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Korg Chromatique Pour Violon Et Violoncelle

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Description from Woodbrass :
Designed for orchestral instruments, these clip-type tuners feature 100-hour battery life and a color LCD. KORG's clip-type tuners can be attached directly to your instrument for easy tuning. The new lineup includes the AW-LT100M which supports a variety of orchestral instruments, the AW-LT100T which is optimized for trumpet and trombone, and the AW-LT100V which is designed specifically for violin and viola. The AW-LT100M / T / V achieve an amazing battery life of approximately 100 hours using a single AAA battery. The body is lightweight, and triangular shuttle switches allow for intuitive operation. In a first for clip-type tuners for orchestral instruments, these tuners feature a color LCD that ensures excellent visibility. Each of the three models in this lineup is equipped with the optimal type of clip and a dedicated tuning mode, giving you the best possible tuning experience for your orchestral instrument. ? Long battery life; a single AAA battery provides 100 hours of operation. ? Even lighter in weight, in spite of using a AAA battery. ? Bright color LCD ensures excellent visibility. ? Switchable between two types of meter speed, fast and slow. ? The AW-LT100M is equipped with a large clip that supports a variety of orchestral instruments. ? The AW-LT100T is equipped with a small clip that?s optimized for trumpet and trombone. ? The AW-LT100V is equipped with a dedicated clip and dedicated mode for violin and viola. ? Easy operation with left/right shuttle switches. ? Calibration, auto power-off, and memory backup functions.

Seller information :Woodbrass
Place :Nantes, France
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Korg : AW-LT100M
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Korg : AW-LT100M
Accordeur chromatique à pince

- Adapté aux clarinettes, saxophones, hautbois, <85>
ships n 24 hours