la voix, purity of a sketch of what a skip a skip down as, la main gauche, a slide a slow dance in | time, a slur. as, major mode, minor a small bellows. a small instrument for a small instrument of brass, a small kind of flute, with six a small pianoforte. a small-sized fiddle. a small spring added for as, mesure as minor as much as possible and vice versa. as never was by mortal finger strook a snort tu&ue a soft as, ohne ped., a solo or concerted piece. as one a song a song, a song. a song in honour of a song. [melody.] a song of difficult a song written by as opposed to as opposed to music sung by ear. asor. a sort of country a sort of map of musical asosra (heb.) [chatzozerah.] a sound-board is made by taking a a sounding-board. as overlapping. a special sentiment or not. a species of a species of small bassoon. a species of song of a species of trumpet, a a species of viol da a specimen aspirare (it.) to take breath audibly, aspiration as plaid." as possible. a spring under each key holds it in as private soldiers. a sprout, but as, ripieno di due, assemblage as set forth by dr. thomas campion, 1620, as signatures for the drums. assigned by written as, simple counter(1) not florid assi que triste naci assistance of the pedals. assistance of the student assistance, or associated in this work, associated with association as softly as possible, as some may assonance. as, sotto voce, in as, stromenti di assyrian harp. as, tamburo as that already described. as the as the " as the above example (56) shows. as the bow is used further as, the chromatic style, the as the first. as the flute. as the following as the " free fantasia." as the growth of the as the human form appears as the king was fond of music as the lowest tone. as the middle of the abdomen. as the " organ* of corti," as there as the suggestor of as the third. as the viola d'amore. as the word as the word is traced as they appear in as they are as this is very important we as this " ut queant laxis." as though astical pitch in a stick. as time as to alter the pitch. as to details. a stop often found in a stork. as to secular music, we find as tres voces, a stringed instrument, a stringed-instrument. a stringed instrument of a stroke as, trumpet in c, d, a study. a subject. a subject-coda or codetta. a succession of a sudden growth takes place in both sexes, a " suite," the jig a suo bene placito (it.) at one's a suo comodo (it.) at one's leisure. a super-dissonant third. as used at gath) as va crescendo, go on as, violino picciolo, as, violino secondo, as, voce gracile, as, vollgesang, with as, volti subito, or as we know. as well as for the voice as well in public as in private. as we read of in the psalms. as you at a just pace. a tambourine. at an early period at an ordinary a tanto possibile, as at a religious at a rope. at a slower pace. at charenton, in 1607. at chichester, 1115; at at chichester and at christmas. at c the triple suspension % % at each inspiration at each side. a temp a temperature of zero centigrade. a tempo a tempo, in a tendency to a tenor quality to the a tenor trombone a term a term applied a term applied to a term applied to songs a term frequently used a term in change-ringing. a term of twenty years. a term used by dr. a tern at exeter, c. 1080 at fc the double suspension 9 6 at first at first, but afterwards at five. (a) that portion of an a theme, or subject; a melody. athenreus. a thin voice. a third a third at geneva, in 1627 at his a thousand years before his visit. "a time at; in music, to condemn. ation. ation of the chord 4 at nuremberg (1475), in the cathedral at a to j- a is unmelodic. but chord 13, in at once, at once. at once that eight quavers at one a tone above the phrygian.f at one period the at one's pleasure a tonic at others, it was at paris, 1613 at queen's college at religious or dramatic expression. a tremolo, a tremolo. a tremolo or quavering a tremulous quality of at rf the a triple fugue, a triple measure of 3 (o a trumpet played in the distance. a trumpet used by the a trumpet whose at salisbury and york he ranked at schiedam, in 1664. at sight. at st. paul's at such a hunts up." " attacati," rather attached a handle, attached to a chantry. attendant keys attendant keys. attention paid, at that early date. at that period, the at the celebration of the at the door. at the end closed by the knot. at the end of the 13th century, at the front, a at the interval of one semitone, (ex. 3) at the new press at at the octave, at the original pace or time at the presence of the at the present day the at the same at the tyger, in beverley at the unison or octave. at the words " christe eleison." at this period, it was not usual attwood. a tune a tune in duple a turn a- tus vir qui at various intervals at various periods. at will. auber. " auch vil auctoribus audace, con audace, con (it). with vigour, boldness. audacity, auderent, sed in brevibus auditory and facial nerves. auditory meatus or canal; auditory nerve as they vibrate. auditory nerve. [ear.] auferions (old eng.) wire strings. aufgeweckt(gf>-.) brisk, aufgewecktheit aufhalten aufhaltung(gcr.) suspension. [harmony.] auflosung aufschlag aufstrich aug- aug. [augmentation.] augmentation. augmented augmented; (1) minor, (2) normal, and augmented,#^jg^; augmented ninth. augmented or diminished, augments as the square augsburg. auletes (gk.) avx?/-i;c. a player on the aulos [aulos.] aulos or flute. [aulos.] [a una corda.] ausarbeitung a useful storehouse ausfuhrung (gcr.) (1) performance or aushaltung aushaltungs-zeichen (gcr.) a pause /r\ aussere stimmen. ausweichung- ausweichung (ger.) change, modulation. authentic. authentic, hyper-dorian authentic, hyper-/eolian authentic, hyper-lydian authentic, hyper-mixo-lydian authentic, hyper-phrygian authentic part of the scale, authority than mr. toynbee.f authorized authors authors. authors' authors (see coussemaker, p. 49) classify the authors, spohr makes most author was then living. auto - laryngoscopy [autos sacramentales. autos sacramentales (sp.) one of the auxiliary note. avec a vehicle a versicle a very small bell. a vibrating string. a vicious habit which is a violin a violoncello a vocal composition in harmony, a voice or avoided, shunned, as avpiyl of the greeks, fistula of the avrapkeg rkvofiii^e (av(tt)ifia. avvtiivu), to draw together. avxiu.) avxxafid eirttpttov away captive required a well crucifixion, a well-known dance, consisting a welsh custom a whole a whole tone ganzenote, a semibreve, &c. a wide but shallow a will be found the double sus8 (a willow). a wind instrument. a wooden a word a word derived from a word of varied meaning. {awrinfiivwv) axis ayairxoer}. ayres ayres. ayres of 4 parts, book ii. ayu/3wv (aywyii), azer^^r^**- m azione [azor.] azor. azor (heb.) this word which occurs in baccalaureus musicae bacchanalian song. bacchius, senr., bacchius, senr., p. 20. bach bach, bach. bach, as published about 1760: bachelor [bachelor.] bachelor of, or in, music. the bach, from bach has bach pronounced bach's bach's beautiful e major fugue is given bach's oratorios were back back. back, and enclosed air of the violin. back and obscures the view of backfall. back of hand. back the first subject. back-turn taking a lower note back view of laryngeal cartilages. badinage (fr.) badinant [bag- bagatelles (.fy.) sketches, short pieces, -bagpipe. [bagpipe.] bagpipe. bagpipe. a drone. the word hummel is bagpiper. [bagpipes.] bag-pipes. bagpipe used baguettes (fr.) drumsticks. baif in 1573 published " mimes, entremets, baisser (fr.) to lower. [balafo.] balancement (fr.) tremolo. -balcken. balgbalg balgentreter (balgentreter) of the old -ballad. [ballad. [ballad.] ballade and sange therewith." ballademanuscripts, like the percy ballads, at another lyric-epics. ballads," but the arts of music and poetry ballads collected by rawlinson. ballad singers of the troubadour ballet. a madrigalian part-song with a [ballet, opera, oratorio.] balletti, balli inglesi (it.) ballistia. balli ungaresi (it.) ballo (it.) a dance, a ball. ballonchio (it.) [passamezzo.] ballonzare (it.) to dance wildly, bals bamberg (enlarged band [band, band. band com- [bandore.] bandore. band, the conductor. baptist. baptist, and, -bar. [bar.] bar, bar. barbarous. barbarous rules. barbet. [barbiton.] barcarolle [bard.] bardone. [viola di bardone.] bard or minstrel. bard, or wait. bards. barem (ger.) an organ-stop, consisting bariolage (fr.) a medley. a cadenza, baritenor. a deep tenor. bariton bariton compass. baritone. baritone clef: baritone clef. baritone range baritone voice. [barytone.] baritone voice has a bariton flugel-horn, with 3 and 4 bariton (fr.) baritono (it.)} the bar)'tone bariton sax-horn, with barley," are barley's lute book barmony. barnes, in the following year: bar not usually accented. barocco (it.) bar of time. baroque (fr.) j applied to a composition bar or measure barpfeife (ger.) [baarpyp.] barquarde barre de mesure (fr.) [bar.] barre de repetition (fr.) barrel organs furnished with hymn barrett, bars bars, instead of strings, which, bars;" others say it is "of compounds of bar's rest. bars showing (1) the end of a piece, (2) the barypycni. bas-dessus (fr.) base. base, and thoro' base to each song" (1737). base called the " scala tympani " (fig. v. bass," 1731: bass-bar. bass down basse chiffree basse chiffree, basse continued basse contrainte (fr). [ground bass.] basse contre (fr.) a deep bass voice, basse fondamentale. basse (fr.) bass. bass, employs many new chords, including basse recitante basses of lutes or viols. basse taille (fr.) the barytone voice. basset-horn, corno di bassetto (it.) bassetto (it.) bass for the organ." bassgeige bass horn. bassi and tenori. bassi di basslaute (ger.) [bass lute.] bass lute. [theorbo.] bass note, c. e. basso buffo (it.) a comic singer, with a basso continuo basso continuo (it.) basso fondamentale basso horn, a ninth below. basson (fr.) [bassoon.] basson quinte [bassoon.] bassoon, bassoon. bassoon.] basso ostinato basso ostinato (it.) bass part figured bass part per basspommer bass-posaune bass, root, derivative. bass string instruments. bassthema bassthema (ger.) bass trombone. bass trumpet. bass tuba. bass (voice) bass voice. bass voice, &c. bass voice. the batillus. baton (fr.) (1) a stick used in beating baton in beating time. [battement.] battere, batterie battery. battle song. bavofievog. baxoncillo bayles (sp.) (b) became bcaie system. b cancellatum. b, cjft. b dur- b dur (ger.) the key of bj? major. be accompanied by free parts be a corruption of symphonia. [bagpipe.] be a diminished seventh. beam be approached by a single bearable. bearing:. be arranged into two bears be as much as possible equidistant. beat [beat.] beat. beat]. beat, and beating time. beat in the bar. beat of a beat, or beats beats. beats of every bar. beats per minute. beat time by beaumont & fletcher, the faithful beautiful and well-known melody, beautiful, as well as beautiful example in carved ivory in the beautifully, beaut} of their melodies. beauty and value be avoided." be briefly described bebung (ger.) the tremolo stop in an be called belgian solmisation. be called by the term. became again popular, and from be carried by sequence through because if it be desired because in their full form they because it was because more because of because some of because the very objection that becco (it.) becken (ger.) a cymbal. be classified under become absolutely necessary, becomes a 7th becomes a discord, which becomes merely a becomes necessary becomes the second shift, &c. become very largely developed. becoming becoming slower by degrees. be completed in a bar be concluded. be conveniently be derived from the italian word be different in style, be dispensed with, as be disturbed. be doubled. be easy, even for an bee (fr.) \ a mouth-piece, lit., a beak. beej^abd^ eg beemes and box, been called clavycytherium, the been invented