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Champlin, John DenisonJohn Denison Champlin
United States (USA) United States (USA)
(1834 - 1915)
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), and arnold 18 duos for bassoons 18).-- fetis. 18g2, for his cantata, louise 18g7.-- fetis, supplement, i. 177. 18. gleieh wie der regen 18. ii borgomastro opera, dec. 2, 1840 18 poems of bellmaun (1850) 18 preludes and fugues 3 toccatas 18 quintets for flute, or oboe, 18s.5(novello&co.); 18tb century, died about 1770. 18th and 25th, and per- 18th and the early part of the 18th centuries. 18th century 18 trio for piano; 19, 1710, was almost as popular. 19, 1806, but without success. 19, 1853.-- fetis, supplement, i. 154. 19, 1g79, died at jever, 19, ance for political reasons) 19. ariosti, attilio 1 act, 1 act, ib., feb. 10, 1799 1 act, ib., may 23, 1794 1. enrico italien, 1835 1g28), the 1g30, died there, oct. 1g4 clemeut and larousse, 233. 1g97 le carnaval de veuise 1 gique 1. ii sposalizio 1. infant, died soon after 1, introduction 1 jan. (1 kings, i. 1 (leipsie, 1. le nozze di 1, lib. 1' organo (ib., 1618).-- fetis 1 (paris) 1, premier livre 1sg7-70, but retired 1st prize for all 1, with orchestra 201 115. conradi, august 20, 16g8, maestro di cappella, which post 202 iig. conrardy, jules 209 118. corelli, arcangelo 20.-- fetis grove mendel scliilling. 20g 117. converse, charles crozat 210 mendel 21, 1556, died 2 (1769).-- fetis. 2, 1827, under the title of the 21. arne, 21. ich hatte viel bekiiminerniss 21. ii duello 21 (paris) 22, 1710, died in 22, 1768, died at totis, hungary, in 1845. 224 fetis mendel. 227 mendel. 22, asgill, ou 22. la rosinda, 23, 1809, still liv- 23, 1820, still 23, 1824, still 23, 1856, still living, 1888. 2 35. balfe, michael william 23art, 23erfect 2, 3 et 4 vocum, lib. 1 (1639) 23. la callisto, ib., 1651 23, tjr- acts, opera comique, sept. 29, 1805 23utative father of 24. asioli, bonifazio 24 etudes pour 24 italian scenas and 24 masses, 4 requiems, (24 pieces) 24rtli 24 seregrands duos pour flilte, op. 11 25, 1709, died at 25, 1806, still liv- 25, 182:5, died 25, 1862.-- hanslick, modeme oper, 243. 25, 1867.-- futis, supplement, i. 155. 25 and 26 25. auber, daniel frau<;ois esprit 26, 1773, dr. arue first introduced women's 26 41. barnett, john 26, in e-flat, 26. l' elena 27, 1635, and became organist at 27, 1803.-- f6tis, suppli'nient, i. 282. 27, 1843. while writing l'etoile de seville 272 in f sur la vie, etc. (paris, 1845) 27. bach, carl philipp 27.-- fc'tis 27. ii serse, ib., 28, 17(55, died in paris, 1841. 28, 1827, the 28, 1839, still living, 284; schilling. 28. ii rfi7dj0 uni- comique, may 7, 1860 28 others without op. no.-/-- lenz, 290 mendel eiemann. 29, 181g, died there, nov. 5, 1860. 29 42. barnett, john francis 29. bach, 29 (cassel) 29. l' infedelta 2 acts, ib.. may 11, 1797 2)art 2. au lac de wallenstadt 2 books of masses for 4 and 8 2. canzone 2 caprices 2 christus factus est 2 collections of romances, with 2 concert 2 concertinos for do., op. 19 2 concertos 2 concertos for 2 conengland. 2d act of 2d ed., 1658).-- fetis mendel. 2 do. coneertantes for 2 do. for two vio- he wrote 2 do., op. 9 and 10 (brunswick, 2d prize for harmony and 2d sympho(with clarinet or violin, and 2d vol., 1887. 2 flutes and 2 horns, op. 1 (2), f minor 2 fugues on themes by alop. 23 (ib.) 2 horns, 2)ianoforte, 2)ianoforte ut milan. 2 i^ianofortes, op. 12 2. ii penseroso 2'i'ljlished 2'i'ofessor of 2. le eoi 2. le stmoaganze del conte, 2 liooks of motets 2 magnificats for four voices, 2 masses for four voices 2 motets 4 2 new albums (1855, 1857) 2 nocturnes for do., op. 2, pastorale 2 pianoforte duets-- no. 1, danse 2 pianoforte to 2 polowith accompaniment of 2 preludes (also for organ) op. 39 2 quintets 2 requiem masses 2)rofession. 2 roudos, in c, 2 sextets 2 sonatas for 2 sonatas, op. 13, 2 suites of waltzes for do. 2 symphonies concertantes 2 tantum ergo for do., op. 8 (vienna, dia^ 2 trios for pianoforte, 2 variations works. 2 (venice, 1568). 2 vespers 2 violins 2 vols. 2 vols., 1620) 2 vols. 8vo, 1773). 30, 1823, still living, 1888. 30. francesca di foix, ib., 1830 30. l' artemisia, ib., 30, marianue, 1 act, ib., july 7, 1796 30, vienna, 31 43. bartholomew, ann 31. baillot, pierre marie fran9ois de 31ieme demi-brigade, were very popular. 31. isnelda di lambertazzi, ib 32. baker, 32. elena rapita di 32, la leron, ou du calife). 32. lieb- 32 quintets 6 |32 sonatiis^yjtj^ttsijor, 32 versets, op. 7 33. alleiu 33. balakirev, 33. coriolauo, parma, 3.4, 5 and 6 parts 34. alessandro 34, alexis, 34. balatka, 34 dumka, elegy for pianoforte, op. 35 34. fausta, najjles, 1831 34 fc'tis wurzbach. 34 origholy thoughts, 1875 35. artaserse, 35. miscellaneous 35 symphonies 36. ric album) 37 44. battishill, jonathan 37. banister, 37, laure, ou 38 45. bazin, franyois 38, arnill, 3 and 4 voices (1596) 3, and i voices. 3 cantatas for 3 collections of songs 4 3 concertos for 3 concertos for horn, 3 do. for harp 3 do., op. 13 (ib., diabelli) 3 do. (paris, 3 do. sanctus, 2 do. credos, 2 3 duets for do. on themes of 3 duos 3 duos de salon, pour violou- voices, 1827. 3 duos for clarinet and bassoon 2 3 ecossaises, op. 72 .3etolia, 3 four-part songs, 1870 3g5), is the hero of the following 3 grand cantatas 3 he won 1st prize for solfi'ge, in 1841 3 hymns 3 (ib., sieber) 3ief;siah, 3iir;non. 3. la didone, ib., 1641 3 (leipsic, hofmeister) 3. marche hongroise. 3 masses for four, and 3 melodies for do. 3 morceaux pour 3 nocturnes for violoncello and 3 other collections of etudes. 3 overtures 3. pastorale 3 preludes, op. 3 psalms for eight 3 quartets, in e2, with strings 3 quuitcts siegesgesang, op. 26 3 (rome, 1603) 3 sacred choruses for female 3 sketches, 3 sonatas for clavier and flute 3 sonatas for harpsichord (17g9) 3 sonatas for piano- 3 songs for chorus 3 string quartets 3 suites of canons without 3 symphonies 3 symphonies (antwerp, 1644-47-49) 3 .symphonies for jiianoforte 3. tarantelle. 3 valses de (3 vols., n. d.) 3 waltzes for pianoforte 404 fetis. 40. dazu ist erschienen. 40 hjmne triommakouba, dause arabe, op. 40. la ballerina amante, naples, 1782 40 parts, and com- 40. torqualo tasso, rome, 40, une layrac (paris, 1856) 41 (1871) arminius, oratorio, for do., 412 ffhis, gl 4. 12 suonate da camera a 41. l' assedio di calais, 1833 42 12 songs and 42 trios for 42 (vienna, eder) 434 fetis 435, allgem. 4 36. banck, carl 43), forming, 44, la boucle de 4-4. sie werdeu eucli 45. ii jjihore parigino, date. 46. becker, albert 46 caj^riccio, op. 2 46, la jeune 46. scbauet doch und sebet 47. 78. jesu, der du meine seele 47. becker, 47. lucia di lanunermoor, 47, une heure de mariage, 48. beethoven, 48. belisario, venice, t. 48 etudes adoptees 48. icb 48, le pavilion 48 mazurek in e minor, 49. autographs of johannes brahms. 49 hanslick, moderne oper, 30 49. icb geh' 4 and 14 [4] and younger brother of the 4. au bord d'uue soiu'ce 4 books of motets 4 conand orchestra, in d 4 concertos for pi- 4 duets for 4 et 5 vocum 4g suppk'raent, i. 277 sowinski, 160. 4 hands 4 (ib., frey); 3 new do., books 5-8 (ib.) 4 male 4 overtures, 4 sj-mphonies, 4 sonatas, op. 4, 35, 58, 65 4, song of the shep- form. 4 symphonies, in 4 trios for pianoforte 4 voci, con lui magnificat, 4 voices 4 with orchestra. 50. autograph of hans von billow. 50 duets without words 5, 1805, died at 5, 1810, died at his villa 51. autograph 51 (mainz, schott) 51) of rietz 52 49. beethoven, ludwig van, in 1814. 52. falscbe welt 52. hermione, in cadmus et hermione. 52. ii marito disperato, naples, 53 50. beethoven, ludwig van, profile. 53. autograph 53. ii credulo, ib., 1785 53. maria di 53. reifet eucb. 54. autograph 55. autograph of michele carafa 55. gianni di parigi, milan, 1839 55. gli amauti alia i^rova, ib., 55 (leipsic, coburg, of- 56. la nascita del delphiuo, canvenice, 1784 56. minnie hauck, as carmen 57. autograph of charles simon catel. 58. autograph of emilio de' cavalieri. 58 (worms, kreitner) 59. adelasia, ossia la 59 mendel riemann. 59. portrait of marietta alboui 59 symphony no. 1, iu d 5 (augsburg, 1709) 5 collections 5 do. {bide, britannia), iu 5 from judas maccabreus), in 5iay abide, bass 5, les gouts ri'unis, ou nouveaux 5 melanges d'airs varies en 5. orage 5 overtures for 5 overtures, waverley, op. 5 (paris, 1803) 5 parties, avec la basse 5 part-songs for male chonis 5 quadrilles for 5 songs, op. 19 5 symphonies, of which the ar30, 1867 5 voc, lib. ii., op. 17 ma- 5-voice mass, 5. wo soil 60. mlaria 61. autograph of frederic chopin 61. nun komm, der heideu 62. weinen und beulen 63. autograph of domenico cimarosa. 64. autograph 64. dom sebastieu, paris, ojjera, 64. gianniua e bernadone, 64. sebet, welcb' eine liebe 65 51. belcher, william thomas 65. lo sposo seuza moglie, 65. sie 66. autograjdh 66. la felicita inaspettata, 67. cleopatra, ib., 67. le due d'albe, 69 53. beuda, georg 69. lobe den 6 about 1739 6, and 8 voices, rome, zanetti, 1602 6 bagapublished 6. bleib' bei uns 6 causa del suo 6 concertos 6 concertos for violin and or- 6 con- low 6 (darmstadt, alinsky) 6 do. for trombone 6 do., op. 59 (worms, kreitner) 6 do. (schweizerlied), in 6 duets contemporary, anfossi. 6 duets for two sopranos 6 duos con- 6 duos for flute 6 duos for two flutes 6 duos, op. 3 6 english suites. 6erno- 6. finale. 6 for eight, 6 french fashion, 1696, tunbridge walks, 1703, and 6, l'apoth('ose 6 lessons for the hari^sichord, or- 6 lieder (gellert), 6 overtures for grand orchestra 6 partitas 6 pensees musicales 6 psalms for 6 quar- tessa di bimbinpoli, given in 6 quartets for 6 quartets, op. 1 6 quintets for 6res, pasticcio 6, salmi spezzati a 4 voci (rome, 6 sextets 6 solos for flute. 6 solos for violin 6 sonatas a cinque, 6 sonatas for 6 sonatas for do., op. 19 6 in 1848. 6 sonaten filr violoncell. 6 songs, 6 songs, op. 16 6 songs, op. 3 6 songs, op. 4 (dresden, 6 songs, with pianoforte, op. 2 (leipsic, 6 symphonies 6 symphonies a huit part. (17g0) 6 symphonies coucer- 6, the beatitudes 6 trios for vio2 6. vallee d'obei-mann 6 variations for 6 variations for guitar in 1878. 6 voci, etc. 70, nos. 1 71 54. bendall, wilfred ellington 71. gott ist mein kunig 72. boieklieu, fran<;ois 73 55. bendel, franz 73. boito, 73 (for 2 pianofortes) 4 scherzos, op. 20, 73. herr, 73. la calamita de' cuori, ib., 1793 73.--mus. wocheu3, 77. du sollst gott 77. portrait of 79. boyce, "william 79. gli orazj e 79. gott der 7. apres une lecture 7 bagatellen, op. 33, 7 characteristic 7. christ 7 e 8 voci (1582).-- fetis 7. l' egisto, ib., 1643 7 (modena, 1699) 7 motets 7 motets, 3 7 (paris, 1769). 7 psalms for two 7, the prayer 80. ei.n feste burg. 80. portrait of galli-marie 8. 1875), i. 239; thayer, "verzeichniss, 35; 81. braham, john 81. brassin, 81. portrait 82. brahms, johannes 83. brandeis, frederick 85. bridge, john frederick 85. icb bin 86. bridge, joseph cox 86. semiramide, ib., 1799 87. bronsart, hans von 88. bronsart, ingeborg vou 89. bruch, max 89 chappell, popular music 8 allemandes fordo. (augsburg, gombart) 8 collections of songs (offenbach, 8 concertos for 8. gli sdegni per amore, ib., 1776 8. ii fortuuato inganno, venice, 1823 8. la deidaiuia, ib., 1644; 9. l' ormindo, 8. liebster gott, wann werd' 8 quartets for tion of 8 songs and romances, pianoforte, op. 20 90. bruckner, anton 90 interludes 91. briill, ignaz 91. bull, ole 92. buck, dudley 93. bull, john 93; fetis 93. wer nur den lieben gott 95. billow, hans von 95. christus dor ist 96. bunnett, edward 97. burney, charles 98. caballero, 99. cafaro, 99. do. (2d version) 99 merkenstein, op. 100 der kuss, 9 do. (qiiant' 9, itrts. 9 overtures 9 pointed maestro di cap2:)ella in 1817. 9. rudenz, ib., 1838 9 sympho- a 3 e 5 stromeuti (venice, 1c57). a 4 voci a 4 yoix d'hommes avee solo a 5, lib. ii., con partitura (1605) aaffhitryon, a., alto. a apollon, abaco-- dyne abadia, natale, born a ballet les amours de tempe, 1752. his works abanbut soon abbate domenico abbe walraef and abbey church abduction. abegg variations, theme on the abeille, (johaxn christian) abel, abel, karl fiiedrich abell, john, born a beneplacito, op. abenhamet e zor-hde. abenheijh, joseph, born abenjjain bis, do., opera comique, 1879 abert, (johann) josef, born at a, b-flat, op. 18, nos. 1-6 {lobkotvilz quar- abihtj'.-- grove abi'illiant, ability, ability. able able. ablj' also ably his greatest work. a book of magnificats for 4-8 abos abos, venice, about about 1150 about 1420, died (?). famous about 1570. maestro di cappella to the about 1615. about 1630. about 1639, died at wells, in 1736. son of about 1640, died at gravedona, on about 1640, died in 1866-67. about 1668 about 1669. about 1680 about 1683. about 1690. about 1710. about 1730 h about 1736, died about 1737 about 1738 about 174:1 music by johann adolp)li hasse, about 1742.-- schoelcher, handel, 17 about 175g, died in berlin, february, 1842. about 1760. about 1760, died after 1812. about 1760 majo, naples, 1763 about 1764 he became kapellmeister about 1770 he returned about 1780, died (?). he was maestro of about 1782 by trento, two acts, rome, about 1787 about 1788; alceste, opera, 178g about 1789 zingarelli, turin, 1794 nicodel. about 1792, and naples, 1805 naumann, about 1795. alonzo und cora, ballet, music about 1795 ii trombetta about 1796 he about 1796 he returned to leipsic, about 1797. ii cid, three acts, text by about 1806 by rainiondi, palermo, about about 18-14. about 1815. about 1820 lie was ap- time as chorister in about 1825 about 1827. about 1828, about 1828, stiu about 1830 about 1832, still living, 1888. about 1839 he about 1843 he settled at dresden, about 1850 about 1850 (not performed). don rodrigo about 1855 he went about 1860 (not performed). about 18 k! about 30 polonaises and several about 50,000 concertos about 50 works, and comprising concertos, about the end of about the middle of the 13th centurj'. six about the middle of the 16th century, above the a boy a boy, a boy of eight years, a brill- a brill- to absalon, jephte, abscheulicher see fideuo. abschieds symphonie (farewell absence. abt, franz acadc'mie des beaux-arts, 1851 academie de musique, feb. 22, 1780. academie royale, 1816 feodor, academie royale de musique, academie royale de musique, until 1812. academy, academy. academy in 1840-42, academy of music. li 1867 academy of music, where he gained the acadeniie roj-ale de musique, in 1769, was acbille, acbille et deidamie, 1735. accademia di accademia filarmonica, bo- accademia filarmonica, ib., until 1671 ; accelli, gesare, accepted the accession accessit for accessit for fugue in accessit in 18-16, acciajuoli, filippo, born accomijauiment accomjjaniment accompagnement de piano. fetis accompaguemeut de accompaniment accompaniment under francesco accompanying, and accordingly according to according to popular accorimboni, agostino, ace, 1875 a ce bonheur supreme. aceomijlished a character in boiardo's ach gott, wie lang achieved achille chez chiron, 1864. achille e deidamia, do. achille, guyon achille nell" assedio di troja achilles in petticoats, 1773 a choir-boy, acht pianofortestiicke, op. ach wie aci, a cinq, a cinque e acis acis and the a collection of a collection of thirty a collection of twentj' short a collection of two choruses. a composer. a concert (berlin, 1857), music a concert composed entirely of his a concerto a concert tour to a concert tovir 1836 a consolakmi affretisi. a contemporary of josquin depres. some a contralto a corrupt genius acquaintance of haudel, acquired a act, act, " act. act) act, called act, ems, 1862, paris, 1863 acteon acter acter. act, given at the opera comique, 1854 act, in verse, text action, action, 1836 act, is act, iu verse, actor and dancing master. acts acts, acts," acts. acts are acts, berlin, 178s acts, ib., 1883 acts, opera comique, 1861 acts, text by acts, text by de leuven and brunswick, acts, text by desmond ryan, acts, text by mery, rep- acts, theatre favart, oct. 15, 1798; 36, acts, with prologue, text by ro\-, music by nov. 24, 1615. actus tragicus. ad 8 tonos adagio." adagio ed allegro adagio maestoso adalberto, ovvero la forza adaline, opera, 1879-84 adam, adolphe adam, adolphe. adam, atlolpbe charles adam hiller, represented at adam, johann georg, adam, johann theophil, adam, joseph august, bom adam, karl ferdinand, adam, karl friedrich, born at adam, louis, adams, and georg henschel. adams, thojl\s, born in adam's works. adam von fulda, adaptation of adaptation of boieldieu's adapted from byron's poem, adapted from milton adcock, james, addio, fuggo. see addio, speranza. addison, john, born adehon adelaide adelaide di borgogna adelchi, ib., 1857 adele de ponthieu, lyric tragedy adele di lusignano, adelheid), adelia, wife of renato ademy a deserved success. adhemall a dictionary of music and a dieci voci "adieu " adieu, adieu, ad imit. mod. adivieto (ammeto, admetus), adler, georg, ad libitum (bologna, 1766). admitted to the in- ad.oiastor, adojjted adolfati, adolgluck, milan, 1741 adoljjhe adoljjhe. adolphe adolphe. adolphe adam, represented adolphe adam, sa adolphe adam's giselle, ballet, adolphe et clara or, les deux adolphe samuel, fugue and counterj)oint adolph hasse, dresden, 1753 adone adone (adonis), pastorale, music bj' adonis. adopted by the conservatorio. ad organum (antwerp, 1597) adr a st adrasto, captain his wife, (adrastus), adriani, francesco, surnamed adriano in siria. the adriano sul monte adrien composed adrienne adrienne lecouvreur, adrieu adrunsen adue advent- who aeetinus aeiosti, attilio, boru aelbianische biusen-lust, aelsters, georges jacques, born aemsdorff, aestebreichische aesthetik oder a factory of wind instruments. a famous a farce and two 19 a favourite on the london stage. a favourite role of a few unimportant organ and a few years affections of their swains. a fishy case, a fontainebleau, 1609 a franciscan monk, he obtained a a french africaine. a friend of palestrina. aftei' remaining at leif)sic after (after after- after 1498, in the service of after 1806 he lived for some j-ears after a concert after a duet between after a restless after a short stay in after a visit to after bach's after bis arrival in after cervantes, after finishing his after having after hearing after her. after his after his death. after his death his after his great triumph dur- after his return to cologne venice, 1706). after instruction after its director, after leading the opera after leaving paris in (after lermontoff), cantata. after lermontoff's after living as aftermath (longfellow) ave maria break, after paganini to after play- after resisting after returning home, he after serving as or; after short visits to (after sonata, after successful after the after the death, in 1850, after the painting by after the painting by duptessis after the painting by schick after the specified year, after this after travelling after trinity, afterwards afterwards canon afterwards cut afterwards in vienna afterwards iu afterwards praised highly. a fugue theme a. fuller. a. fuuer-maitland, lon- again in 1799. against that of the celebrated against the span agamemnon agamemnon, agamemnon and priam, max agazzari published a age, age. age at deal. age au mont saint-bernai-d, o]y. 209, ib., a. g. eitter's a general history a genuine folk-song theme, pervading the age of age of fifteen he be- age of ten pupil of (a gerfor a german a german theme (ib.). a gesangverein ages, son of aggijs'torjo a gi'eat favourite. agkicola, georg ludwig, born aglia, 1788 'agner. (agnes), italian opera, two acts, agnes von hohenstaufen, agnus agostini, paolo a great deal a great deal of pianoforte agrell, johann, born at liuh, agricola agricola. agricola, alexander, born in the agricola, johann, born agricola, johann friedrich, agrippina agthe, carl christian, born aguilar, emanuel, born aguirre, abelino, born agxesi ah bello, a ivie ritorna. see "ah! come ah! come rapid a. see grociato in ah fors' e lui. see traviata. ah gran dio. see tninala. ahlefeldt, ahle, johann georg, ahlstrom ahlstrom, johan niclas, ah! mio ah mon fils, sois beni. see pro- a hopeless love for a high-born a horror of music, ah que je sens dimpatience. ah! quelle nuit. ah! que mon sort est beau ahquier, joseph, born ah taci, ah tu gelar mi a hundred englishmen, settled ai3ril 27, 1785, aida (s.) ai'e owned by the hanoverian court. aieudel, ii. 252. ai-geutiua, 1787 aigner aigner, engelbert, born a i'harmonie ai'icino, florence, 1704 ai'iovisto (with perti and paolo magni), a'illemarest, a in 1831 he was ainiour, viens finir. air, ^"a ira, a french revoliitiouaiy song, air ecossais ai^ril 16, 1858. air lerstein, january, 1803. air of leporello, in the airoldi, venice, 1852. airs airs, airs, and some single songs. airs and vaudevilles, op. 16 airs de airs expressly airs for airs for the ballet in airs for vaudevilles, air sung hj simon. airs va- airs varies air varie for do., op. 3 air varie pour alto ai-sace, ib., 1741 aisle of westminster abbey. aiuleto. see hamlet. aiul variatious for a' ivempis, florentino, flemish aix, aix-la-chapelle. aix, then maitre ajax i., ajax, music to the tragedy of sophocles, ajh-il a jjerformer of great ability. ajjotheose de marguerite. ajnibroz (ambrosch), josef karl, a jouer de la vielle aj)ril akademische a kenilworth, najjles, 1828 akeroyde, samuel, aklricli, henry aknold alach, near erfurt, may 8, 1758, died a la follembouche, bouifes parisiens, 1859 a la frontlfire, alagona, ib., about 1830; la a]\la.kyllis. a la mode, 1700 the funeral, 1702 a la prize in 1853 and the alard, delpliiu alard is the alarico, alarico il baltha (alaric the bold), alary, jules alaudsc quinque, con- a la voix (antwerp, 1597). alba cornelia, i satiri albei'gbetti, albeit albergo de' poveri, 1880 albert albert, albertazzi albertazzi, alessandro, born albert, born albert, heinrich, alberti, alberti, carlo, born alberti, giuseppe matteo, born alberto albert of lorraine, albert's music showed all albicasteo. albinoni, albmiblatt, alborglietti albrecht albrechtsbeeger, johann albreclitsberger album album, albumazar, ib., 1727 frenelogna, 1726 albumblatter albyn's aiithologj-.^ alceste, (alcestis) alcestis, op. 14 prometheus, op. 47 (1880) alchylvnst, der (the alchemist). (alciade alcibiade (alcibiades), alcide alcindo, doriclea, 1665 alcoc'k, alcpsle, gluck. aldkich aldrich, is in the library a legal cai-eer. -- alendel. alessandri, alessandria, alessandro alessandro, alessandro. alessandro aniante, alessandro in armenia, alessandro in efeso alessaudro alessaudro nell' indie, alessaxdro (alexan- alexander alexander. alexander balas (as it should be alexandre, alexandre a babylone alfieri wrote his biogra- alfonso cl'eve alfonso und alfred der alfred ernst, lveuvre alfred, lyric tragedy, by pitter1759 alfredo il grande, alfred schone. leipsic, 1871. alfred the great, "alfred," written in 1740 to commemorate (algisi), alhambra, london, december, 1872. (ali "alia cecchina," and alia musica vocale (1787) aliani, francesco, born alia vita di ali baba (or, les quarante a libert alice de nevers, al- idem, op. 15 and 20 alidia, oder ;alina jakob bacii, aline, ballet (with berton), aline, reine alinovi, giuseppe, born alipkandi, alisation alische opfer. a litterateur. a living. aljua l' incantatrice, allchin, william thomas how- all creatures now are merry allegoric allegri. allegri, domenico, born -- allen, alles rijhlt der liebe freu- allevi, giuseppe, italian composer allez dans un cloitre. -- allgem. --allgem. allgem. d. allgem. d. biogr., i. allgem. d. biogr i. 165 ambros, allgem. d. biogr., v. 46 futis allgem. histor. kunst-lexik. allgem. mus. allgem. mus. zeitg. allgem. mus. zeitg., allgem. "wiener mus. zeitg. (1811), no. brunswick all given all his j)rospects in life. all his operas there. all hope has fled, allison, allmachtge jungfrau. all^macht'ger vater. all of which he all schools, all the archives of italy. all the german churches. ally for almazinde, oder die almeida, fernando almerinda, 1691 almina, rome, 1859 almost every almost wholly lacking in dramatic power. alone alone. alone, in ms., 1874 alphabet alphabet invented for him, his alphonse, alqtjen, als du in kijhnem sange. see als kunstler also also, also a jjrolitic also a learned writer also a poet, also a priest of s. also attended the lectures also at the opera also by cafl'aro, and repretorien, no. 4) also by hasse, venice, 1730, dresden, 1740 also composed many pieces. also edited handel's works, also father of also first violin to the king. also hat gott die welt also in also in love with atenaide. also, it also jjublished two instructive works also lieder, duets, also master of choristers also motets by tallis) also, nimierella, also organist of the church also probable also published also set to also the treatises also, to also wrote an opera, altar der gi-azien (1801); other altavilla, feancesco, born altemps, altenbueg, johanty" eenest, born altes, joseph henri, born at rou- altfis although (although although as consummate although at although bis cantate di camera although intimate with, although the champion of altntkol, johann alto in 1804, altos, tenor, and three alt, phillpp samuel, born altsemps collection, altx pieds alvensleben, alwilj's am abend aber desselbigen 43. gotl amadino, 1590, antwerp, 1599 a mad- the ruins of babylon amaryllis, amaryllis, to thy swain. amaryllis, was performed before the queen amasis, ballet, ib., 1788. a mass and four other pieces a mass jjerformed on aug. amateur composer, studied amateur dramatic amazones, fontainebleau, 1699 amazones, les; or. la fondation -- ambros, ambros, ambros, august ambros, august wilhelm ambros, august wilhelm. ambros calls ambros, ii. 463. ambros, iii. 243 grove, i. 44. ambrosius bach [8] and brother ambros, iv. 104. ambros, iv. 1.59. ambros, iv. 216 ambros, iv. 371. ambros, iv. 98. amelia, ou between 1720 and 1730. a member when a memoir a memoir. a merchant america, america. american american parentage, americau parentage, am hofe ami de la maison, l' (the friend ami duets) amiens ami fourteen marches. a military baud on the stage. am kreuze ammeto. see admho. amner amneris is in amneris (m.-s.) a moderate allow- amoiif^ those published among among about among his among his most important among his operas, all pro- among his published works are among his pufiera (soprano and alto). among his pupils were among his works among his works are among his works, wlich were of and among its no- among its noteworthy numbers among opera composers among other works he composed among the among the best interpreters of among them among those left in among those published by tylmau among those who have filled among which among which are la among which he amon, johann andreas, a monk amor amore amore, amore, 1791.-- fetis mendel. amore conjugale, l'. see leo7iora. amore manifestato amore, milan, 1832, amore traditore, amore, venice, 1725 amore vince amore vuol sotis amore (with amorosa preda amorose a voce sola (1669). amor regnante, rome, amor rende sagace, ib., 1793; 75. 2 dixit amor torna in amor tra a motet, inter vestibulum, a amouasro (bar.) amoug amoug liis tbeoretical works are, amount amour et mystere, ib., 1806 abderkhan, amoureux amouroux, amour sacre de la patrie. amours dapollou a. mozart, leipsic, 1856-59. a. mozart's. amphion, amphion anglicus. a. m., royal amsterdam (amsterdam). fetis amsterdam, in 186i. works (amsterdam, theune amtmann, prosper, amusement for a music teacher, jsreteudiug to an about 1570, died ('?). anacker, august anacreou les legislain an adaptation of mrs. opie's anaided by graziaui. an amsterdam edition has an anuiscomi(iue, paris, april 28, 1858. a naples, ib., 1832 " an- baisers de buckingham, 1866 anbalt-kothen, ance. ance in that anchi, brescia, 1788 anchi. he began ancona, 1719. ancot, ancy 1739 and, and 10 for and 13 and 134th psalms, for .solo voices, chorus, and 15 and 1503) and 1558, but published without date or and 1691. and 1710. and 1760. works operas and 1766 and 1778 armida placata (appeased), music by and 1785) and 1794. and 1809).-- grove and 187-4. clement and larousse, 831. and 2 and 22 (paris) etc. he left a traito and 2 basses, op. 23 der drei and 2 bassoons, and 2 bassoons, in e-flat, and 2d grand prix de eome and 4 and 46 and 4 duets and 4 (ib.) and 8 (milan, 1571) and able amateur and a book of airs a chanter. and about and accompaniment in 1812-16, and profes; and adiua, ossia il and a duet (metastasio), op. 82 3 songs and advised him to travel, and from 1840 and after and afterwards and afterwards choirmaster and afterwards probably returned and a funeral march with chorus, op. 18 and again iu 1706, having spent two years 1678. and alcmena, 1781 and almost to a revolution and also in and alto (1793).-- futis mendel. and ambroise thomas), opera, 1839 le and a me- jan. 29, 1852, still and a miserere for eight voices, and and composition and an intermezzo. list and an opera. and another finger was lame. andante and barcarole, with andante favori and anthems (reading) and anthems, were executed before louis and aristobolo. and a shire; here he and as instructor in harmony and a statue anda>;te and at her majesty's and at the and au album of vocal melodies and auber. he visited belgium, holland, 1851 and a vocal method. and banquet scenes, excej)tiug a and baritone, and base and bass and bass (amsterdam, 1g89) book and basso continuo 2 motets for 4 and bass, op. and bass trio for vio; and b, called and be- and became conductor of the and became court pianist and became kapellmeister at gotha in 1670. and became organist and became very popular. and began a reform in and being dismissed therefor, and benvenuto and bibliographer. dr. and bologna, and and brought out and by a fetis; mendel. and by cohen, ib., 1859. and by luigi ricci, and by salon and by savij in florence in 1839. and cantate ed and cato, german ojsera, by and chamber composer, pupil and chamber music, and chansons are and cherubini. fetis and church and church mu- and church services and clarissa, tbe padlock, and clem- and com- and comjioser be1565 and 1600. in 1592, and comjjosed, and composed a and composed a cantata, kuggiero, and composed clarinet and and composed meritorious works and composer and composer, and and composition and composition. and composition of and composition of vocal music. works and composition. works and concertos and continuo, and contralto, and contributions and counter- den. and cour de tulipauo.-- fetis and court composer from 1713. his first and czernj' and darmstadt in 1825, where and dance music. and dance music for pianoforte. and danish. and das lob der tonkuust and devoted herself to and did what he and double-bass, and dramatic and dramatic composer, and duets and editor and e-flat, for pianoforte and eight and eight parts. one and eight voices (saragossa, anderl, johann anders, heinrich, anderton, thomas and ettore fieramosca. and etudes. and exercises and fantaisie sur latempetc, 1830. "within and farnese and federico and fifty and finally of the royal and finely wrought as his works and first instructed and flute. among his unpublished works and for do., op. and four and four voices and four voices 1593, cellist), but mostly and from and from 1710 and from autobiographical memoranda and fugitive pieces. fetis mendel. and fugue, as pupil of and fugue. he then and g, and glees for men's and and har- and has done much for the promo- and has published about and hauptmann and haydn society, and he and he contributed the and he de- and he had and he was elected and he was one of canzonetti and his and his music partook of the same and his prize cantata. and his services and hofkapellmeister in 1774. for many and home, 1787 and horn, and and hymn tunes (1843), and of some music an die fei-ue geliebte (cyclus by and i instruments, and in 1745, joseph. and in 1770 leader at 1867 and in 1770, six quartets, op. and in 1788 bassoon and in 1856 he was elected to the and in 1880 and in boston, and in milan, 1833. and in munich, 1853. the old and in new york, and instru- and instrument. and instrumental 25ieces. among his and instrumental composi1659) and interesting and in this new and italy, visited st petersburg and iu and johann (1778-1864), were also and jonas. and josef klein became organist at the and karl maria von \velier and kuno, hamburg, 1707. and la disperazione di fileno (brought and later and later his arti- sieg. and la turca fedele.-- ft'tis and les fouropera comique, 1858. and le triomphe de camille, music by and lieder. and liszt two and lived in the 18th and loraux, music by henri berton, repre- and louvain (1554-gl). biog. uat. and luca bati) and ludovic halevy, music by and made his home and made it known all and made lis and maestro de and maestro di cappella of and magnificat for and mandolin and mandolin or and many and many choruses and many other pieces published in and melanges de musique (paris, 1610), and mile lagrua. and military music. and minuets, and miscellaneous music. and mme meric-lalande. the oj)era was and mosand until 1854 and most striking and much church music. and much vocal and music and musical and music by adolph ]\iohr, and music by frederick corder, and music by hec- and music by herve, and music by offenbach, theater an and musician to louis xvih. works six and nearly twenty other books of and necessarily and nephew of the celebrated and not for his and numa pompilius, 1691 and occasional pieces. and of and of catel in harbruges in 1804 and and of dionys weber in and of fioravanti (1811). and of gaetano valeri and of hilarion eslava and of hiller in composition and of kode. and of liszt at and of liszt at wei- and of mabellini in composition. and of other poetical works. works and of schubert, who lay near him, were ex- and of s. petronio, bologna, from and often and of the and of the latter by the and of the oaken crown. works and of viardot and okeghem and on motives from faust, and and on the and op. 3 piano- and oratorios and orchestra and orchestra, and orchestra (1760) pastoral motet for 4 and orchestra (1826-1827) la grece, scene and orchestra (1829-1842) he wrote many and orchestra (1852) and orchestra (1879, and orchestra, leeds and orchestra, op. and orchestra or pianoforte and orchestra psalms, te deums, and orchestra trio for flute, and organ and organ, and organ, and and organ. in the and organist and organist, jiupil of werner fabricius and organist of and organist of the and organized a sj-man and organ (munich, poems has and organ music, given between four and organ obli; and organ the 128th psalm and other and other church music. and other collections. and other london and other music and other music. and other organ music. and other original material. and other pianoforte and other pieces and and others. songs for male and other theatres and other works and other writings on greek and, owing and pales- maestro and part-songs. and pathos. and pathos to which the and pauer in london, and pianist, 23uj)il and pianist, pupil at the and pianist, pupil of j. b. logier from 1817 and piano- and pianoforte and pianoforte, and pianoforte, op. and pianoforte, op. 47 sextet and pianoforte, op. 48 and played iu concerts in new york, and played one of and pleasing. and presburg, and and princess but resigned and projet de j^iece, ib., 1825 la saint-henri, and prologue and published the following works les and pupil of dr. benjamin cooke. and pupil of giovanni and pupil of halevy and pupil of his father and pupil of johann sebastian, and pupil of maurice montagny and quartet andre andre, andreas, andreasfest, das, andreas, went to rome andre choi'on. caen, 1846. and reicha andre, johanu anton andreozzi, gaetano, born and represented in the and returned andrevi, francisco, born and revised and revived in 1628 andrevl andrew's, andrfi andrfi, johann anton, born andries, jean, born andromache, miss andromaque, andromeda andromeda, and rome, overwhelmed with and rose to be hofcorapositeur iu 1739, and ruth zigeunerleben, rhapsody, ib., 1845 and, save and scotland in 1849, he never left paris. and second flemish schools. and serenades, and settled in and several of his pieces are and sez. marquis, la cigale et la fourmi, 1862 and simon seehter. and small chorus 25 scotch songs, op. 108 and social and sografi, venice, 1800. autonius und and soiigs.-- fetis mendel and solos and some and some concertos and songs, and songs. and songs, were published by simrock in and son, whose christian names and soon after and soon won and sprightly don pasquale. the and strings and strings; 6 and strings (ib.) and strings, in g minor", op. and studied com- and studied coun- and stuttgart, 1867-77. and succeeded hiui and sunrise. and tacchiuardi), 1872 and tanz-suite, and tausig. in 1862 and the and the 1st in 1831 and the 1st in 1838 and the 1st prix de and the count and the end and the explanatory and the first in 1841 ; the and the first in 1854. in and the hero is astyauas, and the lovers are and the mu(berlin, 1840, 2d ed., leipsic, 1858) and the music and the musical academy and the pianoforte. and the pianoforte, compris- and the suin and the suites l'arle- um. fotis wurzbach. and the uni- and the violoncello.-- fetis and the voice. fetis. and the work was unmistakably damned and third and thirty-two and thorough, and continue and three and three books and three voices and times are and to i-espect the country of his and tolbecque (1832he was organist and took lessons and took the degree of mus. bac, oxford, and to sing. in and trace and trinity college and trinity colleges, and and trois ceuvres de and twenty-four and twice visited paris, in 1660 and two for 2 voices. and two horns. and two quartets (unpublished). in 1838, on and unexpected effects. and valses for do. an opera, and variations and views of and violin and violinist. and violon- and violonceho), and violoncellist, son and violoncello and violoncello 2 sonatas, and violoncello (loudon, 1798). ftjtis 1876; the spectre and violoncello obligato and violoncello. tlie manuscript and vocal composer. and voci con violini, 0)5. 9 (ibid., 1652). fetis; and voyces, 1606. and vyols (1615) and was a composer and was decorated by napoleon and was engaged and was intended and was made pro- and was one and was the winner and well known and went gina and went to paris. and were and which and who even began and winterthur, 1872. and with and won the and writer on the siecle and wtote a most valuable an english an episode in "gil ment. anerio anet), a new anfiinger des kliiviers (augslnirg, 17g:5) anfitrione, anfossi, pasqitale, born anfossi, pasquale anfossi, prague, about 1784 anfossi, rome, angclique et medor, french ange angela, ou (angelica and pianist, studied angelica e medoro angelini, angelo, angelo antonio, angeloni, angelus domini, for eight voices. fetis angermeyer, johann ignaz, angiolini, gasparo, born anglebert anglebert, jean henri anguish. see kommt, ihr tochter. angustie, angustie, ib., do.; ilo an houre's recreation a nice anichini, francesco, a niece of the anileto, ib., animuccia, giovanni, born animuccia, paolo, born about the an ink-spot on an instrument (1610) anist anist, pupil of liszt. anist to the queeu. ankerts, (anna) amalia, duchess of weimar, anna thillon (anne bolejn), italian annette et lubin, annibale in capua, annio, friend of sesto, anniversary of anno 1679. anno, a cinque voci ann's, munich, iu 1853. annunciaglo, g.abriel da, born anoforte anoforte, anoforte (1842-47) anoforte.-- fetis mendel. anoforte (london, 1816) anoforte music aud songs. anoforte, obtained in the an oj)era-comique an opera, monbar, an opera, same an opportunity for an oratorio, an orchestra conductor. an ordinance another another 1873), and " miscellam'es musicales (ib., another and better another book, overture, for orchestra (1849) another, i another mass quoted by tinctor another was issued a novel plan, ena- ans. anschutz, ansiaux, jean antegnati, costanzo, born anthem anthem for harvest festivals anthems anthems, anthems. anthems (4 vols., 1805), anthems, and pianoforte and anthems glees. grove. anthems motets anthems, op. 72 anthems, songs, anthems songs and anthems, songs, and glees, anthiome anthiome, eugne jean bap- antia von landskron, antifone e motetti per antigone, german antigono antigono, ib., antigono, ib., 1762. burney men1761 antigono, lon- antigono tutore, 1724 antigonus, by von poissl, munich, 1808. (antigonus), italian opera in antigoua, antiochus (antiochus the antioco xl antiphonarium, juxta ritum antiphorse, antlreozzi, st. petersburg, antoine, antonelli antonio, antonio, born antonio caldara. antonio d', born antonio in 1853 ; antony (1758-1836, organist of antony and cleopatra. antony, franz :antor ant), overture by franz suppe. antwerp, antwerp, 1864. (antwerp, 1g45). antwerp and louvain antwerp, march antwerp, may 18, 1791, died in schaer- a number an unsteady life, becoming a confirmed anvil chorus. see tromtore. any. any book of reference a otto voci del aout aux champs, a paris editor (sieber) apelle et campaspe, apell, (johann) david von, born a piece of mili- apis, api'yf, in a poet and apolline (apollo, apollo, 1k41 (apollo and apollon, apollon et coronis apollon et daphue, apolloni, giuseppe, born (apollo's apollo unter rondo form. a poor girl, a popular a posi- a position a position which he held aposteltagiger apostel von philippi, a powerful appeared appeared successfully appel, karl, born at dessau, march (appelmeyer), appended applauded, and applause, was acted in appointed also appointed librarian to the appointed organist appointed quintet with clarinet appointed solo vio- appointed to the same appointment, 1703 sonata for two violins appointments. apprets, april april 11, 1842, still april 12, april 12, 1858. april 13, april 15, 1871. april, 1860. april, 1883, no. don. psyche, and other april 22, 184:1. april 25, 1792. april 2g, 1877. april 30, 1837, april 4, 1809. april 4, 1874. april 80, 1769, april 8, 1848. april 9, 181-4, still living, 1888. april g, 1790, died in 1858. apri's a prisoner in a a proficient on the archlute. a prologue by campra), 1704 apthorp, a pujjil on the a pupil of heinrich schtitz, he a pupil of reicha. aquarium a quattro chori. a quattro voci, etc. (1804) a quattro voci, libro primo (1554, reprint) aquilio. aquin, d'. see daquin. arabeske (arabesque), the araja, francesco, born a rambler songs of the parish wake a rather restricted (araujo), arbace, friend of arbitre d'une arbuckle and henry brown arcadelt arcangelo archambeau, jean michel archangelo, archangels archbishop arch-confraternity of sant' archer, frederic, archibald archives of his convent, are archives of the pontifical ard, ard, 1780 ard, born ardemanio ardemanio, giulio cesare, born arditi, michele, marchese, born ard ou ards, 1 act, ib., jan. 14, 1789 are 2)ublisbed iu are as follows are brilliant and tasteful. a rec- are destined to live in are for the pianoforte are in manuscript, and are in ms. are marked ly are mostly are not published. the council a reprint a requiem a requiem, and orchestral a requiem, unpublished. are the best. are united with his blessing. are un- pella to the convent a revised edipublished works arezzo (or florence ?) about 1620, died in argenide, argentina theatre, rome, december, 1875. argentino, ib., 1768 argia in atene, ariadne, aria in f-sharp minor ariane, opera in five aria of don arias, canons, arias for do. arias, heroic opera (text arias with orchestra arie, arienzo, nicola ariettas ariodante, arion, arion march, arioso for contralto iu ariosti, ariosti. ariosti, venice, 1686 aristotle concerning music, published by arline, davighter of count arnheim, gov1629). armenia (1768) arme, sexti toni. armes, philip armida al caiupo, venice, armida), by albinoni, venice, 1726 armida, op. 62, florence, 1782 arm ide armide, armide et renaud armingaud arminio, italian op- cess. arminius, secular oratorio, text by j. armouiea, op. 2 army hj'mn arne arne's best work and had an arne, thomas augustine, born arnoisti arnold arnold, and don, march 17, arnold, george arnold, george benjamin arnold, j. f. k. luigi cherubini. arnold, karl, arnold, samuel arnold was mu- arnold, yourij von, born in st. arnould (arnolt) de bruck (brucq, aronisba, 1663 arothuse (do.), 1701; hi-done, arrange- arranged from arrangement), 1810. it consists of arrangement of schu- arrigo tedesco. arronge, adolph arship at fraukfort- art, art. artallo di artanagamemlevata al vizio, ib., 1730 artaserse, artaserse and artaserse, la maga italy, about 1790 artaserse, naples, artaserse, venice, 1776 art at his artaxerxes artaxerxes by peretti, artaxerxes, ger1736 (artaxerxes), italian opera art, do., ib., arte. artemisia, venice, 1801. artemsia, queen arthur, alfred, born of american arthur, born iu beauvais, picardy (ma- arthur de lucy, articles articles, articles to various papers, artige luti-aden, tiinze artillery, these art in the most flattering artistic artistic career. artistic institu- artistic value. artist of artists, artists eiehl's arts, arvire et livelina, as a boy he studied as a choir-boy as a composer, he was as a composer, if he lacked something as a concert singer. as an actor. asantschewsky, michael von, as a pianist and teacher as a pianoforte fifteen. as a profession, as a profession. as a pupil of benoist, in 1852, the second as a solo as a teacher, he as a teacher of singing. as au excellent conductor. as a violinist, as a virtuoso. as a vocal teacher as a writer of popular songs. as baini asserts. (ascanius in alba), ascher, joseph, born as composer and teacher. as counter-tenor as court organist. as deacon at the ]\ioritzkirche. as director of music. a second part was pubnal, 1861 a seraph a series opera comique. a set of melodies a set of sonatas a severe criticism by giulio as fabricio deutice, as he brought out ashton. see aston. asiatics. a signal success. asilo d' amore, l' (love's refuge), a singer at the court of a singer iu the a singing society, and after a single voice asioli, bonifazio, born asioli, francesco, as kapellmeister and as long as the pianoforte as musical as oboist. as one whose rare cultivation asp a, edwin, as palestriua's aspa, mario, born a spanish musician, aspasie, given at the oisera, 1820 aspelma.yer asperi, ursula, born as philipjj assalone, ib., 1720 assalonte, florence, 1780 assedio di corinto. assedio di troja. assembled asserts that assistant conductor of assistant maestro assistant organ- assmayer, ignaz, association assouci, charles coypeau d', assure himself that he astaritta, naples, astarte, asterio, imperial prince, as the as the opera-comique. astianasse. see a.^h/amx. astilla, astorga, astorga, german astor libraiy of astounding. a strangely astrea, la pace, la fortuna. astuzie feminili, astuzie per astuzie, and astyanax (ital., astiauasse), french a successful oratoi-io, were a summer a swedish opera of as which as you find it, 1703 do. to as you go, soc minor, ata for do., op. 36 atala, do., palermo, at alt-benatek, at altenburg, at altenburg. at amsterdam. at amsterdam, nov. 20, 1861. at a neajjolitan at antwerp. at arnstadt, at arpino, at a second concert. at aurillac, at a very early at baden-baden, aug. 10, 1863. at bagneres-de-bigorre dec. at ballenstiidt, nov. 27, 1797. at barcelona, at barcelona, 1882 at bari, july, 1873. at bergamo in 1802 he at berne, sept. 30, 1873. at biliu at birmingham (1852), parsonstown, ire- and st. john's at bologna cathedral at bologna he had won fame at boruichau, saxony, aug. 16, 1830. at bre- at brescia at breslau, at brieg, si- at caen, at cassel, at cassel, feb. 23, 1754, died there in 1833. at cassel, iniarch 24, 1825. subject from the at castellamare, at castrogiovauni, sicily, in at cerignola, at ceseua, at concerts at copenhagen. at correg- at covent garden, londod, 1823. at coventry, at dantzic, at dobitschen, saxe-alteuburg, jan. 4, at durlach, a teacher and composer. a teau d'eau, 1874 a te dafui (barcelona, june, 1709), and many a te deum a collection of reop. 18 at eisenach, feb. 26, 1733. at elber- atenaide, vienna, 1762. at erfurt, about 1550. at erfurt, feb. 22, 1045, died at at eusival, at fabri- at first at first a at first violinist and at florence. at florence, 1777 at florence, 1871 at florence, of doehler, at fourteen at gandersheim. at ghent, april at givet (ardennes), at glauchau, saxony, iu 1735, died at at gorlitz, time not known. at griinwald, at grossen-furra, thuringia, oct. 25, 1643, " athalie athalle, athenajum 1621).---grove fetis mendel athen;eum and athenrenra (1887), atheuaium. london. at he was maestro at his death at his studies, at huy, belgium, oct. 14, 1884. atic atide, music (atilius a tine sonata in at inionce- ations for the harp (leipsic, 1779) ati's at jarcy, near grosbois, oct. 8, 1834. at lambeth in 1855. atlantic monthly. at last settled in at leipsic at liege, at lorieut, france, at los angeles at ludwigslust, mecklenburg, in 1788, died at marchthal about 1818. at marseilles, dec. 19, 1793, at meiningen, b, at messina, sicily, at milan, at mons, belgium, in december, 1824. vio- at mons, in 1841 at munich. at murcia, spain, at najjles at naples, at naples, 1837 at naples, italy, at naples, oct. 28, 1787. at naumburg, saxony, in 17-48, and enjoyed at nether eatengland, in 1677, at nice, at nieder-rublingen, weimar, dec. 24, 1848. at niederuhall, wiirtemberg, feb. at nuremberg in 1858-74. at oederan, saxony, at one time also he at ottobeuern in 1785, and held that at oxford, in at palmo's at piacen- at piacenza, 1843. at pignerol in may, 18gg. at pisa, at potsdam, feb. 17, at present organist of the at puteaux, a traitor, " a travers chauts" (ib., 1802) a tre atre, atre beaumarchais. atre de beaujolais, 1787. atre de societe, florence, 1773 at reichstadt, at reinsdorf, atre italien, paris, feb. 21, 1791. atre, london, 1738. atre lyrique, atre montansier, 1799 atro de la fenice, 1841 atro della scala, atro fenice, 1825 atro ro, milan, 1815 at rossla, in at sail carlo, naples, at saint-queutin, aug. 16, 1518. at salzburg, at sant' at segovia, jan. 13, 1663. at sev- at sidbury, at siena at sixteen he began a at steinbacli, at strasburg, she received at stuttgart, lived in at sydney, australia, at szepes- attacked, and finally thrust ignominiouslj' (attaignant, paris, 1543).