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MUSIC COURSE SHEET MUSIC Music Course : Jazz - Improvisation

B Finnerty: The Serious Jazz Book 2: Instrumental Tutor

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Musical course - Solfege

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Sher Music Company

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B Finnerty: The Serious Jazz Book 2: Instrumental Tutor
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Serious Jazz Book II
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The Harmonic Approach. Beginning where the previous book finished, the acclaimed tutor Barry Finnerty has created yet another classic Serious Jazz Book for jazz soloists of all instruments. Barry Finnerty has worked as a recording artist with jazz legends like Miles Davis, The Brecker Brothers and the Crusaders. Taking the musical talents of virtuosi like these as his inspiration, he explains the key to better improvisation through a melodic approach to chord changes, how they interact and how they are used in context. Finnerty describes the possible uses and harmonic functions of a single note, not just to enhance your playing ability, but to show you the possibilities inherent in a different, harmonic approach to looking at particular notes. He also goes into detail on how to achieve melodic command of all the possible extensions and alterations of chords, as well as variations on common chord progressions. The Serious Jazz Book 2 will also help you effectively and practically apply the harmonic knowledge that you learned in the first volume. Not only this, but Finnerty features a great number of melodic examples that use all the chords and progressions previously learned. In this way, Finnerty expands upon and develops his previous edition to create an acclaimed guide to playing Serious Jazz as a solo musician

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The Serious Jazz Practice Book II: The Harmonic Approach (for All Instruments)
The Serious Jazz Practice Book II: The Harmonic Approach (for All Instruments)
Musical course - Solfege
Sher Music Company
By Barry Finerty. For all instruments. Instructional book. 200 pages. Published ...(+)
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Serious Jazz Practice Book
Serious Jazz Practice Book
All Instruments
Sher Music Company
/ Tout Instrument
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