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Friberg, Tomas Tomas Friberg
Suède Suède, Stockholm
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Les Coups de Coeur
de Tomas Friberg
Fantasy Sonata
Hedges, Anthony (Basson, Piano)
Consonances VII
Alexandra, Liana (Harpe)

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Friberg, Tomas : Songs & Dances (Saxophone quartet no. 2)
Quatuor de saxophones / Intermédiaire à difficile
1 PDF / 1 MP3
Friberg, Tomas : Burlesque - for saxophone quartet and striptease dancer
Quatuor de saxophones / Intermédiaire à difficile
1 PDF / 1 MP3
Friberg, Tomas : Karesansui - for saxophone choir piano and percussion
Ensemble de Saxophones / Intermédiaire
1 PDF / 1 MP3
Friberg, Tomas : Suite pour saxophone alto et marimba
Saxophone alto, Marimba / Intermédiaire à difficile
1 PDF / 1 MP3

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Ecrit le 2017-09-14 par Tomas Friberg
Its a good feeling to enter a compositionscontest and get selected for a performance out of more than 400 entries. So 3 Yokai is getting a performance in Nashville, Tennessee oo the 21st October by members of the Sound riot ensamble
Sound riot

Sonatina for solo-flute

Ecrit le 2016-02-20 par Tomas Friberg
The Finnish flutist Pia Vilermo decided to record one of the movements from my solo flute sonatina on her Iphone. You can hear it here on Soundcloud.
Frierg - Sonatina for soloflute

Fugue for 3 typewriters
Fugue for 3 typewriters
Ecrit le 2015-01-06 par Tomas Friberg
A picture from a performance of my Fuge for 3 typewriters, played by members of Grupo de Percussão do Conservatório de Tatuí, São Paul, Brazil :-)


Going global

Ecrit le 2014-11-25 par Tomas Friberg
Over the last two years my music has been performed in Finland, Denmark, Singapore and the UK. Maybe more places but those are the one I am certain of.

And it's ALL thanks to (well, maybe also because it's good music). But I am very grateful that this site exists. Thank you!

And thank you all for listening and playing!

Good company

Ecrit le 2011-07-05 par Tomas Friberg
It's always fun to see your name on a poster together with JS Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Vierne etc

So if you happen to be in Stockholm on the 19th of July - Johannes Church at 7.30 pm is the place to be if you want to hear my Prologue for organ.

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