in 1815 by maelzel, for the been the companion of beggars. been the inventors. been too much. beethoven in beethoven's mass in c. beethoven's pianoforte sonata, no. beethoven's svm. beethoven's sym., beethoven's symphony no. (beethoven symphony, beethoven, symphony no. beethoven. symp. no. be expanded beyond before christmas. before that time before the assembly. be found be found. be found in bach's be found in fux. be found in passages began begeisterung beginning of 1500 the pipe-work itself had beginning of the beginning of the 18th centuries beginning of the next verse: beginning of the second bar, beginning with the simplest, begleitende stimmen (ger.) begleiten (ger.) to accompany. begleitung (ger.) accompaniment. be gradually softened, and the pace behind him. behind it was another quadrangular behold, " behoves no more, be inferred from the being being a choice being adopted being at once regained. being called principal. being complete. being considered to be the normal key. being dated 1635. being false in theory. changes being forced through being known as being made by being omitted being purely being slightly slackened. being struck by two hammers, one held in being sung. be in open score. be in the same key. be introduced be in tune. beisser (ger.) beitone(g^r.) aliquot tones. [harmonics.] be it so, but in bekevoli. belfry. belgian believed to have " belike bell and cap, of 8ft. pitch. bellezza (it.) beauty of expression and bell founding. bell gamba. bellicosamente bellicose (it.) bellishments. bell is said to bell metronome. bell of a horn, cornet, bellows. bellows." bellows of the cuckoo toy. bellows, wind-chest. bell piano. [glockenspiel.] bell-player. [carillon.] bell ringing. [bells.] bells, 39,916,800 changes; 12 bells, 479,001,600 changes. bell, saints' bell. bells attached to a staff. bells of the bell-top belly of belonging to the instrument belongs. belongs to the middle of the 17th century, be looked upon as a curiosity. below below. below, as c below as the new key-note, and proceeding below g below it, the second and so on. below the below, under; below what might be termed its key-note. " belshazzar s feast." belt. be maelzel's, bencdicta cs celorum regina ;" (2.) " missa bend the finger benedict ix. in 1044, and was deposed by benedict ix. was restored. benedictus (lat.) [mass.] bene placito (it.) at pleasure. the benet, dowland, ford, and gibbons. ben (it.) well. ben marcato, well bennet's ma- bennett. ben rogers, bent so as to form be performed by one or be played. be played in the time of eight, or six. be played in the time of six. be played, the "accordatura" being often be procured. bequadro bequarre (k) } bequeathed by him to beranger. berceuse (fr.) a cradle song. be recognized berecyntia matris be required at any time. berga- bergomask. berlin, 1844. berlin, 184n. bernsufficient bers of their primaries. besaiten be "set" be set to music and sung. be sharp, f, c, g, d, be shortened besides that of proclaiming of jubilees. besides this, the be silent. be silent. c.b. tacet, best. best advantage to art best compositions. bestimmt (ger.) with decision. best oratorio. be such a be the ratio of a be thus classified be tied. be transposed among themselves without between a key and a pipe, between f and f$. between mn and between the fundamental between the key note and between the rows between the two is a fluid, between the upper and between the various scales to between two octaves from lower d betwene trouthe and be used on the down-beat. bewegung (ger.) motion. -bexgj beyond beyond g, and up beyond this. [triplex.] beyond which b flat trombone. [trombone.] bft, in b^gpi bhat. (b. hypate (b>.) hypo-ionian bianco. (it.), a [bichord.] bichord. bifara (lat.) big drum. biichse (ger.) bijuga. bilancojel. an indian flute with seven bility to bimmolle (it.) [bina.] binary form. binary measure. common b. incus. [bind.] bind, binde (ger.) [bind.] bind or bind the notes together. bindung (ger.) syncopation, suspension, bindungs-zeichen (ger.) bindungszeichen (ger.) a slur or bind. biographie universelle, biographie universelle ~des musi- (bipartiens). bird-organ. birds birds. birth. birthplace is not known. birth, who died about 1630, was a skilful bis, bis. bischero biscroma bis-diapason. bisdiapason. bishop of cambray bishop scory's bis (lat.) twice. (1) a direction that bissex. a kind of guitar with twelve bis unca (lat.) a semiquaver ^, or bit. bit into existence. bitrio, at his pleasure. bizzarramente(7/.) bizzarria bizzarro bjf to black horse, aldersgate street. bladders blance to the silk-worm. blanche (fr.) a minim j [bianca.] blanche pointee (fr.) a dotted minim. blase-instrument blase-musik blatt (ger.) ble, careful. blech-instrumente bles bles-belg, a blessing, (b) lisette. dont l'empire blow, blowing, and certain blown by swiss shep- blown, which may of course be b natural, board. board, against board, by its rising, pulls the cord. (bobs) major (bobs) maximus (bobs) minor (bobs) royal bocal (fr.) the mouth-piece of the horn, bocca ridente (it.) smiling month, the bocchino (it.) a mouth-piece of wind bocedisation. solfeggi bockpfeife (ger.) bagpipe. boden (ger.) [body.] bodies of impromptu musicians who make bodleian library at oxford. body. the resonance box of a string bogen bogenclavier (ger.) [tetrachordon.] bogenstrich (ger.) the stroke of a bohemia, now of almost universal adoption. boieldieu, boire a nos amours. bois boisterous bold, energetic boldly, daringly. boldness, [bolero.] bombard. bombarde bombardo. bombardon, circular bombardonreed bombastic. bombaulius, /3o^/3ai//\(oe(g^.) a facetious bonaffino's [bones.] bon temps bony bony ring in which it is set. book," adolphe hesse, breslau, 1840. book i. morley's canzonets, 5 and 6 book of ayres. book printed books because of the boot of a reed-pipe in an (bordonizare). bordoune bore. born. borrowed from the greek notation of alypius. both gluck and beethoven use it both these defects are both with bottrigari, " ii melone," fer- "bound" and "conjoint." the following bound in three volumes. boundless, bounds [bourdon.] bourdon was sometimes said bourine player. boutade (fr.) a dance which was sup- bow. bow. [bowing.] bow-hand. bowing [bowing.] bowing. bow may, unconsciously to the performer, bows box. boyau (fr.) cat-gut strings. bozzini, b quadratum b quadro. b quadrum b quarre brabanconne. brace, brace. brace. (1) a mark connecting two or brana tympani branchial cleft. branch of branle du bouquet,' from " deux dialogues bransle (fr.) [brawl.] brass bass instrument, brass instrument, a brass, over the top of brass pipes is well known. brass they broughten brass wind instruments, brations per second; that is, just 17 feet bratsche braunschweig (1499), the width of the span bravi, bravo, encore. bravo, mas. bravura passages. brawl. brawl. an old round dance break [break.] break. (1) the point of junction in the break, in an organ stop, breal' breast, breast. breath. breathing. breit (ger.) broadly, largamente. bretgeige (ger.) breves thus bridge. bridge of a stringed bright and clear, &c, &c. bright array " in brightest and best bright, m.p., in 1845. brightness, brillante brillenbasse brilliant, bring us to the end of our material. brio, con brise (fr.) [broken chords, arpeggios.] brisk brisk. briskly, brisk, quick, lively. britain). british museum. brittany, it was called pib-corn. broad broadwood's grand action. broadwood's upright action. broadwood's utright check action. broderies. broderies (fr.) ornaments with which broken broken chords. broken melody, broken music. probably music played bronchus; bronchus. brontium brother professors. brother william holborne. b rotundum brought brought, brought under control of the player. (2) a brummeisen .bruscamente b sharp. bte^g buccina. buccinator. buccolica (it.) 1 buch," elber8. " evangelische gesang buch, given above. buch, von mancherley schonen bucina bucolique (fr.) j in a rustic manner. bud-ded out, buffet (fr.) buffo '*' buffonescamente buftone -bugle. bugle. bugle. (1) a hunting-horn of a bugles. builder, of building of the built buisines, eles, monocorde bule. buli; bulk, the bull, byrd, and others, entitled bunzlau-in-schlesien; dorpat, 1848. "alte buonaccordo- buonaccordo (it.) a small triangular buonamente (it.) justly, truly. burden burden. burden." [burden.] (2) an organ burden after each verse. burden of burden of a song. burgensis etbremensis, burgomask. burial of the burlando. burlap.) a burlesca burlescamente. burletta burmese thro or tarau. burton's "anatomy of melancholy."' bury use. bus. busain. but, but 1st. no but actual experience is the only " but after then as men more civile grew but after three hours' but afterwards recapitulates them to- but all these but also should but although such but ancient writers but antiphony means classically, but a rondeau." but a room kept but, as a matter of but as few trustworthy particulars but as it but a skilful organist can, by but as the but as the feeder/ is descending, but as, vivace but before but bozzini appreciated the but carried the tunes to but couperin's fingering is but double but even if there be no case but fool, as then i was but haydn had but he but here a new difficulty arises " but hezekiah but if either is to be but if the ligature descends, the but if this were all, the but i have a much more but impressive mode of worship." but inasmuch as but, inasmuch as one pallet but instead but in the but in the upward movement of the but in time the but i prefer but it is an imperfect but it is by far more but it must not be but it should be in the major but it should be remarked but it was made by but it was not so. the greek octave but later it was made the but later on this particular butler, " but marke the chance, myself to vance, but not unison but now, alas but, of course, rest but, on the but, on the other hand, but, on the other hand, in but on this but several other but sometimes danced but still a very easy but supposing but the application of the but the chest but the drum was first employed by but the duodenal f, makes chord 9 from but the glee seems to have but the heavier bells, but the hold is not but their claim cannot but their use but there is a growing tendency but these wise-acres did not. but the signs but the three but the use of solmisation but the whole tetrachord only but the word but they must appear in the but this is not but this sign but to force the ending into but two notes only may be but, were it worth the but when but when a person habitually but when the octave but while the but without ligatures but with the greek notation would, but writers on music buxus. buxea \b /$, where (\) is a mark of depression, by a leap, spoken of melody by ambrosius wilphlingsederus, 1563: by a natural and a flat. by an interval of by a rotatory bellows, the by ascribing to the by a single performer, by a skip, by a slight by as, per dintiniitionem, by by augmentation. by bernabei (middle of 17th century), (from by changing by chow tseang-yuh and others. the music by christopher simpson, 1665, gives, as far by cultivating the falsetto notes by degrees, as it was by degrees of the scale. by diatonic progression. by diminution by engel, pentatonic. byes, cradle songs. by euclid by existing examples of the church compo- by fitz-stephen (stephanides), the by franchinus are by friendships lot to pauls i got, by girolamo frescobaldi, 1637, will show the by gregorian editors, " by his by its major or minor 3rd and perfect 5th. by its symbol. by james i., on july 8, 1604. the musicians' by kalkbrenner. by kalozdy's hungarian band were on by keys: it is a keyed-dulcimer. by many times their own amount by marbecke (1550) is simply an eking out by means of by means of keys by means of pedals. by means of sliding rings. by means of which we produce vocal sounds. by melodic form is meant by moving the wire from the by mr. waterhouse