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"For 18 years we provide a free and legal service for free sheet music.

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"For 18 years we provide a free and legal service for free sheet music without asking you anything in exchange. This was made possible through internal funding generated by our buying guide sheet music, accessories and musical instruments and the advertising. But today we need also your contribution however small it may be.

If you use and like, thank you to consider support donation."

20 February 2015
Victor Reny, founder of

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Goh BertrandSingapore Singapore5.00 USD2015-12-31
Manley MallardUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-12-31
Sweet TreatsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2015-12-30
Eldin SeifAustralia Australia2.00 USD2015-12-30
Anna VenterSouth Africa South Africa2.00 USD2015-12-30
Ariel GrahamUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-12-30
marieke blankestijnUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2015-12-29
Jean-Pierre Bedeau de l 'EcochèreFrance France5.00 EUR2015-12-29
Stephen LaBashUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2015-12-28
Luke WattUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2015-12-28
edouard thebaudFrance France5.00 EUR2015-12-25
tang teSingapore Singapore2.00 USD2015-12-23
Instructional Support Services, IncUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2015-12-21
Sara MelkkoGermany Germany10.00 EUR2015-12-21
Jonathan W CrickUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2015-12-19
Martin von PfalerSweden Sweden7.00 EUR2015-12-19
René J SimonpietriSwitzerland Switzerland10.00 USD2015-12-19
Joao BettencourtUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-12-18
Afef BEN SALEMCanada Canada20.00 USD2015-12-18
Abe MalaeUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-12-18
Suzanne BellUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-12-17
Mike GreenUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2015-12-16
claude kusmeruckFrance France10.00 EUR2015-12-16
Ann HawkinsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2015-12-15
Ewart HopkinsUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2015-12-15
claudio notariSwitzerland Switzerland20.00 EUR2015-12-15
James ZalewskiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2015-12-15
Heidi CarrUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-12-14
Magsimba PressUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2015-12-13
Julian WattsNew Zealand New Zealand10.00 GBP2015-12-13
Maya HadiwijayaIndonesia Indonesia20.00 USD2015-12-13
Joseph McGrannahanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2015-12-12
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-12-11
Vicky FobelUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2015-12-11
Wonhee JangUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-12-11
Patrick ALLUCHONFrance France5.00 EUR2015-12-11
JARYS PhilippeFrance France10.00 EUR2015-12-10
Simone Ritter ArtCanada Canada10.00 CAD2015-12-08
Ruth ElliottUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2015-12-08
Frank MarshallUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2015-12-07
Dale RobertsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)7.00 USD2015-12-06
viviane jollyFrance France10.00 EUR2015-12-06
Melissa ReahmUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-12-05
Delphine ProusteauFrance France30.00 EUR2015-12-05
Hermann-Josef MüllerGermany Germany20.00 EUR2015-12-04
Daniel RhynSwitzerland Switzerland10.00 EUR2015-12-03
W.J.H.M. BeumersNetherlands Netherlands10.00 EUR2015-12-03
Ewart HopkinsUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2015-12-02
Peter VernonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-12-02
Dagmar RoblGermany Germany10.00 EUR2015-11-30
Clairice VeitUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2015-11-30
Myron MikitaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-11-29
Gordon BoothroydCanada Canada22.00 CAD2015-11-28
Luke WattUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2015-11-28
Rose WangUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-11-27
Michelle de RigalFrance France15.00 EUR2015-11-27
Carla BurtonCanada Canada10.00 CAD2015-11-26
Tyrene SchilkeUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2015-11-26
Jean-Marie Benoît MANIFrance France5.00 EUR2015-11-26
Michael SeareUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-11-25