--fetis mendel. attaining great popularity. attalo, florence, 1780 attalo, r di bitinia (attalus, attended with great attenhofer, karl, born at wettingporus. attention from attention in his day. attention to him. atterbury atterbury, luffman, born in engis at the academie de france. at the academie royale de at the academie royale de musique, at the age at the age of at the age of seven. at the cathedral of his native at the conservatoire at the conservatoire. at the conservatoire iu 1863. at the conservatoire of at the conservatoire of brussels at the court, called at the court of the at the expiration of this at the folies draniatiques. at the folies nouvelles, at the institut in 1856. at the king's theatre, at the kings theatre, london, 1766 at the king's theatre, london, jan. 26, at the naples conservatorio. at the opera comique, at the opera comique in 1815, with some at the opera comique, june 3, 1857. at the opera comique, paris, april 22, 1845. at the opera comique, paris, dec. 10, 1825. at the opera, paris, at the opera, paris, in 1687. at the opera, paris, june 29, 1846 at the outbreak of at the palaces of aguda and queluz. at the pianoforte (paris, 1876). at the reorganiin 1795 he at the roj'al at the teatro carcano, ib., 1849 at the theatre louvois in 1791. at the theatre lyrique, 1857 at the university. at the university of at tijnning, attila, king attilia and publio, attilio regolo attino, 1593 at toledo. attorney-general at toulouse, attractive to the young, to attri- des vagues profondes." attrijp, karl, born at copenhagen, attwood's earlier attwood was a friend at valladolid, spain, feb. at venice, 1682 at verneuil at versailles at versailles, nov. 22, 1g90, died in at veszprim, hungary, oct. 25, 1822. at vice at vicenza, at vienna, 1g78 at vigevauo, at ville-d'avray, at viterbo in 1687, at wallerstein, at "weimar, at weimar (1881). at westminster at wilua, jan. atys, auatole olivier, pans, 1867. aubeet, jacques aubeey du boulley, peudent auber, daniel francois esprit, auberlen auberlen, samuel gottlob, auber's compositions. auber, was aucilla for 4 voices (his masterpiece) aucl auctorum aud 5 variations, duets, aud canon of worms. he is best known 225. aud cautor, at sondersliausen. aud composers aud duke audean, edmond, born at lyons, aud henri aud hymns aud of the filarmonici, passed aud organist studied aud principe audran, pupil at the auemaude, au- english opera bouse. auf das deutsche culturleben. auf erden iiber die auffmann, josef anton xaver, auffschnaiter, benedict auff through hanover, aufossi, eome, aufsiitze. aug. aug. 16, 1812, aug. 19, represented in italy about 1754 music by aug. 2, (aug. 20 aug. 29, 18 70. aug. 4, 1779. aug. -4, 1779, died there (?) after 1811. aug. 4, 1785 5, aug. 9, 1048, died at gehren, aug. 9, 1789, died -- augem. --augem. augem. augem. d. biogr., i. 729; allgem. mus. augemeine deutsche musikzeitung. augemeine zeitung. (augsbiu-g, augsburg, augsburg, 1863. augsburg, 1865. augsburg, april augsburg, feb. 4, 1824. (augsburg, gombart) augurio di felicita augusta do august, born august w'ilhelm. aula of the university of salzburg, may 13, auld robin aulis servientes (salzburg, 1676) aultre amer. a una fonte. see purilani. aupoiutetl at its reception. au- reign of elizabeth. aurenhammer, josefa, born in aurisicchio, aus- aus dem musikleben der gegenwart " (2d aus dem tonleben uuserer aus der tonwelt. essays. aus der tonwelt francceur, austin, austria, austria, feb. 11, 1790, died aug. 31, 1862. auteri-5l\nzocchi, auteurs, autforderung zum tanz authems authentic author authorities authority author of author of about thirty author of education, author of raphael, author of si paga o non si author of the following works autico, opera, autioco, autobiography. autogi-aj)li autogi-aph of carl czernj-. 1823 autograph autograph of antoiiiu dvorak. autograph of ferdinand david. autograph of folicien david. 1846. autograph of gautano donizetti. autograph of .iutoniodraghi. 1687. 452 autograph of johann friedricli autograph of josejjh dessauer. autograph of karl ditters von dit- autograph of leo delibes. 1883 autograph of micliael altenburg. autograph of nicolas dalayrac. autograph of sir michael costa. autographs of johann sebastian au tombeau de autrive, jacques fran(,'ois au udaptiitiou auverjat, jean de l', french aux jours de ave, avec la lettre au long (geneva, 1.569). ave, in the saerorum hymnorum, lib. ave jmaris for a single ave maria, 1877 o salu(quartet), 1877 ave maria, ad te ave maria for three voices a veni creator, etc. aventino, avenue presbyterian ave, regina coelorum, aversa, near na- ave verum, ave verum, for a:viat0 (amatus), vincenzo, born avid avignon, a visit in 184(5 to vienna, where avison, charles, born a voluminous composer, and many avorks avorks. avorks fantaisie for avviso ai maritati, awake, my soul, hymn, music by a wife?, melo- as chancellor of oxford, 1853. a work which axur, ri5 d' ormus. see tarare. aylward, theodore, ayres, ayres and dialogues" (1652, ayres for the ayrton, edmund, born at ripon, azakia, given at azeitao, portugal, azemiro azul, el (the blue domino), b:6dard, jean baptiste, liorn at baba); marguerite baban, gracian, musical director babbi, cristoforo, born babcock, and in the babj'lonis (1673) missa quinque vocibus, babylonish captivity. baccelli, baccelli, padre matteo, bacchini, bach bach, bach. bach [15]. studied from 1686 bach, 1878. bach [8]. after studying under his father, bach (?), and bach, (carl) philipp bach, comjmiei, bach, court musician bach, court organist bach, court ornanltt bach (died oct. 10, 1g20), three bache, francis edward, born bach, etc. bache von gesalznen zahren, bach, georg christoph [7], born bach, hans [1], born at wechmar bach, heinrich bach is one of bach, j0h.4.nn bach, johann bach, johann ajnibrosius bach, johann christian bach, johann christoph bach, johann ernst [18], born bach, johann ^gidius bach, johann iniichael bach mann bach, oreaniil la bach (probablj' sou of this hans), who has bachrich, sigismund, born at bach's cantata: "icer da glaubet bachschmidt, anton, born at bach's works, was very strong and wholesome. bach, the " bdc1cebuii['bach," bach, violinist, courl bach, wilhelm friedemann bach, wilhelm (friedrich backofen backofen, (johann bacli. bacli [3], and twin brother of j. ambrosius bac, oxford, baden baden-baden, aug. baden, july 31, 1861. baden, march 31, baekouf baemann, heinrich baesanti bagatellen bagatellen for two violins, bagdad, music by manuel garcia, bah^lou, louis de, born in france bail), italian bailleux, antoine, baillot, pierre marie francois bajazet, l' ozio bajazette baker bal- balaiorev, jhly alexejevich, balbi, melchiore, balcony (thackeray) baldrian und rosa, do., ba.\l, erhore uns, chorus of priests balfe, balfe. balfe, 235. balfe (london, balfe's last opera. bal^igartner, august, ballabile di con- mus. bac, oxford, 1868 ballad (1859, prize) ballade, ball.ade sur la ballad for soprano. ballad for three choruses, balladine et cas- ballads, glees, part-songs, etc. ballads of goethe (leip- ballard, 1660) ballare), ballarotti, ballerina amante, ballerina raggiratrice, balleten, etc., for instruments (1650) thii114. ballet music, etc. ballets, ballets. ballets, among which, ballets and pieces for the flute. ballet-spectacle, prepared balletti, ballet (with (ballet with costa and panizza). ib., 1848 ball), opera- bal masque balo (baltageriui, balthazar, born iu paris, nov. 14, 1799, balthazar supplement, i. 39 baltzar, thomas, born in liibeck, balum davidis vespertinum, bamberg in 1763, died band band. bandeiilled band in 1759, he procured for ditters a bandmaster of the consular guard. bands, a banistek banister, henry charles, born banister, john banister, john, born bano, baptist church, baptiste baptiste, johann b.aptistin baptized bar, barak, cantata, 1871 barbaric marriage bar., baritone. -- barbedette, chopin barbedette, hippolyte. barbereau barbereau in barbereau, (mathuein auguste) barbier de trouville, le (the barbier de village. barbie re barbiere di barbie ri barbier, music barbie rolli barbier von barbier von sievering, barcarolle, barcarolle, capriccio, barcelona, about 1860. barcelona, nov. 23, 1853. bardes, les. see ossian. bardi bargiel, woldemar bari in 1587, died baritone solo, with pianoforte barkouf, barnard, mrs. charles, born in barnby, joseph barnes barnes, frederick barnett, john francis, barnett's barni ba- roi, opera comique, baron barone bnrlato, opera, -- barret, --barrett, barrett, barrett, english church 1791.-- fctis barrett, english church composers, barrett, john, born about 1674, died barrett, william alexander. barrf:, leonard, born at limoges, bart ei, girolamo, barth, christian samuel, barthelemon, francois barthel, johann christian, bartholdy. bartholojiew, ann sheppard bartholomew bartllelemon bartnaxsky bartolo (b.) bartolomeo feand his son bartolommeo del piombo, based the basilic;(c) basilio (bar.) basilius bass, and bass, and 10 for two female voices. bass and a tenor air have bass and chorus, op. 6 bassani, graziani, bassa, vaudeville, bass, etc. basset-horn, bassoon, bassetto, op. i (ib., 1676) bassford, william kipp, born in bassieon, philippe, bass, in e-flat, op. ao bass, introduced bassist at the ca- bass la paix trioraphante, opera (1713) bass mique basso continuo (leipsic, 1673, 1797. bassoons, op. 10, etc. bass, op. bass, op. 4, bass, op. 5 basso per bass simplified (london, n. d.). grove bass singer reinhold, he bastiaans, johan gerardszoon, bastien baston, josqum, born bataille bataille de jemmajses, for twenty bataille d'lena (1807) batelov, moravia, jan. 11, 1793, died bateson, thomas, bath, batistin. (batistiu), batta, alexandre, born battanchon battanchon, f^lix, battista aucioni, music battista, born at battista, dam battle, 18gg battle of prague, battle symphony for two oryariko, do. battmann, jacques louis, born at baucis, heroic ballet baudichon baudiot, charles nicolas, born baudoin. see bauldewijn. bauds baumbach, friedrich august, baumbacii baumfelder, friedrich august baumgarten, kabl baumgartner, johann baptist, baur, charles alexis, born at bavaeds, les bavagnoli, manlio, bavaria, in 1764, died (?). baverini, francesco, bayaderes bayaderes, les, bay of biscay, the, song by john bazes (bar.), eleonore b-dat (1821), op. 403 in a (1825, for the bdch, coniuo&er, 01c^nlii at eifuit. b. be a favourite for half a century. bearing the title eco del vesuvio, beata maria virgo. beatrice di teuda, venice, 1833 beatrice et benedict, " beatus vir," beatus vir, for 4 voices and organ beatus vir, motet for full chorus. beau beau domaine. beau dunois, beaujolais, beaujolais, 1786 beaujoyeulx, balthasar de. beaumarchais (1775), music by paisiello, beauties of handel, 154 songs, beautiful " beautiful " (neapolitan) period. beauty, beauty, and beauvarlet chaepentiee, jean beaux-ai-ts for the music of bathyle. beaux arts de llnstitut in 1829. became a learned writer on became a singing became chef d'orchestre became director became director-general became first became hof-kapellmeister at oldenburg became kapell- became lessing's became ma- became musician became organist became professor became solo violoncellist became the idol of the became, tury. became very popular, such became vicar in 1862 at aix-la-chapelle, becher," becher, alfred julius, born in becker, albert (ernst anton), becker, constantin julius, born becker, reinhold, born atudorf, beck-les-bruxelles, april 25, 1866. become a musical become extremely rare, and he is now become very the louvre. becqui^, jean been a noted been introduced in many been published, with pianoforte been set to muby johann been translated beer, jacob. see beer, josef, born beer, jules, born about 1835, still beer, max josef, born iu vienna, beethoven, eine kunststudie (caiwel, 1855- beethoveniana. leipsie beethoven, ludwig van, beethoven, op. 122, composed in 1822. beethoven, sa vie et beethoven's genius, he beethoven's statue beethoven's studien. beethoven's tomb, vienna. beethoven wrote four beffkoy de eeigny, louis abel, befiehl du deine wege, choral, before christmas. before graduating he before leaving paris he before leav- works began his professional began to study beginning of 18th century. beginning of the 18th century. composer beginning of the 18th century, died begrundet von nottebohm, gustav. begun un- behandluug behold, behold god the lord passed behold the lamb of god, chorus (bei bei mannern, welche liebe bei-nasconi, munich, 1758 being a being derived being identical with that of gusiave being peculiarly characteristic. in 1815-16 being written for that beino; then similar in beitriige zur geschichte belcher, w1lll\.m thomas, bel eaggio. belem, in 1656. belg., belgian musician formed belgian musician, lived in the belgique, belgique, i. 4g6 belgi(|ue, iv. 499 belgium, aug. 15, belgium, in 1827. beliczay, julius von, born at koborn bella bella, domenico, bella, born bella come un primo amore. bella figlia dell' amore. bella maria, bominique, bella, ou la femme a bellasis, bella vita, naples, 1779 bellepwmann bellermann, heinrich, bellerm.ynn, constantin, born at belleville, near paris, in 1753. bellfirophon, bell'ha\^r, vincenzo, born in bellini, bellini, bernardo, bellini, giunti, bellini, vincenzo, born bell-ringer belong also la part d'amour 1869. belong to this period. belsazar, oratorio for 4 belshazzar belshazzar, be mentioned benaud bench, benda benda, franz, benda, friedrich ludwig, benda, friedrich (wilhelm benda, geueg, bendall, wilfred benda's bender, jacob, bending to the throne of bendix, julius, born bendl, karl, beneath the cypress' gloomy beneck, and won the benedetto, 1800 benedetto, feb. 28, 1850. benedict -- benedict, (benedict, benedict, benedict, 141. benedictiis, benedictine monastery of floreu- benedict, milo ellsworth, born, benedict, sir julius benedict, sir julius. benedictus benedictus, 1880 benedictus. see ihicis. (benedikt), born at czaslau, bohemia, benelli, antonio (benes), benevoli beniaseoni, benincori beniowsei or, les exiles du kamstyle. benjamin) benjamin franklin ben net, john, english composer of bennett, bennett, alfred, bennett, thomas, benoist benoit) be noticed bens, ib., 1826 bently, benvenuti benvenuti, benvenuti, tommaso, benvenuto benvenuto cellini, french opera benz, johann baptist, born at beof josef haydn in vienna (1787-91) be present at bequest, ber, 1786, ber, 1885. berardi, angelo, born berauger, bibi, berbiguier berchem (berghem), bered franklin's favourite saying at each berenice, daughter of agrippa l of berenice, f)asticcio, music by johann berenice, given at a berenice, princess of egypt, berens, hermann, berg berg, berg, 1538-45).-- allgem. d. biogr., v. 159 berg, 1545) berg, 1612) berg, 1g02) berg about 1570, died (?). professor of music bergameuo," which led bergamo, 1875. bergamo, do., ib., bergamo, where he collected an- bergen, norway, feb. berger, and klein. berger d'adm^te among berger, hanover, 1848. berg).-- fetis bergfjl, ludwig, born berggeist, der berg, grapheus, 1539) berg in 1746. berg in harmony, and of baumayr bergmann, josef, born berg, no date) bergt (berhn, 1882), 181. beries de marinette, beriot, charles ber larousse mendel schilling. berlin (berlin, berlin, berlin. berlin). berlin, 1756-78. berlin, 1795. berlin, 1824-28. berlin, 1834. (berlin, 1835) berlin, 1845-52. berlin, 1846. berlin, 1847, nottebohm, gustav. berlin, 1858 (berlin, bote & bock) berlin, 1863. berlin, 1865. berlin, 1867. berlin, 1868. (berlin, 1868), ii. 131 berlin, 1870. berlin, 1871. berlin, 1872. berlin, 1875. berlin, 1885. berlin, 1886. berlin, 1887. berlin, 1888. (berlin, 18c1). berlin, about 1820 berlin and leipsic, 1882. berlin, april, 1838 (berlin, bote & bock) berlin.-- grove berlin, his mother berlin in very narrow circumstances, berlin iu berlin, nov. 12 (or dec. berlin, nov. 15, 1886. subject from agus- (berlin, schlesinger) berlin university berlin, where he berlioz berlioz, berlioz. berlioz artiste (in press) berlioz. auber. in les berlioz, hector. berlioz, hector (lotus), born berlioz intime, 219). berlioz, op. 24 berlioz's overtures to berls berls, johann rudolf, born bernabei bernard, bernardi, enrico, bernardin, bernard courtois, bernardini bernardini, leonie. bernardini, marcello, boru at bernardino bernardo, bernard. paris, 1879. bernburg, berneburg, but berner, friedrich wilhelm, berne vi lle berneville, gilbert de, bernhard bernicat, firjhn, boru in 1841, died bernsdorf ber of operas. ber of seville bers. bert, 1815 (not performed two acts burned berta bertali, vienna, bertelsmann, bertha bertha, bertha, alex.\^der von, berthaume, isidore, berthold, (karl friedrich) bertin, bertini, bertini, henri bertini's bertin, louise angelique, bom bert le diable. bertoklo bertoldo, sper' in dio (sperandio). berton berton, berton, henri montan berton, henri montan, bertoni, bertoni, about 1790 by giordaui, venice, bertoni, ferdinando gktseppe, berton, opcra-comique iu bert palace, bert's bertucca in the title role. beruasconi, munich, 1763 beruascoui, beruhard. beruhardi, berwald berwald, johann friedrich, besan5on, besides being a profescal besides compositions besides handel, bach besides the works besler, samuel, born be's mother, is bessems, antoine, born best bestand, best compositions best in france. best known works are best of best results. best scholar. best, william thomas best, william thomas, boru best works best works, best writers of light sparkling music of besvarovsky, anton felix, betas- several didactic works. (betbulia freed), beth. beth (1601) be the friend of her husbaud. be thou faithful unto death. betriiben betrothed to antigono better than he. betulia betulia tjberata between her and crispino beuedictus for two choirs beuevoli's familiar, every-day manner. bey, 1877. beyond doubt, the greatest of bezaubernd bfezi (wallisch-birkcu), bohemia, may 2g, bfi:rat, b-flat b-flat, in bfroxi bia, bianca capello, bianca de' bianca, dresden, 1879 bianca, ples, 1782. bianchi, bianchi], bianchi, padua, bianclli bias. bias," in which biber, heineich biber, heinrich joliann franz biblical bibliogl'aj'uy bibliography bibliography. bibliotheca lusitais given by machado. bibliotheque bibliothfeque musicale bibllofrrapiiy biblloghapjir bibltograpiiy biciniorum libri duo (1500 and b. icits d. bicliard wagner, sa vie, bied. bienbach, kael josef, b. ifi^s. d. b. iftjj. d, bi-illaut biillenstildt. biilow, was chamberlain to the biittel, bijou, operetta. alcazar d'hiver, 1875 bijou perdu, le (the lost jewel), bikckeis' stock bilder aus osten (pictures from billedet og bus(1829) billert, billettes, and billings, willia:m, born billington, thomas, born (?), died bim kapellmeister after bin, binations. binchois binchois, kgide bini, catel, bini.tograj'hy -- biog. biog., biog. nat. de biog. nat. de bclg., biog. nat. de belgique, biog. nat. de belgique, iv. 4'.)4 biog. nat. de belg., v. 325 -- biogr. biogr. biogr., biogra- biographic musioales et dramatiques. biographie biographie de mozart. biographie des biographies. biographie von ludwig biogr. fetis mendel schilling biogr., iii. 328 biogr. nat. biogr. nat. belgique biogr. nat. de biogr. uat. de belgique, biog. uat. de belgique, i. 712 fetls. biog., v. 262 biojjrrapliie bion, opera-comique bioun, fernautlo cortez, birckmaun on the instruments. in 1789 bird, aethue, born birming- birmingham birmingham, england, jan. 25, 1840, still birmingham festival in 1849, he continued birth birthday. birthplace bis fatber, bis first bishop of gross- wardein, hungary, bishop of segovia. bishop, sir henry rowley bist bistorique des musiciens. bis uiipublisbed bitndesleid b. its. d. 1653. bitter, carl bitter, carl phil. bitterfeld bitter, j. s. bittex-, carl phil. em. biu-g, bivacco. bizarrie bizet, (charles cesar lfiopold) bizet, jonas, and legouix), athenee, 1867 bizzarra, bizzarra, vienna, -- b. jouvin, d. f. e. auber, bkistow black black crook, black domino. see domino noir. blahag (blahak), josef, born at blahetka, leopoldine, born at blaise et babet, blake blake, chal^les dupee, born blamont, fkancois colin de, blanc, adolphe, born at manosque blanchard, henri louis, blanche blanche, blanche. blangini, bl.aramberg, paul, born blasros, blatter, blatt for juanoforte blatt, franz thaddaus, bom in blaugiui. blavet, :\nchel, born blaze. see camil-blaze. ble, bleau, 1810 bler), bles him as to render bles, opera bouife. blewitt, jonas, blewitt, jonathan, bleytsei) blind blind beggar of bethnal blind king, the, cantata, music by bl\l, rudolf, born at habelschwerdt, bl.\nche de provence, bloav blodek, wilhelm, born in prague, bloemenbruid, de, flemish opera, blow. blow's works published by blow was a bltigio di vill.4.fi0eita, italian blue beard, bluets, les, opera-comique in four blum (blume), karl ludwig, born blumenfeldt blu.menfeldt, aron wolff, born blumenthal, jacob, born in hamder blumenthal, joseph von, blumner blunder, 1800 perouse (with j. moorhead), bly never be sujjerscded. bmckenstock, johann adam, b. (miinster, 1860) bm-n- about 1558, bnch, miufc director bntnbach, (josef boadicea, cantata, 1880 board and bridge, and bobiue, ib., 1876 boccberiui'fg genius boccheeini, luigi, boccherini. lucca, 1864. boccherini quintet. boccheriui's boccherlxi bochau, wiirtemberg, bochsa bochsa, bockeler, heinrich, bockshoen, samuel bockshorn bocksliorn, samuel bodenschatz, ekhaed, born at bodoucini. boehmen., i. 321. boers, joseph karel, born at boetniansky. see bartmiud'n. bohe- bohemia bohemia, bohemia, aug. 21, 1736. he was the son bohemia, jan. bohemia, march 23, bohemian bohemian folk-songs, o]}. bohemian girl. bohemian national dance, op. bohemia, nov. bohemia, sept. bohlen bohlen, adrian, bohm bohm). bohm aud bohme, (franz) magnus, bohm, johann, bohm, theob.ild, bohner, johann ludwig, born at bohrer, anton, bohrer, maximilian, boiekliou, boiel- boieldieu boieldieu, boieldieu learned boieldieu, sa vie et sea boil", a beardless lieutenant, boilly, edouard, born boi lrar, op. boimtempo, joao d0:ming0s, boin boire bois, boise boise, otis boismortier, joseph bodin de, boisselot. do:mixique fr.\ngois boito, arrigo, born bolck, osivar, born "bold bolena at milan, bolero, op. 19 bolero, op. 32 bologna, bologna, 1610, bologna, 1656. (bologna, 1668) bologna, 1715 bologna, 1725 bologna, 1734-- fe'tis mendel. bologna, 1757. bologna, 1786 le stravagauze iu campag- bologna and from 1g85 held bologna, june 13, 1701, died in 1791. bologna, june, 1872 adina, comic opera, (bologna, monti, (bologna, monti, 1668).-- ft-tis. bologna, nov. 28 (dec. 14) 1695. church bologna, of which he was prineipe in 1682. bologna puthen at bom iu 1753, died at leii^sie, nov. 30, bomtempo, about 1800 bon, bonamici, ferdi nando, italian bona, pasquale, born bonawitz bonawitz, bondman, the, bonduca, bonduca or boa- / bonheur, 1868 bonheur de la table. boniforti, carlo, bora bonmarche, jean, bonn, 1885. bonnay, frangois, bonn, dec. 16, bonnet, jean baptiste, bom bonn under brei- bonoldi, feancesco, bonrv'enti, giuseppe, born bontempi, giovanni andrea, book of these, for 4 and 5 voices, repub- books 1, 2, 3, 4 (bonn, simrock) books of duos for violins books, the boy books (venice, vincenti, books were reprinted with book, which boorgan- booth, karl edmund otto von, bora, 1838 bordeaux bordeaux, feb. borde in paris. in 1875 he returned to borde. see laborde. bordese, litigi, born bordoni, borg.vtta, born (born born, born about 1450, born about (?), died after 1815. organist, born adaptation born at born at ansfeld- born at arezzo, born at aurich, born at bagneres- born at baireuth, feb. born at bari, lived about 1550. born at bechtheim, born at brescia, born at crema, born at eisenach, born at freiberg, saxony, oct. 17, 1790, born at herve, belgium, march born at huy, belgium, dec. 16, 1781, died born at k6- born at laubaii, born at louvain, born at miettersholtz, born at miihlor2, 1706. born atmodena born at neuenkircheu born at plauen, saxony, april born at represented born at rived born at siou born at the hague, jan. 28, 1825, born at weimar, march born at ypres (or born " grammaire musicale" born in 1633).-- fetis mendel. born in amsterdam, in born in berlin, june 21, 1805, died at born in copenhagen, march 2, 1801, still born in cremona, born in doncaster, born in france, iu signor born in germany born in liscar- born in london, april born in lucca, born in milan born in mu- born in munich, born in municli, born in naples born in paris, born in paris, feb. 27, 1837, born in paris in born in paris in 1672, died there in 1749. born in paris, oct. born in piedmont born in pisa in 1gg9, died about 1745. born in russia born in strasburg, april 11, 1775, born in the born in venice born in verona, lived born in york, eng- born in york, england, born iu munich in born iu pisa, italy, about 1760, died ('?). born iu sicily about born (mounsey), in london, born napolitana born near ghent born, of born of american born, of american born of english born schilling. born sept. 13, 1795, born the philharmonic society, borodin, alexander boroni and siimann borremans, joseph, bom borrowing the melody (borsari), boru boru iu stockholm, sweden, july (boru sept. 29, 1771, bosselet, charles, born boston, 1852de uotie sifeele. paris, 1883. boston, 1873. boston, lincoln- both both and by both branches were both named antoine, wex-e also botte de toulmon, bottesini, giovanni bottesini, given in havana, 1847 bott, jean joseph, born bottom ley boucher, alexandre jean boucher, alexandre jean, bouegault-ducoudray, louis bouffea in 181:0. he boufflers, has bouft'e bouft'es parisiens, 1856 bouiies parisiens, 18c7 boulak museum, boulanger, ernest henri alexan- boule-de-neige (snow boulogne. boulogne, april, 1877. bourgeois gentilhomme, le, bourgeois, louis thomas, bourges bourgogne, 1673. bourne, england, sept. 17, 1841, bouteiller, louis, bovery, jules, born at liege, oct. boxberg, christian ludwig, boyce, william, born boyle, francesco, born at piacenza boy's bozzano, e:mili0, bozzelli, giuseppe, bradbury, bradsky, braga, naples, braham, john, brahms brahms. brahms remained brahms seemed braii-muller bramdach brancaccio, antonio, branca, gugliel^mo, brance. branches unite in veit. brandeis brandts buys, ludwig brand us) brary, paris brasseur d-amsterda]\i, le brasseur de preston, le (the brassin, louis, brated brated as a singer of church music, which (1625) braun braun, karl anton philipp, braut brautgesang, 1874 brav breast." breathe, song breathe, trumpets, brechtsberger (ib.) bredal, ivor friedrich, bree, etc. order of the lion. works: grand bre, ib., 1823 breisgau, april 17, 1841. breitkopf (breitkopf, 1769) brendel, gesch. der musik, 21 reissmann, bres, 192 (brescia, (brescia, 1584) (brescia, 1593).-- fetis brescia, 1744 bresciani, pietro, born breslau, 1832. breslau, about 1710, died bret- foreign orders. breuniug, and iteiuat breval, jean baptiste, born in brevi, giovanni battista, brevi, lib. 1 and 2 (bologna, 1681, 1(!86) brewer of preston), opura-comique in three bre\yer, th0:mas, born brickdust man, tbe widow of abingdon, bridal of triermain, the, bride of dunkerron, the, brides of venice, the, english bridge. bridge, 1775, oxford, 1782. he is especially bridge, john frederick, born at brigands, by briganti, brighton in 1821 brillaiite, op. brillant brillant, brillantes, brillant for piano- brilliant brilliant in brilliant success. brilliant success of brilliant success there in bring out some of his operas, and b^riot, charles auguste de, bristow. bristow, william richard, british churches. brixi, franz xaver, born at prague brizio, petrucci, born at mosca brizzi, carlo, broca y rodriguez, enrique brochaed, peter, bronchitis de- bronsart, mme ingeborg ^'on, bronze bronze. bronze horse. bronze horse), opera-comique in three brooklet (longfellow), duet brooklyn, brooklyn philharmonic society, 1870 bros, don juan, born brosig, moritz, born at fuchswinkel, bros, ii. 458. brothel', brother, brother, auguste, brother, joseph brother of giovanni brothers brother vincenzo (born in rome, 1666) also brought brought from russia. brought out a lyrical poem, faust et brought out his lodoiska, in 1791. brought out in venice. in 1725 he became brown -- brown -- brown. brown fetis. brown, obadiah bruen, bruch, max, born in cologne, jan. 6, bruck bruck. brucknek, anton, bruges), bruges about 1480, flourished in the bruges, oct. 22, 1779, died there, july 12, brunet'jl, gaiitano, born brunetti, bruni, antonio bartolomeo, brunnmuller bruno, bor- brunswick, (brunswick, 1766) concerto for pianoforte, brunswick, 1775 brunswick, 1884. brunswick in 1717. his compositions have brussels, 1867-85. brussels, antwer]), mainz, london, paris, 1872-75. brussels conservatoii-e, where he brussels, in brussels library. brussels, nov. 25, 1831. brussels, where he bruti, vincenzo, bryne, albert, brzowski, joseph, btirg, b. tjos, bt'thune. b.\ttle symphony. see wdlington'.^ buch. bucheron, le (the wood cutter), buchner, emil, born at osterfeld buck, dudley, buckingham buckingham palace. buckingham palace. in 1789 arnold publ i will buckingham palace. oi^eras of the same buffa, given at cologne, 1780 buffa in two acts, text by buffa, text buft'a buft'a, ib., bufta, ii bugia, venice, 1810 buhl buhler, abbe franz (gregor), bule, bull-fight, bulow bultbaupt, heinrich. bum album bumi bun(4ert, august, born at miilheim bundeslied (song of federation), bunte buon (buononcini), burali-forti, cosimo, burbure de wesembeck, lfion burdett organ company he has bureau de nourrices, burg burg, burg. burg). burg, 1520), contains several of his motets. burg, 1569, 1570, 1577 burg, 1661) burg, 1716 burg, 1741. burg, 1798, et seq. burg, and lastlj' at potsdam. burg as a teacher in 1822-35, when he 1748 burg, christian!) burg, germany, in 1826, died iu stockholm, burg, germany, jan. burgiuiiller's burg, melehior kriessten, 1540) burgmuller burgmuller, norbert, burg, russia, sept. 26, 1841, burg theater burg theater. in burguudy, and widow burlati, london, 1781 burlato, bologna, 1844 burlesque tragedy, text burned. -- burnej" -- burney, burn ey burney, burney, charles, born burney was appointed organist of chelsea bus, busbj-'s " hist, of of busby, thomas, born busscher, buss l"xd reu, bustillo-iturli.vlde, but, butcher and i u n living, but during the resan carlo, naples butera, andrea, butes of but for but has a but he but his but his niiud gave way from over-work and but his style as a but, in sjiite of butler, but many of his composi- but not performed. but, oh sad virgin, that the but sooner jordan's stream, but succeeded dr. blow in 1693 as almoner but tbis but the boy but the lord but there is no but the representation was but this but thou didst not le.we, but was eccentric, and but went a few years later but when he reached vienna but, with the ex- but won the admiration of the buxjs, buxtehude, dietrich, buya bv giovanni legreuzi, given b. v. mariaj (venice, 1626).-- fc'tis. by abbate giuseppe by adam, by adrien le by aiblinger, munich, 1821 chimene et by aibl, munich. by a. l. alger. boston, 1871. by aldovrandiui, naples, 1700. by alessandro fava, bologna, 1875 (given by anfossi, by anton by anton rubinstein, by antou by a. profe, of leipsic, in 1g57. allgem. by aufossi, by bach and handel with by barbier aud carre, by baroness de maistre, by bassiron. by baumann (breslau, 1621). fe- by being made by benedetto ferrari, by benvenuti, pisa, 1810 trionfo by bertaut, bishop of by bioni, breslau, 1720 by breitkopf by by auber, represented by camille saint-saens, op. by canons by capotorti, by capra- by carey into by carl by carlo by carl reinecke, by caruso, rome, by caspar joseph by celebrated com- by charles by charles gounod, by chivot, duru, and by chrysander (schott). for the trumpet by clairville, music by offenbach, by count thaddiius amade by dalayrac, by dancourt, and music by dan- though not by declamations and by delu by donizetti, represented by drechsler, about 1830 by by duke ernest u., by dumanoir and by e. basque, music by abert, by emile by eminent com- by estimable by fanny raymond by felice alessandri, milan, 1778. by felice romani, music by by fellechuer, given by ferdinand by ferdinand lauger, represented by fitzball, music by balfe, was by forster and printed by by fran- by fran; by fran9ois joseph gossec. by francesco zanetti, by francis by franz lachner, munich, april 12, 1839. by friedrich schneider, leijisic, 1807 by fuzelier, by gaillard from mason's by galuppi, italy, 1741 by by garrick by gay, with additions by by gazzaniga, italy, 1777 by georg by george p. upton. chicago, 1884. by giovanni battista by giuseppe sborgi, 1873 by gluck, at the french by gluck's by godard d'aucourt by goldoni, music by by gossec, paris, by graf by graf von hochberg, by graun, text from quinault, berlin, 1751 by gresnick, london, by guidi, milan, by handel, first produced at the by handel, given at naples, 1708, bears no by handel, immediate followers by hasse, repreand dresden, 1740. by hector berlioz, by hector berlioz, op. by henry purcell, london, 1694. these by her singing by hieronymus truhn, berlin, 18.53 by by hiin- colmar, by him by him are by him are given by liick (samndnng, by him, in his musica divina by himself) trauer; by his family by his will he bequeathed by hoffmeister, by hoii'man, music by mchul, by holzbauer, mannheim, 1755 by ignaz von beecke, by isouard, his first opera, florence, by jean by j. m. kraus, stockholm, 1792 by j. mosca, florence, 1799 two acts, text by joachim coinique, paris, jan. 11, 1831. by jomnielli, by jonathan blewitt, by joseph eheinberger, by joseph parry, by joseph schon. see zauhcr/lofe. by jouy, by kaoul de floriac, who proves by kijnig by kiunersley lewis, mu- by kotzwara, a native by kreutzer, represented by la bruyere, with by lacome, theatre taitbout, by lampert, gotha, 1845. dido, by lavigna, parma, 1806 by niccohni, by legreuzi, by leo, naples, 1727. by leo, rome, 172g. by leporello, by lier, is in paix's orgel-tabulatur buch. by lindpaintner, stuttgart, about 1815. by liverati, same text, vienna, 1802. by logan, music by joachim raff, weimar, by louis by lourdet de san- by luigi ricci, jr., venice, by marc antonio by marcora, bahia, 1869 and by pignami by marescalchi, rome, 1784 by margaria, by marmontel, music by by martha walker cook. by master arne," is a song by metasmusic by caldara, and rep- by metasmusic by johann by metastasio, by metastasio, music by by misi, turin, 1847 by morel, founded on the by morel, music by gn'try, represented by mortellari, by moscheles, by mozart, compiled from his mass in c by nasolini, london, 1700 by by nicolo isouard, was given by novello twelve glees (1805) by nuitter and by nuitter and beaumont, by oct. 28 by oliver wendell by other towns to by pacini, given by paer, but by paisiello, florence, about 1776. h cid by paisiello, milan, by "paisiello, naples, 1784 by by pappalardo, naples, 1846 by paul, born by paul re- by perez, naples, 1749 by gluck, naples, by pergolesi, naples, 1734 by persicchini, warsaw, by peter von winter, by picciuni, naples, 1770 dou chisciotto by picciuui, 1759 by piscbietti, dresden, by planard, by porpora, naples, 1760 by rauzzini, byrd (byrde, bird), by reichardt, charlottenbiirg, 1790 by reiclielt for violin and by rellstab, music by bernlmrd by rietz, leipsic, 1850. the by roderich by rodolphe kreutzer, byron's "lara," ovei-- der wilde jager by rossini's by rust, parma, by sainte-foix and morand, by salvi, milan, 1846, by sarri, naples, 1719 by sarti, padua, by scarlatti, by schotts, mainz. 3. 12 bagatellen, op. by schurmaun, by schweitzer, text by wielaud, leij)sic, 1774 by scribe aud by seraochini, florence, 1794 by stegmann, konigsberg, 1775. by studying the scores of the by subscription, by tarchi, given at milan, dec. 26, 1794 by the by the advice of mej'erbeer. he was presi- canente, 1760 by the athence. by the duke iu 1705, to break off a love by the grand duet between by the same (antwerp, no by the widowed queen. by thi-ee by tozzi, brunswick, 1765 by bertoni, by traetta, vienna, 1760 by vaccai. see romeo et juliette. by weber, by weigh vienna, about 1795 music by by william by wolfram, dresden, 1826 by xenophon, by zanardini, milan, feb. by zell and genee, music by c05ip0niment0 saceo, c0mp{:re, loyset, bom ca3ur-de-liou, ib., 1863 ca5ipelli, cabale imd liebe, etc. caballero c>^aballero, (manuel) fernan- caballero particular, 1858 cabalone, michele, cabinet-pieces of contrapuntal cabmen seculare, ode by horace, cacciatore delle alpi, cachette, cadenas pei-pt'-tua cadences, op. 10 cadi), cadi dupi;, le cadmus caen caenaval de venise, caenaval du paenasse, caenaval, le, caetano, fra luiz de, bom caffee-cantate, caffi, francesco. caffro, giuseppe, born in naples cafl'etiera di spirito, cagliostro cagliostro, opera-comique in three cahen, ernest, born iu paris, aug. caid, le, opera-bouffe in two acts, in caignet, denis, born about caiizoni da suonar caimpanello di notte, il caise, do., opera comique, 1776 caius hiaitlus, the famous roman cajetto, ib., palazzo labia, 1747 cajiachos hochzeit. cajjisella of cajjrices. cajo mario, mitridate, cajo mario, vienna, 1717 cajvipi, caklijsie, opi'ra-comique in three acts, cakter, george, boru (cal- calchas, gi'enier cal culture in america. caldara, antonio, caldarera, miguel, caldicott," cal director at calegari calegari, francesco antonio, cale is in the salzburg museum. cales. caletti-bruni. see cavcm. calfat, operetta, given cali, calife de bagdad, le, califo di california caligola, lisbon, jan. cal illustrations of the caliqn, john baptiste, born in calisto, callcott callcott, callcott, john george, born (called capri- (called del violino), called) especially called farinelli, called gizziello (1714-61), called his called stampadorino, lived in called the called the scourge of called to called to brunswick, in 1852, (callegari), calliroe, milan, callirrhoe, calm. calvary, calvez, gabriel, calviere, guillaujvie antoine, "calvisius, sethus (seth kallwitz), calyo cambert, ca^mbini, cambio, perissone, flourished in cambridge, cambridge, 1799 mus. cambridge, 1856 came came famous. came organist at the came president camerana, luigi, camerloher, placidus von, born came the pupil came very popular. camidge (1734-1803), camidge, john, camilla, ossia camille, eeine des volsques he camille, ou le camillus, camma, and menasko et el- camoens, op. 23 (paris, campagnoli, bartolomeo, born campajola, francesco, born at campana, fabio, born at leghorn, cam pane ll a campanella, francesco, camp de grandpre, camp du drap d'or, le (camp of campenhout, frangois van, campion campion on the marriage, camps camps y camus, paul hippolyte, born can- candalide, ib., candeille, pierre joseph, can- harmony and composition, from 1839 to cani canipra, andre canlib. 2 (1657) can- living, cannabich cannabich, christian, canneti, francesco, born canniciari, don pompeo, canobbiana, milan, 1836 canoby, gustave, born (in france ?) can- of music. canogia, jose avelino, born at cano, milan, canon. fetis mendel. canon in february, canons, fugues, marches, canon, was published by p. martini in cantari, sed etiam, cantata, 1835 cantata, berlin, 1851 cantata composed for cantata, for cantata for do. (1787) can4 voices, 2 violins, cantata for the cantata for the inaugura- cantata for three voices cantata, ib,, 1860 cantata, oj). 15 (ib., haslinger) cantata pupil of h. schmitt cantatas, 304. cantatas, and they cantatas, choruses, cantata sennacherib, do., gloucester, 1883 cantatas harvest cantatas: la gioja pastorale (between 1781 cantatas, motets. cantata, with orchestral cantate, cantate) cantate a voce sola cantatilles cant., etc. canti cento ciuquanta (ib., 1503) canticle for four parts canticles, cantiones cantiones, cantiones de aventu domini cantiones, etc. (1584) cantiones (munich, berg, 1590) cantiones quatuor cantiones ultra centum (augsburg, 1540) cantionum and lib. ii. cantionum (louvain, 1558), phalesius gives cantionum sacrarum, quse vulgo canto cantone, padre serafino, cantor, cantor at freiberg cantor in sch-1nfuit, cantor in slelnach and cantor in steinach and cant." (ulhard, 1548) canzona di ringraziamento canzone, canzone a canzonettas. canzonette canzonette a 3 canzonette a quattro, lib. i. canzonette e madrigali a 1-3 voci, canzone villanesche alia canzoni napoletaue a canzouette canzoui and madrigals (orvieto, canzoui, conser organo (milan, 1602) cap- capece, alessandro, born capecelatro, vincenzo, capella. capello, giovanni uxblk, capilla successively of capitaine capitaine henriot, le, capollini, michelangelo, cappella cappella. cappella at s. cappella at san marco, venice. cappella comjjosition. cappella of the gesti. capriccj in amore, venice, 1791 caprice imicaprice elegant, op. 51 capriceio in a caprice pour caprices caprices, caprices for clarinet, caprices or etudes for violin capron, captcako captivated aud a captive, la, capuletti ed i montecchi, i caputi capuzzi, giuseppe car- caracciolo, pasquale, caracteristiques, caracul, king of loehlin.^a, m.\rzio carattaco, ib., 1767 carattere, opera, carbonel, joseph carcano, giuseppe, carcano, raffaele, boru in cardoso, carduccl giovanni jacopo, born cared for by his grandfather. carefully selected programmes. carelessly carelli, benjalvnno, born carestini, the carey, henry caricature of beethoven. carillonneur de bruges, le carl, carleton carleton, carlez, jules alexis, born carlisle, carlisle cathedral. carlixe carl maria von carl m. von w., i. 212, 272. carlo carlo, carlo agostino, born iu carlo felice, 1850 (partly rewritten and carlo francesco carlo gozzi as carlo, italian opera, text carlo, jan. carlo maria, carlos, carl philipp hmanuel bnch, carl reinecke. (carlsruhe) carlsruhe, carlsruhe. carlsruhe, nov. 4, 1876. carman's whistle, the, an old carmela, opera carmen carmen is the best of bizet's works, carmen, opera comique, june 3, 187.5 carmen was carmine and carnicek, don ramon, born at carniceli carnival, carnival, in 1750. caro caroli, caroline, caron, ca:mille, born caron, firmin, born caro nome. carpani, gaetano, boru about carpentras. see oenet. carretti, giuseppe maria, born carried off the double josse carriere, ses cartellieri, carter, henry, born carulli, ferdinando, carulli, gustave, born carvalho, joio de sousa, casanovas, padre antonio fran1793 casati, gasparo, maestro casimir anton, casions. caspae, chaeles, born caspers, louis henri jean, born cassandre (with berlin), ib., 1700. cassel. 1765 cassel, 1812 cassel, 1855-60. cassell, cassel of spohr in cast casta diva. see ni,rma. castaud at lyons casteitius castello, dario, castello di kenilworth, il, castello, giovanni, castello, paolo da, casteo, jean de, born casteovillaei, castil-blaze, feangois henri castil-blaze, francois henri joseiih. castil-blaze, francois henri joseph. castillon castitfi castle botherem, or castle, do., ib, castles in the air, castore e castor et pollux, (castritz), castrum do- cast thybueden upon the loed. casulana, maddalena, born in cata (g songs catalano, ottavio, bom catalogue of the catalogue song. (catalonia), spain, nov. 16, 1786, died catarina cornaro, catarina ho- cat assisi, but catch club," " the pleas- catches and four glees by baildon. cated cated at cated at eton, and cated to cardinal aquaviva (naples, 1007). (ms.) cated to miss mary potts. cated to rossini in 1864. catel, catelani, modena, 1841. catel, charles simon, born catel in harmony, and of cath., cathedral. cathe- cathedi-al cathedral cathedral, cathedral. cathedral, and cathedral at fermo. cathedral at treviso. cathedral, ireland, " cathedral music " cathedral of st. finbar, cork, and in 1772 cathedral of vendome. cathedrals catrufo, giuseppe, born in naples catterino, born cau\'alii() caucasus. cauirhoe, 1712 cause of cautioues, etc., op. cauzonette cauzouets aud duets) cavaliere cavaliere, cavalieri cavalieri, girolamo, born about cavalli, cavallini cavalli (pier-francesco caletti-bruni), cavalli's style was in general cavallo, fortunatus, cavallo, wenzel, born c.a.vos, cazot, francois felix, born in cazzati's resignation, and cbaijpell, william. cbapelle, may 7, 1836. cbarneux. cb., churcb. cbent i'orgue, avec cberubini. paris, 1845. cbia, annibale, cbiehj' self-taught cbor. et fay., cburcli compositions in the ccedes, auguste, born in 1835, died c.) church in 18g5-70, and of st. james's ceaux de genre (about 50) for pianoforte ceaux (qiuvres posthumes, 1859) ceballos cecile, op. 21o! cecilia, eldest ceed adolphe ceived the first prize in 1834. ceived the title of professor. celani celani, giuseppe corso, celebrated tenor, roger. celebrated violon- celebres, 58 celler, ludovic. cellini, cellini. cellini, francesco, born cellini there. cellist, cellist, and jean cellist to the grand duke cello deux livres de cello, first cello " for four voices cello, of cello, op. cello, op. 3 (mannheim) cellos, 32. cembalo (vienna, 1722). cendrillon, opera-comique in one cenerentola, cenereutola by kossini, op. 32 ce n'est i^oint cenni iutorno centenary of kouigsberg centennial hymn, cento centorio, centum (augsburg, centuries, centuries. centurj'. century century. century, died century, died in lisbon in 1696. century, died in vienna in 1804. century, died probably in 1740. century, died there about 1800 century, still living in 1812. dramatic com- cent vierges, cenza, contemporary. cenza, italy, in ceow cephalus and cephalus and procris, cephalus and procris. cepheus, ception cera, d. cermak certainly the cert arias (ib., 1724).-- fetis; mendel. certauts cert hall in paris, with his certi a 2, 3, cert in isgf). certino certo certo for do., op. 15 certo, idem certo in cert, op. certos, certos; allemande (originally with violin) certos for do. certos for pianoforte certos for pianoforte (unpublished). certos for violin certos or universal bizzarries, certs, certs. certs, and put him under the certs, but, cert toui-s cert tour cervetti cesake in egitto, italian cesakini, cesareo, cesco basili and vaccaj. cesco, bologna. cesco mancini, naples, 1710. cesful cessful. cessful at the ojjcra comique in 1798. cessful serious works. cess, he lived cess in 1775 cessit in 1856 and the cessively cessor augustus. cessor of schumann. ceste, 1699. cester in 1864, cesti, ceudel, perche finora. see ceutini. ceutui-y. the following operas by him were ceuvres des violonnistes ceuvres. rouen, 1851. cevenixi chabanon, chabran, francesco, born chadwick, george whitfield, chaetrain, chai'acters represented chaine chaise chaises, 1778 chajiel, chajiel in 1sg3. chakdiny, challiot) challoner, chalon, frederic, french flutist chamatero, chamber chamber duets chamber music chamber music. chamber-music concerts in paris in 1814, chamber musician chamber musicians. chamber musician to cha;mbonnires, jacques chamthere are chambre de marguerite champion champlin, champs chan- 1724. amateur musician, left the following chandos anthems, chandoschkin, chandos te deum, two composimendel. change in the bu'd. this chanson de fortunio, la chansonnier bourgeois (ib., 1805). fetis chansons chansons, chansons. chansons franyaises a quatre parties (ib., 1569) chant chantants of paris. works la chant, a quatre voix (paris, 1083). chant de victoire, do., ib., 1855 chant du matin, oyx 46 chanteuse voil^e, la chantez chantress, ib., 1845 chant sur la mort d'haydn, chapel chapel. chapel has a 12-voice mass on chapel, he shot himself. chapelle to the prince of juliers in 1580. chapel of chapel royal chapel royal. chapel royal, and in 1704 joint organists. chapel royal in 1782, and organist and chapel royal in 1836. chapel royal, windsor, 1857 chapel, the collegio chapel, vienna, 1734. chaperons blancs, "chaplain and singer," and in 1506 he fol- chaplet, chapple, samuel, born at crediton, charactei's rep- maria sborgi, florence, 1836. character. characteristic character of pallas. characters represented charaktei'istische sonate charakteristische charakterstiicke for piano- charbonnier, chardiny charke, richard, charles (charles charles, charles antoine, charles bochsa charles), born charles, born at charles, french com- charles guil- charles i., 1625, until she left england. charles ix. charles lecocq, charles n.. king of england, charles-quint. charles scribiier's sons. charles scribner's sons charles x., aladdin, or the wonderful charlot, joseph auguste, born charlotte. charmante gabrielle, charming aii-, " jeunes filles, aux yeux charming gabrielle is chase chased maryleboue gardens, where he chase), symphony by chasse du jeune henri, la, chasse, la, symphony chasse, la (the chasse saxoune, chasseur danois, for bass. chastan, jules, born chastillon de la tour, guil- chateau, 1823 chaulieu, chault (paris). chauvet, charles alexis, born chauvon, chauyon chavfis, j chef-d'oeuvre by cherubini. chef d'orchestre at chefs d'orchestre " chela rd, hippolyte andrii chelleri chenevillet, pierre, cheniin, cheptubini cher, cherblanc, jean louis, born at cherici, cherouvrier, edmond marie, cherry, john william, born in cherubini cherubini, cherubini, herold, and cherubini, luigi cherubini, (maria) luigi (carlo cherubini until 1815 cheshire cheshire, john, chesse, florence, 182g chester festival, chester, no. chestra chestra, chestra. chestra (1851) chestra, 1880 chestra conductor chestra iu berlin. chestral scores. chestral symphonies ou ovid's metamor- gluck. chestra of the opera comique. chestra, op. 77, 93, 94, 95 chestra or pianoforte chestras chestras. chestra (see berlioz, mc' moires, 330). chestra without chestre, chette, ib., 1766 cheurbi^'i cheval cheval de bronze, le (the chevalier, chevalier lubin, chevalier nahel, chevalier of the legion of cheveux, 1 act, ib., oct, 27, 1802 (fiasco, chevillard, pierre alexandre chez ch. (florence, 1869) c. h. graun, berlin, chia, 1788 chia rapita, do. (183g) chiaromonte, francesco, chias, chicago, 1887. chicago, 1888. chicago of st. james's episcopal chief chiefly chief roles.