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Befaco : Hexpander
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Befaco Hexpander; Eurorack module; expansion module for Befaco Hexmix; expands each Hexmix channel with 3 aux sends (pre / post fader selectable), direct out (6.3 mm jack), PFL function; 3 stereo effect returns; stereo headphones output (6.3 mm TRS) with level control; LED peakmeter for master or PF...(+)
Befaco : Knurlies M3
(113 commentaires)

Befaco Knurlies M3; Eurorack screws; can be fastened by hand, screwdrivers or allen wrench key; pre-mounted plastic washer to avoid scratches on module panels; 100 pieces; M3 x 7 mm; color: black
Befaco : Output V3
(14 commentaires)
Befaco Output V3; Eurorack module; audio interface; 2x 6.3 mm output (TRS, balanced); 6.3 mm headphones output with individual volume control; Cue input; power consumption: 24mA (+12V) / 26mA (-12V); width: 4 HP; depth: 35 mm
Befaco : STMix
(11 commentaires)
Befaco STMix; Eurorack module; conmpact stereo mixer; 4 channels with volume control and stereo/mono inputs; stereo Aux In, stereo Out with peak indicators; power consumption: 26mA (+12V) / 26mA (-12V); width: 6 HP; depth: 30 mm
Befaco : Hexmix
(4 commentaires)
Befaco Hexmix; Eurorack module; 6-channel performance mixer; controls per channel: Panorama, Hi-EQ, Mid-EQ, Low-EQ, Mute (switch & toggle), Volume; master section with 3-band EQ. level LEDs, master volume control and stereo output; power consumption: 106mA (+12V) / 88mA (-12V); width: 28 HP; depth: ...(+)
Befaco : Burst
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Befaco Burst; Eurorack module; voltage controllable burst generator; creates a sequence of up to 64 trigger pulses with programmable quantity, distribution, probability and multiplication / division; all parameters are controllable via CV; switchable burst cycle mode; tap tempo; inputs for Trigger a...(+)
Befaco : Instrument Interface
(3 commentaires)
Befaco Instrument Interface; Eurorack module; pre-amp for microphone-, line- and instrument-signals; switchable +48V phantom power; input impedance selector Envelope Follower with adjustable attack and release time; Gate and Trigger extractor with ajustable threshold; connections: Audio In (XLR/TRS ...(+)
Befaco : Muxlicer
(7 commentaires)
Befaco Muxlicer; Eurorack module; signal processor with bidirectional switch and gate-generator; consists of the three sections Step-Controller, Gate-Generator and Analog-Switch; Muxlicer can be used as a voltage controlled signal router (8-to-1 or 1-to-8), CV sequencer, audio-chopper, rhythmic patt...(+)
Befaco : Kickall
Befaco Kickall; Eurorack module; analog kickdrum module; manual controls for Tune, Waveshape (from sinewave to squarewave), Decay, Bend, Bend-Time; manual trigger button; trigger input; audio out; CV inputs or Tune, Shape, Decay and volume; power consumption: 26mA (+12V) / 12mA (-12V); width: 6 HP; ...(+)
Befaco : CV Thing
(3 commentaires)
Befaco CV Thing; Eurorack module; programmable CV-to-MIDI converter; 8 CV inputs, each mapable to MIDI messages like CC, Notes, Program Change, NRPN and Clock; configurations storable; USB-B port (Class compliant) and MIDI-TRS jack for MIDI data transfer; power consumption: 50mA (+12V) / 4mA (-12V);...(+)
Befaco : Chopping Kinky
Befaco Chopping Kinky; Eurorack module; votage controllable dual Wavefolder; two independent channels with adjustable wavefolding-intensity; 2 CV inputs per channel (one with bipolar attenuator); Chop output can switch between the two output signals with build in zero cross detector; power consumpti...(+)
Befaco : Sampling Modulator
(1 commentaires)
Befaco Sampling Modulator; Eurorack module; multi-function module for modifying CV and audio signals; can be used as VCO, trigger generator, complex Sample & Hold, waveshaper, down-sampler, 8-step sequencer and more; internal VCO with Rate and Fine tuning controls; 8 switches for internal stepsequen...(+)
Befaco : Hex Mix VCA
(1 commentaires)
Befaco Hex Mix VCA; Eurorack module; analog 6-channel VCA and mixer; response curve adjustable from exponential over linear to logarithmic for each channel; manual level control per channel; output of channel 6 can act as master output; power consumption: 50mA (+12V) / 50mA (-12V); width: 14 HP; dep...(+)
Befaco : MIDI Thing
(2 commentaires)
Befaco MIDI Thing; Eurorack module; compact MIDI-to-CV interface; 4x CV output; 4x gate output; outputs for MIDI clock and start/stop; 12 different functional modes including Polyphonic, Monophonic and Drum modes; selectable clock resolution; power consumption: 32mA (+12V) / 8mA (-12V); width: 6 HP;...(+)
Befaco : InAmp
(6 commentaires)
Befaco InAmp; Eurorack module; dual channel pre-am for external signal sources like Guitars, Basses, Synthesizers, Drummachines etc.; two inputs per channel (6.3mm and 3.5mm jack), output (3.5mm jack) and Gain control knob; both inputs can be used at the same time; channel 1 is normalized to channel...(+)
Befaco : Knurlies M2.5
(10 commentaires)
Befaco Knurlies M2.5; Eurorack screws; can be fastened by hand, screwdrivers or allen wrench key; pre-mounted plastic washer to avoid scratches on module panels; 100 pieces; M2.5 x 7 mm; color: silver
Befaco : A*B+C
(5 commentaires)
Befaco A*B+C; Eurorack module; dual four-quadrant multiplier; suitable as 4-channel mixer, ringmodulator, voltage controlled polarizer, VCA, offset-generator or adjustable voltage source; power consumption: 40mA (+12V) / 40mA (-12V); width: 6 HP; depth: 30 mm
Befaco : MEX
Module Eurorack Module d'extension pour Befaco Muxlicer ( 466975 ) Elargi le Muxlicer d'une une piste supplémentaire avec 8 pas de gate 3 modes par pas sélectionnables: No Gates, All Gates (signal de la sortie Muxlicer Gate) et Pass In (bouclage du signal à l'entrée du gate) Plusieurs MEX peuvent ê...(+)
Befaco : Rampage
(3 commentaires)
Befaco Rampage; Eurorack module; dual function generator; suitable for a lot of different applications like AD envelope, ASR envelope, VCO, lowpass filter, LFO, slew limiter, comparator and more; two channels with faders for Rise and Fall, trigger button, adjustable response curve and selectable one...(+)
Befaco : Joystick
(2 commentaires)
Befaco Joystick; Eurorack module; input / output asn well as Range and Offset controls for X- and Y-axis; each axis can work as bipolar Attenuater or DC source; 2 gate outputs with manual Trigger buttons; power consumption: 25mA (+12V) / 10mA (-12V); width: 12 HP; depth: 35 mm