Mathias BroekhuizenNetherlands Netherlands10.00 EUR2015-11-24
Ewart HopkinsUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2015-11-24
dante valenteItalia Italia10.00 EUR2015-11-24
Marilyn OakesUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2015-11-24
James RichardsonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-11-23
gilles verreaultCanada Canada10.00 CAD2015-11-23
jessica robertsonCanada Canada10.00 CAD2015-11-22
Ayshe ChabanUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2015-11-22
M Latorre EscaleraSpain Spain3.00 EUR2015-11-22
Lisa KitscheGermany Germany5.00 EUR2015-11-22
Music's QuillUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-11-22
Claudio FittanteItalia Italia5.00 EUR2015-11-22
urs daendlikerSwitzerland Switzerland5.00 EUR2015-11-22
Susan StewartUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2015-11-21
Charles Wallace MusicUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-11-21
alexis hourlierFrance France10.00 EUR2015-11-21
Richard RathkeyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2015-11-20
Maurizio De AngelisItalia Italia5.00 EUR2015-11-19
Mona VineUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2015-11-19
YUAN-JING LINUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-11-18
Hillary NordwellUnited States (USA) United States (USA)8.00 USD2015-11-18
Carol BurckhardtUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-11-18
Augusta MolnarUnited States (USA) United States (USA)50.00 USD2015-11-17
robert gemmellUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2015-11-15
Shiyang SongUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-11-14
Midori ChartonFrance France10.00 EUR2015-11-14
Ricardo BusnadiegoSpain Spain7.00 EUR2015-11-13
Gordon WellsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2015-11-13
JEAN BALLYFrance France10.00 EUR2015-11-13
thiago cesario bravo de noronhaBrazil Brazil3.00 USD2015-11-11
Karen EdwardsGermany Germany5.00 EUR2015-11-11
Finlay RossUnited Kingdom United Kingdom20.00 GBP2015-11-10
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-11-10
Grotte AlainSingapore Singapore10.00 EUR2015-11-09
Ciro PromossoUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2015-11-08
John AganonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2015-11-07
enrico trizioItalia Italia3.00 EUR2015-11-07
Ewart HopkinsUnited Kingdom United Kingdom20.00 USD2015-11-07
Rafael Herraez CasadoFrance France10.00 EUR2015-11-06
Bernadette KellyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2015-11-06
Douglas KvachkoffUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-11-03
Stephen FosterUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-11-01
Ulrich VetteGermany Germany10.00 EUR2015-11-01
jean claude GuérinotFrance France5.00 EUR2015-10-29
Henrie DELORFrance France10.00 EUR2015-10-29
Remi WebsterUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-10-28
David WatsonAustralia Australia10.00 USD2015-10-28
Marco Masip FernándezSpain Spain4.00 EUR2015-10-27
Gwen CerasoliUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2015-10-27
Robert NeumannGermany Germany5.00 EUR2015-10-26
gabor szalayUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2015-10-25
Christian LegrandFrance France20.00 EUR2015-10-25
Jamie BandyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2015-10-25
Thomas GaskinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-10-23
Hector BRICQBelgium Belgium50.00 EUR2015-10-23
David TaftAustralia Australia10.00 USD2015-10-22
Carol BoyerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-10-21
Michel BessonFrance France10.00 EUR2015-10-20
Anamaria SzaboGermany Germany10.00 EUR2015-10-20
Bar-Ore Ltd.Israel Israel50.00 USD2015-10-19
isabelle marrecFrance France10.00 EUR2015-10-18
Ailin ZhuUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2015-10-18
Les MontanjeesAustralia Australia10.00 USD2015-10-18
Yi-Lien YehUnited Kingdom United Kingdom6.00 GBP2015-10-18
Martin SchöllhammerGermany Germany10.00 EUR2015-10-18
James WulfkuhleUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2015-10-17
Reginald HenryUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-10-17
Cristina ResetcoCanada Canada10.00 CAD2015-10-17
Guy GingrasCanada Canada10.00 CAD2015-10-16
Shannon MaloneyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)8.00 USD2015-10-15
MirridiaUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2015-10-14
Rodrigo TreviñoMexico Mexico5.00 USD2015-10-14
Anita IbrahimAustralia Australia5.00 USD2015-10-14
Nicholas PordhamUnited Kingdom United Kingdom20.00 GBP2015-10-14
Françoise PhilippeFrance France5.00 EUR2015-10-14
