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Laffay, Jean-François Jean-François Laffay
France France, Nantes
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Jean-François Laffay
Jean-François Laffay (1935 - )
France France, Nantes
Registered before 2010
About the artist
French Organist living in Nantes (France).He composed various pieces for organ, flute and organ, viola and organ, organ and trumpet. He's the student of Jean Langlais, continued his studies and is graduate from the Schola Cantorum Paris.
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2ème MOMENT MUSICAL (4 - Final)
Jean-François Laffay
Trumpet, Organ / Intermediate / 2 PDF / 1 MP3

Added the 09-12-2019
2ème MOMENT MUSICAL (3 - Aria)
Jean-François Laffay
Trumpet, Organ / Intermediate / 2 PDF / 1 MP3

Added the 09-12-2019
2ème MOMENT MUSICAL (2 -Divertissement)
Jean-François Laffay
Trumpet, Organ / Intermediate / 2 PDF / 1 MP3

Added the 09-12-2019
2ème MOMENT MUSICAL (1 - Cortège)
Jean-François Laffay
Trumpet, Organ / Intermediate / 2 PDF / 1 MP3

Added the 09-12-2019
Sonate Bleue (1 - Allegro)
Jean-François Laffay
Trumpet, Organ / Intermediate to difficult / 2 PDF / 1 MP3

Added the 04-21-2006
Sonate Bleue 2 (2 -Adagio)
Jean-François Laffay
Trumpet, Organ / Intermediate / 2 PDF / 1 MP3

Added the 04-21-2006
Sonate Bleue (3 - Allegro)
Jean-François Laffay
Trumpet, Organ / Intermediate to difficult / 2 PDF / 1 MP3

Added the 04-21-2006
Jean-François Laffay
Trumpet (Ut) and Organ / Intermediate / 2 PDF / 1 MP3

Added the 12-17-2018
9 - Chant du choral: Vainqueur de la mort et du monde (SUITE POUR UN MATIN DE PÂQUES)
Jean-François Laffay
Trumpet (Ut) and Organ / Difficult / 1 PDF / 1 MP3

Added the 06-05-2014
8 - Récitatif: Le seigneur est ressuscité! (SUITE POUR UN MATIN DE PÂQUES)
Jean-François Laffay
2 voices and organ / Intermediate / 1 PDF / 1 MP3

Added the 06-05-2014
Sonate pour trompette et orgue
Jean-François Laffay
Trumpet, Organ / Difficult / 1 PDF

Added the 12-04-2008
Toccata pour trompette et orgue
Jean-François Laffay
Trumpet, Organ / 1 PDF

Added the 04-04-2009

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Written on 2019-06-25 by jean-francois-laffayHere are the 7th and 8th installments of this series online:
7 - Holy! saint! (Sanctus)
"Holy, Holy, Holy is our God
The earth is filled with its glory
Blessed be He who comes in the name of the Lord!
Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna! »
8 - Final Choir and Postlude
The latter spontaneously sings after the blessing and finishes the service.
The Postlude immediately follows.
"Glory to God, the eternal father,
Glory to God, the Son Jesus Christ
And glory to God the Holy Ghost!
That on earth as in heaven
Our God in His Majesty
Forever be exalted! »

Download and listen to on:

Written on 2019-05-18 by jean-francois-laffayHere online two pieces composing the suite liturgical sketches 3.
4 – "I believe in God," simple rehearsing intended to punctuate the prayer of the same name. The three sentences will be sung by the Assembly accompanied by the flute. The bass played at the organ can be played by a cello in order to give depth to the ensemble at the same time as a more intimate character.
5 – intercession. In our parishes, there is often the custom to observe during the prayer of intercession, a time of silence in order to allow everyone to have a thought for his relatives. Of course, silence is important, but it is not forbidden to accompany this moment with a musical support conducive to this meditation. It is in this spirit that this piece has been composed.
It is in fact an Adagio performed by the organ and the violin. I leave the care to each interpreter to bring his own touch of meditation.
To listen and download these partitions freely, see the opposite.

