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PianoBox Mini General MIDI Sound Module

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Description from Amazon USA :
- The PianoBox Mini is a great way to add sound to your controller keyboard or eliminate latency when working with your computer. With a built in battery, the PianoBox Mini is the perfect portable General MIDI sound module!
- Want to use your USB MIDI keyboard without turning on your computer The PianoBox Mini is the solution.
- You can connect any USB MIDI keyboard directly to the PianoBox Mini - without the need for your computer! This unique feature allows you to connect the PianoBox Mini to any keyboard - even if it doesn't have MIDI out! Of course, the PianoBox Mini also includes a MIDI input for keyboards or other MIDI devices that have a standard MIDI out port.
- The PianoBox Mini is designed for portability and includes a built in rechargeable battery, so you don't have to worry about lugging along a power supply. It charges via USB, and can even power your USB MIDI keyboard! Now you can take your USB keyboard and PianoBox Mini anywhere you want to go and make music - no need for your computer or power cables.
- When working with music software, the PianoBox Mini is a great way to eliminate the latency or delay between when you strike a key on your keyboard and when you hear the sound. Simply use a USB MIDI interface such as the MidiLink Mini to connect the PianoBox Mini to your computer, and use it for playback instead of your computer's soundcard. This will get rid of any delay or latency problems you are having with software such as Sibelius, Finale, PrintMusic, MusicTime, Sonar, Pro Tools, etc.

MIDITECH - Interface Mini Pianobox USB MIDI
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MIDITECH - Interface Mini Pianobox USB MIDI
- General MIDI Avec module sonore 128 sonorités, General MIDI Bedientaster et rapide rotatif<85>