Sharp, Cecil James Cecil James Sharp
Royaume-Uni Royaume-Uni
(1859 - 1924)

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Crackers de Noël
Les Crackers de Noël proviennent d'une tradition anglaise faite de surprises et de partage.

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Partitions Chorale Piano et Voix Cecil James Sharp
Folk Songs from Somerset

Folk Songs from Somerset
Cecil James Sharp

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Compositeur :Cecil James SharpCecil James Sharp (1859 - 1924)
Instrumentation :

Piano et Voix

Genre :


Dedicace :Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales
Langue :Anglais
Droit d'auteur :Public Domain
Folk Songs from Somerset gathered and edited with piano-forte accompaniment

1st Series:
1. The Seeds of Love
2. Geordie
3. The Sign of the Bonny Blue Bell
4. The Sweet Primeroses
5. Sweet Kitty
6. Mowing the Barley
7. The Unquiet Grave; or, Cold Blows the Wind
8. Blow away the Morning Dew
9. The Wraggle Taggle Gipsies, O!
10. Hares on the Mountains. 1st Version
11. Hares on the Mountains. 2nd Version
12. Bruton Town
13. As I walked through the Meadows
14. The Banks of Green Willow
15. The Trees they do Grow High
16. Shooting of his Dear
17. The Foggy Dew
18. Sheep Shearing Song
19. The Two Magicians
20. The False Bride
21. High Germany
22. Barbara Ellen
23. Lord Rendal. 1st Version
24. Lord Rendal. 2nd Version
25. Creeping Jane
26. Brennan on the Moor
27. Poor old Horse

2nd Series:
28. Earl Richard
29. I'm Seventeen come Sunday
30. Henry Martin
31. Sovay, Sovay
32. The Drowned Lover
33. The Crystal Spring
34. Green Bushes
35. Dabbling in the Dew
36. The Cornish Young Man
37. Just as the tide was a-flowing
38. Erin's Lovely Home
39. The True Lover's Farewell
40. The Little Turtle Dove
41. Tarry Trowsers
42. The Crafty Lover; or, The Lawyer Outwitted
43. Robin Hood and the Tanner
44. The Low Low Lands of Holland; or, The Maiden's Lament
45. The Broken Token
46. Sweet Europe
47. As I walked through the Meadows
48. The Irish Bull
49. Midsummer Fair
50. The Farmer's Daughter
51. The Twelve Days of Christmas. 1st Version
52. The Twelve Days of Christmas. 2nd Version
53. Dicky of Taunton Dean
54. The Painful Plough

3rd Series:
55. The Brisk Young Widow
56. The Bold Lieutenant
57. A Farmer's Son so Sweet
58. John Barleycorn. 1st Version
59. The Crabfish
60. Bingo
61. The Watchet Sailor
62. Whistle, Daughter, Whistle
63. The Keys of Heaven
64. The Lover's Tasks
65. Lord Bateman
66. O Waly, Waly
67. The Green Mossy Banks of the Lea
68. Little Sir Hugh
69. The Bold Fisherman
70. Early, Early
71. The Husbandman and Servingman
72. The Cuckoo
73. Admiral Benbow
74. The Greenland Fishery
75. Laidy Maisry
76. Farewell, Nancy
77. O Sally, My Dear
78. Brimbledon Fair; or Young Ramble-away
79. The Ship in Distress

4th Series:
80. The Rambling Sailor
81. Death and the Lady
82. The Beggar
83. The Cruel Ship's Carpenter
84. The Outlandish Knight
85. The Coasts of High Barbary
86. Jack Hall
87. The Dilly Song
88. Come all you worthy Christians
89. Gently, Johnny my Jingalo
90. John Barleycorn. 2nd Version
91. The Sheep Shearing
92. The Saucy Sailor
93. The Tree in the Wood
94. O No, John
95. Sweet Lovely Joan
96. Searching for Lambs
97. Ruggleton's Daughter of Iero
98. The Cruel Mother
99. Arise! Arise!
100. Bridgwater Fair
101. The Brisk Young Bachelor
102. The Bonny Lighter-Boy
103. James Macdonald
104. Green Broom

5th Series:
105. The Lark in the Morn
106. Jenny of the Moor
107. Bedlam
108. Blackbirds and Thrushes
109. The Barley-Mow
110. The Sprig of Thyme
111. The Pretty Ploughing-Boy
112. Mary in the Silvery Tide
113. Driving away at the Smoothing Iron
114. My Man John
115. Lord Thomas of Winesberry
116. The Green Wedding
117. Fanny Blair
118. William Taylor. 1st Version
119. William Taylor. 2nd Version
120. The Robber
121. The Briery Bush
122. Chesapeake and Shannon
123. Heave away, my Johnny (Sea Chanty)
124. Spanish Ladies (Sea Chanty)
125. The Ten Joys of Mary
126. A Christmas Carol
127. New Year's Song
128. The Apple Tree Wassail
129. Wassail Song. 1st Version
130. Wassail Song. 2nd Version
Source / Web :University of Rochester
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