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"For 18 years we provide a free and legal service for free sheet music.

If you use and like, thank you to consider support donation.

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"For 18 years we provide a free and legal service for free sheet music without asking you anything in exchange. This was made possible through internal funding generated by our buying guide sheet music, accessories and musical instruments and the advertising. But today we need also your contribution however small it may be.

If you use and like, thank you to consider support donation."

20 February 2015
Victor Reny, founder of

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Jessica BondyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2017-12-31
Cadmus HicksUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-12-30
Shelby DixonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-12-30
antonio cirilloItalia Italia5.00 EUR2017-12-30
Françoise VincentFrance France5.00 EUR2017-12-29
theophile daabFrance France50.00 EUR2017-12-29
DI Josef ErnstAustria Austria10.00 EUR2017-12-29
Joyce O'NealUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-12-29
Frank StraussUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-12-29
KATINA PRODROMOUCyprus Cyprus2.00 EUR2017-12-27
Pamela GoshornCanada Canada5.00 CAD2017-12-26
Lourdes MeadUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-12-25
Andrea GuadagniItalia Italia10.00 EUR2017-12-25
Dominique DreyerSwitzerland Switzerland100.00 EUR2017-12-25
Jackie ORANGEFrance France10.00 EUR2017-12-25
Ramaciandra CartaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-12-25
Lucinda MosherUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-12-24
philippe philipponFrance France10.00 EUR2017-12-24
Matthias GraulichGermany Germany5.00 EUR2017-12-24
François VoirolFrance France15.00 EUR2017-12-24
Jeff FlasterUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-12-24
jonathan thuninFrance France40.00 EUR2017-12-23
Danny OHernUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-12-23
ROLAND GATEPINFrance France10.00 EUR2017-12-23
Axel WiegerGermany Germany10.10 EUR2017-12-23
maria diasBrazil Brazil1.00 USD2017-12-23
Jean RitchieUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2017-12-23
J. J.Belgium Belgium25.00 EUR2017-12-22
Carolyn HaymanUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-12-22
Hilary DayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-12-21
Agnès PRUNIERFrance France10.00 EUR2017-12-21
jacques rutmanFrance France20.00 EUR2017-12-21
James Van CampUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-12-21
Marleen BERNARDFrance France5.00 EUR2017-12-20
Jean-Claude MATTHYSBelgium Belgium5.00 EUR2017-12-20
Thomas FoxUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-12-19
Robert BlochUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-12-19
Bertrand Testard de MaransFrance France10.00 EUR2017-12-19
CJ DellapietraUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-12-19
ALBERT VALERIEFrance France5.00 EUR2017-12-18
Linda WilliamsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-12-17
Fabio ContiItalia Italia5.00 EUR2017-12-17
PAOLO AIELLIItalia Italia5.00 EUR2017-12-17
Henry ThomasUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-12-17
Robert PrestonCanada Canada5.00 CAD2017-12-16
Michel OgueySwitzerland Switzerland10.00 EUR2017-12-16
matthieu FréconFrance France5.00 EUR2017-12-16
theodore girinskyFrance France50.00 EUR2017-12-15
Nicolas MoureyFrance France5.00 EUR2017-12-15
Samantha UrbinaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.05 USD2017-12-15
Cheryl HanaganUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-12-14
Vitorio Luis BroettoBrazil Brazil10.00 USD2017-12-14
Angelika NichtweißGermany Germany5.00 EUR2017-12-14
JACOTOT BERTRANDFrance France1.00 EUR2017-12-13
Jeannie Le BerreFrance France20.00 EUR2017-12-13
Renate LangeheineckeGermany Germany10.00 EUR2017-12-13
Steve SmithTrinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago5.00 USD2017-12-12
Yachi TsaoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-12-12
Tomas JernstedtSweden Sweden10.00 EUR2017-12-12
James HolmesUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-12-12
David MartsolfUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-12-12
Jefrey Leight BrownUnited States (USA) United States (USA)6.00 USD2017-12-11
Harold MeadUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-12-11
Etienne DelneuvilleBelgium Belgium10.00 EUR2017-12-11
Alvin TraskUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-12-11
Eph TunkleUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-12-11
Marilyn SanderUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-12-11
peter ellisUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-12-10
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-12-10
Sarah ThomasUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-12-10
gilles verreaultCanada Canada5.00 CAD2017-12-10
Peter CobbUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-12-09
Antje PittersGermany Germany2.00 EUR2017-12-08
XAVIER QUIQUERETFrance France10.00 EUR2017-12-08
Gouverneur, DonckFrance France10.00 EUR2017-12-08
Albera, EvelyneFrance France20.00 EUR2017-12-08
Morag CupplesUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2017-12-08
Rosemary HarringtonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-12-08
Alice FuscoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-12-07
Joanne MurphyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-12-07
Aline LopezFrance France10.00 EUR2017-12-07
Richard NathanielUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-12-07
Clara FassettCanada Canada20.00 CAD2017-12-07
Laurie PadronUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-12-06
Jean MARCFrance France10.00 EUR2017-12-06
YU SUNG CHUOCanada Canada15.00 CAD2017-12-06
Sylvie SaillardFrance France5.00 EUR2017-12-05
Shiyang SongUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-12-04
Martine MaillardFrance France5.00 EUR2017-12-04
Elizabeth WuUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-12-04
Haydn ReederAustralia Australia1.00 USD2017-12-03
Mai BuiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2017-12-03
Kenneth RaymondUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-12-03
Robert BeckUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-12-03
helge renate dr ruofGermany Germany10.00 EUR2017-12-03
Brian LeaUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2017-12-02
Alessandro CapassoItalia Italia5.00 EUR2017-12-02
Hunter BeaumontGermany Germany10.00 EUR2017-12-02
Richard SeetaoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-12-01
Ana Maria VillazonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-12-01
Anne-Sophie LendrevieUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2017-12-01
Jonatan WallCanada Canada10.00 CAD2017-12-01
Shelby DixonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-11-30
Vera StratievskyIsrael Israel3.00 USD2017-11-29
RENAUD ClaudeBelgium Belgium20.00 EUR2017-11-29
J-Christophe LermusiauxFrance France10.00 EUR2017-11-28
Thomas K. LawlessUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-11-28
Patricia FlorinFrance France30.00 EUR2017-11-28
Charles BanhardtCanada Canada50.00 CAD2017-11-27
David HanserUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-11-27
Ute OerderGermany Germany10.00 EUR2017-11-27
JUAN J HUERGOArgentina Argentina5.00 USD2017-11-26
Andrew MitterdorferAustralia Australia15.00 GBP2017-11-26
Ann AustinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-11-26
robert rothmanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-11-26
Brent LordUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2017-11-26
Roger PERRAULTFrance France10.00 EUR2017-11-25
Shenin MesdaghiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-11-25
Donna DuvalUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-11-24
Marie-Louise MalletFrance France10.00 EUR2017-11-24
James RussellUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2017-11-24
Yves LE COZFrance France25.00 EUR2017-11-24
Werner WenzelGermany Germany5.00 EUR2017-11-23
Ciro MarzioItalia Italia5.00 EUR2017-11-23
Jean RitchieUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2017-11-23
maria diasBrazil Brazil1.00 USD2017-11-23
Helen ScottUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2017-11-23
Humberto GuimaraesUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-11-22
michel DANTZERFrance France10.00 EUR2017-11-22
Earl MaizeUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2017-11-22
Kamil JankowskiPoland Poland3.00 EUR2017-11-21
henri VigneFrance France30.00 EUR2017-11-21
Cohen StephenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-11-20
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-11-20
Benedicte De MontetyFrance France10.00 EUR2017-11-20
ARF AKTATurks and Caicos Islands Turks and Caicos Islands2.00 USD2017-11-20
sean taylorUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-11-19
Jay NormanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-11-19
Bach-Van LeAustralia Australia10.00 USD2017-11-18
nils kreipeGermany Germany2.00 EUR2017-11-18
VANDIER BenoitFrance France2.00 EUR2017-11-18
Roxana GalaseanUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-11-17
Alan MooreUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-11-17
Eric DELAMAREFrance France10.00 EUR2017-11-16
Alvin TraskUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-11-16
K Cunningham-LoganUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-11-16