-- barrett, balfe, 187, 204 chieftain, cantata, 1888 chien c'hien chi-isti, mass for five voices chil- chilcot, thojus, child, children in the wood children in the wood, the, children, melodrama, children's operetta, 1883 chilperic, oi)era-boufe in three acts, chimeue, opera, given at munich, chimfine. see cid. china. chinelli, giovanni battista, chinese, aud other nations. chini, naples, 1765, london, 1775 chinzer, johann, german composer chiocchetti, pietro \7ncenz0, chitarra chi ti salva. chives of that collegium. ch. m. de weber, sa chmelenskt, wenzel, choeurs d'a- (1615) choir, choir books of various cathedrals. choirmaster at choir of san marco until 1640, when he choirs choirs, choirs (gloucester, chois, and was a contemporary of okeghem. choitises. choleric chollet, louis francois, born chopin, chopin. mazurka chopm chor. choragus of choral {choral choralbuch, etc. choral, hereford. choral-preludes choral societies. choral works chord. chore," and " ah chor. et fay, chor. et fay., chor. et fay., diet, des mus., chori, c'est chorister chorister in chorister in 1842, and chorister in the chorister in westminster abbey. choristers cho- (rome, 1622) choron. paris, 1844. chorou embodied chorus chorus, chorus, 1884 chorus and orchestra chorus, and orchestra chorus, and orchestra, chorus and orchestra, op. 55 chorus ausfahrt choruses choruses, choruses for male and mixed voices. choruses for male voices choruses for soprano, choruses, serenades, choruses, three in the choruses with fuu chorus for 4 voices chorus of chorus overtures, "chos de la denche, for choteboi'ky, bohemia, dec. 8, 1736, died in chotek, franz xaver, choudens, antony, boru in paris in chpjsto chriiloph chris- chrispel), christ christ, christ. (christ-bearer), christian christian, christian bach, milan, 1758, loudon, 1704 christianelli, filippo, maestro christian gottlob aubergt, christiania, christian iv., king of denmark, and while christian kaffka, berlin, 1779 christian lud- christi, for do. christina, christina di svezia (christina of christmann, johann friedrich, christmas cantata christmas gambols, 1795 christoforo colombo, music by christoforus christoph, christophe colomb, do., 1847 mfdise au christoph willibald cluck christ, oratorio christ, solo (1873). christus am oelberge (christ on christus factus chri^tien, chrlsti. chrysander, chrysander, h. 145. chrysander, iii. 112. church, 1859-65, and of grantham church, church and cham- church and concert music. church and pianoforte church anthems (london) set of church comi^oser, pupil of church compioser, first church composer church composer, church composer and church composer, maesti'o di church composer mendel. church composer, one church composer, pupil church composer-, pupil of leibl church composer, showed church composer, son churches in rome. church feb. 26, 1848. dramatic composer, pupil churchill, church music church music, church music. church music composer church music: services church of s. celso, church of s. filij)po, brescia, had written church of s. luigi de' frances!, 1842 and church of ste. mar- church pieces. fetis mendel. church, plymouth. songs and glees (loudon, 1799) church singer church there. church, windsor, chusetts, chusetts, 1840, chustkovros, johannes, chypre. cia. ciaja, azzolino cially polkas and waltzes. ciampalanti, ciampi, legrenzio vincenzo, ciampi, london, cian cian. cianchettini, pio, born cian of the igth centur^y. cians. cians of louis xv. cians' series (ib., 1882) cian to the emjseror cia, the father of malibran cibot cibulka, alojs, born in prague, feb. ciceonetti. filippo. ciclope, naples, cidentally cidippe, cien david, 1817. ciennes, cient classical music, cien, versailles, 17g2 ciera ciesar, johann melchior, born cietatis ciety, ciety of france, for his ciety, philadelphia, cieus, cigale et la fourmi, la (the ciiovanni legreuzi, venice, 1081 cilarpentlept cima cimakosa cimarosa, cimarosa, ranged by perotti, london, 1800. cimarosa, represented in najile.s, 1780; mu- cimarosa, turin, 1781 cimarosa, two cima, tullio, born cimento cimento, cimeuto cimoso, guido, bom cin," a cini, london, 1720 cini's " (leipsijc, 1858) cinni, turin, cinq feuillets d'album, idem cinq mai, cantata for cinq recueils cinque cinque, cinque, ermengildo, cinque voci, lib. 4 (1567 ; dates of the other cion." in 1850 he produced gloria y peluca, cions cipal cipal conservatories of germany cipj per cembalo o organo. cipriano-cornier, circassian bride, produced at circassienne, la, opt'ra-comique circe, 1694 circe delusa, italian opera, text by 1733 circe, french circe, hamburg, 1785 circe, ib., 1788 ciro in armenia, italian ciro riconoseiuto, cises, 50 exeniples et 20 etudes (paris). citfiyrillox cities, and returned to italy in 1710. city city, city. city. may 6, 1757, in which frederick the city of betbulia. ciuquanta civil ajipointment cizi ad una e due voci (florence, 1605) ckaywinckel ckristi locut., claei claepius, "s^tlhelm hermann, claimed, to an exhaustive claims, in his claim to this clair clair, clap- expression. clara bell and clara schumann. clarchies, (louis) julien, born at clared clari, clari, giovanni clarinet clarinet, clarinet, and viola clarinet (ib.). clarinetist, clarinet player,^3rofessor clarinets clarinets, clarinets, 2 horns, clarinets, op. 6 clarinet to clarke clarke, clarke, james hajshlton, born in clarke, willl\m horatio, clark, frederick scotson, born clark, jeremiah, born clasing, classical music, classical oi^eras to the class in 1847. works classique, cl'ast, claudia, ib., teatro claudina von villa bella claudine von villa bella, claudio claudius, claufen, johann gotlob, claussen, claussex clauss, victor, born clave clavecin, op. 2 et 8 clavet;in, clavier clavier and violin clavierliteratur. clavier, op. 7 (augsburg, 1799) clavierspiels clavier teacher, clay. cleanse thee, o ^^^: soul, from cled puisil. clement, clement and larousse, clement and larousse, 893. clement, franz joseph, born in clementi. clement, johann georg, clement, les mudenne-baron, che- clement, mus. clement, mus. celebres, 297 clement, mus. celebres, 3g8 fetis do.. clement, mus. celebres, 511 fetis clement y cavedo, manuel, born clemenza clemenza di clemenza di augusto, la (the clemeuti clemeuti, cleofida cleofida. see poro. cleofile, cleopatra. cleopatra, 1662.-- fetis mendel. cleopatra, milan, 1778 clerks of cles, cle son temps " (1872); "notices cleveland. cleveland school of clever composer and cleverly imitated. clialet," clichy, ib., 1854 clif- clifton, john charles, born in climene, attendant of minerva, cli'opatre, four cliori at the carmelites. cliorus and orchestra, op. 82 cliridas clitandre et cepbise, 1788. clloudens cllrstrovius clmrch of the barefooted friars in 172g. cloches de corneville, les clock symphony, by joseph haycbi, close in 1852. close of close re- clotilde club. cluirch, 183.5-45; organist clytemuestre, op. 207, cmf^abri, c minor c minor, leipsic, 1877 adolphe adam, 90. cn'mieux and jules c no. 9, intermezzo scherzoso, in d-flat co1st act of muzio scevola, ib., 1721 co.); 2 prayers for four voices, cobbold, \\tlliam, coberg, johann anton, coblentz, coblentz, 1838. coburg, coburg, 1858 cocchi, do., coccia, carlo, born code codex 295 of dijon has 17 songs for 3 coeiolan coenelius) coenen, johannes meinardus, coepj coetellixi cogan cogan, philip, cohen, henry, cohen, jules, coignet, horace, born in lyons, cois de sales buillot. colborne, langdon, col., collection. cole, ib., 1764: co. (leipsic, 1851). (coleman), colepais coleridge, with an appendix by george colerus colerus (kohler), martin, born in colette, colinelte colin, pierre gilbert, surnamed colizzi, giovanni andrea, born collected much material for fotis' " bio- 1862 collection collection, collection. collection are collections collections. collections bear the collections of psalms for five, collections of songs, collections published collection vieinia, may, 1852. college, college chapel college, oxford, college, oxford, 1860, colleges, cambridge. from collegiate school of his town. collinet collinet, collin's tragedy, five acts, colman (cologne, cologne, cologne. colomba, danish opera, colombani (columbani), colombe, la colombi, giuseppe, colombo (de columbis), giovanni colombo, given col serpente, il colterin le grand. see couixxiv. columba's college, l-eland, 184:6-53 columbus, columbus, cantata, 1853 columbus, pantomime, by wenzel miiuer, colyns colyns, jean baptlste, born com- com- 1805. he composed also an evening serthe comala, dranewiugton, and comare. combat. les ceuvies. paris, 1881. combattimento combattons, chantons. combinations of instruments, combined com- draghi, vienna, 1699 come come, and trip comedie italithe subject, comedy comedy in one (comedy music), come, ever smiling liberty, com' e gentil. see don pasqmle. come, let come rather, goddess sage come, thou goddess, fair and come with the gipsy bride. " come with the gypsy bride," sung by arline comgates comhaltimento comic opera comic opera, baden-baden, aug. 9, 1862, comic operas comic operas, 17 vaudevilles, more than 30 comic operas. fetis, supplement, i. 185 comic operas unjkiblished, comic, prague, 1878, dresden, 1882 comi, gaudenzio, comijoser, comijosition com instrumentos comique comique, comique, 1826 les petits appartements, comique, 1843 les comique, 1870. comique de la heine (-ito, paris, adrieu comique, jan. 13, 1803 aline, reine comique, paris, april comique, paris, dec. comique, received but never played gilles comj)animent, by diabelli (1832). hellborn comjdoser comjdoser, comjiosition comjiositions, comjjosed in comjjoser, author of the following works comjjoser, pupil of comjjoser, pupil of jommelli. comjjosition. comj)oser, i)upil com- lection command. commander and most commer, franz, commer's " musica comme une pale fleur. see commit thy ways, oh pilgrim. commodissime com- ms. in the communion communion, and evening comodien musik compagnement de piano compared with the huge mass compass, of three octaves, unusually wide. compiled from joseph compiled the following hymn-books complete complete collection complete list complete opera, apollo deluso. completion. complimento componimento composed composed 1819, composed 1821. composed 63 works for her instrument. composed a charming spanish composed at prague, nov. 3, 1787. composed by himself (1739-40). composed in 1665-99, rethe following were composed in 1781. the last composed in 1839, dedicated composed in the first composed on the occasion composed the words to many composei-. composei'. composer com poser. composer, composer. composer (1716). he lived some time in composer and composer and tenor singer. composer august composer, brother of the following composer, contem- composer, contemporarj^. composer, contemporary. composer editor of the midland composer, etc. composer for the composer he was musical director composer, illegitimate son of composer nntl kapcllnieitler, composer of a great deal composer of church composer of the 16th century. composer of the 18th century. composer or maestro composer, pujiil of kleinheinz and of composer, puj)il of composer, pupil in composer, pupil of bach, and in 1744-56 jensen, op. 30. composer, pupil of pepusch, composer, pupil on the harpsichord composers. composers, 85 fetis grove harmonicon composers amor mulinaro, ferrara, 1837; composer's best works. composers between palestrina and composers. fetis mendel. composers. london, 1882. composers of the composer to introduce composer, went early to paris, composer which was repre- composer who published the following composing while there compositeurs composition, composition. composition. he composition, in 1842--15, under vaccaj at composition of ^yeber's it was, however, composition, published a compositions compositions, compositions. compositions and compositions for the compo-sition since boccheriui's day. compositions, mostly chamber music. compositions that he composition tets for composition under john k. paine. in 1883 composition; won compositse compost'cs compwer, comte comte, antoine le, comte carmagnola comte d'albert, comte oey, comudie con- concei9ao concentus binis, concert, concert. concertante. indeed he maj* concertati a concertaute concerted music concert in concertini for violiu concertino concertino for do., op. 18 concerti o concerto concerto, concerto before that composer, concerto for concerto for seven concerto for two concerto for violoncello (1803) 2 concerto, g major, op. 8. concerto in concertos concertos, concertos en concertos, etc. concertos for concertos for horn concertos for hute, op. concertos for piano- concertos for pianoforte concertos for the organ, which concertos for violin, concertos in concertos, sonatas, po- concert overture concert overture, op. 123 (concert piece), in concert, playing his concerts concerts. concerts at concerts, contributed political concerts given concerts in concerts of the rus- concerts. paris, 1863. concert spirituel in 1783, and with his concert spirituel in kin concerts populaires, 1874, he brought out concerts spirituels concertstuck concertstuck, for pianoforte and concertstucuv concerts were concert tours, concert tours through conchita, sonnet, conclucted by the composnr, and condemned condition in which condo libro idem (ib., 1588). two other conductor of lj'ster's ojjera comi^any. he conductors. coneadi, august con- eral other pieces for violin. conferred upon him the confined in the asylum in prague. confinetl confitebor conforti, giovanni battista, conforto, nicold, coninck, jacques felix de, born coninck, joseph bernard de, conipotet and oi^anitt, b. tj3% il 1j77, connais-tu con- psalms, motets, conradin. see konradin. conrad, johann conser- conser- german history. conser- novel conserva- conservatoii'e, paris, conservatoire conservatoire, conservatoire. conservatoire, 1884. conservatoire, from 1812, of guillou conservatoire, in conservatoire in 1832, he devoted himself ^" conservatoire of the conservatoire until conservatoire until 1803, conservatoleipsic conservator}', conservatorio conservatorio, conservatorio, milfetis. conservatorio, naples. conservatorium there. he conservatorium was founded, he became considerable considerable artistic merit. considerable success. considered considered his best. considered his masterpiece. consiglio consisting of a service, consists of eight constitution, lisbon, 1821 constructiou, contadina containing 20 cantatas (dresden, 1665). he contains contains a contains no recitatives. conte di baeheville, pis- conte, jean, born in toulouse, may contemijorary. contemporains. paris, 1869. contemporains. paris, 1880. contemporary contemporary. contemporary. he has contenant quaraute contes contesa de' numi, la (the quarrel contes d'hoffxmann, les conti conti, conti, angelo, conti, carlo, born conti, claudio, born at conti, giacomo, born conti, given in vienna, 1724 conti, nicolo, born contini, giovanni, flourished in continued to hold his continue, quoted by walther (amsterdam). continuo, 2 flutes, and 2 horns contius, contra- contract contralto contralto, contrappunto contrapunktisteu), contrapunt- contrapuntist, lived in the contrapuntist of the contrapuntists. contrapuntists of his day. contrapuntists of the contrastato, contrastes, les, contravveleno," aud for the contredanses for vio- contributed to the following works contributions. london, 1880. convent of his order. convent of his order, venice. con ve rsi converts a convinto conzert in ungarischerweise, conzertstiick, conzertstuck. see concertdiicl cooke, appeared on cooke, robert, born cooke, thomas siimpson, coort organist nl miln^ copenhagen 18g1 copenhagen is a stabat ma- copenhagen, july 8, 1809. virtuoso on the copenhagen, june coperario, john, copeuhagen, 1832 die copies coppola, pier antonio, copyright, i88s, by cora coradin, 1786 coraique, cora, ou la prctresse du corbesier, antonio, born cordans cordans, b.\etolomeo, born in cordek, frederick, cordella, geronimo, core." coregrafico, turin, 186-t corelli. corelli, arcangelo, corelli en trio (ib., 1717) corette, corfe, joseph, born coribaldi and corigliano, corinthe. coriolan, coriolan, in coripokr, oncanlsi. and cornelius. cornet cornet-a-pistons. cornet player, son and pupil cornette cornette, louis hippolyte, cornette, victor, cornus), cornwall dances, op. cornwall, ver- coro i, with aeeonipaniment corona di coronaro, gaetano, coro:n'ation coronation anthem, coroua," corradini, correa, henriques carlos, born correa, trade manoel, correggio." correnti, correspondance inedite de, correuti, corri, domenico, born corsaire, corsaire, le, corsaro, cors.a[r, the, corsi, corsiui library and in the vatican. corte, l' avaro, corte, piacenza, cosl fan tutte (they all do it), cosset, frangois, cossmanu, beruhard costa costa, costa, affonso vaz da, born costa e sylva, francisco da, costa, sir costeley, a\tlliam, born in scot1874 costumi; cosyn cottell, george lansdowne, cottrau, guillaume, cottrau, jules, born cottrau, theodore, born in naples, cou'bres, 453 couder couegio reale couft cnntor couiitei-point at could to counsellor to the emperor of austria, and 1868-75. count count almaviva count alvar de guzman, is captured by munich, 1819 count arnheim. countei-point with counter- forte, op. 10 and 24 counterjjoint counterjjoint, counterjjoiut counterpoint. counterpoint and fugue under counterpoint at milan. after being counterpoint into dramatic counterpoint of prof. counterpoint under hauptmann. in 1849 counties herald, bir- countries, country began only after his death. now country maestro de capilla of country, taking country wedding. coupe du roi de thul^, la (the coupe, h couperi^' couperik couperin, armand lol^s, born in couperin, gervais francois, couperin, louis, born at chaume in cour cour. courbois, couroune. cours course in court court, court. court, at court concerts. courtemlle, courtesj", "courtly masquing ayres " (1662). court of vienna. courtois, jean, french composer of court orchestra in 1834. court organist at meinb. 1751, courtrai, 1875 courts, couservatorio dei cousineau coutemporary. "coutes d'hoffmann (1881)." the story coutrefaits, couvertita. couvidado de piedra " (1622) by the spanish couvre-feu, coveut & co. (vienna). -- thayer, verzeichuiss. coward, james, cowen, frederic hymen cowen, frederic hy^men, cox and box, c. p. e. bach, etc., craei.rv'anger, k. craft crament, john m.\ude, born at cras, p crazier, johann baptist, born at crc-ateurs creating many important roles. (crecquiuoii), credidi for eight voices credo credo, id. credo, kyi'ie, cred songs crejionesi, ambrogio, lived in italy, creole, l.^, opera-comique in three crequillon crescentino, 1775 creso, creso, turin, cressonnois, jules alfred, born cretly cretly, valse suisse creuzer, crezia borgia. crfimont, pierre, born cricquillon, crifice," criqmw (crispel, crisping e la comare, crispin, le. crispino crispino, a j)oor cobbler, crispin, text cristal, m. cristlanelli, cristo, and, later, crit- critical critical editor critic and a poet, criticism, and in 1774 gluck removed to critic, jju- critique musicale. crivelli, crivelli iu italian singing. crlsii^ijo, ferrara, 1711 croce, giovanni dalla, caued croce, ib., 1747 be- crociato in egitto, croes, henri de, born croes, henri jacques de, born at croft, william, born croisee, 1785 croisez cromwell et charles cross, michael hurley, born of crotti, organist of s. crouch, frederick crow, ed'win john, born at sitting- cro'wned with the tempest. crown with festal croze, ferdinand de, born croze, j crucifixus crudelta, venice, crusaders crystal streams in murmurs c. stedman, and other ctmirantes, sarabands, etc. cudmore, richard, born in cuellar y altarriba, ramon cue of the most cueschmann, karl friedrich, cui, cesar. cui, was given in st. petersbui-g in cultivated cultivated es- cultivated musician culty and importance of the first vio. cummings, cummngs, william hay]\ian, born cum motetta 4 cumoso indiscreto, cunda j)fii's vespertina;, etc. (1591) cuniewicz, cuore cupre, jean de, french composer curabili. curbed by the romans. cure of curiositfs curioso, opera busa, curtain falls on vice triumphant. curzio per cusi, eccl. cath. custaed custard, walter goss, born in cutler, welllvm henry, bom cveli for (cybot), cybulowsky, lucas, cycle of tuscan songs, for cycles for pianoforte cyclopedia cyclopedia of cym- cymbeline, third do. (1852) cymon, cyrus. cyteeik, alois, czar in moscow in 1605. he is the hero czar of muscovy, opera. the fallen angel, czarth czar.tii czaslau. czaslau, bohemia, in 1779, died in czech opera, given czek. czermak czerny, d0:\1inic, joseph, and sanctus. see czerny on the czerwmsky, wilhel3i, born in czeyka czeyka. see 6ejka. czibulka, alphons, born da\1dsbundlertanze die da, born d'abramo, ib., 1786 da camera (lucca, 1701, bologna, 1702) d' achille, d'acis et galatee, opera, paris, 1678 d'adouis, ac- violoncello dafne, italian dafue, venice, 1686 da gamba, and pianoforte. dagobert, dahl, e:\bia, born (freyse), ai. plon, d'ai-c, paris, dai prati. d'airs varies d'ai-tois, dalayeac, nicolas d'alayi-ac, in la guienne, newspaper (bor; dalayrac), born at dalayrac's name is one dalayrac wrote also some d' albano, venice, 1856 dalbekg dale, born d' alessaudro, ib., daleyrac u dall'argine, costantino, dalusia, harlequin teague, 1782 d'alvimare, martin pierre, born dam). dam, 1750, won the applause of freder- damcke, berthold, dame dame kobold dame kobold, overture to calderon's dames dames capitaines, les (the lady dame voilee, la dammas, hellmuth ivarl, born at damme, 1774 damme, rome, during damm, friedrich, damnation damncs damon damon, der damour, damrosch, leopold damse damse, joseph, born at warsaw in dana, (charles) henshaw, danae, vi- danaides, les, dance of isiummers dances, dances for do. dancla, arnaltd, dancla, jean baptiste charles, d'anet, before the dauphin, sept. d'angleterre. danic.4.n. see phiudor. daniel daniele, daniel francois esprit auber daniel, oratorio, dank dankers dankerto (dankerts), danket danks's canticles, 1887. dannstrom, johan, dano, 1592) danrf:mont requiem. dans danses, then very popular. dans i'hexameron dante symphony. danzi, franz, born daphne, ballet (1748) two col6 do. of french daphne. see dafne. daphnis et chloi:, dapuis dardanus, d' arena and duca di darg0]hy2sky, alexander ser- d' ariana (triumph of ariadne), music by daries of dario, ib., 1725 darkly rose the faulhaber in darmstadt, jan. darondeaux das allerschrocklichbte das blumenmiidchen, das eiide der das erndtefest l' inverno, das feuer fiel herab, das fischermiidchen, das gespenst mit der trommel, das grab des mufti, ib., 1778.-- tion of das heil. das hocheuauer das jahr 1787, etc. fctis das keich gottes ein- das krokodil das lied vom das lied vom deutschen das lied von das lob das musilcfor some das rortej)iano das rothe d'assas, ib., 1790 das schone fest. das schwiirmermiidchen, das stiindchen la datchet mead, the pro- date date) date). date, etc. dates dates, musical prelude, 1775 dati in luce. dating from 1687 to 1721.-- fetis dauc4hter daughter daughter he married. daughter of daughter of amouasro, king of daughter," with the scene d'aujou, brother of st. louis. dauprat, louis fran(;ois, born in daussoigne-mehul, and in 1857 won the daussoigne mehul, joseph, dautkesme daut, of limoges, in an old ms. d'autrefois dautzic, about 1620, died in hamburg, in davaux, jean baptiste, born at the david, and saul's tod. davidde penitente, david joined the davidoff, karl, born at goldiugen, davids (leipsic, 1g17). davison, james william, born in davs davy, john, born dawne czasky, do., 1826 dax:sktu()m day. dayas, willia:m humphries, born, dayidsetrxdler daymon, day of the empress elizabeth. scene iu the day schools d. biogr. d. biogr., d. biogr.. i. 743 d. biogr., ii. 315 ft'tis d. biog., v. d. biog., v. 327 d', born at pajune 25, 1801, still living, 1888. d burghausen, dea jubeljabres deal of church music, deal of church music in deals deals with the same story. deane, thomas, death, death. death kapellmeister to prince lobkowitz. death of a maternal uncle. death of david perez (1778). from 1769 death of graun, in 1759, he was appointed death of nelson, the, death unknown. d'eau deau, deau, 1793 deau, 1808 deaux deaux, deaux, 18g6 and 1872, and in florence. deaux, april 26, 1842, still livmg, 1888. deavoured to improve the debats. de beaujoyeuls), flourished in the 16th de belg., de belgique, i. 770 fetis. de berquin (paris, 1798), and a collection de-bigorre (hautes-pyn'-nees), jan. debillemont, debora, deborah, deborah, op. 8 and 10 deborah, oratorio, 1836 de, born debut debut as a composer with (dec. dec. dec. 10, 1844. dec. 13, 1852. dec. 14, 1887. dec. 15, 1574, died iu breslau, july dec. 17, dec. 17, mass for six voices dec. 24, 1843. dec. 29, 1861. dec. 5, 1878.-- fetis, supplement, i. 36. december, 1709. de change, ib., decidedly greater decided success. decides to love her. decker, constantin, declaration, de clavecin (1707). mendel. de contrepoint fugue." published works decourcelle, maurice henri, de dante. dedekind, constantin chris- de denain, un mari dedicated this work to the dedicated to bis (dedicated to schieti dedicated to the king un- dedication ode, for de divers auteurs, avec dee. 4, 1826. deenier roi de juda, le de fenaroli de feria defffis (piekre), louis, born de' filodramatici, 1864 de' fiorentiui, de france, in 1872. he is author also of a de, french defunetis quatuor voc. (1690) de geneve (nocturne). de genre pour piano d' egitto (1g54:) de golconde de golconde, st. petersburg, march 5, 1804 de' goti, de' goti, by bassaui, ferrara, 1g85 degrading degree of mus. bac. degree of mus. doc. deh con te li peendi see dehn deh, vieni, non taedar. see dei, dei, 2 dei, both dei corbelli, dei, for eight voices de i'hiver de instrumentos. fetis. deir immortalita, 1667 deiters, -- deiters, joh. bralims, eine dejazet, eugene, born in lyons in dejiantius, christoph, born in de jwarte duivel and del, del. de la couronne (1811) his style began to delacourt, henri, de la doue, de la madone. de la monnaie, brussels, in 1877. fetis, de l'amour de la reine marguerite, 1609 de la rue guouegaud, 1675 music to tbe de la soledad, delatre, claude delatre, olivier, belgian musician delattke, pvoland. see lrti^.w. de lattre. valenciennes, 1836. de lavapies, 1874 delavigne, del basso in canto (rome, iggl:). del; do., ergilnz., 67. del, ei'ganz., 72. del, ei-giinz., 44. del, ergdnz., 1. del, ergiinz., 62 del, ergiinz., g2. del-gesellschaft del-gesellschaft (leijiic, 1870). delgesellschaft (leipsie, 1883). delia delibes, de liitre (louvain, 1555). his compositions delioux delivered by della canobbiana, 1866 della fortuua, dell' amicizia, della patria, 1722. della pieta in venice, della scala, 1868 della virtii e delle dame, rome, dec. 26, 1729. dell innoceuza dell' onesta, del pilar, sara- logue of del pojnilo del schilling. del's messiah. delssohn, del's susaima. delt, arkadelt), deluge, the, oratorio, by frederick de luigi boccherini, delusa, ferrara, 169g. deluso, rome, 1789 del vasconcellos, 47. de' madrigali demanded by the de' masuadieri, dem, der sich auf seiuen gott 140. wachet deme dans demelius, christian, born demetrio (demetrius at de midas, 1866 de' miei bollenti. dem kanon uud der fuge demniin, demofoonte, ib., 1754 demofoonte, lover of creusa demofoonte, padua, 1783 demofooute, ai-bace, ib., 1783 cajo demofooute, ib., 1773 autigono, venice, de mol. demon. see damon. demoop. 131, turin, teatro reale, 1788 demophon, lyric tragedy iu three acts, (demophoon), italian de motetti (venice, 1540) de musique, paris, den, den, 1731 den, 1745 dena de naples (with monpou), ib., 1840 d'endymion, text by guicliard, music by de nicolas dalayrac (paris, 1810) denk- den, london, 1790. den, london, jan. 5, 1734. denmark denmark, denn er hat seinen engeln, denounced as a traitor. den road chapel, 1803-68 den. see zauberfloff. dens march 14, 1772. gretry applied in this densteiu. dent from the first. denza, luigi, born denzi, antonio, de paris, depart, depart. department de passione domini (wittenberg, depefis, josquin. de portuacts, depret, edmond, de profundis for de profundis, motet for full chorus. de pros cette deprosse, anton, born in munich, de provence. depuis der. der alchymist, ib., 1778 das de rambouillet, 1735 cephale et i'aurore de ramour, 1705 hipijodamie, 1700 les de randan, who derato, part i. der barbier von der becker, carl ferdinand. der berggeist der botenopera, 1856 der buhmer walde, derby der cid, german opera, music by derckum, franz, der dehn. der deulsche rhein, for a single der-devrient, composed in 1840, published derdoctor der dorf-jahrmarkt, die zwei wilden, given der evaug. kircben- philip der evaug. kirchengesaug, der geschichte der musik. mainz, 1832. der glaube schafft der seele der guekkasten, muoperas der himmel de rien. paris, 1841. der imbekannte, opera, der in der der in ephesus), italian opera, music by dering of his der in krohnen erlangte der ins father, who de ripada, der kammerdiener georg derkreis, der kurze mantel entr'actes derlin), for chorus and orchestra, op. 54 der louis jacques der madchenmarkt, der maun von wort, der mechaniker, ib., der musik. munich, 1863. der musikpenigia, 1851. dernlfcre pensfee musicale, de romances der sanger und der scbab von der schneider, opera, berlin, 1814-26 der schoffe von paris, riga^ der sieg der siingerbimd, der sohu der tauseutlsassa der tel, 1879); weine der teruengewinust, der uberfall, breslau, der v0c4elfanger. see zauberflole. der wein, vienna, der, welcher wandelt diese der wien, vienna, sept. 21, 1872. derx, der zauberhain, given at der zauberkorb des3iarets, henri, born de sales, born at de san juan (1847); saeterbesog (1848); des arts, 1843 des arts, paris, june 4, 1799. the libretto des baulieues, 1844 desbuissons, :\richel charles, des camacho. desclauzas, and mile perrier. des danoises deseret, comic opera, des gaules, paris, 1779 desha yes, des herrn, ib., 1867 des hochsten, do., potsdam, 1806 des ]\iu- des mauuscrits autograjjhes, etc. des mores (1799) des morts. des nibelungeu. tiibingen, desnoiresterres, desnoiresterres, gustave. de sonates jjour de sonates pour deux de son cceur jai calmfi la des oratoriums. desormery desormery, jean baptiste, desormery, leopold bastien, desormes, l de specta- despres, josquin (josse), born at dessau (1829) dessoff, otto (felix), born in dessy, battista, born d'estello, des tondicters handel. des tonsatzes. destouches, andre caedinal, destribaud, paul, bom destroyed. des varietus, paris, dee. 17, 1864. desvignes, \1ct0r fran(,'ois, des waffenschmieds (1861) des weisseu berges, was performed in 1873 de swekt, jules, born at louvaiu, de swert detached pieces, op. 51. dethe organ (leipsic, ganist, pupil of de thule at the concerts danbe (1875). detir;s de troj). opera comique, april 9, 1811 la dettingen te deum, deucalion et pyrrha, opera in deukaliou, deum deum, deum 14 solemn masses deum masses for three and deum of his in lindner's deus deusche musikerzeitung. deutsche deutsche michel, der, german deutsche national musik verein, 1839. his deutschen musik. leipsic, 1881. deutsches requiem, ein deutschlaml deutschland im urwald deutschlands auferstehung deutsclie deux deux aelequins, les, deux amoues, deux avares, les (the two deux aveugles, les deux concertos, kingston, jamaica, deux couvents, les deux et trois voix egales deux familles, les (the two deux jouenees, les (the two deux mains deux maris, 1795 deux p^cheues, les deux petits savoyards, les deux savants, comic opera (1858) devasini, de venus, 1740. he published three books devil's opeea, the, english opera devon, england, in 1835, devote himself to music. devotion, young maiden and de vulcain, ballets, dextera domini, for do. dez, born dezftde (dezaides), n., born about dfi.tazet d'harmonie pratique, and a collec- d'hommes diabelli diable. diable au jmoulin, le (the devil diadeste, italian opera diadestfi, le, opera-eomique in two diamanti diamants de la couronne, les di'amatic diana ed ainore, diana placata, music by diana von solange, opera, music diane diane, dianora, diavolo, naples, di baldassare dibdin, charles, born at dibdiu, dibdin.-- notes aud queries, 4th di berenice, di bianca, " dic- di caij^iella at di cappclla of the di cappella to dicat patronis, a6vocibus (jena, 1g09) mu- titled dicea in taeitus's "annals" (books dice mai. see don dichter dichterliebe, sixteen songs from dichter-musikers p. c. dichter und bauer (poet and peas- dici, etc. (venice, gardane, 1539). di citere, do.; i d'ici voyez ce dickshiidel, dickson di corone, given in munich, 1674 di crequi, turin, about 1848. dictated, partly wrote, with dictator dictionary (1708), ai-t of fingering (1798), dictionary of musical terms the dictionnaire des operas dictionnaire uuiver- (dictiounaire lyrique). dictus for holy week didactic writer of the 15th century. di diversi, etc., zorzi, lib. 1 (ven- did not complete did not live to hear a perform- (dido for- didone abbandonata didone abbandouata, rome, 1725 alciua didon, french "die abendjrost." die amazonen, die amerikanerin die bettler von die bliihende aloe, (died, 1626), died about 1300 (?). he died after 1537. composer of sacred songs, died after a short died at breslau, jan. 24, died at cothen, july died at darmstadt in 1839. died at gotha, feb. 22, 1676. died at holmer, near died at ivry, aug. 29, 18ig. died at kiel, aug. 31, 1841. died at konigsberg, june 27, 1657 (oct. 10, died at leipsic, feb. 8, 1797. died at meiningeu, july 14, 1834), were also died at naples, oct. 31, 18-17. ing died at strasburg, died before or in 1719. died buffa. died by suicide in 1777. died in 1658 or 1659. died in 1748. died in 1789. died in 1793. died in berlin, aug. 24, 1879. died in brussels, died in dublin, died in lisbon, died in london, feb. 27, 1801. died in loudon, aug. 14, 1727. died in october, 186-4. he received died in paris (?), 15--. died in paris, dec. died in paris, dec. 18, 18-41. died in paris, dec. 27, 1858. died in paris in feb- bruto, rome, 1785 died in paris in january, 1750. dramatic died in rome, december, 1598. died in rome, probably in 1669. he was died in russia in 1805. harji player. died in salzburg, died in vienna, dec. 28, 1736. died in vienna, jan. 18, died in vienna, july 29 (or aug. 9), 1786. ling. died in vienna, march 23, 1876. died iu cambridge in died iu london, aug. 21, 1856. died iu slodeua, march, 1652. died there after 1619. died there, april 17, 1880. died there, april 28, died there, aug. 21, 1854. died there, feb., 1862. died there in died there in 1728. dramatic composer, died therein may, 1812. died there, jan. died there, jan. 21, 1872. died there, july 18, 1879. died there, june 19, 1814. died there. may 9, 1827. died there, sejitember, 1861. died the same year. di-ed times. died when he was die entsagende, lie- 50 riemanu. die flucht der heiligeu die geistliche oratorien-musik die geschichte der mu19. die hamadryaden, berlin, die hermanusschlacht, ib., 1835 die hofoper unter dem die jagd, ib., die jubel-hochzeit.-- fetis. die liebe in der die liebe zieht ^ht sanften diem "diemer, lolts, born in paris, feb. dien die nacht 1st vergangen, chorus diera, 1786 die religion, do. dies dies, dies. die salbung davids, dies bildniss ist die schatzgriiber, at schloss die siiudfluth, 1848. diet. di, etc. (ib., (dieter), die tochter die tonwerke des dietrich dietrich, dietz, max. dieu dieu. dieu iiber musik. leipsic, 1888. dieupart, charles, born in france, dieu, que ma voix. see la juive. dieu's die uubefaugenen, burg, oct. 4, 1829, still dieux, 1727 dieux kivaux, le8 (the rival gods), die violine, 312. die violine, 376. die violiue und die weiber von die "wiener iu bagmitteruacbt die "woltiu um die zauberprobe, vienna, 1814 mildchen die zobeljager. difesa different different. different airs, different collections.- differ in subject from monsigny's work. difficulties, if difficulties of any sort. difficulty, di figaro in paris, diger-kirehe, probably in 1647. di giove, given at venice, 1740 di gloria for 4 voices di golcouda, genoa, 1828 di]\ianche. dii-ector of the diirkheim-ou-tbellbiue, diissek, diisseldorf, diisseldorf, 1882. diisseldorf of robert schumann dijkhuijzen, d dijon, july di kenilworth, ib., 1829 dilettante d'avignon, (dillingen, 1607); this di malmantile, opera buffa, ib., 1781 di messina, di mida, dimittis iu c, voice di moglie, milan, dinal richelieu. ding, 1829 d' inghilterra, dinhas, a collection of songs. diniera, dini, munich, 1757 d'instrumentation dious dipariati, music by fux, vienna, 1717. di persia, venice, di pescatore ignobile. see lu- di ponto, di provenza il mar. see tmuiala. di quell a pira. see tromtore. dir, dircea directed direction directly director, director guir, director in 1082.-- spitta, i. 23. director in 1851. directorium. director of director of the director of the conserva- di saardam, naples, 1827 disai^pointed in disappeared. disce di scipione, breslau, about 1733 discordia teatrale, milan, about discours (paris, di scozia, paris, 1835. disguise. di sorrento, kingdom of naples, in 1704. dispensation, gave up di speranze e glorie piena. dissatisfied dissatisfied with his work, dissipatore, venice, 1802 dissipons ce dissoluto punito, distinguished distinguished egyptologist. distinguished musical distruzione never disus primus, d', italian dramatic di tapigiiano, lecco, 1874. d. iteo. ditghambge di tiberio (conjointly with santo lapis), (ditillieu), di tito, dito dalle vestali, 1674 dittatori, venceslas, dittersdorf, dittersdorf, karlditters von, dittmar, mantey, baron d' iugeuio, dium dium, for do. diva, la, opcra-boufte in three acts, di vergi, diversarum modulationum diversi excellen- diversoi'um diversorum auctorum (ven- divertimento for divertisse- divertissement divertissements, 1721 divertissements with flute divine and morall divine, enchanteresse. divinites du styx. "divinites du styx," and, divinoe dei laudes, diviupe laudes, etc. dixit for djamileh djamileh, oi^era comique, may 22, 1872 djamileh, opera-comique in one act, dkutsoiilands -- dlabacz, dle of 18th century, died dle of the 16th century. dlideney, thomas james, born in dlref(oriamelninen,b d^^luge, le, dlwernoy, dmces d minor (1811), d nimor do. (2 sets), op. 3, do.; 4 trios, do., according to st. luke do. and harp, etc.-- fetis do. at camat "woburn chapel, 1853-57 do., at court, 174.5 do. auf, do., avec choeurs, pour do., beethoveniana doblhof-dier, karl von, born dobrzynski, ignacy felix, doc, doc, 1808.--works: 12 collects for four doch doche, joseph denis, doch, weichet, ihr tollen, doc, oxford, docteui" docteur docteur iviirobolan, docteur magnus, docteur ox, le, opera-bouffe in three docteur pyramide, le, docteur rose, docteur sangrado, doctor of music, cam1782. " dodecachordou " (basel, 1547) dodici concertini e semonti, 1674) dodici sinfonie per do., ditto. doenna, 1851 do., ergiinz., 67. do., ergilnz., do. for 2 do. for 2 pianofortes (4 hands), op. do. for 2 voices do. for 4 voices and organ do. for clarinet do. for clarinets do. for double bass do. for eight do. for four male do. for oboes, op. 3 do. for pianoforte and flute, oj). 7 do. for the do. for violas do. for violin do. for violins, do. for violins; do., full professor in 1848 dohler, (do.), ib., 1785 ; ii corrivo, naples, do., ib., about 1770 do. (ib.).-- fetis. do:\ienico, doilenico, do. in b-flat do. in d, boston, jan., do. in e minor (1841) doir. doiska, doit etre ravie," are d' oj)era in dokneoschen, german do. l' amor costante, do. doles doles, johaj^n friedrich, born gine, dolfo, 1799 do., lib. dolin, do., ib., 1876 d' olivarez do. (london) dolores, given at flor; dolphe domaiue dom anselme schubiger. paris, 1857. domenico domenico, domina, domine domine, domine, salvum fac regem dominicalium, dominican monk, dominum, domir, her affianced. domno noir, le (the black domino), dom sebastien, koi domxicu don^ don, don) don, 1585, sixty psalms for four and don, 1706).-- fetis; mendel. don, 1757. don, 1794. don, 1827 don, 1854. don, 1857. don, 1870. don, 1876. don, 1882. don, 1884. don, 1886. don (?) about 1640. don again, and in 1778-86 in italy. he don as the don basilio, who is ill. don carlos, 1799 don carlos, london, 1844. don cesae de bazan, opera-comique don cesar don cesar de bazan. don chisciotto. don chisciotto, hy padre don cocagno, don desiderio, don diego (b. ) do. (nel cor don fabiano don, gallery of illustration, 1863 don gio- ber of the institut, 1815. don giovanni don giovanni. don gregoi'io. doni, music by piccinni, first donizetti donizetti, donizetti, first repre- donizetti, gaiitano donizetti iu three weeks. donizetti-mayr. donizetti, represented at naj)les, 1830. donizetti's don, jan. don jose don juan don juan, operetta by ziebrer, pesth, 1879 don juan. see don giomnni. donna bianca davenello, donna caritea, turin, 1818 donna del lago, la "donna diana." donna di spirito, la (the woman donne dispettose, le donnerwort 169. don, oct. 16, 1848, as leoline. do. (not performed) don pedro (b.) don quixote, don rodkigo. see cid. dont dont, jakob, born donym do. on themes by do., op. 23 (viop. 4 (offenbach, andre) do., op. 2 (oflenbach, 1794) do., op. 3 (berlin, dopfleil d'ophfi- doppel-sinfonie. doppler, (albert) franz, dora, malvida, ib., 1814 d'orchestre, but retired in 1863. d'orchestre of the dore pennant, 1802-05. dorf, feb. 8, 1881. dorfjahriniarkt, der doria, genoa, dorian mode. dorn, heinrich dornrosciien d' oro, ariette dorothy, dors, cher enfant. "dors, cher en- nouveautes, 1825 dorus, vincent joseph louis do.. salve do., same do. (schiller) in 9th symphonj', dos libera me d'ossian, do., sujipli'meut, i. 250 do., sujjploment, do., suj^plement, i. was drouart. do., supjjle- do., suppk'ment, i. 150 do., supplemendel, ergiiuz., 54. do., supplement. do.. supplement, do.. supplement, i. do., supplement, i. 122 do.. supplement, i. 144 do., supplement, i. 160 do., supplement, i. 210. do.. supplement, i. 229 do., supplement, i. 248 do., supplement, i. 25. do., supplement, i. 264 do.. supplement, i. 358 do., supplement, i. 64. do.. supplement, i. 97 do., suppli'ment, i. 160 do.. sup- works dot de suzette, la dote. dot, la (the dowry), comedy do. to christine von do. to medea, op. 22 do. to the iron chest, dotzaler, justus joh.^jnn fried- dotzauer, justus johann fri'jdrieh 448 dou, douay douay (douai), emile, born in paris double double-bass double-bass, op. 39 double choruses. doublefanchette, 1860 doublethe earliest notice of him doubtful. douce jouvencelle. douelen, victor dou quixote de dourleu and dour of the doute de la lumlfcre. d'ou venez-vous, ma cheee ? see douze douze petites pieces for do. douze suites d'harmonies do. with do. with violin, op. 22 down doyague, manuel jose, born in dph bach (dra- dra- dra14, 1868. dra- chapel at cannons, 1718-20. draghi draghi, antonio, born dragonetti, domenico dragonetti, domenico, born iu dragon i dragon of wantley, the, dragons vomiting drajan. 14, 1812. dral, dral, 18g5. dral about 1580. dral at spoleto draleipsic. dral in 1679 dral music at dral of san stefano at pisa. drama, 181g drama, after drama, drury lane theatre, 1749 drama, giveu in dresden, 1836 drama kein faustrec-ht mehr, performed drama. london, 1881. drama ludwig der baier dramatic -- dramatic dramatic. dramatic and dramatic com- dramatic com- 1763, time of death not known. dramatic comdied in paris, feb. 2, 1866. dramatic comferrara, june 23, 1825. dramatic comfranz benda, whose pupil he dramatic comin paris, july 14, 1884. dramatic com^joser. dramatic compalermo of pragusa and dramatic composer dramatic composer, dramatic composer. dramatic composer and dramatic composer and musical dramatic composer, author of the dramatic composer, began to learn dramatic composer, chiefly known dramatic composer. his dramatic composer. his father, a dramatic composer, known dramatic composer, maestro dramatic composer, one of the dramatic composer, piupil at dramatic composer, puera, ib., 1867 dramatic composer, pujiil of the dramatic composer, pupil dramatic composer, pupil at the dramatic composer, pupil at the conserva123. dramatic composer, pupil in na22, 1825. dramatic composer, pupil of pacini 1880 dramatic composer, pupil of the dramatic composer, pupil of the roj-al dramatic composer, son dramatic composer, son and pupil dramatic music. dramatic music, and in 1864 dramatic oratorio, " dramatic pieces dramatic stage. the work, written before dramatic style. dramatic symphony with chorus, dramatique en france. paris, 1873. dramatiques, dramatischer tonmeister. mainz, 1834. dramatische symphonie dramusic in najjles draraaturgie der oper. dra- the ]v[agicians (with m. p. king).-- grove drawn by draworks for his dr. burney quotes dr. crotch included some of his dr. dupuis in 1796 dre) drechsler, josef, born at vlachovo dred and sixty-two jjages. drei charakterstiicke, drei do.-- wochenblatt (1871), ii. 424. drei ki'mige, for do., dren. dren of the chajj- published iu " the dres- dresden, dresden, 1862. dresden, march (dresden, paul) dresden teaching music, dresden, under dresprague, and dressleil dreuilh, j dreux dreyer, johann aielchior, boru dreyschock, alexander dreyschock, alexander, born at dr. fabrizio drid, 1791 drid, ajjril 12, 1855. drieberg, friedrich (johann) drigali a cinque, lib. driglia, in e-flat drigo, o la costanza iu amore, drio, a little dr. mirobolante drobisch, kahh litdmig, born in droite seule drollixg, jean ihchel, drouet, dr. steggall, and of banister. druids' chorus, the, drury lane drury lane, and was at once drury lane iu 1837 he sang the part of drury lane theatre, and iu 1787 became drury lane theatre in 1837, accompanied druzecuy dtjazet, jules, bora dt^:part, chant du. dubhn, dublin. dublin (1618)." dublin, 1877; m.r.a.m., 1880. dub.yrrois, duca ducal ducassi y ojeda, ignacio, duc d'albe, le, french opera, text duc d'olonne, le, opera-comique in duchess of serra capriola, ib., 1790 69. duchess of york in 1791, duchy of modena, or at rovigo. works ducis, benedictus, probably born ducouverte de i'amerique, duc, philippe de, netherlands com- ductor. du diable, 1853 due, due com- due con due con violini obligati, e duegh duegne, which was followed by due illu8tri due mogli, 1680 duet due the estab- ad duets, duets. duets and quartets duets, etc., duets foi- harp and duets for duets for pianoforte. duets for two violins, op. 2 3 duettinos for two due voci da cantarsi dufay (du fay), dufriche. dugazon dugazon), 1825 dugazon as azemia dugazon, gustave, du gymnase, and in 1831, duhaupas duhem, hippolyte jean, du hier, irene see mienzi. du]\ianoill du jaedinier, le dujjont, auguste duke duke johanu duke leopold duke maximilian duke's motto." dulce et utile, op. 1608).-- fctis; mendel. dulcken. duli, lsetare jerusalem dulon, friedrich ludwig, born dumba. dumecki du mein? hab' ich dich du molin (dumoliu), dumonchau, charles francois, d' una madre (1834) dun combe, willlim duncan d'une d'une mission dung duni, duni, 1532-1512). duni, egidio e0:m0ald0, born at duni, egidio romoaldo dunkel, dunne, john, dunstan's-in-the-west, fleet street. d'un violon et duo- duo concertant duos duos, duos for duos for flute and duos, for violin duos pour deux flageo- six and duo with variations, for du par- duponchel, le pore jacques, dupont dupont, auguste, born dupont, jean feanrois, born in dupont, joseph, dupont went to paris in 1839, and duport duport, duprato, jules laurent (ana- dupuis, jacques, born in liege, dupuls, thomas sanders, born in dupuy, jean b.\ptiste edouard dur- durante durante, durante, francesco durch d'urfey's " durham durham, 1863, 1864. during during his during the during the autumn vacation he during the carlist war he took during the latter part during the previous decade during the reign of during the siege of paris. during the winter of 1885-86. du roi (1690).-- fetis mendel. dus- du sang, du sang. see projmlc. duschek (dusek), franz, born at duse (dusek), dusek) franz dussek, johann lndwig dussek's elcgie harmonique, dussik, duschek, du theatre de i'opera. paris, 1878. duties dutillieu dutillieu, naples, 1788. duvernoj', clarinettist (1766-1845) duvernoy, henri (louis duveruoy. dvorak dvorak, antoniu dwight's -- dwiglit's dwiglit's journal, xxii. dyer dyer, arthur edwin dyer, arthur edwin, born dykes, john bacchus, born e 8 voci con partitura (ib., 1610). each of the six each season, and each volume eadegonda, eegina eaff, first ijerformed in 1863. eagerness of the paris earlj' early early in early in 1831 he set early musical instruction. early -pnvt of this century, died easter hymn, christus east friesland, oct. east prussia, march easy and familiar eavenua. works motetti (1643) e. bach, etc. (berlin, 1868) eberliu, ecclesia, op. 4 (venice, iglg) ecclesiastic ecclesiastica ecclesiasticaj, ecclesiastical ecclesife beneficiati e cembalo (lucca, 1709). e cilhara, b. is9>-ai, d. 1g19, e costaiitino, ib., ed at the opera ed by the composer ed ernesto, given edi- edinburgh, 1885. editae sunt (lib. i., ib., 1g07 edited by edition, editions editions. editor edmond hippeau, berlioz iutime (paris, edmund thomas edmund thomas, edoardo, edou- mary, queen educated education education. education in france. works e duetti (london, 1721) edward colman, his son (about 1633-69), edward g. bradbury and edwards, henry sutherland. edwards, henry sutherland. the prima eeichthum und ehre eeinhold effects. efficient effort as efforts. efforts there to find efforts to e-flat e-flat, op. j, eflfects, egdorn, heinrich e giasone, 1726.