Harrison David : Play It Right - Classic Rock
Instrument :GUITARE - DVD inclus
Instrumentation : Guitare notes et tablatures
Editeur : Amsco Wise Publications
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The Play It Right series is for beginner - intermediate guitarists who want to master their favourite classic rock and pop songs. The Classic Rock book includes: A book of 8 songs each with the guitar part shown in simple diagrams and pictures, plus a matching tutorial. A DVD showing you exactly how to play the songs, plus a full play-through of each song to demonstrate how it should sound. / Guitare
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Harrison David : Play It Right - Classic Rock
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Harrison David
Don't Look Back In Anger [Oasis]
In My Life [Beatles, The]
Live and Let Die [McCartney, Paul] [Wings]
Pinball Wizard [Who, The]
Roxanne [Police, The]
Waterloo Sunset [Kinks, The]
Wonderwall [Oasis]
Yellow [Coldplay]