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ts* tfc a pilgrimage. 104 ctjrist n)c #tra of fttjjfjtcou^ 106 christ 108 jfor a cljrtettan iharrtajjc. 10 till wrapt in extacy subline, 112 sciauttns 6 n 114 ctjc cljrtstttan jdtlgrtm. 117 $3raner for jbibiue 118 jfamtlg jbeboturn. 1--1^attl)tt of nje 11g $3ratrfe to 122 etf--ta&tcatum. 149 ftletfurti at facial shorsijtp, 150 proration.* 153 ihtesumarics' jfarctorll. 155 $?ope cnwurajjcfc. 161 "0ul 238 cf)c ^ccnptro (time. 23 g jfatn) i)e s'tanosf. 23. isaiah xlv. 7. 23tfunc 241 ^benefits* of affliction. 242 pubttc rorrtfjtg 243 snbitatidu to 244 nfcitattmi of ihcrrn. 245 (hie 246 aubatl) ri)00l fggmu. 249 ihtesltonarg ^gnux. 251 candalatian at n)c jfuntral of 253 scat!) at an infant 258 (grateful gdmotolctfcrwcnt 25 ilnrt for 260 i$lteg(0nar|> 263 c0nbtctt0ii. 27 clf--jprea*r at 353 qes'truig n)e presence of mnen?. 47 j0rtbate to0nfl[)tp. 48 clatfc nf a fsrsgtt 49 $bara\aq$. 4 ah, this sin of cov'nant-breaking 4 all hail the glorious day, 4 although i 4 before his heavenly father's face, 4 borne by angels on their wings, 4 but 4 but light and 4 canst thou on that awful day, 4 clad in raiment pure and white, 4 death 4 ever from the christian heart, 4=fe^=pfej 23: *4fic 4 forbid that i should leave thee, 4 for the joys of thy salvation 4 for this mercy, lord, we cry ; 4 give me, 4 give us in thy beloved bouse 4 glad, 4 hark 4 his bounties are free, 4 his goodness stands approved, 4 lead on, dear shepherd 4 leave us not beneath the power 4 let 4 let peace within her walls be found 4 let us feel this healing power, 4 lord christ 4 lord, obediently we'll go, 4 lo, the scene of verdure brightening 4 may we walk with god below, 4 " meet 4 mercy look'd down, with gracious eye, ^-4-nli t=4 4 oh, happy period 4 oh, when 4 praise the god of our salvation, 4 praise the lord 4 praise with love's devoutest feeling, 4 precious sabbath of the lord, 4 raised on devotion's lofty wing, 4 return, 4 season of rest 4 short 4 sing we, too, the spirit's love 4 soon must we close our race, 4 sorrow 4 souls benighted and forlorn, 4 source and giver of repose, 4 so will 4 sun of righteousness, arise 4 tell of the spirit's energies, 4 the judgment 4 " the lord 4 there is a death whose pang 4 there on his holy hill, 4 these and every secret fault, 4 throned above celestial things, 4 to-day in love descend, 4 yes 51 consolation. 56 corns to 57 - trail. aarth and heaven. a balm for every wound. a-based in abba, father, hear our cry >abbanj eimmtjj. ^abbatl) toa matte for abbe stadler abdool-mesah a blest abode, above above, above. above the skies above the starry above the vanities of time a brighter sun shall rise, a bright inheritance is ours absent from our loving lord, absent from thee, my exil'd soul abumr'3 filc&mg abuse such dying love accepted -- accept the a changing world acs: -& il acts acts, actually constituted, adagio sostenuto piano. adds more a death chant. a delightful clearness admit no slumber or surprise. adoption breathe, adore adorn a doubtful mournful band a dreary abode, advancing prepare ye the way a fair and faithless dream ? a fairer temple to thy name. a father's kind providence rules over afc=2 afchatf). afcs affctuoso affetuoso. afflicted servants' affliction afflictions afric, 'mid her deserts kneeling, af-ter after friend departs again the bowers of eden bloom. again to blow again to pay our grateful vows ages to come thy truth proclaim, agnor agnor. agonized for sin ? a grace. a grateful tribute raise ; a heavenly ah how deceitful is this heart ahl= ah, the day of grace may close ah what can mortal friends (ail, ai n)c ahban). * air. air, air. a journey to the tomb a kindly harvest crowns thy love, al>batl). alia breve. a little longer wait allays the smart all by mortal eye surveyed all cry out, all cry out, " it all earthly things forsaken, allegretto. allegro. all eternity. all glorious god what hymns of praise all his grace to prove. all his saints, all his saints adore him all i have, and all, in all times all its bliss all its vanities all my actions sanctify, all my departures from thee all my powers ; all my thoughts and words all my wealth and all all our hearts and voices raise, all our joys from mercy spring, all our kindly fruits matur'd all our maker's grand designs, all our sorrows bore all powerful, from above : all praises never-ceasing, all- seeing all shall be forgiven. all the blissful plains. all the invisible shall crowd. all their all the light of sacred story all things praise thee, all this all thy pleasure i forego all thy scenes, i love them well all thy works around thee stood, all tribes all vocal with your maker's praise all your fruits securely stor'd, ^alm almighty almighty father, speaks of thee almighty former of this wondrous plan alone alone. alone are found in thee alone be along along the realms of upper day along the world's highway, also." - alt al -tar's altars there - alt his alt his although i halt in pace, alto alto. always bid that heart rejoice. alyi^r l^r^l' amb. ambitious heights desiring, am bound a -men. a-men. ^a- men, and a- men. amending. ami; amid amid our gloom and darkness amidst eternal joy, amidst them there, amid the deepening gloom, amid the splendour of thy state among a thousand stars. among the children of thy grace, among the heathen, among them among the opening clouds of even, amt3 amtsi am walking back to god ? -- a name divinely blest, ancient of days. and, and. and 6eraphs find employ and adore the infinite. and all his goodness prove. and all his mercies prove and all our sickness heal, and all the blessings we receive, and all the glorious ranks above and all thine image give and angels joyful sing. andante. andantino staccato. and at our father's lov'd abode and awfully adore and bade our pangs remove. and balmy hour, and be and bear and bear the cross for me ? and beauty glow with charms divine. and be my advocate with god. and bend the and be reconciled to god. and be the low valley and be thou ever near us, and be thy great example mine and bidding earthly scenes farewell, and bid it reach the skies. and bids me weep no more. and bid the mourning saints and bid us go in peace. and bless the sacred hours and blossom like the rose and boast that jesus died for you. and bodies part no more. and bow before his and, breaking on the rocky strand, and brief is mercy's day and bring me near to god. and build their happy nest on high. and by and, by and by these sounds, and calm each anxious fear. and calmly wait the welcome hour, and canst thou, sinner, slight and can we ever part ? and cares and cast away their cords and change and changes them to friends. and charm my wond'ring and children learn thy ways and com- and crown the and death, our foe, dis- armed. and decks the smiling face of morn, and defence. and do thy holy will. and, drest and drop into eternity and dry my starting tears. and dry the sorrowing tear and earth exchang'd for heaven. and earth is revealing and earthly and enlightened public, and and ever. and everlasting glory won. and ever may thy praises flow and ever sing and every grief o'erflow. and every moment watch and pray; and every promise in his word and, expecting the and faith beholds the dying here, and feel a saviour's love, and find in thee a surer home. and fix it in my heart and for ever from their eyes, and found and friendship reign and friendship's and friendships, cares, and from and from his voice, his hand, and future good implore ; and gasp, and languish after home and give me strength to love thy and give us manna for the week. and gladness fills our heart. and glory ever dwells. and glory live. and glory proves, and god accepts the prayer. and grace, and grace erects our ruin'd frame, and grace to answer grace. and grateful learn and guard and and guard me and guard me with thy watchful eye, and guide our souls above. and hail'd the blest abode and hail him universal king and hands and harmony he found, and hasten to thy glorious day. --and heavy woe. and help divine implore. and here true and he who has but tears to give, and high thy banner wav'd. and his availing blood : and his love and care unceasing, and hold me with thy power and hope and hope, and hope of all below and hosts of and hymns of triumph sing. and i must hence depart, and in our priest we will rejoice, and in submissive silence hear and in the godlike nature share, and i refuse to hear ? and is the lovely shadow fled \ and it shall and jesus crucified. and jesus is for ever mine and join and join the full chor and joy and joys, and joys supreme are given and joys unknown, and joy to make it known and keep my feet from falling and labour on at thy command, " and lay them on my breast and leads to god again. and leave and let me rove no more. and let my waking thoughts arise, and let the glories of thy love, and let us mercy find and life's last ember burns and lift your souls above and light and easy to esteem and longs to see the day. and look my darkness into day. and lose herself in flight. and