-- fctis. egiziana, eglogues bachiques twenty-one books of ego sum ehodes), italian eichault). eich, born eicliard eiemann. eietz, op. 12. eight eight anthems, eight chorus parts eighth, and eleventh books eight motets eight stanzas of eight tnimpets, eight variations, and polonaise, eight voices eight voices. eight voices in manuscript. eight voices, op. 7 eight yeai-s of west church, and since 1876 eighty members; twelve eii, birmingham festival, e, il (the {ein eineni "wohlbe- eines kindes (coburg, eines krankeu studiosi (ib., 1628) mu- ein skizzenbuch von ein tag in ein ungefilrbt gemiithe eiserne jmaim, eisner, warsaw, 1807 either in ejus, elaborateness. elaborate recitative el cajjifan negrero el carueval de eldest grown-up eldest son election, 1790 elector of saxony, elector's elementary method of music. elementary work elena in troja, and le eleonora dori, ib., e letanie a tre (ib.) elevation el hombre feliz (mono- scheles. elia sul carmelo eliseo nell' elisire d' elisire d' aniore. eliza- eliza, 1743 elizabeth. elizabeth billington elizabeth bimington. elizabeth de valois ell, boru elled in elled professionally elliott. elmire, by goethe el motin contra eloge d'alex- elogio fuuebre estemporaneo, etc., el proceso de cancan, 1873 el robo de las el tulipan de los mares amor y el viz- puntal writings (see g. b. doni, elwart, e major, emanuel, emanuel bach, but has emanuel did in hamburg. embraced the embraces in emil. emily hill. london, 1879. eminent guitar e minor emma, 1821 emma, ou la promesse im- de bronze, 1835 emo, naples, 1846 emperor leopold emperor matthias subsequently employ empor empress catherine empress eugenie. his best known en amitie enblatt (1870), enblatt. autobiography, v. 551 ence, 1722 ence, 1790 ence, 1847 ence, aug. 8, 1835, enced especially ence, teatro della pergola, 1834 ence, teatro della pergola, 1875 encyclopedie encyclopedique de musique (1814) ended, he wrote a four-part mass. en dieu (caen, 1593). endimione, endimione, ib., 1729 endimiono end of trouble by his pranks. endymion, ened one day at enfant, opora, 1780 eng- engaged as engein lebensbild. engel, louis. england. england, ajiril england as vir- oct. 15, 1818, died england, aug. england back england, dec. (england) festival of 1886. subject from england, in 1740, died in 1820. chorister england, in 1757 (cork, 1750 ?), died about england, in 1794, england, in 180g, england, july england, july 1, 1802, england, june 16, 1838, england of the matthew-passion, april 6, england on the day english english, english at covent garden, lon- english church composers, 69 english composer in english drama, test by english dramatic romance, text englishman named cooper, who english opera, by raymond stainford, liv: english opera, music by pepusch, english opera, music by samuel arnold, english song, written by english tragedy in five acts, english translation english translation by english translation by rosa english violinist enjoyed the king's jjatronage, but his op- enna, 1631-46 enna, 1710 enna, 1744 enna, 1856, et seq. enna, 1861. enna, about 1745. enna, aug. 28, 1739, to celebrate the birth- enna, hof-operntheater, oct. 31, 1875. enna in 1815, enna, july 6, 1858. enna, riedt) enne, paris, april 15, 1766. e n:obile (soprano and alto). enone, san pietro en peine, l' (the soul in tor- cela." enrichetta di baieufeld, ens, november, 1871. en's studien (ib., 1873) ent. entered, in 1807, enterpirises, entfiihrung, enthusias- entirely griselda, entire work by the hilndelgesellschaft, entire works. entitled entitled, entitled. entitled comedia iu musica (milan, 1g07) entitled, eco del vesuvio. entitled " ge- entitled, missse ent of the king's music. entr'actes, entry of the ents (starek), in st. entwickelungsgang. entwickelungsgang der en voyage, and les sabotiers, 1798 enz, 1884. eobert nicolas eobert schumann. leipsie, 1834, et .seq. eockstro, 192 eockstro, 54. eockstro, handel, eodelinda, at lucca in 1724 eomances, etc. eomene, ib., eome, nov. eondiuo, for eosamoud, ib., 1767 eoxoncini eoyal library, e paradise perduto ii e patrona crudele. epic cantata. epicure, pasticcio equally. equal^or 4 trombones. iv. for string and equator era, era. era." era, amsterdam, 1834 era at vercelli, eral eral 23automimes eral editions eral lider eral singing societies in 1856-58, eral years with punto, era of the nobility." eras erasmus, and an era, text era. theatre montansier, 1792. eratic eratic themes, for pianoforte eretta, bouflfes parisiens. 185g (erfurt, (erfurt, 1609).-- fetis mendel. (erfurt, 1809); bellasis, cherubini, erfurt in 1784, died at leipsic, erganz., 63. erganz., 75 erganz., 92. erganz., gl. ergetzungen (1755) psalmen davids (8vo, ergiinz., 11 ergiinz., 84. ergiinz., 85. ergiiuz., ergiiuz., 29. ergilnz., 15. ergilnz., 76. ergi'mz., 92 ergo eri, erifile, erine grey, joan of arc, ib., 1837 erinnerungen. leijiisic, 1883. erinnerungen. leijjsic, 1884. erismena, eritrea, ib., 1652 ()ern>% erne oper, 105 musical rev., ii. 66. (ernest nicolas), ernst) [22], born at biickeburg, may 27, ernst, alfred. ero, barcelona, eroe, ib., 1707 er of the modern eroica, erpool, 1864. erse octo vocum (antwerp, 1622) ers of the ers of the 18th century. erste scbilfer erstlinge mu- and berenice (1761). ert bruce, eructavit cor erust erwiu und elmire, which was given in 1764 esa, e salvina, was brought out escaiuillo escamillo's song, with escudier, les fr&res. eseamillo, bull-fighter of granada, which e seliuunte, es ist eucb esmeralda, st. peterscauzonburg, 1869. especiallj^ especially especially his great especially in especially moscheles especial success. espenhahn and went es petrus, esprit est, established a printing office es- esterhaz, 1784 by zingarelli, rome, 1786 esterhazy, esterhiizy. esther, cantata (1856). esting account of him, which was est in the est masters of all estrella estro esty the best policy (with whittaker), eta, et adonis, do., et basile, in nancy, jan. 21, et basson, avec orchestre etc. etc., etc., 18(55 etc., 36. etc., di etc., et cetera. etc.-- fctis. dimittis, in etc.-- fetis. etc.-- fetis mendel etc.-- fetis mendel. etc., for etc. (ib., etc. (ib., 1607) etc. (ib., 1609) et clara. etc. (leipsic, igll) etc. (paris, etc. (paris, ballard, 1634) etc., psalmi, etc., so- etc. (venice, 1539) etc.; vocal method (dresden, 1819).-- fetis etc., with do., or quartet hymn, etc., without accomp)auiment. etc., zu vier- g minor et de daphne, comedie et d'orient et dorsan, 8 acts, ib., april 27, 1795 etearco, vienna, et ecce terne motus, et eomeo, ib., july g, 1792 et fayolle, 2 vols. (1810- voris d'operas nouveaux (ib.) et gazette musicale de paris (1870-71) ethiopia, has been et insigne et isaac, jej)hte, et juliette, etlect is as et les ouvrages de cherubini. paris, 1843. et oi'chestre (1850) etoiles. see i'rophrte. etoile, with et olivier, 3 acts, ib., oct. 10, 1791 eton etor of the et piano et picciuni. et piffard et proprietate et psalmi 2 et 3 voeibus concert. (1647) et quatre voix (paris, s. richault). et religieuse, and in which many noted et seq., et secjiientia. etta, 1859 etta has ettas, romances, meloduos, etude, op. 25 etudes, and fantaisies etudes dans les majeurs, op. 35 etudes for guitar etude sur le quatuor. paris, 188-4. etude .sur robert schumann. paris, et violou, op. 3 et xvii siecles. ety. et zephyr eubinstein, von billow, and joachim eucharis, ballet, 1844 eucli eudimione, vienna, 1706 eudymion, opera, eufiuat- pupil eugene aram, eugene thayer, boston. in 187g he euglish composer of euglisli songs, eu- in adone in eumeue, ib., 1784 artaserse eungenhaharmony and euprecht, ib., 18g5 so sind die frauen, four eur, (eure-et-loir), euristco, ib., 1723 euristeo, europe and stud- euthj-me et lyris, evaeisto felice dall', evan. evang. evangelischer tury, died at alcoba5a, july 30, 1654. evangelist, do., evang. kirchengesang, e variazioni, op. 31 evelina, ^orks.-- fetis, supplement, even among which are e venice, 1772 evening on the seashore, idyl evening service in e minor (1753) evening service, op. 47 ever, especially in the ever, with invariable success. ever written. ever written (1815). every opportunity ewigkeit (2d version). excellent organist. exception of one ora- 83 hogarth, ii. 21. exciting dance. exercices et preludes, op. 41 exercises in exercitatio musica exercitationes exhaustive studies in counter- exhibition, 18g'2, oj). 40 cambridge instal- exist exists), exists of the ex-king of expand still further, and extensively. extraordinary eyma ezio, given at verona, 1767 ezio, ib., 1740 e zo- escudier). fabricator raundi sup- facile, op. 11 (leipsic) faciles pour deux flutes, op. 2 facility, facsimile fact' factotum." facts fago, naples, 1709 fahret sion) fahrt. faict aux nopces de m. fail- failed failed, and a subscription for bis failure failures fair fairies, cantata for fair rosamond, drury lane fairy fairy plot, scene laid in falls in love false alarms, 1807 kais, falsi bordoni a fam- fame. famil}- familie, for families of the time. family, he family quarrels, 1802 famous famous. famous horn virtuoso deaux cathedral in 1873. famous in handel's operas. famous lute player, pupil fan- fanal, ib., 1849 fance du christ, fanchou fancj' with music fanelli, fan- poser of the 16th century, died sept. 30, fans, 1859 fantaisie fantaisie, fantaisie ck'gante, op. 21 fantaisie de vienna. fantaisies fantaisies, fantaisie serieuse, for do. fantaisies for fantaisies for do., or 1874. fantaisie sur fantaisies, variations, fantasia for fantasia for oboe, clarinet, fantasia, op. 16 fantasias for do., op. 13 fantasias for the organ fantasias, op. 8 1g64) fantasma, supplement, fantastic animals, fantastico, in fantastic overture fantastique fantastique, fantastique, dedie fantino, the herds- meau. far, farce, farce, ib., 1811 farinelli farinelli. farinelli, ib., fariuelli. farm farmer!?), farnace, ib., 1703 ii selvaggio farren, princess's theatre, fasciculus fashionable taste, fast fast, 1862-66, and of ely cathedral from fat. fate, turin, 1841. father father, father. " father and father, a violinist, father, eduard von father) in counter- father, jean, father joseph dumouchau, on the violon- 1549) father ladislaw speuar, continuiug them father's father's cheerful disposition, father, the instru- father was a prussian father was probably town-musician there. father, who was a good musician. fatica d' ercole, bologna, 1706 fati, rome, 1742 fatlier, fatta di dario, ib., 1756 fauchon, 18g1: les crepes de la marquise, faulx perverse, fausi, faust, and some psalms. in 1837 he went faust, given in london, 1833 la faust, ib., faustino, faust, la, dramatic fautaisie fautaisies fautaisie sur la romance de fautaisies, with quartet, op. 3 faut-il faut partir, faux-bourdons "^favart, favart, music favart's comedy, "le caprice amoureux, ou favorites (ib., grochenschuetz) favourably commented upon by spohr. fax, and from 1820 at sheffield. fax, yorkshire, in 1786, died (?). fayolle, fc- his tenth year, and f. chopin, fctis ^fctis -- fctis -- fctis. --fctis, fc-tis fc'tis fc'tis, fc'tis. fctis, fctis. fctis, edouai'd fctis gerber, n. fctis larousse fctis mendel fctis mendel. fctis; mendel. fctis, sui^islument, fc'tis, sujipk'ment, i. 167. equal. fctis, supph'meut, i. fc-tis, suppk'ment, i. 214 fctis, supplement, i. 120. fc'tis, supplement, i. 147. fctis, supplement, i. 18. fctis, supplement, i. 214 fctis, supplement, i. 280. fd'tis feb. feb. 10, 1837. feb. 10, 1859.-- fi'tis, supplement, i. 28. feb. 11, 1830, feb. 15, 1680. this was quinault's last feb. 17, 1856. feb. 19, 1743, died in madrid, spain, feb. 20, 1802, feb. 21, 1759. feb. 21, 1880. feb. 2, 1861. plot original, scene in the feb. 23, 1662. he feb. 9, 1784, as chimene, ou le cid, with februarj-, february, february, 1799. dramatic composer, mem- february, 1825. violinist, at first fect, and fedeiigo and michelangelo fedelta e generosita, 1692 fedelta premiata. federation fee, rome, 1731 fehs mendel schilling. fekl, feld, felice alessandri, naples, 1774 felicita, felicity, felix, felix mendelssohn-bar- fels, music felt female voices female voices, and orchestra (1861) fe- march 3, 1830, still hving, 1888. pupil of fenbach, fenbach, oct. 6, fenbiittel, dec. 7, 1751. fer- ferandini, ferdinand ferdinand, ferdinand. fermiers, 1777 fermo, fermo sopira le messe, etc. (venice, 1596) fernandez fernando haikens and angel martin- ferrara, igoo fertories, graduales, etc. feshnarsch. fession. fessional volunteers, fession to follow that feste deir anno, op. 4 (ib., 1683). feste teatrali festgesiinge festin festival, festival, 1847 festival, 1881; festival, 1888, festival cantata festival in festival march, and torch- festival overture, op. 15, 18g8 festivals at festivals, in " liber fest, op. 32 fest-ouverture, fest yud fete bachique, scene, fetes on fetis ^fetis -- fetis -- fetis, -- fetis; -- fetis. --fetis, --fetis; --fetis. fe'tis fetis, fetis; fetis. fetis adds fetis attributes fetis; burney; schilling. -- fetis;chor. etfay.,biog. desmus., fetis clument, mus. celebres, 198. fetis; do.. supplement, i. fetis do.. supplement, i. 109. fetis do.. supplement, i. 131. fetis do.. supplement, i. 58. fetis do.. supplement, i. 69 fetis do.. supplement, i. 87. fetis; do., vienna, nov. 23, 1848. fetis gerber. fetis gerber, n. lex. fetis; gerber, n. lex.; fe tis gerber, n. lex. mendel. fetis gives a fetis gives a full fetis grove fetis; grove fetis grove mendel. fetis grove; mendel; riemann. fetis grove mendel schilling. fetis; ]\iendel schilling. fetis, ii. 149 fetis, ii. 440 fetis; larousse ; fetis larousse mendel. fetis mencollections, were verj^ popular. --fetis mendel. fetis mendel fetis mendel. fetis; mendel. fetis mendel gerber schilling. fetis mendel riemann. fetis mendel schilchille fetis mendel schilling. fetis mengrove fetis mendel. fetis menop. 6 --fetis meudel. fetis meudel schilling gerber. fetis, milan. fetis riemann, 182 mendel. fetis schilling. fetis, schilling. --fetis, sui^pk'uient, -- fetis, sui^plement, -- fetis, sujaplement, fetis, sujjijlcment, -- fetis, sup- fetis, supijlement, i. 271; mendel, er; --fetis, supi^lement, fetis, supjslement, i. 183 fetis, supph'ment, i. 138. --fetis, supple- fetis, supple- -- fetis, suppleborn iu hano- -- fetis, supplement, --fetis, supplement, fetis, supplement, fetis, supplement, i. fetis, supplement, i. 10. fetis, supplement, i. 107. fetis, supplement, i. 108. fetis, supplement, i. 129. fetis, supplement, i. 150 fetis, supplement, i. 150. fetis, supplement, i. 1550-52. fetis, supplement, i. 159. fetis, supplement, i. 178 riemann. fetis, supplement, i. 19. fetis, supplement, i. 198. fetis, supplement, i. 2 fetis, supplement, i. 210. fetis, supplement, i. 221. fetis, supplement, i. 229 fetis, supplement, i. 230 fetis, supplement, i. 269 fetis, supplement, i. 452. fetis, supplement, i. 59. fetis, supplement, i. 72. fetis, supplement, i. morra. fetis, supple- mouille. fetis, sup- rovigo, 1700 fetis thinks he may be the feudataria, about 1780 feuillels d'album, three songs, feuillets few composers have ever enjoyed it was few decades of the " great ^fe- werp. few of durante's works few years feydeau, fezia fhu^h (flight of charles iards. the fiam- fi-ancs-j uges, op. f(ibleu), fice fido, field field, fields, fiftieth psalm for do. fifty of bis masses were fifty-six were published in belgium and i. 397. fifty songs. fifty-two, fifty years. fifty years of the beckwith to figaro figaro and rosina. figliuolo fihis mendel. fiirchtet. fiirsteuau, moritz. fiirst, ib., 1855 fil- filippo, -- filippo cicconetti, filodrammatico, filrs- final chorus by cherubini finale. finale, for do. finale is filled finale is the finale leads finale pour finally at finally gives finally, he was appointed finally, of finally pupil of schlesinger in finally settled finally settled, finally settled in finally settled in erie, find l' ira d' achille, find passages fin du jour, 1793 fine. fined, brilliant, fine details fine orchestration. finest, and he had a very quick power of finest inspirations. fine voice finished finishing his work, finish their finta cecita d' fi'om the composer's fioraia (18fi7) fioravanti, about 1804 fioravanti, do., naples, 1817. fior de' motetti (vecan- fiorella, 182() fioretti spirituali a 1-5 fioreutino, naples, fiorillo fiorillo, fire fire, fire. first first act are first at first bj' first clarinetist of first companiment. first congregational first contayning first flute first given at the opera first in first in a new style of french first iu first oboe in the grand-ducal orpri^-e, op. 10 1825 as first overture first part first performed in first performed in vienna, ajjril 5, 1803 first prize. first prize for singing in 1845. first prize in 1823 first published by first pythian ode, 1749 first quartet for strings first rejire- first rej)resented at the first rej^reseveral motets first repi-esented in paris, nov. 7, 1829. first represented at first represented in paris, 1870. first represented in rome, 1760 first set of madrigals (1604) first set to first set to music by first successful first to first vio- first violoncellist in first volume is by him. first won public attention. f., italian fitienne, july 25, 1870. poet and musician. fi'-tis. fitis, supplement, i. 189. fi'tis, supplement, i. 195 fi'tis, supplement, i. 38. fitude de trilles fiue, operetta. fiuezze deir amicizia fiugal, palermo, 1844 fiuto feudatorio, etc. fiu' ton80. five five, five acts, five acts and prologue, five acts, text five books of motets five grand masses in plain-chant, five lovers five-part five parts, five, six, five solemn five sympho- five-voice five voices, at five voices entitled five yeai-s iu five years in and 20 five years later he fjende hollander. fjue 2 flageolet et piano (paris). flageolets flagration at ratisbon. flat, flavio crispo, venice, 1722 flavio racliis, fleet, 1802 flemish flemish school his fleur du 4 flews des laudes, five songs, flies flor- floreiice, florence (florence, florence, (florence, 1610) florence, 1640. florence, 1708 (florence, 1714). florence, 1790 florence and florence, february, 1876. florence, in bardi's house, in 1590. florence of mabellini. florentine music reformers. florentin, lyric scene, ib., 1866 florian. floride floridi virtuosi d'ltalia floridus florid writing, florilegium portense. florine, theatre ita- march 6, 1769. flour- flourished flourished about 1789 in flourished about the flourished at be- meudel. flourished in 1587-1617. flourished iu the 17th century. flowers, flow'ret, fltjchtig, flue overture, flute flute, flute concerto.-- allgem. flute obligee, ceuvre flute, op. flute player, pu- flutes flutes, op. flutist, first instructed at flutist, self taught, f minor. fohe, ballet, given in 1743 foi- foiled foiu- years of fol- folic, folies folies berg^re folies lo ti folies nouvelles, 1855-59 folies nouvelles, paris, in may, 18.5g. followed followed socm after by a follower of bach and handel, his following following in following operas following operas for the beau- the following pieces following were printed following work following zarzuelas by fond of this oratorio, fonia erojca), op. 5.'^, in b-flat, op. 60, fons von castilien, iu fontainebleau, 1765 zenis et almasie, do., fontainebleau, as fontaine-l'eveque, fonte d' acqua gialla, ossia for, for 2 for 2, for 2 violins with organ, op. 6 for 2 voices for 3 for 3 instru- for 3 voices (venice, 1570). for 5 parts, op. 5 (ilj., 1671) for 5 voices (1663) for 6 for 6 voices for 8 voices with orchestra (1840) for a for a cargo of virgins. for acchino conti, for and for a short for a short time. for a single voice for baritone, soprano, for casimir delavigne's paria in the forcing for clarinet for clarinet, for clarinet, op. 53 for cliorus for com- for composition. for contralto for contralto or bass, ford, ford, 1867. ford, 1867 mus. doc, 1872. ford, jan. 8, 1863. for do., for do.; for do. and for do. and violin, op. 3 (ib.) for do., nos. 1 for do., op. for do., op. 22 for do., op. 43-45 for do., op. 9 for do. {paris, for double eliorus, op. 33 for do., with violin (il>., 1798) ford's collection ford university. fairies' revels, 1802. for eight do. for eighteen other for eighteen years, at for eight parts for eight parts. for eight real voices, in for eight voices for eight voices and orchestra for eight voices in 1675. fore returning to his native city. forest inn, are saved foret, for female voices (hutchings) for female voices, organ, for five for five voices, for flute for flute, for foui" years, for four for four equal voices (venice, 1g07). for four voices for four voices, for four voices a cappella (pisa, 1736) for four voices and orchestra for four voices, soli and chorus (1819) for four voices with orches; for from for fugue and composiambroise thomas for full or- for full orches- for full orchestra for full orchestra, a for full orchestra, op. for grand orchestra (leipsie, whistling) for grand orchestra, oji. 5 for harmony and fugue. for harp) and violoncello (with bochsa) for harp, op. 1 for harpsifugues sonata for harvest time for high natural gifts, ex- for his for his instrument for horns, trumpets, for i^iauoforte, op. 46 for it until for jjianoforte for jnanoforte for jsianoforte, op. forkel, forkel, ueber bach's leben, kunst for liute and orchestra form form, form. for male and for mixed chorus for male chorus. for male voices formed formed an english opera comj)any, which formed at formed by the soeiete orj)heonique. he formed in paris, 1847. formed in vienna between 1706 and 1732. formed on the organ form, op. 11 for more than forty years. forms part form the work was reproduced in berlin, for nine voices ergiinz., 54. for only for opera in for orchestra for orchestra, for organ for organ. for organ, a suite for organ, etc. for piano- for pianofantaisies, ca- (for pianoforte, for pianoforte for pianoforte, for pianoforte (1708). for pianoforte alone tanz), for pianoforte, harjs, for pianoforte in 1850, the first for pianoforte, oj). 6 (leipsic, breitkopf & for pianoforte, one for pianoforte, violin, for piano- while for ples, for reed organs (1869), of 16th century. fors, for several for several in- at nancy, in 1772, died for several voices for several years wrote mique, paris, jan. for sixteen for six voices (for small orchestra). for solfege in 1831, for soli, chorus, and orchestra, 1880 for solo, chorus for solo, chorus, for solo, male forster, bernhard. for string for string, for stringed instruments for string instruments. for strings, op. for strong emotional fort) forte forte, forte. forte, 1877 forte alone by hans von biilow. forte, and forte, and flute or violin, op. 53 (1795) forte and orchestra iu a minor (1869) forte, and songs. forte and strings, op. 28 forte and violoncello, op. 2, 13, 39 forte, etc. forte (i hands), op. 8 forte in 1811. forte in 5 parts. forte music. for ten voices forte, op. forte, op. 1 forte, op. 15 (ib.) forte, op. 22. forte, op. 4 forte, op. 8 forte, op. 9 forte piece in b-flat, forte pieces, forte sextet, op. 8 forte trios and songs. forte under his mother and forte (vienna, 1786) forte, violin forte, violin, forte, violin, viola, fortezza, forth for that instrument, for the for the alto of for the cantata for the celebrated singer faus- for the coronation for the duke of marlborough (ib., 1722) for the festival of the for the flute (paris, for the guitar. for the harpsichord. for the harpsichord, op. 2 for their for the jjianoforte, and songs. for the kouniou du couy:ros for the opera in paris for the or- for the organ for the organ." for the organ (1886). for the organ for charles for the pi- for the piano- for the pianoforte for the pianoforte. for the same, op. 36. for the stage. for the theorbo for the violin. for three and four voices, etc. for three choruses for three voices for three years for tliorougb bass fortniglitly eoview, london. fort-on-the-main, in 1798. for tradition, forts, fortuna, fortunata, operetta, living, 1888. fortunato suc- fortuuati for twenty years in for two choruses, in tive parts for two vio- for two violins, and violoncello for two violins, op. 2 (ib.) for two voices forty-four forty-three forty years of the 16th century. for vio- for vio- after for viohn and pianoforte for violin for violin and orchestra, op. 9, 12, for violin long for violins, etc. for violin, with for violin, with pianoforte. for voices forza dell' amicizia, 1681 (fossoin- (fossombrone, 1516) foster. foster lane, from 1837. fotis -- fotis -- fotis; -- fotis. --fotis. fotis. fotis biog. nat. de belg., vi. 84 fotis.-- fetis, supplement, i. 192. fotis grove mendel. fotis mendel. fotis, siipplument, foudo, 1835 fouettee, 1871 found- founded iu 1666, and founded the milwaukee musikvei-ein, of founded with benoit cvappenzell, swiss maim. founders of the german violin school. found it impossible wholly founds found that an oboe four four- four, four and six independent four character- four concertos four concertos for violin, four concertos, op. 2 ; foure, five and six parts " (london, 1588) four, five, four, five, six, four, five, six, seven, four hands four hands, four-jjart songs. four masses, four other four-part died in vienna, four symphonies, fourteen church fourth act of the huguenots. fourth do. fourtli four voices, four voices and organ (.\ugsburg, b<'ihm) (four voices), op. 41 four voices, published at rome in 1540. four voices, soli and chorus (1812) four vols. (1600).--fetis gerber, n. lex.; four voyces (1599), and contributed four years with lebert, speidel, and krii; fouudation. fra diavolo, 1830 frage comique. fragile, 1887. fragments of an opera, frail (jais, fran9ais, 1790 fran(;ais, about 1840 fran;aises francais. francais, perrin et camliert. france, france. france, and italy. france, feb. 10, 1836, france, in 1784, died in tours, march, 1846. france, july 20, france, oct. france. paris, 1860. francesca da rimini, francesca ro- francescliini, bologna, 1679 francesco francesco, francesco bartolomeo, francesco boyle, milan, 1812 france, theatre feydeau, 1793 franchi (king franchomme) francia, francillon, francisco francj'ais, franck, hamburg, 1679 franco-belgian francois francois, bornat antwerp, jan. (francois phi- francs damages, francs et frangois (frangois) frangols adrien boieldieu franj'ais in st. petersburg. fran<;ois franr'ois josei^h. franz abt. 1878.. franz, by f. whistling, leipsic, 1800. franz, en franz. gesammelte schriften. franz liszt franz liszt. franz liszt. studien und franz schneider, about 1830 by heinrich franz schubert. franz xaver. bausteine fiir frasquita frattamagg lore, fraulein griinbaum. frau milde. frauyais, in 1820 (fr., bagatelle, fr^d^ric, fred cellier, represented at fredeiic louis. frederic, frederic, born frederic choiiin. his frederic cho])in do i'in- frederic chopin frederic duvernoj. frederick clay, frederick handel. london, 1799. frederick handel. london, 1883. frederic louis. freemason, tbe islanders, 1780 jupiter free, soprano freiinde, vienna. freisauft', eudolf von. freising, 1865. french french ambassador to go to french and itauan songs. french com- french composer, french court, 1730. french dramatic french le domino noir. french lyric tragedy french musician french opera, french opera, music by langle, french opt-ra-boufte in three french player marchand, who evaded french, spanish, and frequent, and plainly frequently ^vlote his own libretti. frere par supercherie, given at frere philippe, do., fresh laurels (1867), 1,200,000 fresh singers were freuudhoffnung (tiedge), frezzolin'. friar and friedejvli.nn pianoforte friedemann. friedrich friedrich. friedrich handel. ein friedrich lux. sein friedrich schnei- fried- und friend of ett. friends white cliffs of england fright- friihlingshymnus, op. 37 friinzl, 1787, at friinzl, 1789, friles sept paroles du frilhjof, frimmel, theodor. fr.inz, born in dresden in frit, frithjof auf seines vaters frithjof overture fritola," fritze. frode della frolic, from from 1539 to 1555. the only works which from 1700. he went to from 1777 to from 1785 to 1804 he from 1786, for forty-eight years. allgem. from 1792 to 1804, having positions, from 1807 to 1810 he was teacher to king from 1825 from 1830 to 1854. works adela de luof music, from 1835. works ballets, given at the from 1875. from a from a contemporary from alfred de mussel's from an unfinished from a photograph from a photograph by hanfstaengl from a story by from bernard, london, from boccherini, and, from bordogni the proj^osal was accepted, from cherubiui's from don giovanni), 1817 zuma, or the from ehau's selectee harmonise from england from goetbe's from his long experience and close study, from his strict vows, and became in 1735 frommel, emil. from mozart from naples to leghorn, and carried from obscurity into prom- from rossini), 1830 under the oak, opera, from s from sum- del riemann. from that time he had from the from the attack of a from the catch club prizes for from the danish, leipsic, 1886. from the earliest ages to from the german. london, 1865. from the latter year from the latter year until 1835 "from the valleys and hills," quartet from tlie 1st from victor hugo's drama, "ruyblas." the frontigiiae, cooijor frost, h. f. -- frtis frtis. f.'tis f('tis grove imendel wafi'tis; f ('tis. supplement, i. 206. ft'tis; schilling. fuertes in harmony, fuga fugato fuge fuge. fugi- fugitif, op. 241, opera, 1803 fugue in d, for do., fugue, op. 17 (ib.) prelude and fugue, fugue, taking the first im'ize in 1855. fuhlen, fuit," still survive in fulham, in 1763. the catch club awarded ful in full of character. full orchestra, full orchestra, etc.- full-pace portraits full score by hiin- der tod, cantata (1788) fully formed. fulvio, legate of the fundamenta funebre for do. funeral anthem funeral hymn, for chorus and wind fung, furiant, furt, 1550 and 1557, wittenberg, 1568) furt, b. itei. d. fusage futis -- futis -- futis, futi.s, futis, futis. -- futis, 5 futis do., supplement, i. futis gerber -- futis; men- futis mendel. futis, supplement, futl. b. l&i;. fuu title is f;vre. gabet, music by robert planquette, given gabriel gabriella chiabrera, opera gade, 1812 haroun alraschid (altered from gaetano, gaetano donizetti gaetano puguani, gaged by gained the 1st prize for violin in 1862, and gala fote at galantes, 1698 galford, and in 1592 at cambridge. gal, grand opera iu five gali gali a 5 e g voci (ib., 1517) gali a tre voci, lib. 1 (venice, 1609) galicia, gallet and gallieri, galli-marie. gallops, galop fantastique, op. 5 galop je concert, op. 36 gals for 5 voices. gals (venice, galuppi, gamucci, intorno gamusic die allerbeste zeit. gan, gan. gan, and pianoforte music. gang franck, ganini about 1790. ganist ganist, ganist. ganist and com- 1810. ganist and vicar choral of st. paul's. ganist of ganist of remark- ganist of st. gudule, brussels. ganist of the cathedi-al. ganist of the fifth ganist, pupil of dr. ganist, pupil of geminiani ganist, successively, of gan of the party, gan, op. 34 (leipsic, breitkopf & hiirtel). g antliems chants hvmns, etc. ganz., 53 ganzen musikgeschichte, was gara de genni, 1671 garat, talma, and baptiste. garcia, has since lived in norway. gardane's xii. miss;e (venice, 1554) gardano) gardano, 1596-1607) garden, 1618) garden at fontenay-sous-bois. garden in 1780-94, and leader of the duke garelli in gari (milan, 1829) gart, garth, garth, memoirs, gary, in 1806, still living, 1888. gascogue, theatre lyrique, gascolari, venice, 1758 gasparini, gata, op. 16 gati'k'phe, 1713 gato gato, and harpsichord (venice, 1704). gato, op. 22 gaudar, v. f. desvignes (metz, 1854). gaudeamus omnes (1676) gautier, gautier. gautier's de basse continue (paris, 1730) gave concerts in paris, with gaveston " gazette nmsicale de paris." gazouillette, opera-comique, do. gcont chiliioph bimh, g duos gebhard geburt, oratorio symphony in d major gedichte eines lebendigeu, for gediichtnissfeyer mozarts, cantata (hamburg, 1797) gediichtnissrede. geevitch, born gegenwart. berlin, 1884. gegenwart. leipsic, 1882. geheime fenster, comic opera, ib., 1826 gehring, f. mozart. london, 1883. gei- geist bereit gelistas, a 4 voces geloso, milan, 1781 gem, gem, d. biogr., iv. 144 futis mentlel. gen, gen. gene moniot, paris, 1868. cephalus und general appearance. general culture, stood generally generation genfeld, bach's leben, geni, 1691 genius. genius and great elevation of genius, gave him a genius of franz liszt. mendel. genoa genoa, genoa. genoa, 1751 perez, lisbon, 1752 genoa, 1828. colombo alia scoperfca delle genoa of isola in gens genser, 02)era, given at wiesbaden, 1878 gensericus, 1693. gentina, 1846. gentleman geoeg wilhelm, george alexander. george frederick bristow, george lowell. george's georges la mouche blanche george whitfield georg friedrich georg, kapellconeadi, georg- porster (nuremberg, 1540) georg reutter, (ger., ger, ger., ger- 1602, ger), 37. gera. d. biogr., -- gerber, gerber, ernst ludwig. gerber, i. 7.56 gerber mendel schilling. gerber, n. lex. gerber, n. lex.; mendel gerber, n. lex.; mendel. gerber, n. lex. schilling. gerber, n. lex.; schilling. gerber schilling. gerinanj% germain, before louis xtv., jan. 10, germain -en - lay e, germainen-laye, german german, german. german}-. german amiens, german by german dance germanischer german liederspiel, music by schweitzer, (vienna). german opera, by baumgarten, 1776 german opera, music by reiser, german opera, text and nnisic by vogler, german opera zwei subsequent german school of music, and german with german words germany, germany. germany, 1778 do., german opera, music germany about germany after 1780. mendel. germany and germany, and germany, and france, germany and was made germany he was germany in germany iu 1834-50. church music te (germany's kesurrectiou), gervaise, 1867. gervinus, ger, with the last of gesammelte aufsatze gesammelte schrif- gesang der 23 gesang der heiligeu gesanges " (1815) ges. aufsiitze (1866), gescbichte gesch. der musik, i. 142. geschichte, geschichte der oper geschichte des geschichte des musikalischen geschichte. leipsic, 187.s. geschiclite der gesellschaft der gesellschaft (leipsic, 1877). gestellet (liibeck, folio, 1700) gesti, gesti nel prestorio, geuerale." works geu in geu kijnig der ehren gewandhaus eon- ghent ghent, 1846 ghent, n. d. g. hequet, boieldieu, gheval giacchetti, giacchetti, music giacinta giacomo filippo, gia, ib., gi-and heroic opera in five acts, gi cerro. gideon, oratorio, gi-eat giesnick, london, 1785 gifted, but hampered by giinz., 71. giinz., 77 giitersloh, 1877. giitersloh, 1885. gilles, celfebre gilliers, 1705. gilnz., 86. gin, a. gin ave maria tantum ergo. gin, boieldieu, sa vie, ginevra, ib., 1753 la moda, ib., ginevra, opera, mary, ginguen6, pierre louis. ginning of the 17th century. gio- gio, gioas, battista, ib., 172(! gioas, re de giuda, giobbe, oratorio, given gio, ib., gioli, 1638). giordani, london, gious music. giovanna di castiglia, giovanna h., of vieuxtemps. he travelled giovanni giovanni. giovanni croce giovanni e paolo. giovanni giuseppe, giovanni in laterano, giove, giove, cantata gipsies, cantata gique, girato, naples, 1798 girl), girl are, in the giro girod, girod. girolamo, girolanio. giudaico giusejipe giuseppe giuseppe. giuseppe farinelli, giuseppe ferraudiui, munich, giuseppe gazzaniga, venice, 1786; by giuseppe scarlatti, naples, 1752 johann give given given a political given at given at brussels, theatre du pare, 185g given at copenhagen, 1832 given at florence given at florence, given at gloucester in 1871 given at gotha in 1789-96 given at lucca, 17g5, madrid, 1786 given at milan, 1846 given at munich iu 1738 iphigenie, ib., given at naples, teatro nuovo, given at naples, teatro nuovo, 1843 given at the academic royale de musique, given at the theatre des given at trieste, 1833. given at venice, 1g84 given by given by chopin to given by fetis. given by fetis. he was the given by gerber and fetis. given by the madrigal society in 1813, for given in given in 1724 amor eroico, 1725 given in france given in grove, given in hamburg given in hamburg, 1722. fetis given in hamburg, 1782 given in mil- given in milan about 178g given in naples, teatro del fondo, 1839, given in paris, opera, 1802 given in rome, 1735 given in stockholm given in stockholm, 1845. given in venice, 1704 given in vienna, 1857 given in wales, given iu rome, 1737 galatea, ib., given mendel riemann. given there in given, with changes give out once give peace in our time, o lord. gives a giveu at naples about 1802 give unto the giving ode (degree exercise), 1800 giwstizia placata, gj-mnase, paris, glaives, grand opera, marseilles, 1876 glee, huddersfield, glees and glees, etc., glees for four glee society, 1878, and the first prize for glees, three of which glelm. london, 1874. gli accidenti d' amore, gli amanti ridicoli, ib., 1793 gli amici de' martelli, gli amici, opera, given in gli amori d' apolline gli amori di circe gli arabi nelle gallie, his countrj'. gli avvenimenti di gli avventurieri, milan, glican church. gli eccessi della gliick der gliicks-wechsel gliiekliche fahrt, for 4 glione, ib., about 1789 gli otto tuoni, etc. (milan, 1590) glio, venice, 1731 gliuol 2'rodigo, oratorio glorias gloria salvete vos motets. gloriosa glorious (ps., ixsxix. 14, 15). glory, gluck gluck, gluck. gluck, milan, 1742 gluck, turin, 1745 g minor, gnant, etc. (1529) ; and chansons in pierre gnelfa, ib., 1845 gnola fetis, supplement, i. 268 godineau, and of bosselet the younger. god, is the subject of godiva, {god save the goethe and (goethe), for 2 solo aud 3 choral voices, goethe, music by johann andre, (goethe), oix 83 goklschmidt, and for two years edited a gola, ib., 1847. golconde, (gold golden golk, gollerich, august. gomez go motetas vooant " (louvain, 1559) gonata, king of macedonia; gonda di borgogua) text by solera, music gondolier, l'exile goni good daughter's married gorico-musicale, gossec and fetis. goss, then at the gotha (gotha, 1790); 6 duets for violins (speyer, go to hamburg. in 1802 he gave a concert gotten, was greatly liked by the king. gottfried. gotthilf gottliches gottlieb gottlob benedict, gott mars, oder der gottsclialk. gott soil gotu italien avec accom- forte goujjillier, gounod, first j^erformed in paris, 1870. gounod played at the gounod's faust. works i due precettori, government for the government of governo, 1698 governor's daughter. go very g. p. (rene-charles-guilbert pixerecourt), gra- atrevido en grace and melody. burg. graceful, graduale graduales, gradually discarded. graduals, graeme, beethoven, a mem(leipsic 1880) grafi, music by mosca, palermo, 1818. gran cantata for grand grand concerto grand deuil. theatre favart, 1801 grand-ducal library at weimar. grand duke ludwig, grand duo concertant grand duo for two grande grande messe des grande miihlberg, near gotha, grande studio grand festival march, for do.; fair grand fugue grand fugue iu b-flat, for grand galop grand gold medal grand inquisitor grand opera, given grand opera in grand opera in two acts, music by julius grand opera, text by kotzebue, music grand opera (the only one he grand orchestra grand prix de rome iu 1807, and the 1st grand prix in 1809. after his return from grand prize for composition iu grand theatre, grand theatre at marseil- grand theatre de lyon, 1867 le grantham gratitudiue castigata, ib., 1737. graud duo graun, berlin, graun, berlin, 1744 grave, and of geminiani. gray's " elegy graziani. great " great " great " great, 1814 great, and abu hassan great and the great artistic importance. great elaboration, and there greatest triumph, in 1836, with great favorites, which speaks great, haymarket, ib., 1733 great), italian great lustre. greatly great master iu vienna. great masters. great musi- great news, 1794; will of the wisp, great poem (" purgatorio," ii. 91). great poverty. great prophet of that domin- great representative great stoutness great success at salzburg, 1747. grecques et romaines, grecques et roniaines, 1777 l'amour et greek church, and was the greek music, and though chladni and greenleaf whittier, music by john knowles green, the, english opera, music by gregorii allegri gregorio grenade, 1 act, grenoble, grenzio vincenzo ciampi, loudon, 1750 gressifs, op. 11 gri, griechen " (leii^sic, 1819) iu ms. fetis mendel. griechischeu grief grief is griffin, griselda, ib., 1710 griselda, ib., 1725 griseudis, ou les cinq gri'try, represented gro assai gros, paris, gross-osterhausen, near querfurt, in 1638. grotius, ou le chateau de lijwen- tury. grove -- grove -- grove, -- grove. --grove, --grove. grove, grove. grove biog. nat. de grove dlabacz. grove fctis mendel. grove feried grove fetis. grove; fetis grove fetis mendel. grove futis grove, i. 572 larousse, iii. 1024. grove, i. 81. grove, iii. 32g. grove. london, 1869. grove mendel grove mendel. grove mendel brown. grove mendel schilling. grove riemann, lex. grove riemaun, 220. grove slendel. g sonatas for do., op. 28 g sonatas for two violins g trios guard gueiras, portugal, iu 1717, died guen-e, 1 act, guenots. guerillas, do., ib., 1834 guerite, guese, dutch, swedish, gueule." guglielnii, italy, about 1775 guide, guide musical, le. brussels, 1854, et seq. guii proscritto, turin, 1841 gui (kiii), cesar, born guillaume guillaume, guiller:\i0, guiraud. this opera, offenbach's last and guise, lyric drama guitar guitar. guitare, op. 4 guitarist. guitar, op. 10 gumprecht, otto. guration of the gu schiavi per 1' amore. he returned to gust 26, 1760. gustave iii. gustavo hi., the sub- gustavo, ib., 1791: gustavo wasa. fetis. gust, born gut, aues gut, do., ib., 1794 guter hirt gutersloh, 1887. gymnase, gymnase dramatique gymnasium gymnasium, became a player on the viola haarlem, feb. 16, 1875. organist, pupil of haarlem, june 26, 1867. had accompanied had become a priest had been successfullj' given in 1778 and had broken several had brought out an haden, opera, written iu 1886 hades of had, however, had, however, to give had occurred had pre\iously sustained (hadrianius), had shown them- had some had ziu- hagen hagen, 1789 hagen, lose) hague. he was hai (1728) ii giusto afflitto haijdec, 1847 haiuault, halberstadt, of halcvy, and took the 2d prize in 1837 and hald-vy, in 1853, halevy, fttudes half of the half of the 16th century. half of the 17th century, died in half of the 18th century. half of the 18tli cen- half of the icth century. halioarnassus, hali'vy, halle, 1858 halle, 1882. halle bach, born h' allegro, halle in 1719, hall in 1872. hall, loudon, 1863 halt' im gediicbtniss ham- ham, hamburg hamburg, hamburg. hamburg, 1701 melodrama, music by ker- hamburg, 1711, 1730. (hamburg, 1716).-- allgem. d. biogr., iii. hamburg, 1717. hamburg, 1727. (hamburg, 1797).-- fetis schilling. hamburg, germany, hamburg, march hamburg theatre. hamburg, where ham, england, march hamlet. ham, london, aug. ham, massachusetts, hammersmith, london, nov. 27, 1810. hamshire, han- hancicos a hand handel handel, handel. handel, 179 crysander, h. 417. handel (17 vols., london, handel, 186 handel, 203 handel, 319 handel, 75 handel gesellschaft (leipsic, 1862). handel rearranged handel's handel's hercules, part i. handel's l' allegro, handel und handel was very hand of the princess. hands hands (amsterdam, schmidt) hands (paris hannah hewett, hannchen, opera, given at hamburg, 1782 hanover hanover, 1872. hanover in 1884. he is an expounder of hanover royal orches- zack, bohemia, hans hans bach, of wechmar, hans (known as " der spielmann ") the -- hanslick, --hanslick, hanslick, hanslick, eduard. hanslick, eduard. die moderne ojier. hans von hapjiiest conceptions. hard. hard gage. harj). harjie. harjisichord with violin (paris, 1796) harmonia, harmonic harmonicon harmonie und harmonium, idem harmony harmony. harmony, albeit harmony and harmony* and harmony and accompaniment in 1847, and harmony and composition harmony and counter- harmony, and in 1814 in pianoforte harmony, composition, harmony, counterpoint, and fugue in 1842 harmony under harmony under catel. harold, opera harp harp (1855) harp and flute harp collections of romances, and harp (ib., 1799-1802) concertante for two harpist harpist. harpist, pupil harpist, pupil of the roj'al harpist, son of and harp, op. 45 harpsichoitt plaj-ers of his time. harpsichord, harpsichord, and harpsichord and flute. harpsichord music (paris, harpsichord, op. 8 harpsichord works stiu remain. harp, with violin accompaniment. harriet, was also a novelist hartconnecticut, hartel ).-- grove hartury, died in rome in 1648. harvest home, 1787 a has also written a singing has been has been accounted his best work. has been arranged for has composed has composed 1838 has for has held hasling- haslinger) haslinger) polonaise for do., o-p. 6 (ib.) has pub- has published about has published also has published composi- theatres hasse had married hasse, naples, 1759 ferdinaudo giuseppe hasse, venice, 1732 has written also ha^^ug written another opera, la hauptmann hauptmann, hauptmann and hauptmann, inioscheles, and bijhme. after haus haus, bohemia, oct. hausen, tluiringia, died dee. hauses, in c, op. 124 hauslick, moderne oper, 237. haustive. haut boys (paris, (haute-marne), jan. 31, 1759, died at havafter 1614. havana, about 1846 la spia, do., new have have never been performed. songs lyri: have played at the have you seen having having declined a having first been compelled to study law, having for j)upils ernst, joachim, ludwig having formed having heard having made having obtained hawkins, kircher's " musurgia," rochlitz, hawkins mendel. haydn haydn, haydn arranged haydn considered haydn passed through bonn on his haydn's haydn, salzburg, about 1780 haymarket theatre, hberatrice h boire h cristo sulla croce, can- h dubio la he acfetis. weimar. he also he also edited a hymnary he also jdublished, les romances he also made jdrofessional trips he also studied the he appeared, in the heard. heard at the he arranged heart is inditing (ps., xlv. 1). he assumed the name of he at first hebdomadte, he became mus. doc, he became organist in he became organist of the church he became professor he became solo violinist he became there. works operas alvida he became very distinguished. he began he began by writing chanparis. he began compos- he began his championship of he began the he brought he brought out the he brought out two operas in he brought out two symphonic he chansons he comand duets, among which are he comjwsed many he composed he composed also in 1760 a peretti, music by he composed a number of new airs he composed a set of fancies he composed harmony. fetis mendel. he composed music he composed music for the violin. he composed the opera abigail, he composed trios for the he conceived the he conducted he conducted the he contraijunct." allgem. d. biogr., ii. 456 he contributed songs to the he could not he courland, march 15, hectoi-. hector hector. hector berlioz hector berlioz. hector berlioz. la vio ot he did not enter upon he died of an abdominal tumor. hedwig's church, and gique, he edited also the vosongs, etc. he establisled a he finished under simon mayr. he followed he followed to he formed a close friendship with he gained the 2d he gave symphony concerts on his he had already paid he had made he had written also the music of he has also he has been j)ro- procris, 1733 tlie he has composed considerable he has composed several he has composed the he has j^layed at the popular he has phony in minor he has published nioie he has since pub- irmengarde he has sometimes published under he has written a he has written also he helped to found the " great he himself jilayed with rare heidebilder, heiligen geist, breslau, 1605. a large col- heim) he imitated neither lulli, hein- heinrich heinrich, heinrich) born at potsdam, july 15, 1745, heinrich, e. heinrieh heiress, he is a chevalier of the legion 251. he is also he is a member of the he is author of he is known he is known as the composer of he is mistaken for a noted he is more he is said by he is somecejka (czeyka), valentin, born in he is sujiposed he is the he is the author of two he is the son of heiurich he joined his father in loudon, he jslayed held held a held a government position, held a like posi- he left an he left a symphony ; he left in ms. he left tlie service he lived for a time at dresden, he lived from helj) hellmes- he made a professional tour with he made his he may he may be reckoned with he ment, i. 144. hemia, in 1644, he must hen- he never sympathized with the he next j)assed some time (probably from henri. henri herz, and afterwards henri iv., and the time is 1570, henri (jerome), bom henry henry bishop and henry charles henry, his son henry holmes, he obtained also an honourdis- mony in 1842. he obtained from the he occasionally he occupied a similar he occupied very much he performed he played he played the organ at several he produced anna he produced an opera he pub- he pub- di bologna, rome, 1786 l' impresario he published he published also he published brambach, first he published for his in; he published six sonatas for the he published some he pubstudies has hequet, gustavo. her, her and herausgegebcu von paul, graf herbsttag, herculanum, hercule mourant, 1761 herds at the manger here begins his sec- hereford), hereford cathedral (1877). "works commendel. hereford, feb. 22, 1836. here his military he remained until 1878, when he formed he returned from italy in he returned to breslau, he returned to madrid in he returned to paris in her majesty's private band (1843-55), and garden, london, hermann. hermann de hermann. die keform der oper hermann. jobaun sebastian bach. hermione. herodotus, heroic ballet, given in paris, opera, 1723 hero'i-comique, op. 13 hero'ique in three herold), opera comique, 1830 le livre de heros herr 34. o her request. herr fischer. herr gott, dich loben alle wir. herr liebert. herr mayrliofer. herr milde. herr spina, who published herr von herr zschiesche. herself paris, 1880. her them. herz and other music. fetis larousse he set the poems he set to music geibel's he spent the he stood in high favonr he studied he studied at linkopiug he studied the art he studied the j)ianoforte and he studied theology at he s tudie d, under he succeeded laine as pro; he the cathedral of ulm iu 1819. works: he then lived, without any he took an active part in 1787, he took the 2d he travelled in he two he undertook to heures, 1811 heuri heuriot is heuschkel, heusel, sebastian. he visited america in 1881, 23layed he visited italy in he visited italy, in 1818 became conductor he was he was a he was a at the kaufmanns-kirche he was a critical and biographical he was a knight), he was also he was also maestro he was a member of he was a member of the he was among he was among the first he was a monk, and director of he was a monk of the order he was ap; he was appointed he was appointed chamber-musician he was appointed director of he was appointed hj the he was a pupil of okeghem, he was at first employed he was a thor- he was at one time he was author of he was awarded the prize cuj) he was called in 1665 to eisenach, he was canon and he was chamber musician he was chaplain, and in 1743-68 was dean he was chef he was chor- he was del schilling. he was drawn toward holmes, given iu he was educated at he was elected, when quite he was em- he was everywhere i-ecognized he was first cornet he was first violin, he was for many he was for many years a j^rolific he was found he was graduated iu he was harpist of the he was highly esteemed he was, however, not he was in vienna, but from caprice, would he was j)rofessor of counterpoint he was ka- enti followed he was kammermusiker he was made he was made dom-kapellmeister in he was made maestro di cappella. he was maes- he was maestro he was maestro di cappella he was maestro di cappella in he was maitre de chapelle to he was mestre de capella to he was music he was noted he was of german he was one he was one of he was one of the first he was only he was organist he was organist in he was organist of he was possibly an he was professor of violin he was prostudied in paris. he was sis years he was taken to st. he was the he was the author he was the connecting he was the favorite song he was the man of all he was the most gifted he was the original composer of drydeu's he was troubled also he was ver}' prolific, and he went about he went as musical director to he went to he went to america he went to london he went to naples again he won he won the 2d he won the 2d grand he won the grand prix in he wrote he wrote a he wrote also he wrote also an he wrote also for the vio; he wrote also part of he wrote also the music he wrote also twelve preludes, he wrote an he wrote an intermezzo, der he wrote for the he wrote madrigals, he wrote many musical dramas he wrote motetti a 2, 3, 4 voci he wrote several opere buffc, he wrote some he wrote the he wrote the following he wrote the music of several he wrote the words and music he wrote un office comjjlet a i'usage de h. grey, hia great ambition was to hia singing excited the jealousy of hiberi possint (frankfort, hibou, 1858. higher powers, kills herself. highly finished style of high rank as a composer. hiirtel) & hiirtel (leijisic). hiirtel (leipsic, 1871). hiirtel's edition (leipsic). hiisselrieth, hiiujel. hilarion eslava, hildburghausen, 1885. hildburghausen, 1886. hiller, ferdinand. hilrtel) him. him and jacopo peri him by a him by were him eleven lessons, him from 1785 him into him once be- him prizes in 1763 and in 17g6 for a catch himself himself, himself exclusively to the london, 1780 himself, in his later years, ex- himself into the seine. himself to a cappella writing him so strongly by its facile him too young him until 1639, him were given at him with the hipjaolyte. hippeau, hippolyte lucas. hip- works hirtliplices, his 1759 la clemenza di tito, erginda, ib., his 224 fetis do., supplement, i. 69 his 41 caprices pour i'alto-viola, his aria, "ah, quest' his arminius in boston. his arrange- his arrival in his audience his autobiography (leipsic, 1801). his "awake, sweet muse," and a j^rize from his behalf to his best. his best-known and most for do., op. his best-known works his best known works are la gri1734. his best operas were played. (his best work), london, 1790. his bohm. works his book his brother his brother, his brother and pupil valenband. his brothers, jacob (born at his bust, his cantatas, of his canzone villanesche his career, which had his church music his comic opera, les his comj)ositions, especially a his comj)ositious remain his composi- his compositions his compositions, his compositions. his compositions, about fift^'-two, his compositions are his compositions have his compositions, numbering his contem- his court his crueifixus his daughter, sophie corri (born, his death. his death, the general his director his doctor vuid apo- his elder his extraor- his farewell. his father his father, his father, a easily clear his father and then his father, an organist, his father apprenticed his father, he his father was a his father was in his father, wilhelm cramendel. his first his first apjiearance before his first comlake street, his first oratorio, abel. his francesca his friend, his funeral his future, his " general his- his generation, his glee his glee, awake, .3iiolian his grandfather his greatest his history. his hymn book for darmstadt ap1709. his hymns his important his instructive his instrumentation his intimacy with rubini, for his jeturu to america, in 1849, he devoted his last his leading his lec/ons de his life are known. his madrigals his madrigals and motets for his madrigals are his madrigals for three his many his master, his melodic itiventiou his melodic stj'le was elegant his melodies quite equal his mestre de ca- his michel carre, music his mind. his most his most iiujwrtant works are his mother's confessor, his mua warmth of his musical his name first occurs his native city. his native country and handed his native place. his neapolitan canzoni, among his nuisical genius. his numerous and greatly his numerous works are his oj^eras in 1849 his one '" his opera, hamleto, was his opera of the his opera, omphale, given at the his operas, his operas are his operettas, which his or- as a his orathe musical writings of that day. his oratorio, le his other his overture, patrie, his own. his parents were work- his physical strength. his physician his piano- his position under louis xvhi. his posthumous his productiveness went on his publications are the following his published his published works are his published works are few his pupils sir his pupil. works his quartets his real name his real name w^as his religious music his reputation as a composer his return his return in 1663 johann struck. his return to his return to england in 1787. his return to of his song. in every opening flower, his songs are to be his songs were pub- his son, john alcock (mus. his son luigi, born at piacenza his sons, franz (1775archives. his sou (died, 1604) and grandson his studies in his style his style, remarkable for flowing his style was much hist, hist. his talent his talent was evi his time. his time, remain in ms. histoire histoire de la musique en histoire du lied. paris, " histoire generale de la histoire gfinerale de historical historiettes et sc6nes musi- history history back to its composer. history of history of music. his uncle friedrich his unqualified ap- his violin-method his visit to his voice was powerful, and his his wife. his wife died (after having his work, almaviva, ossia his works, his works are his works, consisting of masses, his works for organ 12 preludes, op. 3 (vithat he his works, preserved in ms. in the his works, which are all for his younger his youngest his youngest daughter, maria baretc. his youth, hitof plymouth church, brooklyn. h marito geloso, venice, h. m. dunstait7 life and letters ho 1813 tlie farmer's wife (with keeve hocus pocus, hofbibliothek, vienna. hofcomponist (court-composer) in hofe." (hoff- tunata, hof-kapellmeister to meiningen, and in hofmeister) --hogarth, hogarth, george. hogarth, ii. 87 ho has also hohenstein, hold holding his instrument holds. holland, 1858 and 1860 holland, in 1801, holm, holsterer in king holy holy commuuiou iu e, 1883 holydays ho mas home home, 1863; the vintage of the rhine, homer honorary maestro honour, 1814. works: quicksteps honour, legion of honour. hood by rearranging many hope hope of making horak horen, near brussels, horn 4 quartets for violin horn, arbach, and eode. horns horns, op. 6 horn with orchestra horton claridge, horton clariilge hospital. hospital and organist at hotel de viue, 1804 hougroises, house house, house. hoven. hoven. paris, 1882. hoven's hoven's lebeu (leipsic, 1867-77) howard street ho was plement, however, a comj)lete whole, however, unfinished. another composer of hp! a yri h prirao libro de' hsec dies, and adora- nelas, h uatale di hubert joseph, hueffer, franz. huefter, franz. huefter, in fort- hugh archibald, hugh bond and hugo. huit huit mains. huit scones de hullah, john. hul. opera, paris, july 17, 1820. human humblest humed and reburied by the hummel at weimar, and, humorous humpty hunderts. hundred and four hundred representations. hundreds, do., ib., 1882 artoxominous ye hundred songs. fetis, supijlement, hungary hungary, hungary, bohemia, and silesia, and in 1847 hungary, in 1855, and in the hunit^ti'i, dramatic huntsmen, hurriedly hving, hylas et hymn hymn, hymnal hymne hymnes a hymnos quatuor voissipile, hymns hymns, hymns, anthems, i860.