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Dangerous Music : 2 Bus XT
- Connectors: XLR and D-sub- 2 Parallel stereo outputs (main + monitor)- 2 Different circuits for colouring the signal: Transformer and Coherence- Applicable to the sum, channels 15/16 or hard bypass- Coherence comes with a blend control- 2 of 8 stereo pairs switchable to dual mono (1/2 & 9/10)- Exp...(+)
2799.00€ - Sold by Thomann
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Dangerous Music : 2 Bus+
- XLR and D-Sub connectors- 2 parallel stereo outputs: Main Monitor- Switchable sum insert: send return as XLR- Rastered volume control- Three different analog colouring options: "Harmonics", "Paralimit" and "X-Former"- Easy to assign and add colouring options via elegant user interface- The 'Harmon...(+)
4599.00€ - Sold by Thomann
In Stock (24 hours)
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AMS Neve : 8816 Summing Mixer
- 16 Channels with additional Aux inputs Cue- Level, Pan, Solo, and Mute switches- Settings are available on PC or Mac via USB- Typical Neve amplifier circuit- Different insert switching possibilities- Fixed insert point in the sum- Special centre and side signal - Insert Send Return- Solo In Place ...(+)
3099.00€ - Sold by Thomann
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Heritage Audio : MCM-32
- With four subgroups- Sub-D25 connectors symmetrical- 2 Master Insert Send and Return XLR (L / R)- VU meter- Encoders for panorama, level, insert on / off and mute switches per channel- Insert points per channel- 1073 Class-A output stage- Stereo mix and monitor output- External power supply- Const...(+)
2990.00€ - Sold by Thomann
In Stock (24 hours)
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Rupert Neve Designs : 5057 Orbit
- 16 Channel Class-A mix bus- Silk Red & Blue modes with texture controls for precise control of sound characteristics- Very low crosstalk for a wide stereo image and a sonic depth- Cascadable via bus link with multiple 5057 units- Input impedance: 16 K Ohm- Frequency response: 10 to 50000 Hz: +/- 0...(+)
2299.00€ - Sold by Thomann
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Tegeler Audio Manufaktur : TSM Tube Summing Mixer
- 2x 16 balanced inputs via 4 sub-D sockets (XLR or jack via cable whip, Tascam assignment)- 2x 4 balanced inputs (Neutrik stereo)- Internal mixer bus with up to 22 dBu- Active tube-transformer output stage- Illuminated VU meter- Output Level switch- Frequency response: 20 - 40,000 Hz / - 1.5 dB- Dy...(+)
1777.00€ - Sold by Thomann
In Stock (24 hours)
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Rupert Neve Designs : 5059 Satellite Shelford
- 16 Channels- Insert, level and pan per channel- 2 Stereo outputs with texture control- Silk and Silk+ can be added continuously per bus- Neve custom transformer- 100% Discrete ClassA circuitry- Flexible routing for easy integration of outboard equipment- Dimensions: 19" 2 U- Weight: 6.4 kg
3290.00€ - Sold by Thomann
In Stock (24 hours)
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