by neumes or by by no means agreed. by no means an unusual thing by numbers. by one only, as 3:2 (sesquialtera), 4 by others, a by others the by practice and frequent by practice this can be performed by pressing down the by pressing the string by private people, and as lutes, byrd, living and working by paul's wharf. by reference to fig. 6, it will by rollig (1761-1804), and by uthe (1810). by several modern by single degrees. nexus was movement by by slurring. by so doing, they rotate these by some by some authors considered by some called characteristic. by springs of metal. -byssynge isonges. by standing on them in turns. by straining the voice to its by taking the major thirds above by the by the above directions. by the copyright (musical compositions) by the crusaders or their followers. [naker, by the dancer himself. by the dean. by the following quotation by the former we by the greeks ages before. by the hand of a workman, gives the clay the by the insertion of a mute in by their by their study. by the italian peasantry. by the monks during service. the poets and by the notation. this method by the plectrum," &c, the by the preference shown to him by the pressure of the finger. by the previous enactment. it by these two by the style of a fantasia. by the superincumbent weight of tube. by the theatre act, 1843 (6 & 7 vict., c. by the voice music by the words by this by this plan those who came for the by thomas greatorex, conductor of his by using various forms of by way of melody. the strong " measure " by whom some part, of musicke art by william tans'ur, senior. " musico (c. 1580), who composed some, speaks of them &c, ab anno 788 ad c' (a!?, bfr, ct?). cabinet d'orgue (fr.) cabinet pianoforte. cabischol, cabiscola cacofonia (it.) cacophonie(fr.) cacophony cacophony. -cadence. [cadence.] cadence, cadence. [cadence.] (4) an imperfect stop on cadence in this species: cadences, imperfect. -cadenza. cadenza d'iaganno cadenza dtnganno cadenza, the cadenz (ger.) [cadence.] caesar of aries. caisse (fr.) a drum. caisse (fr.), big drum. caisse roulante (fr.) cai system, cal, calamus. (calandra, a woodlark.) calandrone cal artist. calcando calcanten-glocke calcant (from lat. calcare.) calculation, any calendar of the english prayer-book, on call'd the old english lute." called a called a harmonica. called also counter-tenor, called also voix called a seven-fifths called by called by the unthinking. called canonici. called " cat-gut." called dicing called first and second called flutes a bee. called, has six strings, the called his baton. called in called instrumental called large, another small. called pointing. called sequence. called, that is to say, called the called the comma of pythagoras. called their variations " doubles." called the ist and 2nd. called " the king's hunts up," called the normal key. called the wind-way. called to called " tuner of organs." called villancicos. called viola di fagotto, calle (" qui court calling, they made a calls the fingers of either call the call the faithful to worship (exodus xx., 13 call this calm calma, con calma, con (it.) with calmness. calmness. cal notes, caloroso [it.) warmly, full of passionate calvisius " melopeian," erfurth, 1595 cambiare (it.) to turn, change, alter. cambiata (it.) [nota. cambridge, author of the camden camden's remaines. came camminando cam- pag campanella,-o, campanellino (it.). campanista (it.) a bell-ringer. campanology. the knowledge campian's two books of ayres. can- " canalis can be constructed by can be discovered. can be laid down. can be obtained. cancellatum cancellatum. cancellatum.] cancrizans. c and f were most commonly c and g were cando cane, and of thongs of leather. can easily be distinguished from a glee. cannot become the cannot be dispensed with. cannot be fairly taught or learned. cannot compete. cannot happen. cano.) [canon.] canon by canon by diminution canon by inversion [canon cancrizans.] canon cancrizans. canon cenigmaticus. one canone a canone aperto canone chiuso canonica, canonical.] canonical hours canons assume canon so constructed canon written out can play on one another. cant cantabile cantabile. cantadour (oldfr.)\ a street singer. cantamento cantando (it.) [cantabile.] cantante (it.) a singer. cantare a orecchio cantare (it.) to sing. cantata consisted origin- cantata founded on the cantata upon the stage. cantatilla ,-,,-. cantatina ^ '' cantatore (it.) cantatorium. cantatrice (it.) cantatur. cantellerando canterbury. cantering. canti carnival! cantilena cantilena." cantilenaccia cantilenare (it.) to sing without ac cantique (fr.) a sacred song or melody, cantn ferm 0. cantns firmus on which canto canto a cappella canto a cappella. canto armonico- canto fermo. canto fermo (it.) [cantus firmus.] canto figurato (it.) florid melody, canto gregoriano cantollano (sp.) canto piano (it.) canto primo cantor. canto recitativo (//.) declamatory canto ripieno cantoris "cantoris" the cantor's canto secondo can't tell cantu. cantu, &c, cantu et musica sacra," vol. ii. cantus ambrosianus [cantus figuratus.] cantus figuratus cantus firmus (lat.) (1) the tenor or cantus fractus cantus gregorianus [cantus men- [cantus mensura- -cantus mensurabilis. cantus planus canzona.* canzona, belonging to about this period. canzoncina (it.) a short poem or " canzone da sonare a una, canzonet- canzonets, 2 voices. canzoniere (it.) a lyric poem or song. cap. 102, p. 30. cap. 13. capability capable of capable of bearing. capable of being capable of playing [capellmeister.] capellmeister musik (ger.) a term capiscol, capiscolus (precentor) cabiscola. capistrum (lat.) a muzzle. a capital letter capo capo.] capo, da capo d'opera cappella cappella] capriccietto [capriccio.] caprice, captive required \capwl (gk.) caracteres de musique carattere car chascun d'eux, selon d'acort cardinal barberini. care about. care being taken carefully. caressing, coaxing. caressingly, in a caressingly, singingor carey's dumpe. carezzando caricato carillon. " carillon national. carillonneur carillonthey carita, con car je carmagnole. carmelit carnascialesci carnatus est." '\ carnival. carnyx (gk.) [carol.] carol. carolathis poem caronte car or labyrinth. carousal, car, quant fille se desmesure carried this plan to a suc- cartellone carti- cartilage. cartilage between them. cartilages. " cartilages of santorini." cartilages of santorini. car to case case. case of case of r. cases, the answer, before many cassa-grande cassatio. cast. castagnettes castagniere, rue castanets castanets. castrato (it.) cast upon him by ballads." % " cast your plaids, draw your blades cat. [catch.] catches, rounds, &c. catching at each other's words. cated to the empress josephine catena di trilli. caters [catgut.] cat-gut, catgut. boyau cathedral at exeter, one of [cathedral music] cathedral music cathedral music. cathedral music, like every other cathedral, who in catholic church. cation cation. catlins, cato.' cato playing cauda (lat.) the tail of a note. cauda (lat.), virgula (lat.) the cause. cause by caused caused by the given sound. cause one arm to snap causes a " cause them (the strings) to sobb, causing them to descend with caution cavaletta (it.) [cabaletta.] cavalquet cavalry. cavata (it.) [cavatina.] cavatina (it.) a melody cavity c*. base of stapes. cc. cricoid cartilage; ccelis." c. cricoid cartilage. cdefgabc cdf. c. dlbdin, l80o. c down to g (or ask the tuner cease to exist. ceded by two short syllables, ceding pace *ced'olojr) c, e, g is the key-chord of c. celebrated modern maker. celected out celerita, -celerita, con. celeste (fr.) celeste, voix (fr.) celeusma celts and gauls, cemb cembalista (it.) a pianoforte player. cembalo cembanella (it.) [cennamella.] cending interval by cendit cennamella (it.) a pipe, or flute. cent, 5.] cento (lat.) centone (it.)) patch -work. a musical work -- (centralblatt cent to either end. cen- tur centuries. century, century. century, an arpeggio chord century brought with century frequently wrote them, but century, will show centus centus ecclesiasticus.] ceptive cadences. ceremony. certain certain allegorical poems, certain hindoo melo- certain limitations certainly certainly more content. certainly unpleasant to the ear, certain moveable pieces of certain scale, being most favoured certain wind certain writers cert style, that is a cert, the antithesis of a cert to begin at eleven. cervus, signifying a little stag-horn). ces, cession. c, f, g major and cha- chacona (s/>.) [chaconne.] chaconne (fr.) chair organ. chal chalameau (fr.) stem, or straw-pipe, chamber chamber- concert chamberlain, requiring all new plays, &c, to -chamber music. [chamber music] chamber music chamber music. kammermusik chamber organ. chamber, "the "vestibule" (fig. iv. t), change change. changeable chant changed, altered, with variations. change of change of key change of key-note. change of key the capo change of voice. [larynx.] changer de jeu (fr.) to alter change ringing. [bells.] changes changes; changes as he pleases. changes one change the chansonettes." chansonnette chant [chant]. chant. chant ant, a musical coffee-house. " chantant en pardurablete chant en chanter. chanterelle, as well as quint. chanterres -chanterres. chanters. chanteur chanteur . ,|a male singer. chanteuse chant (fr.) (1) song, tune. chant gregorien (fr.) plain song. chanting. chant pastoral (fr.) a shepherd's song, chantries. chant-royal chantry [chant sur le livre.] chant sur le livre (fr.) a system of chapeau chinois chapel chapel. " chapel royale " of her majesty queen chapel royal, st. james's; and, chappel-royal, &c. chapter of a cathedral. chaque bout. chaque rep. du character character, character. character, afterwards character are so named. character, dignity, quality. character ~het characteristic characteristica. characteristica (lat.) characteristic nomenclature. characteristics character of banjo music is sprightly and character of the character of the dance. character required. characterstucke (ger.) pieces of music character to pianoforte music. character used in music. charivari charke, the son-in-law of colley cibber. charlemagne, for the purpose of charles charles butler's " principles of musik," a charles ii. charles ii.; charming:. charmingly. charm, sweetness, grace, chatter. -- chaucer. chaucer. chaucer. floure and lcafc. chaucer, knight's tale. chaucer's allusion to check-action. check-spring. cheerful. cheerful, gay. cheerily, merrily. chef d'attaque chef d'eeuvre (fr.) the master-work of chef d'orchestre. chelidonizing chelidonizing (from the gk. chelys. cheng. [cheng.] [harmonium.] cher. cherubical hymn. the ter sanctus, or cherubini's work (novello, london). chest. chest and head voice. chest, falsetto, and head. chest-notes. chest voice. chest. windlade (ger.) [organ chevalet (fr.) the bridge of a stringed chevroter chiaramente chiara quarta, a per- chiarezza, con chiarina chiave [chica.] chica, the chief chief; chief are chiefly for giving military signals. chiefly on love and wine. chiefly with the arabs and persians. chief of modern bow-makers. chiesa chiffres (fr.) chikarah. child-like children carol-singers. [chime.] chime, chime, or chimney in the stopper). (chinese). chinese gong. chinese instrument chinese urh-heen. chinese yue-kin or moon-guitar. chironomy. [chiroplast.] chitarra chitarra (it.) chitarrina chiudendo chiusa, with the mouth closed chloris," benet's " flow, o my tears," and choice lesson, 1705. choice lessons. choir: choir. choir-man. an adult member choir organ choir organ. choir organ. [organ, 1.] choir (precentor). choirs now. choly. (choral choral. chorale "chorale " chorale book," heinrich wachfeld, 1843. chorale (ger.) [hymn tunes.] chorale-melodien," c. g. choralmassig (ger.) [choraliter.] choral vicars. [lay vicars.] [chor-amt.] choranla). choraules chord chord, chord. chorda chordae essentiales (late lat.) chord after each double bar, " chorda tympani," chordaulodion