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"Depuis 18 ans nous vous fournissons un service gratuit et légal de téléchargement de partitions gratuites.

Si vous utilisez et appréciez, merci d'envisager un don de soutien."

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A propos de dispose en libre accès de 118427 pièces de musique gratuites: (223590 PDF , 98051 MP3 [22068 interprétations, 23899 Play-along , 51670 digitaux], 22998 MIDI), en libre accès. est une plateforme de partitions de musique légales utilisée par les musiciens du monde entier depuis 2000.  Ce réseau d’expression musicale est un service gratuit de diffusion légale de partitions et média audio. Il met en relation autant les amateurs et les professionnels dans le monde de la musique.

Nous disposons aussi d'un annuaire de sites de partitions gratuites.

Soutenez un tel projet en respectant les droits d'utilisation de ces partitions (licences ou copyright). Vous pouvez être actif en contactant les artistes, en écrivant des commentaires, en enregistrant et en diffusant vos interprétations (audio ou vidéo). Vous avez aussi la possibilité de faire des dons financiers à mais aussi aux artistes ayant activé la donation paypal sur leurs pages.

Vous trouverez aussi sur le site un guide d'achat pour les musiciens de partitions et méthodes, accessoires et instruments de musique très fournis et organisés afin d'assurer la continuité du service. Soutenez-nous en ayant le réflexe "Free-scores" pour tous vos achats en ligne dans le domaine de la pratique musicale.

Compositeurs, arrangeurs, interprètes, contributeurs

Faites vous connaître en diffusant vos partitions gratuitement, favorise vos projets musicaux.

• ajouter vos partitions PDF, enregistrements MP3, MIDI, images et vidéos
• votre page est personnalisable
• espace de vos fichiers illimités

• retour social : coeur; commentaires; contact avec les musiciens; interprétations par d'autres membes; outils de suivi
• rapport Analytics : clics et écoutes géolocalisés
• système de donation
• partage des revenus publicitaires

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Marcello Appignaniappignani-marcello
"Thank to share and spread my music!"

John Gibsonlinear-music
Américain, Vancouver
"I have been in the business of selling sheet music for 12 years and have over 650 pieces of music on my website. That is great, but I also enjoy giving away music. Every month I work up a new piece of woodwind music to give away on my email newsletter. After a couple of weeks I put the music here for everyone to download on Congratulations to the originators of free-scores! The site is easy to use for both finding music and giving it away. I use it for both. I have found all kinds of music for my own playing as well as for my students. Thanks! John Gibson, JB Linear Music"

durko elenapartiturali
"Thank you for this open , free work. You are helping me a lot with the material provided in this database and hope to have some material in return to provide you also."

Akis EliTron Triandafillouakis-elitron-triand
grec, Athens
" Thank you Free-scores and anybody who download my music.
My scores generally is in the first inspiration state and technique level.
I compose 2-3 works per day and i have no time, for special fingering, if somebody need help, or some explanation about this i'm in your services.
Very soon, i will update and upload full notation works, with fingering, expression symbols etc, also i will give to you any large and important composition who is in my desk for years and wait for specific timing.

With Love and Respect.

Koen Dejonghekoen-dejonghe
belge, Sint-Pauwels
"This site is a serious interesting place for REAL communication and interaction between composers and interpreters.

There are many quick and efficient possibilities to listen and read the score. The reactions and the contacts I made were sometimes short and sometimes longer. For instance Len Andersen does a great djob and gave already many recordings of some of my scores.Thanks to the webmaster who works hard to hold it lively with new ideas.
Keep the good djob Reny Victor!

Koen Dejonghe, Belgium"

"Victor Reny, genius, and creator of this site, offers a platform for emerging artists to receive possible recognition, and strengthen their craft; as well as established composers, who can offer leading light and wisdom and experience to those emerging artists. My own experience with free-scores has been enlightening; and has imparted to me, the feeling of inclusion in a difficult and underrated genre of music (Modern Classical) I am thrilled that free-scores also makes available scores for retail; giving weight and business sense to the support of the electronic community of musicians here, attracting visitors to the dual "free" artist portion of this splendid site. This site is different from others of similar construction: free-scores' very openness (how artists and visitors can keep in contact with one another) & visibility (the casual feel of the layout of this site; and free-scores' addenda: such as Interpreter Mp3, Videos, the Donation system, etc.) makes for a veritable experience, like a gourmet meal. Thanks a million to all involved in the upkeep of this revolutionary home for thousands of striving musicians and artists."

Lindh Tobiastobiaslindh
suédois, Bors
"Great site! Always reliable. I can access my scores wherever I travel."

Johan Titus Vries Baktitusbak
"beautiful site with many possibilitys for professional and amateur musicians. I like it very much and enjoyed the compositions of the nowadays composers. And also play some of theirs compositions. A few of my compositions you can find under "titusbak" musical greetings, Titus"

Tarkan Songurtsongur
"This is a very Good project Thank you!"