vanessa martinUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2015-10-13
Campens JeanneFrance France10.00 EUR2015-10-12
John McCullochUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2015-10-10
Alan KayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-10-10
Adele BuffingtonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-10-09
Thierry ChauveFrance France10.00 EUR2015-10-08
John Peter ThomaUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-10-08
CLAUDE BEATRICE RAKOTOVAOFrance France5.00 EUR2015-10-07
James GuttmannUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2015-10-07
Louise FoxeIrland Irland5.00 EUR2015-10-06
André PaquinCanada Canada1.00 CAD2015-10-04
Fernando Botero ZapataColombia Colombia5.00 USD2015-10-04
Edward ConwayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-10-04
A DumpletonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2015-10-04
John A BrittonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2015-10-03
Margaret BlurtonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom3.00 GBP2015-10-03
Christopher TuazonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-10-03
ParkerFlies.comUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-10-02
David BaileyUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2015-10-02
Raúl Aísa PardoSpain Spain2.00 EUR2015-10-02
Keith BentleyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2015-10-01
Annette WilsonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2015-10-01
Andrew SmetsUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2015-09-30
Ayse CinarogluUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2015-09-30
CHEN WOOUnited States (USA) United States (USA)1.00 USD2015-09-29
Robert D. BillingtonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-09-29
Aubrey TaylorUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-09-28
Roland ChampagneUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-09-27
Peter JenningsUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2015-09-25
JEAN LIN ISEUXFrance France10.00 EUR2015-09-25
jean-Luc CharpiotFrance France10.00 EUR2015-09-25
steven g blomUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-09-23
Richard WoodUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 EUR2015-09-22
jean-Claude JesiorFrance France20.00 EUR2015-09-22
Jesús Soria MagañaSpain Spain1.00 EUR2015-09-21
Marvin TehUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-09-21
John FreskSouth Africa South Africa4.00 USD2015-09-21
Stefano RoccoItalia Italia5.00 EUR2015-09-21
Marcin KuczewskiPoland Poland4.00 EUR2015-09-20
SK RAYUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2015-09-19
MICHAEL TRACYBelgium Belgium20.00 EUR2015-09-19
Raymond RyanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2015-09-18
Hardymuse ProductionsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-09-15
ANTONIO DI NARDOItalia Italia30.00 CAD2015-09-15
Edward murphyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 EUR2015-09-14
Oscar Longobardi United Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2015-09-14
thekystore.comUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-09-13
Barbara WeissUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-09-12
Kenneth RuffUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-09-12
aldo giacomelliItalia Italia10.00 EUR2015-09-09
Derek CoxUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2015-09-07
Leonard HoagUnited States (USA) United States (USA)50.00 USD2015-09-06
Andrea McAteerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2015-09-06
Ziqian LiuCanada Canada2.00 CAD2015-09-05
TapTapTapUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2015-09-05
Bruno RalleFrance France5.00 EUR2015-09-04
Edward LovettAustralia Australia15.00 USD2015-09-03
Linda HuguesUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2015-09-03
Marina AlexandraUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2015-09-01
Jean-Pierre ACQUADRO France France5.00 EUR2015-09-01
Attila NagyHungary Hungary10.00 EUR2015-09-01
Catherine HarryCambodga Cambodga5.00 USD2015-08-31
JOSE SERGIO POO CHAVEZ Mexico Mexico5.00 USD2015-08-31
Richard HiestandUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-08-30
Raul F SchibberArgentina Argentina10.00 USD2015-08-29
Hélène CARENTZFrance France20.00 EUR2015-08-29
Luc DanniauBelgium Belgium25.00 EUR2015-08-28
Richard JohnstonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-08-27
jean gemberleFrance France10.00 EUR2015-08-27
Jayne Barbara Drinkwater United Kingdom United Kingdom20.00 GBP2015-08-26