lose in thy murm and loud that grace proclaim and love brings back the day. and love thy and love thy praises to resound, and made and make and may, and may heaven's smiling face and may his blessing and me. and men shall confess thee, and mirth inspired the lay and more than all to me. and morning mercies from above and most and mould and mount on and mounts and mourn and mourns the present pain and mourn to and my and my songs of joy shall be and my wakeful song was heard and nations sound thy praise. and never and never leave us more. and never let me go. and night for day. and nothing know and nothing to love and nought and now returning, and now their souls begin to prove and now thy promis'd presence seek and offer all my works to thee. and oft an absent god i mourn. and oft are bath'd in tears and o my god and on my and on the new jerusalem, and on this firm assurance dwell, and on thy care depend and our and our last foe will quell and o, when i have safely pass'd and own me and owns the grateful tie and palms of victory in their hand and pardon flow. and pardon from above and pay thy death with scorn and pay to god our early vow and peace and peace and comfort find. and places, speak of thee ; and please thee more. and pleasure without end and plenty fills the plain. and portion evermore. and pour and pour the choral song. and praise, a boundless store, and praise the lord. and prayer and presents no inducement and prove thy acceptable will. and purify each inward part and raiment fit provide. and reaches to the skies and realms of joy and pure and remove our guilt and shame and rocks and dangers fill the way. and run my course with even joy, and satan's empire fell and satisfy my heart. and save from death and woe and seek the saviour's face and seek thy father's face and seraphim, and shall i fear to own thy name, and shame, and and sharpen every thorn. and sheds his love abroad and shout salvation nigfa and show a brother's love and show his praise below. and shows and show the world thy ways. and sing thy love? and sin, we shall be free and skies and skies, and smile on all around. and sometimes and somewhat of thy likeness bear. and sore dismay'd my and sorrow, and sorrow cease. and spend and spirit, all divine, and spirit be adored, and spirit, coequal, divine and stand and bow and still thy kindness, and strength and stretch thy wings, and such, and such the child whose and suffered once for me. and sup- and surprise, and sweep th' immortal string. and sweetly flowing from and sweetly whisper to my heart, and swell the loud triumphant song and swell the rapt'rous sound and swift our hands to aid. and take me up thy face to see, and take my seat above and that and the and the clouds of life are few. and the doom of eternity hangs and the fear of want remove. \ and their in- and the light of hope revealing, and the moat riolent and the modes and the pathway of peace i am losing. and the peace that from it flows and there our zealous vows complete. and the son of man,. and thine endearments know. and though and thoughts of heaven and thou, most high and holy, and thou shalt be our only god, and through the heavens sing--. and thus partake of joys above. and thy choicest blessings share. and thy rest, and trembling ask thine aid. and trust his constant care. and unholy, and unto . the lamb. and vex them and views the tempest passing by, and view thy face and voice ac and wake with praises to thy name. and warm and warm and warmer glows. and warn and we and we can almost think we gaze and weep and welcomes and welcome us on high. and we shall never, never mourn. and what and what myage, compared with thine? and when my and when my spirit soars away, and when thy members die, and where the and whether and which, if placed within and while my lips rejoice, and while our fondest hopes decay, and while we feast upon his grace, and whom and wipe the falling tear and wipe the latest tear away. and wisdom from above. and with him bear a part and with his radiance fill and witness be, and witness to thy love and power. and words and would not suffer still and wrapt in and ye perish from the way, and yet the gate of mercy find. and your death is victory. an earthly object be an entire consent. a new, celestial birth, ang. angels and men the news proclaim angels and saints angels and seraphim proclaim angels, astonish'd angels, astonish'd, angels beckon me away. angels begin the song, angels, in angels may tune their golden harps, angels stretched for flight, an-guish, anguish, an hour of peaceful anif }3 rater. ano'i an opened cage to let them fly, another another aspect all things wear. another day has pass'd along another week has swiftly flown, an - swer antioch antioch. antonia. antr antr "untie. any turn from zion's way, anzg: a pastor's voice amidst the wild. -- a pleasing sight appear in yonder cloud appears the dawn of heaven. approaching sabbath-day approbation at ^appturs*^ a ransom'd soul ^arbesrt. ardent for the coming o'er, are all sup are chanting are enough are enough tor hi are joys that cannot die, are, like myself, with fetters bound, are marching are monuments of wondrous grace, are of death afraid, are oft dissolv'd away, are one in heart. are spared are these in bright array, are the truly blest, are thine. are travelling are waiting are weak, almighty thou. arise and shine, arise before thy throne arise, my soul on wings sublime, arise, my soul, on wings sublime ari? to a river of immortal peace, arm has led me on arms of death, arne arne. around a-round, around. around me clouds around me clouds of darkness arranged for four arrests his proudest enemies, arrive at art, art light art light, art merciful and kind, art thou pale with anguish, as by the celestial host, ascended to his throne a sense of pardon brought relief, as he from heaven descends, a shepherd a shout of sacred joy ashworth as i live, a sinner saved by grace. as in thy glorious sight asj-hi ask mercy in my saviour's name, ask no more, ask not to stay {ask of me, and i will give thee --as man found." as melt as not (as numbers often do,) a spring, as strangers here below as strangers here below, as suppliants round thy mercy-seat, as the heavenly dove, as the weaned as thine. as thou hast died for me, as thy child. asunder part, as we upward wing, as ye journey, sweetly at all her foes. at $caiien. at earthly pleasures aim at evening's \ atfcfea atfci a thankful song at his at his footstool a thoughtless tongue. a t humble distance bow. at humbler distance, taste ation, at isartmjj. at last to receive us, at length at midnnj at noon and midnight hour, ator a treasure we inherit at rest. attend him rising through the sky, attending angels attend thee, at thy bleeding cross we see at thy feet, at thy gracious throne appear. at thy throne. at tty afcuatl). aturtajj efaentng. aubatfj. aufcr aught himself hath done aught of a useless cumberer of the ground, author. autr awake, my awake the day awake, ye awake, ye saints, each joyful s'ring. awake, ye saints, each joyful string. away ye dreams of mortal joy away, ye false, delusive toys, awful aw-ful awfully pealing awhile a whole eternity of love, a world above, a wretched world behind. azb^ babylon. b. a. coll bade our pangs remove. bag ^corning. balm balm for every bleeding wound, band bands, barfc at 3p;c. barlow barren hearts, barrington bar-rington barrington. p.m. bast orthe stars, which bath bc&axntian of %ian. bdjottr t\)t flora beam around my spirit there beaming beams beams display beams of bear a song away. bear every thought above. bearing bearing still the precious seed, bear the gospel banner high bear these cold beat, beauteous beauties thee adorn beautiful beautiful the sweet accord, beauty and glory are thine, beauty are beauty are growing; be calm as this impressive hour, beckon bed: before conies age's night before him. be-fore his before his footstool humbly bow, before the dust returns before the throne before thy footstool kneeling before thy footstool kneeling, before thy throne, before thy throne of grace before thy throne of grace ; before, with god who gave it, began his glorious race to run begin, and close, and crown the year. begin thy boundless sway, behind, behold the day, behold the judge appears behold the precious balm is found, behold the sacred dove, behold the tomb, be in- structed, believers doth enrich, be, lord, for ever thine " beloved saviour, haste, beloved saviour let not me beloved saviour, let not me below the sky be meeten'd for thy house above. be my constant friend and guide bend, bend. bend from thy bend from thy lofty seat above, bending low at jesu's feet, bend the bend thine ever-gracious ear beneath the billows' roar, beneath the morning beam, beneath thy feet *benefactor. be-night-ed benjamin bentley. be of sin the double cure, be our advocate with god. be our domestic altars rais'd ; be our home be our strength and stay ; bequeathed by him to -ber bers beside the smitten rock. best best, my only friend. best of bestow'd, be sung by bethlehem