Schertler STAT-V Electrostatic Transducer for Violin and Viola with STAT-Preamplifier

Instrument : VIOLIN - FIDDLE
Department : Mics & Pickups

Brand : Schertler
Acheter Schertler
Description from Amazon USA
Swiss-made Swiss-made Schertler STAT-Series Electrostatic transducers are designed to be mounted in the bridge of bowed-string instruments. STAT-Series pickups stand out for their high feedback resistance while delivering an impressive bridge tone without the harshness or distortion of piezo pickups. They are perfect for rock, country, or jazz stages where high volume levels must not limit great tone. The STAT-V is the choice for high-volume amplified violin and viola. The STAT-V Set includes the STAT-Pre preamplifier to control volume and power the electrostatic transducer and a cable to connect the transducer to the STAT-Pre.
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