Lynn GamadyIsrael Israel5.00 USD2017-11-16
PETER CROWTHERUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-11-16
Nicholas GeorgeUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2017-11-15
Sally WilsonAustralia Australia10.00 USD2017-11-14
David TurnerUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-11-14
Jiri MuchaUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2017-11-14
Mary Ruth YatesUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-11-14
Pascale BardinFrance France5.00 EUR2017-11-13
Catherine RainerFrance France15.00 EUR2017-11-12
Tristan DENISFrance France30.00 EUR2017-11-12
Birger FranzeGermany Germany5.00 EUR2017-11-12
Sylvia LabordusNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2017-11-12
Natalie WingUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 EUR2017-11-12
michel sabatierFrance France10.00 EUR2017-11-12
Bengt SamuelsonSweden Sweden2.00 EUR2017-11-12
chantal pourchotFrance France20.00 EUR2017-11-12
Marie-Suzanne LUCRECEMartinique Martinique4.00 EUR2017-11-11
Lukman SinclairUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-11-11
John TowellUnited Kingdom United Kingdom4.00 GBP2017-11-11
John Paul CastroUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-11-10
Yannick RenierBelgium Belgium10.00 EUR2017-11-10
Pierre PetitFrance France5.00 EUR2017-11-10
Christophe LapierreFrance France50.00 EUR2017-11-10
Richard StonemanUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-11-09
Jesus Gerardo Arizpe SaldanaMexico Mexico1.00 USD2017-11-09
Diane StickneyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-11-08
daniela mogovanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)8.00 USD2017-11-07
Joanne MurphyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-11-07
Alice FuscoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-11-07
Esko AnttonenFinland Finland10.00 EUR2017-11-06
Anne GonzalezFrance France10.00 EUR2017-11-06
Gilbert BrahmsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-11-06
Susan ClarkUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-11-05
michael friedlandFrance France10.00 EUR2017-11-05
Rosemary BlegenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-11-05
J. P.France France5.55 EUR2017-11-05
Constantine RoussosUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-11-04
Glen ShentonCanada Canada1.00 CAD2017-11-04
BERTRAND AMILHATFrance France5.00 EUR2017-11-04
Genevieve DunaisFrance France3.33 EUR2017-11-03
Stanaforth HopkinsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-11-03
Francisco ClementeUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-11-02
Yoshikazu ArafuneGermany Germany5.00 EUR2017-11-02
Bridget RisembergUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.55 USD2017-11-02
Akiko HasegawaCanada Canada5.00 CAD2017-11-01
Shu Hong, Thomas LuiHong Kong Hong Kong50.00 USD2017-11-01
andrew kirkAustralia Australia8.00 USD2017-11-01
Sandor KarolyiGermany Germany10.00 EUR2017-11-01
Thomas MatzeitGermany Germany2.00 USD2017-11-01
Shanne HillemanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-11-01
Harald HerchenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)11.11 USD2017-10-30
Shelby DixonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-10-30
Grace MurrayIrland Irland5.00 EUR2017-10-30
Emmanuelle DEFFRANNESBelgium Belgium2.00 EUR2017-10-29
kathleen mckinneyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-10-28
Frederic MaquetUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2017-10-28
Robert LabrosseCanada Canada20.00 CAD2017-10-28
Marc PerrinFrance France10.00 EUR2017-10-27
alain rambachFrance France100.00 EUR2017-10-27
Reinhard WimmerDenmark Denmark25.00 EUR2017-10-26
Muriel ZobelUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-10-26
Joseph HausUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-10-26
isabelle MigeonFrance France30.00 EUR2017-10-26
Sebastian BockGermany Germany11.00 EUR2017-10-25
Matthew YedlinCanada Canada10.00 CAD2017-10-25
John KempUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-10-25
Cheri AllisUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-10-25
SYLVIE DARDALHONFrance France50.00 EUR2017-10-25
Anna MartynovskayaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-10-25
Valérie FaureFrance France100.00 EUR2017-10-24
Shane (John) McGeoughUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-10-24
Isabelle DrucUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-10-24
Hans SchöcheGermany Germany10.00 EUR2017-10-24
Miguel Moral SalarSpain Spain5.00 EUR2017-10-23
Ian KnaggsNew Zealand New Zealand20.00 USD2017-10-23
Max KubierschkyGermany Germany5.00 EUR2017-10-23
Jean RitchieUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2017-10-23
maria diasBrazil Brazil1.00 USD2017-10-23
Roger Jones MDUnited States (USA) United States (USA)35.00 USD2017-10-23
Karlheinz SchwarzGermany Germany15.00 EUR2017-10-22
John ShillitoUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2017-10-22
david mannesseNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2017-10-21
François BEHRFrance France25.00 EUR2017-10-20
Mark GatongayCanada Canada10.00 CAD2017-10-19
SANDRINE SALASFrance France20.00 EUR2017-10-19
Marianne ThomasUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-10-18
Anna CajselPoland Poland1.00 EUR2017-10-17
Louis Wellington IIUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-10-17
Thomas BeieGermany Germany1.99 EUR2017-10-16
Maria MariglianoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)50.00 USD2017-10-16
javier nieto ruedaSpain Spain3.00 EUR2017-10-16
Joyce DraytonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-10-15
Amir GhamsariUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-10-15
alberto mompellioItalia Italia20.00 EUR2017-10-15
Herfried WossMexico Mexico1.00 USD2017-10-15
Herfried WossMexico Mexico1.00 USD2017-10-15
Lawrence WinshipUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-10-14
Shizuka HanssonSweden Sweden5.00 USD2017-10-14
Nathalie FaureCanada Canada10.00 CAD2017-10-14
Kamil JankowskiPoland Poland2.00 EUR2017-10-13
Mario FabriniItalia Italia5.00 EUR2017-10-13
Larry GilliamCanada Canada5.00 CAD2017-10-12
Anne Steulet BrownSwitzerland Switzerland50.00 EUR2017-10-12
Assia NinioCanada Canada5.00 CAD2017-10-12
Jeff FlasterUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-10-11
Alvin TraskUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-10-11
Antonio Landolfi PetroneItalia Italia15.00 EUR2017-10-11
N GambierUnited Kingdom United Kingdom20.00 GBP2017-10-11
Alison CrossUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2017-10-10
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-10-10
Renaud TheunissenBelgium Belgium5.00 EUR2017-10-10
Barbara JakeszAustria Austria5.00 EUR2017-10-10
John StillmanUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-10-10
Hugh WalkerUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2017-10-09
GORDON LOUDONUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-10-09
luca marteganiItalia Italia4.00 EUR2017-10-08
Rüdiger KramerGermany Germany4.00 EUR2017-10-08
Lilian BungartenGermany Germany10.00 EUR2017-10-08
nicola warrenUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-10-07
Alice FuscoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-10-07
Joanne MurphyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-10-07
roberto valdemarcaFrance France20.00 EUR2017-10-07
Marc DucampFrance France10.00 EUR2017-10-07
BERNARD PICHODFrance France10.00 EUR2017-10-06
Marcus Van BaalenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-10-06
Pierre TrablyFrance France25.00 EUR2017-10-05
Stefan GordinFinland Finland20.00 EUR2017-10-05
Kari-Fernanda HolstNorway Norway20.00 EUR2017-10-05
Shelby DixonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-10-05
J MajinUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2017-10-05
David GawCanada Canada30.00 CAD2017-10-04
Trent MurrayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-10-03
anne devoucheBelgium Belgium10.00 EUR2017-10-03
gail BakisUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-10-03
Kathy LangUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2017-10-03
Jerzy BirulaPoland Poland2.00 USD2017-10-03
Gerard YunCanada Canada10.00 CAD2017-10-02
Barbara GodfreyUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-10-02
Stephen GrovesUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-10-02
Tony HarmonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-10-02
Michael KnudsonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-10-02
Eric GasparichUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2017-10-02
nicolas henricFrance France10.00 EUR2017-10-01
Jean-Michel ReboulFrance France10.00 EUR2017-10-01
Leon TylerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-10-01
Jean-Luc CharpiotFrance France20.00 EUR2017-09-30
Massimo PoesioUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2017-09-30
henry menckebergAntilles néerlandaises Antilles néerlandaises10.00 USD2017-09-30
Jessica KochUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-09-29
Alphonse DelavergneFrance France50.00 EUR2017-09-29
michel gagnonCanada Canada5.00 CAD2017-09-29
John GurskiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-09-29
Jean-Baptiste BACHELFrance France10.00 EUR2017-09-29
Louis WhelanIrland Irland5.00 EUR2017-09-28
Anne-Françoise CroisezBelgium Belgium5.00 EUR2017-09-27
Jin Soo PaikCanada Canada5.00 CAD2017-09-27
jean michel oudinFrance France10.00 EUR2017-09-27
Thien OoiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-09-27