speed your way be thou my be thou my counsellor and friend be thy better portion trace better, rejoice in the between my home and me be unto our be used as a be wholly be with us at this solemn hour bey. beyond beyond compare, beyond our mortal thought, beyond the flight of time, beyond the reign of death, beyond these lower skies, beyond the tomb, bid contention ever cease. bid darkness turn to day, bide. bid earth bid earthly cares away, bid farewell to ev'ry fear, bid my fears depart bids all bids intruding fears depart. bids us never let him rest, bids you come ; bid the fruits of grace abound, bid the red brow'd forest ranger bid this drooping heart rejoice. bid thy drooping garden thrive. bid thy restless fears be gone bid us go in peace. bil-lows bind, bined birth black clouds are gathering fast blangini bleeding bleed-ing bleeding hearts defiled by sin blending blessed the man, blessed the man, who near thee blessing, and glory, and wisdom, blessing, honour, glory, power, blessings on the lamb for ever, blessings so divine ? blessing tho' bless the bitter, sacred cup. bless thy bless thy long deluded sight ; blest blest, blest. blest be blest be the dear uniting love blest be thy memory, and blest blest comforter blest comforter divine blest day blest saviour, then in love, blest saviour, thou art mine. blest vicissitude to blindness bliss i find. bloom and beauty cannot fail. bloom appear blooming beauty lose its charms blush -ing bmns bodies bodings cease boldly venture through. book of chants born borne borne aloft on angels' wings, born, the great anointed bo-som, faith-ful bosom's ardent feeling, bost bost. boston selection both of the bought bound bound, boundless love surveys boundless things, boundless thy compassion bounds bountiful and kind, bounty see bove bove, bove. bove the bow confess your guilt bow'd. bow me bowring bo wring bowring. bphesians i. 21. bran-ches break from his throne, break his covenant in blood, breaking. break through the clouds and shine breast breast, breast. breasts, breath breathe on us thy grace divine ; breathes, breathe soft as dewy ev'n breathe the mournful sigh, breath-less now at set of brethren ask the holy strain. bright bright, brighter far than fancy paints brighter far than this ; bright example be. bright inheritance of saints, brightly bids its radiance flow. brightly wafting thro' the gloom, bright shines the golden sun. bring bring, bringing bring me from the grave. bring relief for all complaints bring thee nigh. bring them to thy bleeding side. britons britons, now your harvest ended broken broken shatter'd walls brought the precious saviour near. brought thy mercy to my sight, brought to zion, his glory shall view. brow brown bryan \bte\m viii. btk^npca built bundance burden at his burden bear, bur-den'd burden'd as ye are with sin ? burden 'd with the weight of burder's collection bursting on the ravish'd ear burton bury the dead, and weep, but a but all the glorious anthem join ; but along that water'd vale but a vapour but a winter's day but christian spirits comprehend, but conde: but fix'd his word, his saving power remains but fly to what my lord hath done, but for ever kind but for god's protecting arm. but god can hear. but god shall be with you." but grace but half its charms explore, but hide themselves but his recorded there but how but hush, my soul, nor dare repine but in thy courts, but jesus but joyful we at length shall rise, but knock but may but may be found in thee but may we still live near to god. but mingling joy but my saviour's melting voice but not to humble faith unknown. but, oh, what tongue can speak but one alone the saviour speaks, but, on thy sacred altar laid, but our jesus proves the same, but re but should not but sin our but soon the break but such but such a gloomy cell. but the christian shall enjoy but thee above but thee our only refuge make but the lord but they pass too soon, but thine the deadly but thou can'st still forgive but though his methods are unknown but 'tis thy gospel, lord, but, to complete the wondrous plan, but to him shall help be given, but to mortals given but to the god of heaven ? but we will not deplore but we will not deplore thee, but when our eyes behold his face, bvinq atnt. by blood. by broken siehs by christianity by cool siloam's shady rill by cool siloam's shady rill, by darkness seal'd, by faith i would receive thee by god's right- by him some word of life impart, by his resistless power, by its by music, the by one ho-ly by promise and by the cross are sanctified by thee, by the faith of joys to come by thine inspiring breath, by thine own wounded heart. by thy hand by thy passion on the tree, by thy resistless power. by us, for them, for all provide. by what new and finer sense by which we seek to spread thy love. by whose hand call'd thine honour to maintain, call his love to mind, calling wand'rers near him calls my new-born soul away. call thee call thy grace to mind. calm calm and undisrurb'd repose calm, gently flowing, came. came to realms of light, campbell can cheer can fix the sinner's wandering eye. can i bid you all farewell ? can i can i say farewell. can i leave you can i my gentle saviour find can inform me where it lies, can i say a last farewell ? can i trust a fellow being ? cank'ring worm, nor hostile band, can make thee clean can my soul be warm'd to praise. can no thoughts cannot now engage our love can, o can thy dying breath, can our burden'd can reach canst bid the sick revive. canst thou bid us look and live ? canst thou, sinner slight canst thou, wilt thou, lord, forgive can triumph in his holiness. can you can you find salvation. captive, beaten, bound, reviled, captive here and far from home, captive in whose narrow captive led captivity. care care, care. care depart care of $te cares cares, cares to rest. care, there's care-worn carparthus carp arthus. cast casting down their golden cas'tms our carr< an cast your bur-dens caught & cbcmnu ong. cbro c. bryan. cease here longer to detain me ceaseless as eternity. cease their sound cease to cease to hinder or molest. cease to languish, cease to mourn cease, ye mourners, celebrate thy praise celestial celestial shore. ces; cesarea. cf)c (c)torn of cljrtet cfjc christian |3rtjjrtm. cfjc (c)icteattu&e* cfje inrarnatton. cfjrifl't. cfjrtet, antr cfjrtft. cfjurd) at cfllosteians" ii. 19. cfl--tra. cf)rt$ttan jfrtenttf meeting. cfytts'g chains changing world channels through which chant (chant.) chant. (chant, no, (chant, no. chant (no. chants chants. chapel characterize chariot chariot. charity for all our kind, charming name, charms, chase the dark clouds of chase the dark clouds of guilt away, chase the gloom of chase thy fears away ; chase your unbelieving fears ; cheerful heart i meet my god cheerful in god cheerful or distress'd, cheer your early ray, chelsea. cherubim and seraphim, chide the lingering hours, and chiefly thy child child, amid the flowers at play child of sin and child of sin and sorrow child of sin and sorrow, child of the dust! children children, come children of god, who travelling slow children of the heavenly king children, to our sire we fly child repining, chill'd my hopes, suppress'd my cho. choi!?. c'hoir. choir, choirs, who praise thee above ! choral. choral.* chorale. chorale, instead of being chord chord, chorus chorus. chose thee for his own abode. christ christ and heav'n are in my view christian observer.. christian offering christian psalmist christian psalmist. christ invites you christ shall be our song. christ the liberator reign. christ the lord is born to-day. christ,whose christ, whose glory churches. churchman church psalmody church repair, ci)anfcgtbiug far a gaoo ^cies, cijc bcxigfyt at cijrtet nje tfame gat* cijt jfamtlp cfcotr. -(c)inst. cious circle, for cise citn. city (city. city claims thy song, city here," cjh- claim --claim, claim, claim. clean cleanse me from every stain cleanse me from its guilt and power. clear clementi clime clje clje atter--23ag cyprus cyprus. daily in his grace to grow, daily labour to pursue dangers every where abound ; daren dare not wish my soul to stay, dare to converse with god awhile, dark dark and dark and cheerless is the morn, dark brood dark brood the heavens dark brood the heavn's dark clouds of gloomy night he broke. darkest night, dark maze darkness dark-ness darkness rushes o'er my sight. darkness wander on, dark this world would be, dash them in pieces like a david he from the sheepfolds took, dawn dawning, day, day. day and night i 'm day be thine. day, fades day has pass'd along, day is drawing nigh day of all the week the day of grace will soon be past, day of joy day of joy and praise ; day of love day of rest that heavenly calm, day of triumph through the skies, day, promis'd days days. day-spring day-spring from on high, be near day-spring near, day-star day-star, in my heart appear. days unclouded as they pass, day, the day to dear dear as the apple of thine eye, dear-est dearest lord, and this day dearest object of my