Pedro Luis Martínez Milianpedroluismartnez
cubain, CiudadPanama
" Excellent Web for musical creators. Very fectivo for promotion of the personal work.on."

Tomas Fribergminimalistmusic
suédois, Stockholm
"Over the last two years my music has been performed in Finland, Denmark, Singapore and the UK. Maybe more places but those are the one I am certain of. And it's ALL thanks to (well, maybe also because it's good music). But I am very grateful that this site exists. Thank you!"

VEZZOLI ANDREAandreavezzoli
italien, corte franca (BS)
"The free-scores site is very important for In order to spread the music of new composers, Through this site, I got to know some of my music including my friend Len Anderson who played a lot of my pieces It would be nice that the pianists play the music of new composers, but also the conductors might find interesting music on this site ... "

Breck Breck Knightbrknight
"I have found many useful pieces for guitar in solo standard notation. Free-scores has been a great find for me as a performer. I like to add the unusual or something others may have forgotten or never considered adding to their repertoire. I have run into something that has me confused. I found the pieces "Danny Boy" and "Irish Lullaby" both in dropped D tuning. I don't recall which category-maybe Romantic or Traditional. At any rate I cannot find them again. I have found many other versions and arrangements of "Danny Boy" and for all types of instruments but none for solos guitar-standard notation. Also, I can't find the arranger Gordon Gibson. brknight"

"There is only one word I can use to describe Free-Scores. That one word is "Perfect.""

Minh Tu Trantranminhtu
Viêt Nam, Hanoi
"It is a nice place to share sheet music among music lovers and musicians."

Sonic Hooveskelvin-fts
Malaisie, KualaLumpur
"I start composing music since I'm 10 years old, when I'm 12, I found a platform,"" to share my music compositions. Now, I have a lot of fans, and I also founded my music band. Thanks to "Free-" for giving this platform to share the music. LONG LIVE MUSIC, and "Free-" too."

Leonard Birchleonard-birch
australien, Albany
"I must firstly thank for the oppotunity to display my Music Scores and now Mp3's. I also must thank you general public for downloading my Music. I hope that all of you have had enjoyment with the works that I gladly share with you. Please could viewers who download these scores, leave a comment as this is the only way I will learn in composing future compositions. I would be grateful for all your e-mails and comments. All the very best hope to hear from you in the future and thank you free-scores. Leonard"

Jonathan Sargentnoviceindisguise
Américain, NA
"It was in June, 2012 that I discovered the invaluable site, and since then I have used it in so many ways. The number of free sheet-music hosted on just this one site is absolutely amazing! I have been able to find just about everything I have looked for, and have discovered some other pieces that are truly amazing.
Another aspect of, is that one can become a member / contributor, and post their own compositions and audio files, which gives beginning composers like myself a chance to be noticed, get advice, and be encouraged, while doing the same for other members yourself.
Thank you, Victor Reny, for this useful tool!
NoviceInDisguise ~ Music ~ Photography ~ Graphics"

Samuel Labrecquesamlab
canadien, Langenzersdorf
"I discovered in 2007 when I was just a beginner. I posted my first pieces, then people commented on them, and I improved my compositionnal skills. Because I have to admit, when I began, I was a musical jerk, but Free-Scores gave me a chance anyway and I want to thank them for that. Now, I think that I am figurehead on Free-Scores (I don't want to seem conceited). If I resume, is the chance of a life for a composer or arranger."

"The free-scoring helped me with the release of my work. From that site got several contacts and my scores were performed in France, Italy, Germany and other countries. And the dissemination of music for a composer is very important."

Anton Verschäupenanton-verschaupen
"Free-scores is a revolutionary, innovative media that combines social media with music appreciation (from Visitors to the site); the artists' commune (much like our 19th-Century artists were seeking to develop & maintain); and a platform for both fledgling & experienced musicians and composers, to publicize their own work as well as promote the work of others---and all at no cost! The genius behind, Victor Reny (an accomplished guitarist himself) has really proved to be pure synergy in uniting artists with audience; and deserves laurels for his brainchild. Bis, M. Reny. Et merci beaucoups pour toutes les musiques."

Agatha Blomatie-bernet
néerlandais, Arbrå
"Hi Free-scores, It's about time, that I want to say how grateful I am that this website is in the air... it gives me inspiration, to see, how my music is printed in countries all over the world. And it is a richt source of new music pieces also... Agatha Blom "

Marcelo Torcatotorca-marcelo
brésilien, Pauliceia
"Uma forma de compartilhar e conhecer novos compositores, músicas, poder tocar e ouvir, isso é uma vantagem do Free-Scores, assim como faz aproximar, músicos distantes, mostrar a ideia de cada um, e evoluir junto. É muito bom estar junto neste site."

Wagner Ortizflautawag
brésilien, Santo Andre
"O site Free-Scores é o melhor para promover o encontro de músicos de todo o mundo, isso é um modo inteligente de viabilizar novas obras, isso é oferecer oportunidade a todos talentos. Espero que nunca acabe! Parabéns pelo trabalho! Free-Scores website is the best to promote the gathering of musicians from around the world, this is a clever way of making possible new works, this is to offer opportunity to all talents. I hope it never ends! Congratulations on the job! "

Matteo Consolimatteo92
italien, Genazzano
" is a fantastic site. There are a lot of classical scores and everyone can add his own sheet music! is the chance of a life for a composer and a big library for every musician.
Thank you!