Bruce MorganUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-09-26
alfonso garraldaSpain Spain10.00 EUR2017-09-26
DIDIER DURANDFrance France5.00 EUR2017-09-26
Jenny HulmeUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2017-09-25
Amílcar SilvaPortugal Portugal50.00 EUR2017-09-25
PAULO DE CARVALHOFrance France30.00 EUR2017-09-25
Marc ZuttermanBelgium Belgium20.00 EUR2017-09-25
Jose CulotBelgium Belgium5.00 EUR2017-09-25
Yuko HagosUnited States (USA) United States (USA)30.00 USD2017-09-24
Jaroslaw WroblewskiPoland Poland10.00 USD2017-09-24
maria diasBrazil Brazil1.00 USD2017-09-23
Jean RitchieUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2017-09-23
Dorothy Menke SmithUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2017-09-22
Wendy GonsalkoraleUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2017-09-22
Thierry ChauveFrance France10.00 EUR2017-09-22
Aeron HughesUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-09-22
John HoldenAustralia Australia10.00 EUR2017-09-21
Albert PendletonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-09-21
Shane TuckerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-09-21
cattin jean guillaumeFrance France1.00 EUR2017-09-20
Jan DouglasUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-09-19
Fenella Wailes-FairbairnUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.99 GBP2017-09-19
Laurent LEVESQUEFrance France5.00 EUR2017-09-19
Konrad SkretaCanada Canada10.00 CAD2017-09-18
Pietro AngeliniItalia Italia5.00 EUR2017-09-18
Michel lavenuFrance France10.00 EUR2017-09-18
Emogene BedrosianUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-09-17
Charles MuscoplatUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-09-17
Catherine PRADAFrance France50.00 EUR2017-09-14
Mrs Gwyneth L HoltUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-09-14
Joseph MartinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-09-13
Steven KuhnUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-09-13
Judith DeWittCanada Canada5.00 CAD2017-09-13
Gretchen NielsonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-09-13
Caroline CaillatFrance France10.00 EUR2017-09-12
Jean-Pierre BertrandCanada Canada5.00 CAD2017-09-12
Alfred MonclaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-09-11
Alvin TraskUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-09-11
Lionel GAINETFrance France10.00 EUR2017-09-11
Pascale RondouFrance France5.00 EUR2017-09-10
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-09-10
Delphine ProusteauFrance France50.00 EUR2017-09-09
Mary DunnUnited States (USA) United States (USA)50.00 USD2017-09-09
Manfred BlumGermany Germany5.00 EUR2017-09-08
C N UnderhillUnited Kingdom United Kingdom20.00 GBP2017-09-08
Jan LigtenbergNetherlands Netherlands1.00 EUR2017-09-08
Carin JohnsonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 USD2017-09-07
Joanne MurphyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-09-07
cheryl chenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-09-07
Isabelle HatonFrance France10.00 EUR2017-09-07
Jennifer KnelmanCanada Canada2.00 CAD2017-09-07
Alice FuscoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-09-07
Pavel AbramovRussia Russia2.00 USD2017-09-06
John Mackenzie owenNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2017-09-06
Margaret WagnerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-09-06
Frédéric MagnanFrance France15.00 EUR2017-09-05
Jill ChampagneUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-09-05
Sebastian StearUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-09-05
MARTINE BURYFrance France20.00 EUR2017-09-04
laura gilbert-MerrillUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2017-09-04
Malin HolzmannSweden Sweden15.00 EUR2017-09-03
Gerard BrummerNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2017-09-03
Giuseppe MartellaItalia Italia10.00 EUR2017-09-03
Anouk JaccariniCanada Canada10.00 CAD2017-09-03
Birgitta BurghardtGermany Germany20.00 EUR2017-09-03
Debra AndersonCanada Canada10.00 CAD2017-09-03
Daniel FernandezFrance France3.00 EUR2017-09-02
Bruce MorganUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-09-02
Beth RubenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-09-02
Micheline HUGUESFrance France10.00 EUR2017-09-01
neil millikenUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-09-01
Christian RocheleauCanada Canada25.00 CAD2017-08-31
MICHAEL S LARSONUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-08-31
Attila NagyHungary Hungary5.00 EUR2017-08-31
Bernard BONNETFrance France30.00 EUR2017-08-30
Mary FlanneryUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-08-30
MARCO BIANCOItalia Italia5.00 EUR2017-08-30
 Japan Japan1.00 USD2017-08-30
Shelby DixonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-08-30
Jane FannonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-08-30
Dror ReichenbergIsrael Israel4.00 USD2017-08-30
Olivier ClercFrance France20.00 EUR2017-08-30
Mrs R J SudburyUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-08-29
John GoshenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2017-08-29
Steven KuhnUnited States (USA) United States (USA)7.00 USD2017-08-28
Rajeev RanjanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-08-28
Ralph PielstickerGermany Germany10.00 EUR2017-08-28
Maurice OggierSwitzerland Switzerland45.00 EUR2017-08-28
Ewald GoldGermany Germany5.00 EUR2017-08-28
frank tylerUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-08-28
Brian SwaleNew Zealand New Zealand4.00 USD2017-08-26
Valerio IebbaItalia Italia2.00 EUR2017-08-25
Michael LauCanada Canada5.00 CAD2017-08-24
Tanya CunninghamUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-08-24
John SaseUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-08-24
Mohammad HusseinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)33.33 USD2017-08-23
maria diasBrazil Brazil1.00 USD2017-08-23
Jean RitchieUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2017-08-23
TIMOTHY WOODUnited States (USA) United States (USA)4.00 USD2017-08-22
Elene GuschUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-08-22
Gerard LavauFrance France50.00 EUR2017-08-22
Gary GrossmanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-08-21
Pierre LASBATSFrance France10.00 EUR2017-08-21
Gina SandersNew Zealand New Zealand10.00 USD2017-08-21
Luiz CastelaFrance France2.00 EUR2017-08-21
Patrick KennedyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-08-20
Joshua RogersNew Zealand New Zealand5.00 USD2017-08-19
Charles BrowneUnited Kingdom United Kingdom20.00 GBP2017-08-19
angela cariniItalia Italia4.00 EUR2017-08-19
SYLVAINE ILARIOFrance France15.00 EUR2017-08-19
Robert TrimbyUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-08-18
Carol GeyerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2017-08-17
D N GillUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-08-17
Marvin ScogginUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-08-17
Hugh WalkerUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2017-08-16
Trudi RichardsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-08-16
Daniel FoxUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-08-15
Robin GlassUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-08-15
Janis RottUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2017-08-15
Kristina DavisUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-08-15
Dorothee HornungGermany Germany2.00 EUR2017-08-15
Peter EisenhauerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-08-14
Stephanie DarceyAustralia Australia10.00 USD2017-08-14
Eric van der ElstLuxembourg Luxembourg20.00 EUR2017-08-14
Susanne RothGermany Germany1.50 EUR2017-08-12
Karen HawleyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-08-12
Barbara PierceUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.50 USD2017-08-12
Françoise MATRASFrance France10.00 EUR2017-08-11
Alvin TraskUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-08-11
stephen LaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-08-11
Albert LinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-08-10
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-08-10
Pierre CosteFrance France10.00 EUR2017-08-09
Bertrand GAUTHIERFrance France20.00 EUR2017-08-09
Martin MaCanada Canada2.00 CAD2017-08-08
Steven KuhnUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-08-08
Damien VerbruggeFrance France4.00 EUR2017-08-08
Ash ThakurUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-08-08
Ria SasakiUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-08-07
Joanne MurphyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-08-07
Margaret GoldbergUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-08-06
L A LazaridesUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 USD2017-08-05
laurent herbochFrance France3.00 EUR2017-08-05
Alain ROUGEFrance France50.00 EUR2017-08-05
Malcolm BrinsonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-08-05
stevan del GeorgeUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-08-05
Kathleen HayashibaraUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-08-04
Lawrence W, TheriaultUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-08-04
Amy azutkaPoland Poland5.00 EUR2017-08-04
AGOSTINO CONTOItalia Italia10.00 EUR2017-08-03
Roger ReynoldsAustralia Australia10.00 USD2017-08-02
bejan ioanRoumania Roumania5.00 EUR2017-08-02
Sonia YazmadjianFrance France2.00 USD2017-08-02
Allen ConradUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-08-01
anne sohierFrance France15.00 EUR2017-08-01
John KempUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-08-01
Stephen KleiserUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-08-01
Lisa Kramer-CruzUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-08-01
Hansjoerg HessDenmark Denmark5.00 EUR2017-08-01
Thomas FordUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2017-07-31
Felip HolbrookUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-07-30
Shelby DixonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-07-30
Carol FreshourUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-07-30
Daniel SeufertUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2017-07-30
Erik MeyerNetherlands Netherlands15.00 EUR2017-07-30
Philippe SoldanoFrance France5.00 EUR2017-07-29
Elisabeth AFFOLTERIrland Irland10.00 EUR2017-07-29
Sören ThyboDenmark Denmark15.00 EUR2017-07-28
Dorothéa VenturaCanada Canada5.00 CAD2017-07-28
Dr. Bernhard WildGermany Germany10.00 EUR2017-07-28
Cherry HardingUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-07-27
Philip EvansUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-07-27
HARUE SHIRAISHIJapan Japan5.00 GBP2017-07-27
Lavelva StevensUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-07-27
Sandra GarciaLuxembourg Luxembourg10.00 EUR2017-07-26
Jaime CunhaPortugal Portugal10.00 EUR2017-07-26
Kim BeckerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-07-26
George ConnollyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-07-26
Robert BarthasFrance France10.00 EUR2017-07-25
CARL WRUBELUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2017-07-24
Agnieszka JankowskaSwitzerland Switzerland10.00 EUR2017-07-24
Annie Barbé de la BarreraFrance France5.00 EUR2017-07-24
David JuritzUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-07-24
Kathryn BarramUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-07-23
maria diasBrazil Brazil1.00 USD2017-07-23
Jean RitchieUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2017-07-23
HUBERMANN LAROSEUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-07-23
Sophia BEN ZITOUNFrance France5.00 EUR2017-07-23
jean-jacques cavelierFrance France20.00 EUR2017-07-23
dominique bonhommeFrance France1.00 EUR2017-07-22
Emiko KurokawaUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-07-22
david frankelUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-07-22
Claire CavotoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-07-21
Angel VillagranUnited States (USA) United States (USA)26.00 USD2017-07-20
Maria TomasUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-07-20
Evelyn PecherBelgium Belgium15.00 EUR2017-07-20
Jean-Pierre FOUQUEFrance France3.00 EUR2017-07-20
Deborah greenfieldUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2017-07-19
Martin BennsUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-07-19
HAROLD SHABOUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-07-19
Horacio ChivacuanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-07-19
David HeilbronUnited States (USA) United States (USA)50.00 USD2017-07-18
james klalesUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-07-18
Rebecca R CooperUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-07-17
April SpragueAustralia Australia5.49 USD2017-07-17
Kathleen MaxwellUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-07-17
Eloy BorgioSpain Spain10.00 EUR2017-07-17
Norman WeinfeldUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-07-17
Glenn KohlmeisterUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-07-17
Sidney HigaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-07-17
thomas laginessUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-07-16
holly ketronUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2017-07-16
Jean-Louis LaclavèreFrance France10.00 EUR2017-07-16
Robert TownsendUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2017-07-16
Helen HamerstromUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-07-15
Christine PeelUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-07-14
Chris YoderUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-07-13
jacques GAYRAUDFrance France20.00 EUR2017-07-13
LAP YAN TAIHong Kong Hong Kong20.00 USD2017-07-13
David HeldGermany Germany1.10 EUR2017-07-13
Troels BrøggerDenmark Denmark15.00 EUR2017-07-12
Lubomir MelichercikSlovakia Slovakia3.00 EUR2017-07-12
James McCutcheonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-07-12
L DAVIESUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-07-12
Melanie KochUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-07-11
Annette DohmesSwitzerland Switzerland8.00 EUR2017-07-11
Frederick SummerbellUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-07-11
Alvin TraskUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-07-11
mary spencerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-07-11
Ruth PheasantUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2017-07-11
John HowardUnited States (USA) United States (USA)50.00 USD2017-07-11
Stefanie SaßeGermany Germany10.00 EUR2017-07-10
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-07-10
Michel ShermanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-07-10
AnonymousUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-07-09
Carlos DecenaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-07-09
Tamara WelshUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-07-09
Anne WarnerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-07-08
John BourkeAustralia Australia6.00 USD2017-07-08
H KoningNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2017-07-08
PATRICIA MAGUIRESouth Africa South Africa100.00 USD2017-07-08
Joanne MurphyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-07-07
Max SimmonsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-07-07
Tristan GirardFrance France5.00 EUR2017-07-06
Shu jen HuangUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-07-06
Audrey LiebrossUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2017-07-06
Holly HartlenCanada Canada5.00 CAD2017-07-06
Merle YoderUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-07-06
Brian SwaleNew Zealand New Zealand3.00 USD2017-07-04
Victor FenechMalta Malta5.00 EUR2017-07-04
Thomas SkrobolaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2017-07-04
Mark WrightUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-07-03
Jose IngojoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-07-03
Georges SANCHEZFrance France20.00 EUR2017-07-03
LESLIE LISSIMOREUnited States (USA) United States (USA)50.00 USD2017-07-03
Karen JacquesUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2017-07-03
Gordon SnyderUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-07-03
Mikhail BorisenkoAustralia Australia7.00 USD2017-07-02
mitchelle hurUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-07-02
Reinhard GrözingerGermany Germany5.00 EUR2017-07-02
romain verzierFrance France5.00 EUR2017-07-01
Andrea MazzeiItalia Italia40.00 EUR2017-07-01
Evelyne BrandtsFrance France10.00 EUR2017-07-01
Paolo GambinoItalia Italia1.00 EUR2017-07-01
Paolo GambinoItalia Italia1.00 EUR2017-07-01
Glyn TuckerUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2017-07-01
Amand NosedaFrance France15.00 EUR2017-06-30
Shelby DixonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-06-30
nicola warrenUnited Kingdom United Kingdom7.00 GBP2017-06-29
Elizabeth JarvisUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 EUR2017-06-28
C N Julien TANHong Kong Hong Kong50.00 USD2017-06-27
Tammy BuscheUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2017-06-27
Robert DouchUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-06-27
Richard RenierUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2017-06-27
Tiong Jin GohSingapore Singapore50.00 USD2017-06-26
Alexander ManningUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2017-06-26
Robert RotellaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)50.00 USD2017-06-26
Jutta KennedyUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2017-06-25
Thomas FordUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-06-24
Michael LoughranUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-06-24
Julia DickmannUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-06-24
Jean-François VINCENTFrance France20.00 EUR2017-06-24
Jeffrey McKeeverUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-06-24
Sue NeidertUnited States (USA) United States (USA)4.00 USD2017-06-24
Pascal DesmazeauFrance France5.00 EUR2017-06-23
letizia garozzo polacciSpain Spain5.00 EUR2017-06-23
Jean RitchieUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2017-06-23
maria diasBrazil Brazil1.00 USD2017-06-23
Marie-Claire ValezFrance France2.00 EUR2017-06-23
Jean BLANCHARDFrance France10.00 EUR2017-06-23
Toon de RoodeNetherlands Netherlands2.50 EUR2017-06-23
Laurent BouliezFrance France3.00 EUR2017-06-22
Linda L CurringtonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-06-22
Steven KuhnUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-06-22
Susan FreemanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-06-22
Kate WatanabeUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-06-22
Richard KochelUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2017-06-21
Andrew SagatelianUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-06-21
Noëlle SULMONIFrance France10.00 EUR2017-06-20
Anna HerzigSwitzerland Switzerland20.00 EUR2017-06-20
Flavius FloreaRoumania Roumania10.00 EUR2017-06-20
Lavonne ShimomisseUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-06-19
Jean-Claude FRIGOULTFrance France20.00 EUR2017-06-19
