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Saboohi,Ehsan  Saboohi,Ehsan
Iran Iran, Tehran
Composer Arranger
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SYMPHONY NO,1 ,OP, 1 (Movement II )
Saboohi,Ehsan (Orchestra)
Three Psalms on B-A-C-H
Saboohi,Ehsan (Synthetizer)

Ehsan Saboohi Symphony No.1Ehsan Saboohi Symphony No.1
A Thesis Submitted to Graduate Studies Office in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in Composition February, 2010

Celebration on  Release of “Piano Works” by Ehsan SaboohiCelebration on Release of “Piano Works” by Ehsan Saboohi
Celebration on Release of “Piano Works” by Ehsan Saboohi Performers: Hooshyar Khayyam, Yevsookova Oksana, Andrey Bondarenko Date and Time: 8th July 2013, 4:00 PM. Address: Farhangsara-ye Arasbaran, Jolfa Ave., Seyed-Khandan St. Free Admission
Ehsan SaboohiEhsan Saboohi
Interview with Arman DailyInterview with Arman Daily
“Intellectualism holds the most potential in contemporary art”. Interview with Arman Daily. (
Saboohi,Ehsan (1981 - )
Iran Iran, Tehran
registered before 2010
About the artist
Ehsan Saboohi is an Iranian contemporary composer. He was born in 1981 in Tehran, Iran. He learnt the principles of Iranian Traditional Music since his childhood.
Saboohi started his music education in Sooreh School of Music of Tehran and graduated in 1993. Then, in 2005 he graduated from the Music Academy of Azad University of Arts and Architecture and later on, in 2009 got his master degr
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More Information
Instruments :Piano
SkillsArranger, Composer, Interpreter, Teacher
Prizes• The first Snowflake, Admitted Score in “Composition for Harp Contest”, 2013.
• Diploma of Honor from Kharkov Conservatory for Composing Farewell Sonata, Ukraine, 2012.
• Leyli and Majnun, Admitted Score in “Composition for Oud Contest”, 2012.
• Free-Scores’ Prize Winner Composer for the First International Composition Contest, 2011.
• Makhoola for Trumpet and Piano, Admitted Score in the first Spring Festival of the Art University of Tehran, 2008.
• 3rd Prize Winner for playing Tombak (Iranian traditional Instrument) in Fajr International Music Festival, 1998
Grade- M.A. in Composition (Contemporary Music), Art University of Tehran, 2009.
- B.A. in Music (International Instruments: Saxophone), Faculty of Art and Architecture, Islamic Azad University, 2005.
- Music diploma (Iranian traditional Instruments: Santour), Sooreh School of Music, 1999
WebsiteEhsan Saboohi official website
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Prelude in Memorial D.Schostakovich
Contest winner (1st edition)
Guitar solo (standard notation)
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Ehsan Saboohi / Phonemes Requiem
Written on 2015-09-15 by ehsan-saboohiEhsan Saboohi / Phonemes Requiem
Release Date - 18th September 2015
Available on:


International released "Chaos in the Cosmos
International released "Chaos in the CosmosWritten on 2014-08-08 by ehsan-saboohi"Chaos in the Cosmos" (Shahr-âshub in Persian) is an experimental music inspired by the well-known components of Iranian culture such as literature, miniatures, calligraphies and the art of carpet. Being aware that meta-narratives have no place in today’s world, it is aimed to be a micro-narrative of the Persian traditional poetry and music.

Chaos (Âshub) is a metaphor for the invention and discovering the new disciplines and Cosmos (Shahr) is a metaphor for the established disciplines.

We respect other nations’ music and believe that what constitutes the future of the music is a dialogue between the contemporary and traditional music. Thus, we look at the western music from the second half of 20th century (from 1950 onward) and consciously bracket all the appeal of tonal music in order to rediscover the harmonics and non-harmonics of the music by itself.
http://spectropolrecords.bandc mos 08/new-music-from-ehsan-sabooh i/

Chaos in the Cosmos
Chaos in the CosmosWritten on 2014-06-04 by ehsan-saboohiEHSAN SABOOHI (1981- )
Electronic & Electroacoustic works

Ehsan Saboohi new album release
Ehsan Saboohi new album release Written on 2014-06-03 by ehsan-saboohiEHSAN SABOOHI (1981- )
Electronic & Electroacoustic works
release date: June 10, 2014 in Iran
limited edition

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