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The European Real Book - C Version: C Instruments: Instrumental Album

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Format : Fake Book

Instrumentation :

C Instruments

Publisher :

Sher Music Company

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Musicroom :
The European Real Book - C Version: C Instruments: Instrumental Album
34.99 GBP - Shipped from England

182 of the best European jazz tunes make The European Real Book a must have for any jazz player. This volume contains pieces by Michel Petrucciani, Florian Ross, George Shearing, Nguyen Le, Toots Thielemans, Philip Catherine, Bill Bruford, Tommy Smith, Enrico Rava, Django Reinhardt and almost 100 others. As with all Sher Real books this book features: 100% accurate composer-approved charts easy-to-read manuscript A great selection of tunes Many extra features like sample Bass lines, chord voicing, Rhythm section hits, harmony parts and an extensive Drum appendix. An exclusive and exciting feature of The European Real Book is that streaming MP3 files of over 100 tunes in the book are available free of charge from Sher Music.

Content :
910 Columbus [H?bner, Gregor]
Affreusement Votre [Amsellem, Frank]
Alborada [Hartong, Jan L.]
All By Myself [Laurin, Anna-Lena]
Amazing You [Boehlee, Karel]
Ambleside [Taylor, John]
And Then I Wrote [Shearing, George]
Angel Feet [Gordon, David]
Autumn Song [Pieranunzi, Enrico]
Baby Plum [Terrasson, Jacky]
Besame Macho [Vuckovich, Larry]
Between Moons [Taylor, John]
Big Bad G [Horler, David]
Birthday Blues [Dennerlein, Barbara]
Black Inside [Faraó, Antonio]
Blue In Black and White [Oxley, Pete]
Bo-Peep [Dennerlein, Barbara]
Bolero Para Paquito [Meurkens, Hendrik]
By Any Means Necessary [Ross, Florian]
C [Bergcrantz, Anders]
Change Of Season [Garland, Tim]
Chant, The [Feldman, Victor]
Come Escape With Me [Figarova, Amina]
Concise [Bonafede, Salvatore]
Constant Struggle [Honzak, Jaromir]
Dance For Victor [Catherine, Philip]
Dancing School [Dankworth, Alec]
Dawn [Tokaj, Michal]
Day In Paris, A [Robert, George]
De Camino [Sambeat, Perico]
Dear John [Wakenius, Ulf]
Dee [Amsellem, Frank]
Deep [Gatto, Roberto]
Despedidas [Irizarry II, Neff]
Devil Take The Hindmost [Holdsworth, Allan]
Dream Come True, A [Lakatos, Tony] [Bijlsma, Masha]
Dream Of Dreams [Maslov, Eugene]
Dum Dum Dum [Louis, Eddy]
Elegie [Lehel, Peter]
Elle-Que [Goessens, Kris]
Elvin's Song [Di Battista, Stefano]
Empty [Olin, Maggi]
Encanto [Lê, Nguyên]
Face To Face [Galliano, Richard]
Favors [Ogerman, Claus]
Final Decision [Doky, Niels Lan]
For Our Dearest [Karlzon, Jacob]
Fundamental Frequency [Thielmans, Jean ?Toots?]
Getting There (Is Half The Fun) [Ross, Florian]
Golden Rain [Stenson, Bobo]
GuDrumBa [Pelc, Jacek]
Guru [Maslov, Eugene]
Hal [Ross, Florian]
Hall [Di Battista, Stefano]
Halycon Moments [Oxley, Pete]
Happy Man [Terrasson, Jacky]
Harlequin [Smith, Tommy]
Here Be Changes Made [Fresu, Paolo] [Linx, David]
Hi Steve [Arguelles, Julian]
Historia De Markari [Girotto, Javier]
Home [Giuliani, Rosario]
I Did It All For You [Lamont, Duncan]
I Never Went Away [Bennett, Richard Rodney]
Il Clan Dei Siciliani [Morricone, Ennio]
In A Silent Way [Zawinul, Joe]
In The Dark [Trovaioli, Armando]
In The Presence and Absence Of Each Other (Part 1) [Ogerman, Claus]
Innocence [Jacob, Christian]
Invisible Thread, The [Arguelles, Julian]
Java Indigo [Galliano, Richard]
Jornado Sem Fim [Sassetti, Bernard]
Just Let Go [Linx, David]
Kristine [Orsted Pedersen, Niels-Henning]
La Champagne [Petrucciani, Michel]
Land Of Oblivion [Levinovsky, Nick]
Landofme [Olin, Maggi]
Las Oras [Savelli, Gianni]
Lisa [Feldman, Victor]
Little Blues For You, A [Jansson, Lars]
Little Family, A [Lan Doky, Niels]
Little O In The Sky [Bonafede, Salvatore]
Little Peace Waltz [Enders, Johannes]
Living Hope [Di Piazza, Dominique]
Lochiel's Warning [Asplund, Peter]
Looking Up [Petrucciani, Michel]
Lyric Song [Oláh, Kálmán]
Mabel [Wheeler, Kenny]
Madeira [Paduart, Ivan]
Mambo De La Luna [Mallet, Alain]
Man In The Green Shirt [Zawinul, Joe]
Manoir De Mes Rêves (Django's Castle) [Reinhardt, Django]
Mathilde [Lockwood, Didier]
Max' Traces [Giammarco, Maurizio]
Meeting [Thomas, Rene]
Memory Of Enchantment [Borstlap, Michiel]
Merci Afrique [Catherine, Philip]
Messenger From Russia [Ponomarev, Valery]
Midnight Mood [Zawinul, Joe]
Miss J. [Bolte, Peter]
Moon Valley [Dankworth, John] [Lamont, Duncan]
More Than Ever [Giuliani, Rosario]
Mother To Father [Holownia, Bogdan]
Mr. Woods [Robert, George]
Music For Wind And Rain [Viklicky, Emil]
Natt [Bergcrantz, Anders]
New Lands [Pieranunzi, Enrico]
Night Gone By, The [Pieranunzi, Enrico]
Night Over Lake Tarawera [Nuss, Ludwig]
Not In Austria [Roth, Wolfgang]
Not You Again [Lamont, Duncan]
Now It's Different! [Faraó, Antonio]
Nowhere To Go [Waterman, Steve]
Nuages (Clouds) [Reinhardt, Django]
One Day Before [Tokaj, Michal]
Open To The World [Figarova, Amina]
Orange Green [Marcelli, Andrea]
Parfum Latin [Loos, Charles]
Part, And Yet Apart, A [Bruford, Bill] [Clahar, P

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The European Real Book - Bb Version: B-Flat Instruments: Instrumental Album
Sher Music Co.
The European Real Book - Bb Version
34.99 GBP - Sold by Musicroom UK