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Heyday\'s : Silver Protection
Heyday's : Silver Protection
Longterm Protection- Surface coating especially suitable for massive silver or silver plated musical instruments - Specially developed semi-permanent, ultra-thin clear coating of surfaces for the protection against tarnishing - That invisible tarnish protection keeps travers flutes, plated brasswind
Heyday\'s : Clean Silver and Gold
Heyday's : Clean Silver and Gold
Cleaning and Polishing Fluid- Especially developed for silver plated instruments as well as full-silver instruments and other noble metal - In contrast to common polishes, HEYDAY S Clean Silver and Gold only removes the tarnish film and does not affect the base-metal - Specific, synthetic and roun
Heyday\'s : Cleaning Rod Carbon 3-pieces
Heyday's : Cleaning Rod Carbon 3-pieces
Special Tools- Tool for cleaning the Heyday's "Brush" (under Article Nr: 226457) or "Mop" (under Article Nr: 226467) - For every trombonist to thoroughly clean the outer slides - When used together with HEYDAY S Clean Brass and Bronze, the outer slides will be cleaned from soil, oxidation and resi
Heyday\'s : Cleaning Rod Carbon one-piece
Heyday's : Cleaning Rod Carbon one-piece
Cleaning Rod For every brass player for the thorough and controlled cleaning of mouth pipes, reeds and perinet valve sockets- By using HEYDAY'S - clean brass and bronze, mouthpipes, valve bushings, etc. are freed from dirt, oxidation and deposits - Mouthpipes hold longer and valves slide again much
Heyday\'s : Tarnish Protection
Heyday's : Tarnish Protection
Long-Lasting Tarnish Protection- Protects all unpainted metal surfaces from tarnishing, corrosion and hand perspiration for a long time - Suitable for brass, bronze, copper, nickel silver, and others - Long-lasting protection through innovative formulation - Free from oils, waxes and silicones - Red
Heyday\'s : Slide
Heyday's : Slide
Coating Material- Semi-permanent coating material especially developed for slides and valves of brass instruments, Heyday's slide makes common lubricants unnecessary on ideal conditions. - The slides or valves to be treated must be cleaned thoroughly and degreased (we recommend HEYDAY S Preclean).
Heyday\'s : Mp Refresh - Wood
Heyday's : Mp Refresh - Wood
Long-term Disinfection- For mouthpieces of woodwinds made of wood or Arundo Donax - In contrast to common disinfecting sprays or gas sterilisation, its anti-microbiotic and virus-inactivating effect lasts up to seven days after one single use. - Ideal for the use in schools, music schools, kindergar
Heyday\'s : Greeze
Heyday's : Greeze
Tuning, cork and tang grease- Prevents seizing and jamming of slides and tenon joints even over very long periods - Consistent properties over a very wide temperature range - Good adhesion - Do not emulsify with water - Does not harden - Acid-free - Best corrosion protection - Resistant to salts, ac