Pronomic CM-100BG Large-Diaphragm Studio Microphone with Shouck Mount and Windscreen, Black

Instrument : MICROPHONE
Department : Studio Microphones

Brand : Pronomic
Description from Amazon UK

Professional microphone for vocal- or instrument recording

The Pronomic CM-100 is the first choice for any musician or for home recordings. With its strong cardoid directional
characteristics, it is especially suitable for acoustic songs and voice recordings or for recording instruments such as
the classical guitar, string instruments or drums and percussion. The microphone provides a noise-free, warm sound,
making it ideal for professional studio applications.

Absolutely stage recommended!
Also on stage the CM-100 impresses with its robust and scratch-resistant housing and the stable, double-layered metal
basket assures you look and sound good. With the 32 mm large, gold-coated membrane this condenser microphone provides
enough recording sensitivity for high-quality recordings of entire vocal ensembles to bands or orchestras.
By using a second Pronomic CM-100 microphone a professional stereo recording can be achieved.

Ideal for radio production, podcast or radio play!
The Pronomic CM-100 is ideally suited for use in a professional studio. Thanks to the professional microphone shock mount,
additional noises or even foot clumps can be almost completely eliminated. When used with an optional anti pop screen or
the windscreen one can also eliminate unsightly air or popping noises during the recordings.
The CM-100 provides enough output for beautiful recordings even from a greater distance of the sound source.

Whereof is the CM-100 connected
As a condenser microphone, the CM-100 absolutely needs an XLR connector with pre-amplifier and a 48V phantom power supply.