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Presonus : Studio One 5 Pro Crossgrade

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Description from Thomann :

- Consistent one-window philosophy
- Consistent drag-and-drop functionality
- Project page enables integrated mastering with DDP export
- Redbook CD creation and online publishing
- Show page for live performances with backing tracks, instruments and plug-in racks
- Notion-based Score View allows you to enter, edit and view grades for standard notation
- ARA-integrated Celemony Melodyne Essentials 5 included
- Aux channels for integrating external audio sources into the mixer
- Listen bus for independent listening with its own volume control
- AFL / PFL solo and inserts for room correction plugins
- Support for key switches, note controllers and MIDI polyphonic expression
- Clip Gain Envelopes for loudness adjustment without using a compressor or limiter
- Studio One Remote Assistance allows you to remotely control Studio One using an iPad or Android device
- Extended mixer scenes with selectable parameters
- Unlimited number of audio, instrument and effects channels as well as buses
- Content browser with musical search function and integrated player
- Selective import of tracks from other Studio One songs
- Pattern / step sequencer for intuitive drum and melody programming
- Arranger track with scratch pads
- Chord track as a composition aid
- Cross-track comping and editable folder tracks
- Transient detection with editable markers
- Drag-and-drop groove extraction
- Event-based effects
- Time stretching, resampling and normalization in real time
- Multi-track MIDI editing and transforming instrument tracks (Freeze)
- Export to and import from SoundCloud
- Multi-instruments for combining VST instruments including keyboard zones, arpeggiator, etc.
- Included virtual instruments: Presence XT with 14 GB library and import of foreign formats, Mai Tai, Mojito, Impact XT, SampleOne XT
- 37 Effect plug-ins, e.g. guitar amp simulation, tape delay, auto filter, fat channel, modulation effects, dynamics, reverb, etc.
- Four Note FX
- Large library of loops and samples
- AAF support for sharing songs / sessions with other DAWs
- MTC and MMC support
- Supported audio formats: WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP3
- Acid Pro 9 or newer
- Bitwig Studio 2 or newer
- Cubase 9 or newer
- Digital Performer 9 or newer
- FL Studio 12 or newer
- Live 9 or newer
- Logic Pro 9 or newer
- Mixcraft 8 or newer
- Nuendo 8 or newer
- Pro Tools 11 or newer
- Reaper 5 or newer
- Reason 10 or newer
- Samplitude Pro X4 or newer
- Sonar X2 or newer
- Tracktion Waveform 10 or newer

Seller information :Thomann
Place :Germany
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Presonus : Studio One 6 Pro Crossgrade
Presonus : Studio One 6 Pro Crossgrade

- Intuitive single-window user interface with drag-and-drop functionality throughout
- Pr<85>
≈$309.23 289.00€
ships n 24 hours
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