chord by calling the f ap, notes derived chord followed by a pause. (2) a chord in chord for chor-dienst chord in succession in chord is said to be in its chord marked * is rarely met with, and (chord no. (chord no. 7. chord of chord of ab chord of dominant, chord of the ninth, &c. chord of the tonic seventh. chord of three sounds. chordometer. chords chords. chords essentiales. chords, intervals, and melodic chords of chords of the. chords of the minor chords should be generally adopted. chords would be removed. one more fact choriambic (trochee & iambus choris chorister -chorister. choristers. choro di ninfe [chorton.] chorus [chorus.] chorus. chorus in the attic drama. chorus-parts. chose chretiens chr ist christe eleison christe eleison (gk.) a portion of the christian former (born 1610) invented the christians. christmas carol. [carol.] christmas eve are christmas music. (1) cantatas, the words christopher chro- chroma duplex chroma (gk. ypqua, colour or complexion). chromatic chromatic. chromatically raised (ex. 1). chromatic, and enharmonic. (chromatic diesis) chromatic diesis chromatic passing notes. chromatic scale. chromatic semitone chromatique (fr.) chromatisch (ger.) chroma tonaion chrotta. chula (port.) a dance similar to the church choir book. church composers did not churches churches." church-melodies. church modes. church modes or church modes. [plain song.] church music* church music, seem church services. [accent, 4.] church sonata, churchyard"). churns. (c.) hypo-lydian. ciaccona (it.) ciaccona (it.) [chaconne.] ciacone, passaghali," ciai^evktlkoq.) cially in germany) for part-songs. cicogna (it.) the mouth piece cidents are of a ciens, v. 4, p. 147, col. 1. ciently distinctive mark. cients, as ciliated cimbalo et organo," rome, 1637, employs cimbalo(/f.) (1) harpsichord. (2) cimbali, cimbel cimbelstern c in alt &c, indifferently, offers no cinque cinyra. an old term for a harp. cioh.tiav cionell. cious, fantastical. cipal alone without the cipher. ciple of the ciples, beginnings. ciples of (cir. 1600.) circuit.) circular direction circular form. circular spot also with a stem circulus (lat.) circumcurrent. circumstance as in cis-cis (ger.) the note c double sharp. cis dur (ger.) the key of c sharp major. cis (ger.) the note c sharp. cis moll (ger.) the key of c sharp minor. &c, is said to phrase well. formerly the cistella (lat.) cistre (fr.) [cittern.] cistrum. [sistrum.] citara or guitar. cithara," cithara bijuga. cithara (gk. cithara or harp with keys. citharis cither or cittern. [citole.] citole, et le psalterion cittern. cittern, guitar, cither. citterns, civetteria, con civil] " civilised race. cjf 8 cjjji as octaves to c. karow, of clainprummer clainsancksait clairon (fr.) [clarin.] clang. clangor. clapper. claque [claque.] claque-bois claque-bois. clar clara voce claribel flute. [clarichord.] clarichord. clarin clarinet clarinet: clarinet. clarinet-flute (slightly reedy in clarinet is so called clarinets clarinets, ophicleides, &c. clarinett1sta clarinetten clarinetti clarinetti a due. clarinetto clarinetto. clarinetto (it.) [clarinet.] clarin (ger.) clarino clarion or trumpet. clarke, lewis wager," printed in 1567," be- clar-seth, classed under this head. classified as duple or triple, clatter. clausula clavecin (fr.) (1) a harpsichord. (2) the claves signatas claviatur (ger.) (1) the key board of an clavi-cembalum clavichord." clavichord. [clarichord.] clavicylinder. an instrument clavicytherium. [clarichord.] clavier- clavierauszug (ger.) a pianoforte score, clavier (fr.) clavier (ger.)} (1) the pianoforte. (2) a claviglissando. an instrument with a clavis or key. clavium clay. clay; and, unless clays, clean thing clear, clear all conjecture. clear, calm. clear, distinct. clear flute. hell-flbte (ger). clearly, purely, clearness. clear voice. clef [clef. [clef.] clef, clef. clef;" and in an earlier work by clef, is clef on the second clef placed clefs clef to show the pitch. clef upon the second line, the clementi, clement, janssen, lambil( cleric at that time. clerks. clerk vicars. clesiasticus. clifford's clivus (lat.) [neumes.] clocca (med. lat.) a bell. clochettes (fr.) hand-bells. close close, close. close). close behind closed closed, closed. closed by a membrane. closed externally by skin. close harmony. harmony produced by close in closely and work quietly. close of close of the theme. close or covert play." close play. closer, closers of glottis. close, straight, closing, ending. the closing the tube clownish matter." clusions clynke-bell. c major. c mapdtna (ordinary cm. canalis c minor. coarsely, coaxingmanner. cob. cochlea. coda coda, coda connecting (codetta.) codon (gk.kwswv.) (1) a small bell, such as coeval dates. cogli stromenti cogli stromenti. col arco col arco, with the bow. col basso col basso, with the bass. col canto col canto, with the melody. coldness, indifference. colgrin, colla destra colla destra, with the right hand. collapses and coll' arco, or coll' arco, with the bow, colla sinistra collected collection collection, collection at osterley park collection. john, duke of roxburghe, was collections college of organists. college youths. col legno (it.) with the wood. collinet. (fr.) coll' ottava colophonie (fr.) [colophony.] col ott a colour. a term variously com- comand reception from others combination combination of sounds. combinations combination, union, combination with a movemeasure. combined. come come, comedy come, emmanuel," come from come in comeliness. comes comes. comes down from behind comes to the descending come to prayer comic of comic operetta, a farce comic singer coming down commanding commemorating commence commenced from commencement commences with an antiphon. commencing: commencing with commission granted by queen elizabeth, may common cell (of c), and commonly as follow commonly found on the choir organ. commonly met with commonly stated by commonly used common or duple common praier noted," by john common time. common wood or tin flute a bee having six communicate communion communion. comodamente compagnia companiment. companiments company company of musicians. the company of prophets " coming down from comparative anatomy. comparative knowledge of the instruments comparative length of notes. compare compared with the german saite. compass. compass between compass by a tone. compass extends from f below gamut to compass, extent compass given above should be very compass may be compass of compass of a compass of three compass of two octaves and a compendium "compendium musicae," by lampadius, 1537. compiacevole complement. complete complete copy is known. complete greek drama. completely distinguished from harmony by complete musical sentence. [form.] completes the mass. complex, and complex apparatus we can under- complicated. complicated shape. complicated sounds forming harmony, and compline office on holy sunday.) component of compos'd composed composed by nicolo composer composer. (1) an author of music. one composer but, as a composer of counterpoint. composers composers, composers. composers of the same date composers, while " licences composing composite composition. composition. (1) a piece of music, for composition by the writers of composition for an orchestra, composition for three composition for voices in har- composition from the 14th to composition in four composition, inven- composition irregular composition of its kind. compositions, compositions in compositions, in the new compositions of a low order, often composizione compound compound cadence. compound measures compound motive. repeated notes belong compound stops in an organ. compound stops. organ stops having compound times. compound word always pointing out the comprobare non comthe perfect, the immutable system comus con- con amort, with affec- con brio concave, perforated concealed concento (it.) harmony. concentus concentus. concentus (lat.) (concinno). concentus tuba- concert, concert. concertante concert flute. concertina concertina. concertina (eng.) concertina, or harmonium. [concertino.] concertmeister concert music. concerto concerto. concert of flute players concert, or chorus. concert room. concert-spieler (ger.) concione memorantor concludes. conclusion. conclusion, finale. concord. concord, agreement, har- concordant. concord. [harmony.] concord in musical sounds, con delicatezza, conducted, conducted by some one conductis, [conductor.] conductor. conductor. (1) a director conductor or composer. conductus conductus (lat.) the name given to a cone gamba. cones cones are made con. esp. confined to any particular measure [confrerie confrerie de [confrerie de st. julien.] congrega congregational music. congruous with the sub- conical. conical shape. conjc lined tetrachords. conjunct. (1) one of the greek systems conjunct intervals. conjunctivas, conjunct con licenza.) connected with connected with a little connected with bassoon. connected with the worship connection, binding. connection with development. connects staves. con pedale. [con rigore.] [consecu- consecutive consecutive octaves. consecutives [consecutives.] consecutives. consent." consequcnza consequent. consequent (consequenza). consequenza (it.) ; consequent, &c. conservatoire de musique conservatonum conservatorio [conservatorio.] conservatorium. considered other than hopeful. considering that musicke, as consigned to the pedal organ, as consisting of consisting of a beat repeated. consisting of flue-pipes. consisting of sweet-toned consiuo justorum, consolante consort," con spirito con stromenti [it.) constructed constructed. constructed that construction construction, construction. construction and use of bells. construction has, from construction of constructive consulted with care. contain. containing otoliths. containing stickers, which contains contains. contains a depression of contemporary pictures and drawings. contempt " contended contenendo l'estreme contents of a bar. contests " by continually hastening the time continued bass. [figured bass.] continuo [it.) [figured bass.] contrabass contrabassi contrabassi. contra basso contra-basso [it.) [double-bass.] contra-bombardon in bb flat, with contract equally, and prevent the swinging contra-danza [it.) [country-dance.] contradictions!" contra-fagotto, a double bassoon. contra-fagotto [it) [double bassoon.] contralto voice. contrappuntista contrappunto contrappunto doppio contrary contrary motion contrary motion. contra-tenor. contratone contra-violone [it.) double-bass. contre-basse [fr.) double-bass. contre-danse [fr.) [country dance.] contre-temps contrivance contrivance in some german contrived. control of each key. " controve he wolde, and foule fayle contubes having free reeds. it conversio [lat.) inversion. converso). convivial convivial. [/c(oou7r4a. copation. copation.] cope (fr.) copies. copies of the registration copies rameau without acknowledgment. copula copy. copy made about the year 790. the facsimile copyright copyrigh t. copyright." copyright until the year 1894, because the cor- coraico, it.) the dance style coranach cor anglais cor anglais. [coranto.] corda corda, corda. cordance cordant. corda, sopra una cordax (lat.) k6plal (gk.) an corde corde a jour) ,~ corde a vide cor de chasse (fr.) a hunting horn. corde, on cor de signal (fr.) a bugle. cor de vache (fr.) cow-horn, used in cording to e. w. lane (" modern egyptians"), cording to their vocal agility. cor-dis cords cords. cords, as the hare and rabbit. cords, the core corelli, corelli, vivaldi, and others. cor (fr.) a horn. cormuse. cornamusa cornemuse " cornemuse, cornemuse, corner (fr.) to sound a horn. [cornet, [cornet.] cornet. cornet. cornetto cornet or horn cornet-player in a brass band. cornetto cornetto curvo (it.) corni corni in a, cornoaille." corno basso (it.) low horn in b. corno da caccia, hunting corno di bassetto (it.) [basset-horn.] corno inglese (it.) corno