Fast Forward Rock Guitar Improvisation
Instrument :GUITARE - CD inclus
Instrumentation : Guitare notes et tablatures
Langue : English
Editeur : Amsco Wise Publications
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So you want to play rock solos improvise like a real pro This book will show you how, fast! First learn a few basics: which scales and chord patterns to use, the importance of correct phrasing, chord changes, string-bending and slides. Discover how open strings can create a much fuller sound, then experiment with hammer-ons, pull-offs and different chordal/arpeggio ideas. Riffs and licks are included to suit every musical situation, with tips and techniques and playing lead guitar in band. On the CD you'll find a matching audio track to every music example in the book. Each track is recorded twice: first with the guitar, the with backing track only so you can play the guitar part. / Guitare
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Fast Forward: Rock Guitar Improvisation: Guitar TAB: Instrumental Tutor
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Rooksby Rikky - Rock Guitar Improvisation+ Cd - Guitar Tab
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Fast Forward Rock Guitar Improvisation
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Rooksby Rikky