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12 Small Preludes for Solo Piano No. 1 (Op.3)
Caleb Swift
Piano seul / 1 PDF
Ajouté le 31-07-2011
12 Small Preludes for Solo Piano No.2 (Op.3)
Caleb Swift
Piano seul / 1 PDF
Ajouté le 31-07-2011
12 Small Preludes for Solo Piano No. 3 (Op.3)
Caleb Swift
Piano seul / 1 PDF
Ajouté le 01-08-2011
12 Small Preludes for Solo Piano No.4 (Op.3)
Caleb Swift
Piano seul / Débutant / 1 PDF

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Celeste Concerto: A Winter Night

Ecrit le 2011-09-08 par Caleb Swift
I've also started on a "Concerto for Celeste and Orchestra" titled "A Winter Night." On top of that I am continuing on a second suite in the Airborn novel series for the novel called "Skybreaker". Again, I'm asking for any volunteers to put my pdfs into mp3s, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks


A Trombone Concerto

Ecrit le 2011-08-27 par Caleb Swift
Beginning on a Trombone Concerto entitled (Ballad of the Trees: Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra) inspired by a poem of the same name by Sydney Lanier. It will be in 2 Movements, I. Allegro Assai, II. Molto Larghetto. There will be a lot of "conversation" so to speak between the Orchestra and Trombone Soloist. The first movement has a light, jaunty yet heraldic feel to its melodic subject. The Second movement is planned to be in an Elegy/Pastorale Style and have lots of Cadenzas. It is planned to be scored completely by the end of October or maybe earlier if time allows.

Working on another Orchestral Score

Ecrit le 2011-08-01 par Caleb Swift
I am currently working on some music that was inspired by the best-selling novel "Airborn" by Kenneth Oppel. It's going to have a lot of previous movie score elements like Star Wars, Titanic and the soundtrack to the movie Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge. Also a few nods to Erich von Korngold and Richard Strauss will be featured. I've developed quite a few original motifs for the characters of the novels as well. I'm currently developing two suites. One for a full orchestra with a variety of symphonic work, and one similar to Britten's "A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra". Also, please add mp3s if can make them of my software is low tech and can;t really create a decent sounding mp3.

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