inglese (it.) [cor anglais.] corno (it.) [horn.] cornopean. [cornet, 5.] corno storto (it.) an coro (it.) [chorus.] cor omnitonique (fr.) a horn on which, corps de voix (fr.) the correct form. corrections are made by correctly called correctly written correctness of pitch corrente, corrente (it.) [coranto.] corresponding fraction. corresponding j corresponding modern scale. corresponding plagal tone correspond with corrupt. corrupted from the latin. corruption of the corruption of the word corti's organ. [coryphaeus coryphaeus (lat.) kofjvfaioc (gk.) (1) cost to both male and female pupils. cotgrave (1660), " resveil, a hunts-up, a [cotillon.] cottage. couched harp. couchers, journals, and ordinals." could could do so. could not be assumed without proof coule coule. counted his fault; however, he thinks he may [counter- counter- counter-balances must be explained. " counter he coulde, counterpoint [counterpoint.] count erpoi nt. counterpoint. counterpoint), and also in counterpoint are, counterpoint at the tenth. counterpoint (double). counterpoint in counterpoint is built. counterpoint is employed, but rarely counterpoint proper. counterpoints, counterpoint were fixed. counter subject counter subject. counter subject. [fugue.] counter-subject is primarily an counter tencr voice. counting sixth, counting time the country [country country. [country dance.] country dance country dance. [country dance.] [pavan.] country dance tune, about country dance tunes country lasses, every mother's child country singing for hire. country. the most common coup couper coupled. coupled with the drums, the notes coupler of this kind is couplers. couplet. courante courante (fr.) current couronne court. courteville, &c. courtiers at versailles. " courtly masquing ayres," and there were coussemaker, all of whom coussemaker's scriptorum, i. 217. coutes, couthe her covered. covered with sheep skin. cownterynge yn songe c. parhypate (c) phrase cracovienne. [polacca. crafte full parfytly. craft full parfitly." creamtine emit. crease.) creation, produced in 1798. creatures have a credit are those credo (lat.) one of the movements in crembalum. [jew's harp.] cremona. cremona. (1) a violin made in the town cremona on english organs. crepitaculum crepundia crescendo crescendo. crescendo zug cres., cres &c, respectively. it was to be understood cribed, in crico-arytenoid (alone). crico-arytenoideus cricoid cartilage cricoid cartilage; cricoid cartilage. crico-thyroid, crico-thyroid. crico-thyroid muscle crier's bell. crimina vocum," alluded to cristofori. cristofori's invention croce's musica croche (fr.) croft, and greene croft's crologus, cap. 17. croma crom horn. [krummhorn.] cromwell;" and the " schoole of [crook.] crooked horn cross, being called his anthem (cross-flute), crossing the hands cross, the sign of a double sharp, crotalum [crotalum.] crotchet. crotchet rest. crotchets, crotchets in a bar. [croupeza.] croupeza, crow, coronistce, [crowd.] crowle. an crown'd crucial example from " god save the queen," crucifixion. crusades. crwth. c schlussel (gcr.) c. stapes. c-te). and minor a -- c + e. c, the nearest sound to ct la pirouette a c trombone and 3 . culiar to the south culpa?. culties, besides cultivated cult to say. cumcurrent (see agoge). " cum ligatura." cum multi, chorus." cum sanc-to spi - ri - tu cumstances gave cun-dum mat cupo currende (gcr.) current. current of air. curtailed curtain curve back and run upwards again. curved curved, curved as a horn. curved course curvo curvo. cushion dance. cushion-dance. cussionalis brevis custom before his time. customs. custom was revived on the cut by a welshman named phillips, who, c, when sounded, is a c, with 3 and 4 cylinder valves bugle in c cwt. cylinders of glass, cylinder valves. [cymbal.] cymbal class. cymbalista. a cymbal player. [cymbals.] cymbals. cymbals and cymbals. cymbalum (lat.)icvft^a\ov(gk). cypher-system. [notation.] cza- czakan. a flute made of cane czardasch (hung.) chica.] czermak asks whether czimken -czimken. da ballo (it.) in dance style. da camera (it.) for chamber use. in da capo al fine (it.) from the beginning da capo al segno (it.) repeat from the da capo (it.) from the beginning. an d'accord (fr.) in tune. dachschweller dactyl. dactylion (gk.) an instrument invented daire (turkisli). dalla loro intensezza da lontano (it.) dal segno damaging dame, d'amour (fr.) [damp.] damp, damped, by damper, damper. damper-pedal in pianoforte music. damper, s dampers. dampers of a pianoforte. dampers, or without mutes. dampfer (ger.)(i)damper.(2) violin-mute. dan- dance " dance dance, dance. dance.] dance accommelody was dance accompanied by dance accompanied by music, dance, also a ballad. dance, as massinger in his play, danced the quaker's dance having dance in which the dance, or hey-de-guy. dancer beats a tambourine. dances. dances, at dance similar dances in the hungarian style. dances of the country people of bergamo, dances they accompanied dance st >' le dances was hey digyes or rounds. dance tune in common dance tunes, &c. dance which dancez gentiment par mesure -dancing. [dancing.] dancing. dancing. a graceful movement of the dancingthe roman dans ve dar- d'archet darkly, mysteriously. darm darmsaiten (ger.) dary waves dash, dash. dash, and fire. dashed on date. dates of the several productions dauer daumen daunce." david's tune given out. davies (1570-1626)111 his poem "orchestra" is davies' orchestra. davis as: dawn (from lat. day! day. day, forth days, d. bones in natural dcez (dc gestis regum anglor., lib. 2, cap. 8.) (dc gestis regum anglorum, dc la contredanfe d deux temps or dd rarissime utimur. dead-level of production. dead which may be sung by deaf. deal. dean aldrich, who was an de armonya. debut debutant, dec, dec. 30th, 1672." from this time forward dec, abb. of decani. dec, abb. of decresccndo. decachordon (gk.) an instrument decad, as in the de caix d'hervelois." paris, c. 1719. decani -decani. de chant, a melodious vocal phrase. decidedly musical. decide (fr.) firmly, with decision. decima decima plena dc touis, a major ioth decima quinta, a 15th or double octave; decimole. decisio. decision. decisive deciso (it.) [decke, 2.] declamation. decompose decoration de coussemaker; decreasing ...decrescendo decrescendo. decres., or the sign [decuplet.] dedicated to lord cowper. dedication. dedication festivals dedications frequently form a valuable deeds than in their words, deep bi? horn. deepest chest notes. deep, low tone. defects of defects of the equal temperament may defgab2t?ti deficiency. deficiendo deficiens. deficient. defined. definitely as when affixed. definitely settled. definitions, degree, not a skip, in strict style. degree of any scale. degree of the scale of degree of unity. degree or step of a scale. degrees of the diatonic scale. degrees, or ten sounds. degre (fr.) de guise. de hautbois dehnung (ger.) expansion, extension. dehnungstriche (ger.) a long stroke de hoffnung raubt. dei." de inst. mus., lib. ii., cap. 29 et 30.) de la chevardiere, deliberately. deliberato delic delicate delicately, tenderly. delicatissinw, very delicately delirious dance, delyn demancher demantius, " isagoge demi- demi-baton (fr.) a semi-breve rest. demi-cadence (fr.) a half cadence, demi jeu demi-jeu demi-quart de soupir demisemi- demi-semiquaver. demisemiquaver. demi-soupir (fr.) a quaver rest. demi-ton (fr.) a semitone. demi voix demoiselle (fr.) a coupler in the organ. de morgan. de musique, rue du demy denal d'en demander en vain. denis d'or. dense as they are dently of octave. deo," sufficiently proves. departure departure of depend on the beats they furnish. depicted. depicted on the arch of titus. depressed and forces depression or lowering. derfully. dering of words set to music. deriva- derivation. derivative. derivative of the derived. derived, as the reader derived from the latin salix derived from the moors. derives its name from der stimme, compass of the voice. der tonkunst," 1832. des ca -descant. [descant.] descant. descant clef. [clef.] descant its own progression. descant was taught. descending descending. describe described described. described above. described correctly described in no. 5. (descrip. loud., description. description is unnecessary. des dur {ger.) the key of d? major. desffgures des (ger.) designated by the term. desirable desired. desired to desired to embellish. desires, desk or pulpit. the raised des menstriers. des moll (ger.) the key of d? minor. des pieces " dessus, first treble, canto primo. dest destinies desto (it.) sprightly. destra destra, droite, destroy each other. detach one without the rest. details of a composition. deum." deum. a musical set- deutsche flote deutscher bass deutschland" 1796 is a description of a time deux deux temps deux terns deux valse developed at length. development of development of a subject. development or expansion of an devices; devil should not de viole (fr.) de violon (fr.) double-bass. devotion. devotionally, devoutly. devoto, devozione, con dexterity. dextra dextra (lat.) deying," d. facial =dfc d'harmonie diabolus." diabolus est. diagram of chords, &c. diagrams dialogue. dialogues. diambic (double iambic). diameter. diametrically diamond shaped diamond shaped. diane diap diapason diapason. diapason, a stopped flute. diapason cum diapente. the interval diapason cum diatessaron. diapasons diapente diapente. diapente d, e, f, g, a. diapente, stopped quint. diapentissare diaphony diaphony. [see under descant.] diaschisma diastaltic. diastema diatonic diatonic. diatonic degrees. diatonic harmony prevails diatonic passing notes. diatonic scale. diatonic subjects may, however, reach a diaulion (gk.) diazeuxis (gk.) hiafevzie. the separation di bravura ,, di camera, dichord. dichoree (double trochee). di colpo (it.) dictionary dictionary, "dido and ^cneas," did the same thing die, -die angst die diecetto (it.) dieci viole di brazzo. diese (fr.) diese (fr.) a sharp, # diese mineur, the key of c sharp minor. diesis (gk.) ciemc. originally the name dieze (fr.) a sharp, diezeugmenon diezeugmenon. dif- differ by about 200 years difference in the quantity of difference tones different differently according to the different nerves different qualities of different qualities of sound. differs from the difficult difficult, difficult. difficulties difficult now to determine. difficult to difficulty difficulty. di gala (it.) dignity, dignity. dignity ranks next to the dean. dignity, weight, di grado di lammcrmoor," has written for a dilated. diludium. an interlude. diluendo (it.) wasting away, diminishing di maniera (it.) f di manieratavfi dim, a pear. diminished, gfc--w diminished seventh diminish the power. diminuendo diminuendo. diminution are not diminution. [canon.] diminutive of ballata. di molto / di molto (it.) very much di molto, very fast. d'instrumens tant haut que has." di nuovo (it.) anew, again. dioxia \,gk.) the interval of a direct. direct depression of pitch by a directed, being slightly bent direct intervals. direction direction for the use of direction in mace's musicks direction, preface. directions that the direction that the direction that the notes direction to direct motion. [motion.] director of the choir. directs diretta, alia dirge, dirge. a solemn piece of music, of a diritta. diritto" (//.) dis- disallowed. di salto, by a skip. di salto (it.) discant discant. discant-geige discantgeige (ger.) violon " discant," had a compass from 13 ^ c, discant-schliissel (ger.) the soprano " discantus est aliquorum discord, discord. discordant. discordaunt ever fro armonye discord, if used at all. discord of the dominant " discords must discords oi discord, the actual discovered in denmark discoveries were impossible. discredit, discretion of the composer discrimina vocum, disdiapason (gk.) an interval of two dis (ger.) d disinvolto disjoined tetrachord. disjunct. disjunctivus, dis[motion.] disjunct motion is when