Moses Nongemosesnonge
"I am greatly restrengthened when I can sit back and click all because of free-score. Acquisition of music materials has not only been expensive but also rare to come by. With the help of this cite the impossible is now possible. I hope to complete my course in choral directing and music technology with much easy."

Stephan Benekingstephan-beneking
allemand, Berlin
"Free-Scores is a phantastic platform for composers and all people interested in (sheet) music. Thanks for setting up this space! "

José Welligton Sousa de Castrowelligtonsousa
brésilien, Pindoretama
"Through the Free-Scores, my songs were played in different parts of the world. This was very important for my development as a composer. A great incentive."

José R. Sainzjose-sainz
espagnol, Sant Quirze del Valles
"Free scores has been a great idea.
Listen to music,share music, edit the music itself and learn from others is one of the great things included in this work.
Congratulations for the great contribution to spread the music and do the music great and participatory."

Américain, NORWALK
"Where were we before FREE-SCORES?.....digging in file cabinets and shelves of music stores around the world looking for sheet music, that if we ever found, was priced too high to buy. But thanks to the genius of VICTOR RENY, a genuine master of technology (and the guitar), and his brother, they collectively gave birth to an amazing MUSIC SITE that not only offers FREE MUSIC to the world, but allows composers, arrangers, performers, and audiences alike to enjoy both the music of the masters of long ago, and the music of the budding maestros of tomorrow.

It has been my pleasure to, on-line, meet great musicians, composers and arrangers who I now embrace as my musical family and friends....from all point on the all age groups, and to amazing composers who write in all styles of music.

My joy of finding great new music (many such compositions written by the above fine composers) on Free-scores every day has resulted in a library of mp3s that I have recorded of over 4000 compositions and arrangements listened to by over 4,000,000 people world wide.... amazing site.....congratulations VICTOR RENY."

Claudia Clavel Diacodavidcsdavid5938
Philippines, Abu Dhabi
" This website is by far the best one that i have used because i can access any score from piano to orchestral work and can even view the video or audio without any charging fees. "

olamuyiwa estherestherolamuyiwa
anglais, london
"it does give you the satisfaction that you want"

Haniah Harriganbellaria
Américain, Yuma
"Hello, everyone! I am Bellaria, and I just want to say that Free scores has helped to majorly changed the way I play music. It's free, and I never need to worry about whether the music I download is arranged or not{thanks to our fellow users who kindly tell us if, or if not it is arranged}.And bonus, it generally comes with audio, or video, or both. Thanks & many kudos to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! "

M Museusmuseus
grec, VERIA
"Free-Scores is a great and friendly site. It gives the pleasure of offering and accepting. Music is just this."

Cuong Dodokiencuong
Viêt Nam
"Thank you FREE-SCORES. This is very nice service for musicians. I love this website. "

Johanna Bunnjohannapiano
" is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in any type of music. Searching for a piece of music is made easy by being able to clearly specifying the composer, title, instrumentation and more. While the collections for each composer are far from complete, there is a good amount that will satisfy anyone looking to explore or enrich their music knowledge and library without any cost. Though they may not find a certain piece they look for, there is always a suprising, enjoyable musical discovery to make at"

Nieto Moisésmoises-nieto
espagnol, El Toro
"Thanks for creating such an awesome website! It's really great for those little musicians who want to share their compositions with the world. It's very easy to use and totally free, I'm really satisfied with this site!~"

Soundararajan John Barathijohnbarathi
indien, Chennai
"I am so glad when i come to know that someone has downloaded, seen and tried to play or sing the sheet music which i have uploaded. And I thank God,,,,, but will be more happy.... and sure it help me to improve what i'm doing if i hear from you if you had used my sheet music, and am so thankful to God and for giving me this opportunity to share my hard work to be fruitful. "

rubio olgaoro
"I´m very happy you let me in your page, and want to thank you for my first free sheet that have just downloaded It´s a canzonetta from Salvator Rosa I want to learn properly ... Star Vicino Thank you"

Miguel Angel Labolidalabolida
argentin, Rio de Janeiro
"Congratulations on the initiative of a wonderful site support to the sublime Art. I am grateful for the opportunity to disclose my humble work."

"Depuis 18 ans nous vous fournissons un service gratuit et légal de téléchargement de partitions gratuites sans rien vous demander en contre-partie. Cela a été rendu possible grâce au financement interne généré par notre guide d'achat de partitions, d'accessoires et instruments de musique et par la diffusion de publicité. Mais aujourd'hui nous avons aussi besoin de votre contribution financière, aussi petite soit-elle.

Si vous utilisez et appréciez, merci d'envisager un don de soutien."

Le 20 février 2015
Victor Reny, fondateur de