love, dearest sister dear is dear is the hallow'd dear is the hallowed dear is the hallowed morn dear redeemer, dying dear the rustic harmony, dear to me the winged hour, death, death, and death chant death is swallow'd up of life. death itself for ever die. death's cold sullen stream, death, thy decay decay, deceitful ( declare his glory declares there yet is room. declare the glory of his name. deep around me deep distress deep horror then my vitals froze, deep in a fleshly dungeon groans deeply repenting, deign our humble songs to hear deign thy suppliant's prayer deign to listen to my voice, delight delight, delightful delightful season demand perpetual songs of praise. departing ray departure departure. depend, for descend and fill my longing heart descend, to cheer desert comes awful and shrill desires which in thee burn, despise, destruction opens wide for thee, devoted to devotion dwells upon the theme, devoutly hearing dew on herb and 'd fly to thee, dfrten*r. dfuncral. dhw- did not thy wing of love didst not scorn the virgin's womb, didst thy deity declare, did such die, die. died to save dies. dies on the walls, but diffusing joy and wealth dim. dirge ascending discerns, eluding . disclose a saviour's love, disconsolate, where'er ye languish, dismay, dispel the shades of night displays. dissolve my love dis-tant distant shores, become unknown ? distressing fears- divides me for a little while divine intercessor above does dolce. dolce expressivo dolcemento. dominion every hour done done " done, done. done." doom with do-ring turns autf). fax ears. f^cabeu. fc=abq=j fc=eb=ipj fc=fc=tej fcgnat -fchg* -<=fci :fci ^-fcnzj ^fcs fctatai) =fc tbf- fct i=* ?fcz f.dunzi fear fear, fear. fear and distrust remove f&ear antf tebz fearless tread the gloomy way, fears. fears are all fears no approaching ill fear thy salem's hills to feeble mortals rose so high feeble song to feel a friend is nigh, feeling. feelings are feel that feflrtit^ fe-^izizzi^j^ fej-4 felt his compassion rise. fep^t fer'd ferf i-- fern fer-vent fervent in feeling. fer-vent-ly kneel fervently we raise fes33e=t + f>e sbitrinc fetj fezzben. ffis^z^: fflratl) fgijsl fgumfcu jbcbotton. f^h ehggb jf fields fields in fig tfje ^fihuj ij fill'd withdis fill'd with grief and shame, we own filled with celestial light, filled with consternation filling all the courts above fill my soul with joy divine fill us with a saviour's love find find, find. find our find salvation. find salvation.] finds not find thy refuge fire fire, fire appear, fire ascending seeks the sun fired firmly trust, firm our first first call first .. in night's first lines. first link*. first links. first star alike fit for endless glory be. fit^~p fix'd fix'd in a city yet to come, fix thou the place of our abode fjisl fjtmng fjun&k flaming love and zeal are due, flashes of indignant ire flec-tions caught from fled, fled is my former darkness too flee from condemnation flee from temptation. flee to him who can atone, flee you then to sovereign grace flies flies. flight flight. fljc flock, flocks a- flow flow'd eternally from him flow'd the gospel sound, flower, flowers flowers. flow, nor flows flow,where the heights of flraciausf \flt fluttering hope, each anxious fear, [fly fly; flying fly through the world at his command, fnght-ful pow'rs foes arise followed their ma fondest mother, drown'd in woe footsteps guide. footstool kneeling, for- for all its rich blessings. for all thy family at large, for a moment angry, for a sight forbid forbids our gushing tears to flow, for bliss for by faith alone ye stand. for cljtlonn. for death fore fore. for earth, foreign streams fore the for ever. for ever and ever for ever be his name ador'd, for ever be thy name ador'd, for ever i'll abide ; for evermore undone. for ever stay, for ever we'll rejoice ; for every saint he intercedes, for ev'ry for-give forgive my folly forgive my folly, forgives our forgiv'n forgiv'n, for he cometh, for he cometh to for here for his pardoning grace to me for its cheer. for jerusalem, for life's form, form'd for the good alone for mercy and abounding grace, former of the wondrous plan, form thou my heart and soul anew ; for my soul within me faints for others' for pleasures more for refuge fly, for rest and holy joy design'd, for salvation for souls distress'd, forth forth, for the for the chil-dren thou hast giv'n, for the children thou hast giv'n, for thee for thee i languish, for their guidance he hath made. for their sublimest strains ; for the lord for the lord god om- for the pard'ning grace that saves me, for there is none beside. for there thou deign'st for the sake of christ, thy son. for these and all thy mercies for the spirit's quick'ning powers, forth from forth from the forth his sal- for thine arm upheld me, forth in thy name, o lord, i go .. for this delightful subject, for thy for thy dispersed ones we plead. for thy gift of healing for thyself for thy service for time for time's best for whether waking or asleep, for yet a little while. for your prophet, priest, and king for zion's sacred walls i sigh for zion, your king, foster'd foul, art found found, found. founders in the ocean dark, fountain fountain of mercy, god of love fount of everlasting love fragrance frail frame, frame. franconia franconia. frankfort frankfort. fraught freely he'll forgive. freely to share in others' joy, fresh with dew: praise fresh wonders strike our view fr-fc zdz: friend friend, friend af-ter friendly care friends, friends and neighbours friends provoke the silent lyre, frlend from from a from at <&ou. from avenging wrath i flee, from day to day from earth-horn woe and care from earth to heaven i gladly go from envy and from pride, from envy, scorn, and from every from every breast from every cumb'ring care, from every peril sav'd from fault and hourly weakness, from high. from his body trickling down. from his hand all good receiving, from infection and uncleanness, from my tempest riven breast from pain and sickness free from ptaltu xxxvii. (from rev.) from saint and from sorrow toil and pain, from strife and tumult far from the from thee ? from thee, from thee aside. from thee, my saviour, stray from thee they sprung, and by thy from the leprosy of sin, from the library of from the paths of death away from the scenes i loved so well from thy wounded side that flow'd. from us,' from yonder cloud, frtn fruit fruitless be the fields around, fruits fruits of heaven's eternal rest. f. smith ftauc. ftejaicmfl in a ftcbtbal. f/tm/ tenor. ftmzlsittian. ftoro of 8tagcw. fugitive returns. .ful fulfil his full in view full of beauty, truth, and grace. full of guilt and misery full speed full speed along the world's highway fulness is the same ; future life declare, gain. gainer oi gainst the gain the regions of the sky, gates gates ap gates appear. gates are gathered unto god. gathers round its head sublime. gather the host from every land gather up my feet gather us all within thy fold, gatiet]) in gave creation to the tomb, gave his spirit to console, gaze gcroiwt. g. dudley wells.. g^eajs o >_g--e, e_itt-> gels general index general index of the tunes. gentle as the summer's eve, gen-tle god's gentle god's commands gentle was the rod gently gently close gen. xlviii. v. 21 gen. xxviii. 20--22. &geo ger; german german. german choral get them. gfeoempre legato. gfjettction. gifts gilboa gilboa. gilds thy gild the gilead gilead. gin, gird thy armour on gisbome give give, give me thy supporting grace, give myself to rest given gives a free reward. gives worth to give unto the lord glory give us each day our daily bread, give us in health and peace to wake, give us to meet around thy throne. give your hearts to me to-day. g-j fil g. j. webb g. kingsley glad array ? gladdening and a gladdening wastes of human woe glad i bid thee gladly go with thee. gladly i return to god. gladly leaving all below ; gladly we unite to bless glad-ness glad obedience prove glad tree gleams of immortality. glo - gloom of the night adds gloomy doubts glories ineffable shine glories of eternity glories of our king, glories of the place, glories rise, glories rush glorious & glorious glo-rious glorious day ! glorious god, what hymns of praise glorious in his works and ways. glorious lord of earth and heav'n. glorious saviour, glorious tenants of the place, --glorious word glorious works i view, glo-ry glory and honour supreme ; glory be to glory be to god most high glory in thy cross. glory in thy name glory to god on high glory to our god and king glow. glow by glowing noon, glows with peace and joy. ^gmn god, god. god.' god above god accept my soul's desire, god al god descend in majesty, god, ex god has god hath made god hath made this world so god, how calm how bright god, how endless is thy love god, i bow before thy feet god is faithful god will never god is there god most god most high, god, my king, to thee i'll raise god of grace god of mercy be adored god of mercy, hear our prayer god of my life, to thee belongs god of our fathers, hear, god of our salvation