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Beneking, Stephan: Le baiser - The Kiss
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Compositeur :
Editeur :
Stephan BenekingStephan Beneking (1972 - )
Instrumentation :

Piano seul

Genre :

Classique moderne

Date :2013
Droit d'auteur :Copyright © Stephan Beneking
What can be more
tender, what can be
more innocent - than a
But during the Third
Reich even kisses
among men were
forbidden, and
thousands of gay people
were persecuted and
put into concentration
camps. There was a
pink triangle fastened to
their prison uniforms.
And still today gay and
lesbian people are
persecuted in many
parts of the world.
Violence and
discrimination against
them happens also in
"civilized" countries.
Every day.

So this pieces is a
remembrance of the
persecution in the past
and the discrimination
It is therefore devoted
"to a friend´s friend"...

Enjoy this very special
piano work and the
interpretation by pianist
Hal Freedman from
Philadelphia / USA.

Please be sure to also
have a look at the
fantastic and touching
movie that Hal has
created for this piece!

The picture is taken
from the "Memorial to
persecuted under
Nazism" in Berlin, where
an endless film show
two men (and in a more
recent version also two
women) kissing each

More works of this
collaboration project
with Hal Freedman will
be published soon.
We are planning a free-
download-album on
BandCamp and a charity
album on iTunes and
many other platforms.
All revenues (if there
are any...) will go to
relevant charities.
We want the messages
of this "Holocaust
Remembrance Suite"
with pieces like "The
Kiss", "The white Rose"
and more to spread as
far as possible.

Thank you also for
sharing on Facebook,
Twitter, Tumblr,
Google+ etc.

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Source / Web :YouTube Video
Ajoutée par stephan-beneking, 21 Jun 2013

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Banquettes pour piano
Toutes les banquettes procurantes des heures de confort pour jouer assis.

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