-- fetis, supplement, i. 285. i'actrice i'amour, 1726. ian composer of the i'ange gardien, six etudes de stylo (1850) ]\iannering, ian opera, ian opera. ian opera, text by heidegger, music by iant success. iant success, iu 1815 i'aradisc i'art (ib., 1569).-- ambros, iii. 307. ib., 1769-75-81-85; mass for two choirs ib., 1793 ii j)rincipe di lago negro. ib., 1878; mus. doc, ib., 1884; fellow of ib., about 1770 (ib., artaria) ib., aug. 13, 1783 (ib., breitkopf pesth, jan. (ib.).-- fetis. (ib., iss-i) ib., luja quinque vocum ib., may 1, 1793 ^ ib., may 13, 1822 ib.. may 14, ib., nov. 22, 1799 ib., opera coniique, 1810 ica. ical ican ican, icat, icb bin ver- icb glaube, lieber .ic bv von piittlin-^en, vienna, ice, ice. ice, 1508). ice, 15g9). ice, 1612) ice, 1615).-- fetis ice, in 1552. ice, in 1586. ice, where, in conjunction ich filhl's. ich hatte viel bekiimnierniss. ick the great, icus, 1687 id. (2d version) idea ideas. idem idem, idem. idem, op. 5 identical with id erfuit. idofetes venitiennes (opera-ballet), 1710 i due compari idyle ied at ied dramatic composition. ied music at i'eglise. i'empailleur, 1866 ies for pianoforte, 1879 i'espague, hotel de ville, dec. 15, 1823 if contralto, with orchestra, op. 30 if he lacked somewhat of i\iozart's ifigenia in tauride, i fiori odoranti, i furbi al cimento, venice, 1819 igan, to teach in the igilda, not performed ignis fatuus, ca2 marches for igtli century, i guelfi, do. i'heuomeua i'hommage," ihre meister, ihre meister. ihre meister, 128. ihrer entwickelung von kant bis auf die ii barone di iiber musik, 87 iiber musik und musiker. ii cavaliere per ii filopemene ii fiuto policare, giro, ib., 1716 ii frenetico per amore, ib., ii giro crescente, ib., 1661 ii giuoca- etc. ii goudoliere di venezia, iii. folk-songs, for (]\iilan, ii niuratore di napoli iionciui, loudon, 1721 ii., paris, theatre cambridge, ii parrucbiere, berlin, 1793 ii quadro jjarlante, given ii regno delle amazparma about 1782 ii ii ritratto, naples, ii rt'ext by ii servo ii tempio della gloria, ii terzo libro de' sacri cou(ib., 1643) ii titone, ib., 1645 ii trasporto dell' area ii trionfo della pace, venice, ii trionfo di camillo, ijramatic ikon berlins, etc. berlin, 1860. ilecueil il giovane, emperor, ilied there, ilka, hungarian illness, illustrations, it for ilmenau, nottebohm, gustav. 'ilo.jb^ il (thfr cru- ilton. ilutes ilutes, op. 1, 2, g, 8, 13, ily, i maccatury masters. imagines himself a great composei*. imendel. imendel rie: imisa tavern imitations of ros- imit. mod. imjdromptu (ib.) marche et imjjlicated in the revocello im meuschenlebeu. imoderato, imovamente composto, imozart imozart wrote for imperial chajjel in vienna, imperial chamber musician in 1796. his imperial library. imperial orchestra in imperio di sedecia, imperkdc, cantata for two choruses, oj). important important as a date both important operas. it was important works are important works, most of which impossibili, represented in siena, 1693. impresa del zarlino imprimere da oraz. grifls, impromptu, intermezflat, strings, op. 51 impromptus, improvements in harp mechan- improvisations, etc., for organ imst, tyrol, jan. 2, 1572, died in munich, im triumpf zum capitol. imus. doc, cam- by perosio, genoa, 1877. imusical world. works im weinberge in 1539, died in 1547 he was a mendel, ergiinz., 80. in 1560 he was chorister of in 1579 he was in the service of in 1588, the degree of in 1597 of lessons in 1601 he went in 1635, died there in 1637 the court of savoy in 1648, published in 1663, a work entitled in 1674, died there in 1745 (?). in 1700, died at in 1703, died in 1705 he became ihre meister, 346. in 1715 with in 1723, died in 1723 he settled in paris in 1724, and at the metropolitan in 1730, died in rome in 1792. in 1730 he was composer at the court of in 1735, commissioned to write the opera in 1736 he married in 1741, died at south lambeth, jan. 14, in 1742, choirmaster in 1757, in 1742, died after 1791. in 1752-62 he was in 1755, died in paris, oct. 1, in 1760, died in in 1766 he returned to gotha, in 1768, died in 1769, died in munich, may 1, 1806. two in 1770, died there, april 11, 1819. in 1773, died at niort in 1858. in 1774 he was infirst opera in 1003. in 1775, died iu in 1777-82 he was chamber in 1778, died in 1779, died at chichester, in 1779 he returned to in 1780, but time of charles in 1780 he went to in 1780 manfredi died, leaving in 1781 he was in berlin, in 1784, died after 1835. in 1785, dr. cooke introduced him in 1785, the latter had in 1790 he became conductor of the in 1790 he entered on in 1790 he produced in london a in 1790 the failure of the in 1792, died in 1797 he became lay opera (1818).-- grove in 1799, and several minor pieces. in 1799 he became in 1799 he became a in 1799 he went to paris and in 1801 he went to france, spent several in 1802-5 cieta filarmonica of rome. in 1802 he had hope of recovery. in 1807 he went to vienna, found in 1808 and 1809, in 180g he became kapellmeisproduced. in 1811 boieldieu returned in 18-11 he settled at in 1811, wrote for him in 1815 he went to london, and in 1817 became curate at malton, in 1819 he became bandmaster in 1819 started in 1820, with little suc- in 1823 of hanover chapel, regent street, in 1824 he played successful in 1824 he trouo y un desengafio in 1824 removed to berlin, whence he was in 1825 cessful. in 1827 he settled at brussels in 1828, remberg about 1789, died (?). in 1829 he went to lisbon, in 1830, and, in 1830 he went in 1830, musical director at covent garden in 183-1, died at aston, near in 1831 retired in 1832 he went to naples and produced, at in 1833 at the teatro nuovo in 1834 he was in 1836 he made ence much too far in 1836 the government in 1837 he became musical in 1838 for his cantata, loyse de moutfort. in 1839, and taught singing. in 1840, as a teacher in 1841 he again in 1843, died at in 1843 he returned to germany, in 1844, and the first in 1845. in 1846 he went to leijjsic, in 1847 he became a chorister at in 1847 he founded a in 1847 he gained the in 1847 the preetc. in 1848 he began to teach. works in 1848 he won the gold medal in 1849 he founded in 1849 he went in 1850 he began teaching in in 1850, in cashel ca- in 1851, and a new volume has been puw in 1852-5.5, afterwards of in 1852 he went to in 1852 he went to boston, in 1853 he studied harmony, counterpoint, in 1853 he was offered the conduc- in 1854 with frezzolini in 1855 he gave in 1856 he went as in 1857, the first prize by the sainte-ct'cile in 1858, but which was revived and much in 1858 of christ church, 1846 in 1859, and, after in 1859 he was called to co- mazurka, etc., in ms. in 185g and became a pupil of servais at in 1860comj^osition under j. c. lobe. in 1860 he went to chicago to in 1861, at marseilles, in 1861 he married an in 186-1 he returned to brescia, and in 1863-68 he lived in in 1865 became organist and in 1865 he was chorus), op. 31, no. 1 in 1866 he became grand opera in 1868 the school in 1869 he went to eurojje, in 1870 the university of oxof the royal in 1871 he was appointed orgauist in 1872 he removed in 1873.-- fetis, supplement, i. 206. in 1873 he made a visit to in 1875 succeeded bennett as ex- library, rome. in 1875, when the new palace in 1879 he became musical examiner in 1885 he became professor in in 1888 the remains were in 18g4 he was appointed chief in 1s05 he brought out in 1s18 nuptials, intermezzo, in adraste, in adrasto, lisbon, 1800. in a-flat, 5 verses in a-flat major in a flowery vale. see in a for do., philharmonic society, 1881 inal plot, music by auber in america, italian in amore, in, a musical parody on in antwerp, from 1g41 in april, 1735, in arcadia, vienna, 171 j: in a season. in a single in atene. inatrimouio per in a way quite bis own. in bai'mony in barcelona, jan. 18, 1775, died in in berlin in berlin, in berlin, 1847 in berlin, dec. 31, 1818. in berlin, jan. 5, 1805. in b-flai, op. in b-flat in b-flat, is in bohemia. in bologna, 1712 in boston, in boston. in breit- in brescia. in brescia, or bologna, in brooklyn. in brussels. in brussels in 1780, died there, april 24, in brussels, nov. incapacity for living unmarried. in choral recitative, op. incidental in cipro, rosaura, in company with in competition with gagliauo's dafne, in composition. in composition he was a in concerts in in counterpoint in damaso, eome. indeed, his skill indefatigable comj)osor of operas. in der ge- sic under the commonwealth, in der natur, in d, for j^arish choirs india, 1827 indianapolis, indian king porus. indie, by vincenzo fioravanti, about 1830. indie, opera. indies in 1756. indifferent success. in director to the king. indiscreto, indiscrets, do., paris, 1819 in disguise the cavern where in disgust, to write for the prin- indra. in e-flat, in e-flat, op. 4, in c minor, in eight parts, op. in e-llat in elsinore. in england in 1609. ines, ines de castro, can- inez de castro, ib., 1842 ii folletto, rome, infantry, stationed at venice. in f, e minor, c, op. 59, nos. 1-3 inferior inferior. inferior to in flanders in flor- in florence, in florence. influence influence. influenced musical influential information .infossi, naples, 178o in four acts, text bj' karl schmidt, music in france. in france, are ing, ing. in garden theatre, june 2, 1802.-- grove ing, christmas carol ingenious me- ingenious verses in genoa, italy, in german in germany in germany. ing, etc. ing his life. ing his lifetime ingiusto core. ing leipsie, ing lessons of aprile, and in 1761 jjut him in g minor, op. 77; the ing of twenty-one pieces, ing, op. ing sonatas, fugues, preludes, ing the carnival ing the organ-loft ing to ington, in ms., 1875 ing to provide for ing works, ing works. in haarlem. in handel's l' allegro, in his collection. in his day, sharing with lasso in his later in his native city in 1832, in his own style in his playing. in his time. in holstein. in humor and comic force. iniarch. inider futis, obtaining successively iniendelssohn. inine tenderness in in the tragedy of nieephore, in 1752. inir. durnset. in italy in italy about 1740, died in it, surrey theatre, 1852 in jaassionibus quat. in jamaica about forte in 1839, in leghorn, italy, about 1720, died (?). works in le porteur in ling. in lisbon, feb. 10, 1680, died (?). in london, 1765 in london in 1790. in london, june 13, in longman & broderijs, " manufacturers of in loudon, june, 1824. in love with in malta, in manuscrii^t. in marseilles, in melius quae in metz, nov. 15, 1829, in milan, 1758, london, 1764 in milan in 1809. in ms. 3 concertos in munich, 1800 in munich, may 6, 1867. in musica, in musica (bologna, 1c3g) in musica, given atgross- in musical feeling, in musicke, apt in nadecember, in nantes, france, feb. 2, in naples, in naples, april in naples in in naples, sept. in national library, paris. in new york at niblo's garden, 1850, also inni ad otto inni d' intavola- in normandy. in november of the innsbruck, inns, shops, coiffures, innumerable ino, ib., 1792 in- oix 87 in one act, text in order to profit in paeis, 1819. in paris in paris, in paris. in paris) in paris (1803) of berton and gossec in in paris (1824-31), won the second prize in in paris, about 1753, died in 1824. in paris, at the varicti's, in paris except the in paris, for six years. in paris, imarcli in paris in 1821. in paris, jan. in paris, jan. 22, 1840, in paris, march 5, 1873. in paris, nov. 11, 1882. in paris, nov. 16, 1820, in paris, oct. 2, 1s25, in paris of in paris, sept. in paris, sept. 22, 1789. in paris, sept. 7, 1824 in paul pry. in pepys's diary, in petrucci's lib. in piano (paris) in pied- in plete service in c in pots- in prague, february, 1796, in public in 1840, when he travelled through in pulilic in liverpool, in pyrrhus und polyxene, in ratisbon in rome, 1690 in rome, 1701 in rome, 1871 in rome about in rome, dec. 29, 1744. in russia. in salisbury cathedral, gentleman of the in score inscrib- in several languages (london, 1701) in singing, of eei- in some of his works, how- in spain in 1787, died (?). instabile, in stile institut des institute for the blind. in stras- taph at conde, instru- instru- at jungbunzlau, instruc- instruct- instructed instruction instructive instructor of instru- died iu paris, instrumental instrumental and instrumental and vocal instrumental and vocal comliving, 1888. instrumental and vocal composer instrumental and vocal composer, instrumental composer instrumental composer, instrumental composer. instrumental composer, pupil of instrument (hague, 1777). instruments instruments, instruments. instruments, he was at first instruments, op. instruments, op. 5 instrumeutalische friihlingsmusik (1695, instru- naise, ib., gymnase, 1866 in syria), intanto." intavolatui-a di liuto (1616) in tbis collection, intelligence intended intended for pupils. inter- interest interested in the intermezzo, in tessalia, in that city in that faith. in the in the 17th century. in the 18th century. in the arena. in the art in the berlin library. in the catalogue of in the cathedral. in the col. in the collection in the collection of in the ducal in the ducal chapel of in the end, of in the entire in the famous collection in the field of musical archaeology in the fifth in the following in the great fire of 1794). in the king's theatre, oct. 29, 1734, in the last centurj'. in the latter year, in the library of in the library of the escurial. in the music. in the national library, in the neapolitan dialect. in the next in the opera. in the or- in the original in the provinces in the roj'al in the royal chapel iu 1833, and gave a in the royal library at ]m\inich in the royal orchestra. in the same year he in the second in the service of in the service of the in the spring of 1805 chemasterpiece. in thessalonica, a maritime in the style in the third in the university of glasgow in the vain in the vienna library (codex a. n., 35 in the year following in this field. in this publication in this work cavalieri in this year his allowance from in three in three acts in three acts, in three acts, text in- tlic intlrument into into 1657 to 1674. into al- into a melancholy into cima- into five acts), paris, theatre lyrique, 1869. into german by ludwig bischoff. into notice by into popular favour, in total blindness; af- into the intr in trieste introduced in introduced mozart's nozze introduce instruments introduce the italian method of 82. introducing modern english introduction introduction to introduction to the art of i nuetto in use for in utica inutile precau- invaliden in 1843. af- in venice in venice, in venice. in venice, where, in verona, in 1662, died iu in vice of the in vien- in vienna, 1784 in vienna, 1790. in walzerform, op. 3 in- was awarded the prize. in which in youth, i'ombre, ion of francs. i'opera, etc. i'orgue clans i'orte io the envirous of brussels. i pazzi improvisati, ipermestra, venice, 1748 iphigeuie en tauride (with i pianeti be- i pirati, do., ib., 1843. ippolito, born iu i promessi sposi, padua, 1833. ique, avec piano ique in one ique, le pechc de ire- ire), for irene, do., berlin, 1832. ire voci i^rinted irish stew, operetta, irlandaises, 1829 irse. irte is a 1877).-- fetis isabeau, for isabella isabel la catulica 6 isabella de bourbon, vienna, 1762. isabella e isa, flemish op- still living, 1888. isaoun, caliph of bagdad, wishing to is a parody on the same romance. i. scene 1. plaines de hongrie ischer texte bei der kompositiou " is due the music to isenburg, and theu of talleyrand, is far is founded on matthew gregory lewis's is given opposite. ished) ished nov. 5, 14:90, of which one manuscript is in the triumphes of oriana. islav, do., ib., islej' is living at ism. is mindful is now ments. is now owned by the cathedral. isog, died isolde isouard), i sposi fugitivi, ib., 1833 is proved to be unworthy israelites, israel iu issii^ile, ib., 1758 issipile, ib., 1791 issipile, opera (about is still is still jjopular. ist, ist and chief musician of czaslau. ister of st isth century, died about 1786. istic in key, melody, and rliythm. istik (1880) ist'j. ist los, berlin, ist mann. ist of ist of the chapel of the virgin. ist, pupil ists, having projected a musical dictionary. ists of the chapel. ist, successively, at st. john's, torquay, 1864 ist under louis xiii. isui)plement, is worthy of note itach, ital- italian, italian. (italian), 1765 italian comjjoser, con- italian composer, italian composer, a italian composer, con- italian contrapunt- at italian dramatic italian harpsi- italian (ib.) italian oj)era, italian op- italian opera, italian opera. italian opera, by f. orlandi, about 1815 italian opera in three acts, italian opera in three acts. italian operas righini, mainz, 1788 italian opera, text italian sented in public. italian singer italian singers. italian songs. italian, spanish, portu- italien, italien; italien, ajjril i, italien in 1825. italienne, italienne. italienne, 1758 italienne, paris, jan. 12, 1792. italien, paris, nov. 27, 1872. italiens, italieune. italieu, paris, italieus, paris, may 3, 1787. italj*. italy italy, italy?) italy. italy, 1736 italy, about 1742, died in paris during the italy, amassing rare music and a italy, and germany. italy, and once to austria. italy, in 1593, italy, in 1717, died (?). italy in 1800. italy, lived italy to study, it are known. it contains it embodies it embraces, besides itendel racti, farmeilt). it finally ran forty-five nights. it had a prolonged it has been arranged it has been published itiemann. it is lick, jnioderne oper, 43. it is one of the it is possiopera comique, 1837. fetis mendel. i titani, ballet it (mainz, schott,' 1824), also a complete it other operas on same subject i tre coscritti, i tre matrimoni, 1805 i tre rivali its "ah! que je its composer's itself, itself. itself see burney's history, ii. 513) itself to be its first its organization in 1813. its original its original and itur octo modis, etc.," it was it was coldly received by the it was composed by granet, an it was durking. it was first percomique iu 1865-69. it was first printed by randall, it was followed by it was inspired it was long popular, and it was one of it was reproduced it was reproduced nine times, it was reproduced ten times at it was reprothe season, june 7, 1726. it was the composer's last it was to bear these it was warmly re- it were published it would not otherwise have had. ity in madrid. iu 157g he took iu 15c4 he wrote for iu 1614, of the earl of somerset. iu 1737 he came to iu 1748 he was recalled to vienna to iu 1794 he apthe convent of s. pietro. iu 1803 he met prince louis iu 1821, under j. a. drobs and weiulig. iu 4 vols., by ballard iu another ship, iu berlin in iucantesimo senza magia iu collections of iu composition, iu composition. iu d, for orchestra (1847) iu dresden. iu e-flat, op. 35 iu e-flat, op. 3, in g, d, iu eight parts iu flanders, bieuaime, harmony and iu for iug period of polyphonic music, of contra' iu his jjrovince, iu italy, iu kome, 1822) iu lis youtli iu many of the french churches iu music) iu rome it was played in all the dec. 24, 1876 iu shef- iustructed by caspar bohrer, i^uta iu tbe iu the iu the berlin bib- iu the collection called iu the concerts iu the conservatoire, paris. iu the opening of iu three acts, test iu travelling in iu twelfth night, 1741 iu venice, iu venice, 1s39. ivan sussanina i vapuletti iv'cole, given -- ivhis i viaggi, milan, teatro castelli, 1875 iviarie, called bee- iviilan, 1699 ivockstro, iv. songs with pianoforte i. zadok j3terne rerum couditor (jachet) jachet was used specially for berchem. jacijues d'artevelde, band, 1755. jackets of blue jacqueline, opc'ra-comique (with the comte jacques jagdlied, for pianoforte, op. 9 jagd ouvertiire, for jahn, jahn, i. 424. jahohbach, muiician, jahrhnnderts. hildburghausen, 1885. jahrhunderts. jahu, otto. jakob bach, musician jaloux, james james, prague, about james, the james tnton clarke (mus. jan. jan. 10, 1783, died in vienna, jan. 11, 17g3 jan. 13, leave for the campaign jan. 20, 1783, died jan. 21, 1g28. japhet, opera jaques. jardinera jardin musical, j)arents jaucbzet gott jaunes j. b. bartlett, j. b. mancini (paris, 1776). jchann chrittoph {j'c/if-i'oal^ jdupil jean jean, jean baptiste. jean-baptiste, theatre feydeau, 1798 un jean fran- jeanne d'ai-c, grande jeanne darc, cantata (1817) requiem mass jeanne d'arc, grand 141. .jean phi- (,jean pierre) oscar, j'ear j'ear. j-ears after- j'ears old. jeau meine freude and ject ject, ject. ject is treated ject of jectors to jects.-- jeimy jacques, jeitteles), op. 98 jejmmanuele -st) z*' /talia. (jena, jenny, ib., jenuens, but jephti', jeremias poeni- jerusalem, jery und biitely." jesu jesu christ jesuit jesuit fatliers, jesu, oratoi-io jeunen.s, " je vais voir j. g. albreehtsberiguatz von seyfried jh'oject for -- jiadrigals j)iano et orchestre, op. j)ianoforte jiart jiartner jierformed jihj-sique, jihy. jiianoforte jiieces for different j):irts jiublished jiund, born jiusiker-biographien. jjart of the music to jjeden, mystery in jjerformed with jjianoforte. jjieces. jjignan, france, jjlayed with success at vi- jjosed 1863. jjoser, chorister of jjoser, in jjrecentor of jjrobably wrong. jjublished jjublishers to write j. k. paine. j)laj'ed jlendel. jlusic jmajesty's jmarclie jmendel. jmusicalische jniarch jniendel. jnieudelssohn's paulus, part jnions, in 1858 jnir. borrani. joaquim botelho, counterj)oiut and fugue jobaim joseph jobates und bellerophon, music by keiser, johan johanii christian bach johann adam. johanna juditha (born jan. 20, 1080) 7. johann bacb, muliciad. johann baptist johann, breslau. johann chfuman dadi. (johann christoph) johann christoph bach [10]. he was a johann chrldoph johann cliiiitoph johann derahard johannes johannes brahms johannes brahms. johann franz johann friedrich, born johann goniher bach, johann heinrich, johann joseph, johann l^rnz bach. johann ludwic dacli, johann ludwig johann michael bac-h johann philipp each johann rhilipp bacb, johann sebastian johann sebastian bach johann sebastian bach. johann sebastian bach [15]. johann which he took johanu adam. johanu friedrich johanu sebastian johinn christoph john john, john, called john denison john gilpin, john morgan johnnii bern hard johnnii lirntl b lahou laid in the time of lais, potsdam, oct. 28, 1841 laitiere la iwiaon lajarte, theodore de. lajoie, given at the l' ajo ncll' imbarazzo la, june 10, 1810 lak, antou rubinstein, friedrich kiel. lake como, feb. 8, 1700. organist of la (lame blanche, opt'ra comique, dee. 10, l' alchimista, italian opera, l' alcindo, ib., 1665 la liber- la libert e. la liberty, op. 199, 1793 la locau- mendel. la louis xvni. la maniere d'imiter l' amante impazzito, venice, lamark, ib., 1817 le jeune oncle, ib., la marquise debrin- la maschera, lambert), born in paris about lambert, where he was pupil of canon lamentations lamentatioues, lamentazioni, op. la mer (1869) love's labour's lost (1875) la mer, ou une la mestra, opera bufl'a, written in la moda, ii la mogiie fedele, l' amor l" amor costante, ib., l' amore muto. l'amore soldato, dresden, 1773 la mort la morte la morte di tipoo- sahib, eleazar la morte venice, 1727. lamour l'amour ermite, do., ib., 1793 africo et l'amour goutteux l'amour peintre, comic lampadius, w. a. lamperez, lisbon, 1753 lamp, opera, faustus, 1825 the knights la musica la musique. " la musique a caen de 1066 a 1848 " la musique en la musique en auemagne. la musique en lor- land land, land. landgrave of hesse-cassel, and in 1726 land in 1740. land, in 1778, died at land, in 1820, land, july 18, 1873. land, march 8, 1827, 1888. land, merry england let us land, oct. 21, 1548. land of poland," both sung by lane, lane, 1837 lane, london, april 9, 1883. lane, london, aug. 14, 1740 lane orchestra, lane theatre. langdon alger. london, 1886. langes a langfuhr, near dantzic, aug. 24, 1841. langhans, wilhehn. langle was his only regular la niver9, la chercheuse d'esprit, ib., 1864 l'annexion, do.. opera, la noce, do. la nouirice d'hercule l' antegnata, intavolatura di la nuit de la saint la nymphe de la pace desiderata, misaucharac- tiano, 1825 la parque la pasifae, 1661 and la la perla di procida, 1851 la perouse. rossini offered la pescatriee la peyrouse, la philosophie d'anacreon, do. sterdam, 1g96) la porte-saint-jiartin. la pour la la prise de berg-oji-zoom, cantata la pupilla e '1 tutore, lar, lar. la r//asse la recreazione armouica, la redemption, oratorio, 1800).-- fetis. la reiue topaze. la revanche de candaule, large l'argent et i'amour, 1863 la nuit large private fortune has enabled largo l'arioste, larles h.), la ro- (about 1685) many songs, published in larousse. larousse mendel. larousse mendel, ergilnz., 3-1. larousse mendel schilling. larousse, pierre. larousse, vi., l'art l'artaserse, opera, l'art de raoduler sur l' arte in gara con 1' arte, l' artemidoro, ib., 1651 l' arte organica (bre- l^arts in his 3d volume. l'art universel. la scoufitta degli assiri, la secchia rapita (with la. see buona figliuola. la. see pruphlie. la seine las hijas de fulano l" asilo d' amore, sedecia, las nueve de la noche entre la sorrentina la sourde-muette, paris, last (last last act, last for six last king of judah), biblical ojjera in two last place he found the much-admired last ten years of his life last years of the 18th century. lated by h. maiuwaving dunstan. lated by ovid (met., ix. 446-4g5). late in life. later later, laterano, rome, 1593. (later at later, he later he was made later in later of the later produced with la terre, later under pellegrini, from 1826 to 1830. latest publications of the la (the white latilla, 1753 latin, given lation lation by albert c. parsons. la tirannide abbatuta lato, la tombola, rome, la tour enchantee latter half of the 16th century. la tunique fatale, 1873 le lau, 1727 lau, about 1726 l'auberge d'auray (with l' audacia for- lauda jerusalem, laudamus, 5 voc. (freiburg, 1618) laufe damoreau as angfele. laume l^aum.^nn, lauretta (?), opera buft'a lauristan laus deo (whittier) rose upon the l'automate de vaucauson, jeanne l'automue, la valliure. l' avaro la venere placata, l'aventurier, 181.3 la verita sconosciuta, ib., l'avidita la ville, cantates a lavinia fenton, lavinia fenton, as polly la vionapolitain, opera comique, 1827 l' aviso ai maritati, la vuelta al niundo law, law at the university of leipsic, but took lawes himself performed the lawrence's, headin laying lay-vicar of westminster abbey lazarus (1873). other works ouverture (l biogr., l. cerro. le 17th century, died at augsburg in 1692. leader of leader of handel's opera band. leader of the caledonian leadership, were leal-moreira, lisbon, 1784. leandre et hero, opei-a, ib., 1750. learned, in and out of france. learning the violoncello leaves), leaving co- kaiser, for leaving naples. leaving the conservatoire. le avventure di le ballet de le ballet des gens le bal masque of scribe, set to le beau chasseur leben (ib., 1866-79) nohl, beetdo., lebensbeschi-eibungen lebensbeschreibungen julian, adolphe. lebensbesclireibuugen, leben und le berger, 2 acts, ib., 1863 le bijou perdu, le bois, comic le bon le bon pere, 1788 nantilde leborue in counterisoiut and le bou- l)ecanie organist of st. le champagne de ma le champ de mars, war-march le chant le chant des deruiers le chapeau du le chauteur mann. le chevalier le cn'pviscule du matin le coq le corsaii'e, do. album do chant le corsaire le corsaire le deluge le coureur de veuves, lection. lection of his comijositious are lection, rome. lections of motets lections of sonatas le dada, 1875 les charbonuiers, led a string le dauaidi, italian opera, music ledebur, tonkiiustler-lexi- le depart du ledesma on le diable a le docteur le donne vendicate and le double pii'ge, 1868 ce bon roi le, drama in two led to a violent le due). ledue, 1819) le due de joyeuse and le eoy et robert ballard, 1582). some le finezze d' (le franconville, 1809. le, french opera left left. left a gi-eat left for left the left the following works in ms. le geant, written to le gelosie d' un legend, do., 1880 legendes de gavarni, 1867 leghorn leghorn, feb. 13, 1746, died in paris, iu le ghteur national la vision legia. legiate church, new york. legion of legion of honour, 1847 legion of honour, and in 1807 the academic legio of ivrea from 1775. legitimate l'eglise et topi'ia en 1735. le grand le grand ballet le grand ballet de nemours, 1604 legrenzi. le guide le houzard de berchiny, ib., 1855 falstaflf, " lehre von der le i)iauo, leijisic, 1883-85. leijjsic. leij^sic about 1735, and studied law at the leip- (leipsic (leipsic, (leipsic). leipsic, leipsic, 1784. (leipsic, 1801).-- fetis leipsic, 1804. leipsic, 1812. leipsic, 182-i-32. leipsic, 1830 leipsic, 1843-47. (leipsic, 1852). leipsic, 1854. leipsic (1856-57) of moscbeles, plaidy, and leipsic, 1862. leipsic, 1864. leipsic, 1865. leipsic, 1866. (leipsic, 1866).-- rockstro, handel, 271 leipsic, 1868. leipsic, 1869. leipsic, 1871-73. leipsic, 1872. leipsic, 1873-80. leipsic, 1875. leipsic, 1876. leipsic, 1880. leipsic, 1881. leipsic, 1882. leipsic, 1883. leipsic, 1885, et seq. leipsic, 1886. (leipsic, 1888) leipsic, 1888. (leipsic, 18g3). (leipsic, 1g41). leipsic, brunswick, berlin, leipsic, dec. 24, 1803, died in augsburg, leipsic, feb. 25, 1850. leipsic, grove, george. (leipsic, peters). leipsic, siguale (1882), 465. -- leipsic siguale (1886), (leipsic) there is a leipsic, where, leipsie, leipsie, 1726. leipsie, 1828. leipsie, 1872. leipsie, 1873. leipsie, 1878- leip- walsh, vicomte j. a. -- leipzig. leisnig, leisure hours. lej' le jaloux corrige, le jardin le joyeux le jugement derniei', le lac, op. 88 pensees l-eland, le loup et le mariage par commission, le mauvais lemberg, leme (charente), dec. 25, 1821, still living, le menu de georgette, 1871 lemj', ste. lemoine) le mousseline le nez de cartou l 'enfant prodigue, ballet, oib., 1811; length, ^len- inirt christi, passion), 4 le notti le noyer le tresor. la lento lenz, beethoven, ii. 62 schiudler, i. 142. lenzerwachen, op. 46 leo, leonai-d's, leo, naples, 1741 leo, naples, 1741 himmel, leonardo leonhard leonida leonore, leonore (no. le, opera le, opera- before the second le, opera-bouffe iu le, opera-coby anseaume, music le, opera-coby michel carre and leopold alexandre. leopold (boru june leopoldstildter theater. le pantalon de casiniir, 1873 le le parfait maitre a chan- le pays ? see mignon. le pe/i7 chaperon le pescatrice, ib., le petit poucet, le piante le pirate, toulon, le puits ballades l' equivoco ler. le reprouve, le retour le retour dagamemnon le retour des dieux lerisches wirken. le rivali in puntiglio, lermo, sicily, lerofoute, italian opera, le roi cantitled ler, op. 8c. le rosier, do., l'erreur d'un moment, "les " les les, les ages, ballet les ailes de i'amour, given in le same name les amours d'angratz, dee. 1, 1883. les amours de les amours d'un shah, flamberge les amours du printemps les aubei-gistes de qualite, les bohemiens, ou le pouvoir les-bruxelles, april les cha- le scioccaglo studio d' amore, 1686 l'esclave l'esclave, 1800. les cu- les deux les deux billets, operetta, les deux gentilshommes, paris, les deux journues, minor, for male voices (1836) les deux mousquecemvirs, ib., 1823 les deux philosophes, in 1812. les deux sentineues, les deux souto les diamants de florinette, 1875 les diamants de la les directeurs les dux ferrarse le secondo les fetes de co- chantilly, april 24, 1827. les fetes du labyrinthe, les fetes lacedemonieunes (1805) les grotesques de la muberlioz, hector. lesia, les larmes. noc- les meprises esib, sept. 6, 1798 les metiers, choeurs les musiciens les musiciens celi^bres. les musicieus les noces de gamache, le roi les nuits les, opera-co- les origines de le sort d'andromede (about 1670) les le souper le souper d'arlequin les paquerettes l'hymne de " les paysans, chants rustiques," les petits du premier, les point le spose provenzale. la finta les presents des les rencontres (with lemiere), 1828 le les riviiux d'uu moineut, 1812 le les sauvages de less happily, in less in 1749, les souvenirs, m'ai- les (the hundred lestiue, lestocq, les trois les trois sultanes, french opera les troqueurs lesueur, composed in 1828. le sultan les visitandines, les quiproquos les voitures les voix de jeanne d'arc, let- let, let (3d act) le temple universel, le teste di gesso, opera let in letle (with lebonie), ib., 1828 le trame le tremolo le triomphe de la grande le trompeur le troubadour, with lets lets, lette de narbonue letter dated letter has been given letters of his lettres intimes, avec una le tuteur avare. colas l'europe leurs. leutz, 1789. levavi oculos (ib., 1558) le violon de cremone levy, lewski, lex. lexicon der toonkunst. lex., iii. 372 lex., xviii.; eiemann. ley. lfi5 lg8.5).-fotis mendel. l'heureux retour de la reine, 1744 l'hi'ritage l'histoire l'honmie armc (probably the last ever liaiuls), liarf) liarmonic society. liarp liarp, l^iauoforte liausen, lib. lib. 1 lib. 1 (1603) lib. 2 (venice, 1559) libcoves, liber liberata liber die liber octo luissarum, etc. (1541). liber primus libertine's liberty, lib. i.; lib. i. sacrarum lib. iv., lib., liber. librarj- of library, library. library at berlin. library at leyden. library at munich. library, miinieh. library, notably library of library of guilbert de pixorucourt. library of the sacred library, oxford. libre des beaux-arts, of which libretto libretto, libretto deals with libretto has libretto is derived libretto is taught the pianoforte. libretto, left unfinished libri de' madrigali libro libro 1 et 2 (1g08). libro degl' odoranti libro de' madrigali a cinque voci, libro primo (venice. 1574). libro quinto, licato, venice, 1812 lic favour licher bittgesang, do. lichfield cathedral in 1749, licieucy. licinio, tribune licrivains et ar- lida, l' idolo cinese lie- lie. lie, 1790 lieben christen liebeslieder, do., op. 65 liebisch, moravia, oct. 22, 1800, died in liebliche liebteu, die lieder-cy c 1 u s, lieder (munich, 1798) lieder und arien (halle, 1795) l^ied until the revolution. liege, 1860. liege about lien lien, 1780 lienne, 1788 liens, paris, oct. 24, lier, lier. liera lies, lietatus sum, for six voices, life life, life. life in the ser- life, letters, and works. life nothing is known. life of chopin. life of franz life of handel. life of philidor, 45. life of wagner. translated lifo of beethoven. ligati, coro e instrumenti, op. 63, 1802 light, light dance, op. 10. light of asia (188g) ligious songs ligue, liibeck, etc. liibeck, gewidmet liiiuself of lij-mns like like a like berlioz, he was a like ii est trop tard, likely, also, bellini like most of the like that, like that of like that of pachelbel. lilia campi, binis, ternis, lillas pastia lillo, naples, 1841. lilvali, i (the l' impremrio in lin, lin, 1744 lin (1798) 25upil of tausch, the elder, and lin, 1882. lin and bass, op. 2 lin, and violoncello lin, are linda. line line col line und ihre meister, 380. ling ling, ling. ling eiemann. ling, first linglon's l'ingratituworks linist, and poet linist at the linist at the cathedral. linist of linlej', lin, magdeburg, 1797 lin obligato, op. 2 lin, pianoforte, and" clarinet. lin pupil of l' in- rose-rent, operettas, 1883 lins lin's lins, lins and bass lin solo at l'insomnie, romance for do. lins, op. lins, op. 1 (vienna, 1800) l'intrigue au nand i. l' inuocenza conosciuta, lin, viola, lin virtuoso, said to liodrigo, itahan ojjera, music liomischer lion, lion, monodrama, ib., liorn liorn in aversa, near liotbek. liovel of the lippe), born lippe kanieau. lippo di visconti, lique, and at leipsic of hauptinann. liques from 1812 to the lira l' ira d' lira sacro-hispaua, lirst lisbon, 1736 amphitryon, swedish lisbon iu 1691, died there, lisbon, july 24, 1873. lische lish lish. lish church composers, 104 lish church composers, 152 lish composer. lished lished. lished.' lished also l'art musical, etc. lished an lished at venice (1623) lished by duchemin (1556), and some of lished by kistner (leii^sic). lished first by walsh lished in 1862. lished in pesth lished (leipsic, breitkopf, 1769). lish ed., london, 1884-85). lished music and fragments of operas. lished works lish favourite. lishment, )ut lish organist iu time of henry vhi. lish the lisinga, liso. l' isola di bella marina l' isola disabitata list list. liszt, liszt. liszt, f. chopin (paris, 1852) liszt in lit, lit. litanies litanies, litanies. litanies for a bass voice. litanies for four voices literai-y literary and artistic literati. literature of nmsic. lithograph lithograph by figiwroii, after liubinsteiu, l' iunocenza difesa, venice, liv. lived lived about the lived about the close of the 16th century. lived at the close of the 18th century. lived for lived for manj' yeavs as lived in lived in milan lived in paris, second lived iu lived last lived several lived, to live, saith the lord (novello & co.) live years' living, 1888, living, 1888. living, 1888, in living at living at ratisbon in 1811. living in 1793. living there, 1888. liv- oratorio livre livres livre septieme des chansons a llamada y tropa azon llat, 5 verses loben- lobet dich. l'ocean, lo, do., milan, teatro re, 1871 l'oeuvre dranuuique de hecto me. loewe, then studied in berlin l. of honour, 1827. l. of honour, 1869. logical spectacle, logna, logna. logna, 1693) logna in 1567, died in 1634. organist, pujnl logna in 1647, died (?). logne, 1874. logne about 1856, he made long -visits to of). logne in 1808, died logne, july 11, 1836, logue. logue), el sonambulo, lohann chriitoph bach. lohann jacob bach. loirn l'ojdera buffa, l' olandese in venezia, ib., l' olimpo, lom- lombardy, lombardy. fetis. lombardy, march 10, 1818, still living, l' ombra, ossia lomenie, lon- loncello, and many pieces for the loncello, op. (london, (london, 1665) (london, 1726). london, 1734 swedish opera, music by london, 1760 london, 1760), london, 1778 by winter, munich, 1778 london, 1781. (london, 1788) 3 sonatas for hai-p london, 1789. london, 1791 uud 1792. vienna, 1863. london, 1794 london, 1812 and by christopher dessel, london, 1838. (london, 1846), and by hilndelgesellschaft london, 1848. london, 1862. london, 1864. london, 1865. london, 1869. london, 1871. london, 1874-5, and musical director of london, 1875. london, 1876. london, 1877. london, 1878. london, 1880. london, 1881. (london, 1883) london, 1884. london, 1885, london, 1885 requiem mass, ib., 1881 london, 1886. london, 1887. " (london, 4 vols. 4to, london about london as london, aug. 13, 1814. organist, son london, covent garden, jan. london, dec. london, dragonetti met london, february, 1619. he london in 1677. the son of london in 1780, london, in 1869. london, jan. 5, 1836. london, july 25, 1814. dramatic composer, (london, lamborn cock). detached pieces london, march london, march 16, 1827, still living, 1888. london, may 17, 1732. galatea was sung london, may 6, 1727 music by jommelli, london mus. london. mus. bac, cambridge, 1803, mus. london mus. standard, london mus. world, 1861. london, n. d. london nocturnes, london, nov. london, oct. (london, preston, 1795-97) london, under london. vienna, 1867. london, where he was lon et jiiano, op. long considered a masterpiece. longiores ac breviores, long profesin 1836-54 lonjumeau. lonjumeau, etc. lonlondon, 1819. lopo, d. lord lord burlington lorelei/, romantic op. 4 lorenzo, lorenzo da ponte. loreto in 1770. l' orfana l' orfana muta l'orfano, naples l'orgie ballet. opera, l'orgue de barbaric, oj)la beaute loris los. los aingeles los angeles l^oser losing his hold l)ositiou. lo sposo burlato, johaudramatic nisberg, 1775 lo sposo dis- lost, lost. lost his fortune lost, is l. otto. lou- (loudon, loudon, 1841. loudon, 1881. loudon, 18i6 loudon, april loudon, april 16, loudon, july loudon, was made director in 1828 of the louis louis. louis, born louise, louise. louis francois. louis in 1867, wei'e blows from which he louis xiii. created louis xvi., etc. paris, 1878. louy jletastasio, lyn, lyons lyons, lyons, 1552). lyre, for four voices, is lyric lyrical drama, ii. 1. lyrical version of mrs. centlivi-e's lyric tragedy, text by lyriker. lyrique, 1809 lyrique, paris, july lyriques lyriques de paris. lysoen, near bergen, ly to a later ma6 sonatas for pianoforte (ib.) macbeth, paris, 1827 maccabteus, part i. macfarren, macfarreu and mache maclrtou madame de made made abbe de made by dr. made ducal di- made her made him made his appearance made his debut as madelon, ib., 1852 made many changes made master of the children, made musical made them made up of selections madison avenue madre de' maccabei, venice, 1701 madri- madrid, 1829 madrid and aranjuez he madrid, april 23, 1867 la bola negra, madrid, aug. 24, 1820, madrid, feb. madrid, feb. 19, 1843), whose marriage madrid juan lanas madrid, of soriano madrigal. madrigali madrigali a 5 madrigali a 5, madrigali a 6 voci (venice, madrigali a cinque madrigali a cinque, madrigali a cinque e madrigali a cinque et sei voci madrigali a cinque, lib. ii. madrigali a cinque voci madrigali a cinque voci, madrigali a cinque voci, three madrigali a cinque voci (venice, 1615) madrigali a quat- madrigali a quattro madrigali a quattro voci madrigali a sei voci (ib., 1583) madrigali a tre voci, lib. 2 madrigali di giov. desquesues, madrigali, etc. (venice, 1567) canticum b. madrigals, and about 1879 a selection from madrigals and canzonets. madrigals for maes- maestro maestro. maestro at s. ^l maestro di maestro di cajipella to the duke of maestro di cap(?), died in milan in 1650. maestro di cappella magdeburg, (magdeburg, 1614) magdeburg, dec. 11 and leip- magine, najiles, 1825 magne et en italie. paris, 1844. magnificat magnificat. magnificat, ad omnes magnificat and magnificat and nunc magnificat by colin. the 3d book of his magnificat, for two voices and orches; magnificat in magnificat (rome, magnificats magnificats. magnificats and nunc magnificat separate, in venetia (1573). magnificat sex vocibus concert. magnificats for one, magnificent magnifieat, nunc magnify thee. h. let god arise (in a). magnus, maid maiden's holiday, do., without orchestra mai, divertissement, 1751 maid of the mill, maieunacht, and others. duets main mained until 1792, as kapellmeister to the main gauche mainly self-taught main (theatre cluny). (mainz) mainz, 1862. maison de marguerite maitland, -- maitland, 52 --maitland, 65 maitre de maitre de chapelle of maitre de chapelle to maitre de chapelle to the king, maitre gritiard, maitre luc maiu' nico- majella. majesty's majesty's, then at maj' gth, majo, naples, 1762 majo, naples, 1767 major major, major, in johann sebastian major, op. 60 make make aitangements make him making mal, mal. malbrough, etc malbrough, le faux faust, 1858 ; le male male and mixed voices male voices malgre maliciously given her by the queen. mal), in malren und schlesien. prague, 1815-18. mam'zelle man- man. mana; fenesta management mance mancenillier, opens with a mances. mances for do. vocal melodies mancha, text by hiusch, manches (2d version) manchester, 1869 mandane by miss mandini, rovedino, raf- bartolo mane role. manfredo, trieste, 1853 mangermany manj- manj' of them manj- songs. mann, 229. manners. with norma (1832) he began to mann, gesch. des clavierspiels, etc., 123. mannheim mannheim, mannheim, 1778 mannheim, 1791. mannheim, 1863 mannheim, and in 1804, having played for mannheim of franz manniana. bonn, 1883. mann's storj', "der sandmann," which man opera, by heinrich dorn, berlin, 1850. ma normandie, man requiem), mans mantua. in 1781 he went to london, but manu- manuel, manuscript.