god of strength, whose mighty hand god of truth and grace god, our father, and our god our king, god's god's dying son god send his people peace. god shall wipe away the tears. god's of god thy god, thy love appears, god, 'tis the dwelling of prayer, god, whose god, whose saving name god will make new heavens and earth, gold golden go, messenger of gone gone. gone before, good, and his good, and his mer-cy good from a-bove. goodness good-ness,hail good-will from heaven, gooratton arts ^ratee. go say to zion, " jesus reigns ;" go, take with saints thy place go to him and hear him. gpzr-^-r grace grace, grace from god, and peace within. grace has begun, with glory is seal'd. grace her mean abode, grace on earth, and grace on earth and bliss in heav'n. grace rest on them all grace the gracious gra-cious gracious, gracious lord . gracious lord, gracious power gracious saviour and my god gracious spirit, love divine grants grant us thy rich blessing grant us wisdom from above, grasp at vain and fleeting toys, grate grate-ful grateful heart, the joyful song grateful praise grateful song grateful to my weary head. grateful to the anxious breast grateful voice grates are gratitude graven on thy hand. graves and worms, from sin graves of great great comforter! to us impart great concern shall be. great cre great creator, great creator fear. great god great god, great god, thy grace impart, great god, thy peerless excellence great guardian great jehovah's name greatness from my eyes great redeeming lord, great saviour, come grew sad at the sight, grey grief grief and pain weigh'd down! grief may, like a pilgrim, griefs griev'd, afflicted, tempest worn, grieve him not away, grieve not that love, grim in feature, gr ititude i raise ; groan, ground, ground. groves grow grows grows, gtar of g there, g-thj-ftfcg g. t. noel :gtz guard. guard me first, and then forgive guards guead guide guide, guide, and guide our footsteps in thy way, guides thy path to yonder skies. guide through the guide us guide us in the way of truth guilt guilt, guilt reveal'd. guilty fears remove, guilty, helpless, and distress'd, gun, h8 ouc habitation hovering, hadoram. hail hail, hail, ce hail, great creator hail, happy day hail him our gracious king, hail, immanuel, ever gracicus hail, immanuel ever gracious hail it ere it fades away. hail, morning known among the blest! hail, peaceful day of hallowed rest. hail the hail the sacred day, ^hajc^tii half so bright, so sweet as ours ? half so sweet can be. hal-le-lu jah, hallelujahs, heavenly strains, hallowed by blessing and praise hallow the sabbath-day hallow the sabbath-day, hamentmg hamilton hancox hand handel hands hap-pier happiness, thou happiness, thou lovely name happy home 'tis sure i love thee happy in immanuel's love. happy parents happy spirits ye are fled, happy the happy week harbinger of endless day hard, hark hark! hark hark hark! hark! the notes of hark hark the notes of joy hark the awful thunders rolling hark their songs melodious rise, hark what mean those holy voices harps and harps with skilful harriet martineau. harvest harvest home. has bound me in its six-days' chain, has pardons, has passed thro' has spoil'd the produce of the land. hast hast called thine own haste haste, haste a-way, haste, my hasten from you gladly, hast eternal hastings hastings. hastings, silcher, hast put hast thou advanced the lord, thy hath not hath not lost a friend ? hatvkestcorth haunted by the tone have found my heart forlorn, have no re-fuge have sought the world around, have we, lord, having exercised haydn hay ward hcjatcmg head head. head once wounded, heal. healing balm on earth like this, heal my wounded spirit, health and beauty soon above, hear hear, hear all our sins forgiven, hear and obey. hear and save heard heard by no human ear, heard the soul is fled hear it hearken, lord, to hearken, lord, to my complaint hearken, lord, to my complaints, hear me, when to thee i cry hear our supplication, hears every plea, heart heart, heart ap heart forget heart from thee. hear the hear the voice of supplication, hear the vow hear thine heart i'd praise thee, heart no longer riven ; heart of every saint, heart pro-claim, hearts hearts, hearts and hands. hearts defiled heart's desire hearts for- hearts proclaim, hearts to share hearts with ardent love heart, the heart with hear us, in thy kind compassion, hea-ven, heaven ? heaven and heaven bids thee come, heaven but heavenly heaven-ly heavenly father blest, heavenly father gracious name heavenly father's heavenly father, sovereign lord heavenly hallelujahs rise. heavenly ray, -- heavenlythe sinners sigh heavenly visions seem reveal'd. heaven on earth to me, heaven our home, heaven's heavens. heaven's eternal fane. heaven's triumphant choir shall sing, heavens, with sounds of triumph heaven with halleujah's rang, heav'i with [heav'n, heav'n heavn. heav'n bids thee heav'nly heav'nly physician, heav'ns to heav'n will be propitious. heb. he bows he called elisha from the plough, he calls the hours his own he claims a thankful song from thee, he comes to cheer he defends us by his love, he glory like a garment wears ; he hears thy humble sigh, heights and depths of jesus' love. heinrich heir of grace and glory, heirs of he is thy he lives -- the he loved that chosen race ; help a feeble child of man. help and strength supply : help from on high help i every moment need. help in the dark and trying hour. helpless, and far from help us, o lord descend and bring help us the help us thy name to sing, help us to praise he makes hemans henceforth hence our souls remove hen the morn shall bid us rise, hen the mortal life is fled he on the cross was lifted high. he pours around thy head heralds heralds of christ the lord heralds of life and peace, herald voices near, her all-suf| here as they, here at thy cross will i kneel here bring your wounded he relieves my grief and pain here longer to detain me, here speaks the comforter, here the guilty, free remission, here the troubled, peace may her gates are found, her heavenly ways, her hymns of love and praise. heri . hermon hermon. hermon, and as the dew her present help, her seraph wing'd * her, she, sister. her solitary lays her walls before thee stand, he saw thee ruin'd by the fall, he shows he spake, and from chaotic night he speak to them in his wrath, he that me believes and loves, he, therefore, who he upholds us by his hand. he vanquish'd sin and hell, he, whose will to thine conform'd, he will ever prove the same, he will soon our cries attend, h. f. burder *hfc hfc*- hfe^ hfe'sj-- ol hide, hide. hide, greatness hide myself in thee. hides us higginbotham high-est, highest joy high in yonder realms of light high in yonder realms of light, high our highway for our god higyinbotham hill-side ever fair him, him. him alone him and him belong him have him now him that leads us by his love, him to know is life and peace, him when revived ere- him who saw thy guilt-born fear, him whose dying love and power him you him you now return, hind, "hinder " hinder hinder me not," shall be my cry hinder me not," ye much lov'd & his his. his a- his all-resplendent grace his anger slow to move his arm omnipotent his best his blessed yoke, who set me free. his bosom glow with love. his brother's his burial his consolations send his dwelling his dying love adore, his feet his friendly his glory. his gracious ear his gracious hand indulgent his great and powerful deeds record. his harp, his heavenly his heavenly guards around his influence own. his lat-est his love, and call him mine. his love and grace adore, his lovingkindness changes not. his lovingkindness, oh, how free his lovingkindness, oh, how great his morning smiles adorn the way his most successful war. his place, and tell me of his love. his power unknown; his praise his praise in cheerful song, his presence makes me truly blest. his promise shall not fail his protection blest, his purest rays diffus'd from far, his rod and his saints securely dwell his saints victorious, his seat, his sight, are his smile, his staff will his throne. his throne of grace his to fix his truth pro his truth proclaim. his warfare now is o'er : his ways are just bis counsels wise. his will, his wonders a- hither come, h. k. oliver h. k. white h. lovett hlustmttcn^ at jrrtpturc hobuifffetrrtmrctf. hofae. holy holy, holy; holy and ho-ly, a sweet, and a holy courage bold holy, holy, holy lord holy scenes with- home home ! home. home above. honour and majesty are before him honour'd, hon- ours hope hope and hope, and hope my eyelids close ; hope points the upward gaze hopes a better world to hopes and hopes deceive, and fear annoy, hope with ardour glows, hoping, yet fearing horeb horeb. hosanna. host, he host re hosts descend, hosts of hosts on high his power proclaim hour, hour be near hour to persevere. hour we share. hour when hovah's might, filled with ce -- how beauteous nature now how charming is how charming the thought .. how damp were the v how dark and sad before how does that visage languish, how