they disjunct motion. [motion.] disjunct, or dislocation of syllables dis moll (ger.) d sharp minor. disorganized. dispensations. dispensed with. disperato, con disperazione (//.) [dispersed har- dispersed har- displays dispondee (double spondee). disposition. dissonance. discord. [harmony.] dissonant dissonant. distance. -distance from fundamental distance. in 1712, abraham jordan invented distant from the distinct, distinct origin. distinct pronunciation. distinguishes distinto district disuse of the amor-schall. disuse of the instrument. di testa (it.) d. (i) the first note of the phrygian, dithyrambic. dithyrambus ditions. dit les et dito grosso (it.) the thumb. dito (it.) a finger. [ditone.] ditonus di trilh.] diversity of notation between them. divertimento divided into divided into two. divided into two classes divide reptiles into ophidia divide the divinely warbled voice divine worship. to meet this difficulty a di viola," division, " prolatio minor." divotamente, divoto (//.) divozione, dixit dominus.' $ d-j-jre d. lichanos or (diatonos) hypaton. d major. document. original dodecachordon dodecuplet. do dwell, does not always does not occur doing dois, de dolcan. [dulciana.] dolce dolce. dolce maniera, dolciano. dolciano, dolcino dolcis dolcissimo doleful. dolzflote (ger.) the old german flute, dom. domain of form. domenico domenico alberti [1705-1739], whose name dominant dominant. dominant bass. dominant duodene), because dominante (fr.) dominant. dominant for their bass note dominant of a minor. dominant, on which dominants dominant seventh. dominant triad. [cadence.] domine domine, do-mi -nus dom, thou greatest don. done so safely. donment, despondingly. donment, passionately. donna, prima (it.) the principal doppclflotc doppelbe doppelflote doppelfuge (ger.) doppelgeige (ger.) one of the names by doppelgriffe (ger.) double-stopping on doppelkreuz doppelkreuz, a double sharp. doppelschlag doppio movimento d'orgue dorian dorian. dorian." and "when seven?" "mixo-lydian, dorian mode. dorian mode, &c. [greek music] (2) one of doric, dorien dost dot. doth dots. dotted notes. dou3le bassoon double (double.) [double double, double) double action. [harp.] double backfall. an ornament double bar double bar. double bar marked " fine." double-bass. double bassoon. double bourdon. double c double chant. [chant.] double coun- double counterpoint. double counterpoint at the octave. double croche (fr.) a semiquaver. double demisemiquaver. a note whose doublediapason, an organ stop of 16-ft. pitch. double diapason. [double, 4.] double dieze (fr.) a double sharp. double flat. a sign (v->) used in music double (fr double (fr.) large double-bass. double fugue double g key appears. this double second double hole at the back. double octave. the interval of a 15th. double pedal point. double quartet. a composition for two double reed. double regals had two rows of pipes. double relish double retardation.; double root. [extreme double security, many of these pieces were double sharp. a sign double sharp xdouble beat or doubles named double sonata. doubles or grandsires double-stopping. the stopping of two double the bass double the pace double time, double-travale double trumpet. an organ reed-stop doublette (fr.) a compound organ-stop doubling of an interval or part. doubly dotted), the doubt. doubtfully, irreso- douce douce gives an account of " le douceines, symboles, clochettes doucement (fr.) softly, sweetly. douce's " illustrations of douland, and published in 1609. his chapters dour dours.] doux (fr.) soft, sweet. douze modes approuves douzieme (fr.) a twelfth. dowland's dowland's pilgrim's solace. dowland's songes or ayres of 4 down down. down. (2) chords on the harp, lute, guitar, downa. down, a-down, an you down and 3 octaves up down, and he down bow. down-bow. down church music down (g down musi- down music down on the glottis. down. the downwards and backwards. downwards, knew very little about music. doxologia magna (lat.) the version of doxologia parva (lat.) [doxology.] doxology (gk.) the hymn or song of dprjio^ia. d. purcell, c. 1700. dr. adolph bernhard marx, justly remarks drag. dragging, delaying dragging the time. dral service. drals in england. drama, or at a concert. dramatic dramatic piece for one dramatic piece in which dramatis persona. drammaticamente drammatico (it.) drawback drawing drawn drawn, drawn from the drawn through the duple time- " drawn " while the fingers draw the draw them backwards;" but this gives too draw your wetted thumb drayton's " polyolbion," song dr. boyce, in his " cathedral music," dr. burney says, " that dr. burney says that many dr. burton in his " anatomy dr. busby in his musical dictionary [1800] dr. croft's " thirty select anthems," 1724: dreadful dreichorig (dreigestrichen dreiklang drei-stimmig dresden, in 1748. twelve years later kolbel dresden, without acknowledgment or profit drical drigals. drinking. drinking songs, from the drive any mucus towards the mouth. driven out dr. john case, whose speculum moralium dr. morell mackenzie thus well explains droite droite. droll, funny. drone. drone bass. druckbalg (ger.) a reservoir of wind, drum [drum.] drum. drum, always employed drum major. drum-major. drum may be noted that in drummer. drummer, tam- [drum.] [nacchera.] drums drums.] drum shaped drums in their regiments. drum slade drum, so called from drumstick. drum, used dsfe $=d=ttt&fed=*4-v duan (gaelic.) a verse, stanza. [du^aynas.] du cange, in ducas." ducing harmonics. duction.) ducts are introduced. due. due, a due corde dued voice, duet duet. duet, from bis and due to duettino (it.) a little duetto (it.) a duet. due voci (it.) for two voices. duke of florence :" dulcan dulcaynas dulcet. [dulciana.] dulcian, or dulcino (it.) the name of dulcimer [dulcimer, [dulcimer.] dulcimer, dulcimer. dulcimer. [canun.] dulcimer, lit. a little dulzaginas (sp.) dumb dump dump. dumpe. [dump.] dumpspeare duodecimo duodecimole. -duodene. duodene. duodene." duodramma duoi duoi chittaroni duoi cornetti. duoi gravicembani (cla- duoi organi di legno. duple duple. duple or triple duple time duple time of four dur, durable. durandus gives another meaning duration. durations of sounds ? durch durchfuhrung durezza (it.) rigour, harshness. dur (gcr.) the key of dur (ger.) dur. (ger.) dur. (ger.) the key of b major. during during a deep chest-note. the during an interval during the republic of 1792 in france. duties duties are duty. duty on the part of the watchmen. duval. malines, dessain. du violon, [dux.] dux (lat.) the proposition, theme, or dux, propositus, dwelling-houses d, which is dyin< dying away, dying away, decre- dying away, diminishing. dystonic. e3erfe= a baton each each additional (/) representing the each) as a concord each bar. each country in which each crotchet its due quantity." each give the sounds as written each group. each instrug each note. each note of the subject. each of each of the notes each of these is each of these movements each pair tuned in unison. each portion comprised each psalm. each section. each string is each tone was furnished. ea [cythara] canendo, et per [ear.] ear. earlier composers. earliest earliest histories, be- earliest of our historians. earl of oxford. (early early composers early form of the early period. (early systems early writers indicate earnestly. ears earth earth, ear to be easily, at easily, fluently, easily known." (playford, introduction to the easily, quietly. easily, with ease. easy easy, easy. easy, graceful allegro, easy, moderate easy, moderate time. |e basso eberlin. e. blancks, michael cavendish, e, c#, ai, and [ecbole.] ecbole (gk.) the terms eclysis (ekxvoic,-) ecclesiastico (it.) echeion. echelle diatonique, echo. eclisses (fr.) eclysis. ecstasy. edgar in having compelled subject kings to edge of the cords being thus edited by edition, edition. edition is very rare. edition of " luther's corales," 1840. editions editions (issued editors editors, ed. t. pegge.) education. e dur. e dur (ger.) the key of e major, the (e e e fig. 5), which pass through small effect in effect of the surface weights. effects. eflat. e flat, a flat and egualmente (it.) equally, evenly. egypt. egyptian harp. egyptian nefer. egypt was egypt was announced by the ringing of " egypt was glad " (handel). e. hypate eight eighteenth century. " eight has eighth part of a semibreve, eighth part of a semibreve. eight stringed lyre. einfalt (ger.) simplicity as, mit einheit (ger.) unity. einleitungs-satz einschlafen einschlagend eisenach eisen's rosemary eisenvioline [eisenvioline.] eis (ger.) e eisteddvodau have been since ^=eitegppi either for private or public use. either in either side of it being also struck. ela. elabo- elaborate as elaborate variations of a theme. eleelegantly, with elegance of elegy, or funeral song, eleison." elevatio elevatio, elevation, (elevation of voice). elevato (it.) raised, exalted. elevazione (it.) a composition founded eleve (fr.) a pupil. eleventh century elijah is more dramatic in elijah was elizabeth. elizabeth, who was an expert ellis's original letters. " el porque de la musica," 1673, suggested el que por amaros else in this more easy way. elucubratis, didicerim." e lus-ti-ge em avwufiu kax lioteiav embellish- embellish. embellishments embellishments. embouchure eminent organ-builder, henry willis, to emmanuel." emotion. emotions are displayed. empfindung (ger.) emotion, passion, emphasis emphasis. employed employed- employed. employed in england. employment employ the following notation emporte (fr.) passionate, hurried. empresse (fr.) eager, hurried. enarmonico (it.) enharmonic. enccenia. ence of the vibration numbers. encounter of an enemy. encouragement that encyclopedique," describing a newly-invented end. endeavour to establish end, freely vibrating at another endless complications. end of oboes, clarinets, &c. end of swell organ end of the " endolymph," another fluid. endowed foundations ends of their fingers. end were john walsh, of the " harp energetically. energia, con energy, vigour. enfant de chceur (fr.) a chorister-boy. enfasi, con enfatico (it.) with emphasis, earnestly. enformacion." 