Rob StrongUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2015-08-26
Raymond CurryUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-08-25
brigid ladueUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-08-25
Catherine GadouasCanada Canada20.00 CAD2015-08-25
Martine LABOISFrance France20.00 EUR2015-08-25
Carla CordeiroPortugal Portugal10.00 EUR2015-08-24
Annelene KüstersGermany Germany10.00 EUR2015-08-23
mijung ImUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-08-23
Sandra FernandezCanada Canada10.00 CAD2015-08-22
Michael CookUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2015-08-22
JEAN-FELIX ROUREFrance France20.00 EUR2015-08-21
StrachanUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2015-08-21
Dana WeltersGermany Germany10.00 EUR2015-08-21
MD Raymond J. RowellUnited States (USA) United States (USA)13.19 USD2015-08-19
Volker JänigGermany Germany5.00 EUR2015-08-19
Jean-Marie VialleFrance France50.00 EUR2015-08-18
Bernard FAUCHERFrance France10.00 EUR2015-08-18
Martin CrundallUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2015-08-18
cherryl wong United States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-08-17
Marilyn McElligottUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-08-16
harm van zoestNetherlands Netherlands10.00 EUR2015-08-15
Monique VolerySwitzerland Switzerland20.00 EUR2015-08-14
Greg BroomhallAustralia Australia20.00 USD2015-08-13
N W FyansUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2015-08-13
D S CHORLTONUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2015-08-13
linh tranUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-08-12
John McLoughlinAustralia Australia10.00 USD2015-08-12
David GoodingUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2015-08-11
Gavin King-SmithUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2015-08-10
Olivia Lumban TobingBelgium Belgium20.00 EUR2015-08-10
Brian LeeCanada Canada10.00 CAD2015-08-08
barbara o'haraUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-08-07
Daniel ShapiroUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2015-08-07
Eugene Moye JrUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2015-08-06
Thierry ChauveFrance France10.00 EUR2015-08-06
Odile ContiniFrance France10.00 EUR2015-08-05
Jennifer ThompsonUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2015-08-05
Timothy DraxlerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2015-08-05
Elizabeth FinkUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2015-08-04
esther artsNetherlands Netherlands10.00 EUR2015-08-04
Roberta PavlovUnited States (USA) United States (USA)15.00 USD2015-08-03
Michael BlockUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2015-08-02
michèle arnaudFrance France20.00 EUR2015-08-02
AVI HETTENAUnited States (USA) United States (USA)18.00 USD2015-08-02
Jochen ThielGermany Germany10.00 EUR2015-08-02
Heinrich WallnöferAustria Austria3.00 EUR2015-07-31
Jean-Pierre HUBA-MYLEKFrance France1.00 EUR2015-07-30
Edward WatkinsUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2015-07-29
Su Jin KwonUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-07-28
Pierre UgaFrance France10.00 EUR2015-07-28
Grzegorz RychlikUnited Kingdom United Kingdom8.00 GBP2015-07-28
Jonathan GreenbergUnited States (USA) United States (USA)7.00 USD2015-07-28
Mark McLaughlinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-07-27
JORGE VALDES ARREAGAGuatemala Guatemala5.00 USD2015-07-27
Didzis DalbinsNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2015-07-27
Thomas RoseUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-07-27
Wojciech ApelPoland Poland5.00 USD2015-07-26
Kenneth VisserUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-07-26
gabriele posenatoItalia Italia10.00 EUR2015-07-25
William HenryUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-07-25
legabeFrance France20.00 EUR2015-07-23
Catherine hubeRFrance France10.00 EUR2015-07-23
Joachim Borchert Germany Germany20.00 EUR2015-07-23
denise lechine sartiFrance France20.00 EUR2015-07-22
JOEL HUITRICFrance France25.00 EUR2015-07-19
marian crole-reesSwitzerland Switzerland10.00 EUR2015-07-18
P MarchandCanada Canada20.00 USD2015-07-18
Marie-Suzanne LUCRECEFrance France4.00 EUR2015-07-16
Pascale BardinFrance France5.00 EUR2015-07-15
A GeurtsenNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2015-07-15
Tara Yipp.Germany Germany10.00 EUR2015-07-14
Hector OropezaMexico Mexico10.00 USD2015-07-14
Omraan SchluppFrance France5.00 EUR2015-07-13
Stephan YekinUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-07-12
