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Polyend Perc

This item is not available anymore
This item is not available anymore
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Description from Woodbrass :
We discovered the way to get new sounds, timbres and sensations from the most primary instrument in the world. Perc connects drums to the enormous possibilities of the digital world. It stimulates your creativity, helping you effortlessly go far beyond physical capacity. The machined aluminum housing, unprecedented attention to detail and world-class components are used to create a device that not only inspires and supports creativity, but also guarantees transparent and stable operation. In the box you will find a mixer, a controller (capable of controlling a mixer), a clam and a silent feed. You can chain as many units on the MIDI protocol as you want. Features: - Robotic percussion system for drum - Allows a lively and dynamic game - without the help of a drummer - Extremely fast and precise robotic mixer for complex rhythms - High quality and robust finish - Controllable by USB, MIDI and CV Gate / CV Velocity - Connection of several systems by MIDI cable - Dimensions: 480 x 100 x 280 mm - Included: 1 mixer with support, controller (for controlling a mixer) and power supply - Weight: 30 g - Note: Drums, cymbals and Hardware not included

Seller information :Woodbrass
Place :Nantes, France
Shipping :

Polyend : Perc Drumming Machine
Polyend : Perc Drumming Machine
Polyend Perc Drumming Machine; drum-robot-system; allows dynamic playing - without drummer; extremel<85>
ships n 24 hours