--fetis mendel. manuscripts of the following many many. many, and italy. works 3 concertos for many bohemian churches many chorals. many even down many flemish composers who migrated many impor- many masses, many mss. have been lost, but many of many of his many of his \drginal compo1014). many other many pieces many songs. fetis, sujiplement, 75. many vocal compositions. manzoni's " coute di carmaguola," marc antonio, marcellina marcello's dr. nares. march march, march 1, march 10, 1839 still march 1, 1751. the score march 12, march 15, march 15,^ march, 1822. march, 1875, no. 16 march 20, march 21, 1875. dramatic composer and march 26, march 5, 1816 march 7, march 8, 1808. une nuit march 9, 1800. bramatic composer, son march 9, 1851 alfred, king of wessex, marche des marches, marches for orchestra, marclie courageuse, and many others. marclie et scene druidique, op. 30 grand marclio marco marco and the best master in marco antonio, marco, of which he eventually became oper, 140. marco, venice, in 1785. marets, given in paris, oct. margaret chapel (now all saints' chm-ch), margherita la mendicaute, paris, margherita, milan, where by margrave of brandenburg-schwedt, and to marguerite maria bononciui, mariage au gros mariage de salomon, ib., 1816 maria in tras- maria malibran, whom he married (1835). maria nanini, he maria, opera maria, vernans marie, born mariechen, do., ih., 1792. fetis gerber, marie de brabant, marie euze (mrs. henry mapleson), who marienkirche marie sasse. marietta alboni, marietta alboni. marignj. fi'tis, supplement, i. 166. mariie vir., etc. (rome, 1568) ii secondo mario mario. mario fran- marionetteu marito marito geloso, marius brandts buys went in mar, jan. 16, marked marked, mark's fortgeisflanzter musikalisch-poeti- 29, 1874. marmoutel, marquis de posa marriage of figaro married hans von marschhiiuser, marscli marseilles, marseilles, 1862 marsollier, music marte, martel. martelli. martini. martini, gianibattista. martin, in 1844. martin's-in- mar- tiones martirio di san marx, adolf bernhaid. gluck und die oper. marx became conductor of supplement, i. 13. marx (berlin, marxsen of alton a mary-at-hill mary's, mary woolnoth, mas. mas. bac, bachelor of music. " ma signori, theatre. masque masquing ayres massachusetts, oct. mass by him, and in masses (among them masses and motets, written by masses, etc. masses for 4 masses for 6 masses for eight and twelve masses for three, masses keqniem masses, litanies, and masses, three masses (venice, 1544) masses with orchesti-a. mass for mass for four mass for four choruses, with an mass for four voices and mass in memory mass iu c, for 4 solo voices mass., nov. 13, 1854, mass with grand orchestra master, master. master at christ's masterijiece, masterly style. among his published works master of the king's masterpiece, the master's masters. master's compositions. masters, from ^vhose works he chiefly master, who trained him not only mater, 1863. mater (1872) mendel. mater for soli, chorus, matic matic comjioser, matic comjjosei-, lived at warsaw in 1784 as matic composer matic composer, matic composer and matic composer and pianist matic composer, pupil of donizetti. matic composer took lulli's matic symphony), in matilda e radegoudo, 1816 matinee de catinat, ou matinee de froutin, 1815 matins and matrimonio in cantina, 1785 matrimouio scoperto, mattheus le iwaistrc. matthew's church matthiesen, matthieu mattioli, mauregato mauren iu granada, berlin, 1817 mauy mavourneeu, all 220. may 16, 1798. between 1781 and may, 1694. third son of heinricb bach may 17, may, 1723, to leipsic resulted may 20, 1877. may 26, [may 2 8?] may 3, 1821. all that remains of this work, may 3, 1854. vocal composer, principally may 4, may 8 nuremberg, may be may be looked upon may be mentioned john field, j. b. may g, 18gg. the youngest son of charles may not be mayrhofer, mazm-ka in mazurka, in ms., 1859 mazurkas, trantwo yeai-s before, he m. belnie. duchess. m. belval. m. bouhy. mbve m. castelmary. mchael, mchel paul "mcinoires,"etc., 1803-1865 mcnestriers. mcthode de piano (madi-id, 1840), was m. david. mechetti) 3 ave maria for do., op. 6 (ib.) medal medal). medallion, stolen medal, trieste, 1871) medee, 1693. otber works media, opera bufta, milan, scala, 1820 medita- meditation of columbia, do., 1876 medley-overtures. medulla ex psalnio, etc. works meeting with the lady. mefislofele, mefistofeles meglio, tanasio, 1688 mehul's joseph, meine zuver-sicht mein gemiithe," mein gott, wie lang', ach lauge 156. ich meiningeu. meissen, meissen, saxony, about 1820. meissonier) meister, 148 grove, i. 240. meister, 185. meister at the elec- meister of the mejhlofde. mel: meleagro, melesville (music melesville, music by melite monk, mestre de capella in 1625 of melli, stuttgart, about 1758 melodias mit i stimmen melodie, op. melodies, melodies (1873). melodies, canzoni, duets, etc., melodies for violin melodies for violoncello melodies populaires de grece melodies, scenes. melodies (thomas moore), tor one melodies to gellert's sacrec melodious and popu- melodrama melodrama, ib., 1828 melody melody, and rather superior member of member of napoleon's private band members of the new german memento rerum, memoir (boston, 1883). memoires artistiques. memoires de. paris, 1878. memorials memory of washington (184.5) la verbena men- men26. men- books (1638-50). after his death, his pupil, --mendel -- mendel -- mendel, -- mendel. --mendel; --mendel. :mendel. mendel do., -- mendel; eiemanu. mendel, er- 1888. mendel, erganz., 49. mendel, erganz., 53. mendel, erganz., 6. mendel, ergiinz., mendel, ergiinz., 12 mendel ergiinz., 23. mendel, ergiinz., 24 mendel, ergiinz., 3. mendel, ergiinz., 40. mendel ergiinz, 5. mendel, ergiinz., 56. mendel, ergiinz., 59. mendel, ergiinz., 64. mendel, ergiinz., 66 mendel, ergiinz., 68. mendel, ergiinz., 70. mendel, ergiinz., gl mendel, ergiiuz., 46. mendel, ergiiuz., 53. mendel, ergilnz., mendel, ergilnz., 41 riemann. mendel, ergilnz., 55. mendel, ergilnz., 60. mendel, ergilnz.; viotta. mendel fetis; grove. mendel from 1756. he was graduated at camfetis mendel, ii. 198 mendel, iii. 103 mendel, iii. 214 fetis, iii. mendel, iii. 257, mendel iliemaun. mendel; kiemanu. mendel, lished, 4to, in 1583) mendel living, 1888. dra- mendel reissmann, 128 schilling. !mendel riemann. mendel riemann mendel riemann. mendel riemann schilling, sujiplement. mendel, riemaun. mendel rieniann. mendel rieof the violoncello. mendel rieraann schilling. mendel schilling. mendel; schilling. mendel schilling vasconcellos, 37. --mendel scliilling wurzbach. mendel sowinski, mus. polonais, 140. mendelssohn. mendelssohn -barthold v. mendelssohn-bartholdy, karl. mendelssohn did mendelssohnfelix mendelssohn's op- mendelssolm scholarship in 1875, and at mendel wurzbach, mendel wurzbach. mendrisio, given at bologna, 1846 mengozzi, men- la vendetta men- march 26, 1827. men- mendel. men- motetti menschwerdung und menscli mens non papa, thomas ment ment, ment. ment, 38. mental. mental accompaniment. menta missarum ment contains ment, i. 10. ment, i. 125. ment, i. 185 ment, i. 19. ment, i. 207. ment, i. 237; mendel. ment, i. 247 mendel. ment, i. 288. ment in the mentioned mentioned by fotis ments (179g) ments from operas.--fetis ments of other authors' works. ments with organ, ment the count and figaro appear, menus mephistopheles meras-tu?, mercadante, mercadante. mercato prix, 1854) judith, oratorio don carlos, merchant mer, "collectio," viij. 21. merduette), music merit. merman on merope, given in rome, merseburg, june merseburg of theile, and in vienna of meslanges, etc., messa a tre voci con messa de' messa de' morti messe pieue a otto (1684) (met., metastasio metastasio, metastasio, madrid, 1756 method methode de plain-chant from methode ou principe methode pour apprendre methode pour le cor anglais method for method for male voices (leipsie, 1845), and method for the bassoon (ib.). methods metropolitan opera house, nov. 12, 1886 mette dell' amore (venice, 15g9). met with met with much metz, 1833 lequel des trois, meudel gerber schilling. meuti meyer, con. lex. meyer, paul, j. s. bach. basel, 1887. mezzo-soprano and m. faure. m. firmin. m. for- m frena. mgen, m. hartmann has m. henri. mia, feb. m. i'alcade mia, since 1862. micaela's mich- michaela, parma, 1855 michael haydn. micheli und michel, operetta, mich leid und senlich klag, to be mici, venice, feb. 8, 1879. mida, venice, 1726 l' incostanza schernita, middle of the 17th century. middle of the 18th century. mide, mide. mide, pantomimes a machines midnight service for new mie des beaux miel, notice sur la vie, etc. (ib., migliauza, do., migliorncci, mi'idchen miidchenschule, operetta, ib., 1s30 bettina, miiia, london, 1860 miiller, miinster, miiuer, and after his return miiunern, welche liebe milan (milan, milan, milan. (milan, 1558) (milan, 1581) (milan, 1593).-- fetis; mendel. (milan, 1602) (milan, 1614) (milan, 1616) (milan, 1623) (milan, 1640) milan, 1790 milan, 1790 johaim simon mayer, venice, milan, 1807 milan, 1815 milan, 1831 milan, 1843 milan, 1865 enrico di guisa, fermo, milan, dec. 26, 1819. milan in 172-i, died about 1799. pianist milan in 1778. milan, in 1784, and second organist of s. milan, jan. 21, 1858. milan, london). milan, may, 1887. milan, scala, 1830 milan, teatro milan, which he left in 1873. mildchentreue, berlin and leipsic, 1805 mile. chapuy. mile. chevalier. mile. diicasse. mile levasseur, mile, mademoiselle. mile marie battu. miles from arnstadt to liibeck in 1705. military military marches military service, he millot and eeber, and mi'lodies for do. milton [milwau- mind minga, mingham. ministering to the minnie hauck as carmen. minor minor, minor. minor (2d prize, vienna concours, 1838) minor, and g. minor', f, minor, for grand minor fugue in a minor. minor, given iu stuttgart, 1853 minor, in handel's jfrxsiah, part h. minor (leipsie, minor no. minor, op. minor, op. 19 minor, op. 19 cajjrice, in e, minor, op. 31 minor, op. 43 minor, op. 67:, in' {sinfonia pastorale), minor, op. 68, minor, op. 77 minos minster abbey, minstrels mique mique, 1758 mirable burlesque miracle mira, milan, 1711 miration of the master's mir die hand). mirth, miscellaneous pieces mis en musique (paris, 157g).-- fctis mis en tablature de luth, miserere for miserere, for chorus miserere for four voices (1819) miserere, for two choirs misers), concealed in misleading him. missa a 4 missa defuuctorum (ib., 1580) seven books missae 4 vocibus concert. (1560); cantiones missalis et breviarii novi (venice, 1591). missa pro missa pro defunctis, sex vocibus missa quatuor vocum ad missa quin- missarum missarum quiuque voc, etc. missa secunda, adjuva me, missa solennis other miss brent. missse quatuor (ib., 1588) missse sex vocum, missverstiindniss, ojier- mistake," which was sung by mme vestris mistocle, mistress of henri, mit 4-8 stimmen (erfurt, 1621) mit fiinf-viehrzehn mit gnaden bekrone mi'thode de 1556. mititary band, in mitraue, captain of mitridate, re mit schlusschor. mitted to the choirs of king's, miugbam, 1885 miukous), mixed chorus, mixed chorus. mixed chorus and orchestra, and mizler's m., jmonsieur. m." let god arise (in b-flat). tv. have m. lherie. ^mlul hy>^e^ mme alboni. mme gueymard. mme rigaut. m. morere. mmposar, orxnniit at m. nathan. m. naudin. mnsicale. mnsikalische charakterkiipfe. m. obin. mob marched mod- mod. mode model. models. (modena, 1695, modena, 1765 modena, 1775 modena about modena in iggo, died moderato, moderato, part moderato, part l modern 16 moderna moderne oper, moderne oper, 23. moderne. paris, 1847. moderne walzer modern music. modern poets (1834:) modes, lib. 2 (rome, 1568); these number (modeua, 1088) mod., in luce stellarum modi quos expressit in choris modulandus moglie moi, dans nos adieus."' moirs of musick. molifere mollo (vienna). thayer, verzeichniss, 41. mombelli, como, about 1820 mo- mendel. moment, the oddities, 1789 tbe wags, mon- monastery at bologna. ban- to joy (1876) monastery for a monatshefte monde artiste, le. paris, 1860, seq. mondonville gave up the mon doux mongols on that river in 1380. monic, monica, etc. (leipsic, 1610) monic music, monie. monk monnaie. monnaie, brussels, march monodrama, monodrama, ojj. 14b (2d part of the episode monodramas: the whim of tbe monographic de monographic de jean monographs monologue for pianoforte, oj). 9 mon remords te venge. monsieur de bonne-etoile, monsieur desbosquets, monsieur deschalumeaux, le monsieur le dauphin, louis xiii., 1609 mont), 1745 montanaro, opera, bari, 1874 montauban montau berton montecchi, months mont, june montmedi (meuse), montpellier, montrose, montu on monuments, mony mony and mony and comjjosition mony at the brussels mony nud mony under fran- monza, morales morancu (rhone), march moravia, he morceau de morceaux morceaux concertants morceaux de salon morceaux separus pour piano (1852) trois more more elaborate more especially a writer on music, morel" (1873) " l'ceuvre d'auber " (187-1) more london, april more remarkable tory moreris, more tbe princiisal more than more than twelve hundred. many of his more than two hundred more thoroughly morfosi amorosi, morgen, for male chorus songs. morgenlymne, morgeustunde, for mori, morigi at parma. morir potessi adesso. mori spagnuoli, moritz morose, atrabiliar sort of mort mortagne (orne), france, april mortale morte d'arthur, opera, mortellari, 1779 morts, morts j^oi'i' "^oix d'hommes, have been mosa. moschek's, moscheles, and moscheles' lebeu, moscheles, wenzel, and others moscow, 1742; bel- moscow, where he mose, most most artistic forms, and most famous most of europe, settled most of his most of the most popular most popular numbers are most successful show pieces. motecta duarum, trium, motecta festorum totius motet collection, 1867 motet for four motets and other motets are in forster's coliii. 576 motets, chants, allgem. d. biogr., motets for 2-4 voices motets, from motets, hymns, 20, 1852. motets, psalms, hymns, motet.s, with oi-gan (brussels). motetti" (1618). a large number of works motetti a 2 e 3 voci, op. 9 (1670) ; motetti a quattro (1599) motetti a tre voci (ib., 1580) motetti coucertati a motettoriim (lyons, 1543) motive that had previously moucouteau, the blind mounsey mourn mous. mous musical moustachios mouth, op. 36 mouvement perpetual, op. 24 grand trio mouvement sembla- movable move- moved moved to paris, and in 1844 brought out movement movements mozart. mozart, beethoven, etc. paris, 1864. mozart. ritter, mozart's. mozart's death had left mozart's die zaaherjldte: published by mozart's leben. mozart's work, the text of lyri(]ue, paris, dec. 24, 1854. mozart was the composer he mozart was then only mqhihauien. mr. converse mr. harrison. mr. louis von eltz for his mrs. mr. stretton. ms., 1868. choral works and that they ms. are m schveinfun, ms. department mse linese musicse vocalis (freiberg, 1703) ms., have been performed m siria (hadrian ms. la secchia (ms.)--mendel riemann. m. s., mezzo-soprano. ms. of the 16tli century in the koyal ms. owned by johann kaff- mss. are preserved. mss.--fetis mendel ms. with instruments mt'iiestrel (1875-1876). mt'thce, oratorio, ghent mt'thode pour jouer de la muaic of which mucarade, opera coluique, 1875 much much ado about nothing." much ajsplauded, and she has much changed by much esteemed among much of much of bis music has much of the much success. much towards muetle de portici. mu- flutes allabreve for do. muletier de tolode, munde bekennest jesum munich munich. munich, 1667 music by draghi, vienna, munich, 1777. see also eegulus. munich, 1792 munich, 1800 munich, 1814 munich, 1866. munich, 1883 munich, formerly augs- baumker, w'ilhelm. munich orchestra about 1780, composed munificent muret (languedoc), mus. musa, der letzte mauren- d'fcnulation), ib., mu- salmi mus. bac, mus. bac, cambridge, mus. bac, cambridge, 1877 mus. doc, mus. bac, ib., 187g mus. bac, oxford, mus. bac, oxford, 1852 mus. doc, mus. bac, oxford, 1879. mus. bac, oxon., 1613. mus. ce-lcbres, 262 meudel kiemaiiu. mus. doc, mus. doc, do., mus. doc, doctor of music. mus. doc, durham, 1861. works serthe 23d psalm mus. doc, ib., mus. doc, ib., 1880. club prize in 1768. mus. doc, oxford, about 1801. mus. doc, trinity college, dublin, muse, cantata museo re- musettes museum.-- f. catb, vita di d. drago- music music, music. musica, angenehmes wiederau musica at music about musica chris- musica divina (lib. motettorum, no. ixv.). musicae musica in musical -- musical musical 1692 carolus magnus, 1692 musical and musical, and musical atmosphere, musical circles musical composition musical director musicale, musicale de i'ouest (1835), one of the most musical education. musicales, etc. musicales, lyons, 1572 musical history. musical in- schweden, text hy do., berlin, 1872. men; musical instruc- musical keview. london, 1818-28. musical library of failed musical parties of priuz lichnowsky and musical reform, ruota -- musical rev., music also by schiassi, bologna, 1735 musical standard. london, 18g2, et seq. musical thought musical trilogy for music and composition. music and musicians, music as a profession, music at music bj' sacrati, music by music by adolphe adam, represented at music by aldovraudini, bologna, 1696 music by althe gaiety the- music by anfossi, represented in 1775 music by antonio music by araja, st. peters- by arne, london, 1762 music by bernhard klein, berlin, 1825 music by bioni, bi-eslau, music by boieldieu, music by bouoncini, music by caand music by c. brizzi, bologna, 1877. music by ciampi, london, 1750 bygluck, music by cimarosa, venice, 1801. music by conte miari, music by cordelia, music by domenico music by donizetti, venice, 1823 alfred, music by ebell, breslau, 1810 music by eighiui, cob- viotti music by e. paganini, italy, about 1810. music by fabrizi, fauo, 1788 ii dissolute music by fiirtsch, hamburg, 1690 and music by frequent- music by galuppi, music by galuppi, about 17g0. music by giulio caccini, represented music by handel, loudon, 1711 music by heini berton, produced music by henry music by henry purcell, loudon, 1675 music by holzbauer, vienna, about 1780 music by jean baptiste music by john bannister, given at the dor- music by josejah schustei', najsles, 1779. music by j. s. mayr, music by j. s. mayr, venice, 1798 music by leo, teatro di san music by litolff, represented music by luigi music by ]mac- to henri iv. the music by mancini, naples, 1702. music by manuel del-popolo-vicente garcia, music by max selfriz, lihvensberg, 18g1 music by mondonville, music by morlacchi, rome, 1810 and by music by mozart, given at jsiilan, oct. 17, music by naumann, was produced at the music by niccolini, music by offenbach, music by offenbach, repre- music by offenbach, represented at the music by orlandi, bologna, music by pietro bona, milau, music by pollarolo, music by pollarolo, pratolino, 1703, music by pradeglia, music by pugnani, music by sac- mendel, ergilnz., 72. music by sac- trived to at*^. music by sarti, venice, 1777 music by savij, parma, music by stephen storace, drury lane, music by vaunacci, music by verdi, music by von winter, munich, 1782 and in music by zingarelli, turin, 1787 music don cicsar music, educated at music for bejspo, operette, music for do. riemann. music for shadwell's opera of psyche, 1675, music for the music for wind music, he belongs to the extreme musician and an musician at a nutadi, musicians, musicians. musicians and musicians. london, 1879. musicians of musician to the king of musician when only music ibachor at halle. musicien. paris, 1852. musicien (paris, 1859) series of articles music in the cathedral of saragossa. music iu poland and kussia. he wrote 2g musick (1c41).-- grove fetis. music lovers at st. petersburg. works music never published. -- mendel music of several operettas and music of the music of the future. london, 1874. musico pra- 1630, died there after 1697. music out of the subscriptions music publishing business with music sbop in tbe music school of liege. about 1g30 he music society in music, songs, music teacher and member of the music teacher at halle, music teacher in music, the quartets for music to goethe's egmont, op. 84 music to goethe's egmont, op. 84, music to hamlet, op. 192, 1878 music to " twelfth music trio in music under the direction of mayr, musicus (1693-96), and other collections. music (venice, 1561). in music vocal quartets and glees musiea musiea, teatro de' musieiens celebres depuis musik musik- musik. musik" musikaliscbes wochenblatt. musikaliscbeu interpunktion musikalische festival musikalischer musikalisches musikalisches und personliches, 156. musikaliselie kunst- iind musikazeitung (schlesinger) for dec. 8, musik. breslau, 18g2-82. musik der neuzeit musiker, etc. leipsic, 1886. musiker zeitung. musik-freunde, and beethoven's place of musikgeschichte. leipsic, 1886. musik-lexikon. musik, the or- musikvereiu, re- musik-wissenscliaft. musik. wochenblatt (1886), clavier works. musiol, musique, musique. musique de leur cbaut commuu (1575) musique en honevreux, and its musique, en vers (paris, 1650). schil- musique, paris, musique. pari-s, 1852. musique, paris, april 30, 1790 by gandini, musique, paris, dec. 27, 1712. musique, paris, june 6, 1780. tliis opera, must be under- must not be con- mus. zeitg., mus. zeitung, muzio m. von weber, and in 1824 he myra, cantata for full mysliweczek, nacaruso, london, 1774 mysliweczek, naples, 1775 mystery, was given at the opera in 1848, na, 1888 im avalde, naaman, ib., 1721 nabucodonosor, vienna, 1706 la piti gloriosa nach den nachrichten uad bi- nacht at dessau, 1782.-- fetis schilhng. nachtstiicke, op. 2 nacliklange. naclits uiid nade for nadermanu on the na, feb. 23, na, gandarte, timagene. naide naire de la conversation, naises for pianoforte, op. 2 naises for violin, naissance da dauphin, dijon, 1729 najdles, najjles, naj)les, 1789 naj)les, april 23, 1838. nale, june, 1875, no. 29 na, lived about 1g20. nally attracted name name being named named bernhard beer, name occupies namhula. namur namur, (namur, 1855) namur mony, nanini, whose nannrelttheb, edward. napalus. die verschwiegeue treue. naples naples, naples, 1702 naples, 1735 duni, italy, about naples, 1740 naples, 1749 naples, 1781 naples, 1784. naples, 1787 naples, 1788 naples, 1789 naples, 1791 naples, 1794 naples, 1811 naples, 1815 naples, 1821 naples, 1834 (later at naples, 1836. naples, 1837 naple.s, 1859 naples about 1786. dramatic composer. naples, about 1810 naples, aug. 13, naples, composed to ricci's words. naples in 1717, died (?). dramatic com(1832), 95. naples, nov. naples, november, 1879. naples, under his kinsman naples, where he be- nozze napoli. naples, 1814-26. n'arai je narciso, do., vienna, 1699 nares, he was appointed naro. queen of cyprus. narrative na, saxony, april 29, 1823, died at halle, nase, comic nasium. nat. nata choral book. nata for four hands, oj). 15 (berlin, lane) natalie, natas for natas for piano- natas for pianoforte, op. nat. belgique nat. de belg., i. 315. nat. de belg., vi. 302 natinas, caprices, etc. national national. national fete in 18g4. nationality national, nov. 16, 1847; boieldieu, st. national over- national psal- national songs (1848) native native of liege, nativity, nativity, pilgrim's progress, natural, natural son of nature, la are naufragio della fre- naumaun (ouseley), ii. 1287. ncut n. d., no date. neapolitan dialect, ib.; lo near near liege, jan. 3, 1838, died nearly near milan, march 24, 1873. instruvinti near naples, in 1s4g, near sevres, near the end of 1786 he went to paris, near the end of 1812 he near vienna, feb. near warsaw, near worms, in 1798, died at antwerp, aug. nebst necessary. neeb, frankfort, 1857 text and music by needed only the genius nee, paris, feb. 19, 1870. negri- neir inferi. " neither harmonist neither his voice nor nella per; nelusko (bar.) ne, music by j. d. hensel, goldberg, 1799. ner. neral ner hill neris. ner, op. 23 neroue, do. ner's nesque, opera comique, 1813 l'oriflamme nest, born nesto marry her iustead. netherlands nets, etc. nette a la cour, opera, 1811 nette a la cour, parma, 1755 netti (venice), neue berliner musikzeitung. neue folge. leiji- neue folge. leipsic, 1874. neue folge. leipsic, 1884. neufcliatel, neu jahrs zierde, neu leben. berlin, 1865. neune stimmen neur de sainte-cecile, neusohl. neu-strelitz, 1781. never performed in public. new airs for vert-vert, new alejo, newark new gustos during many years new jersey-, jan. newly erected nya newly founded eutonia there in 1839. new method new numbers new philharmonic new style met with no success. newton, born, newtou, massa- new year's day, new york new york, new york, 1854. new york, december, 1870 pupil of friedtra, new york, march 9, 184g it was first sung new york, n. y., april 23, 1839, still living, new york, sept. 27, 1855 columbus, an new york under ney, neys to america, nhcoli'), born in berga- traversiere (1788) nia, ni a-flafop. nia, ii. 44g nial nica. nicaise, niccok) piccinni, najiles, 17.57 nice, nice, 1539) nice, 1801. nice, ojjera, given at najales nice, tirsi. nich, nich, 1769. nich, feb. 26, 1726. nich in 1785, died nich, june 4, 1811. nicholas nicholas. nick, london, 1785 nic le nico- nicoh"), born at pisa, dral. nicolas nicolas dala>tac. nicolaus ephraim nicolau, ujjper hungary, in 1843, niene, turin, 1778 niento, farce, venice, 1815 nies nies, etc. nies, xrrc,oj).2j), intb,rap, 36,iu'je-flat nificat, motetti a quattro voci (ib., 1605) night, night, 1634. nightly review (1877), niit', etc. (nuremberg, 15g7) are several of of nilamour niment). nimm dich in aclit, german nine ;" the aria of nine voices, and two of madrigals, nino, given at reggio, ninon chez madame de scvigne, ib., nintjograriiy nio' bologna, 1834; maifa, naples, 1834; n'irous plus au bois, nisai-d, nisard, nisard, theodore. nissa ed elpino, ib., 1728 la fede niss der werke. nissderwerkeb.'s nist nitces rivales. niusicke of five parts (ib., 1587) niuszko, wilna, nival, nivelles. n. lex.; mendel. n. lex. schilling. nndmnsikfreunde. leipsie, 1870, nohl, ludwig. nnd orjranlsl fn nnisical notation. nnisic, op. 2 (4 nn ludwie bach, no. 10, galop, in f. published by bar- no. 1, in c, boston, 1882 no. 1, polacca, in no. 2, in b-hat, ib., dec. 11, 1885 no. 2, masses in the no. 3, polka, in " no artist in our time no. bros, nocenti, 1665. nocturne nocturne, op. 32 nocturnes, nocturnes, fantaisies noe, noforte-pieces, etc. noforte were published at leipsic in 1790 nohl, ludwig nohl, ludwig. nohl, ludwig. mozart's briefe. nohl, ludwig. musiker-briefe. leipsie, 1873. noir, ib., noir, opera-boufl'e in three acts, nold. nold (elberfeld, 1854). nolil, ludwig. no man was nombreux que none of his works were none of these compochorus, and solo. none so blind as noris, normal schools of bridgewater, framing- norman baron, normanneiizug, northern italy north italy, upon north of france. works kettlj', ou le norwich, and norwich cathedral, norwood, mass. nos. nos. 1 nos. 1 and no sooner done than nossa, italian opera, nos. xv.-xx. belong to the years 1741-45. 1783 (not notably not ashamed of not be not been permanently successful. works not bring out any (not concei<;am), not dated at the noted noted number. notes, a, e-flat, c, notes and queries. noteworthy not gold that glitters, 1770 poor vulcan, notice notice sur rode, violoniste notizie sulla vita, not known precisely not performed. not produced until the following year. not rendered impossible. not successful. nottebriefe b.'s (stuttgart, 1867) not the chief, notting- dryden's ode on notturno for string orchestra, notwithstanding nou), in nous nous " very popular. nouv. biog. gen. nouveaii, nouveautes, 1831. nouvelle nouvelle biographie gfuerale. nouvelle, ib., nov. 8, 1797 nouvelle niethode de nouvelles, 1856. nouvelles, 1857 nouvelles, 185g nov. nov. 10, 1668, died nov. 11, 1887. nov. 13, 1843. nov. 18, 1794 nov. 19, 1739. the libretto nov. 20, 1760, died nov. 25, issl. nov. 27, nov. 27, 1804, nov. 29, 1830. dramatic composer, \m\n\ nov. 3, 1802, nova novations of claudio monteverde. novel, novel as unforeseen. (novello & co.). novum "novum et insigne opus now passed now presei-ved to us and that now the alhambra theatre, and in 1862 n. piccinni, n temistocle, padua, 1720 tamerlano, nuage. and nuet a la vigano), iu nui- nuisic by nuisic by sapienza, naples, "nuit nuitter, num- num, numbei-s number numbering number of the numbers numbers are numbers are by an number, was acquired by prince nikolaus number, were numerous numerous com- numerous composi- nungsthal, nuovo, 1742 nuovo, 1834; ii 20 augusto, teatro del' (nurem- nurem- nuremberg (nuremberg, nuremberg. nuremberg) nuremberg (1538) is a mass for four voices, (nuremberg, 1553) a motet, lauda, anima (nuremberg, 1595) (nuremberg, 1601) cantiones de prseeijjuis (nuremberg, job. petrejus, 1538) nuremberg theatre nuvoletta d' elia ny), in b-flat nymph nymphe, nymph, op. 20 (1840), nymwe- n. zeitsclir. f. naples, 1835, his style showed oammlung objective obligati, obliged obliged to oboe and bashorn. oboes, op. 5 (paris, obrtrub, b. 1700. obtained the first prize obtaining everywhere a obtaining, in obviously her maiden occasional occupied chiefly in occupied the occurs a bassoon solo. ocelli, ib., ^ '/ocl..d^ oct. oct. 10, 1s79. oct. 11, 1790 oct, 13, 1788 oct. 28, 1795 oct. 2g, 171:9. oct. 31, 1872. oct. 3, 1828, oct. 4, 1749, died there, sept. oct. 5, 1818 (1823 ?), died there, nov. 14, octo vocum, ijrinted by uhlard (augsburg, ode. ode in odeon, 1876.-- fetis, supplement, i. 216; ode pour le oder oder, almira, kouigin tannhdi(f;c7: odes ode to charity 15 odi/sseus, for do., ods for violoncello. ft'tis. oelberge, oratorio oeuvres. of 1662 (never given) of 1812, and of 1886, he undertook concert trips of 2 1 compositions, which in- of acting. plays a role similar of a disease of a distinguished of adolphe adam of a great soul finds a powerful of a high stan- for violoncello, of airs of alboni's favourite parts. of alcides, which was never performed. of alessandro nini of alfuldisch of all these only 27, compris- of almost grotesque extravagance, and in of aloys forster in quartet of alvito, of ancient music. of an opera buffa ii of a poor musi- of a professional musician. of arasterdaiu), opcta-comique iu of arbace and of semira of arrigo boito. of articles, of articles un the subjeds of a sj-mphony of a sorrowful soule," part-songs of austrian of ayre.s, of baal. of babel, and berlioz' of bach's arri- of baillot, of balakirev. of balfe 's of battishill of beauties and well of beginning of 17th century. of benoist of berlin academj-, 1875. of berlin academy, 1837, of the of berlioz (trans, of berthaut, of bethnal green, 1741 of bis of braganza, of burgundy (1682). of cagliari, of cambridge, of canta- of cantatas (1708) of canzonets of carafa in composition of cedipus of chamber music, twenty-ftve of chants, kyries, of charles of christ-church college, oxford. of church of church and instrumental music. of cifra, tetatis 45. of classifying of close intimacy with the king. of considerable churcli music, of of construction of cordeliers. of cumberland's private band. of cyprus, of daussoigne of dis- of distinguished pupils, of dr. p. hayes in 1796. of durham, of ek'gie of etruria, in 1802. of etudes, for clarinet of exeter cathedral of eyesight. of fashion. of female dramatic singers. offer of the offertories offertories, offertories, etc., offertories for do. office at st. office in f, officers of the officials officium majores of flemish psalms (souter liedekeus) of fourteen began of francesco conti, of francois l, from 1532 to 1536. of george tv. of giovanni maria bo214 of giusej^pe ercole bernabei, with of giving uj) his musical of gleuaston, ib., covent garden, 1862 of gods, bright of graduals and offertories of gratiadio of great of great merit. of hanover, aug. of harmony, of havre." of her folly of hildburghausen, who took him into his ib., 1790 of his of his band. of his best compositions. of his cantatas, of his choice of his composid' amore in villa, ib., 1719 of his compositions of his compositions, masses, of his crew. of his daughter. of his fame, however, of his father. of his glees of his grandfather, of his history. of his madrigals of his manuscripts of his motets of his music of his operas. of his operas to of his subjects. of his time, pupil of bernacchi. of his works. of his works has of his works per- of his works there of holland, of illustration, of illustrations of ins composi- of instrumentation, and of interest. of isouard, of its kind ever composed. of joaquin of jonathan battishill. of josef of juliet for giuditta of july. of kamchatka of karl of karl kedan. of keridwen. of la fontaine's fable of late, again in london (1887). of leitmeritz in 1782, at the of leoni oflertories. of lille for a cantata. of lis of lis father, of liszt of lorenzo da ponte, of lotti in compositiou of louis abeille on oflscer of of macbeth, op. 46 of madrigals, among wliicli are of mainz (1851) of manasseh of manj' of marechal de richelieu, march 30, 1762. of marlborough, of maurice montagnj'. of merit of belgium and denmark, 1845 of milan, of modena, as of moniuszko and lemberg, feb. 3, 1867. of more-hall, of motets. of motets for 4 voices. of mousigny's of mozart's.-- marx (berlin, 1875), of music. of musical history. of music, london. of music, st. naval romain. of music, which art he of muzio of naples of naples, of naples, about of naples, lived in the 18th century. of napoleon, of narcisse virgile de la of nine he of notre dame of november, 1c70, opera (ms.). of oldenburg at eutin iu 1703, and a few of olden time, 137, 428. of opera comique. of oriana." of^'oriana (1001).-- fetis of orleans of orleans, of osseg. of paer's saggio of palestrina, he of palestrina's " of pedals for the harp, of perne in harmony, in of petit-jan. of pieces of pierre of place, 1805 of playing, in opposition of poetry at ratis- of portugal of portugal. of prague, of praise, 1869 of prince eugene over the turks (1717). of prussia, 1872 of quiem. of ratisbon. of recitatives of reicha. of remarkable beauty. of retford church, notts, 1845-59, of of richter, papperitz, dreyselioek, of robert h., of rudoljib of russia, of saliin of salisbury cathedral under ste2:>heus of samuel of santillane, 1827 of sardinia, of savoy, or of saxe-coburg-gotha, of saxe-gotha, and in 1670 of schwartz at munich. of science at vienna he of scots (1703). of sebastian of sebastian's sons, but his of seleuous nicator, of seneca, of senesino, of sethus calvisius. of several books. of s. francesco, milan. of s. giovanni in laterano of shalott, of single and double of sir "william davenant, given in of s. martino, of that city of south america. of spartara, of st. cecilia at rome, and of st. mary's chnrcli, of stock- of stockholm, of st. paul's church, and, songs of style. of subsistence of syria. of tasso, of tbe airs. of tbe cathedral of bristol. of tbeopbile of tbe same family as often (oft'enbach, of that name of the of the 16th century. of the 17th of the 17th century. of the 17th century roman school. works of the 18th century, died of the academy. of the accademia filarmonica. of the actors in of the athi'nee musical, paris, in 1830, con- of the berlin tonkiiustler of the best of the best players of the birds, 1706. of the birth of the bohemian lutist kohott. of the cantor of the catches are of the cathedral of ratisbon of the celebrated artists of the choir of st. paul's, of the choral parts. of the church of of the college there of the conservatorio di of the conservatorio in of the conservatorium in munich. of the coun- of the country. of the court of the court orchestra, of the couueil. of the cross, opera, 1826 englishman in of the crystal palace in of the deity of the escurial.-- fetis. of the figured of the finest in italy. of the first is lost of the first nobles of of the first prizes. of the first rank. of the following court ballets of the following operas of the following ut^rarv works^ " of the four couplets were of the gardes-suisses, of the garter, windsor, 1661. of the germauia orchestra. of the government. of the great- of the guides. of the ideas of the igtli centurj'. of the imperial library, of the king's hunt, of the koyal albert hall, 1871. of the kurfurst, thus of the leipsic conservatorium of them. of the margrave of bayreuth, and in 1670 of the monasterj' of s. of the motet society, london. of the music of the national guard. of the old italian masters, en- of the opera band of the opera, gli of the or- of the oratorio, in of the orchestra of the orchestra. of the order of christ. of the palais royal, paris, jan. 19, 1674. of the phil- of the private theatre in dublin. of the rep- of the royal of the same of these of these, of these are in the of these, five sons and four of the seven against thebes, of the societe of the society called puy de of the taking of the bastille, july 14, 1794. of the ten of the tenor marius of the third of the time of the tonal system. of the valtelliua. of the varietes of the volscian of the words, of thirty-four of of this class, of timaute. of trios for the haiij- of two-jjart songs, etc. of two operettas of udine, in friuh. of venice, of vernio. of verona, or of vocal don, of vocal music, of of voices in several choirs. of wagner and liszt. in 1850, of wagner's later music-dramas into of weber, are of weissenfels, of which of w^hich of which, of which he assumed direction iu 1867. of which he assumed in 1810. of which he was president. of which led to his of william jackson, organ- of winchester of work, of xerxes ger- of york's theatre of zarlino, of zecha- anist, " o grand saint-dominicjue " and ogratien. ohrdnitrsj 171j ohrdruff. feb. 22, 1721. oidnt^ oi'ganist oi'ganist, maesitaly about 1570, died (?). oi-ganist of oijera comique, paris, sept. 19, 1794. oijera, naj^les, 1838. oires, 397 oisanitl in eld- mr- oisera comique, oja. ojd. ojderas ojderas. oj^era ever represented in public -- o^jeras oji. ojiera, ojiera. ojjera, ib., 1784 ojjera in -- ojjeras: ojjera seria, dresden, 1792 ojjeratic ojoeras, as ojp. ojsera seria iu three acts, by okeghem. old- old, old. old, and at the oldbury, england, olden time. london, 1845-1859. older. old guardsman, old knockles, old, of pietro casella. ole bull's technique as masterful, and oles jenny, ou le mariage secret olim- olimpiade, olimpiade, ib., 1829 olimpiade, opera olinipiade, naples, olinist. olinto, a olivet, olj-mpus. olmiitz, at the school olympic theatre) ombre, opera, omni- quotes omphale almanzor, ou omphes on a con- choruses on an italian theme onation of louis on boani, once more in once to visit london for a few mouths. onciliation takes place, on counteridoint and fugue," published on court ayres. grove ; fetis ; mendel ond do., four hands, in g minor (1850) third ond do. in e-flat (1848) on dec. 26, one 1860. one act of lady one act, text by lcger and one act, text by sedaine, one, naples, jan. 12, 1880. one of broche's one of his one of rossini's one of the best of one of the composer's best one of the founders one of the most skilful contrain 1563. one of the orchestral pieces, one opera, amilcare, 1693 one or more-voices, ones one, two, and one year, during which one zambona. in 1781 he began to study on feb. 29, 1764. at a performance of onfo deir amor e on her concert on his on his first on his return on his return, he on his return he published a on his return he was made on its performance in on june 28, 1669, the acaof pavia. only. only a few of only a few of his comof saint-quentin. only one only, rome, s. luigi de' fraucesi, 1839 only some only son of johann bernhard only the only the following survive only two were finished (1832-35 and 1838also on march on minor (1850) fourth do. on music. on music, among which are on music. mendel. on nov. 7 of ons. on several on singing (london, 1791) on the on the 23d sunday after trinity, on the death of winter, in on the invitation on the organ first on the portuguese on the production of l'afrisails away. on the same subject on the violin, on this master's on two of hah'vy's melodies, with on which they started in 1810. oonestabile, giancarlo. op. 10 (leipsic, breitkopf & op. 11, in e-flat (after septet, op. 135, have op. 13 and 29 op. 15 do. in b-flat, for do., op. 83 op. 19 (paris, mayaud). op. 1, given at cologne, 1858 op. 1 (leiijsic, breitkopf op. 20.-- fetis op. 21 (leipsic, op. 2 (bologna, op. 2 (bonn) op. 2, pianoforte and violoncello op. 325 monicon (london, 1825), 167 op. 33, given op. 37 (copen- op. 3 (leipsic, hofmeister) op. 44, birmingham festival, 1867 the may op. 48, etc. op. 62, composed in april, 1807. dedicated op6ra, 1804; don op. 9, 23, and 25 opcra-co- 1629-1611 opc'ra comique, pari.s, in 1888. opei-a, about 1860, not performed opei'a, and until 1830 also of the eoj'al opel. julius otto. opening of the new theatre, stockholm, oper, opera opera, opera. opera, 1833 opera, 1851 opera (1855). fetis do., supplement, opera, aristodemo, (ope'ra-ballet), opera-ballet in five acts, opera-ballet, text opera, berlin, in 1849, as dcr mulatto, opera-bouffe iu two acts, text opera buffa, opera buffa, ib., 1842. he has written also opera buffa in two opera buffii, ib., opera buffix opera bulfa, le opera bulla, opera busa, turin, teatro opera called fernando opera, clotilde, vienna, 1706, was also opera-co- opera-co- 1800. opera-com- chorus, and orchestra opera comi(iue, paris, 1878. unpublished works opera comique opera comique, opera-comique, opera comique, 1821 opera comique, 1833 la grande-duchesse, opera comique, 1844 opera comique (feydeau), was much in.. opera, 1833 opera-comique in one opera-comique in one act, opera comique in one act, text opera-comique in one act, text by opera-comique in three acts, text by de opera comique, oct. opera comique, paris, feb. 24, 1840. the opera company. works operas opera co- written opera, demophon, which was brought out opera-eo- opera-eomique in opera fantasy, opera, given opera, given at ferrara opera, given at the opera comique, 1793 opera, given at the theati'e lyrique, 1862 opera, given in opera given in 1847 opera house, opera house of brussels in 1778-82, and opera, ib., grand theatre parisien, 1865 opera (ibitj opera in opera in four opera in one opera in paris about 1787. opera in three opera, in three opera in three acts, text opera in two opera i'opera, paris, 1780. opera iu opera iu london in 1756. works operas opera iu three opera, loncello opera. london, 1862. opera, maria. opera (ms.) opera, music opera, music by cavalli, given iu opera, music by cimarosa, opera, music by piccinni, naples, 1772. opera, mu- venice iu 1669. opera, nnisic opera of operas opera, op. 16, opera, paris, opera, paris, march 9, 1864. dr. magnus tion opera, phreys, music opera, ryno, operas --operas -- operas -- operas: --operas: operas: operas. operas - comiques, operas-comiques operas: echound narcissus, 1693 opera (sequel to clierubiui's opera seria opera several years, operas ever written, operas, for which lulli \vrote only the operas, given in that city operas had not been given. operas in the operas laura operas le sorelle rivali, 1784 operas were all opera, text opera, text by opera, text by aurelio aurelj, music opera, text by giovanni opera, text by jules others opera, vieenza, 1830 opera, which poli. opera, words by opere di l. operetta, 1872 operetta by hippolyte miniei-, operetta, given in vienna, 1780 operetta, ib., 1823 riquet der haarbiischel, operetta iu one operetta, music by eu1775 -- operettas operettas and vaudevilles-: ydor opfer op., opus, opera. oporto, 1870. opticon of science and opt'ra comique, 1868 opt'ra in 1831-61 opura- opura, opus musicum (nuremberg, 1537) opus-numbers of his works. (opw-a-ballet), 1712 or 1817 his family or, alexander in india. oratoria, etc. oratorical oratorio, brussels, 1866 oratorio, jierformed at oratorio, king's theatre, 1770. oratorio, l)y oratorios in oratorio, text oratorio, vi- oratorio was or ayres, etc. orazii ed e orbeethoven's birthplace. or by one voyce orches- orchester, op. 23 orchesti-a orchestra orchestra, orchestra; orchestra. orchestra (1871), performed in 1877 can; orchestra (1873) orchestra, 1885 orchestra, and chorus ad libitum, ojj. 15 orchestra at orchestra by the composer. orchestra, ib., 1881 orchestra in 1801-5. orchestra in 1816. orchestra iu 1828-30, and of that of the orchestral 1888. orchestral and orchestra, liege, 1828 (orchestral jjarts orchestra of orchestra of the opera. orchestra, op. orchestra, op. 17 orchestra, op. 209 orchestra, op. 22 orchestra, op. 25 orchestra, op. 33 orchestra, op. 71, composed 1818. orchestra, op. 72 orchestras, orcliestra. or- composed at weimai-, 1 856. order of cardinal kiario. oreilles orenliving, oreste, mme silh'. orfor four voices and orchestra, op. 65 organ organ- organ, organ. organ1797, died there, april 30, 1878. organ (1866) short voluntaries for the organ (1878). organ (ad libitum), of). 29 kyrie, sanctus, organ and to church miisic, organ builder organin 1772, died there, nov. 13, 1839. organist organist, organist. organist and organist at organist at eisfeld, gium, jan. 27, 1834, organist at trinity church, organist, brother and organist, brother of john organist, choirman of the organist, first organist, fiupil of john larkin organist, in 1783, to the organist in the latter organist, j)upil of one organist noir. organist of organist of church at "woodstock. organist of george organist of s. organist of s. m. delle grazie, bre- organist of st. james's, london, 1867 organist of st. peter's organist of the organist of the chapel royal. organist of the ducal chajjel, s. marco, organist of the liver- organist of trinity organist of trinity chapel. organist, pujiil organist, pujjil of organist, pupil organist, pupil (about 1780) of organist, pupil at exeter of hugh bond organist, pupil, at padua, organist, pupil at the jcan- organist, pupil do. to organist, pupil in paris of ser- organist, pupil of organist, pupil of dr. organist, pupil of his organist, pupil of john organist, pupil of michael haydn. organist, pupil of sir organist, settled organists in america. organist, son and organist, son and pupil organist, son of organist, sou of organists reiukeu and vincenz liibeck. organist successively at organist to henri il and organist to the masonic body of organizing organ muafterwards organ music. organo, op. 2 (venice, organ, op. organ or theorbo (1656) divine organ prize, organ works pianoforte music. orgel- of (or gilles), orient orientales oriental subjects. original original. originalbriefe beethovens. original cast original cast, 1875. original cast ai-baces original cast in rome, 1816. original cast, london, 1843. originality of his originally (originally originally a barber, 1786, died (?). originally called (originally given at court as originally set to the original plot, original rej)resentation (original theme), in origiues origiues de i'opera, 135 (paris, 1868). orinda, (or in vienna?) in 1793, died (?). orji'an. orjihee, filets "\'\'orks "orlando "orlando furioso," orlando furioso, baden, orlaudini, do., venice, 1729 orleans, or love in a desert (with reeve), 1808 or of the subject of orpheus, judgment of nine years old. orpheus und eurydice, do., ib., or practical. or quartet orsakoff recognizes in ortigue, or trumpets, two viouus, and bass orvieto. or violins, in five parts (1605). oscar und oso and composer. ossian, overture for do.. ostec-oratorium. oswald, durham. other other authors. other cantatas other church music. other compositions in lamen- antwerp, 1574). other compositions iu ms. other for twelve voices. other great italian masters. other masses were pub(venice, 1547). other master. other opera-houses. other pieces for piano- other p)ieces for pianoforte. other requiem masses others, others. other sacred pieces. others are preserved others in 1585. others in manuscript. others of myrth, for 3, 4, 5, and 6 voices other songs, and music for others, written at paris other trouveres other well-known musicians. otherwise other works other works by him are in the col1545). other works lucia di lammer13 other works may be found in otlier ottani, forli, about 1780 ottavio, " dalla sua pace." ott'enwagner-catalog. otto (venice, 1570) ou chimere ou clarinette et basson (1793) ough ou haydn's " ou le menestrel ecossais, ib., ourable place among its kind. (ouseley), ouslow square, 18g8. out at florence in 1590) was wholly in the outbi'eak of the seven years' war. outbreak of the eevolution of 1830, when ou-the-main for four out of handel's outset, came to ballets out several of his compositions in 18(53 he out the following works de klapperman, ouvrages de adolphe adam. paris, 1859. ova, in the abruzzi, over- over again in paris. overcome with grief and over italy. over- pupil of reicha in over the overtiu-es for orchestra, etc. overture overture, overture, a sym- overture for overture for hautbois a neuf clefs (paris, 182g). overture for orchestra, by overture for orchestra, op. 18 (ib,). overture in overture in d overture in e, 1844 six songs for overture, pat tie ; overtures overtures, overture, san francisco, 1888. overtures for overtures, string quartets; church overture to overture to schiller's trag- overture zur einem trauerspiel, "ovid o violenza d' owing to the own account, iu 1867 became conductor of own com- aud horns own compositions own melody, expressing own names, own ouverture own pupils did. his dt-but as dramatic own works, giovanni oxford', oxford, 1810 oxford, dec. ig, 1883. oxford, july 10, 1733. o.xford, july 9, 1713. ozia, prince of betbulia p6ra on france. paris, 1820. pacifique. pacilia, pacini, naples, pacini, naples, 1841 pacity removed with the court to paddiugton, in 1856-g2, st. george's, bel- the choir padre padua, 1786 padua?) about padua, and about 1606 at the paer), paer, venice, 1791. pagauini heard him play the violin in 1836, pagnement pagnoles, paine, painter, painting by ingres paisiello. paisiello, modeua, 17g5 paisiello, najjles, paisiello, naples, pai'ts pai't-songs, paix, do., ib., 1715. palace, 1873 palace of jove paladin, 1875 palais de i'lndustrie, pale per pales flambeaux," palestrina, palestrina. palestrina bis auf die gegenwart. paliard, lyons, 1855 palice, confidant of mandane pally to palmire, do., palo tal pam^e pamphlet pamucci. panis panto- brown. pantomime, apres pan y toros, 186-1 gibraltar en paor), papal states. papers. 1693 pygmalion, 1693 papillon, operetta, text pap;\ martin, paqui1846 vert- vert, ballet, 1851 paradiso musicale (antwerp, 1596). paralysis. parentage, parentage, and his parentage, in parentage, in lowell, parentage in wentwelve voices. parental parents, in florence, italy, about pari- paride, bologna, 1684 paride, ib., 1659 paris " (paris). (paris, (paris) (paris). pari.s, paris, paris. (paris, 1529-1537) are tlie following motets ojaera buffa. (paris, 1688).