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Arp Arp Odyssey Rev2 Grandes Touches + Sq-1

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Description from Woodbrass :
Fully positioned on the front panel for even easier access than the original. The 37-note keyboard has been set to allow for fast and easy playing with excellent action. While designing this more compact instrument in order to give it its ideal size, particular care has been taken of the keyboard so that it could offer uncompromising quality playing. In addition to the 37 notes of the keyboard, the transposition function covers a range of seven octaves. A new Drive function In order to provide an even more powerful analogue sound, a Drive button has been added as a new function. Activating the Drive allows you to distort the VCA by generating a raw and hoarse sound. New connectors including MIDI and a headphone output The original ARP Odyssey did not possess all these connectors. Based on the original Rev3, we have added new specifications in order to make it work with modern standards. A MIDI In connector and a USB-MIDI port have been added, as well as a headphone output with adjustable volume. The asymmetrical XLR outputs of the original have been made symmetrical. Original Patch cables included 3.25 Patch cables are also included. If you connect a Patch to the newly-added headphone output to the external audio input, you will produce an even more powerful sound by applying a self-feedback. If you connect GATE OUT to TRIG IN, the envelope generator will not be re-triggered, thus allowing you to play Legato. Supplied in a semi-rigid case A semi-rigid case specifically designed for the ARP Odyssey comes with this synthesizer. It displays the original ARP logo and features a quality finish in black tones. Its corrugated structure provides excellent protection against impacts and vibrations. This protection is optimized by an inner padding specifically designed for ARP Odyssey. A pocket allows you to store small objects. Specifications Keyboard: 37 notes (light touch, no velocity or aftertouch) Maximum Polyphony: 2 voices for Duophonic mode; normally monophonic Controllers Transposition position: - 2 octaves, normal, 2 octaves Proportional Chord control: b (pitch down) Pad: - 2/3 Octaves - (Modulation) Pad # (Pitch-up) Pad: 2/3 octaves Noise Generator: Noise Types: (white and pink) Portamento: Maximum speed: about 0.01 msec / oct Minimum speed: about 1.5 sec / Oct VCO (Voltage Control Oscillator) Wave forms: Sawtooth, square, pulse (Dynamic Pulse) Frequency range: VCO-1 in low-frequency mode, 0.2Hz-20Hz: VCO-1 and VCO-2 (bandwidth) 20Hz-20kHz Warm Up Drift: 1/30 semitone Pulse Width: 50% -5% Pulse Width Modulation: ADSR, 45%; LFO, 15% Voltage Controlled Response: 1V / oct Maximum Frequency Shifts: LFO sin wave, 1/2 oct; LFO square wave, 1,5 Oct; ADSR, 9 Oct; S / H, 2 October VCO1 gives priority to the lowest note, VCO2 to the highest. VCF (Voltage Control Filter) Types: low pass (1: 12 dB / oct, II and III: 24 dB / oct) Frequency range: 16Hz-16kHz Maximum usable Q: 30 Resonance: 1 / 2- self-oscillation Voltage Controlled Response: C3 (left): 0 V, C 6 (right) 3V VCA (Voltage Control Amplifier) Dynamics: 80 dB Ring Modulator: Type: Digital Input signal: VCO-1, VCO-2 (square wave) Sample and Hold: Sources: Keyboard or LFO Trigger Destination: Sawtooth and square VCO-1, Square and pink noise VCO-2 ADSR envelope generator: Attack Time: 5ms - 5 sec. Duration of Decay: 10ms - 8 seconds. Sustain level: 0-100% or Peak Release time: 15ms - 10 sec. AR envelope generator: Attack Time: 5ms - 5 seconds Release time: 10 ms - 8 seconds Controller jacks: Pedal Connector 6.35mm Portamento: monaural footswitch pedal 6.35 Audio Outputs: Low impedance: Monaural 6.35mm jack connector Maximum output level: - 20dBu @ 10 k? Output Impedance: 10 k? High impedance: Connectors: XLR Maximum output level: 4 DBu @ 1 k? Output Impedance: 330? Headphone Output: 6.35mm stereo jack connector Maximum output level: 50 mW 50 mW @ 33 ? Output Impedance: 10? External audio input: Connector: 6.35mm monaural jack Maximum input level: -10 dBu Input impedance: 22 k? MIDI connector: In USB connector: Type B CV IN / OUT jacks: CV Keyboard (IN / OUT) 1 V / oct Connector: 3.5mm monaural Gate IN / OUT jacks Gate in: 3V (minimum) Gate out: 10v, sustained notes; 0V any notes recorded Connector: 3.5mm monaural jack AC Power Adapter (DC 9V) Consumption: 6.5W Size: 502 x 380 x 120 mm Weight: 5kg Accessories: AC adapters, 6.35 jack cable, mini 3.25 jack cable, user manual, semi-rigid case. Options: KORG VP-10 volume pedal, PS-1 / PS-3 switch pedal

Seller information :Woodbrass
Place :Nantes, France
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