Francisco Ferreira Gomes FilhoBrazil Brazil10.00 USD2017-06-19
Enrique Castro ButterUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-06-19
Matthew BurgessUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2017-06-17
Burn LinTaiwan Taiwan20.00 USD2017-06-17
Marc PiévicFrance France20.00 EUR2017-06-17
Delphine RoubertFrance France20.00 EUR2017-06-17
Sunee FreebairnUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-06-16
Luiz CastelaFrance France2.00 EUR2017-06-16
Thomas RebellGermany Germany5.00 EUR2017-06-16
reille jean-françoisFrance France15.00 EUR2017-06-16
Michael DomninUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-06-15
Denise LinehanUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-06-15
Anne MontgomeryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-06-15
Stanislaw MatysPoland Poland4.00 EUR2017-06-15
Hadley HazenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-06-14
VICTOR HUYNHFrance France5.00 EUR2017-06-13
Michael GrimwoodAustralia Australia20.00 USD2017-06-13
Ed MulderNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2017-06-13
PHILIPPE ROUSSELFrance France5.00 EUR2017-06-12
JEAN-MARIE FAIVREFrance France10.00 EUR2017-06-12
Peter DavisonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-06-12
Alvin TraskUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-06-11
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-06-10
Anne BritzUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2017-06-10
LUIZ PATERNOSTROBrazil Brazil10.00 USD2017-06-10
Alan CoupeUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-06-10
Richard KetaiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-06-09
Mark WatersUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-06-09
Luiz Fernando Soares BrandãoBrazil Brazil5.00 USD2017-06-09
Kerri PedenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-06-09
Michael WolinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-06-09
Hilderic BrowneCanada Canada20.00 CAD2017-06-09
John BeckSweden Sweden15.00 EUR2017-06-08
Laurence ParisFrance France2.00 EUR2017-06-08
Yaping XuUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-06-07
Richard KetaiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-06-07
Irene BronderGermany Germany20.00 EUR2017-06-07
Joanne MurphyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-06-07
Deirdre TuomeyIrland Irland5.00 EUR2017-06-06
Siu Wai StroshaneUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-06-06
André RostanFrance France30.00 EUR2017-06-06
Karin ClaußGermany Germany5.00 EUR2017-06-05
Catherine TrotmanUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2017-06-05
Michael KaniaGermany Germany5.00 EUR2017-06-04
Peter BalfourUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-06-04
Klara VandorpeBelgium Belgium5.00 EUR2017-06-04
Ric SpeedUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-06-04
olivier massonFrance France20.00 EUR2017-06-03
olivier massonFrance France5.00 EUR2017-06-03
olivier massonFrance France5.00 EUR2017-06-03
Philip WestonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-06-03
Jean-Marc CampanerFrance France10.00 EUR2017-06-03
Estelle AsseoFrance France10.00 EUR2017-06-03
aleksander piskovUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-06-03
Thierry ChauveFrance France15.00 EUR2017-06-01
Susan SwintUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-06-01
Alex NickelsonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-06-01
anne-marie amielhFrance France10.00 EUR2017-06-01
Maria Gabriela Labanda BruGermany Germany2.00 EUR2017-06-01
Claudia WilliamsonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-06-01
Bernadette PowerAustralia Australia15.00 USD2017-06-01
eve gillardFrance France5.00 EUR2017-05-31
Nena AlmodovarUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-05-31
eva lillqvistSweden Sweden50.00 EUR2017-05-30
Barbara ClearbridgeUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-05-30
Shelby DixonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-05-30
Andrew RobinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2017-05-29
Renze GrotendorstNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2017-05-29
Betty RembertUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-05-29
Jennifer Huguet-ZobermanFrance France1.00 EUR2017-05-29
Patrice jacquartFrance France10.00 EUR2017-05-28
ellin rothsteinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2017-05-28
Wikke WalopCanada Canada20.00 CAD2017-05-27
Chih-han ChienTaiwan Taiwan10.00 USD2017-05-27
Daniel DuncanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2017-05-26
Michel NabetFrance France40.00 EUR2017-05-26
patricia butlerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-05-26
Ann CallUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-05-25
Greg PalmaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-05-25
dante valenteItalia Italia10.00 EUR2017-05-23
Peter KingstonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-05-23
maria diasBrazil Brazil1.00 USD2017-05-23
Jean RitchieUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2017-05-23
Anne MillingtonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-05-22
Robert BeersUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-05-22
Debra CreeUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-05-22
DECIO LAURETTIBrazil Brazil10.00 USD2017-05-21
John LyonsAustralia Australia5.00 USD2017-05-21
Yichen SongUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2017-05-20
Paul MasonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-05-20
C Heemstra-BorstNetherlands Netherlands10.00 EUR2017-05-19
andrea thomasUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-05-19
lynn mcilwaineUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-05-18
Jan NejedlyAustria Austria20.00 EUR2017-05-18
Nydia van der Zwaal-OudsteynLuxembourg Luxembourg10.00 EUR2017-05-17
Ian Waring-GreenUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-05-16
Paul PilottUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-05-16
SUONG VUUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-05-16
Luiz CastelaFrance France2.00 EUR2017-05-16
Nam-Tran Nguyen-KimFrance France20.00 EUR2017-05-16
Jan-Erik IngvallFinland Finland5.00 EUR2017-05-15
Art WallhausenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-05-14
Anca BoldQatar Qatar10.00 USD2017-05-14
Rachel BoxallUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2017-05-14
ruth bercoffSwitzerland Switzerland5.00 EUR2017-05-14
jeffrey westUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-05-14
Ronald G KarrUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-05-13
Françoise CauvinFrance France50.00 EUR2017-05-13
Rosemary HarkinsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-05-12
Malcolm BrinsonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-05-12
Francoise Martorell-BeluzeFrance France10.00 EUR2017-05-11
Fredda RosenbaumUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-05-11
Nadia HayesUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-05-11
Alvin TraskUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-05-11
Zachary BushkinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-05-10
jarrod halesAustralia Australia5.00 USD2017-05-10
Béla VörösHungary Hungary5.00 USD2017-05-10
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-05-10
ANA MADALINA BULGARUItalia Italia5.00 EUR2017-05-10
gemma kuijpersUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-05-09
Catherine HarryCambodga Cambodga1.00 USD2017-05-09
Michael BauchUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-05-09
alexandre bonjeanFrance France10.00 EUR2017-05-09
Sally ShorthoseUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-05-08
W. Glenn JamisonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)30.00 USD2017-05-08
Jeanne WinnUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-05-07
Marjan ŠijanecSlovenia Slovenia5.00 EUR2017-05-07
Graham LyonsUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 USD2017-05-07
William HerbertUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-05-07
andre apicellaFrance France1.00 EUR2017-05-07
Adriela Railey CastroCosta Rica Costa Rica2.00 USD2017-05-07
Joanne MurphyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-05-07
Anna SemenovaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-05-07
Richard SmithUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-05-07
Elsa Caillou-PiolotFrance France2.00 EUR2017-05-06
Daniele MennellaItalia Italia5.00 EUR2017-05-06
Miriam SternUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-05-05
DR VILARICAPortugal Portugal5.00 EUR2017-05-05
Kieran BrennanIrland Irland10.00 EUR2017-05-05
Roger JonesUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-05-05
Allan casperUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-05-05
CARLOS A LUZZIBrazil Brazil2.00 USD2017-05-05
helene LeloupFrance France2.00 EUR2017-05-04
James McCutcheonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-05-04
James JohnstonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-05-03
Benjamyn HillardUnited States (USA) United States (USA)6.00 USD2017-05-03
MARIA A K RASETTI RASETTIBrazil Brazil3.00 EUR2017-05-02
Jasmine WatersUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-05-02
gérard ZANONNew Caledonia New Caledonia50.00 EUR2017-05-01
Laura MoorhouseUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-05-01
Janet Van BlerkomUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-05-01
Shelby DixonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-05-01
 China China1.00 USD2017-04-30