Written on 2019-04-29 by jean-francois-laffayLITURGICAL SKETCHES 3
Online, the 3rd installment of this series:
3 – praise (Gloria)
This score is destined to be sung after the proclamation by the officiating of the promises of grace. Here are the words:
«Glory to you, God living father, son and holy spirit!
Glory be to God
At the highest of the heavens,
In the world and in eternity. »

Written on 2019-03-21 by jean-francois-laffayBLUE SONATA
This Sonata was written in 2006 for trumpet and organ
has been a big hit especially in the United States. It has been downloaded more than 12000 times. Here today
a revised version that you can listen to and/or
download freely here.

Written on 2019-02-28 by jean-francois-laffayLE MOMENT MUSICAL
de Jean-François LAFFAY
Tryptique composé de trois volets eux- mêmes constitués d'un ensemble de pièces diverses composées pour former une
suite cohérente. Ces pièces sont écrites pour être enchaînées
les unes aux autres conférant ainsi à l’ensemble un caractère particulier.
Bien évidemment , chacun de ces mouvements peut être joué séparément.
1 - Moment musical, pour orgue, violon et flûte
Introduction - allegretto - adagio - Fantaisie
2 - Moment musical pour orgue et trompette
Cortège ( lento) - divertissement ( allegretto) - aria - final.
3 Moment musical pour orgue seul
Prélude - moderato - basse de trompette - lento - fantaisie.
L'ensemble des trois volets dure environ 45 minutes, chaque volet entre 10 et 15minutes.
Chaque volet peut être interprété séparément ainsi que chaque morceau constituant chaque volet.

Written on 2018-09-18 by jean-francois-laffayTEMPLE DE SAINT PIERREVILLE EN ARDECHE
Concert, samedi 22 septembre 2018 à 18h
au programme: œuvres de Jules Mouquet, Ignazio Seiber, Telemann, Debussy, Max Dubois.
SONATE D'AUTOMNE de Jean-François Laffay(Flûte et orgue)
Avec Alain Girard, professeur de flûte au conservatoire de Montélimar

VOS INTERPRETATIONSWritten on 2018-09-13 by jean-francois-laffayIn order to'animate somewhat this page and those of my site, it would be nice on your part to send me of public records or deprived of those of my works you have played or that you are about to play. Some'have already done. Your personal interpretations are interesting to discover. a "YouTube" is always listened with pleasure and this allows you to more to make known to you. Thank you

Written on 2015-10-15 by jean-francois-laffayLe 3ème volume des Préludes est en cours d'élaboration. Voici à ce jour (15
octobre 2015) le premier prélude de cet album qui porte le n°13.

Written on 2015-04-06 by jean-francois-laffayThis new “ Esquisse liturgique “ (sketch of a liturgical chant) is built on two different themes :

- A "Huguenot" theme based on Psalm 68 (or 67 according to the Greek numbering). Clément Marot's version appeared around 1587, of which first words well known are: Que Dieu se montre seulement... The melody was composed by Claude Goudimel then. This psalm was sung by the Camisards and took the name of the “Psalm of the battles”.

- A Lutheran theme, the chorale: Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott, written and composed by Martin Luther between 1527 and 1529. This hymn is one of the most famous songs in the Protestant communities under the title: C’est un rampart que notre Dieu (In English: Our God is a mighty rempart). It is often sung on the day of the remembrance of the Reformation.

Thus, these two closely linked themes represent our “Eglise Protestante unie” ("United Protestant Church") which brings together the Reformed and Lutheran communities. This new “ Esquisse liturgique ” can find its place at any time during the cult of the Reformation.

Written on 2013-04-21 by jean-francois-laffaySUITE POUR UNE VEILLÉE DE NOËL
Cette suite est en cours de composition Les trois premières
partitions sont dès maintenant en ligne: 1 - L'introduction
consiste en une courte "aria", 2 - Le premier cantique
comprenant 3 couplets: un soprano solo accompagné par le
violoncelle, un duo soprano/alto accompagné de la flûte et
violoncelle et pour terminer un grand chœur à 4 voix
par le plein-jeu de l'orgue.3 - Un premier intermède :
Hautbois et orgue.
La prochaine partition sera publiée prochainement.

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