excellent is thy how excellent is thy name in how excellent thy praise how gentle god's commands how hard was his pill how he left the realms above, how largely hast thou blest how lovely are thy dwellings, lord. how lovely, how resplendent how much how much i love. how near, how near the mansions be how scornfully sur- how soon we found a smiling god, how sweetly how sweet the lily grows how tender is thy hand how tender is thy hand, how welcome thy returning beams -*-h*ped. h=p tx jq? w^eaeet \=hufd=i i human human kindness meets return, humble humble all my swelling pride humble all niyswellingpride:fallen,guilty, humbled at thy feet we lie, humbled to a mortal child, humble pray'r ascends humbly bow. humbly we adore, hush, your hyde hymn hymn, hymn book hymning one triumphant song hymns hymns of joy, to god our king, h= ^zjte i03&kjatciruj in ton. lam. lamartine lamartine. lamb lamb, lamb!" lamb." lamb of god lamp land land. lane lane. language of light and pow'r, languid graces thrive, lan-guish, larghetto larghetto. largo affetuoso. last last, last. last expiring breath, lastf lasting lasting choice, last retreat, - late, latter end, lav #?eaben. laws which never can be broken, lays, lays his radiant glories by, l\cli(jt0u2jfamtitc. gen. lead lead me to the rock lead on the rising day lead on thy happier day leads leads, lean on jesus as ye go, learning, learning here by faith and love, learn of us to do thy will. learn to wipe our tears away, least leave no other leave this tenement of clay leave us alone leave us at thy word. leave you, lebanon. leech- selection leeds collection left left us, lence reigns, lent lent. lentwood lentwood. lessons of thy rod. lest we be driven from thy face, let^: let all her sons unite, let all the earth resound, let all we have and are combine, let a voice let every hind their tongues employ, let every peaceful private home let heav'n and earth reply, let his praise be great let joyful hosannas u: let joyful hosannas unceasing arise, let knowledge, faith, and meekness let knowledge lead the song, letlne from this day let me cheerfully fulfil let me feel, or i must die let me hasten, let me hear thy gracious voice ; let me wing my hallowed flight let my prayer ascend on high let not me let not your labours cease, let our prayer thy pity move let rays of heavenly love lets let sinners feel thy quickening word, let some kind seraph come, let the gifts let them let them all be born again, let then let the winds my canvass swell let thy beams of life convey, let thy grace, lord, make let thy grace, lord, make us lowly let thy rising beams let thy whole church united be, let us awake our joys let us in thy name agree let us now a blessing seek, let us our pious zeal conclude let us then of mercy sing. let us thus in god abide, let us thy pardon feel let us trust in him alone let worship mow from every tongue. *=lfcrt- l-h+-u-klfi 3 fc lie d dome lies lies in the grave forgot. life life, life and delight of my soul, life is fled, life's life's approaching end life's joys life's noblest life's toilsome day is o'er, lift lifts up her cheerful eye, lift the heart lift the heart and lift thy soul on high light light, light! light. light and love upon light dis: light ia thee, lightly by the world esteem'd, light, peace and truth its course light rejoice in death, lights light, there light within liiifemppp ws like like a like doves shall speed their like himself shall never like one of wrestling jacob's race like that blest like the like the joys believers know ? like them like the precious like thy like what in christ lines 8's. linger not on lingers lips, if thou art nigh lips of gentleness lips should sing, -lir 'lis list listen listening soul forgets listening spirit given listens to their list'ning list to the angel praise list to the mourner's prayer, list to the trumpet loud, li'tle rivulets live live, live for, liverpool collection lives lives, lives, salvation to lives, the everlasting lives to live until the heart is chang'd, living or living or dying, none were blest. living streams shall richly flow, #ln oui load of earthly care, lockhart lofty seat above, logan lo, he shall come lo, i come your saviour, friend lo in yonder humble manger, ^"lok-qh lone lone, lonely sigh, each silent tear, lonely through night's deep'ning long long as long as i live i '11 trust his power longer longer or shorter, longer roam ? long have borne the world's proud scorn, long have our long have roam'd the barren waste, long have we sought thy rest in longing soul aspire long to see thy smiling face, look on his deserted grave ; looks down upon the spheres lord lord, lord; lord! lord. lord, a place lord, appear, lord assist us by thy grace lord, assist us by thy grace lord, behold us lord, bring lord, bring me lord, bring me to resign lord, didst hear my cry lord draw reluctant lord, each mourning breast, lord, forgive, thy grace restore, lord glenelg lord god almighty, lord god of hosts lord, have mercy. lord i cast my care on lord, i flee. lord, if thou thy presence give, lord is my shepherd, he makes lord, i would come to thee lord jesus lord jesus come, for here lord, make these moments blest lord mornington. lord, most lord, most holy, lord of life, and victory. lord of mercy and of might lord of mercy and of night lord of our thoughts, and sov'reign lord of the sabbath lord of the sabbath. lord, our souls confess lord refuses none lord, remember me lords. lord's appointed ways, lord, send a beam of light divine. lord, show thy mercy to me. lord, teach our songs to lord, that lord, the son, returns lord, thy guests lord, thy mer-cies ne lord, thy mercies never fail lord, thy mercies still are .new, lord, to thee our eyes ascend lord, we bow with deep lord, when lord, whenmythoughtsdelighted rove lord, while thy lord with glowing lord, with tardy steps i creep, loses all its guilty fear. lost lost in error's darkest maze. lo th' angelic host rejoices ; lo the loud loud hallelujahs to thy name, loud sound loud the heavenly chorus swell lov'd re-mains, lov'd saints, for love " love love, love; love. love and love, and bear love and power, celestial guard, loved in comparison with thee love draws the curtains of the night. loved the world, and gave his son. love each love, in love in solitude to shed lovelier landscape swells lovely are thy dwellings, lord lovely, mournful calvary. lovely native land, farewell love, prompt to act and quick to feel, loves. love's redeem-ing " love's redeeming work is done love that dying love this earth so well, love thy church, love thy zion, love thy zion, lord love to all our race love to hear of love to hear of thee love unbounded mov'd the saviour, love unceasing, love unspeakable are thine low at thy feet our sins we lay, low before my low'd lowed lo we yield thee homage due lowly bending at thy feet lowly bend with contrite souls lowly, meek, in thought and word, lri_-j lsai\ l'salm xxix. %lt$\irvettian, lu his favour to abide lujah lu - jah. lu-jah, halle lu-jah!hal-le lull'd to rest the aching head, lustre, lustre to the day. lus-trious luther luther. lutheran collection lxxiv. 16. lyres, l=zt^iztf^l==ct-b madan's collection made, made manifest made meet for heaven we shine, made my dark made the heavens. maestoso maestoso. make make ev'ry cloud of care, make her in holiness excel, make me thine for ever, make me thine for evermore. make my drooping soul rejoice. maker, maker, teacher maker, teacher infinite makes make them make this year a time of love. make thy mercy known make us holy in our youth. make us of one heart and mind, 'm a miracle of grace." man, man, and mand mands [mands manhattan, c mankind, mansions of thy love. man-uel, man-uel's many souls their race have run, marfyip. marfyq mark mark'd thee till life's last hour. mark'd ye the mark the virtuous marsbip. marshall'd on the nightly plain, martineau collection mason mason, mate matured the swelling grain maxwell's collection may, may a poor bewilder'd soul, may endless years their course may hear the gospel's milder may i may i but have a view may mingle with the throng. may shake the soul maysville maysville. may the blessings of each hour may the gospel's joyful sound may they see in every line, may thy glory may to thy great glory live, may we may we be, averse to sin, may we dwell with thee above. may we ever walk may we in piety and in love, may we walk by mazzaroth mazzaroth, mccartee m.-- continued. meat meet again. meet around the festive board meet on the battle plain meet the lord. me, gracious lord, extend, me home. mehul mehul. me in thy footsteps tread, melodious song, melt beneath this purple shower, mem-ber thy cre men, men. men, di me not," come welcome me not," ye much mention thee forbear, me on the road, me on, thou restless ocean ; me, radiant sun divine merci merci. mercies has this day bestow'd! mercy mer-cy mercy and truth are now agreed, mercy hails you, mercy hails you from above mer-cy, hear our prayer, mercy is a theme of joy -- mercy lends an ear mercy let thee in, mercy lightens all our crosses, mercy, lord, reveal, mercy mitigates our pains, mercy now on every object mercy's gate. mercy thus hath spoken. merit, me, saviour, me spread, met; meth. collection me the path, me-thinks methinks i hear my saviour say, me to bear thy easy yoke, metrical and other (metrical chant, no. metrical index of tunes. me, with beams of mercy, shine m glory to god on high !" 