EMG : J5 Set

Instrument : BASS
Department : Mics & Pickups
Sub-department : Pickups for 5-String J-Bass

Brand : EMG
Acheter EMG
Description from Thomann

- For 5-string J-Style electric bass
- Output: Medium
- The original EMG J set for 5 string bass, which became an immediate success with its harmonic overtones, pressure and low noise
- Classic jazz bass characteristic with a wider sound frequency range
- Connections: Solderless
- Magnetic material: Ceramic
- Cap colour: Black
- Made in USA
- Includes: EMG exclusive Solderless (solderless) installation system: 2x 25k volume pots, 1x 25k tone pots, 1x battery bus, 1x stereo output socket, 4x pair of mounting screws, 2x pickup cable, 2x connection cable, 1x output cable, 1x battery cable
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