Christiane GraticolaFrance France10.00 EUR2017-04-30
Richard Judah BenAvramUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-04-30
RAFAEL A QUINONESUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-04-30
Christine MiskellyUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-04-30
Donna J NelsonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2017-04-30
Barry M RoseUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-04-29
Heide SchimmelschmidtGermany Germany20.00 EUR2017-04-29
Philippe ColombièsFrance France10.00 EUR2017-04-29
Jennifer Huguet-ZobermanFrance France1.00 EUR2017-04-29
Charles MuscoplatUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-04-29
Johannes Dr. BeckerGermany Germany20.00 EUR2017-04-29
Paul KremerFrance France5.00 EUR2017-04-28
Laurentius RetzerGermany Germany5.00 EUR2017-04-27
Danny MartinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-04-27
Atania BreytonGermany Germany20.00 EUR2017-04-27
Lawrence DuffUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-04-27
David TeagueUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-04-26
Timothy SimmonsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-04-26
Hazel ThompsonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-04-26
john hedleyUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-04-26
Françoise GuérinFrance France15.00 EUR2017-04-25
margreta de boerSwitzerland Switzerland10.00 EUR2017-04-25
colette langrandFrance France10.00 EUR2017-04-25
Elinor GregorUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2017-04-25
Ruth Gunda AlbrechtSpain Spain10.00 EUR2017-04-24
Lloyd GavinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)50.00 USD2017-04-24
Kirk KassnerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-04-23
valérie antras 10.00 EUR2017-04-23
ZHELONG ZHANGUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-04-23
Jean RitchieUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2017-04-23
Rowena CullenNew Zealand New Zealand10.00 USD2017-04-22
Andrew PattisonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-04-22
Kyoko KoisoJapan Japan15.00 EUR2017-04-22
Dachao SunUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-04-22
jason schleipUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-04-20
Roshni ThomasIndia India5.00 USD2017-04-20
jeremy peckhamUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 EUR2017-04-20
Laura LongmireUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-04-20
Jean MailletFrance France20.00 EUR2017-04-18
David HubbardUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-04-17
Clorinda de StockalperUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-04-17
saman bastamiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-04-17
Theo JagerNetherlands Netherlands10.00 EUR2017-04-17
Judith McBrideUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2017-04-16
Mark HutchinsGermany Germany50.00 EUR2017-04-15
Gertrud RaggiSwitzerland Switzerland1.00 EUR2017-04-15
David FoxUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-04-14
Daniel DemaziereFrance France5.00 EUR2017-04-14
Christian LegrandFrance France15.00 EUR2017-04-14
François GRIMALDIFrance France10.00 EUR2017-04-14
Mireille MaissantFrance France5.00 EUR2017-04-14
Eric SustadUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-04-14
Eric RossUnited States (USA) United States (USA)40.00 USD2017-04-14
Yves AUDARDFrance France10.00 EUR2017-04-14
HUBERMANN LAROSEUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-04-14
Charles RutterUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-04-13
AUGUSTO MOTABrazil Brazil20.00 USD2017-04-13
John CherryUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2017-04-13
John GurskiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-04-13
Melvina RomanelliUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2017-04-13
Alvin TraskUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-04-12
Jan Schmidt MikkelsenDenmark Denmark5.00 EUR2017-04-11
Alex VierodUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2017-04-11
Valentijn Van BaelenBelgium Belgium5.00 EUR2017-04-11
Alton E Neurath JrUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-04-11
Sandra CocoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-04-10
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-04-10
Trond TollefsrudNorway Norway10.00 EUR2017-04-09
ugo marianiItalia Italia3.00 EUR2017-04-09
Matthew HetzUnited States (USA) United States (USA)33.00 USD2017-04-08
Joanne MurphyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-04-08
Kazuya OkanoJapan Japan10.00 USD2017-04-08
Reza AliakbarUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-04-07
Laurel DennisonCanada Canada5.00 CAD2017-04-07
David ReeveUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-04-04
James FloriniUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2017-04-03
Brigitte MudrySwitzerland Switzerland30.00 EUR2017-04-03
lode de kimpeBelgium Belgium1.00 EUR2017-04-03
Tobias MünchGermany Germany10.00 EUR2017-04-03
Greg KeithCanada Canada8.00 CAD2017-04-02
John MeterUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-04-02
Ann Marie SteffenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-04-02
amypp overlandUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-04-02
Jim KlymanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-03-31
Jeremy BurnsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-03-30
Marie-Odile POULATFrance France10.00 EUR2017-03-30
Taraneh SetaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2017-03-30
Rhonda ConnerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-03-30
Phuong Nga HUYNHFrance France10.00 EUR2017-03-30
Shelby DixonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-03-30
MARK HAVRANUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-03-30
Louis BrannumUnited States (USA) United States (USA)100.00 USD2017-03-29
inès françoise CALDERONFrance France5.00 EUR2017-03-29
Jennifer Huguet-ZobermanFrance France1.00 EUR2017-03-29
Betty RembertUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-03-29
M SchaUnited Kingdom United Kingdom25.00 EUR2017-03-29
Ernest BurkhardtUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-03-29
Maria Mathias Catharina SchobbeNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2017-03-28
philippe vernayFrance France20.00 EUR2017-03-28
Rita WinkelerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-03-27
Hans AdamGermany Germany10.00 EUR2017-03-27
edmee RocheFrance France10.00 EUR2017-03-26
Javor FrajkorCanada Canada10.00 CAD2017-03-26
LEROY PEAUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-03-26
Alain BERCHEFrance France10.00 EUR2017-03-25
Theodor KreutzerSpain Spain5.00 EUR2017-03-25
Zhicheng DengUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-03-25
Jose Omar BarrosoMexico Mexico15.00 USD2017-03-24
Maria Angela PassanisiItalia Italia20.00 EUR2017-03-23
cris delcuoreUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-03-23
Jean RitchieUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2017-03-23
Francisco Ferreira Gomes FilhoBrazil Brazil10.00 USD2017-03-22
Véronique MeuriceTunisia Tunisia20.00 EUR2017-03-22
Philippe DelbarBelgium Belgium10.00 EUR2017-03-22
zoe allanUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2017-03-22
Jordan BreslowUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-03-22
Janis RottUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-03-22
Carol WeissUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-03-21
JACQUES GOREFrance France2.00 EUR2017-03-21
Giordana MolettaItalia Italia5.00 EUR2017-03-21
Michael AckerGermany Germany3.00 EUR2017-03-21
Hector BRICQBelgium Belgium10.00 EUR2017-03-20
Chambatte, PhilippeFrance France20.00 EUR2017-03-20
Robert TownshendUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-03-20
Annick DesbizetFrance France20.00 EUR2017-03-20
Nicholas CalioUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-03-20
Robin DupleUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-03-19
Ramey LittellUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-03-19
nicole francois courrejouFrance France10.00 EUR2017-03-19
john champnessUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2017-03-19
Karin ReddecliffeUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-03-18
Eric BANMEYERFrance France20.00 EUR2017-03-18
Gilles LE BEUXFrance France50.00 EUR2017-03-18
yehiam yairIsrael Israel10.00 USD2017-03-18
C B KealyUnited Kingdom United Kingdom20.00 GBP2017-03-17
Thomas HansonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-03-17
edgardo garneroItalia Italia10.00 EUR2017-03-17
Kenneth WatkinsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2017-03-16
Beatrice BotchUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-03-16
Thomas MüllerGermany Germany50.00 EUR2017-03-16
marianne FAUREFrance France20.00 EUR2017-03-15
NANCY SANCHEZ RUIZMexico Mexico5.00 USD2017-03-15
Hanaah K LanselUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.50 USD2017-03-15
Rhowela AlbanaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-03-14
Linda L CurringtonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2017-03-14
MRS. SAOWALUX POSHYANANDANAThailand Thailand10.00 USD2017-03-13
Edward PiersonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2017-03-13
william houlihanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-03-13
Peter GiblinUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-03-12
Michael CookUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2017-03-12