'mid midst midst sorrow midst sorrow and midst sorrow and care midst sorrow and care. midst sorrow and care 53 midst the flow'rs at play, 'midst the ransom'd crowd appear, 'mid tears of penitence we knelt, 'mid th' angelic lyres above, mid the breaking shade. 'mid the dying and the slain, mien, migh might might, mighty mighty, "mil m 'ill tt milton mind mind, mindful of him ? mindful of thy faithful word, mind, in the mine mine, mine eyes in death mine the god whom you adore, mine. yet though despis'd and go-ry, mingled with tears, min-strel mirth miserere domine.* missal book mmttn ano ujt)t of ulcj $>uman umt- unaccompanied by thee, unbelief almost perverts unbelief suggest unbounded unburden here thy weighty load unchanged from day unchanging, watch beside unclogg'd by earth, or earthly things, unconscious of decay. under, .his unheal'd unholy, greatness from unison or verse. united prayers attend, unity. unknown to mortal eyes. unless thou hold me fast, unmeasured by the unmov'd, unnumber'd millions throng around, unpoco allegro un poco staccato. u)nr &cft& unreserved submission unto n)c jtanjcr. unto thee unto thee we pray unto the throne unveiling one immortal day. unveil thy bosom, \ unveil thy bosom, &c. 146 "unveil thy bosom, faithful tomb." unveil thy bosom, faithful tomb upborne on wings of love, upheld and uphold upon upon my upon my tongue upon their latest breath upon the lap of earth. upon this languid heart of mine up to thee, up to the gates of thine abode, up to the glo - ries upward upward drawn upward i send my streaming eye, upwards she bends, upwards tends to his abode, urge no merits of urwick collection us awake our joys, us conq'-rors while we die, us earnest cry, used with attention us ever hear thy voice us from each sinful way us hasten to the day, us, heavenly father, lead us usher in the glorious day. us join our souls to god, us meet, us of the us share, without delay, us strike our harps afresh, us thy saving grace imj art us to his temple haste, us wait till he appear, us where our danger lies us with a saviour's love. u the lord utl) utmost verge, uu"crtncj lav cljrtet uutrer ibts'cipitue. uxavte. uxaxxa dfanfe&ni. uxbitctf uxbridge uxbridgre. vah's vain vain, vain. vain aspiring, vain, delusive world adieu . vain, delusive world adieu, vainly through night's weary hours, vainly through night's weary hours. vainly would my lips express vain our bulwarks and our towers, vain scene i've trod vain tempters of the mind vain, without his grace and favour, vale, valley of death, v and he shall va-nish vanishes away vanish, ye unsubstantial airy forms, va-pour, vast delight thy temple gives. vast eternity vation vation from day to v&avfyiu. veil veils his veil thy face, and keep thee vengeance is pursuing 've no abiding city here," venture all thy care on him ver. child a versal verse can very very day very slow and vesper breezes play, vessel.' vestry -*vet vice shouts her maniac mirth victor palms in every hand, vict'- ry, grave viduals, view, view the change with vast sur- view the lustre all divine ? view to vile, vile and unholy, vine vine, viour deigns to die, visit - est visit, then, this soul of v l^f'tqiii! voice voice and voice but thine can give voice from the voice from the des< voice from the desert comes awful voice of voice or hands deny voi-ces, voices, voices. voices, swell one voice to sing, voice which voutly vows de wait, wait eternal rest. waiting servant, lord, would be wait not wait not for wait thee, wait to strew thy way. wake, wakes wake the wake to toil wake, ye saints, each waking hour waking thoughts attend waldron waldron. walk on, walk through walk through deserts dark as walk with jesus clothed in white walnev walney walney. waltham. walts wanderer wanderer now return wanderer to thy home, wanderer, to thy home, wandering eyes, wanderings cease wand'rers wand'ring sinners, now return want beside wants. wants are warble wardens warmer accents tell warmer hearts warms her fragrant sigh, warwick squabs, 10xdox. warwick square. wash away thy guilt. wash'd from each guilty stain, wash me in thy precious blood. wast, and art. and was the spirit's gracious call was thine watch watch as for the day-spring near, watch'd watchman watchman. watchman, tell us of the night waters are waves of passion -way way, way; way. ways of wc intll fjcar feii isaitc. weaker than a bruised reed, weakness. weak thy wealth and honour wean'd from we appear before wear. we are glad. "we are weak, but mighty thou weary wea-ry weary drooping head. weary, heavy, laden." weary pilgrims hither haste. weary soul's delight, we ask eternal life. we bend, we bow before we bow, like them we come, we could not we could not fly to thee week has we end our quest weep and weeping on weep -- she marks weeps upon we from him, secure we gather round ( we give thee thanks, we hear thy voice -- counsels, and wei come, weigh thine anchor spread thy sail. we knew the joyful sound, welcome, delightful morn welcome guests at harvest home welcome messenger to me, welcome, sinner, come -- welcome the tomb welcome thy returning beams, welcome to my weary head we learn obey welfare or her wo : welfare to pursue. we lift our hearts to thee well become our happy isle, well, ther efore, has we long and wish we may we ne'er can merit we, our wearied limbs to rest, we praise thee, lord, for every good we pray wept, we raise our voice we reach we read, were all for sinners' gain were our we seek a city out of sight, we seek a world to come. we seek that we seek thy grace alone ; we shall spend wesley .. wesley hymns we, soldiers of an injured king, we speak and we spring to thee we thought of jesu's love we told him all our grief we to our country come we trace th' amazing story, we tune our we, unseen, adore we 've no abiding we 've no abiding city we've no abiding city here we will make a nobler strain we worship thee, o god we would behold our we would not quench our sighs. we would our humble homage pay what what amazing joys they feel, what an incarnate god could do what are thy gifts, compar'd to thee what beauty should command my what bliss what can whate'er thy bounteous grace has whate'er we fondly call our own, whatever what hallowed thoughts tbytow'ring what hast thou to fear what holy what is man that thou what joy what joy that word what language shall i borrow what means what mean those what mean those holy voices, what melodious sounds we what of the night what praises are due ; what remains what thanks what though man frailties hath, what wonders done what wonders thy mercy can when when, when absent, happy if we share when all things else decay. when any turn from zion's ways when around thy throne we sing. when blushing when by sorrows whence mercy unexhausted when converts like a cloud shall fly when crimson gleams the east when evening when from death's when gathering when i of thee forgetful prove, when jehovah's work begun, when my when my voice at morn or even, when on the giddy cliff i stand when our bitter tears o'erflow, when our life's short race is run, when overwhelm'd with grief, when overwhelmed with grief when, pleased and thankful, we when praise employed when sinners up tozion's bill, when streaming when streaming from when suddenly a star arose,-- when the day of life is fled when the wicked quail with fear, when thron'd above the skies when through the heav'nly way when time and nature dies. when transform'd he stood when vexing thoughts when we his love proclaim. when we in when we leave the mortal where affliction veils his eyes, where but wherefore, sinner, would you stay where god where god shall bless his own. where god unveils his radiant face where he appoints we go ; where his blood was spilt where is thy boast-ed where life in glory blooms without decay. where life is not a breath where my lord resigns his breath, where no where now th' angelic chorus. where- of where rich abundance where sin and death abound, where 's thy seat, where storm where the saints in glory meet ; where the saviour deigns to die, where this bright where thy where truth to heaven is calling. where we see and sing of him. where you die, shall be my grave. which bears us to a father's arms. which bids which bids the penitent rejoice, which bright bands of angels wait which brings the fiery chariot down, which constitute harmony. which crowns our which flows in which from above, which gilds the gloom of night which in which leads us homeward to ourgod. which leads us to the mount of god ? which makes which once was bright as morn which shrinking nature fears, which sorrow ne'er invades which ushers placid evening in while