EVELYNE BEGUINFrance France5.00 EUR2015-07-11
Christopher MooreUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2015-07-11
William HillUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2015-07-11
Jackie CarruthersAustralia Australia5.00 USD2015-07-10
Aruna Fontana di SacculminoItalia Italia20.00 EUR2015-07-09
Mustafa AFYONLUOGLUTurkey Turkey5.00 USD2015-07-09
Josip ZamboniAustralia Australia10.00 EUR2015-07-07
marie PARRAFrance France10.00 EUR2015-07-07
Gwenole Le JeuneFrance France10.00 EUR2015-07-06
Jean CiborgsBelgium Belgium3.00 EUR2015-07-04
Maarten SmitNetherlands Netherlands100.00 EUR2015-07-03
Mark LeachIrland Irland5.00 EUR2015-07-02
Traudl ErdelAustria Austria20.00 EUR2015-07-01
Ian Melville-WarrinerFrance France1.00 EUR2015-07-01
Michel LaraméeCanada Canada20.00 CAD2015-07-01
Jean Pierre NouguierFrance France10.00 EUR2015-07-01
Mark TschieggUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-07-01
Thierry ChauveFrance France10.00 EUR2015-06-30
erwin janssenNetherlands Netherlands5.00 EUR2015-06-29
William MILLOTFrance France15.00 EUR2015-06-28
Daniel SilverUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-06-28
Mordechay ZinmanIsrael Israel15.00 USD2015-06-28
CHANTAL NIERRE France France20.00 EUR2015-06-28
jean PasselecqBelgium Belgium20.00 EUR2015-06-27
Max KingUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2.00 GBP2015-06-25
April D EresmasUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-06-25
LILICA ROSURoumania Roumania50.00 EUR2015-06-25
Christelle MariaFrance France1.00 EUR2015-06-24
Linda BrownUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2015-06-24
Jose Maria Aranda AuseronSpain Spain10.00 EUR2015-06-24
Rémy CousinFrance France10.00 EUR2015-06-23
Isaac PengUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-06-21
Allen LavigneCanada Canada5.00 USD2015-06-21
wilson meloBrazil Brazil10.00 USD2015-06-21
Michael TaftUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2015-06-19
John ScherfUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 EUR2015-06-18
Susan WimmerUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-06-17
Calin VrabieCanada Canada15.00 EUR2015-06-16
Dominique AUBERTFrance France15.00 EUR2015-06-16
Mark NamyatUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 EUR2015-06-13
Alan StaceyUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2015-06-13
Giampiero ManaraItalia Italia10.00 EUR2015-06-13
Carl CobbUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-06-13
Latchezar DimitrovFrance France10.00 EUR2015-06-13
Alma de Tango UkUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2015-06-11
Deena OrtizUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-06-11
Chris FleutyUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2015-06-10
Randy PennUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-06-10
Anne GrahamUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2015-06-10
Nicholas Glass United States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-06-10
Hae KimAustralia Australia10.00 USD2015-06-10
Markus Schmidt-KaracaGermany Germany2.00 EUR2015-06-09
Francois JanninFrance France10.00 EUR2015-06-09
Christopher BreenUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2015-06-09
Deborah DudmanUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2015-06-09
Sondra ShieldsUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-06-08
James MarchUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-06-08
James MarchUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-06-08
James MarchUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-06-08
Pierre MignardFrance France3.00 EUR2015-06-07
Natalie HolleyUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2015-06-06
Mark ButlerAustralia Australia20.00 USD2015-06-06
ron smuleviciCanada Canada50.00 CAD2015-06-06
CHEN WENJUNChina China10.00 USD2015-06-05
Deborah EdwardsUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2015-06-05
Patrice BARGEFrance France50.00 EUR2015-06-04
Madeleine BergrahmSweden Sweden15.00 EUR2015-06-04
christiane BRIZZI France France3.00 EUR2015-06-04
Duane MattosBelgium Belgium1.50 EUR2015-06-03
florent engelbreitFrance France10.00 EUR2015-06-03
Anne GrahamUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2015-06-03
Jung Kil ChoiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-06-02
Soulful Stories PublishingCanada Canada10.00 CAD2015-06-01
Tabata Sabrina SamayoaMexico Mexico1.00 USD2015-06-01
Peter FlieherGermany Germany10.00 EUR2015-05-31
Jayne Barbara DrinkwaterUnited Kingdom United Kingdom20.00 GBP2015-05-31
