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Korg Minilogue + Housse Offerte

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Description from Woodbrass :
BUNDLE INCLUDING : - 1x KORG MINILOGUE (ref : 216736) - 1x KORG MINILOGUE SOFTBAG (ref : 255260) With the Minilogue, you have a set of parameters and quality features for a price unbeatable competition: analog synthesis 4 fully programmable voice, 200 program memories, and sequencer 16 steps. All housed in a metal frame with modern design lined with a solid wood back panel. We prefer to warn you, the test is to adopt it! Definitely ... To learn more, check out our special Korg Minilogue page: click here! The strong points of the Korg Minilogue: - 4-way analog synthesizer powerful and flexible - Fully programmable, with 200 memory slots (100 presets included) - The Voice Mode allows you to flexibly configure the four voices - Motion sequencer (automation) 16 tracks - Real-time oscilloscope displaying the waveform - Robust and elegant aluminum front panel, rubber potentiometers, real wood back panel - MIDI, USB MIDI and Audio Sync for unrivaled connectivity in the studio and live, including direct synchronization with SQ1, volca, electribe, etc ... Korg Minilogue: An elegant and powerful polyphonic analog synthesizer with 37 fully programmable keys. The new analog synthesizer minilogue offers polyphony and total programming possibilities at an exceptional price --- this is exactly the instrument that today's musicians need. With the minilogue, you can get the bold and powerful sound that only an analog can deliver, and compose to infinity with features such as a polyphonic sequencer, a delay, multiple filters and sound effects as well as an oscilloscope embedded. All these perfectly integrated features make the minilogue a synth as fun and easy to use as powerful. This is the new generation analog synthesizer for all types of musicians. A true analog sound: The circuits of the new synth minilogue present a brand new design, offering an experience like no other. Unprecedented in this class, it's the first four-voice polyphonic analog synth with an equally well-designed interface for accessibility. Whether you are on stage or in your studio, the minilogue is the fastest way to explore and implement a true analog synthesis in any situation. Creating a powerful, rich and varied sound are the real features of an analog synthesizer. The structure consists of 2VCO, 1VCF, 2EG, 1VCA and 1LFO. The built-in oscillator lets you create unique waveforms to refine your harmonies and create the most breathtaking sounds and compositions. The minilogue is also equipped with a wide variety of modulation types, including Cross Modulation, Oscillator Sync and Ring Modulation, as well as a Delay with high pass filter. Polyphony and Presets - Perfect: minilogue goes beyond analogue synths in its price range by offering more than 200 preset slots. Select a program for instant access to quality sounds ranging from deep bass to atmospheric sounds. No need to have deep knowledge of synthesizer, just choose a sound and edit it. For those who want to dive deeper into the heart and soul of the minilog engine, it contains 200 programs with 100 editable factory sounds included and 100 empty programs on which you can create your next masterpiece. Voice assignment modes: The voice assignment modes allow you to freely configure the 4 voices to suit your performance. For bass and lead, vocals can be set to 4 notes in polyphony to create beautiful chords. Other modes cover an impressive range of sounds for unparalleled performance. The 8 voice assignment modes: - POLY ... works like a 4-voice polyphonic synthesizer - DUO ... works as a polyphonic synthesizer with 2 voices - UNISON ... works like a mono synthesizer in unison - MONO ... works as a mono synth with sub-oscillator - CHORD ... produces agreements - DELAY ... proposes the effect of Delay on voices 2 to 4 - ARP ... an arpeggiator snaps for the 4 voices - SIDE CHAIN ??... when a note sounds, the volume of the previous voice is lowered Sequencer 16 steps: Get creative with the intuitive 16-track sequencer, its motion sequence recording (automation) capabilities, and compose on the job. The minilog provides a real-time recording with overlay, and a recording by track that allows you to record simply by specifying your notes consecutively. Oscilloscope to visualize the sound: The OLED display shows the waveform you are sculpting for your sound in real time. A visual return is both educational and entertaining, this is a first on a synthesizer. In a quality body: The 2mm aluminum curved front panel, rubber-coated metal potentiometers and metal chassis give the minilogue an exceptional look that feels its powerful and dynamic sound creation capabilities. Synchronization with a machine groove: In addition to standard MIDI connectors, the minilog provides a Sync connector that can be easily connected to Korg's groove. Connect it to a volca, an electribe, or the SQ-1, and make an improved session using a synchronized sequencer. Features: - Keyboard: 37 keys (Slim, velocity sensitive) - Sound Generation: Analog Synthesis - Maximum Polyphony: 4 voices - Programs: 200 programs (100 Presets / 100 Users) - Voice modes: 8 modes (Poly, Duo, Unison, Mono, Chord, Delay, Arp, Side Chain) - Mixer: VCO1, VCO2, VCO2 MOD, Noise - Filter: Cutoff, Resonance, EG Int, Filter Type (2-Pole, 4-Pole), Keytrack, Velocity - Amp EG: Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release - LFO: Wave (Saw, Triangle, Square), EG Mod (Int, Rate, Off), Rate, Int, Target (Pitch, Shape, Cutoff) - Delay: Hi Pass Cutoff, Time, Feedback, Output Routing (Post Filter, Pre Filter, Bypass) - Sequencer: 16 tracks polyphonic sequencer - Controls: 41 controls accessible directly on the panel for immediate access to the parameters. - Display: Real-time OLED Oscilloscope that provides an overview of parameter changes - Connectors: Headphone (6.3 mm jack), Output (6.3 mm jack), Audio input (6.3 mm jack), Sync input (3.5 mm mini-jack), Sync output (3.5 mm) mini-jack), MIDI In, MIDI Out, USB Type B - Power supply: AC adapter included (DC9V KA350), 10 W - Dimensions (W x D x H): 500 x 300 x 85 mm - Weight: 2.8 kg

Seller information :Woodbrass
Place :Nantes, France
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