Juan Martin: La Guitarra Flamenca: Guitar: Instrumental Tutor
Instrument : GUITAR - DVD included
Instrumentation : Guitar notes and tablatures
Sub instrumentation : Classical guitar
Composer/artist : Juan Martin
Publisher : Faber Music Limited
Description from Musicroom UK
Juan Martin's internationally-acclaimed series which reveals the art of playing the flamenco Guitar. A video series of six lessons is now presented on two DVDs with a total duration of three hours.Juan Martin explains and demonstrates the essential techniques and rhythmic forms of flamenco Guiar playing in six lessons designed for all players from beginning to advanced.The lessons show you in detail many varieties of basic rhythms which form the foundation of flamenco Guitar styles. They also give a wealth of traditional and modern flamenco solos accurately transcribed into music notation and easy-to-follow 'cifra' tablature all presented in a video series of sixlessons. In this way you learn not only how to play but also what to play as the lessons build into a substantial repertoire of flamenco music.Juan Martin is a Guitarist in the great tradition of flamenco. From early beginnings immersed in the flamenco culture of Andalucia he mastered the skills of accompanying flamenco singers and dancers before his emergence as an innovative soloist who is now an internationally-celebrated concert and recording artist with many albums to his credit.
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Juan Martin: La Guitarra Flamenca: Guitar: Instrumental Tutor
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