1500, en fut tres remarquable." eng.) engel-stimme (ger.) [vox angelica.] engines," eng. kit. england. england had england the german england. the immediate england under the name rebec. england when a english english and scotch exclusively english bells. english composers, and the majority of english dances. english form of the ancient english horn. english in the various english organs engraving of music. enharmonic enharmonic. enharmonic change, or modulation. enharmonic change), thus: enharmonic diesis enharmonic genera of the greeks. enharmonic (p. 50 et scq.). enharmonic scale whatever. ening, leaning upon. en its outer surface. enjoyed by any other people, enoplius enoplius. iv6w\ioq (gk.) warlike music. enough to easily admit a finger. enough, very; entertainment. enthusiasm. entirely in falsetto. entr'acte (fr.) music played between the entrechats entremese (span.) entry of subject entusiasmo entwurf enunciated. enveloppa si de parolles envoy or stanza containing e of the quint [eolian harp.] ^eolian harp. [eolian.j eolian mode. /eolian mode. [eolian.] ./eolopantalon, e pastori -epf epicedion. epiglottis epiglottis, epiglottis. epiglottis-cushion. epiglottis falling back epiglottis lies epiglottis quietly. epiglottis; /. thyroid cartilage; epilenia, ixt\)'i>.) ionian. * eto-ayoiyj; etouffoirs (fr.) et perfecta. et pour les violes et sonnez doux de controvaiile et vis en ce parchet. etwas etwas gehend, andantino. euclid. euclid, at the euclid, int. harm., p. 19. euclid, p. 21. euclid's, to abbreviate references. euphonium. euphonium in c or b flat euphony. european coun- europe, and from europe, and while chivalry began to redeem european nations. european use demands. eurydice evacuant evans, and eveille (fr.) even after hochbrucker even among the manufacturers. even from such is justly expected ever cheered by the sound of a bagpipe. ever intended to be so. every lady." the figures from which a selec- every performer considered him- every psalm of the old version is every row every so-called evil, evirato (it.) [castrato.] evolutio (lat.) (ex. 12) is a canon 4 in 1, because ex. 1 would be put forth (ex. 26) "seventh on the mediant;" no. 5 (ex. 27) "seventh on the subdominant (ex. 29) " seventh on the leadingno. (ex. 2) shows a chromatic exact exactly. exactly half-tones exactly with it. exact pitch of every examined and examining example, example. example (34) has already been given, of an example, but example, by shakespear in " much ado about example: " in alwyni episcopi examples example shows examples of harmony examples of imitation examples of its scope given below. example, taken from "the exceedingly quick. exceedingly smooth, excellently sett for the harpsichord," 1705. excepting excitation of the ear by a sound. exciting actions. exclusive of marbecke's plain-song was the " ex cujus numeratione pariter execute will be found in execution. exercise, without point or meaning. exhaust-valve, exhibited a mirror for ex hoc nunc exist, exists among exists in front, that exits of the body. expand expanded expansion and development explain. explained. explained by " maister " thomas mace, explained under notation. explain fully the kinds of proportio: explaining explanation. explanation of czermak's fig. (taf. explanations have been offered, which explanations, which explosion gives rise to what may be looked exponent of art. expressed by the signs tr, expressed thus expression [expression.] expression colla chiave. expression of fear. ex-qui-si-ta extant forbidding its use in church. extant " kyrie," a creditable specimen for extat, ei extemporaneous em- extemporaneously. extempore descant. extempore. musical extend below tenor c. extended compass. extended compass and length extended harmony. extended, spread, diffused. extent, was external ex. to find the number of beats per extract is from the extracts distinguishable, extraneous. extraneous modulation. extraordinary style. eye or nose. 6pfiiy. fa bemol fabliaux, fablier (provencal.) fabliers. [faburden.] faces. faces d'un accord (fr.) the positions facetious facile facile instruction facilement facilita facilite facility, facilmente facing the \f, a comma flat, which is un: facon moderne pour couler fact fact i noticed, viz. faction. fact, rests in facts before them. facts have to be considered. facts indicated facture [facture.] faculty. fading fading away. fagottista (it.) fagotto. fagottone - fah fahobordone. fails, while in negatl%lto) f + a (in the subdominant duodene), fairly be translated fairly called " fair prince, here is fale, falero, lero, loo. fall by their own weight. fall (old eng.) f al> read [falsa.] falsa musica " falsa musica est quando de false [false false. false intonation. false or feigned music was that in [false relation.] false relation. [false string.] false string. falset falsetto [falsetto.] falsetto. falsetto is present in every falsetto register. falsetto voice. false vocal cords. false wit." falso-bordone faltige familiar. familiarly associated. family. famuli tuorum: [fancies.] fancies. fancy. f, and fandango fandango, fandango. fantaisie fantasie (gcr.) fantasiren fantastically, fantasticamente fantastic devices. fantastico (it.) fantastique (fr. farandola (it.) farandoule (fr.) f a, read f aristox., farsa in musica far the f as by boeckh fashion about the year 1540. fa, sol, fast, fast. fastened fastened at the lower end. fastened by fast enough. a quicker faster. faster than andante. fast indeed. fatally. fat> c fate, fate. faultless. fausse corde fausset (fr.) favoured. favourite authority in musical favourite (because easy) keys of the favour of kings, princes, and nobles was favour of the scherzo. f. bulley, fby contrary motion, that fcfcg^-i f. champneys, f/c(,\jj(7(aoti(.>/e -- \/f -- \c$, thirds of the f double sharp. fear fear, feast of featly here and there, february, 1716." fect 4th, fect fourth. fect fourth, fifth, fection which all else were making. federclavier (ger.) spinet. feel for feel gratified feeling. feeling, expres- feelings in music. feet, as, feet (groups of time-units). feierlich fejl rjr fejr=z fel ?^ feldmnsik, military music. felt female musicians females. female singer fer- ferent classes. ferent sounds, is ferial. [fermo.] fermo. fermo, the other a counterpoint. fern. (it.)^\ ferocita ferring to it.* fertig (ger.) fessor of fest (ger.) festival festivals." festival style, grandly. festive, solemn. festivita, con (it.) with joyfulness. festivo =fet f et c, g rariuscule. feurent meints divers acors few actors, rarely more than four. few words f-fa-uts, ffi^^g^j ppi ffi-*-^u ^ffl=p=g ff^-rir- c-nb^gp^ fft minor. fgab f hirschfeld and leveille, fiasco [fiasco.] fiat fiat depositio et e fiato, fiato (//.) (1) wind (fiawio, /ja\a('w). fibres). fibrous root or creepers. fication. fications ficient for the ficta musica (lat.) fiddle (eng.) the most familiar of fiddle, has no finger-board. fiddle-strings fie. fie. ;.* fieaae ttoti fiedel (ger.) fiddle. fied than the waltz. fiercely. fiero fifre (fr.), (fifteenth) fifteenth. fifteenth century. fifth and major fourth. fifth and sixth on f fifth in fifth of the scale of b fifths played as written fifths, sixths, fifty-five." fifty years, and the latter fig- fig. fig*! (fig. 1.) fig. 11.* (fig. 2.) fig. 2 fig. 2.* fig. 245, p. 326). fig. 2 is given by fig- 3-* fig. 3 fig. 3- fig. 3 is from a ms. fig. 3 represents fig- 4-* (fig. 5) the pallet c descends, fig. 6, but exaggerated. fig. 7.* fig. 9-* fig. in. (fig. in. ni, fig. iv. figura (lat.) a note. figura simplex, figurate, or figure figure. figure 2 implies a 4th figure 4 implies a 5th, or 5th and 8th. [figured [figured bass.] figured bass. figured f. figuree (fr.) figure of the figures, figures are used figures in order to (fig. v. fig. vi. filar la voceharmony. filching." file, filled up " fille quant ferez en karolle filling up. final final a. final c. final cadence." final e. finale, finale. final f. final g. finalis. final of finals finals. find finders. find the fine ^ fine. fine. fin (fr.) the end. finger, finger. finger-board. fingerbrett (ger.) finger cymbals. fingered finger-former. finger-holes and keys), and those produced fingering -fingering. [fingering.] fingering. fingering. applicatura fingering go. fingerleiter fingerleiter. (ger.) [chiroplast.] fingers fingers. fingers and with plectra. fingersatz fingersetzung) v fingers like a guitar. finger-stall. finished. finished, ended. finite canon. [canon.] finto fiochetto (it.) slightly hoarse. fioriscente| fioritura fiovaitcfis (8vo.) paris, 1821. ^fir* fire, fire. fire made in its fir, if jr , firmly on the glottis. firmly upon the wooden bracings or framing firmness. first first. first abdominal ring. first and second subjects first, as the first as to tonal fugues. first, a very unusual first eight alone first epitrite (iambic & spondee). "first essay of publishing church musick first fiddle first half, first improved first in first is first line first line of the stave. firstly the early embryo first octave. first of first pair, five in first pa;on (trochee & pyrrhic). first part of the allegro. first plan given (largest on the fi rst s first sight. first specimens of chamber music. first tetrachord. first, that they are first, the expansion first this ma)' occur in first viola first was called ut fis. fis dur (ger.) fisfis or fisis (ger.) fis (ger.) f sharp. fish fish, fish. fis moll (ger.) fistula fistula, fistula. fistula eburniola, fistula (lat.) (fitawvj fithelearundinis ordo, pan-pipes. five five- five. five-fifths semitones of 4 five-fold. (five hundred points of good husbandry, 1540). five of the tones five places are enough for all five principal five tones fixed, fixed bridge formed fixed rule for fixed, some moveable. f*j, and fjj a true third to d f. k., and published by john kingston in flageolet flageolet, flageolet. flageolet, so called after [flageolet tones.] flag fluit (dutch). flach-flble flaiito cuspido (it.) flajos de sans, fistule, pipe flajos et chevrettes flajos et chevrettes, flamps flaschinett flat flat, flat. flat clarinet, as: flat is set in flat major flats. flatte (fr.), schleifer (ger.) flattened (ex. 4). flattened v. flattered flatteringly.) flat to a sharp key. [flautando.] flauti flautina alia vigcsima flautino flauto flauto amabile (it.), flauto dolce (it.) [flute.] flauto dolce (it.) (sweet-toned). flauto francesc. flauto (it.) [flute.] flautone (16 ft.) flautone (it.) [bass flute.] flauto tedesca, or allemandc. flauto traverso flauto traverso (it.) the german flute flebile, flebilmente fleshy part of the cheeks. flessibilita (it.) [flexibility.] flexibility. flexible flexor muscles fl^h^mftffamdlp^hirir r flictedly, with sadness. fliichtig (ger.) light, rapid. fling. a dance performed by scottish f locher flon flood of tears will cost, florid florid. florid, bold, florid church (florificatio flote (ger.) [flute.] floten flourens * has experimented on the subject flourish flourish. flourishes. flourish of trumpets. flowery flowing, flowing style, capable flue flue- fluences. fluential flue pipes. flue-pipes are tuned, if stopped, by flue theory as untenable. fluous, or sharp. flute [flute, [flute.] flute- flute, flute. flute). flute (16 ft. and 8 ft.) flute (1712.) flute. (1) one of the most widely used flute a bec [flute a bee] flute a bee (fr.) [flute.] flute a bee, or english flute. flute d'amour (fr.) a low-toned flute, flute douce (fr.), flute of the hebrews. flute or flute, piccolo, or flute raveua. flutes flutes, flutes: flute traversiere (fr.) fly. a hinged board which covers the (f#.) lydian. f moll (ger.) the key of f minor. f " multipliciter foco (it.) fire, spirit. focoso (it.) with spirit, fofa (port.) foglietto fois folc gifts fold fold, fold chords, folded inwards, but stands erect. folds, foliated. followed followed. followed by absolute silence. followed by " an epistle to all followers of lully, campra (1660-1744) is the following following, following are following are examples following are the forms following bar. following bar, or, syncopated. following, but following course, some (thyro-epiglottideus following diagram shows following diagrams will explain this following example following example from fetis following example (no. 4) is from gerbertus following examples following groups following lines following proportion following table contains a following table will follows: follows it. follows ps. follow strict time after any fondamentale fondamento fonds d'orgue (fr.) the foundation foot, as a footlights and the curtain. foot of frontispiece (for for a for a bar's rest. for a child, for a detailed account of this for a dot for alia breve is for all the for a long for a long time after. for a low pitch. for although for, although music was for, although the compositions of for any note. for as for a species for a third testimony we may foration for a trine below. forbidden by musical law-givers. the great for, by, on for, by the constitutions force force. forced. a term signifying forced into for certain for certainly she's forces it out. for church use. for clinical purposes. for common time. for counterpoint, but did not always give for courtiers' ears. for cunning such, and vertue much; for dr. burney states that "his (bach's) fore for each scale. forefinger, &c.) foregoing fore him. foreign to the old church modes. forest flute. fore wrong. for example, for example: for example, 17 :5 was said to be for example, after the regular for example a piece in the for example, c# to b?is a diminished seventh for example, lcs for example, the for example, the song of which a for ex. see appendix. for four hands. for four voices in harmony. for further details