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États-Unis États-Unis, Lafayette
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Mark King


Mark King (1953 - )
États-Unis États-Unis, Lafayette
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I had Classical Piano lessons early on. In the late 60's I became interested in the analog synth and built 2 of my own. In my late teens I fell away from all of this. Two years ago I purchased a Yamaha Mox8 synth and have been playing/performing and just having fun! I enjoy playing classical but I do other music too.
I also expanded my equipment adding a Yamaha amp and 15 inch speakers along with lasers, lights and fog machine. So now I also DJ for parties and conventions.
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cypresspalaceSINFONIA dalla Cantata n.29. Trascrizione da Concerto per Grande Organo
Performed on the Yamaha MOX8 Synthesizer. Recorded at Cypress Dawg Music Studios, Lafayette La. USA. Tour the studio at
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