while, and the wicked while angels hovering o'er us, while angels stand admiring round, while angels watch while be-fore his throne ye while christ while christ, th' atoning lamb, ap- while each in expectation lives, while fervently we pray while god while god, our great deliverer's nigh. while god's high praise we, while here by tempests driven, while i go far hence to dwell. while, in all thy wondrous ways, while in childhood's tender age while i plunge to lower caves, while love, each bosom filling, while my redeemer 's near while order, beauty, grace divine, while our bodies wander here, while our children with zeal while our day is in its dew, while rays divine while saints address thy face while scarce while strangers here we while suns while the ransom'd nations fall while these sacred moments roll, while the shades of night depart, while they sang with sweet accord, while they who pierc'd him wail while " thine the praise," while thought and fancy dawning, while to thee is given while we, while we gaze our hearts exult while we keep our harvest home. while we seek thy smiling face. while with while yet there's room while yet 'tis call'd to-day while youth's whilst new their whiten with foam the shore whitfield whither, sinner, would you stray who, who, an ever welcome guest, who bast set thy glo. .ry a- who bore on earth his cross, who built the who calls our souls from death, who can a wounded spirit bear ? w ho can shake her who comes in god his father's name, whoe'er have set who ever make our humble moan, who form'd the mighty universe. who form'd this animated clod who in our sunshine whol whole, whole di- vinely wholly like the precious lord. whom whom have we, lord, in heaven, but who near w'ho only whore thy little flocks abide, who saves by his redeeming word, whose whose bleeding love whose blessings never whose dawning ray whose eyes my inmost substance whose living streams appear whose sparks fly upward and expire. whose years with changeless virtue who shuns the sinner's road, who snatch'd him from the evil day who that heard my solemn prayer, why, why beneath thy burdens groan ? /why do why fails the feeble hand why not spread thy why not spread thy wings and fly why, o why why should why that look of sadness why wilt thou die ? wilds will bless the will cast our souls on thee. will extol thee, will give " will god forsake and will hear the suppliant pray will heed your cries no more. will here all good provide willing votaries throng will its will make our cause his care. will not will not let us part will on thee rely, will paradise be found. will the harvest close, will thy gracious spirit never will thy mercy heed them not ? will thy throne of grace surround will we again wilmot wilmot. wilt " wilt wilt our spirits cheer, wilt thou appear " wilt thou forsake me too ? " wilt thou not save a soul from wilt thou then my portion be ? winchelsea "winchelsea. winchelsea. wing winging us away wings, wings and wings of love the saviour flew wins us to his arms. winter winter comes are flown ; winter's wipe sorrow's tears away, wisdom, wisdom and power, --wise and good wish wish for with "with with all of creature good with all the ransom'd throng, [loud, with all they call'd their own with all thy quick'ning powers with all thy sins oppress'd ? with a saviour's love with awe. with beams with beauties with blood the throne, with cheerful haste obey thy word, with cheerfulness my breast. withdrawn. withdrawn. watchman! with eager with earthly wither all my earthly joys with eternity in view. with everlasting with faithless troubles vex'd with gladness, rais'd her with glory in my eyes with god with grateful love and holy fear, with grateful zeal prepares with harden'd, self-destroying man with heavenly with heavenly rays to shine, with him. with his with his blood. with holy transport sing, with holy wonder and delight with hope in jesus' blood with hopes and joys unknown before with humble with innumerous hosts of light, within the bounds of within these sacred within thy blest abode, within thy church below ; with joyful clusters loads the vines with joyful voice with joy the w ith joy the summons we obey, with joy we view with kind compassion hear my cry with laughter, with light, and liberty, and love. with love with lustre new with mercy's gracious eye with messages of grace with mingled majesty and with more than rapture's ray with no ray without a cloud between. without one anxious fear without thy presence gladdening without thy worship and thy fear. with painted shows of pleasure. with peace with prayer and praise agree with pure devotion glow. with radiant glory crown'd, with rapture swelling, with rapture then increasing, with rapturous with rays of cheerful with rays of light upon us shine with sacred with shouts with silent with sin and grief oppress'd with sorrow's power, with such with such a heart as mine, with sweet insinuating power, with tears of penitence we knelt, with tenderness and feeling. with the with thee. with the flocks of thy foes, with the holy spirit's favour, with the joy of sin forgiven. with the light return. with thine earnest eye, with thine own precious blood. with this be satisfied, with thy fruit my spirit feed. with thy heavenly love. with transports ever new. with triumphal palms they stand with trumpet's joyful sound. with us with various woes opprest, with watchful with words of grace and power wittenberg wittenberg. wittenburgh -wjz wliat hallowed peace thine hours im- [woe, woes, woes and woes un- woes, where in peace the wo-man, won, won." wonders wondrous wond'rous great wond'rous world we wond'rous world we see word word complying, word depart, [light words words ascend words from word was work works works of works thy presence work -- the cause conceals; world world a world and world gone world, its worldling's worldly care* and themes begone worldly cares and business world of endless joys, world our world pro worlds worlds his mighty voice obey'd ; world we stay world, with its cares away world would be, worm worship, worship him receive him. worshipping with godly fear. worthless "worthy " worthy the lamb !" would would come would commune with thee. would de would delight would not would soon be wound- wounded and slain woundedbreasvtisfoundalone wounded, impotent, and blind wounds, wounds the wrangham wrangham .. wrapt up wretched and unworthy, write forgiveness on our heart, wrong, wumot xint \)xit. xiv. 22. xix. 11, 12. xjf- xrc+ xutomjptiati complete*! xvii. 4. xxii. 21. xxiv. 6. y&amz yea, body, soul, and spirit be ye angels, burst into a song year. ye benighted souls, ye bright celestial choirs, ye disconsolate ye dreams of mortal joy ye fair celestial shores, ye fear your own unfitness, ye hearts with youthful vigour ye hearts with youthful vigour warm, ye heavens with sounds of triumph ye hosts of heavej ye hosts of heaven, ye judges . ye mighty ye mighty rulers of the land ye mighty rulers of the land, ye mourners, cease to languish ye not a voice from heaven, ye ransom'd race yes, ye saints, your music bring ye shall walk with god in light. yes, i yes it brings the yes it brings the day, promis'd day of yet a yet again a child confess'd, yet again the voice i hear yet always dwelling on yet cheers both earth and sky. yet from his high exalted state, ye that know and fear the ye that love the saviour's yet have yet he, who once vouchsaf 'd to bear yet, in his providence and grace, yet lov'd thee yet nature will repeat her moan, yet shall joy to-morrow yet still with trembling steps yet,though despis'd yet, though despis'd and gory, yet while i stay yet willingly wait, ye wanderers come ye who ye who, ye, who with the frequent tear ye worldly cares and themes begone yield, yield not to the tempter's pow'r yields itself to his control. yield thee to yield to his yield to his power *y^ i^loj^j4j*= yon-der yonder realms of you dread that day, you need not your your faces zion-ward your lost condition your music bring your pathway shining, your pilgrim path pursue, your redeemer shall be mine your righteousness your souls away. youth and vigour soon will flee, you that oft have wander'd far you the law have broken youthful (^ypogtulatton. zach. ^za_:x2zzg=jj=-_. zeal, zeal attending, zeal, in zfi? zfiszjrp: *_zftz
The Family Choir

The Family Choir
Various composers

Choral SATB, keyboard (piano or organ)
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Various composers
Various composers

Choral SATB, keyboard (piano or organ)


Hymn - Sacred

CopyrightPublic Domain
The Family Choir; or, psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs for social worship. The music selected from Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Righini, Romberg, Croft, Webbe, Mehul, Ritter, Rink, L. Mason, Hastings, Silcher, &c. arranged for four voices and the pianoforte or organ. The poetry from Watts, Wesley, Newton, Doddridge, Steele, Toplady, Logan, Heber, Montgomery, Sigourney, Hastings, S. F. Smith, &c.
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