Baroque Guitar F.Noad Cd
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The solos, duets and songs in this anthology are taken from the original sources and are graded and carefully fingered for the modern player. It is as faithful as possible to the originals while offering a practical performing score suitable for the concert stage. Includes pieces by de Visee, Sanz and other master composers for the lute, as well as introductory text sections and study notes. / Guitare
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The Baroque Guitar: Guitar: Instrumental Album
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Noad F. - Baroque Guitar + Cd
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Baroque Guitar F.Noad Cd
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Auteurs Divers
Allegro (Domenico Scarlatti) Allegro (Wolff Jacob Lauffensteiner) Allemande Andante (Wolff Jacob Lauffensteiner) Aria (Johann Adolf Hasse) Art Thou Troubled (Dove Sei) (George Friedrich Handel) Bourree Bourree (Bach, Johann Sebastian) Canarios (Sanz, Gaspar) Cancion O Tocata (Santiago De Murcia) Canon (Wenzel Von Redolt) Courante Delicate Beauty (Henry Lawes) Double (Johan Sebastien Bach) Fair Celia (Dr John Blow) Gavotte (Turk, Daniel Gottlob) Gigue Gigue (Lodovico Roncalli) Grave (Wolff Jacob Lauffensteiner) I Attempt From Love's Sickness To Fly (Purcell, Henry) I Prithee Send Me Back In My Heart (Henry Lawes) Minuet I Minuet Ii Minuet In A Minor (Henry Purcell) Minuet In Canon (Wenzel Von Redolt) Minuet In E (Adam Falckenhagen) Minuet In E (Anonymous) Minuet In E Minor (Robert De Visee) Minuet In G (Anonymous) Old French Gavotte Passacaglia (Lodovico Roncalli) Passacaille (Visee, Robert De) Passacaille (Weiss, Sylvius Leopold) Prelude Prelude (Johan Sebastien Bach) Prelude Allemande Sarabande Sarabande (Bach, Johann Sebastian) Sarabande And Variations (George Friedrich Handel) Sarabande for a sandwich Sarabande In E Minor (Lodovico Roncalli) Sarabande In G (Lodovico Roncalli) Sonata (Sylvius Leopold Weiss) Tombeau Sur La Mort De M. Comte De Logy (Sylvius Leopold Weiss) Trio (Anonymous) Vivace (Adam Falckenhagen)