Christine MiskellyUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-03-12
Wendy GonsalkoraleUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-03-12
Salvatore CandidoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-03-11
Mrs Lesley PookUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2017-03-11
Jean-Claude MARTELFrance France10.00 EUR2017-03-11
Susan HoodCanada Canada6.00 CAD2017-03-11
Chella L HendersonCanada Canada10.00 CAD2017-03-10
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-03-10
Julio Antonio Cordero FernándezCosta Rica Costa Rica5.00 USD2017-03-10
Sergii KarasovskyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-03-10
Sheila SiuUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2017-03-10
Jianhao MengUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-03-09
Gavin BlackUnited States (USA) United States (USA)30.00 USD2017-03-09
Renato SilvaBrazil Brazil20.00 USD2017-03-09
Charles SchroederUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-03-09
Annick DesbizetFrance France20.00 EUR2017-03-09
Debora ElliottAustralia Australia10.00 USD2017-03-08
roberto valdemarcaFrance France15.00 EUR2017-03-08
oliver schmidtGermany Germany5.00 EUR2017-03-08
Inger WallenholmSweden Sweden5.00 EUR2017-03-08
Joseph RiveraUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2017-03-08
celine afchainFrance France5.00 EUR2017-03-07
Heinrick SnyderUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-03-07
Heinrick SnyderUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-03-07
Jorge Alberto Marquez FloresMexico Mexico25.00 USD2017-03-07
Won Jung KimUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-03-07
Stephanie ButlerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-03-06
Carl LandryUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-03-06
Rachel UrbanowiczUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-03-06
Edmund MontuyaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2017-03-06
Pamela GriffinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2017-03-06
John ZahnUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-03-06
Igor TseitkinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-03-05
Mikhail BorisenkoAustralia Australia5.00 USD2017-03-04
Stephen LeavittUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-03-04
Robert MagsonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-03-04
ANGELO TOSELLICanada Canada20.00 CAD2017-03-04
Eleanor MarshallUnited Kingdom United Kingdom20.00 GBP2017-03-03
David MayUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2017-03-03
SANDRINE SALASFrance France30.00 EUR2017-03-03
Karin AmannUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.50 USD2017-03-03
Jon ClarkUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-03-02
Diana BarnesUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-03-02
Michel GAILLARDFrance France30.00 EUR2017-03-02
Ronald HolmesUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-03-02
Maria Anna BröderGermany Germany5.00 EUR2017-03-02
judith espinolaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-03-02
Erica Van KatwykUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-03-02
Carin JohnsonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2017-03-01
Shelby DixonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-03-01
Jennifer Huguet-ZobermanFrance France1.00 EUR2017-03-01
Dale McCormickUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-03-01
Didier LagrueFrance France10.00 EUR2017-02-28
Alberto SDAOBelgium Belgium1.00 EUR2017-02-28
Mari MolenaarUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2017-02-28
Katherine BairdUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-02-28
mario salviniFrance France10.00 EUR2017-02-28
Shalom ShayovitzIsrael Israel10.00 EUR2017-02-27
Jardin SergeFrance France10.00 EUR2017-02-27
Paul JacksonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-02-26
Sarah RaftopoulosAustralia Australia10.00 USD2017-02-26
Jean-Pierre RemaudFrance France10.00 EUR2017-02-26
SIJIA WANGFrance France10.00 EUR2017-02-26
Marijan MarusicCroatia Croatia5.00 EUR2017-02-26
Stephen ConvillUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-02-26
James Hunter JrUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-02-26
Peter BorgiaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-02-26
Asbjørn DahlNorway Norway20.00 EUR2017-02-25
cristina CreagerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-02-25
Romain DuboisFrance France15.00 EUR2017-02-25
SARAH GOODFELLOWUnited Kingdom United Kingdom40.00 GBP2017-02-24
Manfred MayerGermany Germany5.00 EUR2017-02-24
Susan NealeUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.50 GBP2017-02-24
Reinhard JungGermany Germany20.00 EUR2017-02-24
Peter KörnerGermany Germany5.00 EUR2017-02-24
Siu Wai StroshaneUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-02-23
John TaskerUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2017-02-23
Jean RitchieUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2017-02-23
Irene MorabitoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-02-22
paolo isottaItalia Italia20.00 EUR2017-02-21
Nahomi SasajimaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-02-21
Fabiola QueirozBrazil Brazil5.00 USD2017-02-21
lise PetrovitchFrance France2.00 EUR2017-02-21
Mary Anne CarpioUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-02-20
Keith StrachanUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2017-02-20
Syntiche ClaassenSouth Africa South Africa5.00 USD2017-02-20
Stacy ReedUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-02-20
Robert M MooreUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-02-20
Clive JarrettUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-02-20
Lecossois BrunoFrance France1.00 EUR2017-02-19
Amy azutkaPoland Poland5.00 EUR2017-02-19
Tracy Van FleetUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-02-18
Edouard MARTINFrance France10.00 EUR2017-02-18
Eric JumperUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-02-18
anja warminkNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2017-02-18
Yves MERTZFrance France10.00 EUR2017-02-17
Sylvette GÖNCÜFrance France20.00 EUR2017-02-17
Gregory JahnUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-02-17
edgardo garneroItalia Italia10.00 EUR2017-02-17
Michael ShandonyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-02-16
Ted RobertsCanada Canada10.00 CAD2017-02-16
Ulf KarlssonSweden Sweden10.00 EUR2017-02-16
Anne BrownSwitzerland Switzerland30.00 EUR2017-02-15
Caroline BARBAUXFrance France10.00 EUR2017-02-14
Rolf WildhackGermany Germany10.00 EUR2017-02-14
Christopher McGillenAustralia Australia5.00 USD2017-02-13
kurt mehlUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-02-13
Jacques FeronBelgium Belgium5.00 EUR2017-02-13
Francis STUCKFrance France5.00 EUR2017-02-13
Ronald MacleanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-02-13
Teresa LauUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-02-12
Linda ShockeyUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-02-12
Ray McHenryAustralia Australia10.00 USD2017-02-11
M SchaUnited Kingdom United Kingdom25.00 EUR2017-02-11
Marina CorpusUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-02-11
mireia cordonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2017-02-11
Isabelle SEBAHFrance France10.00 EUR2017-02-11
Daniel CROMBEZBelgium Belgium5.00 EUR2017-02-10
Lynn NettifeeUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-02-10
Louis VidonneFrance France10.00 EUR2017-02-10
Charles WaldronUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-02-10
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-02-10
Daniel NackUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-02-09
Annora HummerstonAustralia Australia10.00 USD2017-02-09
Rachel FlorenceAustralia Australia1.00 USD2017-02-09
Marilee M WellsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-02-09
Manfred BiersackGermany Germany20.00 EUR2017-02-09
Ana Lurdes Soares MonteiroBrazil Brazil50.00 USD2017-02-08
Tomas SpielauGermany Germany10.00 EUR2017-02-08
Jacob TheuniszNetherlands Netherlands3.50 EUR2017-02-08
andrew sagatelianUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-02-08
sinead prendergastIrland Irland3.00 EUR2017-02-07
Peter ReimoldItalia Italia10.00 EUR2017-02-07
PASCAL PIETRINIFrance France5.00 EUR2017-02-07
James ZiebaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2017-02-07
delphine TabuteauFrance France5.00 EUR2017-02-06
greg smithUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-02-06
AJM VersteegNetherlands Netherlands10.00 EUR2017-02-06
Maria Concetta GerardiItalia Italia10.00 EUR2017-02-05
Paulo CabralPortugal Portugal10.00 EUR2017-02-05
Samantha BaileyNew Zealand New Zealand5.00 USD2017-02-03
Sonja KälbererGermany Germany10.00 EUR2017-02-03
Kenneth WelchUnited Kingdom United Kingdom15.00 GBP2017-02-02
Peter YoungUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-02-02
laurence de kervenoaelFrance France20.00 EUR2017-02-02
AnonymousSweden Sweden50.00 USD2017-02-01
Linda Maryell LindsethNorway Norway5.00 EUR2017-02-01
jean-claude saillyFrance France5.00 EUR2017-02-01
Joshua RogersNew Zealand New Zealand5.00 USD2017-01-31
Alphons StijnenSwitzerland Switzerland5.00 EUR2017-01-31
Olive MurrayUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-01-31
Tuang ThangUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-01-31
Betty RembertUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-01-31
D VICARSUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-01-31
elmina hoCanada Canada50.00 CAD2017-01-31
