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Pyle Sound Isolation Recording Booth Shield - 2" Thick Foldable Studio Microphone Dampening Filter Foam Cube, Audio Acoustic Noise Isolator Platform Pads w/ Wedgie Padding, Tripod Base Stand - PSMRS08

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Description from Amazon USA :
- ELIMINATES UNWANTED NOISE: The Foldable Sound Recording Booth Shield features sound dampening foam that blocks unwanted sounds from your recordings. Creates an acoustic boundary around the microphone that improves vocal audio flow
- RECORD LIKE A PRO: Acoustic foam platform pads that block off outside noise such as air conditioning or computer fans, reduce sound reflections or echo and removes unwanted acoustic interference, the soundproof filter will let you record like a pro
- THICK WEDGIE FOAM: Includes 3 high density noise-absorbing wedgie acoustic tiles that promote mic stabilization. Unwanted audio waves and vibrations known as noise and interference, are shielded while your voice has a clear path to your microphone
- ADJUSTABLE ANGLE: The tabletop mic isolator is made portable to easily transport from the studio to the recording booth. With angle, height and depth adjustable panel design for maximum absorption. Perfect for studio recording, podcast, singing
- TRIPOD BASE: The folding isolation shield features tripod base design for stability w/ universal standard mic threading. Lets you achieve a more crisp sound preferred by music professionals. Measures 13.2 x 7.2 x 15.6 and comes in charcoal gray

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