Pronomic cm 22 USB Heart Shaped Polar Pattern Studio Condenser Microphone Large Diaphragm Microphone Podcast Kit Ad/Da Converter, Table Tripod Mic Stand holder USB Cable ? Black/Gold

Instrument : MICROPHONE
Department : Studio Microphones

Brand : Pronomic
Description from Amazon UK

Professional USB condenser microphone for studio recording.
The CM (American Wire Gauge) 22 USB is the newly developed plug and play condenser microphone, ready for use without installing software. A
Premium quality condenser microphone cartridge with heart directional characteristic, as well as analogue digital Talwa ndler with
USB interface for balanced and unmatched sound. The CM (American Wire Gauge) 22 USB is the ideal microphone for vocals and
Instruments in studio and Liveau accompaniments.
Professional sound
The large 14 mm electret cartridge delivers a silky warm sound and is therefore the first choice in the studio for the recording of speaking,
Recording Vocals and acoustic instruments such as guitar, strings or percussion. The heart shaped polar pattern ensures
Minimise irritation from unwanted noise sources in the event of a balanced frequency response from 20 Hz to 17 kHz.
Plug & Play
The USB port allows digital signal transfer directly into mixer or PC without the need for additional interface. That way, e.g. podcasts or
To Vertonungen from videos without other expensive device required. In order to get started right away, there is a 1.7 m long
USB cable, a high quality table stand velvet thread reducer as well as a microphone holder included.
Good quality item
The high production standard of the microphone when table tripod and a microphone holder has been continue: Made Completely Out Of Metal
Made to assist your surfing activities and precision engineering toys you of the highest quality.
Great quality from Pronomic.