--fetis paris, 1701 paris, 1728.-- fetis paris, 1768 (paris, 1780). (paris, 1791). (paris, 1794).-- fetis paris, 1810. paris, 1812, died there, 1851. paris, 1817. paris, 1833 paris, 1834. paris, 1835 paris, 1835-80. paris, 1842. paris, 1844 paris, 1851. paris, 1854. (paris, 1854).-- ft'tis, supplement, i. 289 paris, 1855-56. paris, 1856 paris, 1856. paris, 1856-59. paris, 1857. paris, 1859. paris, 1861. (paris, 1862) paris, 1864. paris, 1866. paris, 1866-78. paris, 1867. paris, 1868. paris, 1869. paris, 1869-76. paris, 186i. paris, 1870. paris, 1871. paris, 1872. paris, 1874. paris, 1875. " (paris, 1876), paris, 1876. paris, 1877. paris, 1878. paris, 1880. paris, 1881. paris, 1882. paris, 1884. paris, 1886. paris, 1888. paris, 18g2. paris, 18g9. paris about paris about 1758-84, died there in 1791. paris, academic roy ale de musique, 1845 paris after paris again. paris and london. paris, april 12, 1801. paris, april 13, 1870. paris, april 30, 1870. paris, april 5, 1877. paris, april 9, paris, at the (paris, ballard) paris, called paris conservatoire. paris, conservatoire, 1810 paris, dec. paris, dec. 10, 1779 paris, dec. 17, 1859. paris, dec. 18, 1836. paris, dec. 22, 1879. paris, dec. 6, 1806, stql living, 1888. paris, feb. 20, 1865. paris, feb. 22, 1776 paris, feb. 22, 1810. paris francesco, parish churcl, 18g8 parisian musicians of the daj'. parisian theatres. parisiennes parisiennes, parisieus, pariss, dec. 29, 1855. paris in paris, in paris, in 1806. paris in 1821. paris, in 1823, but never rejiresented. paris in 1838, london and paris in 1839. paris in 1g80, died there in 1745. parisina, op. 3 (1834-35), (paris), is a fundamental work for the study paris, iu paris, jan. paris, jan. 16, 1855. paris, jan. 26, 1796, died paris, june 5, 1693 paris, lis77-s0. paris, march 10, 1870 paris, march 22, 1817 paris, march 8, 182-4. paris, may 12, 1853. (paris, nesta che lucivi paris, nouveau theatre italien, 1764 paris, nov. 17, 1780. paris, nov. 6, 1732. paris, oct. 24, 1737. paris, oct. 31, 1825. paris, of paris, oi^era paris, pujjil of lesueur. (paris, richault) paris, sept. 14, 1811. paris, sept. 15, 1842. (paris, sieber) paris, u. d. paris until 1830. paris, where paris, where he paris, where he won paris while paris, wliere lie spent parizadeh, par le privik^ge parma, 1669 ; by caldara, vienna, 1717 parma, 1c8g by perti, florence, 1692 by parody, by ad. miiller, vienna, about 1830 pars, pars. pars. (1673) parsifal. part part, part. partanthems part au adaptation of moliere's " partenope, sofonisba, ib., participant. parties, lyons, 158g. parties (paris, parties (paris) partimenti partita della musica part, jjupil of michele partly partly set by mendelssohn). part, nnisic part of part of it has been jirinted. part of the 16th century. part of the 18th century, died in 1805. part of the hero was sustained by gio- parts, parts. parts), parts (milan, 1626). parts of part songs, part-songs part-songs, part-songs. part songs and part songs for four male voices, parts were parts, with par un baiscr de par un dilettante. antwerp, par une abeille et pascal bailou paslitanies, hymns, etc. pasquale pasquale's nepliew, ernesto. passage du regiment, 1832. passage of handel's passagio del mar rosso passion. passione di gesti cristo, do passion in berlin in 1829, a century after passioue di gesii cristo, vienun, 1730 past pastor pastoral pastorales pastorale, text pastoral mass pastoral mass for four voices pastoral, op. 27 pastorals, pastoral serenata patrick's eve, 1832 patrie patriotic patriotic work, the libretto of patroci- the bach-gesellschaft, 1861. patronage. patti (born at pauipani, italy, paul cliipp, harpist pauline pauline lucca. pauline, operetta pauline viardot, and in 1866, with mile paul's ca- paul's church, cleveland. paulsen, a dane, his pavia, 1774 pavilion pavilly (seine-inferieure), sept. pays des bijoux, 1876. pbale, op. 4:1 peared in 1687. a full list of his works is pe^chum peculiarly pedales, ou pedant, amours de cupi- pedro pedro signor giuseppe peiforming pelia. pella at the pella at viterbo, then (1681) of the cathe- pella in pella, in pella of san marco, venice. pelle at pelle des luvalides. pelle, june 24, 1810, pellmeister to pen a, penalty of a forfeit. penco. pendant, la jsrudeuza giovenile, which he pendule; la grande demoiselle. penelope, naples, penhout. penii., where he now until 1789 became pen, mainz, 1792. pennsylva- penseroso, ed pensioned by the due d'orleans. works pentecost cantata (1746) pentecost music amen pepe-hillo pepin's camj^aigu, 174.5 pepys heard him sing at lord per- perato, (percy's eelique.s, ix. perdue, opi'ra-cosentinelle perdu et dred times. perfected in 1831. perfected the fingering in 1569. perfecting his violoncello playing. perforiued performance. performance) performance, and of performance, berlin ojsera, nov. 6, 1841 performance of der freischiitz, performances that j. s. bach walked fifty performed performed) performed 1869 performed. among the best of his works performed at the milwaukee performed at the wolverhampton performed by the performed, ii. les troyens a carthage, performed. le desert, ode-symphony, 1844 performed on the organ, clarinet, performer on the performetl at the king's theatre, lon- pergola, pergolesi. peri, peri himself took the j)art of perillo, venice, 1769 period period, period. period he wrote, periodicals of periodicals, those in french, period than his brother. peri, op. 42 (1862) permanent ajjpoint- zampa. peror's death iu the perrault. perrin et cambert," in pers persee (with eebel, francceur and persiani, parma, 1827 persisted person. persuis, persuis, and pertarido, re de' longobardi, pertine omnium, etc. (ib., 1589) perugia about pescetti, london, pescetti, venice, 1740 pessa, ojsera bufta, op. 101, loudon, king's (pesth, pesth, pesth, 1826 pesth, 1828 pet dove. the subject is an peter cornelius, weimar, 1865. le cid, petersburg petersburg, petersburg. petersburg, 1706j. natas. petersburg, 17gg petersburg, 1852 petersburg, 1852) petersburg, 1872. petersburg, in 1843, petersburg, march 5, 1804 karl blum, petersburg with much favour. petis -- petis p'etis. petis, supplement, i. 145. petit bonhoinme vit petite cantata de noi-1, 1860 petites dames du temple, 1875. petit-jan, petit souper, petreius (nuremberg, 1539-40) petrucci, petrucci, 1502) 8 four-part songs in the (petrucci, 1508). petrucei, 1503). petrus, for 5 voices petrus-klage, for petrus, oratorio petworth, peuseroso, ed pfeiferkonig, do. pfeifter (michel traugott?). phale, id. phantasie phantasie, phantasiestiicke, op. 9 pharamond (with boieldieu and kreutzer), philadelphia philadelphia, philadelphia, 1865. philemon philharmonic society, and in 1885 he con- philharmonic society, feb. philharmonic society, liverpool, 1872 of philharmonic society, loudon, 1882 philidor, london, 1779. philijjp philip haves in 1797, as organist of st. philip, king of france philippe, died phillis, philosojihen philtre, phipson, thomas lambe. phisieurs phonic, phonies phonies, a great deal of phonies, cantatas, phonies for grand orchestra phony phony society there phoses (vienna, 1785) phou, op. 135, paris, academic royale de phrase, " phrase of four phrases, and phu'ed at phy, and criticism. london, 1838. pia- piacenza and parma, 1692, piacenza, in 1707. piacenza, italy, in 1821, pianga se pianist, pianist. pianist and pianist and composer pianist and dra- pianist and organ- pianist, daughter and pupil of pianist, educated pianist, first instructed pianist he pianist, jdujail in vienna of joachim pianist, jiupil of cojjpino (milan, 1607). pianist, pupil pianist, pupil at pianist, pupil at the pianist, pupil of pianist, pupil of sclnvencke, early pianists pianist, self-taught, and pianist, son pianist, sou pianist, sou of charles vatoire pianist, studied at pianist, violoncellist, and piano- piano, eu deux cahiers, pianoforte pianoforte, pianoforte. pianoforte (1874) pianoforte and orchestra pianoforte and violin pianoforte, and violin pieces. pianoforte and violoncello pianoforte and vocal music. pianoforte at four hands, op. 27 pianoforte, etc. pianoforte exercises pianoforte for four hands, op. 41 (bonn, pianoforte (ib., leduc) pianoforte (leipsic, 1793) pianoforte (meissen) pianoforte music pianoforte music, pianoforte music; pianoforte music. pianoforte music, and songs. pianoforte music, chiefly instructive pianoforte, of fausto sanz pianoforte, op. 1 (munich, 1800). pianoforte, op. 25 (mainz) pianoforte, op. 7 pianoforte, op. 8 pianoforte, over- pianoforte pieces pianoforte pieces and songs. pianoforte pieces, and songs. pianoforte pieces songs. pianoforte player, and much sought as a pianofortes pianofortes), 12, 14. pianoforte, violin, pianoforte, with violin, op. 3 pic- piccinni, naples, piccinui, den theatre, london, feb. 25, 1738. pice, paris, pices, as a serenata, picquot, l. pic- tro di cappella at gemona in 1607. piece of workman- pieces and songs. pieces are extant. pieces are in the fitzwilliam music. pieces de diftv'rents auteurs, pieces de salon pieces for pianoforte pieces for pianoforte. pieces for pianoforte, etc. pieces for violin by pieces there are only two that pieces under the pseu- pieces written by cherubini. piedmont, piedmont. among his jiublished composi- piedmontese regiment piege, 1874 pierke, born pierluigi da palestrina. pierluigi da palestrina," etc. (rome, 1828). pierrot, pies, pieta, pieta a quattro voci (milan, 1649). pieta, signori miei. pietism later by spener's works. pifferari, ballet. pih bello), in "piissimse ac pijakovo pil at pil at the pil at the thomas- pillage, pil of pil of baillot and mirecki. pil of dr. pil of fioravanti pil of his grandfather, pils pils parish-alvars and chatterton. pimmad'alessandro, turin, about 1790 pimmalione pindar's piquant, piquant cavatina of pique, piques brutus (1793).-- fetis pique were played piramo pirarao e tisbe, flor- pirro, i pazzi pisa, jan. 31, 1878 pita, ib., 1798 piti, la pitoui ascribes to pittore e duca, piublished afterward, in 1858, in william b. piuces d'orgue (paris) piu mesta. pius rv. pixfirecourt, pizarro, all pk>ment, i. 221 mendel, ergiinz., 72. p. kunzeu place place, placed placed him in the choir of placed on an place, essai place in an orchestra place of sterndale beuuett. place their great placida, cantata, 1871 placitium plagiarism of plainle des plaisir. plaisirs plaisirs, plaj'- plaj-er, planned to comprise six volumes, of which plantade at the hague (1807), played played a concerto of played (after 1827) at church concerts with played at the played frequently iu new york by played in the played successively. played with player player, and player, b. player in player (name unknown), and valen- player of player, self- player to leopold i. in 1849. playford's musical -playing playing. playing on the musette or french bag-pipe, play the last plement, plement. plement, i. 152. plement, i. 173. plement, i. 17 mendel. plement, i. 6 riemann. plement, i. 8. ples ples, ples, 1751 ples, 1774 ples, 182g ples in 1763, died in paris in ples, may 9, 1833, still living, 1888. ples of porpora, in 1763-67. ples, san carlo, 1783 plesso." plete delia- maria's pleted, is plic-iauo, plliti'. plot plot original, plot original. plrment, i. 234 larousse. plus plus belles chansons moderues plus heureux que sage, plymouth, podesta di podesta of the province of crema, poem poem, poemes saints et poem, music by liszt, poem, "namouua." djamileh, concubine poesie (1602) poet. poeta, poetique. -- pohl, pohl, karl ferdinand. pohl, kichard. pohl, richard. poi-ello point, point. point and composition pointed cembalist pointed organist of point iu 1831. point under cherubini. poiset, charles. poiuilar in the concert room. poj)e and hughes, music by handel first p.oktniansky poli- police) polish polish opera, by polite, born polkette, folies polluce, florence, 1780 polly peachum, polonaise, polonaise de concert polonaise for do. polonaise historique polonaise, in c, op. 89 polonaises, op. 2 poloualse, op. 37 polyphemus, 112, 173 pomerania, pom* la harjje pomone, 1671 (parts pompeo magno, ponce de leon, thela durance, ib., 1794 pone, ponr pontifical pontifical chai^el pontifical chapel, pontifical chapel iu rome. pontifical chapel, j^ortions having been pub- 1823. ponzo, venice, 1766 pool philharmonic so,-* poor co-applicant. pope his populaire liegeois (1846) populaires pour quatre voix d'hommes popular. popular melodies. popular on the bohemian stage. popular songs poraries, consist of three porarj'. porary of orlando lasso. por conquista, amar porjsora, do., porpora directed the porta, munich, 1739 porte-saint- porteurs, les (the --fetis. portici. porto1815 portogallo, milan, 1794 portrait, mother shipton, ib., 1770 portrait of marie eoze portrait of pauline lucca portrait of the portraits of musicians portraits of musicians. portsmouth, 1876. portugal portugal, portugal, having pledged portuguese singer and portuo-uese musicians. porzio, organist posed posed odes, cantatas, poser poser, poser. poser and poser and harpsichord player poser can lay claim poser, contemijorary. poser, contem^jorary. poser, contemporarj'. poser, contemporary. poser, critic, poser, early part of the 16tb century. poser for bis instrument. poser, pupil at the poser's best works. posers, fac-similes posers, for organ, pianoforte, etc. (1837) posers of his day. poser, son poser, son of poser, son of pauline virginie dc-jazet, the posers who have pre-eminently cultivated positeur provencal. paris, 1866. position position, position. position as position especially position in 1812. position in 1887. position, iu positions. positions (1782) positions for position under mercadante. position under molique. position was the hymn-tune, possibly op. post at the royal chapel until 1830. (posth.) (posthumous, re31, posti postiglione di postore, postore, about 1785 pot of albania, pot-pourri for potpourris potsdam, pou- poufemo, berlin, -- pougin, pougin, arthur. pougin, boieldieu. 55. -- pougin, boieldieu, 62. pour pour by axel grandjeau, copenhagen, pour flute et piano trois pour i'orgue (1851) pour piano pour soli, poveri di gesfi power power and power. the lord hath been mindful. practica musicale " (venice, practicse practising in secret, climbing prague, prague, 187g prague at prague by kisnicek, afterwards (1732), at prague, feb. 12, 1799. prague, in 1724. prague iu about praise the lord. praise the lord with praj'er for comfort and strength prano pra (paris, 1861) fetis do., supplement, p.rasseuu prati, venice, prato, 1859. pratum musicum (antwerp, (prayer of st. cyrillus), chorus pre aux clercs (naples, precocity, predecessor, preface par charles gonnod. prefugues, op. 5 (berlin, schlesinger) preindl (ib.). church music salve eegina preise jerusalem, den herru preis gottes, cantata, prel- prelude for organ preludes and lessons, 60 pieces, oj). 33 premier en date, premier navigateur (1786) les promesses preparing to presburg, presburg, 1882. presbyterian presbyterian chui'ch presented him with a patent of uobility. present time pressburg, hungary, in and (1860-65) of pressed himself as pressed the highest pressive. (preston, london, 1791). presuntuosi, given at naples in 1776. pretty love posers, 82. preventivo d'arresta, opera previouslj'. pr., freiicb. pri- 88. priccio, op. price for orchestra, 1884 prices, variations, etc. pricre du matin, do. 1883) prieger, karl. priest priestess of the sun. primavera, loudon, 1815. prime primo primo lib. di primo libro primo libro a cinque voci (antwerp!, 1591). primo libro de' madrigali (venice, tanza primo (venice, 1g24). fi'tis primo (venice, gardano, 1547) prin- prince prince, prince (1571). prince igor, opera (ms.). prince of prince of beueveuto, with prince of saxe-coburg-gotha, princesse princess epoli princii^al compositions are principal cities. principal cities of europe, principales, op. 18 principal part. principal residence. principal works principal works are principe, principe d'. "principes de (the principles, printed. printed about pri presporku, berlioz, o-p. 19. pris prisonnier. prisonuii-re, pasticcio (with boieldieu), priucipessa filosofa, o private private family, 1686-92, then organist at 1780) privately). private music for voices. private theatricals, prix for composition, 1823. prize prize for prize for composition in 1836, and became prize for organ, in 1838 prize for solfege in 1820, prize in prize in 1822 prize in 1837 prize in 1847. prize iu 1841 prize of the societa prizes prizes in these studies. pro- probably probably, probably 171g). this was written to refute probably his son, probably in the probably march probably same proces, comcdie italienne, 17g2 processionale, 3 books processional hymn proces-vei-bal de la pro defuuctis, in produced produced an opera-corn produced at the baden-baden produced in produced in dresden, 1884 produced there, in production, but was dis- products of the profes- professor professor. professor aberle. professor at the koyal professor at the royal insti- professor in berlin in 1869. professor of professor of composition and professor of harmony and professor of harmony in 1840. professor of music at cambridge in profeta elia, do., venice, profezie evangeliche, semira- profondes. see africaine. progress, proksch in prague, prolific prolific of composers. prolog der grazien azakia. other prologue, ib., 1797 prominent music publishers and of promise, are properly an (properly productiveness. proposal was accepted, proser2:)iufe, prosjierita d' elio, segano, proske prosper absents himself to prospero protection prout, provins, prsetorian prussia. prussia, april 9, pruuelle "pr'ythee, friend, przykaz, do., psalm 122, anthem psalm 9g psalm for psalm, for psalm for four psalmi psalmodia ad vespertinas, etc. psalmorum selectorum, psalmos de vesperas, e magnificat psalms (1675) offertories (1680). psalms, 20 autiphones, 14 detached kyries, psalms, and motets psalms, and vespers for psalms, etc., published between 1652 and psalms for do. psalms for four and eight psalms, magnificats, psalms, motets, hymns, psalms quartets for strings psalms, sonets and psalms, songs and souets psalm tunes ever published. grove. pseudonym of telford. psj'che, ib., 1850 psyche, p^'tis p^tis, francois joseph. (pub. pub- pub: pubhc pubinter- pub- knowledge public. publica- fugues (lauingen, bavaria, 1587) contains public appear- public as an infant public life, and was not heard of until 1843, public schools of dayton, ohio. publio, published published. published a published after his death. published also an album of romances, published an elementary work la guida published a number of published as a supjale- published at venice published at venice by petrucci published by published by arnold, 1790, under the title published by arnold.-- rock- published by bartholf senff (leipsic). published by bassani from 1g80 to 1710, published by breitkopf & hiirtel published by choudens. published by gotthard (vi- published by ivarmrodt, iu halle. works published by jacques moderne (lyons, published by ri- published by ricordi. published by schott (mainz). published by the bachand continuo. published by thomas este (1592). published canti cento cinquauta (1503), in ambros, published compositions, of which about 50 published first by published first by walsh; full piano, op. 51 published in 1720, was reprinted by carli, published in italy (1576-1587).-retis published in lattre's 3d book of madrigals published in paris, 1533-59.-- fetis published in pauer's "alte claviermusik published in three published iu 1806. published iu july, 1832. published salmi a cinque published separately, with ad- published the following works published, vienna. published work published works published works ayres to sing and play published works cantiones published works for the harpsichord published works numbering at present published works sei published works two published works tyrocinium publisher, publishers to get withdrawn. publislied the following works pub- musicte," etc. (nuremberg, 1605 12th ed., puc- pu- forte compositions pugnani, 1757 pu^iil of his father, pui^il of his father, jacob pui^il of nardini. puj^il of tivals pujjil at the pulcheria, puliaschi's puntal, imitative style, puntist of no puntists of his century. puntists of his time pupil at pupil at breslau of franz wolf, whom pupil at colmar of pupil at the pupil at the conop. 3 pupil at the conserva; pupil at the conservatoire iu pupil at the conservatorium, leip- pupil at the paris pupil cesti) pupil in pupil, in pupil in berlin of pupil in berlin of b. pupil in composiovertures pupil in har- pupil in music. pupil in singing, pupil iu singing of pupil of pupil of alessandro scarlatti pupil of arthur thomas corfe. pupil of bazin pupil of bellon, pupil of capron on pupil of corelli. pupil of costanzo porta. pupil of czeruy, then of kalkbreuner and pupil of dubroeck on pupil of fessy in har- pupil of f. hauff. pupil of friedrich pupil of gabriele prota, of pupil of his father, pupil of johannes pupil of johanu pupil of jonas blewitt, pupil of moscheles, pupil of norblin at pupil of orazio beuevoli. pupil of padre martini. pupil of rej- and pupil of san giovanni crisostomo, 1740. pupil of the conin pupil of the naples conservatorio, pupil of zim- pupil on the pupil venice, 1705. daphue, text translated from purcell. purcell), 1697 purcell and leveridge), 1699 pureell, in purg's treatise on fugue (leipsic, 1858) puritan's daughter, 1861 putative son of mitridate put before him. -- putis. put to death by demetrius soter. pygma- pygmalion, cantata, 1783 die grazien, do., quale, eome, 1827 qualify, he never acquired the art quam quanz in composition. quartet, quartet for harp, organ, quartet for pianoforte and quartet for strings, op. quartet, in quartet in eviolin and orchestra, op. 49 quartet, op. 33 quartet-player. quartets quartets, quartets. quartets and other nnisic for quartets, anthems, quartets, etc. quartets for quartets for 2 violins, quartets for do., quartets for string quartets for strings quartets for strings, op. quartets for violin. quartets for violins quartets for wind instruments quartets, pianoforte pieces, quartetto, milan, in 1869. quarto di giugno, cantata (1860) quasi-picturesque quas vulgo motetas appellant" quaternis, quatre fils quatre oflfertoires de quattro e cinque voci (1626; 2d ed., 1628; quattro jjarti del quattro voci quattro voci (brescia, 1582) ; do. a cinque quatuor, for four, quatuor vocibus quatuor vocum (1689) quautaine, 1796. que. quedhnburg, june (queen of the queen's household, queen sophie quel quella eetra quentiu, haiuaut, quently master of quest' quichotte et saucho, ib., 1847 jeanne quichotte, following collections quichotte, theatre quicliotte quid quie de peyreville, born quiem quien quies of ferdinand vii. qu'il arrive, etc. quinault, quinault, music quinault's text, reduced to quinault, subject from the " quindecim missarum quindici, naples, teatro san carlo, 1842 quinis vocibus quino quinque, quintet, (quintet for do. quintet, for do. quintet for english horn, two quintets quintets, quintet, with qui prend facecieulx mary. quirino, and at the quis quista del vello d' oro in colco, quite quito, 1867 quitting qui va quixote, die guelfeu, quixotte, operetta, by quizzes, 1792 quod magnificat quo, na, raanelli, milan, 1h03. ra-bouife, variutes, rac. racine. ra comique, 1853 ra comique, paris, feb. 12, 1814. rac's opera, ractere, radegouda, 1867 reginella, teatro car(1852). radiu kreutzer, vienna, 1810. radoppiare, " raine. paris, 1883. rains. rajjida." rakovnik, bohemia, jan. 17, 1833, rales ramann, 293. ramis, 1725 ramphis (b. randegger. range. rank, rank among the teachers of his raphael, rapidly made himself popular with rapita di teseo, ib., 1653 rappresen- rappresentativo of cac- rara, 1713 rara, 1817 {rasoumowskij quartets), in e-flat, op. 74 in f ratcliff, given at st. petersburg, 1869 rate, rate article rately, without opus number, in 1806. rate, venice, 1785 ratisbon in ratisbou, nov. 14, 1760, died in carlsruhe, raunter, raus. rausica (brunswick, 1687), rausicie, rauzzini, and in ravvedi- ravveduta, ravveduto ravveduto, (r. c.) chui-ch in 1871-86. rckardt, re2)roductions of reactionists of the real (real realite, realizing 1,000, really dramatic style, was rebekah, oratocollege. recalled to portugal received great favours from the king, received his earliest paris, received honourable mention recitative, rect, rector at bonn rector of music at freiberg, 1728. works rector of the gymnasium zum recueil d'airs recueil pour le piano, op. 71-80 recueils re di persia, prague, 1764 re d' israele (modena, 1688) red rose," is the most popular. reduced to two reduced to two acts, aug. 31, 1821. reduce his ideas to music. re^^^e et gazette musicale. re - establishment collections. reffle (variegated refined and noble. reformations kantate (1883) refuses all. refuveille, j. a. regens chori of regina regina de' regina de' palmireni, regina, fordo.; beatus regina for one, two, and regina mingotti. registered as a regu- regulus), {reich reicha), rei:)ertory. reigen, op. 11 reinecke, lisbon, reiser, text reissmann, reissmann, 82. reissmann, august. reissmann, august. christoph willibald von rej)resented at venice in 1656, relatifs u i'art musical, etc. relief was raised religieuse, ip-ic scene religious religious comd'harmonie, for pianoforte relle. sec dame blanche. relli, represented at venice, 1794 rellstab, rels with his wife. remarkable for his wonderful powers remem- oster oratorium remo, ib., 1645 removal to renaissance, paris, nov. 20, 1878. renato, secretary renaud, renaud. renaud me rencontre, operatic comedy, 1833 rend your hearts with angels aud rene charles guilbert. reno, mme van-ghell rensac (hurault), ren's collections; rent da}-, commohis sons, charles, rentiui, 1745 reonte in rep- re pastore, given at berlin, 1753 repertoire, edited by d. buck repertories. repertories of the repetition repre- forte music. representation on june 20, 1791. represented at augsburg, april 1, 1867 represented at breslau, represented at sangeuesio, 1877. represented at the acadt'mie represented at the opera, aug. represented at the opera comique, represented at the poli- represented in venice, 1681. represented in venice, march 16, 1833 represented iu venice, at the represents the climax of repre- talent reputation. reputation), his odt/sseus, reputation in italy in 1815-20. requiem, requiem; requiem mass requiem mass, chiesa requiem masses requiem mass for 4 voices two requiem mass (milan, luc- requiem two miserere requital, are well known. resecond, do. (venice, 1596) resented at fontainebleau, oct. 18, 1752 resented at hamburg, jan. 8, 1705. resented in berlin, resented in vienna, nov. 4, 1731. resi- resides. resigned in 1814. mem1810 inspector resigned iu 1855 to resources. respire." respleudissante," has rest of the story being apocryphal. rest), telcmaquo, 1704: result. results. retical w'orks. retical writings retired from the stage in 1832. retired in retired to son- retouching. retrouve, 1787. rets, rets de saint-germain (1625) rette, by barbier, paris, 18g{j rette, ems, 1862 returned returned thither, returned to returned to augshaving returned to paris the year before. iu 1856 rev. rev., reverie (vic- review, 1886-87, 34. revisited italy in revista del revolution revolution. revolutions. revolution, symphony with choruses, brus- 1790. revue musicale. paris, 1827-33. rewritten by rewritten by morel, and set rey, the leader of the rfia de, born rha (with giraud), 1755 rheims) in 1639 (1g36 rheineck, 1779 rheinfahrt, rhineland, riah, do.; rian church, dedhaiu, mass. ria's ribellione di assalone ricercata for ricercate rich, rich. richard, richard wagehlert, richard wagner. richard wagner, composed 1860, published richard wagner's tondrama richault) rich bellermanu (1795-1874), and pupil of riche, rich in musicians, richly decorated volumes, about 1530, by richter in vienna (1880), and under liszt ricimero (1773) riconosciuto, temistocle, ib., 1736 ricordi) ricouosciuto, ridames (t. ride, ib., ridge), i. 02 rie- riedt) riehl, wilhelm heinrich. riehter, riemaini, 192. -- riemann. riemann, riemann. riemann, 144. riemann, 145 riemann, 170 riemann, lex. riemanu. riemaun. rieniaun rier, do., ib., 1856 riere, and cajacciello ries. ries j)our do. (ib.) rietei'-biedermami. rietfts, rietz, rigal, right confirmed by charles 34 rigomto. rimi atque delectabilis, rin, rin, 1817 rinaldo, rinaldo), lyric tragedy in rinas, op. 49 rind kritiken. rindustrie, amsterdam, oct. 27, 1875, for ring ringiovenito, ring, lb., 1842 rins la folle de venise rintbe, 1717 r invenzione della rio, rioardo. riode. riop. 4 rios riou ripieno. rique, rique in 1856, ris, ris, 1828).-- fctis; mendel; riemann. ris, 1868 ris, daughter of the latter. risorgimento della riss^, joseph. (rit- ritter don quixote, by ritter, frederic louis. ritter, ib., 1795. riulizza, ib., 1871. rium, 1858, of plaidy riv- rivage," in the first act. rival. rivales, rival in a rniou, ballet, bordeaux, 1819 ro- amicizia, vienna, 1718 robert de robert franz robert franz. robert franz und das deutsche robert le diable. robert schumann. robert schumann. paris, rob- germany. "works l'lle d'amour, operetta, robinet the bandit (1818) robin hood, given at covent gai'deu, 1786 robin, opera (186-1), given at riga, 1875 (robletti, robletti, robletti, 1611); 7, litanie a 8-12 voci robletti, 1620) rocblitz, rochester cathedral rock- -- rockstro, rockstro, rockstro, handel, rockstro, handel, 153 -- rockstro, handel, 183 rockstro, handel, 189 crysander, ii. 334. rockstro, william smyth. roger bontemps, fantaisies roi, roib., with organ roi d'aiigleterre, for roi des halles, roine. ro- in rome about 1(340. dramatic composer, roj'al roj-ale de rold, father and son rolled in the roma roman romance, romance of romances romances, romances. romances, chamber music, romances, chansouuettes. romances (paris) romances sans paroles romances, variations, romance, " the bravo of venice " (1804), romance with roman emperor romani firmanpe romani, music by morlaccli, given at roman legends (i3.c. 490 ?), is the sub- roman- songs. romanticist, but, with romantic opera romantic opera in del vascoucellos, 75. romauof, rome (rome, rome, rome. (rome, 1567) (rome, 1570) credo dominicalis quatuor (rome, 1600). in the santini collection, rome, 1618. (rome, 1650) litanies and psalms for five (rome, 1664, 1667) in the santini library (rome, 1677).-- fi'tis mendel, ergiinz., 1. rome, 1711. he is probably rome, 1723 rome, 1741 music by pampiui, italy, 1755 rome, 1742. he left in manuscript prinat rome, 1743 rome, 1744 by pietro pulli, naples, (rome, 1746 '?), died in london, may rome, 1754 rome, 1772 rome, 1776 rome, 1779 rome, 1780 by bianchi, naples, 178-4 by rome, 1786 rome, 1787 le quattro rome, 1790 rome, 1796 82. achille nel assedio di rome, 1798 rome, 1800 rome, 1835 rome, 1864. rome, 1g19) rome about 1650, died (?). dramatic com- rome about 1754, died (?). rome, about 1780 rome and rome, and bodenschatz has rome, auen. rome, dec. a rome, from 1759 imtil his death. rome in february, 1797. dramatic composer, rome, march, 1571. romeo and romeo und romeo was sung by rome, paris, and new york. (rome, soldi, 1600-1609) 2, salmi per li rome, teatro ron). rona, 1857 ronciglione, rondeau rondeau a la turque, rondeau pastoral, op. ronde d'emma rondo, for and rondos, fan- rondos, sosupple- rondos, variations, duos, etc. rondo, with quartet rons. ronzi de begnis. roof by night for that purpose. ropcn-a rope, r organo, rosa. rosalba, romantic opera, 1805 rosalva, rosamond, opera rose, 1874. rose. ballets rose, ib., rosina rosiua rossi, do., given at bari rossini. rossini, sa vie et ses rossini, vie de, rothlhotta, near neu- rouen rouen, (rouen, 1809) (rouen, 1835). rouen, 1835. rouge, ib., june 30, 1818 roukli, and rousseau's devin du village. rovescio, opera rowbotham, john frederick. royal royal, royal. royal chapel, turin. royale royale, 1776 (22 times in succession) royale de musique, paris, royale de musique, paris, jan. 15, 1784. royal library at royal musical director and professor, 18g0 royal society of r re face r;tia ruarj', 1841. ruary, 1874. " rubezahl " of museeus. rubini, sa vie, rubini's medee. rubinstein, op. rudhart, fr. m. rudiments of rugeley in 1824 ruhia runal, ou rus, and oreliestra ruse d'amour, 1786 ruses for male voices. ruses of a valet. rus in rus musicus." fotis. russian marches, for do. russian officers while away the russian operas russians and is exiled to kamchatka. russland, comic ruth and naomi, 1874 rutiui, rome, 1789 s3'mland as a teacher and violinist. sabilitata, ib., sabots, ib., 1768 sacchini, sacchini in 1781-82. sacchini, venice, about sachsen dramma per sa correspondance (paris, 1875) sacra,"' sacra. can tica, a 1-4 voci; sacra ouni. solemn, sacrarum sacrarum, and two sacrarum caiitio- cantata (1853). he has published sacred sacred compositions sacred music, sacre lamentazioni, etc. (1689) sacri concensus a sacri concentus, octo voci- sacri conceutus quatuor, sacrosanctib sacrre laudes (venice, 1589) sacrse cantiones, said to have been said to have been suug sailles, comic opera, given at huy, 1856 sailles in sailor's sain t- saint- saint-cecile, saint cecilia, norwich, 1866 saint-cloud, saint-germain- saint-jean d'ete (saint-just), saint-laurent, 1759 saint-laurent, paris, saint-mery. saint-michel in 1786. saint-simouiens, sais, l'. saison nouvelle," saiteuspiel salaniis, sale, sale, especially the jubilee (1857), 200,000 salem, and at the age salisbury, salle herz, dec. 10, 1854, conduct- sallustia, munich, 1753 salmi salmi a cinque voci (venice, 1626). salmi a quattro salmi boscherecci a salmi ed inni salmi vesi^ertini a do. per tutte salon salon, salon, op. 26 salpctriere, sal- poser, pupil salutaris, salvata, ojiera seria salvator salvatore, salvator rosa, salve salve eegina, for mixed salve regina for four voices salve regina, no. 1, salvina, melodramas. salvum fac regem (salzburg, salzburg, 1887. samai'kand (1864) same same as the chinzer who published some same capacity at leon in 1815-23, then from same family same kind.-- fetis, supplement, same position same subject. same subject. edwards, prima donna, i. same time same time under ravagli. same title same title. same year same year the gold same year to brussels, and in 1867 sammlung samuel and karl miiuer samuel anion ddch, samuel anton bach, san carlo san carlo for 200,000 san carlo. in 1830 he visited paris, and, sancho, by clapisson, paris, 1847 sancti sanctus for 2 choirs sanctus for five voices sanctus, in c, d, sanctus, kyries, and chants, san d'harmouie " (paris, 1802 translated by sando, sands of dee we sangarido, 3ta>cr herr ging voriiber. see jrdisches und see kreuzfahrer, die. see la dame blanche. see landliche see lucia. see masnadieri. see milano. see pos- see rigolelto. see rigoleuo. see rode- mique, 1872 see semira- telemach und kalypso (leipsic, 1794). see ,s'e- sor, london, about 1820. see slruci: see traviata. see tridia. see vemis and see virttlge sie, herr zebaoth. see zampa. see zauberflote. segi'eto d'importanza " .sei sei, sei dir, gott, seigneur, les deux cousines, seilles, seilles. sei lob und ehr seil, vienna, 1746 sein seine, divertissement seinen nicht, seine, nov. 9, 1855. sein zeitalter. seipion, ib.,"l860; sei^t. 9, seiu volk, operetta, sei voci, etc., lib. 1, (1560) sej- sejour sej^t. 25, sek, sek's compositions have selben (leipsic, 1615) selbst bear- selden, camille. selectis selectissimre seleueo, 1676 self self. self chiefly self taught. self-taught self to composition. selico selika (s.) selle des musioiens. seller dab], at sellors in sels, 1805 sels, 18151:. sels, oct. 11, 1836. selva armonica dove selvaggia, not account, semira, semiramide, semiramide, ib., 1740. semiramis, operas semi-tonato equabile, 1 jsart (1872). senach, march 31, 1703. senator, of sent sentations, sented at sented at the opera, sented in sented in cairo, egypt, dec. 24, 1871. sented in naples about 1778. sented pamela with great success. sent in 1765 by catherine h., after having sentiro, seohter, and gentiluomo, sep- separated separately by walsh separate pieces iu separation, the sephine, ou le retour de wagram, ib., 1830 seppe gadgi, afterwards (1799) in composi- 4 (sept. sept. sept. 21, 1869. sept. 26, 1799 sept. 26, 1849. sept. 28 (oct. 9), 1825. sept. 30, 1782. sept divertissements september, 1694. september, 1824, septet, for violin, viola, sept. g, 1727. seq. serenade, don quixote, for serenade pour piano, violon serenades for serenata, test seria, seria. seria, ib., ser\'ices serie 21, cantateu. series), 24 1857 series of orches- series of songs, with the series of ten (miihlhausen, 1662) seriously. serjlilsaeii babylon serteur. serva astuta, 1752 servais, " servant." servatoiium. servatoire servatoire, servatoire. servatoire in paris. servatoire of servatoire. works servatorio servatorio del buon' pastore, servatorio, he servatorium, servatorium. servatorium in 1851 servatorium, leipsic. servatoriura, leipsic (1843-46), in which service in the service of francis service of giovanni bardi, service of the services services, eight an- services in servient. servieros, music servigio di chiesa anuuale, serviti, ses ceuvres. ses ceuvres, son ca- ses oeuvres. ses poeojes d' opera, etc. set- set of set of madrigals in praise of sets aall. set sace, fabio, sets of glees of setting' is full of settled at amsterdam in 1774. settled at badeu-baden. settled at boulogne, settled at leijisic in 1836 settled in 1827. settled iu set to words by chouquet. seul seul ami fidijle. seur, seus, opera-ballet, sev- seven, and eight voices (muan, ib., 1710 seven concertos seventeen years old. his opera-comique, seventy-five years, seventy-two several), about 2,000,000 copies. several cantasongs of runeberg (1852) several cantatas ; a several churches of several collections of muzick (ib., 1719) several concert several didactic works several dixit several instruments several mo- forte. several motets several motets in ms. several of his several of his comic several of his comjiositious are several of his compositions --fetis. several of his madrigals glione. several of the former, several of the j\iarquis's friends. several op- several operettas, and several others, not several pieces for several pieces of dance music. several prizes of the several quartets, several recueils de con- mendel. several romances. several sj'mphouies several societies, several sonatas several string quartets. several theo- mario aspa. several vespers, several works on music. several years several years. several years in rome. several zarzuelas. sevilla, sevilla), italian sex et plurimum sextet, for 2 sextet for 2 horns, clarinet, sextet, for 2 violins, sextet for pianoforte and ! sextets sextets, sex vocibus, lib. 3 livro que comprehende sex vocum ad imit. mod. super flumina s. firnia sganarelopera buffa, given about 1863 shak), shakespeare. shakespeare's " shakespeare's " romeo and (1877); mass in b sham man-iage shandy, ib., 1783. grove hogarth, mus. shared with hurokl she is finally rescued by gil shepherd of admetus), opera in ship, shore, shortly before. showed show him showing the punishment show musical tal- shows a great similarity sia. sian sian, sian saxouj', dec. 22, siastic;(c) sic, sic," sic. sic, 1855. sic, 1858-60. sic, 1872. sic, 1879-82. sic, 1880-82. sic, 1886. sica concertativa, etc. sical sical director, sical director in 1775, sical education, sic also by leo, naples, 1735 sical societies of belgium. sic, a march, and a ballet for the sica votiva, etc. sic, breitkopf & hiirtel) sicb selbst erbohet sic by rossini, sic, etc. sic for adolphe adam's muhul chez sich sich der sic, hofmeister) sichord sichord (cassel, 1729) siciens celebres, sicily, jan. 6, sic in edinburgh university in 1841-43, and sic is full sic of sicol. sicse practice (ib., 1650). sic to mason's caractacus, 1776. sic to the sic was performed. sided at siderable fortune. siderable success. sides langbeiu's " poststationen sie, sie, 1867. -sieb-uikjia sie d' amore, ib., 1728 sieiens paysagistes " (1870) sielewski, siello's marchese di tulipano. siena siena, 1857 siens, a25ril 9, 1857 siens, paris, dec. 11, 1865. sier, 179-t sies parisieunes, dec. 29, 1865. (sieua, sieus, paris, jan. 5, 1861. sifecle. sight of, but sigismondo (1704) sigismund, sigis- pupil of benedict signatures, signed. significance signora signora catarina bondini. .signora catarina micelli. signora giorgi righetti. signor agnesi. signora grossi. signor antonio baglioni. signora pozzoni. signora teresa saporiti. signora vestri. signor botticelli. signor brignoli. signor costa. signor de begnis. signor felice ponziani. signor garcia. signor garcia, jr. guised as signor graziani. signorina garcia (malibran). signorina rossi. signor lublache. signor luigi bassi. signor luigi zamboni. signor mario. signor medini. signor mercuriali. signor mongini. signor pellegrini. signor tamburini. signor vitarelli. signy, siguale (1888), 113. siguora grisi. siguor rosich. siguor zucchini. siipph''- sikalische bibhotliek (1754), iv. 1 sikalischer blumen (3 vols., frankfort, 1071, 13 sikalisehe sik des 17. 18. sik-director at cassel in 1809. sikfreunde in vienna, 1861. sikheroen der neuzeit. iii. leipsic, 1887. silesia, silesia, oct. 15, 1815, silfide, ballet, given at padua, silly at silva, silver lute in 1583 for a chanson. silvia, ib., 1731 similar thing simi was, simon simplicity of its arrangement simrock) sin. sinai, oratorio, 1846 since since, since 1875 he since 1875 he has held since 1881 at leipsic. since 1886 he sin conocer, sindaco sinfouie da camera, op. 1 ultimo singer singer, singer and singer, and accompanist, from 1789 to singer at an early age. singer at the singer, dra- singers. singers and tries to teach singing. singing at the (1571) singing lessons. singing of the tenor, sings in the plaza singspiel, by sings the famous bufl'o aria, sington, sin) musical society, may 1, 1888. sinore, {sin- wind iustrume\ts sion, sional musician, sional tour, but sional tour through europe. sion and finish. sionata, op. 29 sioned him, thinking sion of philipp sions, as follows sique sique. sique aux pays-bas avant le sique, paris, dec. 1, 1783. sique, paris, sept. 3, 1838. siraniera, si^read. sir huon, ib., 1833 siria b^' metastasio. siri on the siroe, prague, 1765 sis con- sis pieces for pianoforte (1771!) sistema armonico sister of sisting entirely of his sition for orchestra, sition period sition to sition with mabellini. situations situations. siufonie a siufonie (ancona, 1588).-- fetis mendel. siugenthal (uhlaud), for baritone, mixed sive composer. siviglia, il (the bar- figaro (bar.) six, and seven voices (ib., 1597) six chansons six chansons, six concertos, six contes du foyer, en sixiesme livre des six male voices six of his songs are very popular. six solos for violin six sonatas for piano- six sonatas for two oboes six suppu'ment, i. 206 six sympbonies for eigbt parts, op. 6 sixteen. sixteen songs, duets, sixteenth sixth sixty six voices (ib., six voyces (london, 1608). six years sj)anish, sjjagnuola sj-mphonie concertante s-joart sj)ontini, sj)rightly sjsitta, i. sketch in a skill in skizzen- slacische tiinze, slave, opera, slavische taiize slav spangled sleeping beauty, bii- sleinerne herz, vien- slock- slowirek (singing bird), slumber (small clothes, red coat, and smaller theatres. small orchestra. s. m. maggiore. smyth. societe de chant classique, societies. societj-, societj', society society, society. society, mai'cli 19, 1847. society of soeur agnes, ou la sofonisba, ib., 1764 sof)ranos, bass, sogno xiii.-- ludovic sohn, sohneu) sohn georg friedrich. sohn's elia.% part soit. sojirano (sojjrano and alto). sol' soldat soldato, 1786 (soldi, soldi, 1618) soldier, rest sole heir, to the exclusion of a solemn solemn mass), performed at autwerjj, 1864 ; nicht. solemn mass. requiem solemn, psal. 6 solennelle, notre dame, 1857. solenni, solfeges progressifs, 1820 solfeggi soli soli, soli and soli for flute soli for violon- solitaire, ib., so little was he solo for flute and violoncello (1792) solo for flute (berlin), and /mfa\nl^i^ solomon, serenata, solos, etc., solos for do., op. 2 solos for the flute, and as many sombre sombre and some some accounts some are published in a collection some biographers some church music, among other some french friends spoke in some madrigals, in the some of his compo- some of his madrigals are some of his pieces are in some of the some of which be- some operas composed some popular songs. some reputation as some responsaria some string quartets, have been some time some time. (sometimes, some trouble, and brought back to sommer, herbst uud wiuter son, sona- sona di giobbe (vienna, 1736) sona- diomede, 1710 ajax, 1716 le jugement " son ami davison." sonata and other pieces sonata for sonata for 4 sonata for do., op. 10. sonata for do., with sonata for organ sonata for organ (1865) sonata for piano- sonatas, sonatas. sonatas, duos, sonatas, etc., sonatas for sonatas for daride, sonatas for do. sonatas for do., sonatas for jjianoforte. sonatas for piano- sonatas for pianoforte sonatas for pianoforte, sonatas, op. 4 sonata, with horn, in f, op. 17 sonata with orchestra. sonate concertate sonaten, (sonate pathctlque), op. sonate per cembalo (rome, 1727).-- fetis sonates faciles pour le sonates separees sonatinas, etc., op. 36, 37 waltzes, sonatinas for do., op. 20 sona,- years later soned her husband sonetti del petrarca song song of deborah and songs (17g()-87) songs and songs and duets songs and fugitive songs, and glees. songs, and misceuaueous songs and part songs and part songs songs and part-songs. fetis songs and part-songs. ^lendel. songs and pianoforte pieces. songs, and quartets for male voices. works songs, canons, and other music. songs, etc. songs.--fetis mendel. songs for songs for four voices, songs, glees, and anthems. songs made songs of tbe songs, op. songs overtures. mendel, iii. 113 erg'anz., 84 songs, part-songs, etc. songs, part-songs, etc. grove. songs; pianoforte music, etc. grove; songs, published iu 1812. songs, sixty-nine in (peters). songs, songs, and pianoforte music. songs to songs to it (kochel, 418, 419, 420), two for songs, with songs with piano: songs with pianoforte. songs, with pianoforte songs with small orches- sonliches. sonnets for five son of and son of john cosyu, who published in son of sebastian [15]. sons, melodrama. son's romance of the same title. son the elder, soon after his death (op. 97) soon after vicar-choral soon, aud a concerto soon moved to ohrdrufl" and thence, in 1788, soons, op. 19 (ib.) sophie sophocles, translated by conner, music soprani). soprano. soprano air in b-flat, of lide, iu soprano air iu f major, of soprano and pianoforte, op. 1 soprano and tenor, soprano. carlo broschi, sorelle d' italia, soria sor of music in sor of music in the uni- sort sor to victor masse. sostomo, venice, sostomo, venice, in 1708. sotterraneo, text souat:e du?e tarn aris soubrette, sous, niazoai'kas, elegies, sous-profet, opera, given at the sous uouvelles (paris, 1532-1549) souterrain south wall. in 1863, the grave having fallen soutien, souvenir, souvenir, are the most popular. souvenirs de souvenirs de f. blangini, so weit der sowinski, 150. sowinski, 160. sowiuski spade, ib., 1727 spagnuoli, rome. spain, spain, at marseilles, and spanierbans. vienna, 1874. spanish ballet, by nic. manent, spanish dramatic comaceres, spanish embassy, london, for which he spanish opera, by carnicer, special specified. spectacle in four acts, spector, until pensioned in 1758. spence's " polymetis." sperauza, naples, 1790 speravi, gradual for i spielmanu (prague, spiels." spindler, about 1790 spinner, and (spires, 1791). spirit of praise. spirito, rome, 1787 spirituels, spirituels. spit- -- spitta, --spitta, spitta, i. 8. spitta, j. s. bach, i. 1g2 (english ed., 164). spitta, j. s. bach, i. 695 spitta, philipp. spitta, quartet and bass spohr. spohr, louis. spohr's jessonda,etc. spoken sponses for the dead sposalizio di sposi in cimeuto, do., ib., 1792 spread. spriehwi'irter (proverbs) for rej)aired in 1825. sprilchsweise vorgestellet spring grove cluirch, isleworth, 1861, and sp., spianish. square, london, in 1823. s. samuele, 1724 s., sta., sta. stabat mater stabat mater, stabat mater. stabat mater, perunpublished stabat musique of the lou^te. staccato (bonn) sta. cecilia, stadt, 1821. stage. stage of the american revolution. stagioni, al- net stagno, in parma, 1783, died stance, "die stille standard cantatas, 144. st. andrew's, stanley. stanzas of ariosto's statira, principessa statua matematica, bologna, 1788. statues, staves) is preserved in stay iu 1802, and was appointed chamber st. cecilia's day (1736) st. charles's in vienna. stead that he steifen. steinach, stein er.)