and for further information forgotten that in for granted for harley, (for iertia), or for instance, the for instance, the false vocal for it for it not only for itself. for its inversion. for its signature. for it was the fork (early in this century) forkel, and forkel says that " bach [forlana.] for long distances form [form.] $ form form. form." form a compound stop. (4) a mechanical form a concord. for making any vocal sound. formally. formances formances. for many for many years a form a separate melody. form as the symphony formation of a sequence formation on the lyre. formed formed by formed by c-gj, and its inversion. these formed by four fifths up, which formed either of small formed of a straight metallic tube. for men's voices. former are used for formerly formerly, formerly. formerly a solfeggio name formerly given to an formerly, in some english formers. forming a passage. forming part of two new decads. for mixed voices or instruments. form of dance. form of early form of second. form of the kyrie form of the symphony. forms forms, forms. forms which form the consequent for music made and not inspired. for nearly twenty for new forms of the beautiful. for pianoforte and organ music, &c. for pianoforte playing, for pipes for pra)'er, for rallentando. for repetition. (for />rima), or for ruling the stave. for secular purposes. for short divisions for shortsign for sounds. fort forte forte, forte.] forte is now. forte or organ. forte-piano or fp. forte possibile (it.) as forte, soft then loud. forth forth, forth. for that for, that "for that if forth, but for the for the bass for the belief that for the cause of the for the cittern, for the edification for the " eustachian for the full duration for their ordination. for the likeness. for the one exceptional for the organ for the poor productions for the psalms some for the purpose. for the purpose of pointing. for there exists for these indications. for the several for the sign for the somewhat abstruse for the subject is mythical for the two parts. for the'voice. for the voices or instruments. for they that for they that led us for this for this class of work. for three for three equal voices. for three parts. for three principals, for three voices, instruments, for three voices, or forth, together for time so spent, fortissimo for triple time. fortsetzung for two voices or instruments. forty respectively. for " u " curves. for valuable information on for violins for viols for voices or for voices or instruments. for volti subito, forward each man set forwards. forwards, and another who could for which he deserves most for which it is intended. for yong practitioners," c. 1656; are here forz. forza, con forzando [ forzando forzato (it.) [forzando.] found found. found at p. 184. whoever shall desire to found desirable. founded on a coda founded on two principal themes or found was published between 1740 and 1750. four (four four bars. four-fold ; having four fourier's theorem. [acoustics, n.] fourlane four lines. four notes. four-part harmony. four parts. four sentences for that fourth fourth, fourth. fourth) fourth above. fourth and fifth fourth and major third fourth, &c. fourth comprises fourth epitrite (spondee & trochee). fourth line of the stave. fourth lower. fourth octave. fourth paeon (pyrrhic & iambic). fourth rules need no explanation. fourths fourths. fourths). fourths, and thirds. fourth, sixth, seventh, and ninth. fourth time in fourth, to which they belonged. four time. four times). f. parhypate f. parhypate. \f. parhypate (beside hypate). fqg&jr^efeijqg fraction of (fra diavolo). frame movement. france in 1793. the melody to which it was francesco conti. francesco durante (1684-1755), who, as a francese. franchinus. francis de la fond in 1725, suggested a franco and francois jaqui, 1565," i2mo. the melody franculus (lat.) frangaise frankfort-onfor franz -ton frasi (it.) phrases. (fr.) a small kind of bagpipe, fraternity fr. cloche. fre- freak, freddamente, con freddezza fredon free canon, free chant free for action free in form [free parts.] free parts. free writing fregiatura frei- freie schreibart (ger.) freischutz will prove. (2) a powerful reed french french, french. french " diapason normal french flat-tuning. [flat-tuning.] french horn. french horn. [horn.] french music french pitch; lower french poetry french revolution of 1792 were associated french sixth. [extreme sixth.] frenzy. frequent frequent. frequently frequently resolved frescobaldi frescobaldi. fresh frets. fretta, con $~^frfsis^ (fr.) grand (fr.), grand chantre (fr.) (having a friday." friedemann bach (17 10 -1784) though, fried. hillmer of leipzig, in 1799. fright, " frische frisch (ger.) lively. (fr.) note frogs. frolich (ger.) joyous, from (from from 1660 to 1840 the sanctus was never from a diary kept at rome in 1697, by a from a drama from a glee, in its being sung by from a musical point of view another from andre's "lehrbuch from another from another. from a particular sound-board. from a set [bass flute]. from a the 8th to from a work entitled "the newest from below by buttons attached to upright from cherubini. from employing " sentences which nobody (from e. roger's virginal from fancy or accident. (from fides and from fux (welcker's english translation) from germany part-songs from graun's from g to b. from having been sung by a party of from him, are from his conception from icpovw, to knock, strike). from lat. from maul, from oakeley. from sargent. from sargent's psalter. from spontaneous vibration from that event from that fact. from that given by koch in his lexicon) from the from the above examples we have from the dominant from the doric. [plain song.] from the greek from their plates was issued in 17 10. the from the italian mandra, from the latin calamus, a reed. from the library of from them from the part from the row from the salisbury hymnal (from the same from the sign $. from the time when from the two preceding examples, it will (from the word cantor.) from this latter from this method from this plate, and from thus predominating from two roots, g and d respectively: from whence it derives its name. front frosch frottola (fr.), pause (ger.) fr. pavilion, ger. schallstiick. (fr.) scene d'entree. (fr.) scherzando. [scherzo.] frt^= fruchte," seven sonatas, f see " de clavibus," p. 214. " unam dictarum f sharp. f sharp major. f sharp minor. fsr^tj. ftg-fry^ f, the clapper. ftoc. ftr&cr c(tr "^^r fuga fugal fuga ricercata, fuge (ger.) a fugue. fughetta (it.) fughette (ger.) [fugue.] f'ugue, and canon. fugue as, fuga doppia, a fugue, cequalis motns, a [fugue.] [direct.] fugue, having two subjects fugue or melody fugues have what fugue-subject. fugue subjects when treated by inversion [fugue.] [sustained note.] fugue, the answer being termed the reply. fugue, the subject of fugue with two subjects. - ful ful, ful1 0r 8 an ful, gratefully. fulke greville. it admitted of much full anthem. full anthem, which full cadence. full choir, in response. full chord. full power full score. fullstimmen (ger.) full stop. (1) in lute playing, a full full tones, applied to full-voiced, full-toned. fully, elegantly. fully established, fulness of the voice. fulness of tone. functionally a functions, duty. funda- fundamental fundamental. fundamental bass. fundamental chord. fundamental note, gene( (fundamental) o-ooo funebre, a funeral march. funeral. funerale funereal, mournful, in the funzioni fupon andthe block fur- furious, frantic, with rage. furiously. furlano furnish a tune for dancing. [ballet.] furnished furnished " grounds" for furnished the poetical groundwork of many furnished with keys. furore, con further description. further to improve these plans fury, passion, en- fusa (lat.) a quaver, fusee (fr.) rapid division, fust subject. future development. fxtxuiiav g. abb. for gauche (fr.) left; as, 7i?.g., gabel (gcr.) (gaelic.) gaillarde (fr.) [galliard.] gaily, gaiment gain the heart of every youth. gajamente galantemente gali et arie per -galliard. galliard. galliard." "galliard " " a swift galliards, and almands." galop galopade. galoubet gals.] gamut. gamut and d, their places marked the gamut, by dr. john blow, gamut. [notation.] =(g= and played ganz ganza, con garbo, con (it.) with grace, politely. garrire (it.) garrison of strasbourg in 1792. [gassatio.] gassatio. " gassenhawer." gastoldi is the gatherum, tolly polly, hoite cum g a true gauche gaudentius, p. 22, &c. gave for the employment of both hands, --gave the gavot gavot. gavotte (fr.) [gavot.] gazette, (gcr.) (gcr). [gcr.) (gcr.) similar motion. {gcr.) the working out of gear. gebrochene akkorde gedackt gefiihl, gegenbaur, gegengesang (ger.) antiphonal music. gegensatz (ger.) counter-subject. gegjecpas^ jgrefetjii gehalten (ger.) held, sostenuto. geigcn-ivirbcl, peg. "geistliche lieder," " geistliche lieder," wittemberg, 1545 gekneipt gelassen (ger.) calm, tranquil. " (gene- general. general adoption of the term vivace. general-bass," berlin, generalbasschule," general -bass (ger.) thorough bass ; generally generally. generally adopted, of generally, and so became synonymous with generally, because pythagoras had generally of generally of 16 ft. tone. generally of 4 generally of a plaintive (generally with some rude general name for the general name for the notes general name of " flute." generate de la musiquc, i. 131, 8vo., 1869.) generator. generoso (it.) nobly, with dignity. gentilezza, con gentle jesus, be our light gently on the strings. genu flectatur." genus george wither. (ger. (ger.) (ger.) ] ,., (ger.), (ger.] [ger.) {ger.) ger ^ ger -) ger. (ger.) (1) minor. (2) soft gerade-taktart gerbert's (ger. bratsche or altgeige. {ger.) continuation. (ger.) (delicately voiced). {ger.) distributed (ger.) [f holes.] ger. glocke. (ger. harke.) (ger.) (having flat lips). gerlach. (ger.) leit-ton (ger.) nota (ger.) lit., iron fiddle. a german german, german, and more german flute. german invention and influence. german music was german name german organs. germans germans have no changes german sixth. germans to the notes, germany. it was supposed ger.,nagel-geige. (ger.) the alto trombone. (ger.) the art of expressing (ger.) the bellows-treader. (ger.) the note ax gesang," 3 vols, quarto gesang (gcr.) gesang" was variable and consequently the geschwind (ger.) quick, rapid. ges dur (ger.) the key of g flat ges (gcr.) the gesticulation and rapid movement. gestossen (ger.) staccato. get the following get this series (gev.) (gey.) g^feh-hm* ^^gfeign ghazel. ghazel (arab.) gheyn family, whose works are to be found ghiribizzicommencement gibbons's service in f [1583-1624] found gico gift, gigelira gigelira. giles farnaby (bac. mus., oxford, 1592), gin, contains [gingras.] gingras. gingrina (lat.) giochevole giocondamente (it.) joyfully, merrily. giocondato (it.) happy, joyful. giocondezza (it.) mirth, jocundity. giocondo (it.) jocund. giocosamente, giocoso (it.) sportively, giojante, giojosamente, giojoso giovanni gastoldi [1532-1598] the reputed gioviale giovialita, con (it.) with jollity. gipsies, as the gir.olamo frescobaldi (1591-- 1640). gis, gis (ger.) gis moll gittern. [guitar.] gittith (heb.) this word, which giubiloso giustamente giusto give " give me a spade," given given. given in given in germany to all given in order to show given note given out given subjects. given three notes are given to given to ballad given to the given to the followers given to them. given to the pre- given to the stave give out tone. gives over-tones or give the following: (gk.) /aayar. (gk.) (airvkvoi). (gk.) av\6c, derived from aj//ut, to (gk.), avafiadfiot, the name (gk.), cruarpov (from (gk.), instrumental music. (gk.) ixikwv. an instrument used (gk. kavhv). a rule, (gk.) o-^ela. (gk.) (pixog). (gk. taxafioc) (gk.), trifihiov. [gk.) virupxn^- {gk.) x au e> nt a tortoise (lai. (gk. y_opavxr/c from x

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