lapo gramigniItalia Italia2.00 EUR2015-05-31
片山 省一郎Japan Japan30.00 USD2015-05-30
Roberto CalabreseItalia Italia10.00 EUR2015-05-30
Surya YalamanchiliUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2015-05-30
valerie faureFrance France100.00 EUR2015-05-29
Maxime BaffertFrance France10.00 EUR2015-05-28
Laurent AndaryFrance France10.00 EUR2015-05-28
Andre CezanneGermany Germany5.00 EUR2015-05-27
Michael IslesUnited Kingdom United Kingdom7.50 GBP2015-05-27
LINA'S DOLL PATTERN FASHIONUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2015-05-26
June EberhartUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2015-05-26
norma lordUnited Kingdom United Kingdom10.00 GBP2015-05-26
Charles WheatleY United Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2015-05-26
Leong Lai PengSingapore Singapore3.00 USD2015-05-25
Stephen HiggsUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2015-05-25
Annemarie MattheyseUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-05-25
Colin LuckingUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1.00 GBP2015-05-24
Thi PHANFrance France50.00 EUR2015-05-23
Luca PostacchiniItalia Italia5.00 EUR2015-05-23
Alice CroftCanada Canada25.00 CAD2015-05-21
Gary AbbottUnited States (USA) United States (USA)20.00 USD2015-05-20
Thierry ChauveFrance France10.00 EUR2015-05-20
Julian E SmithUnited Kingdom United Kingdom5.00 GBP2015-05-20
Yuko KobayashiUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2015-05-19
Jos WiegerinckNetherlands Netherlands10.00 EUR2015-05-19
steve taylorUnited States (USA) United States (USA)2.00 USD2015-05-17
Robert MooreUnited States (USA) United States (USA)25.00 USD2015-05-15
Thomas J HubschmanUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-05-15
Valerie GayUnited States (USA) United States (USA)10.00 USD2015-05-15
Jayne CreanUnited Kingdom United Kingdom30.00 GBP2015-05-15
VITO ANTONIO TAFAROItalia Italia3.00 EUR2015-05-14
Robert WardenAustralia Australia5.00 USD2015-05-14
Peter FellinAustralia Australia5.00 USD2015-05-14
Goh BertrandSingapore Singapore3.00 USD2015-05-13
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Fernando Diaz AlonsoLuxembourg Luxembourg15.00 EUR2015-05-12
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Reinhart SellnerAustria Austria10.00 EUR2015-05-07
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Ria SasakiJapan Japan5.00 GBP2015-05-06
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Jan van DijkUnited States (USA) United States (USA)4.00 USD2015-05-05
Lorraine LandCanada Canada10.00 CAD2015-05-05
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Deanna AronoffUnited States (USA) United States (USA)5.00 USD2015-05-02
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Ria SasakiJapan Japan10.00 GBP2015-05-02
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ANTONIOTTI Jean LouisFrance France5.00 EUR2015-04-02
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Guy DepasseBelgium Belgium25.00 EUR2015-03-02
VACANCES CEFrance France15.00 EUR2015-03-01
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Thierry ChauveFrance France12.00 EUR2015-03-01
Julien WeyerFrance France3.00 EUR2015-02-28
Marie SenayFrance France10.00 EUR2015-02-27
Linda L CurringtonnUnited States (USA) United States (USA)3.00 USD2015-02-25
Thierry ChauveFrance France15.00 EUR2015-02-25
Donation Gifts
For any donation of € 50 (or $60 or £44 or 72CAD) or more we will send one luxury metal pen engraved

For any donation of € 100 (or $120 or £88 or 140 CAD) or more we will send you one luxury metal pen engraved

+ USB 8Gb stick

These items are sent to the address indicated during the transaction on the paypal site.

About these objects:
Our objects are collectors (available in very limited quantities). We realised these objects initially for the composition contest.

Here are the exact costs of our objects:

- The PEN cost us 2.4 euros per unit. For a donation of 50 euros,1 PEN represent the 10% of your donation amount (shipping included).

- USB stick cost us 5.9 euros per unit. For a donation of 100 euros, 1 USB key + 1 PEN represents 12-13% of your donation amount (shipping included).

Details for cumulative donations:
If you have already made donations, it is possible to combine several small donations to meet the thresholds of 50 or 100 euros. However we have no system to alert us to easily achieve these thresholds. It will be desirable to inform us by email or by writing a note on paypal during the payment process when you feel you have crossed the threshold of 50 euros and if you want to wait to cross the 100 euros.