-- marx (berlin, 1875), ii. 159. stein, given at amsterdam, 1808 stella, etc. stella, piaeenza, 1880. steller. sten capellmeister, stendhal, stendhal, rossini, 184. stengel, hamburg theatre, 1798. step-brother stephen's cathedral. stephen's, manchester, ster sterdam, sterdam, 1883. sterdam, roger); do., op. 4 (ib.) st. helen's, london, sti-atageme decouvert, 1773 st. :\i. e. church, boston stiicke fiir khivier (17!)3) stile still classic, still held in 1528. still living, still living, 1888. still livinp:, still lying before us still more of handel. still standing. stipendiary of christ church, dublin. stitution at coblentz, stiu cultivated stiument twenty-five concertiuos, stj'le for organ (milan, 1791). stj'le of the tuscan storncllo. st. jobn. st. john's, st. john the st. mary's (1816), became professor at the st. mary's church. (stockholm, 1783, 178g); also operas, can- stockholm academy, 1798. as a teacher stockholm in stockholm in 1778, he was soon obliged to stockholm in 1860 as kapellmeister of stockholm, may 14, stones made to take their place. stood, however, that storia della musica. storico-cri- story story of story of the deser- story was st. petersburg, 1799. st. petersburg, 1852. strain of wondrous music, 1870 strain on his already strand as a means strants in the 17th century. strasburg. stravagante, stravaganze del conte, and from this mo- street, london. strega degl' in- for clarinet strehlitz, silesia, oct. 1, 1813. strelitz, strength of elijah strictly strife string string and other string instruments, op. 5, string quartet. string quartet (1865) string quartet in string quartet, in string quartet in a minor, string quartet in a minor, op. 132. string quartets string quartets concertos string rara in 1784. strings, op. 8 strings; trio etc. stro, handel, 191 stro, handel, 48. stromenti, strong. strong contrast to them, strophic verse-structure. struct a double structed, struction struction at struggle between him and pope struggles strumens strument. strumental. struments, struments. struments. --- fetis. st., saint. stu- stuart, milan, 1832; eurico di moutfort, studie. studied at studied at the milan con- studied composition studied counterconservatoire from 1806 studied counterpoint studied in studied in boston studied in flor- studied law at the studied music as studied the studied the lute and studied the piano- studied the pianoforte under studied the violin, studied under his studien. studienkopfe, hi. 319, 465 (leipsic, 1880) studies, studies. studies and arrangements. studies for studies for the organ and studies under carafa. studietl bar- studin studni (in the well), study in studying studying music (18i2-181;6), study of music. he went to paris, was pre- stunden. stunden, do. stuttgart, 1835-42. stuttgart, 1863. stuttgart, 1880-85. stuttgart, 1885. stuttgart, 1886, et seq. stuttgart, sept. 28, 1834 style style, style. style, correctly, 1602). styled benedictus, but style he imitated style is sub- subin opera comique, paris, feb. 13, 1758. subject subject, subject. subject, antiochus v. (eupator), subject are subject from subject from goethe's jery subject from marmontel's " incas," subject from the subject from the " ai-abian nights." subject from the fugues for organ (ib.) subject had been previously subject, hamburg, 1706. subject has subject, instrument. subject king zedekiah, whose overthrow subject of the subject, the subject, the deux espiegles, 1794 subject, the j'oung subject, the lermo, subject, the story of subject, the story of ai-ion subject, the story of cindertale subject, the story of s(''miramis, subject, the tragic story of comala, subsequently he re- ond wife subsequently married (1833), and his liaison substitute for jacques subtile harmonist. subvened by the goverinnent. suc- succeed. succeeded as pro- succeeded his succeeding succeeding pelham humj)hrey. success at venice in 1686. successful, and successfully, pul)lished successful of dezede's works. successful one. success in breslau, succession to his father, successively such as graduals, such as will guide such good suefios de oro, 1872 sui3j)lc'- suidplement, sui^jjle- suijplement, i. 286 mendel. suisse, do., suitable suite suite d'annette et lubin, suite de ballet for orchestra suite de pieces, op. 24 scherzo, suite for pianoforte and violin, suite in suite of suite, op. suites of duets for suites of preludes for suj)})!', sujjerbia e vanita sujjislemeut, sulamith, the song of songs, sulk sul monte gargano sultan of sunday sung sung. sung by herve, sunzioue della beata vergine sup- sup- ber of the stockholm academy, and in superb mass " je ne sup., i. 239 supi^lemont, supjilement, supjjlement, sup^jlo- supjolemeut, suppk'ment, suppkmeut, i. 234 supplanted supplement, supplement, 14. supplement, i. supplement, i. 117 mendel. supplement, i. 127 mendel, ergiinz., 48. supplement, i. 133. supplement, i. 137. supplement, i. 138. supplement, i. 15 riemaun. supplement, i. 168 mendel. supplement, i. 174. supplement, i. 185 imendel. supplement, i. 194. supplement, i. 201. supplement, i. 213 viotta. supplement, i. 263 mendeh supplement, i. 264 supplement, i. 264. supplement, i. 38. supplement, i. 82 mendel supplement, i. 9. supplements to the same supplied at the organ suppli'mcnt, suppli'ment, supplriiieut, supplt^ment, supported by senesino, suppression in sur- sur adolphe adam. surge propera (1659) sur la composition, sur la terre (1725) surnamed susato, at antwerp, in is-ts. sustained sustained. sustained by svibsequently he became organin 1610. sweden, about 1756, died there in 1835. swedish com- 1780. sweetlj', song swert, swert (1832), violinist swert, jules swiitlana, switzer- sword, 1868 sylph, was given at the lyceum. sylpliide sylvain saint-etienue, biog. de felicien sym- symbola princif)ium, symbola saxonpoluische tanze (1619) symbolum nicieum for 4 voices symidhony), symjihonie fantastique symjshony symphon}' for orchestra, 1799 3 symphonic symphonic du-val (sarthe), in 1836, still living, 1888. symphonic overture symphonie. symphonie concertante symphonien, paduane, symphonies symphonie.s, symphonies, symphonies and 1703 symphonies for 5, 6, 7, and 8 instruments, symphonies for eight parts, six symphonies supplement, symphony symphony, symphony, a sonata for symphony, by felicien david, first per- 1811). symphony, cassel, 1857 a mass tautum symphony concert symphony concerts symphony for 2 flutes symphony in c, 1856. symphony movement symptoms synijjlionie concertaute for synipliony synqihony syntaxis harmonica, 2, 3 e 4 voc. syraphonie concertante t7ade, taaffe, 1847 tableau, 1 act, tableau, for table of abbreviations. tablish in tacle, taco, given at modena, is-ll. tacquot, albert. tage gerichtet tahsmau of tailor tails, tained tained also a brilliant tained by taine, paris, theatre feydeau, 1823 taining five masses, op. 6 tains. tain teutonic severity taires. opera comique, 1824 taisie en ut mineiu'. taiues (g ballads) take taken from a russian melody. take the place tal- tale, talent for parts, tamerlano (written tamorfose a taneously on the two, and in 1849, a few tanie, tanis a quatuor vocibus, tant are tante aurore, boieldieu his tante pane tantibus tant positions, such as tantum ergo tantum ergo hj'mns psalms tantuni ergo, with do.; 2 motets for two tan turn ergo tarantella, op. 7 tarcbi, milan, tarchi, london, 1789, tare, etc. (nuremberg, 1615) tarelli, berlin, dee. 7, 1742. taria^delle asturie, tarily transferred liis taris, tarpeja, (taru-et-garoune), tary tary music, tary music. tary public, dec. 1, 1695.-- fetis, iii. 76 taserse, ib., 1721 tas, fantaisies, tas for pianoforte, tasia in f, id. tasias, for tas (ib., 1099) tasio, tasio, first set to task. tasks than he could accomplish. tas, op. 4 tata (1789).-- mendel tata, by alexander tata for ascension, for tata for do. (1874) tata, ib. tata (legend), jroem tata (mus. bac. exercise), 1877 tatif, op. 55 tation a la valse), tationes hieremifc tation of the tauft wird." taught, after taught him before taught him the rudiments of music. taught music in langenau and taught work, the first by taunton, dec. tauuud leipsic, 1838). "works the passion, tavern, published tazione del' aiiima e del corpo," tbe andante bas tbe electress of saxonj'. tbe omnipresence tbe popular tbe royal academy of music. tbe seraglio, the tbe songs tbe specidatiou tbe work tbut, das te1744 antigone, ib., 1745 te- a. becket, english opera, london, 1836. teacher, teacher. teacher of the piano- teacher of the pianoforte. teacher of vocal music. teaching, teaching. teach the j^ianoforte and teama, genoa, tear h. (1852). teati-o re, 1816 teatrali, teatro apollo, rome, feb. teatro argentina, 1869 teatro ar- op. 5 (1613) teatro bellini, teatro bellini, 1866 teatro communale, 1872.- teatro della pergola, teatro della pergola, 1784 teatro delle teatro delle damme, 1771 teatro del verme, milan, in 1876. works teatro de' ss. teatro fenice, and later a teatro nuovo, 1837 allan mac auley, ib., teatro nuovo, 1843 teatropoliteama, 1872. teatro regio, teatro rossini, 1871 teatro rossini, 1873 teatro sant' angiolo, 1702 tecbliuger on the te deuin te deum, te deum docomfort ye te deum, for eight choruses te deum pro turcorum te deums, 4 symchamber music, tei'. teinberg. tel, tel6maque, ib., dec. 16, 1806 tellen, op. 126 tellen, op. 126, telle, ojsera (ms.) tema tema con tember, 1g29. temi^orary. temistoele, achille temjaorary. temj>o tempesta (turin, 1787-96) tempio d' amore, ib., temple, paris. temporary. temps. paris, 1865. tempus ten- ten. ten asserts itself. tending from 1400 to 1569.-- fetis ten for ten masses, one tenor tenor. tenor, and bass tenor and bass. fetis mendel. tenor, and bass, op. 18 tenor in 1583 of the tenor in 1796, in the opera of tenor, pupil tenors, tenor singer, tenor singer. tenor-singer tenor singer at the tenor singers. tensively used in america. tentiarius, etc. ten voices. ten von italien. te, o cara. see puruani. ter, ter. ter), ter 1823. terano, terbilder. tered in the ter, his ter in termite, ib., 1831 termoude terms ternis, terno ter of priam. ter of the parish church. ter of this century, ter preciosa, hymn terpretation de ses ceuvtes. terprise, first at terprise in terradeglias, naples, 1737 ters ter's ters. ters), tersburg, 1808. tersdorf. ters, last ter vaiuqueur des titans, opera (with bla- terville, terwards devoted terzets, terzo libro de' madrigali a cinque voci, tessaglia (apollo in thessaly), music by tesse rosiue, tested), testimonial concei't was given tetes para se tets and anthems. tets, concertos tets for strings tets for two voices tets for violin tetti sacri, a teur teur, he began to teurs, teutsche tricinia (1603) der 150 teuvres. t>ev dorfjahrmarlt, operetta, text after byron's "corsair," london, 1873. text, as against the text asiua text by de leuven and brunswick, music text by dr. caspar, music by mendelssohn, text by ducho, music by mile text by gieseke after wieland, music by g. 1796. text by korner, music by johanu philipp text by m. henri (jaime), music by charles text by romani, text, germany, 1810 text is an text is arranged in imi- text, music by charles burney, london, t^f.ttriaard thaddeus thaddeus, who, accompanied by devilshoof, thalberg, represented thalie than than a hundred thanks are due, that capacity that catch can (1652) that country he published that date his career that denzi repaired his fortune. that he was born at bergamo. that king in 1632. he was quite celebrated that men that of s. onofrio, that of the second that period. that prince th^-atre thayer, verzeichuiss, 1-45 lenz, krit. kat- (the the " the 14gth psalm, the 16th century. the 16th century, died in 1641. the 17th century. the 17tli century. the 1818, still the 18th century; le false magie per the 19th century. the 1st prize for composition in 1863. the 2d the 2d grand prix of the institut in 1827, the academic de musique between 1687 the academie the academie roj'ale de musique. the academy of music, oct. 2, 18.54. the acadt'mie roj-ale de musique, but not the a cappella style the acquaintance of beethoven, the adelphi glee club in 1840. the adopted the age of seven, comi^osed a the air of the " alt-bachischen archive," the ar- the archiepiscopal seminary. the archives of antwerp, hertoghs. the archives of the the aria buffa the aria of nelusko, the assumption, cantata theater, theater, 1864 theater an der wien, nov. 20, 1805. theater, berlin, for three theatre, theatre. theatre (1794) as violinist, and subsequently theatre, 1878, theatre, but theatre de fopera, paris, jan. 31, 1679. theatre de i'athenee, 1872 theatre du gymnase was theatre eoyal, liege, 1858; annibal theatre, etc. theatre favart, april 8, 1795 theatre feydeau, 1791 theatre feydeau, 1815 theatre feydeau, april 19, theatre feydeau, iblo theatre feydeau, jan. 24, 1798 theatre feydeau, july 22, 1789. theatre franyais in 1775, theatre in 1865 theatre in ilarch, 1860. theatre, london, jan. 8, 1820 theatre, loudon, april 22, 1882. theatre louvois, 1791. theatre lyrique, 1862 theatre lyrique, 1866; mal- faust, op. 54 theatres theatres. works-- operas eiibezahl, given theatre taitbout, ib., march 28, 1875 la theatrical the attack by suetonius the auspices of handel's rivals the author the author also of the author of the author of a cele- the author of l' avaro, the author of macco, italian the band was transferred, in 1798, the bank of austria. the bass duet, " the beginning of the 17th century. the begiuuiug of the ergilnz., 71. (the bells of corneville), opera-comique in the benefit of the berhn miuiuergesangverein. the berlin allgemeine the best the best of their kind. the birmingham festival. the bishop the bishop of liege in 1555, and subse- the bondman, london, drury lane, 1846 the boy's further the bridal the bride>i of venice, ib., (the brigands), italian op- the brothers the brussels conservatoire, the bulk of his manuscript bequest, 244 in the cabinet, the cabinet (with braham and the caffres (with others), the cantata of the car- the carnival, 1744. the carnival, dec. 26, 1817 at the iiing's the case with ama- the catalogue the cathedral the cathedral. the cathedral at messina. the cathedral of milau the cathedral of palermo. the cathedral of ratisbon. the cathedral of soissous. the cathedral of tre: the cavatina, " grazie the chanson frauyaise, les the chapelle royale. the chapel of louis the chapel royal, in the chapel royal of the chapel royal under dr. blow. the character and comprehensive- the chief, the children the chorus, "vi- the church of nuestra dama the city, aiiiue the civil war. the clarinet, the classes of parts in which the "clavier-bach," the - clavier bach," b the closing prayer, "thou who, in might the clover blossoms, works the college of his native citj-. the college of organoxford., 1875 the collegiate church the comjioser, who westrop, london, 1875). "works the composer the composer himself sang the comte de provence, afterwards louis the con- the concerts spirituels. the conservatoire the conservatoire, the conservatoire. the conservatoire, ghent, in 1835, and the conservatoire in 1831, the conservatoire of the conservatoire, study- the conservatoire, where the conservatorio, milan, 1841 the conservatorium at leipsic. the convent of montserrat. the corner-stone the costume of the last century. the council of trent. the count of the court the court. the court organist kellner. the court theatre. the court-theatre (the crown diamonds), text by scribe and the cup, the curfew (do.) greek war-soug (t. t. the death of the death of purcell, the demands the demon (the demon), fantastic the desert shall the different arrange- voices. the divorced wife the dominion of fancy, do., the don, 1733. cephale, opera-ballet, music by (the dove), opera-coby jules barbier and thedral. thedral, dublin thedral in 1722 thedral in lucca. the dramatic composer, the dream, lon- the drury the drury lane theatre in 1735, the due de berry, june 21, 1816. the duke the eamisaigns of 1848-49, in the earliest the early part of this century. (the elder), the elder, von mikuli, and notte; the eldest son of the electress of brandenburg, which post the emperor. the end of the 16th century. the english librettos the engraving by the epistles of the erection the estates of the face. the fairy piece the fall of 1768. the family came the family vault. the famous the fantasias on the fay's the female claveciuist to the king. (the fetis the-field, the first half of the 17th century. the first in 1840. the first in 1854 and pupil of halcvj' in the first prize for solfege in 1838, the first to the following the following ai-e posthumous the following, marguerite, 1867 the following sum- the following were the following works the following works (bibl. lusit., ii. the followiug the fool in "the former booke the fortunate isles, 1841 the the fortyco.) the forty thieves), opera in four the fourth act the friendship of the marquis of the fu-st russian copetersburg, 1882 (the gar- london, in 1793. the gay the golden harand piano- (the gossips), french the grand prix de the grand stj-le. the grave of a freemason the great the great. the great, 1829 the dragon's gift, 1830 the great republic, the greek bard. the gypsi/'s warning, ib., drury the gypsj', the gypsy's prophecy (with whittaker), (the happy the har- the harji, tbe english horn, "the harmonious blacksmith," 1843 do. the head the heir the hero is charles ve. of the history the holy land the holy spirit at ferrara. the horns resound, the household of the the ice witch, hyder ali, 1831 the ideas of the ])iece has the i^eriod. theiitre fej-deau, theilg. the important the impresario, struck the impression it made upon the improve- the in- the information given the inspiration seized him the instrumentation the intricacies of their their melodic their re- their roles. the island princess (with the isle of gothland, theius the jjianoforte, the jjrivate band of the the jmusik-verein. the jnlindre theatre the king the king, and the king from isio until his death. the king of naples decorated him. the king's chapel. the konigstadische the ladies' frolic, 1770 the lady moon," a chorus by the gypsies (the lady of the laid in egypt, of which berenice the lake." the last the latter also in the latter part of his the leading himself the legion of honour. the legitimate suc- the leipsic the liberality of the acad- the library of the the libretto the libretto details the the libretto is an adaptabens." the life and works of the lily of killaruey, ib., 1862 (under the the lisbon conservatorio. the litercession (1767) salve ee; the livisible prince the london the lord the lord will comfort zion. the lyrical them the magic oak, do., ib., 1799 true friends, the maid the main choir. the manuscrif)ts of the manuscript (the marble guest, or the marble maiden, the marchese molinari, and them are the mariners, do., ib., 1793 caernarvon the masque thematisches the measvire. the melodrama almauzor. the melody, "ah, perche non the mendelssohn family, themes to a similar work the middle of the the midmusician to the the milwaukee the ministry for public instruc- the mique the mist, milan, died there in 1652. the modern french school. in 18g5 he the moon, pantomime, 1826 the most the most noted of the most noteworthy the most popular. the motif for a the mozart schol- thems the ms. thems by composers of the madrigalian the ms., in the ms. is in the ms. is in buckingham the ms. of his the ms. score them under the name of the music the musical the musical an- the musical century the musicalwoild the music hall at the the music of an earlier dramatic the music was composed them was begun for the then the naiads, op. the name the name was probably derived thence to borgo-sesia, and became a jiupil the netherlands. then for tliirty-three the night before the wed the nightingale (1867).-- sara c. bull, ole the night, which is in ms. then in hung!iry, then in paris pujjil of the then iu leipsic (1847- then of ettin the notice of the then pupil, at the hague, of then pupil in thorough-bags aud then pupil of leclair in 1740-42. he was a then self-taught then settled then under hans the nun of nidaros, do., 1878 the golden the-oder, the odor theodor, theodore theodore et jenny, the old clothesman, do., ib., 1799 the old french the old man theology, he was the one in the- op. 349 in the opera the opera, the opera comique, paris, for twenty-five the opera comique, two operas. the opera is strong in the opera of martha. the opera, paris, the opera, paris, 1759. the operas antioco, by theoperas didon, 1693 the opera was the opera was given the opera was given in naples the op^ra was lighted the oratorio, the orchestra in the the orchestras of theoretical theoretical treatise the organ and the organ, and of the organ and the harmonium. the organ in 185g, and second the organ in history (1882). the organ of york supplement, i. 145 mendel. the organ when theorj-, the ornaments in singing. theory and compo- the first in 1836. the otber the other the other, in a, for seven (the others), 1802 the others are songs, the overture, the nai- xxxiv. 393, 409 the overture was for a long time the overture was probably new and the pa- the paris conservatoire from 1829 to 1845. the paris conservatou'e the part the parties the part of the patronage the phcenix the the philharmonic society the pianoforte the pianoforte, the pianoforte. the pianoforte, and subsequently the pianoforte.-- grove fetis the pianoforte under adam in the pianoforte under liszt. the piano- times, march 1, the plot the pontifical chapel the poor sailor, do., ib., the positive man, ib., 1782 the possession of herr the pre- hann ^gidius bach [6]. the prince the prince de conti until 1769 the privations he the prize for solfege in 1847 the prize to them the propaganda of the new the prophecy, oratorio, the psalms of david, in 4 parts (paris, 1607). ther, there, 1733. there and at there, april 30, there are five of his there, aug. 13, 1842. there, but he is the recitative there, feb. 14, 1857. the reform in question was principally the regent of spain. the regular winter concerts, there his there in there is a te there, jan. 28, 1863. there, july 8, 1673. the remainder there on june 30, 1826. the principal parts the res- there was a capuchin monastery there with essipoti", remenyi, the rising the rival candidates, the rococo age, with the roman catholic church. the romance the romanza of radames, the royal academy of music, london, the royal academy of music of bennett, the royal librai-y at copenhagen, consumed the royal orchestra. the royal school of music in paris. thers, ib., the russian gazette, at moscow. the same the same episode, the same subject the same subject has the same subject is treated in the same subject, text by salvini the same year. the same year he the sarcasms of the the satirical opera, thesaurus musicus (1671) viotta. the scene figaro the score is the second the second half of the the second half of the 16th century-. the second half of the 18tb century. the second part, sept. 10, 1744. the second prize in 18'23, and the the second prize in 1826, and the the second prize in 1848, and the the secularization of these departments the seduction of the these holy voices?, op. 32 these john davis corfe (1801-187g), was for the seminary of san giovanni. the serenade; fifth do. the seventh day, cantata, 1833 these works the shade. the sleeping beauty (1805) the russian the son the sonata, the son of an acamacomplished the son served as field the soprano aria, the sphinx, valentine's (the spirit of the (the spitecomic opera, music the stage (1723) established his reputation, the stage, and devoted himself to teach1826. the stage for the standard the standard operas. the standard symphonies. the story the story of callirrhoe, the style of palestriua the sub- the subject the subject has the subject is the subject of evangelical the subject of the following (1862) the subject, the loves of the success of the sulks, oj)eretta, the sunmier wind the taking of the tempest, performed in 1676. he was the temple of duhiess, 1745 the text makes many the text of weber's preciosa. the theatre de i'ambigu-coraique, 1822. the theatre italien. the thi'atre the third the third book of that col- tion the thomasschule in the thracian chersonese. the time the time of the great the time on the the title of the first french op1582). the tonal system. the triple the troubadour, for solo, chogan, 1883 the tuileries, july 12, 1789, and at the the tune (the two queens of france), drama in four 1791 the two romances, estelle and the two were the united the university iu 1866. the use of schools (1834-39) the varietes, paris, 1853 the varietes, paris, dec. 10, 1869. (the veiled lady), the very the vienna hof-ojjer. the vio- the violin the violin. the violin, and was for years the violin (lyons, cartoux). the violin, romances, the viol lyra-way after the breaking the violoncellist the violoncello (london, 1827). the water-car lier, loudou, 1801) the waters of babylon the whole charge of whose mainte- the whole voices and orchestra the wicklow rose, manchester, 1882 2 the widow of nain, the wife of m. vauberj^-, believing the wilderness, oratorio, 1879 the wily the woman of samaria. the work the work, the work 023ens with christ's the work had the work, iu sjjite the work was successful in the work, which begins with a the world brahms found himself sud- they are the year. they number sixteen grand operas, thir- the young the younger, born the young king joash. the young vocalist, the youth they reported his they went to italy they were published they were suppressed by the police. among the zuiderkerk. in 1868 he was appointed thiius. part ii. thiius passion. things things a third third act third do. in third do., in e, op. 51 third quartet in c, op. 61 third scene, called third son of christoph thi'rese, ib., 1838 thirteen thirty-eight works published are concertos thirty-five thirty-five. thirty masses; eight requiems, and thirty-nine scores of operas, thirty-sixth year. thirty thousand, 1804 thirty years as virtuoso thirty years later. this this, this as it thisbe, cantata, this book this entirely reconsti-ucted, and this important this is dated nov. 20, 1657, this, lortzing's first opera, was this, mendelssohn's fourth oper3, 1824. this, monsigny's best this mournful work, which this opera, this pecu- violin or this position this, the chov (prague) in 1867. this, the composer's best this, the last this, the last opera this time this was followed by this was the this work this work, this work, eameau's this work ends with a little this work, handel's second italian this work, the thivitre des nouveautt's, thode thode pour flute (1799) tholdy. tholf senff (leipsic). thomas thomas, thomas and thomas attwood walm- (rome, thomas augustine thomas byrd, a gentleman of the chapel thomasschiile. thomas's orchestra iu 1884-88. thomas's trumpet, thomelin, organist of thor of madrigali concertati (venice, 1636). thorough thor theater, 1830 those still in though destined though elegant and pure in style, though hardly though his voice was sweet though they showed him to be a clever thoughts to me, etc. thou who art god thoven's friend and pupil. three acts, three acts and four tableaux, text three acts, by cherubini, florence, 1782 three acts, music by reuling, vienna, 1840 three acts, paris, three acts, text three acts, text by piave, three acts, text by ziegler, music three benedictus for 8 voices. dixit three books of motets (ib., 1602).-- 1712 three canticles-- auein gott three clarinet-concertos, three collections of three glees tution. three in 1839 three instruments, op. 12 three masses; three motets in proske's three not known) madrigali a 4 voci, lib. three parma. "u'orks three sonatas thriinen, for do., op. 19, no. 2 (1862); throned and through germany and france through germany, he through italy having returned thu- thurin, thuringia. thur sullivan, thus thusiasm ti'a at biebrich. tiana cordialis domestica tiana valedictoria tian, born tian gottlieb belcke, he tiber tibiades.-- fotis. tical tica sacra, 2, 3, tic disciple tice as a great tice figuralis (ib., 1625) ticians of the day. ticle. magnificat. tico di zacharia. tico iucivilito, dresden, 1792 tico, op. tic school. ticularly ticum b. v. tier tier, paris, ties ties. tiful tiful aria, "vedrai carino." tiibingeu, 1884. tilde, london, 1709 tile, do. tilibisoheff, tilles entitled till his death. time, time. time arnstadt, time his eyesight had time in floi-ence. about 1500 he was in time makes accessil)le time of his death. works dou sylvio de time owned by valentine hausmann. times times, times. times) times 14 choralbearbeitungen were edited times, remind us of the past. timide, 1826 tina tina. tina in c tinction, tinctoria dedicated his book, tine. tinguishable. tinivcr- tins, tinue. tioimaire des operas " (paris, 1869 tion tion, tion. tion). tional church, tionale de musitjue, in 187(5. tional library, paris. tion at the conservatoire, 1848. tion, berlin (schlesinger). tion class tioned as second chaplain. tiones (augsburg, 1540) tiones musicte, 5, 6, 7 et 8 tionibus tion in the conservatorio. tion of 4. tion of musical life there. tion of the tion of the abbc' vogler. tion of the glee club tions tions, tions. tions, 1st and 2d vol. (wolfenbiittel, hart- tions a collection, jiublished tions, after tions a lips tions also. tions are known tions consist of a tions for do., op. 3 tions for harp, op. 41 (ib., 1801) tions in tions-menuet), in e-flat tions of canons. tions of ely, tions of songs. tions of the 16th century. tions of weber's operas. tions (theme by count waldstein) in c tions the year following. tion there. tion was received tiou. tiou containing bis tiou of his literary tiquarian society has reprinted tique, op. 1 (leipsic, peters) tire tis, tis. tisbe, tische stiicke for violin tis; do., tise " 'tis sad to leave tis, supplement, i. '201. tis. supplement, i. 221. tis, supplement, i. 269. tiste, boni titan et i'aurore, ballet, 1750 title ia title, madrigali sj^irituali (venice, title of title of " rugantino " (1805). title-role, title-role. titles of his tiually the ball tiuon de tiute, op. tiute, violin, tival tival, tival in 1877. tivals at westminster abbey, in 1784 and tjm (t). tjuesta tomba oscura tjuiversitj- in 1825, tlae tled iu paris, tled with his father, tliaddeus. tlie (tlie tlie 46th psalm (ib., 1758) tlie l>ibliography tlie opera. tlie operas entitled tlie yery highest. tlie young vincenzo tliird time. tliose tlorid t'lptrumental tlute, op. to 1789 he brought out twelve operas, and to a dramatic career. to a duel, is slain, to aix, to america and to a public testimonial to to aristophanes's acharnians, 1886 to be found to benvenuto cellini), corsaire, op. 21 to be ranked with the best logen (1648) to be shut to be sung tobia, oratorio in tobias h'fitdrkh to botzen in 1794 to bring out a to bring out some ojseras tocar el violon to cassel of toccata, toccata in f-sharp minor toccata (leipsic, breitkoi^f toccata, op. 38 to charles iv., to charles i., who to charles v., at madrid, about to christ to come. to comijlete bis studies to complete his studies, and in 1798 -was to compose the so-called to corsican brothers, to die, together with nulusko, to each article to eisenach in 1732. to eke out a liveli- to england iu 1879, and was appointed to english musical history. to es- "works to e temira, 1774 to europe, to europe, and studied to face to fits of melancholy. to fly with her to four-part to further the brahms propaganda. to germanj-, in together together. tographes, etc. paris, 1843. to have to have been the son to her aflsanced. to her jealous lover to him a long and prosperous career. to himself, promising to to his first love. to his native city to his own statement, he toine et cleopatre, to introduce to introduce passages toire, toire. toire, paris toires to italy to italy. toja, to j)ass the winter in majorca. to join the rival tol cathedral un- works told told by ossian. toli, 1649 to london in 1860 to lose his to madrid. to mario. tomaschek. to mason's caractacus, 1776 to mexico. to milan. tomiso luls vittorio tomlichter album. tommaso, born in veroi. to music, to naples to enter tondichter (tone-painting, as ton festival, toni. tonkiinstler. tonkiiustlerverein tonmeister. leipsic, 1885. tonnerre (1786). tonsetzkunst, tonwerke wolfgang took place), he conducted (18g2) the or- took the took the 2d took the second, and in to one of the to paris, to paris in 1765, to paris in 1849 to paris to reside. topbeles toph, born to play the vio- to prague. to provide for his tor and director tor berlioz. tordinona. tore, do., ib., 1775. to represent the tor hugo), for contralto, op. toria, op. 91 tories, torio di torio di s. ouofrio. torio emraanuele, 1872 torio, milan. torio, performed in berlin, 1792 torios, 186 torio since 1877. torium, where he became professor in 1860, torquay, 1863, of ne^v* torship tor's office, but his tortosa, july tory tory, and a distinguished musician. tos. to schiller's jeanne d'arc, in ms., 1858 to schwein- to sing in the choir to s. j. arnold, propri- to st. cecilia's day (by pope) to stephen heller to st. petersburg. to st. petersburg to teach to succeed kerl as hof- at salzburg. to take ujj the study of ancient to tears during the performance of to temesvar, to that of his to the classic severity of to the cor- to the court. to the court iu 1812. to the date of to the duke of merseburg (1713-19). to the francs-juges, 1827 to the hindoo temples. to the king in 1683, when louis xtv. pen- to the lute and basse violl to the more to the present time. to the prince de gonti. to the prince of carignan. to the queen and royal family. t'other pipe," to the study of music. to the village delights," to the violoncello. to till manfredi's place, bocchehis work. tou- toulouse toulouse, toulouse in tour touriere, tournaillou, h. tournay and aix from her tours tours with his broth- tour through tour with von billow " tout ce qu'il vous plaira toute la to versailles, oct. 5, towards tbe close, oboes towards the close of his towards the promotion of musical to weimar through liszt in 1850, and ap- los, 61. tower town town. town, and townsend, pauline d. tra- tra, tra. tra 2 ecce panis tra (augsburg, 175jr), entitle tra, by joseph joachim, op. 11. traci tracted much notice. tracted the notice ^ trage. tragedy, tragedy "clotilde montalvi" tragedy, given in tragedy in tragedy, of the same tragic tragic opera iu tra (hambui-g, 1797). tra, ib., 1884. tra in 1817, trajano in dacia, tral concerts, transcriptions, transferred to robert bruce. translated translated by translated by arthur duke translated by m. e. von translated by natalie macfarren. tra, op. 16 tra, op. 7 trappoliere, ib., about 1795 trapunkt trarque, trasi- trauer-ode ou 94. was frag' ich traui on the trauslatiou, trautwein) 6 songs, op. trauungx cantaten trav- travail- travelled travelled for sev- john. travelled in travelled with travelled with his brother. travellers, ib., about 1815. travelling through trayo tre, " trea- treal treated by blumenroder, germany, 1824 treated in treated in the treated iu bel- treated previously by generali, in 1821. treatise treatises treatises are tre beaujolais tre choral society. trel, 41ii'me annee (paris, 1875) trente chansons t^res tres, tres in lyons and treviso, 1720 treviso, 1811 tri- tri, tria, trial and berton) tribunate di giove. tributed to palestriua, tributo de' sari, trices tried tried to escape by emigrating trieste, trieste, 1819 trieste, 1856 the rone of castile, lyceum, tries to help trifle trifle), triibst du dich, mein herz triinonio per raggiro, ib., 1779 trij) trilogy, trin- trina. trinity, trinity, and director trinity, first trio trio, trio. trio d'aftames, trio for 2 oboes and english horn, trio for 2 viouns and trio for do., op. 26 trio for piano- trio for pianoforte, trio for piauoforte, his trionfo d' trionfo della trionfo della virtu, overtures trionfo di dori (1596 antwerp, 1601) and trionfo di pallade iu arcadia, bo- trio, op. 1), 01^. 104 trios trios, trios for trios for 2 trios for do., op. trios for j)ianoforte trios for pianoforte, trios for three flutes, op. trios i will trios, songs, etc. "tristes tristia, tristram tritt auf die glaubensbahn tritto, milan, 1796 triuity, bordesley, 1884 trium lustrum, triumphal jmarch, op. 26 imeighteen pedal triumphes triumphmarsch zu trj', be ojjened troc, tro del tro di cappella tro di cappella of tro di cappella of the troila trois trois grandes trois grands duos, trois grands prix, operette, trois magnificats pour orgue, ojo. 7 trois marches trois parties (paris, 1580). tro, lib. trombone war-song tromj^eur, trompeur et 17, 1842. tromjii', tro pagliano, tro re, 1847 troubles in hungary, under eudolph 11., troupe in 1733 he is lost troup of villagers tro voci, ib., 1603. true trum- trumpet in the cavah-y school trumpets and ttouiished in the t'tudes, tudes tudway, christ church mss., tugal, as follows tui-es tuileries, the leading jjart tulbc' in tulia liberata, tume au theatre (paris, 1880), 3. tunato, ib., 1798 tunes of charles d'anjou, who was made tunio's song), operette in tuorque illse b. v., etc., antij)honal (1576) tuoso and teacher in 1820-34. tura d' organo turandot, turbulent turco ture ture. ture for orchestra turekheim (haut-rhin), ture, norvv'ich, tures, tures, and several airs (nuremberg, 1700) tures, cantatas, ture to tbe opera-comique, ture villageoise. turin, turin, 1721 turin, 1793 himmel, st. petersburg, 1799 turin, nov. 30, 1872. turn turned to jmunich in turned to paris iu 1807. turne for pianoforte and turnes turnes (170 for two voices) are turning to turno --mendel viotta. tury tury. tury, died tury, died in tury, was stiu living in 1730. tus and alcesth, from the " alcestis tus, etc., in d tus (rome, 1648) tut de france, 1844 tute, berlin. tutto il servigio per la tutto r anno a 8 voci jjiene (1651) tvu-audot, opera, given at tween 1676 and 1718. works; missa e tween the j'ears " twelve flute.-- fetis mendel. twelve monferfantasia, op. 48 twelve songs (2 twelve-voice twelve years of his twelve years old. (twenty-five twenty years old he t^wi xhiecr tn eifun. b. two also he held two, and three voices two brothers celebrated two canons for three voices, op. 7 (berlin) two choirs two distinguished pianists two horns, etc. fetis; gerber mendel. two j'ears later, harmony and counterpoint two many triumphs. two masses for male voices two misers, 1775 two movemenis two operas two operas la distruzione two opere buffe two operettas, vienna, two parts, opera, 1848 symphony in f two renew their two romances two symphonies for orchestra two theoretical works. two, three, or four parts two to eight two violins two violins and do. two violins, or tavo two violoncellos two voices. biogr. nat. de belgique, i. 271 two were posthumous. futis two years two years in tylman snsato, 1556, etc. (four books also tyrolieune de (]uartets, for 2 violins, uativita di gesti, oratorio. uberto, and ude, which uen1846, conducted by the composer. uggero il ugolino, uhdlellene portugaise, op. 224, uicbt giebt seine uicus regularis of s. uie, uien. uinfa apollo, vienna, 1743 uium musices, missa; (ib., 1591) uj) his uji to this uj)per (ukraine) in 1752, died iu st. petersburg, ulibischeff, ulisse in feazia, ulisse, itahan ulrica, a sorceress ultra u marchese sgrana, najdles, ums. demmin, 1881-82. una musque de byscaia unately killed un avrivali di se stessi, palermo, 1829 un capriccio di uncle uncle, daniel auber, was painter uncle to couperin le grand. und achtzig und der aufang der ewiykeit, ge- und dichtungen. under under alessandro scarlatti. under a papal under bernardino under coruola went under coujuro (with lojsez de ayala), ib., 1866 under dr. blow, under dr. wylde in 1849, gained under filippo under friedrich wieck, and, under garcia, in under george kingsley, in northampton, under halevy under hiller, under j. b. nadaud, under massart, gained an under mathias. under mendelssohn under obligations under pappalardo. under plaidy. under such conditions. under the abbate ottani under the care under the date, feb. under the name of under tis mendel schilling. under tritto and under wageuseil. under whom he devoted himself under zeiss. in 1846 he took the 1st und eucbe und fest- und frankreicb. und gagliardeu und hanslick, und ihre undine, norwich, 1860 und johann michael bach " (leipsic, hofmeister). undmensch. und musiker und seine werke. berlin, 1879. und stratoiiice. und werke. leipsic, 1887. undying work is une nuit a seville, 1875, and unfinished oj)era. unfortunatelj', very few of these unfortunately un genre unier-zininicrn ani) union church, boston. unita- des hochsten, unitarian church, ib. united provinces" universally believed. university university). university, aug. 28, university of california unmasks him. cagliostro, opera by unmdt. un muerto juicio del aiio 1865 (with eogel), unpublished unsere klassischen meister. unser ^lund sei voll lachens. unsuccessful. until (until (until 1552), until 1770, until 1778. until 1822. until 1830. until 1838, until 1846, until 1852, he conducted a series of until 1869, and at one time the until called in 1728 as until eclipsed until february, 1706. until his death, until his death. until his death, enjoj-ing until the un tour de uobile, 1787 uor contrapuntist." uouveau siecle, 1700 up money up music upon upon statements accepted upon the upon the public was about upon the whole, up to 1881 had published more than five -- upton, upton, upton, george p. upton helion, -- upton, standard cantatas, 124. up to the up with the ural progressions. urbani vin, etc. (1g44).-- fotis mendel. urbino, 1781 ure. ured bass. ure of charles ii. text by mosenthal, urgme, comic us, american national us, and orchestra uscript uscript. used by beethoven, to used in the seminaries (leipsic, 1832), and, utrecht in 1853 utter distress. uuder cherubiui. uu dialogo a uud kunstwerke uuiversit}' of breslau. uy uiuseuiiun, mu- may 21 [1597], vados), vaez, vagues vaij vaincue, do. vais, as organist val. val, aug. 29, 1876. valdomiro, valecour, ou un valencia. valencia in 1832. valencia, seville, valentin valentin, ou le paysan romapera, 1812 valentius, born valenzia candiano, given at mantua, 18.50 valets de valets modeles, valfiluen giubavd0fp. valier of the order of christ. vallicella, the pontifical valliure, valois, valse de concert, oj}. 59 fanfetis, valses de con- con valses de kossiui, op. 7 valuable valzer, in van beethoven. berlin, 1888. van beethoven. ml'inster, 1860. van, born at van der horst, van, in 1809 vapereau varia, march 29, 1825. variation variations variations, variations and fugue variations brillantes variations, dances, variations, etc. variations for variations for horn variations for piauoforte, op. variations (la ci darem la mano), op. 2 variations on variations on operatic variazioni d' iutavolatura variazoni, for or- varic'e, varictes varie varie, varied styles, for pianoforte, op. 124. varied themes, with flute (or violin), op 105 varies varies, varies for violin varies for violoncello varieta di fortuna in varietes, magnificats and various various comj^ositions of variously sjselled, vasco, vasco de gama vasconcellos, vasconcellos. vasconcellos, 48. vasconcellos, 71 vasconcellos, 73. vasconcellos, g7 vascoucellos. vassali, conservator of the vat le torero vatoire. vatoire from 1840 to vatoire of tulou vatore. vatorio, naples, of vatorium in berlin vatorium, leij^sic vatory vaudeville, vaudevilles and farces vaudevilles, choruses, vaudevilles, etc. vaudevilles, tir^-es vault), opera-coraique vauxhall gardens. veautes, vecchia, veil bach, anatur< veil des pfitres ve kegiua, with orchestral accompaniment velleda, velleda, 5 acts, libretto vello & co.) vello d' oro, creso, vemiy oreani' ven. vends des scapulaires), op. 12 venecia, venetian com- veni ad liberandum, for do. (venice, (venice). (venice, 1501 (venice, 1503) (venice, 1554); motets in "liber primus works, such as (venice, 1565). (venice, 1568) (venice, 1572) (venice, 1575). (venice, 1586). (venice, 1595). (venice, 1598, reprinted at cologne) ; its (venice, 1618) (venice, 1626) venice, 1642 venice, 1693), was an organist (venice, 1696) venice, 1697. venice, 1699 venice, 1704 venice, 1705. venice, 1722 by steffaui, hanover, 1707 venice, 1730, venice, 1754 venice, 1758 venice, 1775 venice, 1782. venice, 1788 venice, 1793 venice, 1799 venice, 17g7 venice, 1811 venice, 1820. venice, 1825 venice, 1846. venice about 1530. venice about 1530, died there about 1588 venice, english ojjera, music by thomas venice, in 1740. venice, in 1857. (venice, magni, 1666) venice, sant' angiolo, 1730 venice, teatro di san samuele, 1731. venice, teatro fenice, venice, who, after giving veni, sponsa venitiennes, 1782. vent at calcado. vento, london, 1771 vento, najjles, 1761 venus venus, 1698 venus, ballet, 1753 venus et adonis, 1697 les fetes ver, veracity of library of vera lux et gloria, but vercelli, verde had developed into a verde, represented in mantua, 1607, to cele- verdi, verdi. vernizzi, whom he vernon, and debray. verocaj, brunswick, verocaj, brunswick, 1743 verona, verona, 1878. veronse musicse magistri, vero omag- versailles, versailles, 1710. versailles, 1773, versailles the following j-ear. versally lamented. versatility. verse by ghizlanzoni. versi'es, version in version in four acts, version of his versions (4 hands), op. 17 allegro grazioso, versity versity of oxford. versity of wittenchurches at versuch "versuch vertimento ai gelosi, pavia, 1830 eurico verting verum corpus, very very a composer. very advanced age. (very celebrated), very good method for the harp (leijisic, ver^y great. very popular. very popular. he has written also very successful in verzeichniss verzeichniss (leijisic, breitkopf & hiirtel). vesjiers vesjjertina, vesoul vesper canticles vesperi, three books (rome, 1601-1609) vespers, vesperte soleranissimse, op. vespertini octo vest, (v este, (veuice, veuve omphale veux, 1816 vi. and dom pedro ii. viareggio, vicar vicar. vicar "in vice. vice entitled vice of the vice of the prince of vice, op. 104 vices of criminals, victoire victor victoria victories, victor masse, victor, paris. victory of dettingen, june 27, 1743. vicz in presburg- in vidi a piedigrotta vid teniers, etc. vie, vie. viee, born at amiens in 1763, died (?). vie, etc., de cherubini. vieima, 1702. viel bekiimmerniss. viel triibsal in vieni alla finestka. vieni amore), vieni, o cara, etc. (vienna, vienna, 1653 teti, ib., 1656 vienna, 1689 eraclio, munich, 1690.-- fo- vienna, 1692 griselda, italy, about 1700 vienna, 1727 vienna, 1749 ferrandini, munich, 1758 vienna, 1791 drama, text by tb. krebs, (vienna, 1799) vienna, 1823, but two years later he started vienna, 183g, and munich, 1839. vienna, 1847 by giuseppe lillo, three acts, vienna, 1865. vienna about 1692, london, 1707 vienna about 1776, died there in 1841. vienna, about 1828. vienna academy, 1772, of vienna (ai'taria), february, 1797 vienna, april 22, 1817, vienna, december, 1807, (vienna, diabelli) vienna during the congress of vienna in 1783, mozart added three new vienna. see helborn (coleridge), i. 09) by (vienna, strauss, vienna, wiirzburg, and other cities. the vier charakterstucke vierteljahi'sschrift viertonpoesie. vii. earlier couperins. vii'tuoso vilanelle, op. 11 (ib.) vilhaucicos. village, ville iuto germany. -- villemarest, villiers, vina, vincent! vincent wallace. vincenzo vincenzo bellini vincenzo, born in bologna vincitore vingt morceaux vino di barbara, given vio- vi. of france, viohnist and composer, pupil of viohu- vio- ing principally his own music. viol viola viola, viola and bass, in viola di gamba. viola, op. viola (paris, sieber) viola player and dramatic violas and wind instruments. violas, oj). 5 viol-da22, 1787. viol d' amore. violes, liv. 1. (paris, violettas, violin, and of joachim violin, and one violin and orchestra, in d, ojj. 77 violin at the chaj^el of st. just. violin at the conservatoire. violin concertos. violine und ihre meister, 261 violin, for pianoforte violinist and violinist and composer. violinist and harpsichord violinist, first violinist, first instructed violinist, first instructed at violinist, first instructed works violinist, his instrument. violinist in the violinist, jiupil of the violinist of repute violinist, organist, and violinist, pu- violinist, pupil violinist, pupil of violinist, pupil of corelli violinist, pupil of pugnani. violinist, settled in violinist, son of violinist, son of thomas violinist, sou of violinist, studied violinist, supposed pupil of violinlil and violin obligato, op. 13 violin obligato, op. 2 (1790) violin. of). 40 violin, op. violin, op. 1, 3 (paris) violin, op. 18. violin, op. 4 violin (paris, violin (paris, meissonnier). violin-playing in violins, violins. violins and bass, op. 18 violins and viola, op. 3 violins, op. violins, op. 7 (ib., 1677) violins quartets for flute, op. 31 violins, two violas, and bass (1670) violins, viola, violin, viola, violin, with orchestra violin with pianoforte. violoncelle et piano. violoncelle, op. 4. violoncelles. violoncellist violoncellist, violoncellist. violoncellist, pu- violoncellist, pupil of jan- violoncello, violoncello. violoncello), violoncello (brunswick, spehr) violoncello, etc. violoncello, in f, g, d, violoncello, jjupil violoncello lessons. violoncello of the royal violoncello, op. violoncello, op. 11, violoncello, op. 1 (amsterdam, 1732) duets violoncello, op. 21 violoncello, op. 3 (ib., leduc) violoncello, op. g violoncello prize in 1858. violoncello (with jarnowick) violoncel- sique, paris, sept. 28, 1747. violon- five of his violon (with panse- comique, paris, april 23, 1830. viols, was published in 1612. viopupil of platel at the conserva9, -- viotta. --viotta. viotta, henri. viotti's in public. in vir, vira salvioni. virelles, vir for four voices, etc. virginal virginia, rome, venice, 1702 virginie, ou les depaer), opera, 1821 virgins), opt'ra-bouti'e virgo parens vir- the church of st. james, prague. virtu- virtually an oiiginal virtually universal, reaching virtuoso virtuoso. virtuoso at court. virtuoso on 1720 virtuoso on the virtuoso on the clarinet virtuoso on the violin, and com- virtuoso on the violon-' virtuoso, pupil at leipsic in virtuoso, self-t a u g h t, virtuoso to the duke virtu- zeitg., xl. 607 vis- vis, vischer, friedricli theodor. visitatione, monaco, january, 1877. visited. visited euro2je in 1879 and in visited greece, and, visited london, and in 1830 was visited other cities of italy, visited paris in 1717, visited the principal cities of visits to the principal towns of visit to viskovatoff, viso, in 1590. vita, vita di domenico dragonetti. vita di g. donizetti. vita di g. donizetti (rome, 1864) vita di vincenzo bellini. vitaed vittoria della vivants (paris, 1816-17) viz., viz., fautasie.s, pavins, ?<)vj*^vjcuv vmd 283 riemann. voc, vocal vocal, and he is now (1888) conductor of vocal com2)oser, pupil schilling. vocal com- era vocal composer, j^upil of orazio vocal composer, pupil of vocal composition. vocal effects. vocal embellishmeuts, vocalization. vocalj vocal la clementina, opera, vocal music. vocal music and pianoforte. vocal. . with voce sola (1691), etc. paolucci voci voci, voci (1617) voci a cappella vocibus, voci, etc. (1807) voci, etc. (ib., 1600) voci, etc., op. voci (ib., 1596) voci, idem (1681 voci, lib. voci, lib. i. (ib., 1589) voci, libro voci, libro sesto voci (nuremberg, igoo) voci, op. voci, op. 3 (venice, 1642), etc. voci (venice, 159!)) voci (venice, 1619) voci (venice, 162g). voc. (rome, 1567) vocum vocum ad vocum, op. 7 voc, voces. vogel, vogel, bernhard. vogel, bernliard. vogel's voghera. vogler. vogler. sein leben, sein charakter, und voglia di dote e nou voglia di
Cyclopedia of Music and Musicians

Cyclopedia of Music and Musicians
John Denison Champlin

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John Denison Champlin
John Denison Champlin (1834 - 1915)




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