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11 accessories found - results for FRANCE (Change geographical area)

cre8audio : NiftyBundle
- Consists of Nifty Case (incl. power supply), 2 modules, 6 patch cables and 2x 30 HP panel blanks with Cre8audio logo.- Double unipolar control voltage generator- 16 Ttouch-sensitive touch pads including LED- Generates semitone quantisation or free scale- 2 Tune buttons- 2 CV outputs: 0 - 5 V- Digi...(+)
259.00€ - Sold by Thomann
In Stock (24 hours)
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cre8audio : NiftyKEYZ
- 49-Key synth-action keyboard with aftertouch- 4x CV/Gate outputs - it can be split by keyboard zones and used polyphonic or monophonic modes- CV outputs for aftertouch- Velocity- Modwheel/LFO and expression- Clock (internal/external and clock divider)- 2x Buffered multipliers- Multimode arpeggiato...(+)
555.00€ - Sold by Thomann
In Stock (24 hours)
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cre8audio : Capt´n Big-O
- An analogue VCO including waveshaper- Waveforms: Sine, triangle, sawtooth and square waveforms- Wave folder / waveshaper patchable to any waveform or external source- Drive circuit- Linear and exponential frequency modulation (FM)- Drive and fold CV input- Hard sync input- Pulse width modulation- ...(+)
142.00€ - Sold by Thomann
In Stock (24 hours)
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cre8audio : NiftyCase
- Integrated power supply- Flying Bus Board with 10 connections- Internal dual MIDI/USB to CV/Gate interface- MIDI-In/Thru & USB- 2x CV/Gate Out: 3.5 mm jack- Audio master output: 6.3 mm mono jack- 84 HP for Eurorack modules- Installation depth: 55 mm- Power supply: +12 V / 1500 mA, -12 V / 500 mA, ...(+)
192.00€ - Sold by Thomann
In Stock (24 hours)
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cre8audio : Function Junction
- User-friendly layout- Separate ADSR, function generator, LFO and mixer sections- Fully analogue 4-stage ADSR circuit with independent controls for attack, decay, sustain and release- Developed by Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizer- Loop function for envelope cycling- Dual LFO with triangle and square ...(+)
196.00€ - Sold by Thomann
In Stock (24 hours)
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cre8audio : West Pest
- Monophonic synthesizer in West Coast style- Analogue oscillator (developed by Pittsburgh Modular Synthesiser)- Controllable via MIDI, CV and integrated key keyboard- Fully patchable- 32-Step sequencer with up to 13 storable presets- Generative sequencer mode- Bar-synchronous arpeggiator- Step sequ...(+)
245.00€ - Sold by Thomann - 2 sellers
On order
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cre8audio : East Beast
- Subtractive monophonic synthesiser- Controllable via MIDI, CV and built-in keyboard- Fully patchable - individual use of all 9 sections of the synth (oscillator, filter, envelope, VCA, LFO, multi-mod tool, sequencer, MIDI-to-CV converter and keyboard)- 32-Step sequencer with up to 13 presets- Sequ...(+)
235.00€ - Sold by Thomann
In Stock (24 hours)
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cre8audio : Nazca Noodles Pink 75
- Length: 75 cm- Narrow plug housing- 3.5 mm mono jack- Colour: Pink- Package content: 5 cables
13.00€ - Sold by Thomann
In Stock (24 hours)
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cre8audio WEST PEST
Synthétiseur monophonique de style West Coast avec éléments additifsContrôlable via MIDI, CV, et clavier à boutons intégréEntièrement patchable - utilisez les composants de West Pest comme des modules séparés avec des dispositifs externes ou réacheminez son patching interne. (C\'est comme...(+)
245.00€ - Sold by Woodbrass - 2 sellers
On order
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cre8audio NIFTYKEYZ
NiftyKEYZ, Clavier de contrôle et case Eurorack.Power and space - des amis et plus si affinités pour vos modulesPlus qu\'un simple clavier de 49 touches (avec aftertouch), le NiftyKEYZ dispose de beaucoup d\'espace pour un tas de modules au format eurorack que vous voulez y mettre. En tout, Nifty...(+)
555.00€ - Sold by Woodbrass
In Stock (24 hours)
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cre8audio EAST BEAST
East Beast, Synthétiseur monophonique soustractif de style East Coast.C\'est un très gros oscillateur que vous avez là...L\'oscillateur d\'East Beast, conçu en partenariat avec les gens trop sérieux de Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers, fait partie de leur 5ème génération d\'oscillateurs analo...(+)
235.00€ - Sold by Woodbrass
On order
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