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Old looking notes camera strap. Black and beige DSLR/SLR Camera Strap. Durable, light weight and well padded camera strap. code 00147

Ships in : In Stock (24 hours)
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Description from Amazon UK :
- SECURITY COMES FIRST: These wonderful straps are handmade from the highest quality fabric and feature seven different layers of it, to ensure utmost strength and durability. Crafted with innovative technology focused on the safety of you camera, the materials used and the stitching are just top-notch. You have no reason to worry about your favorite device!
- PERSONALIZE YOUR CAMERA WITH OUR UNIQUE DESIGNS: No matter if your camera is your professional tool or just your favorite accessory while travelling; you will love how stunning these unique straps will look on it. Choose from a wide variety of designs and find the one that best matches your personality. Carry your camera proudly on your neck and stand out for your choice!
- UNPARALLELED COMFORT: If your camera is an accessory that you can t live without, this is definitely for you. The camera strap is ultra light weight and padded to offer you comfort all day long. This strap is so soft and comfy that you can use it even on bare skin without feeling any discomfort!
- A MUST HAVE FOR ANY TRAVELER: While travelling, taking loads of pictures is just a must! Holding the camera in your hands though is rather dangerous as it may suddenly slip off your fingers or someone else may easily steal it from you! With this strap, not only can you enjoy wandering with free hands but you can also use the adjustable features to position it either around your neck or across your body.
- JOIN OUR HUNDREDS OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS TODAY: A great number of travelers, professional photographers or just people who are in love with their camera have praised this strap! Benefit from the unbeatable prices, the fast shipping and the best customers services of InTePro and order your unique strap today!

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