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MusicLab : RealGuitar 5

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Description from Thomann :
Virtual acoustic guitar

- Contains RealGuitar Classic with all original models, as well as the new RealGuitar Steel String guitar sets
- RealGuitar Steel String offers 6- and 7-string, as well as baritone guitar tunings, 12-stringed standard- and steel-string guitars, as well as a 14-string steel-string guitar
- Nashville tuning for steel-string guitars
- Authentic velocity with controllable buzz and slap sounds
- Up to 30 different samples for repeated notes; stereo, mono, and double output options
- Multi-performance mode enables the combination of different guitar techniques (strumming, solo, string picking, etc.), within a single performance layout using just the velocity of pressed keys.
- Implementation of MIDI data via multi-channel sample layering technology
- Floating Fret Position- and original Guitar Touch technology
- Automatic chord conversion of MIDI keyboard to guitar playing style
- Chord editor for your own chord implementations
- Various guitar playing techniques: plucking, strumming, muting, sliding, etc.
- Definable key switches
- Pattern Manager with many preset patterns for rhythm guitar for the easy creation of backing tracks
- Synchronisation with host's tempo, start/stop, beats, loop, time signature...
- Struminator technology enables the integration of alternative MIDI controllers such as, ex., the Guitar Hero controller
- Supported formats: standalone / VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAXnative
- Min. Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
- Min. Mac OSX 10.6
- 2 GB of RAM
- 5 GB HD
- Internet connection

Seller information :Thomann
Place :Burgebrach, Allemagne
Shipping :

MusicLab : RealGuitar 5
MusicLab : RealGuitar 5
Guitare acoustique virtuelle - Version téléchargement

- Contient RealGuitar Cl<85>
ships n 24 hours