Auna CM003 Condenser Microphone Spider Stand XLR Black

Instrument : MICROPHONE
Department : Studio Microphones

Brand : Auna
Acheter Auna
Description from Amazon UK

The Auna CM003 is a high-performance condenser microphone with cardioid polar pattern, excellent performance and quality components.

The special features include a wide frequency response, wide dynamic range and low noise floor.This results in a first-class audio signal which also positively affects the recording quality. An important reason for this is the 32mm gold-sputtered membrane that produces an audibly warm, full-bodied, low-noise sound. This sound can be adapted with a switchable low-cut filter and pad.

Among other things the delivery includes a spider stand in an elastic nylon mesh to avoid unwanted vibrations and oscillations. In addition, the device comes with a windscreen to reduce atmospheric noise such as wind and sibilance. Of course, the set also includes a 5/8" to 3/8" screw adapter for tripod mounting.

This microphone is ideal for use in a studio, at concerts as well as for broadcasting and live applications.

**Please note that all of our condenser microphones require +48v Phantom Power, which can be supplied from external audio cards, mixing consoles etc. Please check that your equipment is compatible with this item before proceeding with your purchase.*Please note that the microphone is not equipped with a USB port. For direct connection with the computer, we recommend the following item numbers: 10006514, 10006515, 10011703 und 10011711.


1 x device
1 x Spider
1 x Windscreen
1 x Reduction thread
1 x Case
English manual (other languages: German)


Height: 19cm
Diameter: 4.5 cm
Weight: about 444g