JORGE VALDES ARREAGAGuatemala Guatemala2.00 USD2017-01-30
Quang NguyenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-01-30
Catherine BernadouxFrance France10.00 EUR2017-01-30
Shelby DixonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-01-30
Merlina WidjajaIndonesia Indonesia1.00 USD2017-01-29
Stefania FranchiItalia Italia5.00 EUR2017-01-29
DAVE FISHERUnited Kingdom United Kingdom25.00 GBP2017-01-29
Stephanie MoyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2017-01-28
Marcial MARTIN BARREROFrance France10.00 EUR2017-01-28
Kamilla MatuszewskaGermany Germany5.00 EUR2017-01-28
terrance stantonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-01-28
terrance stantonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-01-28
Kailey PeaceCanada Canada1.00 CAD2017-01-28
Allyson MercerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2017-01-28
Lillian KwiatkowskiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-01-27
BOHN BOHNFrance France20.00 EUR2017-01-27
gabriel benedictoFrance France20.00 EUR2017-01-27
henri Dan CharleryFrance France10.00 EUR2017-01-27
Matt KellUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-01-26
AnonymousUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-01-26
caroline massonSpain Spain5.00 EUR2017-01-26
Linda AndersonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-01-26
Gerald FranklinUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2017-01-26
Brenda WhormsleyUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-01-25
christophe MauroFrance France2.00 EUR2017-01-25
Josephin KangUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-01-25
Janet BonoUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-01-25
jean-paul chaurandFrance France5.00 EUR2017-01-25
Robert FerriolFrance France10.00 EUR2017-01-25
Didier LagrueFrance France5.00 EUR2017-01-25
Didier LagrueFrance France5.00 EUR2017-01-25
Barbara PierceUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-01-25
Annette HerskovitsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-01-24
Mihai BarbulescuUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-01-24
GIOVANNI TOSATTOItalia Italia5.00 EUR2017-01-24
Robert McDonaldAustralia Australia10.00 GBP2017-01-23
Elizabeth JonesUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-01-23
Jean RitchieUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2017-01-23
Esteban SalasUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-01-22
Lawrence R CarrUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-01-22
Ruel ForbesUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-01-22
Andrea De ThomatisItalia Italia5.00 EUR2017-01-21
jean christophe NédélecFrance France2.00 EUR2017-01-21
Elaine ShantsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-01-21
Syntiche ClaassenSouth Africa South Africa5.00 USD2017-01-21
sophie alourFrance France10.00 EUR2017-01-21
Jessica ReaAustralia Australia8.00 USD2017-01-20
Dong DuongUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-01-20
Blandine CÔTEFrance France20.00 EUR2017-01-20
Mrs C Scott-BarrettUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2017-01-20
David HankinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2017-01-19
P WellsUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2017-01-19
jean michelBelgium Belgium5.00 EUR2017-01-19
René SamsonNetherlands Netherlands10.00 EUR2017-01-19
Francois-Marie PatorniUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-01-19
Ashley RosilierUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2017-01-18
Elissa BerallUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-01-18
Jerry RatnerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-01-18
Carolyn NeeperUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-01-17
David WhiteUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-01-17
Barbara Pollard DawsonFrance France10.00 EUR2017-01-17
LILICA ROSURoumania Roumania50.00 EUR2017-01-17
Emma LynnAustralia Australia5.00 EUR2017-01-17
Noreen HamiltonIrland Irland20.00 EUR2017-01-17
edgardo garneroItalia Italia10.00 EUR2017-01-17
Darrell FletcherUnited States (USA) United States (USA)30.00 USD2017-01-16
Marianne BourgoinFrance France20.00 EUR2017-01-16
Julianne EberlUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-01-16
alan grayUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2017-01-16
Antoinette HobelmanNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2017-01-16
Lewis KleinsmithUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.50 USD2017-01-16
gabrielle islwynItalia Italia8.00 EUR2017-01-16
Christelle LacresseFrance France10.00 EUR2017-01-16
eric le bourhisFrance France30.00 EUR2017-01-15
Jenny BackwellUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-01-15
Jenny BackwellUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-01-15
Vincenzo CollocaItalia Italia10.00 EUR2017-01-15
Yuriy MartynUkraine Ukraine15.00 USD2017-01-15
Christian DariuGermany Germany10.00 EUR2017-01-14
Eleanor WarringtonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-01-14
Gianfranco MautoItalia Italia5.00 EUR2017-01-13
Lola PerrinUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-01-13
Phil TizzardUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-01-13
yoseph shkolnikIsrael Israel30.00 USD2017-01-13
Ian HardingUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-01-13
Richard MoyerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-01-12
Paula FisherUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-01-12
Douglas UlreichUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-01-12
Gordon WellsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2017-01-12
JONATHAN LEVI MDUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-01-12
Carolyn SugdenCanada Canada15.00 CAD2017-01-10
Lisa AdamsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-01-10
Catherine TurnerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-01-10
AnonymousGermany Germany5.00 EUR2017-01-10
michèle arnaudFrance France10.00 EUR2017-01-10
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-01-10
Alain MaskensBelgium Belgium10.00 EUR2017-01-09
David TremellingUnited Kingdom United Kingdom15.00 GBP2017-01-09
Edwin van de VijverNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2017-01-09
Myrna GibsonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2017-01-08
Laurence PIELFrance France10.00 EUR2017-01-08
Phyllis LinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-01-08
IOANNIS TEREZAKISGreece Greece2.00 EUR2017-01-08
Colin StewardUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2017-01-07
raphaëlle grabischFrance France5.00 EUR2017-01-07
Ludwig NelsonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-01-07
charlotte jefferyUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2017-01-06
T Ray HumphreyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-01-06
Hugh JenkinsUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2017-01-05
linda cheneUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2017-01-05
Benny MartinCanada Canada10.00 CAD2017-01-05
Tom GrotmolNorway Norway10.00 EUR2017-01-05
Enrique Roger QuirogaSpain Spain6.00 USD2017-01-05
Catherine HuberFrance France10.00 EUR2017-01-05
Michael StowUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.25 GBP2017-01-05
Jennifer Huguet-ZobermanFrance France1.00 EUR2017-01-04
Carl WilliamsCanada Canada25.00 CAD2017-01-04
Norman DowlerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2017-01-04
William MaxwellUnited Kingdom United Kingdom50.00 EUR2017-01-04
Reginald LordUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2017-01-04
Chris WigertUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-01-04
Per TörngrenSweden Sweden10.00 EUR2017-01-03
Rainer RafalskyGermany Germany5.00 EUR2017-01-03
Jessie BrinklowUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 EUR2017-01-03
Ralf GothoniFinland Finland20.00 EUR2017-01-02
Paul JonusaitisUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2017-01-02
feng qinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2017-01-02
Pasquale SchiavoneItalia Italia10.00 EUR2017-01-02
GSL V VOORTHUIZENNetherlands Netherlands1.00 EUR2017-01-01
vicky gilsonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2017-01-01
Alex VasauskasUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2017-01-01
Donation Gifts
For any donation of € 50 (or $60 or £44 or 72CAD) or more we will send one luxury metal pen engraved

For any donation of € 100 (or $120 or £88 or 140 CAD) or more we will send you one luxury metal pen engraved

+ USB 8Gb stick

These items are sent to the address indicated during the transaction on the paypal site.

About these objects:
Our objects are collectors (available in very limited quantities). We realised these objects initially for the composition contest.

Here are the exact costs of our objects:

- The PEN cost us 2.4 euros per unit. For a donation of 50 euros,1 PEN represent the 10% of your donation amount (shipping included).

- USB stick cost us 5.9 euros per unit. For a donation of 100 euros, 1 USB key + 1 PEN represents 12-13% of your donation amount (shipping included).

Details for cumulative donations:
If you have already made donations, it is possible to combine several small donations to meet the thresholds of 50 or 100 euros. However we have no system to alert us to easily achieve these thresholds. It will be desirable to inform us by email or by writing a note on paypal during the payment process when you feel you have crossed the threshold of 50 euros and if you want to wait to cross the 100 euros.